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Miami Sweeps UNC, Brings Home Titles in Track & Field


The 13th-ranked University of Miami Hurricanes baseball team (27-9, 14-4 ACC)  secured its first-ever series sweep over the No. 21 UNC Tarheels since the ‘Canes joined the ACC in 2005 with a thrilling win on Sunday, scoring three runs in the bottom of the eighth to pick up a 8-7 win at home. 

On Friday, the ‘Canes opened the series with a 7-5 win, scoring four runs in the first inning.  UNC pitcher Matt Harvey (4-2) allowed seven runs – five earned – on eight hits in seven innings. The ‘Hurricanes’ three home runs off Harvey were the first three given up by the highly-touted righty on the season and the five earned runs were the most allowed by Harvey this season.

On Saturday, I had to check out the second game in the series for myself because I take great delight in watching UNC lose to UM at any sport.  After picking up some necessities (an autographed Jimmy Graham plaque, Sebastian the Ibis earrings, ‘new Canes toothbrush, new ‘Canes jammies) at All Canes and a burger and Triple Screw at Titanic, I hit up Mark Light. 

The drive from Palm Beach was worth it.  Before the game, fans were treated to a reunion of the 1985 National Championship team.  Then, the ‘Canes got down to business, crushing the Tarheels 11-1 with electrifying home runs from Ryan Perry and Harold Martinez, and eight of UM’s nine starters scoring at least one run, and Scott Lawson had a season-high tying three RBI.  Zeke DeVoss had an impressive game going 3-for-4, scoring three runs, and stealing three bases leading the ‘Canes offensively.

Sunday’s game started an hour late due to weather and was shortened by the ACC’s curfew rule.  Thus, down 7-5 in the bottom of the eighth, the ‘Canes knew they had one last opportunity to score and seized it. 

Zeke DeVoss made it 7-6 with a solo home run to lead off the inning.  Frankie Ratcliff and Scott Lawson got to first and second with back-to-back walks with still no outs on the board.  Up next was Yasmani Grandal to load the bases.  Then, Harold Martinez grounded into a double play, moving Lawson to third and scoring Ratcliff to tie it up at 7-7.  Lawson scored easily after Michael Broad was up at the plate, securing the win for the day and the sweep in the series.

The Diamond ‘Canes will return to Alex Rodriguez Park on Tuesday for a mid-week game against Bethune-Cookman at 6 p.m.

In the ACC track and field championships this past Saturday, our Gridiron ‘Canes sounded the siren that speed has indeed returned to the ‘Canes roster.

Cory Nelms (who is known best for his BIG HIT against Oklahoma returner Mossis Madu) won his second career ACC Title after a 13.82 second performance in the 110m hurdles. He also became the first Hurricane to win a conference championship in the event.  Cory’s performance on Saturday set a new personal-best and was the second-best showing in school history.

The Blur also made an impressive showing.  Travis Benjamin earned his first All-ACC honor finishing third place in the 100m dash with a time of 10.40 seconds. DeMarcus Van Dyke and Lamar Miller (what separated shoulder?!) narrowly missed on advancing to the championship round with times of 10.61 and 10.75 seconds.

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    pb(EOTHROH10) says:

    In honor of Solar:


  2. Nice, pb!!!!

    I’m pouring a little out for Solar right now.

    I miss him. Even when he was keeping me in check with my croc-hate. Still miss him! :-)

  3. Shwarma, this is from bg:

    even better than WQAM!

    Thanks bg!!!

  4. Damn, CMac is a lot bigger!

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    KLCaneFan says:

    CMac is huge! KLjr is going to have a heart attack when she sees that video. lol

  6. Shwarm I think Cmacs awareness and instincts are alot better than Sharptons.

    We will see..

    Maybe he turns on the pass coverage this year and finally becomes the complete LB we have been missing for years.

    He belongs in the middle.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  7. Cmac def put on some good weight.

    All the guys in that vid have.

    Take a look at Bharris and Spence and even Ryan Hill. Much thicker than last year.

    Even JH12 looks a little bigger.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  8. Yeah, compare CMac to the picture of him in Mike’s article a few weeks back – the gridiron defense questions article. The picture in that article was from FSWho 2007. Contrasting that to the panel interview, you gotta think people need to get off the “blame Swasey” kick already!

  9. CMac and weight gain….hmmmmmm….seems to me he’s beefing up to man the Mike. I could be wrong though, but probably not! HAHAHA!

  10. Shwarma.

    Wayne Lyons is an option but I think he’s a Gator lean. There is also Robenson Therezie at Jackson that plays S but he doesn’t have a UM offer yet. We got safties. We’ll find someone. No worries there. The biggest recruit of this class will be whoever comes in at QB.

  11. bg, what about Marqise Lee from CA?

    (front page, ITU)

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    shwarma5 says:

    bg, I hear you, I just remember you mentioning Cash so I figured to ask. And you are right safety is not a big need so really no worries, as I think we take one in this claas (maybe two depending on how coaches feel next years class is).. JoJo and Campbell are seniors?

    Canez – Your right about CMac and the instincts, hence why I think he is better then Sharpton but similar in what they offer (CMac and Sharpton make the same type of good plays, difference being CMac doesn’t make the bad ones Sharpton does, as some angles Sharpton would take were just mind numbing)

  13. Cmac will definitely be manning the Mike.

    JSQ from what I understand Swasey switched to a more “Bulk up” regimine for the guys about two years ago and obviously it is paying dividends now.

    Beyond two years and I think the blame was rightly placed.

    We were not getting it done in the weight room.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    shwarma5 says:

    bg, speaking of QB what is your wish list? I mean the guys on the radar seem to be Bridgewater, LeMay (though I think that’s just some due dilligence and nothing more), Frazier and then? Haven’t herd to many other names in connection with us (as I dont think we are going after Driskell correct?)

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    shwarma5 says:

    I did think CMac has looked bigger, but wasn’t seeing it with Spence like you guys were saying. He needs the size to play in the league and last. I mean I still think he needs to get to 230 by the time hes done here (I know hes shortish so not much more is needed or it might slow him down).

    And despite my comments about CMac and Spence, I still do think though that our LBs are primed for a big season, as I think the line will help them shine.

  16. Wasn’t aware of that, Canez1. Glad Swasey changed things up.

    I wasn’t seeing it with Spence either. Maybe he can put on 10 lbs in the off-season.

    A batch of my cupcakes could accomplish at least a couple of pounds for him! :-)

  17. Random question: Have any of you guys been to Austin before? Is it fun?

  18. At 6’6″, Kelvin Benjamin is 2011’s tallest wide receiver (um, see picture).

    With athleticism and leaping ability aiding an absolute nightmare of a frame, he’ll induce panic in any defensive coordinator who doesn’t have a 6’8″ cornerback to match up against him.

    The 4-star wide receiver likes Miami’s offense, and with good cause. In his first season, UM offensive coordinator Mark Whipple showed he’s all about airing it out off the play-action. Benjamin has shown he’s all about catching what’s thrown his way. Pretty open and shut case.

    Even if the Canes move more towards a balanced offense in 2010, it would be hard not to throw Benjamin’s way in the redzone.

    I’d love to see a senior Jacory Harris throwing to a freshman Kelvin Benjamin in the back of the endzone as the Canes storm their way to the top of the ACC and contend for a national title again. Harris and Benjamin would both be All-Americans, and neither would weigh more than 160 pounds.

    Where he should go: Miami
    Where he will go: Miami

  19. I could be wrong with Spence but he looked bigger to me. Maybe it didn’t help sitting next to Cmac LOL.

    I hear Austin was fun. What happened to tightening the purse strings???????? LOL

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  20. Yeah, perhaps Spence could benefit from sitting next to J12 or something.

    I wouldn’t be paying for the flight to Austin, so the purse strings would stay tight, Canez1. :-)

    . . . although I have learned by now there is no such thing as a free trip.

  21. LOL just checkin sista!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    Doc Ibis says:

    JSQ from what I understand Swasey switched to a more “Bulk up” regimine for the guys about two years ago and obviously it is paying dividends now.

    Beyond two years and I think the blame was rightly placed.

    We were not getting it done in the weight room.

    So basically, you’re saying that Swasey switched his whole workout program up two years ago? The same one that we had when we were winning NC’s and sending first rounders to the League?

    Lol, where do you come up with this stuff?

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    Doc Ibis says:

    And that guy Bryan Kelly (bleacher report) doesn’t know what he’s talking about… Jacory will be a senior before Kelvin Benjamin gets on campus…

    And then he says that Sammy Watkins is a lock for UF when Sammy has stated that he and his father are UM fans… Not only that, but he and his brother (Jaylen Watkins signed to UF) didn’t even play together in highschool…

    Jaylen wasn’t even as good as his teammate, our very own Jeremy Davis, but he was more highly touted… Long and short, Sammy needs to bring his a*s to Miami and we’ll have a tandem with him and Allen Hurns!!

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    Doc Ibis says:

    Interview with Andreu Swasey Pre-Spring 2009, he didn’t change anything:

  25. Doc

    Not saying he switched his whole program up but there was a change in direction in terms of emphasis and it shows.

    Not getting in to where I hear things so move on if you don’t like what you are hearing.

    And as far as all the NC winning the S&C program has been on a slide since Moffit left.

    If you have not seen that then that is on you and your opinion….

    Last year is the first time in a long time we actually looked up to the task physically.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    pb(EOTHROH10) says:

    I don’t think Swasey changed anything. We looked undersized as a team because for the last two years half of our starters were boys who only needed to shave twice a month.

    They are men now. Shave twice a day, ready for the show, hurt you permanently men.

    This is the year. I have never been more sure of anything. And anyone who knows what I’ve posted in the past knows I don’t throw comments like that around.

    We have great coordinators, a technician coaching the d-line, a more mature head coach, skill positions players riding the bench that would be starring at other programs. It’s all in place.

    Anything other than a 1 loss (max) conference schedule and a BCS Bowl is a colossal failure.


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    Captain Optimist says:

    If there was a change with Swasey’s regimen it came because Shannon wanted the change. That’s the most important thing to remember.

    However, we have a completely different caliber of athlete, mentally and physically in Swasey’s program. All you have to do is look at Jermaine Johnson and Matt Pipho or Joe Joseph and Curtis Porter.

    And Swasey’s regimen it’s showing in about the right time frame- 2-3 years. Furthermore, Butch’s teams took three or four years to mature physically with Moffett. Shannon’s first class with Hank, DVD and Bailey are right on course, so is the 2008 class.

  28. I ran into Jermaine Johnson at Circle K on Saturday before the UNC game. Dude is MASSIVE in person.

  29. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH10) says:

    More fodder for those who argue Star Ratings don’t necessarily translate to on field success:

  30. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    We have great coordinators, a technician coaching the d-line, a more mature head coach, skill positions players riding the bench that would be starring at other programs. It’s all in place.

    Anything other than a 1 loss (max) conference schedule and a BCS Bowl is a colossal failure.



    Peebs, I’m with you, even with the ???s at MLB and TE. As long as we are more or less injury free at LB, we’ll actually have some decent depth with Buchanon, Futch, CJ and K-Rob, along with Nelson and maybe Cornelius.

    Otherwise, we have a good mix of talented youth with experience.

    It is all in place. The schedule’s set up well too. We walk through the first five 5-0 and the world is on alert. But this time, the kids won’t lose FOCUS!!!

  31. Another thing I think is lost in all this S&C talk…

    Recruiting. The emphasis on size at certain positions (Example: CB. Will only play a guy 5’10 or taller) and speed at others. Ain’t recruiting the 240 lbs. tackles and guards anymore. Ain’t recruiting big fatties anymore, either.

    Look at some of the guys RS passed on. Joyner (5’8), Trail (210 at DE). Not bringing in the major projects.

    S&C is fine. A LOT of the gains and losses in this down time depend on the individual. We didn’t have Bosses & Hawgs, like Capt. O likes to say. Swasey can’t make a kid do an extra set, or pump out one more rep. That’s on the kids to push themselves. They have to want it in the weight room as much as they do on the field. Lifting is about attitude, too.

  32. QB Jeff Driskel (6’3 225) from Oviedo, FL., also a member of the Elite 11, commits to Florida.

  33. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    I’m not at all concerned about the draft. We can see it growing right in front of our eyes.

  34. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    S&C is fine. A LOT of the gains and losses in this down time depend on the individual. We didn’t have Bosses & Hawgs, like Capt. O likes to say. Swasey can’t make a kid do an extra set, or pump out one more rep. That’s on the kids to push themselves. They have to want it in the weight room as much as they do on the field. Lifting is about attitude, too.

    That’s exactly what is… I read an interview with Mike Rumph where he talked about stayin after practice and getting more reps… These are the types of things that make teams go… Swasey is the only coach that the player’s have contact with in the summer but he can’t MAKE them do anything above and beyond… That boils down to their desire to win… Those last few years, we were recruiting kids who thought Miami was a rest stop before the NFL where you could come win a NC or two before you are a first round draft pick…

    How can you blame a coach for that… All these blue chippers that Florida is recruiting have the same mentality that the Miami recruits had between 2002-2006… I’m going to Miami, so I’m going to be great…

    What seperates our 2008 recruiting class from UF’s 2010 recruiting class is that our kids signed up to play for a losing program and wanted to shoulder the load that comes with improving a program… UF’s 2010 recruiting class is where kids are thinking, this is a top team so I wanna go jump on their d*cks…

    I applaud the effort of all the coach’s and I personally like the fact that we didn’t recruit only kids who’ve been getting praised their whole life because the underdogs will come in and work…

    I also like what coach Shannon said about only recruiting 15 kids next year… We are only recruiting kids who fit the program… We could care less about who is supposed to be the man!!

  35. Good post, Doc.


    Allen Bailey will be the 1st overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft.

    Who doubts me?

  37. Recruiting, WE TALKING BOUT RECRUITING, not a game, not a game, we talkin bout recruiting, come on man. Also, the main thing about our team from a physical standpoint, whoever want some, come and get some! Everytime i see orlando franklin without a helmet, these come to mind at teh 2:29mark:

    pb, you not the only one feeling like that, “DA FORCE IS WITH US” Funny how last year people, particularly the media were wondering whether or not we were back, some were even hoping we were, this year, most don’t know, some have feelings, but those of us here and the players who’ve come before this squad know what time it is. Let me get this straight, whoever is playing right tackle has o go up against allen bailey all day in practice, lol, than whoever is playing left tackle will have to go up against ojomo/vernon/dyron dye all day in practice. We are going ot have a d-line in droves, it’s not like this d-line is built for 1 or 2 years, lol, it’s built to go strong for at least another 5 years right now. i got pryor having to run for his life and being frustrated and harassed, it’s going to be a long night for that luckeye offense, their only hope is trying to slow down our offense, which all we need jacory to do is protect the ball better this year, and i’m talking solely after he takes a hit in the pocket, him holding onto the ball, to many times last year he got hit in the pocket and the ball came away from his body and he fumbled.

    If nothing else, tell travis howard and sabino they better get ready, cause they gone need yall. That linebacker rolle, don’t get caught 1 on 1 with one of our runningbacks in the flat. If berry could run with that o-line we had last year, this year we’ll have a more physical o-line, i’m not sure what their pass blockign is going to look like, but i can tell you right now, run blocking wise “joaquin SAID DOMINATE AND WE ABOUT TO DO IT”! not to many teams are going to want to deal with this buzz saw. oregon played decent last year against osu, but they let t.pryor pass all over them, please throw it against us like you did against oregon.

  38. I don’t doubt you, Mike!

    Great post, Calvin!

    Going back to bed. I am sick AGAIN! I never get sick this often. Just got over a cold 2 months ago! Grrrrrrr!

    Have a great night everyone!

  39. My article will be in your email for ya in a few minutes… already sent pics…

  40. JSQ, article is in for your review.

  41. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I wish I could take that back. What I mean is, be smart, go see a doc, get checked up.

  42. All jsq needs right now is some MARVIN GAYE, paging “thee excuse” you got work to do man :)

  43. Cubed, what the hell are you talking about?

    I’m clueless…

    no offense (but I thought you would have known that, LOL)

  44. Doc.

    I think Sammy comes along with Dallas Crawford.

  45. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Cal, yeah that DL-OL combat is where the season begins for Us. No two ways about it. Then the next serious battles go outside to the WRs-DBs, esp. the CB-WR. DVD and BH aren’t interested in hearing nothing but ZEROS. And the WRs are trying to score every time they touch the rock. So what’s going to give?? haha THE OPPONENT ON SATURDAY!! McGee’s hungry and already on schedule. He’ll be trying to take someone’s minutes by September going against these WRs. Ryan Hill even sounds like he’s getting that feeling. So that leaves a true frosh to come in and earn some time unless I’m forgetting someone. My pick is between Jeremy Davis and Kacey Rodgers.

    And it’s funny how we’re suddenly DEEP on both interior lines. Even LB is shaping up.

    OSU is going to be the first team to learn that the Empire is Back. But there’s a lotta paybacks to hand out this year and we get most of them at home.

  46. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Ibis, great post above btw.

  47. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Calvin says:
    April 19, 2010 at 11:10 PM
    All jsq needs right now is some MARVIN GAYE, paging “thee excuse” you got work to do man


    Comedy. 😉

  48. Empire is Back.

    That’s right.

    And it’ll strike back, quickly.

  49. everyone forgive the obvious and terrible joke… LOL!

  50. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Mike and Mary,

    very excited for the two of you and the things you have going for this site. I’m privileged to read everything and know of the upcoming series and partnerships that are forming for The Eye.

    Everyone will enjoy, I promise

  51. Thanks, Dad.

    I have a great series coming up featuring former Hurricanes and their tales from behind the scenes… I think it will make for great content over the summer. I’m going to be speaking with several Canes from different eras. Should make for good reading.

    Another interview due later this morning or Wednesday, whatever JSQ decides. After that, another from someone EVERYONE wants to hear from again, and another from a recruit we haven’t heard from, at least from me. LOL!

    ‘The Eye’ has several irons in the fire and are forming several relationships that will provide content in the future. I’m excited about the direction and the direct links Mary and I have formed with the U.

    This is an exciting time for us, and we’re glad to be sharing with U, our readers.

    GO CANES!!!!!!

  52. avatar
    canechic says:

    JSQ feel better! :)

    Go Canes!

  53. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Mike or Mary – thanks for taking care of that.

    We’re in the death valley of CFB season. I’m even looking forward to the draft, and we don’t even have anybody going in the first couple of rounds. I guess it’s the rebuilding, but I’ve never anticipated a season more than this one. So many questions.

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    Doc Ibis says:

    @bg1906, I hope so man… I think Dallas is definitely a UM lean. Sammy definitely seems like a UM lean, but the wildcard here is his brother going to UF…

    It was weird though because I was looking on Jeremy Davis’ facebook page and I saw pics of him and Jaylen Watkins on signing day… So I went back and looked at highlights and I see Jaylen Watkins handing the ball off to Jeremy Davis and then I see Jaylen Watkins not blocking anybody when Jeremy gets an INT… Regardless, Sammy and Jaylen didn’t play together in highschool and I hope they don’t play together in college!!

  55. new blog up!