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An Insider’s Perspective: Part 1 – ESPN’s Bruce Feldman Talks Hurricane Football


Bruce Feldman covered Hurricanes football while he was a student at the University of Miami and as the college football beat writer for ESPN: The Magazine. A senior writer for ESPN: The Magazine and, he has earned mention in three consecutive editions of The Best American Sports Writing. He has also written for Maxim, Playboy, The Palm Beach Post, The Miami Herald, and St. Petersburg Times. He is most well known to ‘Canes fans for his book, Cane Mutiny.

What are you up to these days and are there any new projects on the horizon?

Just been writing for I blog there everyday. I’ve been on the road a lot, to see a bunch of different teams this spring, so that’s been good. I’ve been keeping busy with college football.

Tell us a little about your book on college football recruiting, Meat Market?

I’ve always been fascinated with the recruiting process. I was able to spend a year inside a recruiting war room, to observe a college staff, in this case Ole Miss. I observed how they would go from one signing day to the next. I witnessed how the staff evaluated the players, putting together a recruiting board, how they went through the process of contacting players to come to camps so they could eyeball them and see how they responded to coaching. I also saw the academic side. This kid says he has a 2.6 GPA, and when the transcript shows up, the reality is,  he may not qualify. And then we get to the recruiting, the chase. This guy is telling the staff he definitely wants to attend, they were the first to offer. Well, when the bigger schools begin to offer, like a Florida or LSU, all of sudden you’re in a battle and the kid isn’t returning your phone calls.  It was an amazing experience just to see how it all came together. The first kid the staff evaluated was Golden Tate (who ended up at Notre Dame). Another kid whom the staff recruited and came to camps at Ole Miss was Robert Marve. Every Miami fan knows his story. They didn’t pull the trigger on Marve because they wanted Stephen Garcia (South Carolina).

Another prospect they evaluated was Dexter McCluster. He was a tiny, all-purpose running back from Largo, FL. Coach Ed Orgeron showed me his evaluation tape. I had never heard of this guy. He was so explosive; making guys miss, running away from people. When I got back to my hotel that night, I looked him up on, and he’s only a three star guy. I thought, “Why aren’t more coaches looking at this guy?” He was such a dynamic player. But you know, sometimes these four or five star guys look good on paper, but they just don’t have the work ethic or the toughness, or the savvy to do the hard work and get a system down. I also got a real sense of what makes a one kid a safer bet than the other.

How much credibility do you put into the star rating system?

A little. I think some of the kids who are four or five stars, you’re going to see them in the NFL. Size and speed is a big component of that. Combines and college camps go a long way into a guy’s rating. If he has a great showing and runs a fast time, his chances of being rated highly are big. The downside: there are going to be prospects that fall through the cracks. Whether its guys that attend TCU or Boise St., they win a lot of games with two star guys. Maybe a few three star guys, but by and large, two star guys. If you were to go back and look four or five years ago, Notre Dame had much more success recruiting than Boise St. did. Yet the Boise St. players won twice as many games in their careers. These guys are developed differently, perhaps a little hungrier.

Miami fans have an interesting perspective on this. Perhaps the biggest recruit Miami has signed in the last seven years is Willie Williams. He was a five star, everyone knew about him. And he had no impact at Miami, whatsoever. Arthur Brown, another all everything recruit, had no impact. DJ Williams was another, but he lived up to his hype and developed. Brown did not, and Williams definitely did not. Jonathan Vilma wasn’t a big name guy; he was a two star. Miami beat out Tulane for Ed Reed. It’s weird, Miami has had some celebrated classes, and sometimes it didn’t work out. You can go down the line: Ryan Moore, Kyle Wright, Lance Leggett. Those guys simply didn’t workout for Miami. Some of the better players UM has had, were two and three star guys. So, I think you can pay attention to it, it does bode well to some extent, but in the state of Florida…  Let’s look at Lorenzo Booker. He was highly touted, had an okay career. He didn’t perform like the top player in the country. Brock Berlin, Wright, you keep going on down the line. It’s interesting to follow. Coaches don’t get to spend that much time around these guys. It’s more like a combine setting. They don’t know how sharp a kid is, how tough he is. The evaluation is tied to who is coaching the guy as well. You want to work with him in a camp setting. And that, really, is what’s tricky about the whole process.

Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of the Eye’s interview with Bruce Feldman! GO ‘CANES!

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    hurricanedave69 says:


  2. woo hoo! Nice, Hurricanedave!!!

  3. I guess I need to get jello shots for Ohio State now? Or will you be coming to any home games?

  4. So guess what I heard: Shockey was in town last weekend for Kyle Cobia’s bachelor party. The weekend I have company in town and am not in Miami. GRRRRRRR! We really need to coordinate our schedules better, Jeremy! 😉

  5. Cav on 2010/05/05 at 1:25am
    JSQ, the agent is the reason for most of this, citing reasons such as not having an on-campus stadium as a reason Shannon should be paid more. Do you honestly think that’s the school or Randy??

    Agents fuk up a lot of things for their own greed and make a lot of people look bad who really aren’t, in the process.

    – – – – – –

    Cav, while I am willing to concede that the agent could be holding things up, I think he is only asking for what Randy deserves. Randy shouldn’t be second to last in the ACC. That is not where the team is ranked. He has cleaned up this program and brought it back from the brink of obscurity and Shalala needs to open up the piggy bank for him. If they let him go, I think it will be the biggest mistake the program has ever made.

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    DATcane says:

    Great read! Keeps getting better…how many days JSQ? LOL

  7. Rashad posted from Barry Jackson:

    Among other local players UM has offered: defensive backs Jabari Gorman (Pace), Wayne Lyons (Dillard); defensive ends B.J. DuBose (Northeast), Anthony Rabasa (Columbus) and Johnathan Harris (Boynton Beach); receivers Rashad Greene and Phillip Dorsett (St. Thomas Aquinas); and Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens) tight end Nick O’Leary (Jack Nicklaus’ grandson). Most players aren’t close to deciding.

    – – – – –

    From what I heard, the ‘Canes have backed off the Boynton Beach prospect, FYI.

  8. 119, DAT!

    . . . and you better be working out your liver each of those 119 days. I owe you about a tray of jello shots! 😀

  9. Did I mention Teddy Bridgewater is a fan of ours on Facebook?

    I didn’t invite him, he did that all on his own.

    Not sure if it means we are a frontrunner, but it definitely means our message is getting to him!

    GO ‘CANES!!! :-)

  10. Hey Hey Hey

    Back from the living dead!

    Great job Mike! I always listen when Feldman speaks.

    I’m sore!! :(

    119 and counting….

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  11. Hey, Canez1!!! How goes the moving process?!?!?!

    I was sore for about a month between moving, painting, landscaping, etc. But I was determined to do it all myself. I discovered muscles I never knew I had!

  12. LOL it’s going. We are moving all the small stuff all week and the movers will grab the big stuff Friday.

    Painter was there yesterday and today and appliances were installed yesterday.

    Friday is going to be a tough one!! LOL

    All is well so far. Only one scuff on the wood floors from the appliances. They weighed a ton!! The moving dudes were pissed LOL!!

    LOOOOOOONG week! It all should be done by the weekend tho :)

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  13. Just a few more days and you guys will be settled! You have a lot to look forward to! :-)

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    Listening to his interview, the guy is amazing and has great information to pass along. It only gets better. Listening to Mike do the interview, Feldman is very unassuming, unpretentious, a stand up guy. You can tell he loves doing what he does. Also I urge you to buy his latest, “Meat Market,” a great read and gives good insight to the whole process of recruiting. It may even change what some folks think of Randy Shannon’s process and see it for the value that it is.

    Yes I’m a proud dad for MM01 getting this interview, GREAT JOB Mike!!!UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    JSQ and MM01 have a fantastic Summer of content coming your way and will get us to kickoff in great style.. Great job JSQ & Mike.

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    We sometimes forget that some of the U’s greatest weren’t four or five star guys. Great point on recruiting and about the need for good evaluations, and good coaching and player development.

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    On the RS contract front, who knows what all the dynamics of the situation are? It could be the agent but I doubt RS isn’t in control of that. RS will make up his own mind and the agent is there to do the bulk of negotiating and research for presentations.

    It could be elements within the U, who don’t like the 21-17 and no bowl wins record. I know JJ lost his first two bowl games but we tend to forget things like that. Butch Davis is only 20-18 at UNC and RS gets compared to him quite a bit.

    I believe Holcutt is solidly behind RS and Shalala too. I think the Perry Clarke mess has alot to do with this delay. The U doesn’t want to get into another situation like that.

    RS and the U will get this done. I can’t imagine the Canes without RS.

  17. The Cinco de Mayo parties have already started up here!


    Stay away.

    From tequila.

    On a weeknight!

  18. Great posts, HurricaneRandy!

  19. Bruce really gets into it even more in part 2. Thanks guys for the kind words…

  20. Looking forward to it, Mike! :-) Great job!!!!!

  21. Great job mm01!!

    The Meat Market isn’t exactly new but still a great read for those wanting a look at the process of college recruiting.

    Most of the book follows the recruiting class for one year, and then at the very end they start the cycle again. Anyone want to guess who the very first recruit for Ole Miss was for the “next” year?
    Hint: He is currently a Miami Hurricane.

  22. Let Bruce Feldman know how much we appreciate him spending the time with U (us). Especially in the “down time”.

  23. who, DZ8?

  24. Gavin Hardin.

    Committed to Ole Miss then when Orgeron got canned he re-opened and signed with us. One of the top recruits in the state of Tennessee that year.

  25. Pay Randy!

    After trolling the message boards, looks like FSU is hammering UM and RS on the fact UM is only going to sign around 15 guys and that there is no extension.

    This needs to get done so RS can move past this in the recruiting game. Every day that goes by w/o an extension hurts recruiting.

  26. Wow, DZ8, I learn something new every day! :-)

  27. Amen, Mike! Amen!

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    Captain Optimist says:

    Can someone tell me why Oregon gets so much hype every year?? Last year they lost to Boisie, barely beat Purdue in a shootout the next week, then lost to Stanford in mid-season in another shootout then barely beat Oregon St at the end of the year. Then lost to OSU in a grind out game.

    Is it because they play in the PAC-10 and won’t play a serious squad more than a couple of times??

    I seriously do not get it.

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    Captain Optimist says:

    MM01, people need to change their chant from “pay Randy” to “agent stop effin’ up and being greedy.”

    I’m not worried about FSU. If the only selling point Jimbo can use is that Shannon’s not getting respect he’s more pathetic than I thought he was. And once we whoop his azz and storm through the ACC whatever ish he was talking today will look even more ridiculous and could actually send kids to Us.

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    pb(EOTHROH10) says:

    I read Cane Mutiny, it was awesome. Way better than the 30 on 30 ESPN did.

    And I never thought it would drag out this long but at this point I think UM has decided they will wait for the first half of the season play out and over pay if the Canes do what we think they will.

    There really is no other explanation.

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    Captain Optimist says:

    MM01, GREAT interview with Feldman. I can’t wait to read Part 2.

  32. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    PB, the U can’t be that stupid and neither could Shannon by allowing his agent to continue this nonsense. It’ll get done.

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    bg1906 says:

    Great job and great get Mike. BUT Meat Market is old! HAHAHA! Truth and I have mentioned that book several times when talking about recruits. His newest book is actually The University of Miami Football Vault.

  34. ^ the vault is AWESOME!!!

    So awesome that I won’t let anyone touch it. It stands in my living room like a display in a museum! haha

  35. I think the powers that be know Randy cares too much about this team, and the 2011 recruits, to hold out for too much longer. They think he will fold on his demands and take what he can get. JMO.

  36. That’s my bad, bg. Corrected the mistake. Thanks!

    Man, I can’t get nothing past these guys!! LOL! 😉

  37. bg, what’s your take on Coach Coley and his Twitters about Miami?

    “Do U know what ur recruits are doing? Do u know who they are calling, emailing, and Tweeting? BE AFRAID – FEAR THE SPEAR!!!”

  38. Just when you think crocs have the most obnoxious fans in the world, here come the suckeyes.

    God help me not to get arrested in Columbus that weekend.

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    bg1906 says:

    miamimike01 says:
    May 5, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    That’s my bad, bg. Corrected the mistake. Thanks!

    Man, I can’t get nothing past these guys!! LOL! 😉

    No biggie man. We are all in this TOGETHER! U Family!

  40. bg, I joined the crowd and watched that Ciara video. I, too, shut it off quickly! haha

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    Captain Optimist says:

    What’s this Ciara video?

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    bg1906 says:

    miamimike01 says:
    May 5, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    bg, what’s your take on Coach Coley and his Twitters about Miami?

    “Do U know what ur recruits are doing? Do u know who they are calling, emailing, and Tweeting? BE AFRAID – FEAR THE SPEAR!!!”

    I like it actually. Its amping up the rivalry again. He’s a relentless recruiter and very good one and HIGHLY respected. Its all propaganda. We can’t take but so many this class anyways. If its 15 here is my dream list:

    1. Marcus Jackson
    2. Albert Louis-Jean
    3. Teddy Bridgewater
    4. Denzel Perryman
    5. Rob Hankins
    6. James Wilder
    7. Sammy Watkins
    8. Dallas Crawford
    9. Kelvin Benjamin/Ja’juan Story (either one of these guys but not both)
    10. Phillip Dorsett/Eli Rogers (either one of these guys but not both)
    11. Jabari Gorman
    12. Anthony Chickillo
    13. Josh Turner/Wayne Lyons
    14. Curt Maggitt
    15. Tim Jernigan – Long shot, we need at least one DT but none of them have really made me say wow yet. Elkino Watson (BTW) does some good things, but he doesn’t wow me.

    There are some very good players that are interested in us not listed Quentin Gause for example. Numbers are going to hurt us this year. You’d like to get a guy like him, but the numbers prevent it.

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    bg1906 says:

    ^^^By the way, NO we don’t get all of those guys. Just a wish list^^^^

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    Canez1 says:

    Who is hatin on that Ciara vid?? That girl is badazz!!!

    My girl needs to watch that video. Bytch gets lazy!! LOL

    Thats hot to me.

    GO CIARA!! Ride that shyte!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    Canez1 says:

    I love Coley in the mix!!

    Competition breeds excellence in all phases of sports. Even recruiting. It’s a nasty biz and if you are not in the thick of things at all times you WILL get left behind.

    You need someone to push you just like on the football field.

    Bring it bytchez!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  46. I’m not hating, Canez1! :-)

    Previous commenters said they didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy it because I’m not into chicks and watching them hump the ground is not appealing to me. She’s a pretty girl, though.

    But the dudes doing push ups, wrestling and what not in this video?

    Yes, please! 😉 haha

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    Hurriphin says:

    Col. FB Live seems to know what time it is………

    That was the most positive UM analysis in years.

  48. what did they say, Hurriphin?

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    Canez1 says:

    Roger that JSQ LOL!!

    I was wonderin what the dudes were thinking hating on her.

    KL should pop out from the books soon to peep that video you posted.

    She can smell smut a mile away LOL 😉

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  50. Canez1, I only glanced at it this morning as I was getting ready, but I remember something in the comments about not enough jiggle. I think the men on this blog enjoy curves.

    Hey KL, psssst!


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    Hurriphin says:

    Craig James was praising Coach, talking about how how he WILL earn his extension in 2010, and if he is patient, going into 2011, the $$$ request will be doubled.
    That goofy-looking bald black dude claims that this will be a “blow-up” year for us.

    (Best air-head chick voice) UH……DUUUUUUUUUH!!!

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    bg1906 says:

    Canez1 says:
    May 5, 2010 at 3:33 PM

    Who is hatin on that Ciara vid?? That girl is badazz!!!

    My girl needs to watch that video. Bytch gets lazy!! LOL

    Thats hot to me.

    GO CIARA!! Ride that shyte!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

    That’s why you are MY BROTHER from another mother! HAHAHA! My dude!

  53. Nice, Hurriphin!

  54. I just saw that video… I don’t see anything wrong with it. Sista looks good, IMO.

    She can dance, too! WoW!!

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    Captain Optimist says:

    JSQ says:
    May 5, 2010 at 3:10 PM
    Here you go, Cav:


    Well, it’s not really any different from her other videos. She’s gorgeous and a very athletic dancer and loves grindin’, so it makes sense. The only difference is the song is all about her “skills”. haha

    Honestly, if more women learned those skills they’d enjoy themselves a great deal more. There’s a lot of power in the pelvis. hahaha

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    Captain Optimist says:

    BG, give me the top six and a WR or two and I’m good. We’ll have plenty of room in the coming years.

  57. Lol, Cav.

    I guess I shouldn’t have had it on mute, maybe I could have appreciated it more?

    . . . and I’m keeping my mouth shut re: the last part of your post! haha

  58. What, no one is watching the Madonna video?

    This is a good one too. Janet (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty) is slapping those boys around and pushing them on the ground! haha

  59. haha! Cap. O., U should know better than to leave yourself open like that! LOL!

  60. Yeah, Cav, I was about to say something in response but I was afraid I would get banned or something!

    . . . oh, wait.

    Nevermind. haha 😉

  61. The Mexican music is officially LOUD outside my window.

    You can see the Merrill Lynch people getting their drink on across the street. People are wearing sombreros.

    I haven’t celebrated this holiday since I was in law school. I finished my finals earlier that day and went to the most Mexican place in the Grove:

    Mr. Moes. lol 😉

    2 more hours.

  62. Wait, since when is Lowrider a Mexican song?

    Really hard to read cases right now!

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    bg1906 says:

    From Rivals insider (c6vette)

    Offense(skill positions)

    Tommy Streeter-

    Sreets made a good jump up the depth chart to number 5 on the post spring DC…There was a thread a few weeks back arguing about his 40 time…I didnt chime in because I didnt have the info on it at the time…Some kids dont run the 40 in the spring, some do, and some just want to see a base and where they are at…TS ran a 4.37 and 4.39…Its safe to say he is a 4.4 kid…His biggest jump to seeing the field is becoming more physical…You could see flashes here and there(he laid out a few defenders in the scrimmages) but he still was hesitant going over the middle at times…He made improvements though and at #5 on the DC right now he should get good time this year as long as he continues to improve over the summer..


    Made a nice jump up to #4 on the DC…Made several nice plays during spring…His whole problem was blocking and attitude issues…He’s improved both and shot up the chart to where we all expected him to be…He’s great in space and has good speed…He’s put on some nice weight and strength… Practiced at KR and PR during spring as well, so we may get to see him on special teams…Very excited to see him play..

    Davon Johnson-

    The hidden WR it seems…I think some people forget he’s even a cane..Didnt really move up the DC like he had hoped but made some good progress and will likely see some time…Made several plays throughout the spring and is very tough to cover because of his speed…Ran a 4.31 and 4.34 so plenty of speed to burn…Trying to run better routes, Hill has pressed him on that, he just tries to use his speed too much…Once his routes become crisp and fluid he will make his jump…I’m sure people who watched him in highschool know EXACTLY what Hill is talking about…He basically would just run past defenders in highschool beating them deep…He doesnt have the moves KT and TC do, so while his speed is legit, he will still struggle against the good db’s in the league if he cant get his routes precise and fluid…

    Storm Johnson-

    What an awesome blend of size and speed…Very strong legs, just really powerful…Surprised some staff members with his best 40 coming in at 4.38…Surprised ME running an 11.18 at his first collegiate track meet(11.18 100m)…His body is going to easily allow him to put on serious muscle…It will be interesting to see what Swasey does with him…He’s already talked about Redshirting but has said he will be still fighting to play through fall and see what happens…With Coop trying to make it back I see him shirting as almost guaranteed…

    Lamar Miller-

    Excitement is often expressed when describing him by many( even our rb coach lol)..He has the elite speed very few rb’s have, especially at his size…Just an example, he came off an injury, out of track shape, and ran a 10.75 100m at the ACC champs…Just a comparison: Rainey has a BEST collegiate time of 10.76…Speed isnt the issue, once again, blocking will determine how much he plays…He made an excellent jump and the RS was a blessing…He just physically looks like an NFL back…213 lbs was his spring weight..His ideal goal with swasey is to PLAY at 205…He worked on splitting out wide at times this spring as well…Whipple knows what a threat he can be and IMO will use him exactly how he should be..His STAR run that made the team realize his speed actually came last season, when he cut outside and outran DVD who had an angle on him…He had a big run this spring as well, cutting back up the middle and literally pulling away from the secondary, PULLING AWAY…If he can stay healthy he will be an excellent weapon and is #2 behind Berry right now on the DC…

    Mike James-

    Best attitude on the team if you ask me…Would do anything to help the team out..WILL occasionally play fb this year, his ability out of the backfield catching the ball is a tremendous weapon…I see him similar to what quad hill did…Has a pretty good burst for his size…He’s a 4.5 kid who has great feet…He’s number 3 on the DC post spring and obviously knows he can also get time backing up hill at fb..Whip will utilize him often in different ways…He is still hoping to be on special teams at KR as well…He did practice some there in the spring…I still believe RS wants two speed guys back there since we have the depth, but he’s a nice alternative who adds power with adequate speed…


    Had an amazing spring, easily showed he was our best ALL AROUND back…He’s blocking well, running well, and has an excellent attitude…Obviously he was #1 on the post spring DC…He has speed at 4.44 and 4.46 in the 40 and showed good top end speed as well..The staff has been raving about him all spring…He may be our #1 player on offense heading into fall! Thats saying something…Really happy for him…He stuck it out and will likely get paid for it by making it to the NFL with an injury free year…

    Laron Byrd-

    He’s become “the guy” the past players like to mess with and also talk up when they come back around campus…Andre Johnson has kind of taken him under his wing and has described him as having better POTENTIAL than any of them had…He’s NFL molded already, he just physically looks the part…Has good speed( I believe he ran 4.43 ) and runs great routes…Hasnt emerged like we thought but I think he makes his jump this year…He was #2 on the post spring WR DC and will obviously be a weapon this season…


    Talk about coming through in clutch situation, wow, what a jump he made..He went from being doubted by fans to our best receiver..Was #1 on the post spring DC and just physically presents a challenge for any db…No 40 time on him until fall but his speed is very good…IMO he’s gotta be the best WR in the ACC at the moment…Talked to some of the db’s and they have all commented on hard he is to cover now..He WILL make some money in the top 2 rounds if he has an injury free year..


    Can you say homerun threat…Finished spring at #3 on the DC and is absolute lightning with the ball in his hands…Whip still wants to get him the ball in some more creative ways and in space…Didnt run the 40, but finished 3rd in the ACC champs 100m and is the fastest football player in the ACC…Gained 10 pounds and will hopefully become a bit more physical on the field….Should be exciting to watch…

    Stephen Morris-

    Had a good spring, no DC released on the qb’s, he had staff members raving about his ability though…Strongest arm on the team by far…Made some throws that made you say “wow” during spring…He has an excellent feel for the game…I still think he has a lot of work to do, but potential wise he’s up there where Jacory was when he came in…The staff will almost certainly put another year between him and JH…I think its safe to say they see him as “our qb” of the future…


    Great spring and does anything asked of him..Made a lot of plays and I like that he brings some running ability to the qb position like Morris does…Both are faster than JH and can really make something out of nothing at times…Made all the throws you can ask for.. Great touch on most passes and IMO is all you need in a backup qb…The staff was pleased with progress and I think they all quitely breathed a sigh of relief..The talk about him being a db or safety will have to wait..He did run the 40 in 4.44 so his speed is fine and he could make the transition next year if he wanted to…

    Aldarious Johnson-

    Thank you AJ!! He’s trying to lose that bad weight and become the WR he should have been..Lets be blunt, he wasnt anywhere near the shape he should have been in midway through last season…He was #6 on the post spring DC(dont read too much into that, you KNOW he is playing)..If he can stay healthy and in peak shape he will have an excellent year.. You could kind of see a little speed coming back toward the end of spring..If he can get his speed back then the sky is the limit for AJ…


    Had some spring issues…Not commenting on him right now…He should be fine by fall..


    Can you say pleasant surprise…I never watched him in highschool but was VERY impressed by his size, but MAINLY his speed…Very fast kid!! Didnt expect that…Runs great routes and made a few plays during the spring…I’m telling you from a distance he looks similar to Davon, even speed wise.. He will RS and be a future weapon guaranteed……

    Ben Bruneau-

    Not many people know about this kid…He made a couple catches this spring and has good size and speed…Contrary to the report of him being a 4.2 guy he was at 4.4 this spring…Could be an excellent ST player…He may be one to keep an eye on, kids with his physical ability pop up in cfb from nowhere from time to time.. He was a former UCLA BRUIN…

    Coop- They are saying around august being close to 100%…

    Patrick Hill-

    VALUABLE!! REALLY VALUABLE!! Thats all I need to say….

    Will probably go through the OL tomorrow and Defensive backfield….Gonna try to get some current strength numbers on OL and DL so we can see where they come in when fall numbers are publically released…

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    bg1906 says:


    I just posted a lengthy post that needs to be approved.

  65. Hang in there, JSQ.

  66. That’s what I call some insider info.

  67. well if you can’t beat ’em . . . [JSQ types as her windows vibrate from the “Mexican” music outside in the courtyard]

    . . . off to drink a couple of margaritas and such.

    Talk to y’all later! :-)

  68. Great post, btw, bg! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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    Calvin says:

    lol, here’s something that’ll make solar proud! if nothing else, they’re making money!;_ylt=AtAbnigkNwJg_eAtArIDSqU5nYcB?slug=ap-jerseysales

  70. haha! Calvin, McDaniel has staked his whole career on Tebow. I hope he knew what he was doing…

  71. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    JSQ says:
    May 5, 2010 at 4:42 PM
    Lol, Cav.

    I guess I shouldn’t have had it on mute, maybe I could have appreciated it more?

    . . . and I’m keeping my mouth shut re: the last part of your post! haha


    Obviously I was NOT referring to you. haha

  72. avatar
    canechic says:

    Great read Mike, thanks :)

  73. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    BG, a thousand thanks for that info. To me Mike James looked better in the spring game. He looked bigger and more explosive. IDK. But if Berry was ballin’ and is still the #1 with Miller and James breathing down his neck and Chambers still hanging around, he must be ready.

    I think we’re set to explode. Did this cat say anything about the defense??

  74. avatar
    Esteban says:

    so Miller is supposed to be above Mike James on the depth chart, too? don’t see it happening.

  75. James will play all over the backfield. Don’t pigeonhole him. He’s all-purpose

  76. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Appreciate the info BG… I been salivating for some of it actually, lol… Appreciate that though!!

  77. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Este, from what I saw at the Spring game James looks like the best all-around back. Maybe things happened throughout practice that say otherwise. Either way, we’ll be loaded back there with maybe all three frosh RSing. Wouldn’t that be a luxury? haha

  78. avatar
    Esteban says:

    yeah RSing freshmen…will be a nice change.

  79. I agree. Haven’t had that luxury in a while. Este, who RS’s in your opinion?

  80. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Laron Byrd-

    He’s become “the guy” the past players like to mess with and also talk up when they come back around campus…Andre Johnson has kind of taken him under his wing and has described him as having better POTENTIAL than any of them had…He’s NFL molded already, he just physically looks the part…Has good speed( I believe he ran 4.43 ) and runs great routes…Hasnt emerged like we thought but I think he makes his jump this year…He was #2 on the post spring WR DC and will obviously be a weapon this season…


    For Byrd it’s mental now, mentally deciding to be a BOSS, to dominate the CB, to make the clutch catch and run and to never be satisfied with one play, to actually reach the point where he expects to make the big play in every game, every time he’s on the field. That’s what #47 means.

    This is all mental. It’s great to hear AJ-I is in his ear and head. I think Laron was a little too humble and content with just working hard and doing what he’s supposed to do. Maybe it’s because he’s not a native SoFl. Probably. Now after two years of being surrounded by it, of seeing how the U on the helmet is supposed to play, I think he’s ready to live up to that #47.

  81. Captain O—

    IT’S ALL MENTAL… this whole team, now. Miami has talent. Randy has assembled a team capable of hoisting the Crystal…

    It’s between the ears now… it’s up to them, if they (collective) want it bad enough…

  82. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    JSQ and Mike

    Heavy duty traveling for me and very little time for anything else but work, so sorry I haven’t posted much.

    But I did want to give you a shoutout about the great “get”…and the best thing is there’s a part 2! In all seriousness, simply outstanding, Mike. Thanks.

  83. Hey Canesx3!

    No worries, we understand! Glad to have you posting!

    And isn’t Mike awesome?

    Just thought I’d throw that in! 😀

  84. redshirting freshman?


    you mean they aren’t expected to save the team as soon as they enroll?

    never heard of it.

  85. Love Mike James. That kid is awesome. So glad he is #5 now too. Now I don’t have to change the lucky jersey I sleep in every night before game day. I was thinking of going with J12, but I was scared what would happen.

    UNC and VA Tech happened when I didn’t sleep in the jersey this year, so obviously the football Gods don’t like change.

    Again, I don’t know WTF happened with Clemson.

  86. Great post about Laron Byrd, Cav! :-)

  87. DAT, I actually liked that post by Heather!


    We ready . . .

    We ready . . .

    We ready . . .

    For y’all!!!!!

    GO ‘CANES!!!

  88. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Cav, while I am willing to concede that the agent could be holding things up, I think he is only asking for what Randy deserves. Randy shouldn’t be second to last in the ACC. That is not where the team is ranked. He has cleaned up this program and brought it back from the brink of obscurity and Shalala needs to open up the piggy bank for him. If they let him go, I think it will be the biggest mistake the program has ever made.


    JSQ, sorry I’m just seeing this. I think the U is definitely cheap but I think the agent is making the process more difficult than it should be. I just can’t imagine Shannon and the U not wanting to get this thing done ASAP and quibbling over something like the lack of an on-campus stadium. If the agent’s quibbling over that then I can only imagine what else he quibbles over.

    Shannon wants it done because he knows it’s hurting him at the moment but he also knows he’ll get paid much more on the re-up. The agent, however, might be out the door the next time around so he’s trying to get as much as he can right now. And the U is extra stingy, after Coker, the bball coach and the recession.

    But they just need to finish it and move on. It’s bordering on the absurd at this point.

  89. Indeed, Cav.

    I learned at the board meeting the other night that apparently UM has lost an eight digit number because of Jackson Memorial, too. These are tough times, no question about it, but I think an investment in Randy is an investment in UM’s future and ability to make more $$$ in athletics.

    By the way, season ticket sales are WAY better than last year at this point. That’s a good sign.

    I’m not saying the agent is perfect, but it takes two to tango and there are three sides to every story (he said/he said/what actually happened). We aren’t hearing the behind-the-scenes stuff.

    If they just give Randy what he deserves, we can all move on and start the season out right and get those 13 more verbal commits! Come on, Donna!

    GO ‘CANES!!!

  90. avatar
    Esteban says:

    mm01, i got no clue who’s RSing…the class is too big otherwise i might make an attempt to make some predictions on that.

  91. I just had a GENIUS idea for our homecoming game tailgate against Maryland!

    Individually-sized (mini-muffin size) TURTLES for dessert!

    Maryland doesn’t have a prayer now! 😀

  92. avatar
    Canez1 says:

    We have like 150 kids on roster right now LOL!!

    I think you can count Harvin out at this point. I feel bad for the kid…..

    The fat will be cut no doubt this fall.

    BG LMAO about Ciara! My bro knows a hot piece when he sees it. These fools don’t know what time it is when it comes to quilt.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  93. Quilt?

    How’s it going, Canez1? Tomorrow is the big moving day, right?

  94. avatar
    Canez1 says:

    LOL it’s a word we used to use back in the day. Am I that old??? LOL

    Yup tomorrow is the final moving day. We have been making trips all week but the big stuff goes tomorrow with the movers.

    Thank God!!

    I can see the light!

    What up with you my love??

    I didn’t have one corona yesterday for the 5th. I actually forgot all about it.

    My mind is all over the place LOL.

    Can’t wait to get back to normal.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  95. avatar
    Canez1 says:

    I think my post was eaten :(!! and I forgot what I said JSQ lol

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  96. I got you!

  97. avatar
    Canez1 says:

    I always look twice before sexting!

    Safe sext always….

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  98. I’m glad you are almost done with this week, Canez1! I was just there last year, I totally understand. I think one reason I bought a house was because I hated moving so much! That, and Sebastian told me he needed a back yard. Really, he did. haha

    I’m just finishing up a memo and trying to think of what to serve at a tailgate I am throwing for a concert we are going to on Saturday night. Concert tailgates are tough because you can’t really go all out like with football, so . . . I’m torn between a few things.

    I had a couple of Coronas for you last night. That was the first time I had celebrated since my 3L year of law school. It was cool, they shut down part of a street in downtown West Palm and had a block party. It was so crowded in the Mexican place though that we hung out at Vince Neil’s bar instead. I figured since Motley Crue is from LA and that is close to Mexico so that’s close enough to being festive, right?

    I’m happy you are going to be settled soon!!!!

    btw, my friend (who I have not seen in, oh, 7 years) who I am sitting with and sharing a hotel with for Ohio State is like “do you know anyone else that is going?”

    lol. she has no idea what is in store.

    eleventy beers to start . . .

    and here’s to not getting arrested while we are up there! 😀

  99. lol, Canez1

    Gotta double check those texts to make sure you aren’t calling him another dude’s name!

    Did I say that?!

    haha 😉

  100. avatar
    Canez1 says:

    Almost done…

    I always have coronas in my fridge too. I will have to celebrate the 6th tonight lol!

    I already spoke to Julian and I think we are planning to all get together Friday night and grab some drinks somewhere and bullshyte.

    Raise our grillman is also trying to get his affairs in order to make it as well.

    This way we can get on the same page for Sat.

    Ya your girl has no idea… lol

    I LOVE CUPCAKES BTW!! Can’t go wrong there.

    I sent a text this am to my friend Tom that said Mornin lover!! LMAO!! He was like WHA?????

    I’m down to one chic so I am good for now 😉

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  101. Lol, Canez1!

    I text back and forth with my boss A LOT (despite being a croc-lover he is one of my best friends) and I’m always concerned that I am going to confuse to whom I am texting!

    JSQ: I want to [insert inappropriate text message here]
    JSQ’s boss: Whaaaaaaa???????!!!!!!

    I would love it if Raize made it up to Columbus, too! I wish Money could as well. They were really the grillers last time since I was sort of limited in what I could lift at Champs. Mike and Randy and FightingIbis were a huge help, too!

    I am definitely up for Friday night as well. My boys will be, too.

    Unfortunately, I think you are going to have to wait for another game for the cupcakes since I have nowhere to bake them. I am making them for FAMU (cupcake games get cupcakes) and depending on the luck of the cupcakes throughout the season, I might make them for either UNC or VA Tech instead of making a stadium cake. I will have mini pumpkin pies when y’all are down for USF.

    Yes, I have already planned the menus for the tailgates. haha. CRAZY!

    btw, sorry if you are getting e-mails that your post is “awaiting moderation.” That’s what happens when we “un-spam” something. Sometimes I unspam something and then forget to approve it, too, and get one of those e-mails reminding me. You and a couple of other posters get treated that way by wordpress for some reason.

  102. JSQ,

    I’ve noticed that the spam monster is smart.

    The more someone posts, the less likely the comment goes to spam. It hated Calvin at first. But after he starting commenting and we would approve the comments, it has started to leave him alone. pb, too.

    So, don’t sweat the comment if it doesn’t appear at first. And, of course, the more you comment, the less likely the spam monster is to send your comment to cue.

  103. Yeah, Mike, I think the spam monster is getting a lot better now but it has a short memory and really hates on people who have taken a blog sabbatical. It flips when a post is long or has a bunch of links too. Oh well. I keep the site open on one of my monitors during the day so I can check in and out to make sure something isn’t sitting around for long, and Mike is around at night to regulate.

    I’m sure once everyone is commenting a lot again during football season there will be less issues!

    118 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  104. avatar
    hurricanedave69 says:

    Thearon Collier just posted on Facebook that his son passed away to. . I don’t know anymore than what is posted. Have you guys heard anything?

  105. avatar
    hurricanedave69 says:

    “Wish I can bring my son back for 1day, R.I.P thearon Jr.!!! ”
    This is what Thearon just posted. Hope it isn’t true.

  106. I have no idea, HurricaneDave . . . that’s really sad.

  107. Wow, the Dow Jones went nuts today.

    Hope my plans for this weekend are still on now.

    Damn economy! GRRRRR!!!!

  108. From the pictures, it looks like Thearon Jr. was not yet born.

    Not that it makes it any less heartbreaking for TC and the mother.

    RIP TC Jr.

  109. FYI re: tickets to Ohio State

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for supporting the tremendously talented student-athletes at the U. Your donation to the Hurricane Club’s Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund provides our student-athletes the resources to pursue their academic and athletic aspirations while continuing our championship legacy.

    The spring semester is coming to a close and the 2010 Football season will be here before we know it. As a benefit of being a Hurricane Club member you have the ability to request away game tickets. In the coming weeks, you will receive a letter stating the 2010 Football away game ticket policy. The policy is based on your 2010 Hurricane Club giving level and priority points within your level. Please note, that due to the limited allotment of tickets, we are anticipating only being able to fulfill ticket requests to Hurricane Club members at the Green Club level ($2,500) and above for Ohio State. If you wish to increase your donation and improve your priority to obtain Ohio State tickets, please contact the Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699 or 1-800-GO-CANES (option 6).

    Hurricane Football is synonymous with winning, and the support of great fans can turn a close game into a victory. We look forward to filling our rival’s stadiums with orange and green this fall.

    Go Canes!

  110. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    That is extremely saddening about Thearon’s child.

    Remember when my son was born, and they whisked him away to that NIC Unit place, before I even got to touch him. He had fluid on his lungs and they had him all wired up in an incubator, like Mary Shelly’s Frankenstien.
    Prior to that, I don’t think I had cried out loud for like seven or eight years.

    Sad stuff.

  111. avatar
    bg1906 says:


    THAT is the real reason was why TC was not participating in spring ball.

  112. avatar
    canechic says:

    hurriphin that is very sad, sorry

    One of the loan officers at my office, his wife had to go through 20 hrs of labor to deliver a baby with no chance of living and the baby girl did not survive the whole birth process. This happened on Sat and then they sent us a picture of the baby a very sad way to start my day. I know they were so proud of her and wanted to show her off but it was just a bit hard to see a deceased beautiful baby. But I know it is an important part of the grieving process.

    thoughts are with Theoron and all those who have lost a little one.

  113. avatar
    canechic says:

    I will be in Miami this weekend, Daddy is having surgery in the morning to repair the artery in his neck. Supposed to be very routine and quick but I am nervous.

    I also am bringing Nicole’s stuff home, cannot believe a whole school year has gone by. Wow!

    GO CANES!!!!!

  114. U stay busy, that’s for sure!

  115. Canechic, I’ll be praying for your family.

    I can’t believe Nicole is already done either! Seems like just yesterday I was moving out of Mahoney for the first time. I hope she is enjoying herself. Aside from being poor as dirt for the majority of my time there, they were still the best years of my life and they go by so quickly!

    I’m sure your work ethic must inspire her to be the best she can be!

  116. I really feel for TC and the mother. She is still in high school, doesn’t graduade until next year. I’ve know a couple of people who have lost children and it is agonizing for all involved. I can’t imagine dealing with that as a teenager. I hope she has a strong support system.

  117. Thearon Collier and his family will be on our minds…

  118. This is a VERY fast and quick team. RS has commented on this several times in the last few days. Pretty excited to see how it all unfolds

  119. Hypothetical question to BG:

    If someone were to take a job at the library of congress, where would you recommend that person live. Would need gagage and back yard. No condos.

    Bethesda? Silver Spring? Arlington? Chevy Chase?

    Any advice would be appreciated!!!

  120. Me too, Mike! Randy don’t lie!!!

  121. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    We have like 150 kids on roster right now LOL!!

    I think you can count Harvin out at this point. I feel bad for the kid…..

    The fat will be cut no doubt this fall.


    THERE’S the spot for L.A. Hate to see it happen to Hardin though but D-I is what it is.

  122. Cap,

    That will be another interesting segment of the program to see what happens this summer.

    You gotta think there might be a few changes.

  123. avatar
    bg1906 says:

    JSQ says:
    May 6, 2010 at 9:16 PM
    Hypothetical question to BG:

    If someone were to take a job at the library of congress, where would you recommend that person live. Would need gagage and back yard. No condos.

    Bethesda? Silver Spring? Arlington? Chevy Chase?

    Any advice would be appreciated!!!

    Bethesda is INCREDIBLY expensive. None of those are really close to the the Library of congress. BUT, I’d anticipate they’d be catching the subway in and not driving. Arlington…Ugh! Chevy Chase and Bethesda are virtually the same place. Right next too each other and both SUPER expensive. Some parts of Silver Spring are really nice and also expensive, and some are not so nice, but still expensive. But I’d probably say Silver Spring.

  124. avatar
    bg1906 says:


    Also if its a house you are looking for the Bethesda house are like in the 700 – 1M area, and NOT worth that much. Strictly LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

  125. Under this hypothetical this hypothetical attorney would be renting. I’ve been to some town homes around Bethesda and Arlington. How much do you think those would rent for?

  126. I lived by the Grovesnor metro stop in those nearby town homes and commuted to Silver Spring everyday. When I interviewed at the LOC, etc., in law school I stayed at a Hilton right by metro stop in Arlington and that was convenient. Has Arlington gotten way expensive?

  127. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Was in DC last weekend it ws beautiful but not my type of city

  128. I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee DC. Lived there for one summer. Almost moved back for law school. Couldn’t do it. Almost moved back after law school. Couldn’t do it. Why? Too far from the ‘Canes.

    But that’s what planes are for, right? And there are a lot of games near DC. It could work.

  129. Shwarma, where do you live?

  130. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Just feels a little sterile for me, or at least the parts I have been in

  131. shwarm, I get what you’re saying about sterile. Just no character about the place: no age, no tall trees, too much new construction. Am I on the right track?

  132. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Bingo, i mean there are parts that are beautiful, its just in certain parts its jsut cookie cutter

  133. avatar
    Esteban says:

    if you want to pay Bethesda/Chevy Chase prices you could just live in NW DC pre-Chevy Chase. And if Silver Springs is in the equation than Takoma Park could be too. Some homes tucked away that are really nice with the garage/back yard there. I know for Arlington I think Condos more than homes. But i’m not out in arlington all that much so I’m not the authority. plenty of areas that have really nice neighborhoods tucked away though.

  134. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    South Florida now and NYC previously JSQ

  135. This year more importantly than speed we got strength to go along with that speed. That’s what i’m looking for, and with mel kiper a.k.a. “count dracula” trying to be early in jumping on the bandwagon for allen bailey. Just going to be good to see a guy with bailey’s physicality being able to play with actual technique now and not just out their using brute strength. The more he uses technique the less strength he has to use the fresher he’ll be all game. In other words, the less bull rushes, the more stamina he’ll have which will increase his production it’s that simple. What i’m looking for is to see if teams have to start double teaming bailey on a regular basis, this d-line is going to start wrecking havoc.

    As far as shannon and his contract goes, it’s not going to be that big of a deal in the end, it’s only going to big a big deal if let’s say jacory or our runningback rotation thins out to quickly, other than that, we’re going to ball out. No matter who lines up against us, the main thing is going to be whipple adjusting the offense if we are getting manhandled at certain spots. The great thing is, whipple got a good dose of having to compensate for having pipho as a starter. Now this year going in, whipple should know a whole lot more about the weapons at his disposal.

    pimp collier, whatever he’s going thru, if he’s able to use that as motivation he’s going to be even more hell out their once again!

  136. CanesCanesCanes

    Submitted on 2010/05/06 at 9:02am

    JSQ and Mike

    Heavy duty traveling for me and very little time for anything else but work, so sorry I haven’t posted much.

    But I did want to give you a shoutout about the great “get”…and the best thing is there’s a part 2! In all seriousness, simply outstanding, Mike. Thanks.
    You know what’s better than that? There’s a part 3!!

  137. avatar
    bg1906 says:


    Mel does look like The Count from Sesame Street

  138. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    You know what’s better than that? There’s a part 3!!

    Give that man a raise!!!

  139. avatar
    Calvin says:

    datCane, lavar does need to sit his azz down. When that shaving cream got in SEAN TAYLOR’s eye, wasn’t nothing funny that day, i remember that too. Now after that, i’m quite sure it caused some real problems though, cause alot of people don’t understand, alot of guys from Miami not with all that fake rookie shat, some of the normal stuff no problem, cause alot of us come in trying to find out who the tuff guys are on the team right away. When i saw it happen the 1st thing i said was, “who TF the lavar think he playin with like that, i was telling somebody back than, somebody would’ve gotten swung on.

    That’s for them though to hash out.

    bg, shannon, got this squad basically where it needs to be, and for a 1st time headcoach, to already have a team in position to win a national championship, it’s not a matter of will it happen, just more of when it will happen.

  140. new blog up!