Asante Cleveland Strives to be Miami’s Next Great Tight End

I recently spoke with incoming freshman tight end Asante Cleveland (6’5, 245). He has a chance to be a difference maker in Coral Gables, and soon. He will arrive a few days before June 29th, to get acclimated to the weather and learn his way around.

Miami entered the picture late in the recruiting process for his services. I asked him what made him switch his commitment from Washington State. “The environment, everyone was enthusiastic about this upcoming year’s team. Everyone was open. I felt welcomed. Miami is a great team, and it’s something that I want to be apart of.”

The Hurricanes offered Cleveland late in the recruiting process. “The staff saw my highlight tape, and the next day they offered.”

Being from Sacramento, CA, Miami is far away from home. This recruit feels that he can handle the stresses of life as a college football player and student. “I’m not going to get homesick. The biggest adjustment will be the heat and humidity; it’s different from California.”

Concerning this big athlete’s skill set, I asked him what he thought he brought to the team and what his strengths were. “I feel that I can block. I can also go down field and make a play. I can split defenders. My size is an advantage, and I’m quicker than some linebackers. I’m currently working on (improving) my speed.”

Cleveland has a chance to make an early impact at the U. Miami has a gap at the tight end position and is currently looking for a starter. “There’s going to be much competition, because UM is bringing in four tight ends, along with the two that are already there. I feel that, when I come in, in good shape, with good stamina, then I’ll be able to focus on learning the playbook, rather than focus on my conditioning.”

With Coach Pannunzio coaching his position, I asked him how he felt about his coach. “I like Coach P, he’s pretty cool. He’s straight forward, and I like talking to him. When I first met him, he and Coach Whipple came to our house. I thought they were cool.”

I also posed the question of how Cleveland’s career would play out at Miami. “I’m going to be a starting tight end, be a great end. The University of Miami is the right place to help me become that.”

“My teammates, coaches, and friends are really excited for me. I have a lot of people around me that support my decision. Everyone is encouraging me. My decision to go to Miami was strictly business. Coaches make those decisions all the time, to leave and go to another school. I don’t know why a 17 year old kid is held to a different standard than a 40 year old man.”

Considering the negative criticism about the strength of the incoming class, I asked him how he felt about the harsh words about him and is classmates.  “I work hard, I’m a hard worker. The criticism doesn’t bother me. I just let it roll off my back. I’m focused on what I have to do to become the great player I want to be.”

Thanks to Asante for interviewing with Eye of the Hurricane.  We look forward to following your career with the ‘Canes and beyond!

126 thoughts on “Asante Cleveland Strives to be Miami’s Next Great Tight End”

  1. I remember signing day, all I was hoping for after we got all our verbals to sign was that Asante Cleveland signs with us…I truly believe that had he acquainted himself with those recruiting sites between his junior and senior seasons, he would’ve been rated AT LEAST a four star by the time his senior season was over… The kid was driving linemen off the ball on one play and then catching the skinny post on the next play… He has all the tools to be just what he wants to be….

    Great article Mike… I really wanted to know what was going on with Asante!!

    How is Jimmy Gaines doing? *hint* LOL

  2. I was relieved when we signed Asante. Tight end was a big question mark during recruiting and the position is still wide open.

    He has a chance to be in the mix if he works hard and learns the playbook.

    Good luck to Asante and great article, Mike.

  3. Gotta give RS and crew credit on the recruting front.

    We had some serious holes in our depth chart for the past few year and they have filled them quite well.

    Can these recruits take it to the next level has yet to be seen.

    Looking at where we are today compared to where we were 4 years ago and you really get a feeling of how bad this team really was.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  4. No kidding, Canez1. I don’t think any of us knew how badly we sucked.

    I’m hoping Cleveland, Ford, and Walford bring us back to being a TE factory.

  5. Bg, anyone, what do we know about this guy:

    Clemson, USC among schools on Shell’s narrowed list
    By Phil Kornblut
    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Goose Creek offensive lineman Brandon Shell (6-7, 310) narrowed his list of nearly 30 offers down to a final five last week.

    Coach Chuck Reedy said Shell will make his choice from among USC, Clemson, Georgia, Alabama and Miami and that there is an order to the schools that he and Shell prefer not to disclose.

    “He’s going to stay in the South,” Reedy said. “Other than Miami, the other four have done the best job of recruiting him.”

    Reedy said Shell will take visits this summer to Georgia, Alabama and Miami because he’s yet to see them. He has visited USC and Clemson.

  6. Another TE:

    O’Leary says he has no clear-cut favorite heading into summer workouts and camps, but he plans to narrow the list to 10 schools soon and decide on his five official visits by the time the 2010 season begins.

    He recently told, however, that “Miami will be in there” among his top five finalists because he likes the way the Hurricanes use their tight ends, plus it’s close to home.

    O’Leary also loves fishing and the beach, and he’s already made two unofficial visits to the Coral Gables campus. Right now, my hunch is that the ‘Canes will land him.

  7. Note to other coaches: when people speculate that you have a homosexual relationship with one of your players, it’s probably not a good idea to announce you have been suffering from problems swallowing. Just sayin.

    JSQ, you are hilarious!!!!

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Not bad for 4am, huh? haha

  8. Alfred Spellman on Twitter:

    Hearing from ESPN that The U DVD will be out in August in time for the start of football season

  9. Welcome to the U Asante!!! I absolutely love the attitude of this class. This, to me, says it all about Cleveland.

    “My decision to go to Miami was strictly business. Coaches make those decisions all the time, to leave and go to another school. I don’t know why a 17 year old kid is held to a different standard than a 40 year old man.”

    One word…Maturity.

  10. JSQ I read that above post too quickly and thought it said “DVD would be out until August”…..LOL

  11. Doc, this kid can be special, all he needs to improve is his speed and explosiveness. He’s already very athletic with solid blocking technique, which shows you he studies the game. His biggest challenge will be keeping off the weight so that he doesn’t outgrow the position.

  12. haha, Cav, much better news than that.

    Ooooooohhhhhhh, I have to throw another BBQ for The U premier!!!!

    92 days.

  13. Looking at where we are today compared to where we were 4 years ago and you really get a feeling of how bad this team really was.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    There it is. The difference, upgrades are seriously eye-popping. It just makes you wonder wtf was Medioker thinking and doing. Jeez. It also sheds a lot of light on what a difference a HC makes, one of the many differences that aren’t so easily seen at first.

  14. JSQ, for us to land the O’Leary kid would be quite a coup over OSU. Of course, I can’t think of an OSU TE who ever did anything at any time in any game. Anyone????

  15. JSQ.

    The Shell kid just threw our name in his mix. We are not in any serious consideration there.

    O’Leary is the #1 TE on our board. He’s a VERY good prospect and would be a total GEM in this class. I think it is a 4 team race for O’Leary: us, UGA, UF, and Ohio State. He’s the kind that will probably play it out as long as he can. If he isn’t graduating early then all the way until signing day. I think who we take at QB will have a HUGE impact on where O’Leary goes.

  16. Mike.

    Great job. I’ve HYPING Cleveland since I first saw his highlight tape. I think he’s the future along with O’Leary if we land him. Reminds me of Bubba Franks. EXCELLENT blocker. Good drive, stays low, flat back. Good route runner and good hands. Needs some speed and strength work but that will come with time and Swasey. Really excited about this kid.

  17. Asante, if you’re reading this:

    JSQ says:
    June 2, 2010 at 10:25 AM
    Note to other coaches: when people speculate that you have a homosexual relationship with one of your players, it’s probably not a good idea to announce you have been suffering from problems swallowing. Just sayin.

    JSQ, you are hilarious!!!!

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Not bad for 4am, huh? haha

    It’s about Urban Liar and his “esophageal spasms”. Don’t want you to get the wrong idea about the U. Not that we’re judging, just sayin’

  18. Gotcha, bg! Thanks for the scoop!

    . . . and we knew you would be excited about this interview!!! I remember how happy you were on NSD when we got him! 🙂

  19. Cav, I can’t think of any special TEs that went to Ohio State but maybe my extreme hatrid for them is blocking my memory!

  20. Not that we’re judging, just sayin’


    CCC, when did we as a nation reach the point where we cannot call a spade a spade??? Why is calling this spade and spade suddenly judging?? What, because it’s supposedly “not someone’s fault”, like every other gottdamm thing “isn’t my fault”. Oh that’s right, it’s your GENES fault, right, like fatal obesity. Oh but it’s not a “bad thing”, unlike fatal obesity. GTFOH!

    Here’s a question for you. If we were studying ANY other form of animal life, and suddenly some members of that species or genus began to no longer seek to procreate, what would we say about that particular segment of that species??? SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THEM.

    But you can’t do that with humans these days. Why? Because it’s a choice, free-will and all that jazz. Oh really. Well I thought it was genetic, which means there is no choice and therefore not their fault.

    Well, you can’t have it both ways, and either way, something is wrong with them. Period. It’s only because of the cowardice and myopic views of so-called “science”, psychology in particular, that this nonsense and irrationality are not viewed as it should be viewed.

    My OT rant for the day…haha

  21. Wow, we all miss football season, don’t we? 😉

    Here is my attempt to tie up Cav’s rant with a pretty bow:

    I like baby ‘Canes. Making baby ‘Canes is good. People should make more baby ‘Canes.

    How was that, Cav?!?! haha

  22. Rickey Dudley went to Ohio State. Was a beast in college. The pros he was disappointing for a while and then pretty good for a short minute. Never came across as a guy who really loved football but had great size, athletic ability and hands. Basically had everything to be a great TE but the desire and toughness.

    and Asante Cleveland article…great read. Me and bg were 100% seeing eye to eye on him right away. saw Bubba Franks reincarnate. kind of fitting since Bubba got honored just recently.

  23. Wow, it’s like they criminalized going to the Regionals for Palm Beach county residents under 50. Might have to drive down there by myself.

  24. CO

    No problem, my friend. You’re entitled. I’m just keeping it on an even keel.

    Thought you might be interested in this. It comes from the Mayo clinic:

    “Esophageal spasms are more common in women….
    …Treating any underlying psychological disorders, such as anxiety or depression, also may help relieve esophageal spasms”

    I’m not making that up, it’s a direct quote.

    They also mention frequent changing of tampons is helpful.

  25. No worries. I’m just glad I have you guys here with all the concern over his health I hear elsewhere.

    All I can think is “if he hadn’t spent 4 years _____ Tebow, he wouldn’t have that problem!”

    Their whole program is such a joke.

  26. Glad you guys enjoyed the interview.

    When I was researching for this interview, I looked at some of his film. I’m on board with you guys; I think he can be a difference maker.

    Asante was very polite, nice kid. He’s got a real DEEP voice.

    And oh yeah, he’s huge.

  27. Esophageal spasms affect the smooth (involuntary) muscles in the walls of your lower esophagus. These spasms may occur in two forms:

    ■Diffuse spasms. These simultaneous or irregular contractions of esophageal muscles slow down the progress of food toward your stomach.
    ■Nutcracker esophagus. Food may progress to your stomach normally, but the contractions of your esophageal muscles are painfully strong. People with this type of esophageal spasm don’t experience difficulty swallowing as often as people with diffuse spasms do.
    For both forms of esophageal spasms, periods of contractions often occur intermittently.

    Signs and symptoms of esophageal spasms include:

    ■Pain in your chest, often intense, which you might mistake for heart pain (angina)
    ■Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
    ■The feeling that an object is stuck in your throat (globus)
    ■Bringing food back up (regurgitation)
    ■Heartburn, a burning sensation that may radiate from your upper abdomen to your neck, sometimes leaving a sour taste in your mouth
    Esophageal spasms can be difficult to diagnose because of their similarity to other disorders, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition in which stomach acid or bile flows back (refluxes) into your esophagus, irritating its lining.

    When to see a doctor
    If you have difficulty swallowing, chest pain, frequent heartburn or difficulty keeping food down, see your doctor.

  28. So Mike, the SEC basically recruits any and everybody from everywhere and then just keeps the ones that qualify?

    That list read like the “Who’s Who in the SEC?” LSU, Bama, Auburn… You know what, maybe its just the SEC West because Florida and Georgia weren’t on there, although So. Carolina was!!


    Looks like the first domino for expansion isn’t the Big 10.

    Boise St. will enter the Mountain West, with an expected invitation to be extended as soon as Monday, according to an ESPN report.

  30. Mike.

    We over signed in 2008. Everyone does it at some point in time or another, but at least we didn’t make it a habit.

  31. I realize that.

    But teams like Bama, LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss do it every year. They have something like 111-119 signed recruits. How the hell do teams get away with those numbers?

  32. How come the NCAA hasn’t cracked down on the practice?

    This is Saban’s 4th year, and he’s brought in 5 years worth of recruiting classes.

    If you’re not on the 2-deep or redshirting, your scholarship is in jeopardy.

  33. Before the scholarship rules were changed, schools like Bama signed players just to keep them from other schools. In 1 game in 1963 against the U in the OB, I counted over 100 Bama players on the sidelines.and freshmen couldn’t play varsity, and this was an away game. Most of those players never saw the field.

    Who knows what the deals where for just sitting on the bench for 4 years. You know there had to be some incentive for practicing and never playing. SEC schools have never thought the rules applied to them, with the exception of Vandy, and that’s why they can’t compete. Over recruiting has always been a way of life in the SEC. They just can’t give as many scholarships, and some kids get left out.

  34. Yeah Dave, the scholarship limit is a good rule. I’m not accusing Bama of not being at 85.

    What I’m saying is he brings in more kids than he has scholarships. He makes promises to them about school and education, and Lord knows what else.

    So he has 115 players who have signed a LOI, and the best 85 make the team. Yeah, lets say for sake of argument, that 10 don’t qualify. 105. Let’s say 5 are JUCO. 100.

    Let’s say 5 get into trouble. 95. What happens to those other 10 players? I think that’s a fair question to ask.

  35. Anybody heard/read this?

    We hear UM would love to redshirt Stephen Morris and likely backup quarterback A.J. Highsmith if Jacory Harris stays healthy all season. Highsmith would play if Harris is hurt. Under one scenario, if Harris stays healthy, Spencer Whipple would hand off late in blowouts to save a year of eligibility for Highsmith.

    One UM official said Highsmith improved but he and Morris must be more consistent. Highsmith can play defensive back but said he wants to stay at quarterback.

    I hope we do get to redshirt both of them!!

  36. He only played in the FAMU and Virginia games but I’m not sure how many snaps constitutes a redshirt because with those 9 snaps, his shirt should have been a deep deep burgundy, lol…

  37. The only way they redshirt both of them is if it’s late in the season and neither has gone over the number of games allowed.

    As far as Highsmith, he’s a great kid, seems to have improved at QB, but if he wants to be a star and maybe play at the next level, he needs to move to DB. JMO

  38. Even if he becomes a starter for us during his last year at QB, Highsmith would still have a chance to move to another position in The League. It hurts his chances of getting drafted high and contributing early, it hurts his chances of even making a team but it isn’t unheard of.

    Myself I would like to see him get a redshirt AFTER this year and using that year at a DB position. JMO as well.

  39. Excellent article JSQ. You and Mike do such a great job.
    I agree with you. We had no idea how badly we sucked. It looks like RS is building a powerhouse that will strike terror in the hearts of other teams half way into the season.
    We still have some work to do, but we are so much better thn last year and, except for the Va Tech game, we were in every game.
    Got to go do some laser hair removal and inject some Botox. Be back soon.

  40. ESPN150 Class of 11

  41. i’d only RS Highsmith if the idea is he’ll move to DB. Otherwise no reason to RS him. can give him real playing time in blowouts (should be plenty this year) and get him more seasoned at QB.

  42. from the “Czar” over at and his top ten overpaid list. I like it cause the swipe at Texas.

    Roy Williams, Cowboys WR

    Williams is the poster boy for all those overrated University of Texas players who go bust in the NFL. Dallas really thought Williams, a Pro Bowler with the inept Lions, would thrive with Tony Romo. He has caught 57 passes in 25 games with in Dallas after costing them a first-round pick and $45 million over five years. He collected a cool $13.6 million last year, and what he calls “his nightmare” experience in Big D could end up with him as the fourth WR on the roster.

  43. I was on the USC message boards, and there’s a thread about the NCAA report that was posted @ 7:30, and has 5600 views.

    Word is out. But I’m not a member of that board, and sites like the LA Times and don’t have anything.

  44. Woohoo, used to live near his hometown…cannot tell you how many times I took Nick to see the trains in Downtown Sacramento! Good luck and Welcome to Miami!

  45. Cal great video!

    Sharpton knocked that Clemson TE the F out!!

    I love it!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  46. AHHHHH Sebastian woke me up again last night!!!! I couldn’t fall back asleep until 5am and then I had a nightmare that I was in The Wire, Season 4, and was being hunted. Then I woke up and realized I turned off my alarm in my dream.

    I need coffee.

    GO ‘CANES.

  47. DAT- That arctice was written by one of my fraternity brothers from UM, I haven’t heard from him since I graduated in 1992. Don’t know how he ended up in Lamesville. I think I would rather have my eyes poked out with a stick then live there.

  48. just saw the UM vs Ohio State game and the FSU vs OU game will both be at 3:30 that day. not sure what sense that makes. one of those games should be in prime time and the other during the day. why put two automatic ratings getters against each other?

  49. Esteban, I know Penn State and Bama play that day too and I’m thinking that’s the night game but I agree, I would think they would put all three games in different time slots, especially with the overlapping FL demographic.

  50. I just got back from a UM networking luncheon re: the Miller School of Medicine’s relief efforts in Haiti.

    Two crocs attended.

    I’m interpreting their attendance as proof that mine and Ben’s plan for county domination is working.

    The presentation was really good, too. We all should be proud to be rooting on a school that does excellent things OFF the field as well.

    GO ‘CANES!!!

  51. Jacob, there has been talk that JD won’t qualify but nothing is confirmed. His Facebook statuses seem to indicate otherwise. I think it’s a wait and see situation.

  52. Jeremy Davis being an academic casualty is not a certainty, at this point.

    He indicated to me when I interviewed him that he was going to be eligible, and even gave an arrival date to Coral Gables.

    Like JSQ said, he’s indicated on his page that everything is okay for him.

  53. Mike, check out tomorrow’s MKF.

    There’s something about picturing Orlando Franklin trying to fit in a tiny car that just makes me laugh.

  54. It’s a sad day in Miami. Rue McClanahan/Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls died.

    Despite the news, I’m amused that (1) I learned this news from arguably the straightest dude I know and (2) he referred to her as his favorite slut in a Facebook post.

    I hope there is a Golden Girls marathon on tonight

  55. Hahahahahaha, so funny, Randy . . .


    I still have a tiny scrape left on my knee! I thought I was going to be disfigured from that incident. I have never had a fat lip before, and this is coming from someone who semi-regularly walks into walls/doors.

  56. Thanks, Mike!

    I think Randy will “forget” to mention it at a tailgate if he wants any jello shots! 😉

  57. Just spoke with someone from the athletic department. We might be getting busses from Palm Beach county to the games! 🙂

    Not that I would partake in that because of tailgating, but it’s good for increasing turnout and season ticket holders!

    WOO HOO!

    GO ‘CANES!!!

  58. Because it appears the Pac-10, which has its meetings in San Francisco starting this weekend, is prepared to make a bold move and invite Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado to join its league, according to multiple sources close to the situation.

    Left out would be Iowa State, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska and Missouri.

    Big 12 in SERIOUS trouble.

  59. I think the only viable school to head to the pac10 is Colorado.

    Too far away for the Texas and Oklahoma schools.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  60. What up my love???


    Trying to get all these tax credit loans ready to close for June. They have to close this month in order to get the credit so everyone is scrambling.


    A few of my boys are busting out to D.R. at the end of the month and I am thinking about joining them for a llittle break. Not sure tho. I have built up some debt here that I want to work on. I hate debt hanging over my head.

    Decisions decisions……

    What up with you?

    Got another confirmation for OSU. Umike and friend are in.

    Where is the FF button????

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  61. Canez1, speaking of which, at this stage of the game, who’s going to step up an be the next darryl sharpton at mlb, lol, right now, that’s looking like a damyum good goal to acheive for the linebackers here, and the ones coming in. Anything less would be UN-civilized! As long as shannon is the coach here, i’m almost willing to bet we won’t see another starting linebacker looking like glenn cook.

    The shannon affect: A better shaped team from a physical standpoint. More competitive/motivated players on the roster now. Are the last of “thee incompetite” recruits gone, i’m to scared to look. If not, i do know this is the last year. We all know coop is one of the hardest in game working players at UM, he gives every play his all, he’s an example of the best of “thee incompetites”. The real truth, In UM history, that’s not good enough. Now he’s a real good player to have on your team, but a starter he’s not, never could unseat baby j, and with guys like damien berry & “truth” miller, and along came storm johnson, he’s never going ot better than any of those guys, but i always appreciate the intangibles he brings to the team, like determination and effort!

  62. I’m watching this UM Spring Game for the 8th time… I’m watching the defense more than the offense this go round…

    Our defensive ends look good… Dyron Dye looks like he is RUNNING for a big guy… Allen Bailey was kicking Jermaine Johnson’s azz most of the time but Jermaine did alright from time… Steven Wesley also looked good when he was in… Ojomo was in the back field almost evvery play… Marcus Robinson looks undersized but quick (I think he’ll be a Denver Bronco or Minnesota Viking because he looks like an outside baker in a 3-4)…

    Brandon McGee is going to be a bad mofo… He can cover as good as anybody but he doesn’t like to make plays on the ball, lol… I think he is scared that the receiver is going to make another move and he doesn’t want to get beat… When he gets confident enough to look for the ball and make plays, he’ll be good because he we was in good position and had a couple of break ups and some tackles… I don’t know why but nobody threw at DVD all day, I hope thats a good sign… Ray Ray is good at run support… Wasn’t that impressed with VT and JR because on all the big pass plays, they were late getting over the top but thats probably a result of playing all 4 quarters while everybody else got to rotate…

    I was EXTREMELY impressed with Tyrone Cornelius… That kid hits the whole on blitzes and MAKES THE TACKLE… He also had a pass break up and was in good position when Stephen Plein caught the one pass… Sean Spence played well but he needs to get bigger… Richard Gordon is twice his size and he has to tackle him, lol…

    And Lovett mentioned his surprising Spring standouts were Curtis Porter, Micanor Regis, all 3 LBs, and Vaughn Telemaque… He said we stayed in a base defense all last season because as he was finding out who could do what, people started getting hurt

    Also, on Comcast on Demand, there are like 10 team’s spring games and oursis the only one where the QBs are live… Maybe thats because Jacory is out… Also, comparing our Spring game to Clemson’s, it was alot smoother… We had players at every position making plays and we looked a lot smoother WITHOUT our starting QB… Kyle Parker was okay but their biggest plays were to the TE all game long and their RBs were okay…

  63. Sorry to hear things are hectic, Canez1 . . . at least it will be over soon!

    My friend Jenni just went to DR a month ago. She said it was great. But I hear you on the debt thing. I have been car shopping and the price tag on the Yukon makes me a little queasy. As if law school at UM and a mortgage wasn’t enough! Makes me think maybe I should have saved more $$$ earlier this year instead of traveling so much.

    But oh well, you only live once, right?

    Good to hear UMike will be joining us! Between my friends from undergrad and law school and people from the site(s), we should have a HUGE crew up there. We’re taking over Columbus!!!

    Is it September yet?!

  64. Doc I am with you on Mcgee. The kid is thinking too much as can be expected but the athletic ability will take over once he get’s comfortable.

    The issue with alot of these kids is as seniors in HS they have been in that system for 4 years and are more than comfortable with the whole thing and it shows in their highlight reels.

    Then they come to college and have to start that process all over again. Very overwhelming.

    That is why there are so few freshman that actually make regular contributions.

    Early enrollment is starting to help but for the most part freshmeat stay freshmeat for a while.

    JSQ I hear ya! that is my motto too!! 🙂

    I will probably go. F it!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  65. Canez1, I’m with you on the whole Pac-10 expansion bizz. That’s one of the corniest offers I’ve ever heard. WTF would OU and Neb look like playing in the WAC-10? If anything the BIG-12 should offer a school like TCU and Utah and expand. It makes geographic sense.

  66. I say go for it. You have been working hard, stressed with moving, and you deserve a little vacation! I am going to Austin at the end of June, too. My last trip until Columbus. Except Disney and the Keys but that doesn’t count because there is no plane involved, right? Right.

    Of course if I continue on this path, my tailgates may be more bubba burgers than the homemade stuff, so perhaps I need to ask myself WWRSD and get my priorities straight: ‘Canes first! haha 😀

  67. Wow, the more people from high school find me on Facebook the more I come to the conclusion that I am the last person from the midwest to procreate. Damn! People from my graduating class have like 4 kids! WTF?

  68. Cal, add C-Mac to the list with Cooper and Franklin as the best of Thee Incompetentites.

    Here’s my Break Out Year list.

    1) Super Stud Bailey

    2) BH

    3) Byrd

    4) DVD

    5) Micanor and Porter

    Next Step list

    1) Benjamin

    2) Hankerson

    3) J-12

    4) M-Rob

    5) Forston

    6) Ojomo

    Pick Up Where They Left Off list

    1) Spence

    2) Vernon

    3) M-Rob

    4) Berry

    5) VT

    First Real Action And Making the Most of It list

    1) RR

    2) Streeter

    3) Dyron Dye

    4) Jermain Johnson

    5) B. Wash

    6) K. Thompkins

    7) Mike James

    8) Miller Time

    Sleeper list

    1) Kylan Robinson

    2) Kevin Nelson

    3) Andrew Smith

    4) Davon Johnson

    Upperclassmen Who Will Actually Play Like Upperclassmen list

    1) C-Mac

    2) O. Frank

    3) J. Figs

    4) Tyler Horn

  69. Just copped The Sporting News CFB 10′-11′ magazine…..

    Love that they’ve got us at no.4, but I’m not convinced that we’ve earned it……….
    We are the initial favorite in the Coastal……..
    They feel that stability in the coaching staff (for the first time in forever) will be paramount in our success…….
    They’ve got B Harris as a pre-season AA and the 25th best player regardless of position, and Bailey as a 3rd teamer……..
    If you need a good laugh, they’ve got Arthur Brown pegged as the starting MLB……….

  70. Canez where in the D.R.? Cap Cana/Punta Cana? In Mexico on vacation as I type this, but curious since I have clients in the D.R.

  71. Add Wesley to the Upperclassmen Who Will Play Like Upperclassmen list too….

    Doc, I’m not saying he’ll have an overall better season. I’m saying those players will really break out compared to their previous seasons. I think BH has a monster season, seriously. He’ll either have six or seven picks or people just won’t throw to him. DVD the same. Bailey will have a real break out dominant season b/c of Petri and the interior DL strength. I expect him to be double-digits sacks or double-teamed all the time, one or the other. People forget this is just his 3rd real year playing with his hand down, without the luxury of a RS.

    I forgot to comment on your Spring Game thoughts. Ty Cornelius will hopefully add enough muscle to be able to contribute in spots, although Holton looked very active and K-Rob did too. He’s definitely quicker than anything we’ve had in the middle since Vilma.

    Wesley’s better than people think and I seriously expect him to sort of break out with Petri teaching them. I think he’s the upperclassmen who said, “I learned more two weeks than in 3 years.”

    MCgee I’m with you 100%. He’s going to be all-world once his confidence increases. Like C1 said, it’s the learning curve from HS all over again. Thankfully he’ll be able to learn from BH and DVD and take his time. He’s already ahead of DVD’s learning curve, esp. in run support.

    I think Morrison will take over after J-12 leaves unless TB seriously TAKES the job from him. Morrison’s a dam good athlete himself and he’ll have a lot of time in the system by the time J-12 leaves.

    M-Rob looked bigger to me but I agree he does need more mass and explosiveness. I think he’ll be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Petri because he’s a little undersized. I full expect him to stay his senior year. He needs to development.

    Overall though, it’s starting to look and feel the way it’s supposed to look and feel.

  72. Oh okay, I understand… I think that if Jacory takes that next step, he will be considered a stud… After the first two games of the season, he was on the Heisman watch so if he maintains that level of play and cuts back on the INTs, he’ll probably get invited to NY…

    As far as everybody else, I agree with you… I mean, all of these dudes look like they are ready to play ball… I saw Demarcus make a few big tackles last year and hopefully he maintains that confidence and will to tackle this season…

    I also think Morris balled out in the Spring game… I’m not usually one to judge a guy based off of his highlights but I could tell that Stephen had a strong arm and was a good athlete… I couldn’t tell his decision making and composure though but he looked real good in the spring game and made some excellent throws… The only thing advantage a kid like Teddy B has is the same one Jacory had over Marve and its just that playing QB for Northwestern in one of the most pressure filled positions on Earth… Those kids are constantly scrutinized and threatened because people are always gambling on their games… I don’t think that Jacory feels any more pressure to beat play for a Nat’l. Championship or to beat FSU than he felt when he was leading Northwestern back on a 99 yard drive in the high school playoffs… I think its just in those guys’ veins and thats something that most kids around the country lack… I think Stephen is a Dade county kid and understands what it means to compete so he should be fine!!

  73. Morris is from Pace… I saw him at the Spring Game, and was very impressed by his poise and arm.

    His HS stats don’t do him any favors. He looks great and I believe he could eventually be the starter here.

  74. Morris looked great to me. He was poised and threw strikes for the most part. He can add a lot of muscle too.

    Forston in the middle could be the difference between the DL being solid or great. If he really stays focused and plays to his potential every down, we could have the most dominant DT rotation in the country, yes, including UNC, Bama, UF and whoever else.

  75. stephen morris at qb is no chop liver irregardless to who comes in. I just can’t see teddy b, taking over under center while morris is here. morris is a student of the game, and has that serious approach/mindset towards the game that shannon loves in his qb’s. Also, when we talking about poise from UM qb’s these days, keep in mind it was real poise from these back-up qb’s, WHY?, because they weren’t wearing the green/red jersey’s, they were getting hit/live practices. morris will only get better as he develops physically, cause mentally he’s already where he needs to be.

    As for jacory, to me, their was not to much he needed to work for real, when he’s healthy he balls, that’s the bottom line. Now i will say his clock in the pocket at times, or picking up where the blitz is coming from and ball security while getting sacked, because pre-injury he was still losing the ball. He lost it a few times in the 1st 4 games last year after getting hit, so i know it wasn’t the injury more so a strength and technique issue. Same with marcus forston, as long as he’s healthy, he’ll bring it when he’s in their. he’s going to be one of those guys where it’ll be hard to keep him off the field irregardless of what the other d-linemen are doing, one of those spots will belong to forston.

    steven wesley has always been one of our best run defenders, if he starts pass rushing equal to his run defense, he’ll be a real solid d-linemen, a 4 year guy, reliable. Gus will not have all day in the pocket against us like times past, just simple things like, if you get stalled on your pass rush, your hands need to be active and up, we barely have batted down balls from our d-linemen.

    brandon mcgee’s main problem has more to do with him playing mostly qb in highschool like highsmith and than coming to college to learn how to play db, unlike brandon harris who played qb and db alot, but the majority was db in highschool, so he was alot more comfortable coming in at db. From a physical standpoint, brandon mcgee is ahead all all the db’s at this stage of they’re college careers, he’ll be alright out their.

    cav, i see your list, but i will say this too, just like forston & jacory, if alsarius johnson stays healthy, to me, he has to be up their over laron byrd and even travis bejamin. To me hankerson and aldarius are our 2 best overall receivers hands down. With all the speed travis benjamin has, and for those who continue to say johnson needs to work on his speed, aldarius averaged over 17 yards a catch as well, just like travis, and we all know the major impact catches he’s had/made since he’s been here, more than any other receiver on the team, check his short resume. laron byrd in my opinion is a starter based off, must be his work ethic, and that’s not to say aldarius doesn’t have a strong work ethic, i just know who the better receiver is and has been so far, and it’s not even close between aj#2 and laron byrd.

  76. Doc, I think it was mutliple “nicks”…I remember shoulder and ankle were mentioned but it seemed like several things were wrong. He basically needed the year to fully recover. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons they kept him out of the Spring Game. Another reason was to really light the fire under his azz by watching Regis and Porter excel.

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