Reflections on Hurricanes Baseball: My Memories With Ron Fraser

~ Written exclusively for Eye of the Hurricane by esteemed EOTH blogger, HurricaneDave69 ~

The year 1963 has a special meaning to me. Two events, within the span of one week, would change my life.

On August 28, 1963, I was in Washington, D.C. and witnessed MLK’s famous speech about the social injustice of racial discrimination. I had played baseball for the last 3 years for a predominately African-American team, (only 5 of us were Caucasian) and had experienced many of those injustices first hand, as we traveled around the Mid- Atlantic states, particularly on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My love for baseball and my teammates brought me to D.C. that day.  Our nation would never be the same.

In another week baseball would introduce me to another future legend, Coach Ron Fraser and the University of Miami.   I enrolled at the U and walked on to a baseball program that didn’t offer scholarships. That shortened my baseball career; I ran out of money in less than one year and went home to NJ. But, my love for the U brought me back and I graduated in Jan 69. I wouldn’t trade that year, 1963, for anything.

The fall of ’63 was also Coach Fraser’s 1st year at the U, and Miami baseball would never be the same. Coach Fraser – single handidly – put the program on the map through hard work and endless promotions, utilizing people like Ted Williams, Stan Musial, and Joe Garagiola to help promote baseball at the U. It was Coach Fraser’s marketing and promotion expertise that would earn him the title “the Wizard of College baseball”.

Over 30 years,Coach Fraser compiled a record a record of 1271 wins vs. 438 losses, retiring as the winningest coach in college baseball. His teams won National Championships in 1982 and 1985. The 1982 championship was the first for any NCAA Division 1 team in the State of Florida. Coach Fraser has been inducted into seven halls of fame, named coach of the year 24 times and his teams made 12 College World Series appearances.

How did Coach Fraser get to the U from FSWHO? After coaching the Dutch national team, Coach appeared on the show “What’s My Line” (you have to be really old to remember this show). He stumped the panel; they couldn’t guess what his profession was. Jack Harding, the Miami Athletic Director was watching the show and decided that Ron Fraser should be the baseball coach at the U.  The coach said he was thrilled to get the job, but it only paid $2200. He got paid every six months. (Relate this to our discussions of Randy Shannon’s recent contract negotiation). The coach got a second job at the Coral Gables Youth Center.  He worked there in the mornings and at the U in the afternoon. The rest is history.

Here are a few (very dim) things I personally remember about baseball at the U in the fall of 63:

  • We played at the same location, but the playing field was terrible, and there were not many seats, only the players cared about baseball at the U
  • Freshmen couldn’t play varsity
  • Our uniforms were wool and baggy, the worst I had ever seen. They were hand-me downs from some other team
  • There were no minorities on the team, a real shocker to me
  • Coach Fraser was only a few years older than his players (7 years older than me)
  • There were always rumors that the baseball program was going to be contracted, which probably would have happened without Coach Fraser
  • I only remember one teammate, Don Valentine from Palmetto High, that’s ok, I’m sure they don’t remember me! It was 47 years ago!
  • For a kid from NJ, (Coach Fraser was also from NJ), it was like going to spring training, palm trees and warm weather. It was paradise! The equipment and overall facilities were substandard, but I was playing baseball in Florida, just like my big league idols!
  • Coach rinsed the practice balls in milk so they would look white.
  • Practices were always set up like a full game. Varsity played the freshman, and we sometimes won. Sometimes our freshman team would play against a local high school all-star team coached by Skip Bertman. Skip, of course, eventually coached at the U and LSU. He is a college baseball legend,
  • When Coach Fraser had played at FSU, Dick Howser was a teammate. Dick was playing for the KC Athletics at the time. So, it was a great thrill for me when Dick came to our practices, because I had grown up in NJ rooting for the Philadelphia Athletics before they broke my heart and moved to KC.
  • Another friend of coach Fraser’s was Charlie Lau. The premier hitting coach in MLB at the time. One day at practice Coach asked me to pitch to Charlie, while he demonstrated how to hit down on the ball, and no matter where the ball was in the strike zone, he could it hit up the middle. After hitting 20 baseballs back at me, I asked Coach Fraser if Charlie hadn’t made his point.  If you have had that many balls nearly miss your head, you never forget it.
  • My pitching coach’s last name was Sanders. He probably doesn’t remember mine either.
  • The varsity catcher, Paul (?) came after me with the bat after I had brushed him back a few times. Well, actually I threw the ball behind him, because I didn’t like him!  Fraser sent me home for the day. . . at the time, I had been playing in summer leagues against ex minor and washed up major leaguers. The guys at the U were kids to me. That’s just the way the game was played back then. I can assure you they did the same thing to me when I came to bat. But still it was fun.
  • After practice, I would go watch football practice and watch them fight.  A friend from my hometown was on the team, that’s how I got to the U. I actually had more friends on the football team, than baseball, probably why I can’t remember them.

Thanks for letting share a few of my memories. Most of my memories have faded over the years, but every time I see or read about Hurricanes baseball, I am glad that I was there in the fall of 1963, Coach Ron Fraser’s 1st year. Who knew at that time what was to follow.

Ron Fraser is Miami Hurricanes baseball.

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  1. Great stuff!!

    It always amazes me the very humble beginings of what are now considered institutions. Thanks HurricaneDave69.

  2. Isn’t this article awesome?!?!?! Thanks for your contribution, HurricaneDave. That article taught me a lot about ‘Canes history!

    It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from the people on here! 🙂




    I was so excited that when I was just forwarding the e-mail with my “WOOO HOOO”ing to Ben I almost sent it to Bennie Blades [they are right next to each other in my Outlook contacts] instead, haha. That would have been unprofessional!

    So we have Don Bailey, Jr. emceeing, and Lamar and Bennie as definites. Steve as an unconfirmed definite, and KC Jones as definite if he doesn’t have to go out of town the day of the event.


    Don’t you just love it when everything comes together?!?!?!

    GO ‘CANES!!!!

  4. Alumni: There are only a few more days of the fiscal year! A big reason we jumped to the top 50 in the US News and World Report was alumni support – let’s take it to the top 40! So, make any donation, big or small, and support your beloved alma mater:

    It’s all about the []_[]!!! GO ‘CANES!!! 😀

  5. Outstanding article on Diamond Canes from the past. Very enjoyable read. Why? Because I remember those days as a fan and growing up during that time in Miami.

    Ron Frazier is credited with actually being the father of college baseball as it is today. What a great promoter and coach he was.

    The U has a great tradition to follow and to honor.

    I hear the coach is not doing so well these days, does anyone have an update on Coach Frazier’s health?

  6. Love the old-school article. It’s important to know about UM’s history. The canes changed the college football landscape, there’s no denying that, but even before the 80’s this school had a rich tradition in other sports as well.

    Thank you, HD69

  7. That should be Coach Fraser, quess I’m thinking about one of my favorite TV shows.

  8. I think I gave the wrong link before for Heather Dinich:

    I was sitting here writing a memo and all the sudden I hear someone talking about the Cavaliers and started freaking out like “WHERE IS THAT COMING FROM” thinking I have some strange virus on the computer again where it talks to you. I guess there is only so long for you to have the page up without the video starting or maybe I inadvertently hit something. Idk, but it is pretty freaky when you are sitting typing in silence and all the sudden, Heather Dinich’s voice fills your office.

  9. Excellent article Dave… Awwww man, I’m not even a baseball fan but I truly enjoyed that!!

  10. From Facebook:

    Miami-hurricanes Messageboard Ken Dorsey signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. Best of luck to him!

  11. We’re doing good. I give my dry run for my thesis defense next week, and my actual defense is in July. Not nearly ready for the move yet. I’m almost ready to come off the back of the milk carton though.

    How have things been going in blogland?

  12. Wow. Good luck, Money! I know you will do a great job! 😀

    You and DocIbis have some things in common. Both in Tally (at least right now) and both getting PhDs. Discuss! haha 😉

    We have missed you around here!

    Things are good. This is my first summer in blogland so I didn’t realized how dead it gets but I’m fine blogging with myself (the lesser-known remix to Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” oh, oh, oh-oh) haha.

    I’m thinking of giving P90x a shot to get in shape for the season. You’ve done it a few times and recommend it, right?

  13. P90x is tha truth. In essence 90 days seem pretty easy to do, but somewhere around week 5-8 things seem to go south. I haven’t had time to do any sort of workout for the past month, but when I was doing the P90x workouts along with the diet I was getting great results. I lost a total of 26 lbs, and I have only gained about 6 back after a month of inactivity

  14. Doc, I am so excited for your article on Friday! It looks great! So informative! You can tell you are a PhD student. Economics, right? I think everyone will love it.

    It might even attact some trolls! haha

    And normally I say that a trained monkey could post and format things on a blog so I don’t pretend to be a martyr or a slave or anything, but those charts threw me! Thanks for making it easy for me! 😀

  15. Wow, Money. That’s awesome! I’m thinking you are going through a similar experience as I did studying for the bar exam and I gained 5 lbs during that summer – which proportionately is more, so you are doing really good! 🙂

    I am not really aiming to lose weight (5 lbs would be nice) but I’ve seen some before and after pictures of chicks and they look super toned without being ripped. That’s what I’m after.

    A couple of weeks ago I injured myself opening a bottle of Arizona iced tea. That’s not a good sign.

    Then I tripped over air chasing a ball and ate it on the tennis court a couple of weekends ago. I still have a “Hello Kitty” band-aid on my knee because of it. So, something tells me I need to be in better shape!

    Hopefully I can keep it up until September 2nd around 3pm.


    haha 😉

  16. good luck to Ken Dorsey.

    and i think Davon Johnson might be in play for one of the gunner spots.

  17. Money,We should get together for the Georgia Tech game this year in Hotlanta.

  18. I might go to GA Tech, too. Depends on if I can con . . . err, persuade . . . someone to be my “assistant” to run the alumni game watches this year.

  19. Thanks everyone for your support and comments. Thanks, Mary and Mike, for asking, I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Your positive response to a 1st time effort has really made my day! Now back to
    Sudoku, need to keep the old mind alert!

  20. Congrats JSQ on Bailey. Rock on!

    I guess no Dorsey with the headsets just yet. At least he’ll get to play, hopefully. He’s such a competitor. You know he wants some live action before he hangs up the cleats.

  21. JSQ you give a MEANNNNN compliment, but I appreciate it though!! (Yes it is Economics)

    The thing about running a blog though is that its time consuming and you have to say something that people want to hear… Otherwise, its just a diary!!

    And money, whats your major? Just curious… Either way, congratulations on finishing that up, I have to take comps in August so I’ll probably be ghost for a while (but I doubt it, lol)!!

    Demarcus’s facebook status says that the track team is in NC for the Nationals (I think) so my over/under for the 4x 100 relay is 39.5 (39.6) is their best time…

    I’m going under and they place in the top 3!!

  22. Haha, Doc, I hope you didn’t think I was being mean – I hope you meant that like a “heck of a compliment!” You guys will see when you see Doc’s article on Friday. It is very thorough and he illustrates his point well . . . but I didn’t know how to format some of it!

    I opened it and instantly it felt like the first day I looked at how to create a blog. I was all confused. Felt like a dumb blonde (more than usual). But Doc took care of it for me!

    I’ll answer for Money just in case he doesn’t make it back on: Meteorology and he is finishing up at FSU and going to UGA for the PhD.

    We have a very smary bunch over here! 😀

  23. HurricaneDave, you have an open invitation to write here anytime you want!

    I’m looking forward to creating some new memories up in Columbus this September and looking forward to meeting you and your wife! She likes jello shots, right?! 😉

  24. Thanks, Captain O!

    I don’t know if I can say it enough: Don Bailey, Jr. is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life and is one of the truest ‘Canes there is. The man bleeds orange and green. Truly a role model and an inspiration. It’s an honor to have him emcee my event the second year in a row.

    It’s really the Palm Beach ‘Canes Club’s event, not MY event but I won’t let anyone help in any way until the afternoon of when it is time to hang the orange and green balloons. It’s my baby. It has to be PERFECT!!!!

    But Lamar and DBJ told me I need to make the questions easier this year. Lamar and Steve said they were “too hard”/”too in-depth.” Haha, I guess I was trying to show off! 😀

    You guys are welcome to help me with that process if there is something you want to hear from Lamar/Steve/Bennie/KC Jones!!!!

  25. Mike, you can e-mail me your questions anytime . . .

    OR, you and Randy can just get your butts down here for the event and ask them yourselves!!!!!

    If y’all want, I’ll throw in a place to stay [with two OVERLY-FRIENDLY pets]. I have two spare bedrooms, although I’ll warn you the decor is a tad on the feminine side! haha 😀

  26. Yeah, just warning you about the pets, though. Especially Sebastian.

    You know how I act on game day?

    Sebastian is like that 24/7.

    You are welcome to bring Baraka, too. He can stay in the backyard with Sebas during the event and they can comiserate about being left alone during ‘Canes events.

    I am probably taking off work the day of the event so I can do important things like get my hair “did” and get a couple of dozen orange and green baloons at Party City, so if y’all drive in the night before I won’t be at work the whole day or you can just come to Millers’ Ale House around 5-6. Harry (All Canes) is getting there around 4 or so to set up and I will likely be there to meet him around then. Same place we had dinner the night before the spring game.

  27. Another home run!!!! 3-0!

    Man, I’d like to be around some ‘Noles right now to finish off their Florida State cheer [you know, the one where they show they can spell and then repeat the name 3x] with



    Ah, I miss football season.

  28. Oh, by the way, Mike Martin FSwho coach, is a jerk. I think coach Morris feels the same way.

  29. The Broward Alumni event was fun! Met lots of nice ‘Canes!!!

    They needed to do announcements and couldn’t shut people up and Ben is like “Mary is good at that.”

    I pretended I was at a game watch and did my best Sebas ‘Canes cheer, spirit hands and spelling out the letters in my dress and heels and all. They were so shocked that someone would make that much of an a$$ of themself in public they shut up and stared.

    Works every time! Haha.

    98 days!!!

  30. Tiddilywinks! Love it!

    It sucked because Ben and I were trying to listen to it in the car and we were blowing them out so bad that WQAM cut to Sid Rosenberg! Thanks for the score update, Mike!

    Someone at the alumni event was talking about loving fish tacos and I thought of y’all! Lol.

    Mike just landed a great interview.

    Mike I just happened upon him on Facebook today because he commented on another new player’s status! Looking forward to the interview! Great job! You the best!!!

  31. I’m so glad we beat the ‘Noles!

    I just remembered I have to spend Sunday on the boat with a bunch of old rich ‘Noles boosters. They are less obnoxious when they lose. They are also sort of scared of me after I tackled one of them to the ground for insulting Randy Shannon outside a Cystic Fibrosis gala back in 2007 but that’s another story. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the free cocktails this year.

    But of you guys hear about a blonde girl in a ‘Canes bikini thrown overboard around Bahia Cabana this weekend, you guys will know there was foul play!

  32. JSQ says:
    May 26, 2010 at 10:43 PM
    They are little Italian men, Mike. I can take them! Haha


    This Sunday, JSQ will settle all family business.

  33. BH is as solid a CB as we have had in foeva!

    Looking for big things from him this year as well as DVD.

    I think our secondary turns the corner and becomes a strength. With a healthy Dline this D should be pretty stout barring another injury riddled season like the last.

    An inproved D will also help this O as well. Short fields = quick strike TD’s which kill opposing teams.

    How many more days??

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  34. Canez1, I think kickoff is at 7:30pm for FAMU so we have about 98 days and under 10 hours until kickoff.

    I won’t get into minutes because THAT would just be crazy! 😉

  35. I think BH is great as a CB but I think one of the most important things he brings to the table is his vocal leadership. That is an intangible on a team that takes them from being loaded with talent to being champions. I hope to hear this decade’s version of the Ed Reed halftime speech coming from BH, minus the part about being hurt, because of course I don’t want BH hurt, dawg!!!

    Speaking of Ed Reed, this has to be one of the pimpest covers of all time. Love love love it!!!

  36. Lol. Canez1, I’m really not half as crazy as I pretend to be . . . half of it is for comedic effect.

    Last night I did my routine at the Broward Alumni Club event (crazy, excited superfan running around jumping up and down and leading cheers) and they were like “Um, why don’t we just go to Boca for HER game watches from now on.”

    At my game watches I’m passing out cupcakes, ordering shots for people and running around leading cheers. Half of the people might start out laughing AT me, but by the end, they are getting just as crazy (that’s probably from the shots!). Enthusiasm is contagious and the ‘Canes deserve every ounce of enthusiasm we can muster!

    C – A – N – E – S


  37. ^ Although, I will be just as crazy as I pretend to be, and probably more, in Columbus, so don’t worry. It will be ON.

    You got Mary-light at Champs. 4 days post-op Mary. Could barely walk Mary. I have some ground to make up! haha

  38. To all of you out there in blogland, I have a question for you/need your help:

    What win(s) by the ‘Canes do you think was/were the most meaningful/legendary in the school’s history and WHY (please give me opponent, year, and score).

    If you give me something quotable, you might just end up on Phil Steele!

    Thanks and GO ‘CANES!!! 😀

  39. Thanks for that link, Canez1!!!

    I don’t know what’s better . . . .

    that the ‘Canes are #4

    or that the lizards are #5.



    [JSQ’s evil laugh]

  40. Ya #4 is the highest I have seen us.

    Dat’s right. We blast those two and we are top 5 regardless of where we start.

    Love the evil laugh!

    Once again I find myself unmotivated to work.

    I think I am going to head to best buy to grab my Sonos system.

    The fam is coming over for dinner Sunday so I have to have the place set.

    F work!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  41. Have fun shopping, Canez1!!! 😀

    What are y’all making for dinner on Sunday?

    I’m trying to live vicariously through you right now . . . going through entertaining/cooking for a crowd withdrawals . . . having a party in 2 weeks and I can’t freaking wait to cook up a storm!

    Hello, my name is Mary and I’m a cook-aholic.

  42. Top of inning one, nothing doing for Miami. One hit (Grandal, single up the middle)
    BC coming to bat, bottom of first.

    Hernandez on the mound.

  43. Able to see game in Jax. Comcast cable channel 723

    Nothing doing for Miami top first, one hit, Grandal

    Leadoff double for BC, bottom first

  44. Hernandez throwing error on tap back to the mound accounted for two unearned runs in the first. Without the error it would be scoreless

    Nothing doing in top of third, three flyouts. 2-0 BC bottom 3rd

  45. Going to top of fourth, 2-0 BC

    Hernandez picks of runner at first, then KO’s batter for 3rd out

    Miami hitter making contact but only two hits so far. Martinez leads off fourth.

  46. DeVoss strikes out to end fourth with two on base. Two hits in the inning.

    BC hitting bottom 4.

  47. Devoss strikes out to end fourth with two runners on base. Two hits in the inning after two out. Nothing doing in the fourth for Miami.

    DeVoss has at least six or seven K’s in the two games so far. Was leadoff yesterday batting 7th today.

    Was o-5 against FSU, 0-3 today.

  48. Bottom fourth, three up three down for BC

    Top 5, UM needs to do something here. BC pitcher has thrown close to 90 pitches.

  49. BC out in the fourth, Canes need to strike here against BC pitcher who has thrown close to 90 pitches.

  50. BC comes up with two more runs and now leads going to the top of the sixth 4-0.

  51. Miami Offense has done an about face, four hits for Canes thru 5. BC pitcher now at 100 pitches.

    Grandal leads off the 6th.

  52. Pitching change for BC, gave up leadoff HR to Grandall, Martinez just misses on back to back, but singles, next batter single, Melendes single brings in Martinez, two on and no outs in the sixth, 4-2 BC.

  53. DeVoss sac fly drives in third run of the inning, Perez singles to left center bringing in tying run. 4-4 going to bottom of the sixth. Go Canes!

  54. Devoss sac fly brings in third run. Perez single to left center ties game 4-4

    Hernandez walks lead off in sixth. activity in BP

  55. Very well played double play on sharp grounder to first, throw to second back to first, ground out to pitcher for 3rd out. Have to wonder if Hernandez is done for the day.? Miami has out hit BC 8-4. Top of seven Lawson leads off.

  56. LOL not much cooking at all. We have an awesome italian deli down the road that caters as well. Make life sooo much easier!!

    Dinner Menu will be

    Chicken Parm
    Eggplant rollatini
    Penne with Vodka sauce
    And some fresh baked bread straight from the Bronx. Best bread in the world!

    Throw some appetizers out for a little bit and make some great espresso martinis until the food is delivered and boom you have a great dinner party.

    We are throwing a bash for all the friends on June 12th. That is going to be a huge booze fest. Not much eating going on!

    We like to entertain so we try to keep cooking to a minimum unless it’s a small party.

    BTW the sonos system is awesome!! I love it. setup already.

    Work what????


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  57. Canes threaten but Martinez strikes out and Palaez gounds out to short. Grandal walked and took second on Martinez strike out. Martinez got his money’s worth on his swings at the plate.

    Hernandez back to the mound in 7th.

  58. Mmmm, Canez1, Italian is my favorite! And I lovvvvee expresso martinis! Sounds like a great time! 😀

    My party is on June 11, but it is small so I am just making about 5 appetizers and a couple dozen cupcakes. I have to think of some vegetarian recipes, though because several people coming don’t eat meat and I like to put bacon in everything (except baked goods)!

    Glad you like the sonos system. My family room is set up with speakers in the wall and then they go out into the lanai so you can hear stuff in the backyard. Still haven’t set that up, although it would be a nice way for Sebas to hear the games while I am not at home! haha. Not really big into electronics. Would rather spend the money on clothes and ‘Canes! 🙂

  59. With lead off HR in bottom of the 7th BC leads 5-4 going to the top of the eight. Hernandez taken out for Robinson who gets third out with K.

    Melendres leads off.

  60. BC HR leads 5-4 going to 8th. Melendres ground out, Broad up with one down.Miami down to 5 outs. Broad lines out to right. DeVoss walks, BC changing pitchers, goes to the pen for one of the leading pitchers for saves in the ACC. Has a save in game one of the ACC season against the Canes, 3-0 BC win.

  61. DeVoss looks to steal second, DeVoss steals second no throw, no chance.

    Perez at the plate singles to tie game at 5-5!! Off their best relief pitcher.

  62. The Pen does their job, Robinson, Wolf and Miranda’ Top of the ninth, Lawson, Grandal, Martinez, lets go Canes!!!

  63. Now that’s what I’m talking about Zeke! This against their best reliever.

  64. Miami 10-5 going to bottom of the 9th. Miranda on the mound. 24 down and 3 to go.

  65. JSQ I/m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy. BC two on , one out. single up the middle 10-6 1st and 3rd.

    Force at second, two outs 10-7.

  66. You need to knock hitters off the plate, it’s bad enough they have metal bats, bust them inside, the pitcher owns the inside of the plate, if not the hitter gets hit. Give hitters something to think about. Not enough old school in that 9th inning.! I’m warming up just in case. lol

  67. I feel like my girlfriend left me, my dog got run over, and I got punched in the gut.

    It’ll be a quiet evening in this household tonight.

    I hate losing.

  68. lol, Mike.

    That’s how I feel when the football team loses.

    I’m just pissed right now.

    Unlike Clemson, where I hysterically cried on the turnpike on the way home the next morning . . and continued to cry in my office on and off until the following Thursday. Yeah, I took that well. haha.

    They still have more baseball ahead of them.

    It’s disappointing, though.

  69. The next guy that puts those rally cups in his ear, goes down and goes down hard! I went out and took a long walk, I could read the body language after the 9th, it wasn’t good. Not out of it yet, I hate to say it, but go FSwho, beat Virginia.

  70. Saw where Canez1 said he expects DVD to step it up……….
    I had one of those “talk big sh!t to the TV” moments when he whored John Clay one on one.

    You know………? Right before everything sank to hell?

    245 vs.185? “Hold my hand, B!tch!!!!!”

    DeMarcus really stepped up his physical last year.

  71. Yeah,

    I saw that about Shock……… Scary stuff. He’s a lightning bolt, though. He’ll get back.

  72. From Facebook:

    Jeremy Shockey I am ok, thanks to everyone who has shown their concern don’t worry about
    me I will be fine.. WHO DAT!!

    I guess I can put the hand mixer down and step away from the kitchen.

  73. Oh boy, Hurriphin, I need to walk away from that one or I might get banned!!!


    So how ’bout them ‘Canes?!

  74. I was so scared of Aliens when it first came out that I still can’t watch it!

    I still have Freddy Kreuger nightmares from time to time . . .

    and 2009 VA Tech/Miami nightmares.

    Now THAT was truly horrifying!

    Make the rain stop! Make it stop-ahhhh-op!!!!!

  75. This is Jeremy Davis status, does that mean he’s in?

    23 minutes ago · Comment · Like

  76. Doc,

    Either that or, he’s REALLY ignorant.

    All jokes aside. That was embarassing.

    Being fast doesn’t constitute being ignorant, JD.

  77. Lol, Hurriphin I’m friends with alot of the UM signees and alot of them have crazy statuses from time to time… That just goes to show you that even the “high character” guys that UM is recruiting still need guidance… But then again, my statuses are crazy from time to time (minus that level of profanity, lol), so sometimes they just need to vent…

    And for the record, that is the first time that JD has had a status that ignorant…

  78. When people talk about high character guys from Miami/South Florida, just know this, shannon not bringing in punks. jd didn’t say nothing wrong, his comments were for those people out their spreading shat on em that don’t know him or his situation like that. Some people need to get cussed out from time to time. the only thing shannon is doing is making sure guys understand what the big picture is, all that other stuff is only gone set you back.

    brandon harris brings it, the thing i like about b.harris is, he never quits on a play from what i’ve seen. That play where he got beat on that slant against cal, and than he chased em down after that, that’s what i’m talking about. Or like when he got beat by that receiver against duke and than at the end he hit em with that tomahawk chop and still almost jarred the ball out, that’s what we know we gone get with b.harris. He took his lumps his freshman year, but came back his sophmore year and did his thang. I look for him to improve from last year, and even if he stays the same as he did last year, that’s still real good and better than most. I been waiting to see b.harris go up against devier posey from ohio st. since they both got to college, as it stands right now, we on pace to see that.

    cav, yeah, shannon know what we got, and he knows the real potential this team has, so do alot of other coaches. We already at the point where nobody wants to play us, even beamer knows last year they caught us in the perfect storm. This year, we stay healthy, WHO NECKS!

  79. I’m watching Season 4 of The Wire and cracking up at Wee Bay giving parental advice to Namond . . . from jail. I love this show.

  80. This is BAAADDDDD, but not for Us!!

    Gamecocks Recruit Fails To Qualify
    This story originally published on

    By BE Coleman
    Collegeg Football News
    Posted May 27, 2010

    | More

    Steve Spurrier knows one of his February commitments will not enter the University of South Carolina this fall.

    By: BE Coleman

    Steve Spurrier knows one of his February commitments will not enter the University of South Carolina this fall. WR Jevon Bell, a Scout, Inc. rated two star recruit from Jacksonville, FL will not be admitted to the school.

    The Gamecocks receiving corps is deep and thick currently. They have two other top names coming in to add more depth. Nick Jones, is expected to arrive for the first session of summer classes. There is no word on Ace Sanders from Bradenton, FL.

    South Carolina has several other players that are still working to get qualified to join the team. D-Lineman Kelcy Quarles was asked to retake his ACT-SAT in June, per a request of the coaching staff.

    Joining Quarles in retaking the entrance exams in June are a pair of cornerbacks from Georgia. Corner’s Cadariuos Sanders from LaGrange and Brison Williams from Warner-Robbins will not be able to enroll until the July session.

    Three additional players are walking the thin red line. O-Guard DuVon Millsap from Buford, GA and O-Tackle Corey Robinson from Havelock, NC are in a holding pattern.

    Another cornerback in Victor Hampton from Darlington, SC was expelled from his high school after signing with South Carolina. Hampton brought alcohol to his prep school only days after signing his LOI and was promptly dismissed.

    He has attended five different prep schools in four years and falls under the SEC’s policy regarding diploma mill schools. Hampton was rated by Scout as the 48th best prospect at corner.

    Scout ranked South Carolina’s 2010 recruiting class at 34th nationally.

  81. Cupcake City! The only thing I dislike about college football is the mismatches. What does it prove, and just like the Gators they are all at home. The Gators are playing Miami this year, Miami of Ohio! Chicken s**t bas***ds! Ohio State plays in the MAC part of the year.

  82. I love hearing the Suckeye fans call in to radio shows here in Cincy bragging about how badly they beat Kent State or Akron!

  83. Ohio State plays in the MAC part of the year… LMAO

    Just like UF plays in the Sunbelt and FCS part of the year? LOL, good one!!

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