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Don’t Believe the Hype: The Facts Behind the SEC


~ The following article was written exclusively for Eye of the Hurricane by esteemed EOTH blogger, Doc Ibis ~

Do any of you ever wonder about the meteoric rise of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) to the elite conference in college football? Does it seem like just yesterday our Miami Hurricanes were dragging Gators and Volunteers up and down the gridiron? Wasn’t it just four years ago that USC and UT played one of the most memorable championship games in recent history? However, for the past three or four seasons, the SEC has garnered the reputation for being the toughest and best conference in the land. How? When? Says who?

This newfound bravado has not only skewed voter rankings and allowed a team like LSU to lose a conference ball game and remain at the same spot in the rankings the following week, but it has caused this sort of biased recruiting analysis and quotes such as, “(Insert 5 star kid’s name) definitely has the talent to play in the SEC” or ”Miami and FSU are two of a handful of schools that have the ability to recruit against the SEC.” This unfairly skews high school athlete’s perception of non-SEC programs and creates a bias. Kids may think that offers from Arkansas and Kentucky are better offers than Clemson and Boston College. Perhaps this behavior is inadvertent but then again the media rarely ever beats a drum inadvertently.

I have been curious about these claims for the past couple of years and I have decided to do my own research. Using various sources (mainly ESPN and Sports Illustrated), I have analyzed the validity of the claims made by media, casual fans, and SEC die-hards. I have analyzed 2002-2007 seasons because in 2008 ESPN inked a multi-billion dollar deal with the SEC which would certainly give the network and media incentive to make biased statements. For example, four SEC teams were ranked in the preseason top 10 in the AP media poll in both 2008 and 2009. Since the best teams in the conference went into the season highly ranked, it was almost impossible for non-SEC teams to move past an SEC team due to perceived strength of scheduling.

My findings were:

  • The first half of the decade, the SEC was mediocre. Every team besides Georgia had an out of conference loss. In fact, in 2002 UF was second in the SEC East with three out of conference losses. In 2003, Ole Miss was second in the SEC West with two out of conference losses. In 2004, Tennessee was second in the SEC overall with two out of conference losses. This trend of out of conference losses is a common occurrence and continues into the latter half of the decade. In 2006, Auburn was the second best team in the SEC with three out of conference losses. (change the 2002 to another year to observe 2003-2007)
  • The level of talent in the SEC wasn’t significantly better than any other conference in the NCAA as evidenced by the number of All-Americans as well as NFL draftees. The Pac-10 is a ten team conference and has had more players taken in the NFL draft than the SEC. (See chart)
  • The ascension of the SEC occurred in 2007 as indicated by the conferences bowl record and winning its second National Championship in two seasons. However, in 2007 every team in the conference except LSU and Georgia had an out of conference loss. The SEC has shown itself to be a top heavy conference with power consistently shifting between a top 5.
  • The SECs claim to be the best conference has been a result of two relatively good seasons followed by signing  a TV contract with ESPN. In 2008 and 2009, the misperception was firmly in place as a result of the experts placing several SEC teams in the preseason top 10.

The criteria that should be used when assessing a conference’s dominance should mirror those used to assess an individual team’s dominance.  This list should include championships (bowl records), rankings, quality of non-mandatory opponents (out of conference scheduling), All-Americans, and players drafted into the NFL. Perhaps there are others of equal importance so forgive me if I have excluded them. Nonetheless, my findings are as follows:

Let us first analyze the out of conference scheduling. The perennial powers in the SEC have been the University of Georgia, the University of Florida, Louisiana State University, Auburn University, and more recently Alabama replacing the University of Tennessee. In all fairness, Tennessee seemed willing to play a reasonably tough out of conference schedule before all of this powerhouse talk began. Their schedule included good competition like Miami, Notre Dame, Air Force, and California.  On the other hand, dating back as far as 2002, you’ll see the likes of Northwestern State, New Mexico State, San Jose State, North Texas, Utah State, Western Carolina, UAB, Ohio, Citadel, and Middle Tennessee on the majority of the top SEC teams’ schedule every season. If we compare this to a random team, say the University of Miami’s schedule in 2002 which included University of Florida, FSU, and Tennessee (all W’s by the way), we will see that it doesn’t compare. In recent years we’ve heard how Miami’s National Title runs were watered down due to a lack of competition. I only half agree with that since we played the best competition but it just didn’t compare.

National Championship Winners 2002-2007 (by conference):

2002 – Big 10

2003 – Pac 10/SEC

2004 – Pac 10

2005 – Big 12

2006 – SEC

2007 – SEC

Number of Teams in Preseason USA Today Coach's Poll Top 10 (2002-2007)

Number of Teams in Final USA Today Coach's Poll Top 10 (2002-2007)

Number of Teams in Preseason AP Media Poll Top 10 (2002-2007)

Number of Teams in Final AP Media Poll Top 10 (2002-2007)

    Bowl Records      
  2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
ACC 4-3 5-1 3-3 5-3 4-4 2-6
Big East 1-1 0-2 1-3 1-3 5-0 3-2
Big 10 5-2 3-5 3-3 3-4 2-5 3-5
Big 12 5-3 2-6 4-3 5-3 3-5 5-3
Pac-10 2-5 4-2 3-2 3-2 3-3 4-2
SEC 3-4 5-2 3-3 3-3 6-3 7-2

(conference can be toggled by drop down menu on page)

Now, let’s look at All-Americans:

Number of SI All-Americans (2002-2007)

In 2002, there were exactly two All-Americans, first and second team, hailing from the SEC according to Sports Illustrated. There were four Hurricanes on that same team.  In 2003, there were ten All-Americans hailing from the SEC.  Sadly, there were only three Hurricanes this year. In 2004, there were five SEC All-Americans. (Change the year in the above link for 2003-2005) The graph shows the subsequent years but it should be evident that the SEC wasn’t yielding a large share of the best players in college football from 2002-2007.

Now let’s take a look at players drafted:

Players Drafted (87-07)

Players Drafted (87-07)



The ‘Canes clearly dominate all other schools in preparing players for the NFL.

For further reading on this topic, check out the following links:

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    hurricanedave69 says:


  2. Woo hoo! Nice, HurricaneDave!!!!

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    Doc Ibis says:


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    Hurriphin says:

    That’s some good stuff Doc…..

    That shot of Sean & Mo’ playin’ Squish the Lemon with a gator, is going on the front of my phone.

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    Doc Ibis says:

    Great pics JSQ… I dig em’!!

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    hurricanedave69 says:

    Doc: Great article and great research. I think you are an Econ major? I majored in Accounting, so I love numbers, graphs, and year to year comparisons. My eyeballs have always told me over the years what your presentation spells out. The SEC has only been really good the past couple of years. For years I went to Vandy games and watched the Dores battle SEC schools to late in the 4th qtr, only to lose. Often the officiating played a major role in the outcome! Then the next week Vandy would get blown out by a non conference team. One year it was the U!

    When I was at the U in the 60’s, the only SEC team we couldn’t beat was Bama.They had over 100 players dress for away games. WE beat LSU 30-0 in Baton Rouge. The only game that GA lost one year was 7-0 to the U.This was in the 60’s. The Gaytors and the Canes were 5-5 in the 60’s.

    Doc you are right they are overrated and your numbers prove it. Thanks, that is what my eyeballs have been telling me for 50 years.

    Finally, From Matt Hayes of the Sporting News @ the beginnig of the 2009 season:

    What better way to kick off our annual ranking of college football non-conference schedules than by introducing the SEC: the biggest, baddest conference in the land.
    And the conference that, as a rule, avoids heavy lifting at all cost in non-conference scheduling.
    There are exceptions — Tennessee, LSU and Georgia annually make an effort — but for the most part, the SEC simply does what it can to pick up easy wins.
    “We’re going to play some people,” said LSU coach Les Miles. “But in this league, you can’t over-schedule. There’s just nothing productive about it.”
    Especially because it has been proven that a one-loss — or in the case of LSU, a two-loss — SEC team can find a way to the BCS National Championship game. Why risk it in the non-con games?

    What a joke a 2 loss team playing for the Nat’l title all because of the hype, that Doc’s numbers don’t support.

  7. Thanks, Doc. You gave me the material, I just ran with it. WONDERFUL ARTICLE!!!

    I just wanted to highlight your writing by showing the SEC getting dominated by the ACC and I wanted it to be by more than just us and feature more than just FU. I searched for a good 30 minutes to find a picture where it looked like FSU was beating FU! I found some site called Scalp ‘Em. I would rather never go back to that site for the rest of my life. 😉

    I hope the ‘Noles absolutely obliterate the crocs this year, with people in the stands holding up offensive signs referencing Tebow and Jesus. If anyone can be offensive, it’s ‘Noles fans. Don’t let me down, FSWho!

  8. I changed the headline pic to your favorite, Hurriphin!

    Doc Ibis, people are LOVING the article!!! :-)

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I love this article

  12. I love it too, Canesx3. Really great contributions from HurricaneDave and DocIbis this week!

    We’ve got some great stuff next week as well. An interview you guys will all be interested in, especially bg, I believe! 😀

  13. DATcane says:
    May 28, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    Brown brothers acting like biatches!

    I’d LOVE to see it just to laugh. They COULD’VE been together had Bryce not been so INSISTENT on being an ARSE-HOLE! HAHAHA! At any rate, AB #11 thinks he can make it in the SEC….


  14. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Thanks CCC… All of a sudden, the ACC is getting National respect from the media!!

    Check this out (Sport Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel):

    You always say that conference strength is cyclical, and I agree. So how would you rank the BCS conferences going into the 2010 season?
    — Adam W., San Francisco

    As always, it depends on your criteria. Which conference will produce the most highly ranked teams? For once, it may be — gasp! — the ACC (Virginia Tech, Miami, Georgia Tech and possibly North Carolina). Which will be the most competitive, i.e., feature the smallest gap between No. 1 and, say, No. 8? Definitely the Pac-10 (I could see anyone but Washington State or Arizona State winning it).

    I anticipate those two leagues being “up,” as the Pac-10 will be loaded with offensive star power (Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, LaMichael James, Jacquizz and James Rodgers, Matt Barkley), the ACC with veteran defenses. Meanwhile, the Big 12 may be “down” after three straight, solid seasons in the limelight, especially considering how many high-caliber NFL draft picks it just lost. I feel the same way about the SEC, which is littered with considerable quarterback questions.

    The two hardest leagues to gauge are the Big Ten and Big East. The former teased us with impressive bowl wins by its top four teams (Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State and Wisconsin), but I’m still leery of teams five through 11. The latter keeps getting better, but remains limited by its size (and somewhat stigmatized by two-time champ Cincinnati’s consecutive BCS blowouts).

    All that said, the SEC remains top dog until proven otherwise by virtue of its ridiculous run of four straight BCS championships — just as Alabama and Florida remain two of the most loaded teams in the country. But I don’t see there being much difference, if any, between the SEC’s next six teams and their equivalents in the Pac-10, which I’d rate a close No. 2, followed by the Big Ten, ACC, Big 12 and Big East. And to show you just how cyclical these things can be, note that as recently as two years ago, I would have had the Big 12 (at No. 2) and Pac-10 (No. 5) flipped.

    This is, of course, all an educated guess — which I suppose makes it no different than the conference-expansion game. But at least it gives you something new to debate for a week.

    Read More:
    Get a free NFL Team Jacket and Tee with SI Subscription

  15. My office is closing early! Woo hoo! Talk to y’all later!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! 😀

  16. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Doc, excellent work!

    As for Jeremy Davis’ facebook statement, it seems to clear to me he’s tired of the rumors. It doesn’t sound ignorant, just PIZZED. lol

    Now, if he doesn’t qualify it might seem silly but I’d think he knows the status his affairs as well as anyone else.

  17. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    FSU beating BC 11-2, bottom of the 7th…

    If UM beats UVA tomorrow, Miami will advance to the ACC Title Game. (if this score holds)

  18. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Does anybody like this video? I think it means A LOT to the program, but we shall find out in a few months!!

  19. Telemaque?

    I love what he brings. I’m excited to see him play…

  20. Allen Bailey getting some love on College Football Live

  21. RIP GColeman


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  22. I just heard about that, Canez1.

    I heard he fell, but I didn’t realize it was life and death.


  23. I’m all dressed up in pink and ready to meet 20 of my closest friends after I pickup chocolate and champagne. Cue the Sex and the City theme, it’s girls’ night out!

    What all that means is I need some good stuff on here to come back to later tonight. Gonna be on estrogen overload!

    So go ahead and scratch, beltch, watch porn and whatever else it is that guys do when girls are not around!!! 😉

  24. LOL!

    Have fun!

  25. Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!

    I’ll be around this weekend, watching the game tomorrow and then the race on Sunday. (unless the Canes play for the Title)

    Remember our fallen heroes! And for those guys in Iraq, thank you for your service and come home safely!

  26. Very Good Go Canes!

  27. avatar
    canechic says:

    Great article!

  28. I need to go back to bed. Sleeeepy!

    SATC was good last night. Very cheery and positive.

    There was also a nanny who goes braless and jumps around. Haha. They gotta have something for the dudes who get dragged to that movie, I guess!

    Is anyone else hoping that the forecast re: a really severe Hurricane season is sort of like an acknowledgement our team is really really good instead of talking about the weather phenomenon? I do, because I haven’t a clue how to put the shutters up on my house!!!

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Bring on the BBQs!

  29. There was also a nanny who goes braless and jumps around.

    Go on…

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    Esteban says:

    if she looks anything like the main cast then that’s not a good thing.

  31. She’s probably about my age (mid to late 20s) and blonde. Irish. There is also a wet tshirt scene.

  32. avatar
    Esteban says:

    and my Telemaque comment didn’t make it.

    was a don’t be the next JoJo comment. people love you your first year on the field when all your faults are written off as “he’s just young” and then when the same issues are there the next year people ain’t trying to see you on the field no more.

  33. Sorry Esteban, I don’t see it in spam. Don’t know what happened.

    I think VT is really special. Love his interviews on Joe Rose. I really hope he has a great year.

  34. avatar
    Esteban says:

    JSQ i think it was my Chrome.

  35. avatar
    Esteban says:

    and I’m taking Randy’s word for it. but thought he got a pass last year.

  36. I just can’t see how normaly subtle Randy is singing his praises so much, comparing him to Ed Reed, if Telemaque isn’t that good. Could be motivational to keep the intensity, or Randy promised VTs mom he would say good things about her son to get that haircut from her on the recruiting trip way back when.

  37. Ok cool.

    Yeah for Randy to make Ed Reed comparisons, he must be the real deal. Seems like a great guy, too. I’m really rooting for him! :-)

  38. I love the haircut story, DZ8!!!!

    I didn’t think VT did a bad job last year, but I thought he would do better. Maybe I’m remiss, but I don’t remember any big plays from him. I do from Ray Ray, though. Can’t wait to see both of them on the field this year!!!

  39. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Yeah, maybe VT has the talent and attitude where he takes compliments in stride and keeps working… And maybe Ray Ray needs to hear that somebody is going to take his spot and he’ll work hard to fight them off… Classic push motivation vs pull motivation…

    I don’t know if I told y’all but my friend’s little brother went to Booker T. with Brandon Harris and all the boys… He’s home from Western Kentucky for the summer working out with Brandon and some other UM DBs (don’t know which ones) but he said after their Monday workout, he had to vomit and s*it at the same time and he could control his bodily functions, lol…

    Those guys are putting in WORK!!

  40. For a first year player he did OK. He needs to improve on that year obviously or else the churning will continue at the safety spot. The only game I remember noticing VT was the GaTech game. And even that game it wasn’t anything special, an ankle high tackle and a pass interference call that I thought was close. Next year, everything should slow down for him and he’ll be able to take some of these practice plays that Randy gets to see and put them on the real game field.

    I’m more worried about RayRays coverage skills at the position. I’m preparing myself for some Roy Williams-the safety-like moments of blown coverages.

    We’re deep at safety and thin at LB. Why don’t we move RayRay to LB? Someone run that by Randy for me please.

  41. Good stuff Doc Ibis… thanks for the knowledge.

    That is the key to our team IMO. We have improved the coaching somewhat but I don’t think its an all star coaching staff. The key is what Bear Bryant realized and capitalized on. The Bear wasn’t the best motivator but he was the best at finding the kids who were self-motivated. Now you can’t go 85 deep with those special finds but just a few of them at each position will motivate the rest of the team.

    For a future example look at Marcus Forston this year and then thank Micanor Regis for not worrying about stars and hype and taking that DT spot, causing Forston to work harder then he ever has before, I hope.

    Not just talent, we got the numbers at the positions that’ll keep the talented guys working hard!

  42. Damn, Doc!

  43. You see the guys talking on Facebook all the time about hard workouts. I have no idea what they must be putting their bodies through. I am still sore from pilates and spin/trx this week! Happy to see they are working hard. Thanks for the info, Doc!!!

  44. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    No problem… But thats exactly right about the self-motivated guys…

    One of my good friends played football for FAMU and their workout regimen is tough between the summer and the start of fall camp… They have 5:45am workouts with the strength and conditioning coach starting about two weeks after the spring game… The thing is though, mandatory workouts don’t start until July (which I assume is an NCAA rule) but if the kids wanna be there, the strength and conditioning coach is there getting everybody right… The kids that work the whole program are fine when mandatory workouts start and all the way into fall camp… The kids that go back home for the summer and eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Funyuns but claim that they work out on their own get to mandatory workouts and can’t make any of the times and are in pretty bad shape… Winning is a mentality, always has been and always will be.

    The main issue I have with people that are critical of what Coach Shannon has done is because he has done everything right… All a coach does is build a program… Ra-Ra speeches don’t work, yelling at kids doesn’t work, and blowing a timeout here or there doesn’t destroy a team…

    Its all about recruiting, discipline, assistant coaches and staff, and then schemes… If you recruit good athletes, run a disciplined program, have good coaches and support staff to teach the kids properly and help them with their academics, and then have a good game plan every week you’ll have a ball club… Simple as that!!

    Quick story (I hope): I was Miami Norland senior high in 2000 when Coach Nigel Dunn came over from Miami High… Norland was the sorriest football team in Miami, or at least close to it… When Dunn came in, he wouldn’t allow guys to play for him that had dreads or gold teeth and he made the team dress up every Monday with mandatory study hall Mon.-Thurs. I believe… On the field, he didn’t say TOO much, he just keyed in on certain things that he wanted to get done on a given day and took care of business… I remember he would do things like not come to practice and park his car in the parking lot and watch how the practice progressed. One day, he didn’t like something that he saw and came to one of the assistant coaches and told him that he expects his coaches to run his program just the way he would run it, even if he isn’t there… He used to rant and rave about being a family and not letting outsiders infiltrate the team… Two years later, I was playing for Miami Central and we beat Norland but they went on to win the State Championship… All a head coach can do is lay the foundation!!

  45. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Very Interesting research and article. Living in the heart of Gator territory is difficult these days since they think the history of college football started only 3/4 years ago. !996 notwithstanding. It is interesting how many Gators speak poorly of Spurrier. Kind of hard to believe since he was responsible for raising the program from the Charlie Pell days of 0-11. But that is outside the time frame of the last 3/4 years. So I guess I have to understand?

    I have a gator fan living on the first floor and hear “Go Gators” every day. The other day I was coming home and he was walking his dog and was surrounded by several of his drinking buddies. He starts the Gator Chomp and when I get up to him I tell him ,”the last time I saw someone clapping like that was in a home for the mentally retarded.”

    Please don’t jump me for making a reference to those folks, I’ve worked with them for most of my career and they can be pretty humorous.Besides I’m a grumpy old man and can say what I want!

    Anyway great article and very informative, Doc. Will give me some ammo during weekly heated arguments with Gator fans, at the apartment complex, the grocery store, church, on the street…..they’re everywhere!!!

  46. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    DZ8, VT played well when he was in most of the season, esp. against OU both in making plays in run support, (that big Ray Ray hit was set-up by VT taking out the blocker) and in tactics. If you recall, Lovett called him out by name for making sure the DBs were set in the right coverage. He just needs more speed and strength. Ray Ray just needs more speed and experience. He’s not Sean Taylor in the coverage department, at least not yet.

  47. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    It appears that this team is going to be self motivated and from listening to MM01 talk with recruits they have gotten that message as well. This team is working hard and it will show. RS has put the pieces of the puzzle in place and now is putting together a team that will be hard to beat both physically and mentally.

    Damien Berry, some have him rated the ninth best RB in the ACC, we will see!

    J12 the fifth rated QB , behind Taylor and the guy at Ga. Tech.? I quess I saw a different set of games last year then the experts did. Yeah J12 had his interceptions but played hurt all year. I glad they have to play the games instead of relying on the experts.

    At least Bailey is getting some love, as he should.

  48. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Quick story (I hope): I was Miami Norland senior high in 2000 when Coach Nigel Dunn came over from Miami High… Norland was the sorriest football team in Miami, or at least close to it… When Dunn came in, he wouldn’t allow guys to play for him that had dreads or gold teeth and he made the team dress up every Monday with mandatory study hall Mon.-Thurs. I believe… On the field, he didn’t say TOO much, he just keyed in on certain things that he wanted to get done on a given day and took care of business… I remember he would do things like not come to practice and park his car in the parking lot and watch how the practice progressed. One day, he didn’t like something that he saw and came to one of the assistant coaches and told him that he expects his coaches to run his program just the way he would run it, even if he isn’t there… He used to rant and rave about being a family and not letting outsiders infiltrate the team… Two years later, I was playing for Miami Central and we beat Norland but they went on to win the State Championship… All a head coach can do is lay the foundation!!


    SoFl football for real! He sounds like Shannon.

  49. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Randy, if they’re rating J12 the 5th best QB in the ACC they are even more clueless than I thought they were. And Berry the 9th best RB?? Haha, this is going to be funny.

  50. Shannon went to Norland, right?

  51. Randy, the boat I will be on tomorrow belongs to a croc. It will have mostly ‘Noles on it and then three ‘Canes (two alums). It will be interesting to say the least. All these guys graduated college in the 80s so they are not too bad, but it always gets a little heated in this crowd when the conversation turns to football. I will have my ‘Canes visor, beach bag, and towel and be ready to throw all Doc Ibis’ research out there! Thanks for the ammo, Doc!!! I’m sure you understand what it is like being surrounded by rival fans since you live in LA (lower Alabama)!

  52. doc ibis, some coaches try and do that in Miami, with the no dreads no gold teeth rule, that don’t work to much in the city, norland has for the most part always been one of those clean cut type schools though. They had alot of people going their back in the 80’s who lived in pembroke pines back than, so the mindset was different. That’s why a guy like doug wiggins couldn’t cut it at UM, he had the wrong mindset coming from somewhere over their in nmb. Don’t get me wrong, i understand what the coach over their is trying do, but i know this much too, that crap wouldn’t have flown with us and alot of people, he can get away with that at norland though.

    As far as the vaughn tele talk, cav said it right, telemaque didn’t make highlight plays except that tackle against g-tech. What he did do correctly, lovett pointed out, cav reiterated it, was line guys up correctly, ala the thing that kept the UN-multitalented glenn cook on the field far too long. Than the other thing, like the ray ray play, telemaque make alot of sacrifice plays for teammates that only football eyes and guys recognize. telemaque was normally always in position to clean up the play, but a guy like spence would beat him to the tackle, we all know what spence brings to the able, go back and look at alot of the plays guys made, it was telemaque sacrificing trying to make the tackl, but taking out another blocker so the next man could clean em up. Like the play where sam shields got beat against wake forest, and than caused the guy to fumbled, it was vaughn telemaque who funneled the guy back towards shields that caused that fumble.

    Also vt starting the season late might have hurt em. Te safety spot has to have someone back their who understands angles, and vt does a good job of doing that, for a 1st year starter, true sophmore, he did a real nice job back their. The ed reed comparisons, that’s reaching up their, and if that’s being used as a motivational tatic ok, at the same time though, shannon does have a good eye for talent, so he doesn’t normally make blank statements. To randy’s credit, he never said glenn cook was a dan morgan/natte webster type middle linebacker, he just consistently said he’s a guy that knows the defense inside and out.

    jojo nicolas to his credit tough has always played hard here, has made some decent plays in the run game, just never was able to be balanced between pass coverage and run coverage, took to many bad angles. Like dz8 though, ray ray in pass coverage at the college level is what has concerned me before he got on campus, he’s a presence back their though, i just don’t see ray ray being quick enuff back their in that secondary, we’ll see what he looks like when he’s isolated 1 on 1 in pass coverage, in run support he’s straight.

  53. jsq, randy went to norland, darrin smith did too.

  54. Also, vt had a real nice hit in that duke game, that play was better than the one he got against g-tech(which i thought was more over-rated), the duke hit was a real legit hit!

  55. This is the type competition that i luv to go up against, brings out that real fun that we luv to have in Miami when we playing football, and i like seeing Fsu strong too, they just not beating us.

  56. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Calvin – I agree the VT Duke hit was better.. And with Ray Ray, pass coverage is the concern no doubt. If he straightens that out, the guy will be unstoppable, but for him its about the speed and I actually think some of that has so do with his size. Interesting to see how he does this year.

  57. Bring a life jacket, JSQ!

    U might need it!

  58. 6-5, Miami

    Top 5th

    UM up

  59. Some more, but this also shows when ray ray had t ointroduce himself as well at around the 5:14mark, snatched his azz down real quick jst to let em know don’t get carried away out here!

  60. Calvin,

    you have a video of VT and that Duke hit?


    Top 6

  61. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Yeah man, I wonder how Ray Ray’s gonna develop… This dude was already Sean Taylor’s size coming in so I was always like, how big is he gonna get? Thats why when the recruiting sites list SIZE as an area of concern, I’m trying to figure out if this is the NFL draft or college recruiting… Most of the time, a kid ain’t gone be ready to jump into a college system head first where as with the NFL, if you are a first rounder, you getting in that fire ASAP…

    But Calvin, the thing that Coach Dunn wanted was submission of will by his players… After two years, his let them grow their hair and all that… He just wanted to know that the players on his team wanted to play football more than they wanted to look like goons… And if I’m not mistaken (which I don’t believe I am) Coach Dunn has sent the most players from Dade county to the league…

    Off the top of my head:

    Sedrick Irvin, Marquand Manuel, Roscoe Parrish, Andre Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, and Antwan Barnes all played for him but I don’t remember all the dudes that went to the league when he coached at Miami High…

    He’s the head coach at Jackson now where he started last year… Now you starting to hear about Jackson again

  62. I think something you have to bear in mind, concerning Telemaque, is that Coach Shannon isn’t going to publicly say things like, “he reminds me of Ed Reed. The light turned on for him…”

    He’s not gonna do that to the kid, raise expectations to levels that can’t be reached. The bar is already high.

    I think we can expect both #26 and #7 to be much improved this year.

    Look at the jump Harris made. Look how well for, the first time ever, Shields played. Look how hard they’re working. They aren’t gonna be the same as last year.

  63. yeah okay, I remember that hit now. Wasn’t bone-jarring, but he separated the WR from the ball well

    9-7, UVA

    Top 7

  64. Miami is behind 12-7, Top 8

  65. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    UVA’s Gosselin homered. UVA 12 – UM 7 still bottom of the 7th 2 outs.

    Ouch, baby.

  66. Kiehl Frazier (QB) commits to Auburn.

    I guess now it’s Bridgewater or bust…

  67. I couldn’t help myself: I bought an Athlon Sports, ACC Edition today at the Grocery.

    Several things I want to share.

    First, they have UM #14. They have us @ 9-3, losing to OSU, FSU, and VT.

    Brandon Harris, 1st Team- AA, Matt Bosher, 2nd Team-AA at Punter.

    Unit Rankings: QB 3, RB 6, WR 1, OL 6, DL 3, LB 4, DB 3. (in the ACC) Fifth best in the nation @ WR.

    They rank UM’s recruiting class #20 overall, 2nd ACC behind FSU.

    Athlon has VT vs. FSU in the ACC Title, and UM vs. Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl.

    One ACC Assistant Coach said the middle of the defensive line is weak (are you kidding me?), not sure if they are going to be able to run, and our two best backs are gone. (JJ was our best back? I missed that memo)

  68. Wow. More people who haven’t done their homework.

    That’s fine. They will see.

    And two conference losses wouldn’t send us to Champs for the second year in a row. Unless they are presuming we get f’d out of the bowl game we are supposed to go to by FSWho again.

  69. If UM were to go 9-3 with two ACC losses, it could.

    The ACC lost its bowl tie-in with Gator Bowl, and replaced it with Sun Bowl. So, in theory, The Champs Sports Bowl moved up a rung in prestige this year

  70. Gotcha. I thought the ACC lost the Gator Bowl next year. I guess it is “next year.”

  71. FYI:

    Athlon has North Carolina vs. Arizona in the Sun Bowl…

  72. Phil Steele became a fan of ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ on Facebook!

    ‘Bout time!


    Thanks Phil

    Can’t wait till June 8!

  73. avatar
    Esteban says:

    Mike, its always been all about Bridgewater.

  74. Thanks, Tim!

    Let’s get together for a OSU Cane watch!

  75. Este, just not sold on him yet…

    You have anything to educate me? (On Teddy)

  76. avatar
    Esteban says:

    Randy wants leaders. Bridgewater is that dude. Plus he’s got all the physical tools even if he’s still got plenty to work on. I don’t feel he’s automatically Jacory’s heir apparent like a lot of people do. I think Highsmith and Morris both will be more than ready once they have the opportunity to compete for the starting spot. But Bridgewater will be in the running and probably be pretty good at that point – especially if Whipple is still around.

  77. avatar
    Esteban says:

    i think my comment got swallowed.

  78. avatar
    Esteban says:

    i just said Randy wants leaders. Bridgewater is that dude. plus the physical talent is there. and the mechanics are probably better than Jacory’s coming out of high school.

  79. I took care of it…

  80. avatar
    Esteban says:

    oh alright…well there you go. the original.

  81. Mechanics?

    I didn’t realize that J12 was behind on his mechanics…

    You can always be better, I see that. But he was injured for basically the last 2/3 of the season…

  82. New blog up!

  83. esteban was saying/comparing bridgewater’s mechanics to jacory’s coming out of highschool, not now. In the meantime though, as proven with the last 4 classes shannon has brought in, no need in worrying about recruiting as long as shannon is here. One of the main things shannon is doing rigt now is getting to he kids early, the highschool coaches are getting at guys from the 9th grade on, lettign them know, stay in their books so when it comes time make a decision, grades won’t affect be the obstacle.