An Insider’s Perspective: Part 2- ESPN’s Bruce Feldman Talks Hurricane Football

You’re well known for writing Cane Mutiny. What inspired you to write that book?

Very unlike programs that won two, three, four National Championships, Miami was not a one coach program. The crazy part about the University of Miami is, it took off with Howard Schnellenberger.

Then Jimmy Johnson comes in, and they win big again. Then Dennis Erickson comes in, completely different style, and wins two National Championships. Then, the program collapses under its own weight. There were lots of issues off-the-field, and people had a hard time figuring out where the program was headed.

And then you have Sports Illustrated saying the program should be shut down. Paul Dee and Butch Davis, to their credit, said, “this is the way we’re going to rebuild the program.” They were under pretty hefty sanctions, scholarship wise. Davis assembled some of the best recruiting classes of all-time. Look at what Butch and Pete Garcia put together, with 15-16 scholarships. They brought in a tremendous amount of talent, and got a lot of production out of these guys.  The Dan Morgan, Santana Moss, and Reggie Wayne group. They all grew into spectacular talents. And it kept growing. And seeing the rebirth of Miami football, after knowing the administration was ready to pull the plug on the football program… basketball was about to be discontinued. Schnellenberger was the last chance. He built the program from nothing. He took down a Nebraska team that was thought to be the best ever, at the time.

It’s an amazing story; a story about how the Hurricanes took down the college football establishment. It’s the subtitle on my book, Cane Mutiny. There was so much that played into it. There was the attitude on and off-the-field. There was the city that had changed. Miami did things differently than had ever been done in college football.  Combine all those things, and I thought, “you know what, this story begs to be told. It has a life of its own.” I wanted to capture that. From the Howard’s to the Jim Kelly’s, and whatever else everyone has seen, it was a story that needed to be told.

What was your best memory researching Cane Mutiny?

That’s an excellent question. Just talking to the players about some of the stories they had to tell… I remember talking to Jim Kelly when he was in an airport, and he called me back. He told me about Miami beating Penn State. Not only did Miami put themselves on the map, but Miami was nothing like they had become. You have all these young kids. Penn State recruited Kelly as a linebacker, and Miami told him he was going to be the guy. It was a great moment for the growth of Miami. The whole Schnellenberger story is amazing. I remember meeting with Melvin Bratton, we were at a hotel for breakfast. They started to tell stories about the infamous Bosworth wake-up call before playing Oklahoma. Alonzo is another great story teller. That’s really the stuff I remember most vividly about the reporting process.

Do you think Miami can be relevant again and enjoy the same success the program once did?

Miami is in a pretty good position. I was skeptical, last year. I thought they were going to be a good team. Last year I didn’t know how good.  This year, I went down there to see them. Jimmy Johnson and a hundred former Canes (Ted Hendricks) were there.  Former Miami players who had seen success at a lot of levels were there. Everywhere you looked, Miami has amazing talent.

The receivers especially. The defensive line, even the offensive line. The running backs were impressive. Potential is all over this team. Athletes, playmakers. There is a sense among the former players, the coaches, this team is special. This team is ripe. Jacory Harris, the maturity is there. Last year they felt like they were pretty good, they knew they had talent but they didn’t have the mental focus. Randy Shannon told me this: It’s hard for young guys to be consistently dialed in. The potential is here. Now, they are maturing: are 20, 21 years old. There’s a better sense on how to handle success.

Do you keep in touch with any former Hurricanes?

I keep in touch with Eric Winston, he’s an interesting guy.  I see Alonzo Highsmith at games, he’s an NFL Scout, so I see him periodically. He’s got a tie to the University, has a son playing for them now. I run into Bratton every now and then. Other than that, it’s sporadic. My brother ran into Ed Reed, at a golf tournament, who wrote the forward of Cane Mutiny. I spent some time with him at the Ravens facility.  He’s always been a gracious guy. He’s a solid guy.

You have contacts all over the college football world. What’s the perception of UM football around the country these days?

Well, the question was, a couple of years ago, how did it get so bad? How did Miami let it slide that far? Now, people are saying, “Miami is supposed to be good.” There’s too many reasons for them not to be a Top 10 team. The college football world feels like, it’s only a matter of time. There’s a curiosity factor with Miami. Until the Hurricanes win the ACC, there’s going to be people scratching their heads. It’s a long time ago since UM played Ohio St. in the Fiesta Bowl. People’s memories only go back a few years.

This is a huge year for Randy Shannon. He hasn’t had players get into trouble, and people are noticing that. You look across the board and most high profile programs have an epidemic of players getting into trouble. But yet, 7-5 and 9-4, at Miami, isn’t good enough. This year people are saying that he has to win, and I don’t disagree with that.

Stay tuned to the Eye for Part 3 of MiamiMike’s interview with Bruce Feldman!

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  1. Great article Mike. I Like what he said about the potential on this seasons team, Only thing that can hold them back is a lack of maturity. Cant wait til FAMU!!

  2. Great Job MM01, can’t wait for whats coming next after part three, some awesome stuff coming. Saw your numbers for being up two months tomorrow, great numbers JSQ and MM01.You are knocking it out of the park.

    This represents the very best in Hurricane football blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The rest of the blogisphere , eat your heart out!!!

  3. Mike great job!

    Watching hockey with my son…I have a week off before classes begin again….really,really strongly dislike the Penguins but I love the SHARKS!!! 🙂

  4. Awesome stuff mm01 and great pics JSQ!

    Starting to get exciting here… and someone said it best earlier, pretty soon we’ll have to put up with some bandwagon fans who don’t know their Canes

  5. Randy, it is even better: that report was just a snapshot of one month, the numbers from the start (two months ago tomorrow I believe) are about twice that. We have Facebook to thank for those numbers, but we have our regular bloggers to thank for making this a great place to be!

    The way I feel is, if we produce entertaining positive content for the off-season and make this a welcoming place, the numbers will take care of themselves.

    Just happy to have you all here to discuss my favorite thing in the world with! 🙂

  6. I look forward to what it means when those bandwagon fans come back. I just won’t enjoy them clogging up the line at the Smirnoff bar at the stadium. A wise man once said…

    Don’t make the JSQ wait for her tequila shots, especially if the ‘Canes are behind, or blowing out a ranked team.

  7. Women and Crime, Bankruptcy Law and Domestic Relations law. Bankruptcy will be the hardest, the professor is tough.

  8. I saw that, Canechic. Heartbreaking. Especially for his little 2 year old daughter growing up without her daddy.

  9. I never took bankruptcy in law school. I hear it’s a booming field right now, though. Is domestic relations like family law? Never took that either. Just learned it for the bar exam. Women and crime sounds interesting; what does that involve? How long is your semester?

  10. I know JSQ, I really like having the canes all to myself. That BC game on Thanksgiving was awesome. Nicole and I went all around the Orange Bowl and sat in each section, it was a blast.

  11. I hear you, Canechic. I sat in the student section of the Orange Bowl from ’99-’07. Seven of those years I actually was a student. The last two, we all snuck over there (some people like Mars’ brother Mauricio/Mo were still I’m grad school) and sat there pretty much by ourselves because we sucked so much that even students didn’t want to go!

    I am ready for them to be back on top, don’t get me wrong, but I have been enjoying that all the annoying “Ginger fans” are with the crocs.

    Like I told the guy behind the sandwich counter at Publix Greenwise yesterday who always makes fun of me for my ‘Canes gear (he is a croc fan) “don’t worry, you will be a ‘Canes fan soon.”

  12. MiamiMike – Not seeing anything else about the expansion of the Big 10, am I missing something.

  13. I’ll share this about part 3, since it broke today. Feldman sees the BIG 10 going to 16, with it almost being a certainty.

    I doubt Notre Dame joins, but the other three (Nebraska, Mizzou, and Rutgers) are a slam dunk. This story isn’t over…

  14. So the big ten would have a conference championship game?!

    Let’s all say a prayer that Penn State doesn’t make it so I still have a place it stay in Charlotte for the ACC championship game. Mat travels to all PSU’s bowl games, he would probably go to that crap too. Grrrrrrrr!

  15. JSQ, Women and Crime is all about the types of crimes women commit, why and how they are treated different. Domestic Relations is pretty much family law and bankruptcy law was the only other class being offered so I grabbed it because I want to graduate in Dec.

  16. I would think it would be Ohio State/Iowa anyway. Penn State fans can stay at home and Mat will just have to come to the ACC game with me and cheer on the ‘Canes. It’s only fair, I cheered them on during the Orange Bowl when they played FSWho in 2006. That was a great game. Double overtime and people left so we had really good seats by the end! 🙂

  17. I took a class kind of like that in undergrad, Canechic. Called Gender and the Law and it was really interesting. Explored both civil and criminal and even studied how female judges are harder on women, especially in the domestic violence context.

    You are making me miss school! I’m jealous!

  18. I bet the bankruptcy background will be helpful, Canechic. And marketable!

    I sort of wish I took Federal Income Tax. It conflicted with something else but the real reason I didn’t want to take it was because the professor had a 2.4 curve and it was my last semester of law school and I wanted to graduate magna cum laude. In short: I was chicken, and now I’m wondering if it could have given me some tax tricks!!!

  19. 20 minutes until the real housewives of new jersey. I like to think this is the reality show documenting the lives of some of the girls I went to school with at UM. Cracks me up! I love these crazy girls!!!

  20. Mike, can you tell us a little bit of what it was like to talk to Bruce? Does he talk about the ‘Canes in excitement? With passion in his voice?

  21. Oh JSQ I love both New York and Jersey….Angry gets so mad cuz I watch but I can’t get enough. Also love the Millionaire Matchmaker.

  22. I haven’t seen the latter, Canechic, but the girls in my office love it. I love Orange Co. (reminds me of Boca) and NJ (reminds me of Boca and certain sororites at UM)! Addictive shows!!!

  23. Yeah, he really likes what is going on in Coral Gables. He thinks this could be a special team. And it should be.

    There was animation in his voice. He talked to me for about 30 minutes, so this is a subject he was interested in sharing some information with us all.

    He’s a UM grad, and coupled with his professionalism, cautiously optimistic. But I could tell he was excited talking about the ‘Canes. Especially since the interview ran so long.

    He was awesome to talk to. Really open, willing to share what he knows. I was really impressed. I already liked him, but I like and respect him even more.

  24. Thanks for sharing, Mike. I know we already talked about it, but I wanted other people to know how awesome Bruce Feldman is. That’s also something unique about Miami. If you love the ‘Canes, all doors are open to you because it isn’t an inner circle, it is a big open family that just wants to get bigger. At least that’s been my experience.

  25. FYI your girl Kendra my soon be the next celeb sex tape star so you will be getting to see plenty of her…she’s trying to block it but who knows

  26. Great article guys I really enjoyed it. Can the season start any sooner. LETS GO CANES

  27. Should have had the caption

    “Im the boss” under highsmiths pic…

    At the time it was a pretty big statement and it let some people know…

    It was pretty monumental for Highsmith and Co, too.

    Nice job Mike. You have a real talent for this…I hope it takes you places.

  28. Mike, change of plans for Friday. Just talked to Adam (Iowa) and he is going to write something for Friday. My piece can wait until next Friday. When do we need to get our article in for Phil Steele?

  29. Thursday/Friday is better for me, Mike. Been slammed at work but the stuff is do on Friday so it should calm down after that! 🙂

  30. I want to make something perfectly clear…

    We do this because, first and foremost, everyone who frequents this site and comments mean something to us. We enjoy what everyone brings.

    Secondly, Mary and I enjoy spreading the UM Gospel. Educating our ‘Cane brothers and sisters, bringing the good word. And you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    I know both of us are doing the best we can to share information. I’m currently working on a summer series that should be good, everyone will enjoy.

    Thirdly, we love the ‘Canes. It’s all about this []_[]!!!

  31. MM01 is working on something I think will be a very entertaining read. I’m excited about it.

    MM01 you have a talent for this, reporting , interviewing, writing on Hurricane football, sports etc…

    If you do what you love doing you will be very good at it. You rock MM01.


  32. But I wonder whaT Totally rEpResents this site the best?

    The people who post? The friends that convene?

    It’s hard to ignore the obvious…

    What makes this place a nice spot to chat are the people that obviously care. It’s a spot that allows most people to let go of all the daily stupidities and enjoy some good ol Canes talk.

    Anyway…y’all be good. Enjoy the season.

  33. Joe Rose said this AM that Randy’s contract will be singed by the end of the week!!

  34. DATcane says:
    May 11, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    Joe Rose said this AM that Randy’s contract will be singed by the end of the week!!

    Matter of factly or rumor???

  35. It is true…but it’s a sh!tty contract. It’s loaded with incentives instead of hard cash. But it does have verbage that protects his stability at Miami so long as he accomplishes some basic goals that aren’t necessarily tied to winning.

    For me – it’s a bullcrap cop-out contract. I told you guys when we were all over at the other place that a lot of people that have a say don’t really care for the man. I think this negotiation, IMO, proved that without a doubt.

    The admin has a set of criteria they would like the football program to represent. Randy has accomplished that 1000%. Yet, when it comes to paying him for this team is at now, it becomes a matter winning a certain amount of games??

    I’m simplifying it A LOT but it basically boils down to the school making excuses to not pay him according to the directives he was hired under.

    My hope is that when Miami ends up #3 or higher over the next two seasons they will have no other choice but to tear up this stupidity and write a better contract for the man.

    We’ll see.

  36. If it is an extension, trying not to get my hopes up again, it’ll take that club away from rival coaches.

    If he wins, like everyone expects him to, he won’t need to worry about money and will be at Miami for a long time.

  37. Great stuff DATcane… love the article on Jimmy Graham. I think he is in a perfect fit with New Orleans for several reasons.

    He has some Canes on the team that will help him out in Shockey and Vilma.

    An offensive minded coach in Sean Payton who’ll put him in situations to look great.

    And from his background he knows just how much of a difference caring people can make in some other peoples lives. In New Orleans he’ll have plenty of chances to help others.

  38. Maybe this team will run away from their opponents, the running game with their speed and quickness, receivers with their speed, hopefully J12 will be better protected and find the open guy or hand it off to one of the blurs on this team and he will have a healthy season.

    Can’t wait to see this offense on the field.

  39. Hope WQAM report is correct. If RS wins big this season, I’m sure there is a clause in the contract that will allow it to be reworked again. Probably one of the incentives.

  40. Truth is, this is a difficult schedule and RS could win nine again and have a better team.

    Since so many people want to compare, JJ didn’t win his first two bowl games either. Was 8-5 with a team loaded with talent his first year. I know he had some discontent among his coaches, upset at not getting the top job. I’m sure that contributed to five losses his first year. The team he inherited had more real football players than the team RS inherited.

    Also on the contract issue, I’m certain there are elements at the U who don’t like RS. He probably doesn’t kiss their butt. Or maybe the board of trustees are made up of bloggers on other sites.

    Either way the U can’t have it both ways and say they support the idea of student athletes and not respect what RS has done with the team both academically and athletically. Is it realistic to expect a real shot at the national title every year?

    As a fan I want to say yes but unfortunately I live in the real world.

  41. RS carries the banner for a lot of other coaches and assistants on staffs all over the country.

  42. My WAY early class prediction for 2011.

    Teddy Bridgewater
    Sammy Watkins
    Phillip Dorsett
    Kelvin Benjamin/Andre Davis/Ja’juan Story (only 1)
    Eli Rogers
    Marcus Jackson
    Nick O’Leary/Bradon Fulse (only 1)
    Anthony Chikillo
    Elkino Watson
    Denzell Perryman
    Rob Hankins
    Jabari Gorman
    Dallas Crawford
    Albert Louis-Jean

    Wildcard – Maybe another DT or perhaps another safety

  43. I just can’t see Pitt or OSU controlling our offense. Not even a little bit.

    Even with marginal success against the run, drop an extra DB and our short passing game to the tailback destroy you. Can’t stop the run and it opens up play action to 5 guys that are faster than any of your DB’s. Put 8 in the box and you leave single coverage on take your pick: AJ, Streeter, Hank, Benjamin or Byrd.

    Any one of those guys can break your back.

    We may struggle containing Pryor, but this team will be the greatest show on turf in 2010. We can and will outscore anyone.

  44. Captain Optimist says:
    May 11, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    Truth, skin-color neurosis AND stinginess or just one?

    Probably a bit of both.

  45. PB.

    I agree. With OSU if we control Pryor (running wise) we’ll beat tOSU. Also we have to stop the run vs Pitt. They’ll have a new QB but have a talented WR in Jonathan Baldwin (we recruited him but he was recruited to Pitt by Aubrey Hill). They will rely on their D which was pretty stout last season. I concern myself more with the ACC than the OOC games. UNC, VTech, FSU, GTech will determine our ACC aspirations. I didn’t count Clemson because I don’t think they will be that good IMO. They will lose Parker but Tahj Boyd is talented. They lost a lot and I don’t see them rebounding like that.

  46. I agree we are better this year than nine wins, UF went from 9-4 to NC the next year. It can be done and I believe this team has the talent.

  47. if you control Saine and the other RBs from running for a lot of yards its better than keeping Pryor from running. Cause if its all on Pryor he’ll be wore out and won’t be as accurate throwing. In the games their offense was best was when their RBs went off. One man show and their offense is struggling.

  48. Mike great job! your really in great company Steele, Feldman, whose next?

    Truth’s post is disturbing.
    It would be interesting to know why any U administrator would not be proud of the job Coach Shannon has done. If it’s because of race, then I’m not as proud today of this University as I was when I got up this morning. Take a look at graduation rates! Take a look at arrests or lack of , in the case of the U.! (1 broken side mirror, and that guy isn’t here any more). This program was in a ditch! and IMO Shannon has yanked it out, refurbished it, has it all shinny and clean and ihas just traded it in for 2010-2011 model, fully loaded!
    Winning is important, but as a grad, IMO so are a lot of other things. I want this U to win every game, but I also want these kids to win at life. I am damn tired of Universities across this country using these athletes.( I know .they get Sponsorships, but do they graduate?Athletes need help, because of the time they spend perfecting what they do) I can’t think of any other students that put in as much time as they do on behalf of the U. Scholarships aren’t worth much if you don’t graduate.
    Shannon is a 1st class educator! Shannon is also on his way to becoming a great coach. Great coachesl have one thing in common, great players. Shannon is taking care of that. The administrators should stop talking out of both sides of their mouths.WE are fortunate to have Coach Shannon. He is a Cane!!! Pay him, or you don’t get a dime from me, ever!

  49. Este I totally agree! TP is not the dude to carry the team on his back. Not yet anyway…

    I think we pull the W up in the shoe.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  50. miamimike01 says:
    May 11, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    If RS signs the contract, who are we to judge the terms?

    If he signs it, then he feels okay with what’s in it.

    I disagree with that. I think he WANTS to be at UM and just may not have enough leverage to hold out for anything more than what it will be.

  51. And I swear to God if I hear one more person within the decision-making group utter the name Nick Saban and what he has done at Alabama in taking about Randy …

  52. pb(EOTHROH10) says:
    May 11, 2010 at 11:35 AM
    I just can’t see Pitt or OSU controlling our offense. Not even a little bit.

    Even with marginal success against the run, drop an extra DB and our short passing game to the tailback destroy you. Can’t stop the run and it opens up play action to 5 guys that are faster than any of your DB’s. Put 8 in the box and you leave single coverage on take your pick: AJ, Streeter, Hank, Benjamin or Byrd.

    Any one of those guys can break your back.

    We may struggle containing Pryor, but this team will be the greatest show on turf in 2010. We can and will outscore anyone.


    Peebs, that’s exactly what this year will look like. Great summery. Pryor’s not a problem because he’s not agile and he doesn’t like to get hit. He’s fast but he can’t change directions on a dime. I’m not worried about Pryor at all. Their OL and DL are the keys to them. And with our finally up to size, speed and numbers OL-DL rotation, plus Petri, I’m not too worried about their OL.

    I will say that OSU’s defense will probably be the best we’ll face. Their DL is stout and they play a cushy zone that relies totally on stopping the run. So it will all revolve around our OL opening holes for these RBs. If and when they do, we’ll whoop them like USC, LSU and UF, and for the same reasons.

    The only advantage they’ll have is their home field, their experience and it will be our second game. But really, those things shouldn’t matte with these boys becoming men. They’ve seen it all. Nothing should surprise or intimidate them.

  53. J says:
    May 11, 2010 at 1:48 PM
    And I swear to God if I hear one more person within the decision-making group utter the name Nick Saban and what he has done at Alabama in taking about Randy …


    Thanks J, that says it all. Looking for any and every excuse. Skin-color neurosis at its finest. lol

  54. As someone else said though, if we had beaten Wisky, it would be a different story and situation.

    But the beauty of it all is that he’s going to get his, in spades, real soon. So ultimately it doesn’t really matter so long as it’s done.

  55. Esteban says:
    May 11, 2010 at 12:21 PM
    if you control Saine and the other RBs from running for a lot of yards its better than keeping Pryor from running. Cause if its all on Pryor he’ll be wore out and won’t be as accurate throwing. In the games their offense was best was when their RBs went off. One man show and their offense is struggling.


    Yep. They call a conservative spread that really relies on their RBs more than the QB running. It’s the anti-UF spread if you ask me. If we stuff their RBs, I’m not at all worried about Pryor beating us with his arm. Those RBs are the key, and while they’re not special, they’re solid and can hurt you if you give them room.

  56. Good news about Randy I suppose, though sad to hear the BS that goes on (at the end of the day he needed a contract first and foremost however)

    I say less then 10 wins is dissappointing unless we get hurt even worse by injuries this year.

    Bg – I will take less receivers for another DB or OL. (would say Wilder but the more I think about it RB is a position where we are stacked with young talent and I don’t see any kids signing at that position for this year’s class. If we weren’t stacked do you think Wilder would be in play?)

  57. bg1906 says:
    May 11, 2010 at 11:35 AM
    My WAY early class prediction for 2011.

    Teddy Bridgewater
    Sammy Watkins
    Phillip Dorsett
    Kelvin Benjamin/Andre Davis/Ja’juan Story (only 1)
    Eli Rogers
    Marcus Jackson
    Nick O’Leary/Bradon Fulse (only 1)
    Anthony Chikillo
    Elkino Watson
    Denzell Perryman
    Rob Hankins
    Jabari Gorman
    Dallas Crawford
    Albert Louis-Jean

    Wildcard – Maybe another DT or perhaps another safety


    BG, you don’t think we’ll get Wilder?? I think we will once he sees the team we field and the style of play.

  58. J!

    Where you been man?!?!?!?! Yeah Saban has MASSIVE experience. Its crazy. I thought the fairest thing was to compare him to Jimbo Fisher. They both have National ‘Chips as coordinators. I think the guy that REALLY made the ACC funny salary wise was Mike London at UVA. He and Cutcliff @ Duke. They both make 1.7 million. Hard pressed to pay the Miami coach no matter WHO it is less than that. The market has changed and UM has to change with it or get left behind. Like Bill King always says on Rivals. Its an ARMS RACE.

  59. BG: Work and family called (and continue to call). The comparisons to Saban were vocalized as being all about how fast he turned around the program, blah blah blah. Compare how Shula and Coker left their programs and the debate should end there, at least that’s what I added to the conversation. That and a few zeros.

  60. Not sure about the skin issues but this is a big business.

    The U has hand over RS plain and simple and they used it.

    Nothing shocking here. Money is money and like I said this is business. Happens all the time in the real world so it should not be a shock here.

    Glad it’s over because I am sick of hearing about it.

    Now go and blast motherfukkers on the field this year and the next and you RS will gain hand and be able to negotiate and reverse the heat on the U and get yours.

    Tough situation but no one is holding a gun to anyones head. We are all adults and make our own bed. It is what it is etc…. lol

    Please keep in mind that this U will be here long after RS or any other coach who strolls through here.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  61. I’d love to get Wilder. Just like I’d love to have Wayne Lyons and a host of others. But Lyons will probably go to Florida. Wilder is funny though. I think if UGA rebounds he goes to UGA. If they tank and Richt is out, I think us, FSU, and UF are the teams to beat. Josh Turner loves us too, but he’s from Oklahoma City. He says Texas and OU are recruiting him the hardest. VERY hard to pull a kid from that. But he says he grew up loving us, so he’s a wildcard too. Benjamin may decide on FSU. So it will be VERY, VERY interesting. That was a stab in the dark earlier and it is VERY, VERY early. We have until February. LOL

  62. J says:
    May 11, 2010 at 2:08 PM

    BG: Work and family called (and continue to call). The comparisons to Saban were vocalized as being all about how fast he turned around the program, blah blah blah. Compare how Shula and Coker left their programs and the debate should end there, at least that’s what I added to the conversation. That and a few zeros.

    Thanks for being there and doing what you do…whatever that is! Glad you have the PROGRAM coming first. Anyone that doesn’t see he’s the right guy for this program RIGHT NOW is being short sighted. If he continues to improve you have a guy that has his dream job and will NEVER leave UM. He’s proven he can recruit. Now he just has to win. I think he will…this year…10+ wins and ACC Champs as long as we are healthy! I really believe that.

  63. C1, I agree about the money and performance but comparing Saban to him means you’re reaching for any and every excuse to ignore the significant improvement that will only continue to improve. It’s a deeply embedded thought process, the need to maintain the illusion called “race” at all costs.

    Here’s an example: I was watching a Devin Hester highlight clip on youtube and I read through the comments. Wouldn’t you know one dude said, “I HATE NI**ERS.”

    Haha. Is that “racism”? Hell no, it’s not. It’s this fool’s desperate, pathetic need to deny and reject REALITY in favor of his personal, skin-color delusions.

    Here’s another example from 80 years ago. Louis Armstrong was performing somewhere in TX and one of the members of the audience was a young college kid, who would go on to be a famous attorney. Standing beside him was a joe-blow country boy, presumably uneducated because education was hard to come by back then, like money. So after the performance they were both standing there in awe of Louis’ brilliance. So the joe-blow shakes his head, as if he had been under a spell, and said to the college kid, “He’s still a ni**er right?”

    Hahahaha. “Racist”?? Hell no. Delusion and dumbstruck by having his skin-color delusions shatterd? Hell yes.

    And it works both ways of course, which is why I call it “skin-color”. I happened upon a Wendy Williams snippet somewhere, I think youtube. I remember her from back in the day on Hot 97 when she was doing the same dumb shyt with the annoying Long Island accent. So the subject of this snippet was Halle Berry and why she can’t keep a man. So Wendy went through a montage of Halle’s previous men and when she showed a photo of Halle and David Justice, she said, “Aren’t they the cute little “high yellow” couple.”

    High yellow?? WTF.

    You hear the same thing with some rappers like KRS-One trying to paint everyone in the Bible “BLACK”. Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Cain ALL OF THEM. lol

    As I said, skin-color neurosis, paranoia and delusions are both blatant, subtle and deeply ingrained.

    I don’t even need to talk about other countries in this hemisphere.

    Anyone see the recent photos of Sammy “bleached-skin” Sosa??


  64. Captain Optimist says:
    May 11, 2010 at 2:43 PM

    BG, has Wilder been to campus??

    I don’t think so

  65. pb(EOTHROH10) says:
    May 11, 2010 at 2:38 PM
    Two things.

    1) I just want Randy to sign. The contract may be subpar to a certain extent but destroy the competition this year and next and he will be rewarded handsomely. He did take this job with no experience and hasn’t won a thing yet. He is still young and has plenty of time to get what’s coming.



  66. Cav,

    Good read. I wasn’t talking about the Saban comment though or the racial issue though because I could care less. I just call it like I see it regardless of color, religion whatever. I really could care less what you are as long as you are doing the right thing by this U. The only colors I care about are O&G.

    So wether it’s RS or whoever behind the wheel or I care about is them dointg the right thing for this program.

    RS is on the right track and hopefully, like this team, he gets better every year.

    PB and I see eye to eye on this one.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  67. David Justice said the reason why he and Halle broke up was plain and simple…she’s crazy.

  68. If the committee is going to compare Shannon vs Saban for turn around, then why don’t they also explore why their marketing people at the U can’t find a way to fill the seats like Bama, They had 93 thou at the spring game. or is that unfair? If your a recruit, who do you want to play in front of? I think our staff has done a great job recruiting on an uneven playing field. (at least Bama can’t bring 100+ players anymore like they used to to the OB).

    I agree with canez1 that this is big business, so someone should be held responsible for the business side and it’s shortcomings. why aren’t you guys filling the seats? no excuses, I don’t want to hear it’s Miami and there are too many other things to do. That was the excuse all the way back to the 60’s when I was at the U. Just like the coach is held responsible for wins/losses, marketing is responsible for generating the revenues. I agree with PB, Shannon hasn’t won any titles, but Marketing hasn’t won anything either if you compare their efforts to other schools
    Solve the business side, you solve a lot of other problems. Just apply the same standards to the whole program. Make everyone accountable. Make the Marketing people earn their money or get rid of them.

  69. hurricane dave, not only marketing but coming up with different ticket packages. we can say what they have is reasonable already but if you have 20,000 empty seats then maybe it would make more sense to lower prices or come up with different packages that fill up more of those seats.

  70. The whole Saban/Shannon thing is stupid simply because Miami hired man in Shannon that had never been a HC at ANY level.

    Saban??? Are you kidding?

    Let’s talk staff and the $$$ money Bama puts up for Sabans guys…

    Come on now…that’s a completely unfair comparison and the idiots in CG promoting that are stupid. Period.

    Hurricanedave you are spot on. 100% correct.

    You don’t hire a newbie and compare him to a veteran that has experience, financial support and an admin that gets it.

  71. Good points about marketing and how the U handles their biz.

    I would’ve gladly given the university the $900 I spent on tix if they could guarantee 2 for me but noooooo they have to clown around and F people over and I have to buy them from some Columbine douche and I am out $900 and the U sees none of that $$$.

    Lose, lose situation all brought to you by our U.

    I still love the place tho!! lol


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  72. T I totally agree!

    That comparison is absurd at best.

    Not even worth discussion.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  73. Canez, I know you don’t give a rat’s azz about that BS and neither do I. I was just pointing out why people in CG are making a ridiculous comparison.

    But it’ll be funny if/when Shannon runs the tables this year with ZERO HC experience, and underpaid staff, a team in shambles and yet he still did it a year after Saban, playing a tougher schedule, a schedule Saban would never agree to play.

    It’s going to be funny to hear their excuses about why Shannon shouldn’t be paid the same as Saban then.

    They’ll say, “Well, how do we know it’s going to last? Coker won one and then look what happened to him.”


  74. Hey bg, I like that Anthony Rabasa kid too… He’s a DE from Miami, plays for Columbus I think… The only thing about him is that he came to UM looking to get an offer and then when he got it, he kinda put us on the back burner, lol… He’s like, “I gotta look around now…” Hopefully thats a good thing though, who knows?

    And as far as the contract, I agreed with Canez1 and somebody else… As long as they been negotiating this contract, the terms they have finally agreed to must be better than any past offer so it will work itself out… We will be alright!!

  75. Interesting comments about the contract, skin color neurosis, etc etc.

    Let me add my two cents.

    Regarding RS and Saban. Absolutely no comparison. Not even close. Anybody that makes that argument has already lost me before they begin…and I’ll add this: Randy Shannon is a better man, and will be a better coach (in time) than Saban. I’ll take Randy Shannon at Miami all day long rather than Saban. If I have a kid that’s going to play CFB, I wouldn’t even let that sack of garbage, Saban, into my living room. Randy, on the other hand, is a man I respect and admire. Look around at the college football coaching ranks, now find someone you think is a better person, a more straightforward, honest, and “real” person than Randy. I don’t say he’s perfect, but he’s a damn sight better than most of these lying used car salesmen that pass themselves off as leaders of men. Randy IS a leader of young men.

    As far as his contract, my hope is that he blows it up this year and they have to tear things up and pay him out the wazoo at the end of the year. Randy Shannon IS Miami Hurricanes Football.

    That is all. You are dismissed.

  76. CCC, that’s exactly the way I feel about Shannon. That’s why I hope they ink that series for 2012 with Bama.

  77. Mike

    Can’t compliment you enough for the Feldman scoop(s). Incredible. It’s really big time and brings tons of credibility to this blog. My sincere thanks for a great read.

  78. CO

    If I was much younger, had talent, and could play, I would give my right arm to play for this guy. Anybody that’s not giving Randy 110% needs to be slapped upside the head to knock some sense into them.

    As far as Randy, I was never that skeptical, but when I saw his first press conference when he was hired, he had me from “good morning”. You cannot fake the passion, attitude, and enthusiasm he showed everyone that day. No, he may not have been a real “slick Willie” communicator type, but his overall media presence has now markedly improved, which only counts for media types, and the asswipes who still might have some kind of racial issues (of which I think there are very few at the U). What got me was his absolute sincerity and enthusiasm. All the money in the world can’t buy that much love and passion for “the U”. Attitude is everything in life. Someone that brings that kind of attitude to a position will succeed.

    I know Randy is the right man for the job. Now and hopefully for a long time to come.

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