The Men Behind the U: Great ‘Canes Leaders Part 2

~ co-authored by Mitch Kamerman ~

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision.”

~ Muhammad Ali  

This week we look at great ‘Canes leaders from the 1990-1997 era:

Lamar Thomas

Although Lamar also played basketball and track for the University of Miami, he left his legacy with the ‘Canes on the football field.  On his way to two national championship rings, Lamar broke Michael Irvin’s reception record with 144 catches (later eclipsed by Reggie Wayne).  In a year (1991) where many predicted the ‘Canes would be the third best team in Florida, Lamar led the ‘Canes in receptions for 623 yards and 6 TDs to a third national championship.  Below, in the 1992 Orange Bowl against Nebraska, “Leaping Lamar” earns his namesake with an incredible catch.  Since his days at UM, Lamar has been one of the most avid and passionate supporters of the University of Miami, taking time to greatly contribute to ‘Cane Mutiny, The U, local alumni events, and mentoring current ‘Canes on and off the field. 


Russell Maryland

One of the most intimidating and dominating defensive linemen of his era of college football, Russell Maryland left a legacy of excellence that few will ever match.  As the first Miami player to win the coveted Outland Trophy (nation’s top interior lineman) in 1990, Maryland captured virtually every award in his grasp during his outstanding senior season. A consensus All-American in 1990, Maryland was a first-team All-America selection by Associated Press, United Press International, Kodak, the Walter Camp Football Foundation, The Football News, and The Sporting News. He also was the UPI’s selection as 1990 College Football Lineman of the Year.  Maryland finished his UM career with 279 tackles, 25 tackles for losses and 20.5 sacks.  The 1991 Cotton Bowl clip below pretty much plays as a Russell Maryland highlight reel:

Randall “Thrill” Hill

As a true freshman on the 1987 National Championship team, Hill set a then-school record for kickoff return yardage with 497 yards on 19 returns. Hill holds the UM record for career kickoff return yards with 1,169 yards on 54 returns. He ranks in the top ten lists for season kickoff return attempts and yards, career receptions (107), career receiving yards (1,643), and career touchdown receptions (11).  However, he is best known for two games:  his “gunsligning” in the 1991 Cotton Bowl and 3rd and 43 against Notre Dame in 1989.

Warren Sapp

Say what you want about him personally, as a consensus All-American and the first Hurricane to win the prestigious Lombardi Trophy, Warren Sapp was a man among men as he annihilated opposing quarterbacks in the early 1990s. Along with All-American honors and the Lombardi, Sapp was a unanimous Big East Defensive Player of the Year, won the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Bill Willias Award, was a Outland Trophy finalizst, Defensive Player of the Year by Football Writers Association of America and earned Hurricane football’s highest team honor, the Jack Harding MVP award.  Before he “Danced with the Stars,” Sapp finished his UM career with 176 tackles, 19.5 sacks, and many forced fumbles and pass deflections.

Ray Lewis

Perhaps the best middle linebacker ever to play the game, Ray Lewis’ dominating field presence changed the way teams prepared to play the ‘Canes.   Lewis was an immediate contributor as a freshman and became a starter in the ‘Canes final 5 games compiling 81 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 tackles for a loss, and 4 pass deflections en route to being named to the freshman All-American team.  As a sophomore, Lewis earned 1st team All-American and All-Big East Conference honors leading the Big East with 152 tackles and also contributed 9 tackles for a loss, 2 sacks, and an interception for the ‘Canes.  As a junior and in his final year as a ‘Cane, Lewis was once again named to the All-American and All-Big East teams, was a runner-up for the Butkus Award, earned 160 tackes, [2nd highest in UM history], 8 tackles for a loss, 2 sacks, 2 interceptions, a forced fumble, 4 pass deflections and 1 TD.  Off the field, Lewis is nothing short of a philanthropist helping disadvantaged youth and the families of Baltimore, Maryland with the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation, Ray’s Summer Days, and the Ray Lewis Foundation.  He was awarded an “Act of Kindness” award for his work in the community and recently, a portion of Baltimore’s North Avenue was renamed “Ray Lewis Way” in honor of everything this mythical linebacker has done for the city.  All this, and he still finds time to mentor current and former ‘Canes.  We’re not sure words can do this ‘Cane justice, so you’ll just have to check out his highlights.

Stay tuned next week for part 3 of the series, great ‘Canes leaders from 1984-1989!

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  1. Only 76 days. The days are flying by. Last time I checked It was 119, and now it’s down to 76.

  2. We good. No more studying for me, just put the finishing touches on my thesis. My defense is in two weeks. Finding a place to live is a PAIN in the @$$.

  3. I hear you, Money. Stressful stuff. Good luck on your thesis. We can all chant “DEFENSE” to cheer you on from the blog while you are presenting if you like! 😉

    You guys will be a GA Tech right? I’m planning on making the trip. It would be great to see you guys! 🙂

  4. I plan on going to the G Tech game, but who knows. I am also still holding out for the FSU and S FLA games. I’m going to think about the “DEFENSE” chant to help calm my nerves while I’m defending.

  5. Your ‘Canes family is behind you, Money and we will have a bottle of Henny [Canez1] and some baked goods [some crazy superfan chick] for you and Nikki at the next game you attend to celebrate! 🙂

    Off to ballet barre class. Because being sore and nauseous all day is super fun . . . and if we demand that work out of the ‘Canes, it’s the least we can do for them and our game day dresses.

  6. cav, did you how hype shannon was in that video, if people think shannon is passive, he’s got them fooled, that mofo shannon, epitomizes what a Cane is and should be. It all starts with the mental, and what alot of people don’t know, shannon raised alot of them guys on the team in the 80’s, if you can find someone more dedicated to UM than shannon from the 80’s on up, where is he. shannon was one of them guys who always beat to his on drum and when he would talk, people listened, it’s funny as hell and like shalala said, when she heard alot of the old guys talking about how they use to be scared of shannon and that was all she neede to hear, even she understand how much that meant than and definitely how much it means now, no team will be tougher than us as long as shannon is hear, like he said, those guys in the trenches are going to hate him after this year, lol.

  7. I have been jonesin for a good burger all day!!

    Right on time Raize LOL

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  8. mmmmm burgers


    Boy this salad is uh, yummy.

    Another two-a-day tonight.

    Stupid f’ing game day dresses.

  9. When is this World cup over? Playing for ties is considerable a victory? Only thing worse than the matches, is the after match analysis on ESPN they are too damned polite. Give me a “red card”, I dare you! I

  10. Amen, HurricaneDave!

    So, does anyone disagree with the list in today’s article? Anyone you think we left out?

  11. Javarie had some major grade problems.

    That is why he busted out of his commitment.

    I think if he was able to pull it together this would’ve been the perfect place for him to stay out of trouble.

    O well.

    Wish the best for the kid. He better straighten his azz out soon or this once in a lifetime opportunity will be gone before he knows it.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  12. I don’t think there is any way to argue about that crew on the list.

    Love it!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  13. I agree, Canez1. I can’t believe some of the comments on Facebook about him. He’s a kid. Just because he didn’t end up here doesn’t mean we want his life ruined! I hope he can get it together and live up to his potential. It would be such a waste of talent if he couldn’t. Sad.

  14. Thanks, Canez1. It’s mostly Mitch’s work, I just make things pretty.

    Next week’s list is where I think it will be the hardest. Lots of people come to mind for 84-89. Who would you guys put on that list?

  15. Noles talking smack on Facebook don’t even know what date the game is. [rolls eyes]

    Canez1, you know ALL TOO WELL when that date is! haha

    By the way, one of the secretaries in the office solved our [okay, my] baked goods conundrum for Ohio State. And I am flying in Thursday night to make the jello shots with a local. You can’t make them the night before or they will be runny.

    Do you think you can bring a grill? I wonder if I could take one of my tailgating tents as luggage on the plane? I am flying Southwest so it’s free, right?

    The real problem will be lack of tables and chairs. We need to get someone on that. Home Depot sells the tables I use. They are like $50 each. You can use one for the buffet, one for drinks, one for drinking games. And we can use any old chairs.

  16. Blades and Walsh have to be on there if I want to keep them coming to my event in August! haha

    If Jerome and Randy aren’t on there I am exercising my editorial powers.

    Irvin has to be on there.

    I guess that’s my 5 right there.

    Mike, I had an idea for an article last night let’s talk later.

  17. JSQ don’t worry. I have a little gas grill I can bring and I will take care of the table and bring as many chairs and coolers as I can. I have two 6 foot tables that fold in half. They are perfect.

    I am going to rent the biggest SUV I can find for the ride. I will take out the back seats and just pack it.

    No worries.

    We will coordinate a little more closer to the game and get on the same page.

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  18. Canez1, I am about to cry tears of joy.


    I just sent out this long intricate e-mail re: tables and chairs and coolers to people who live or have local friends in Ohio and here you have it all together.

    Hopefully we can find other people bringing tents. My boys still may do the RV so they can bring lots of gear that way. I am still on the fence about renting a car.

    Yes, I am stressing about a tailgate that is 85 days away. But it has to be PERFECT!

    Is $305 a lucky total for my flight to Columbus?!

  19. Mike, I hate the crocs EVERYDAY.

    I am wearing my “The U Invented Swagger” shirt today and listened to the game day CD on the way to work this morning so I am a little extra salty today, though.


  20. I got the baked goods and jello shots locked down, Canez1, so the ‘Canes can’t lose!

    I just threatened a classmate from law school that I would rip out his larynx with my bare hands if he rips on UM at the tailgate. He went to UM but he’s from Ohio.

    I really need to make a concerted effort NOT to get arrested that weekend.

  21. Ah, this was the 28th player CHARGED.

    There have been more arrested.

    That’s something we were discussing at the beginning of the week.

    “On average, nearly six of his players are getting arrested every season.”

  22. damn xbox 360’s are going for cheap on craigslist now that the new slim versions will be coming out.

  23. Of course he had to throw the U under the bus. They need some company.

    Still paying for things that happened 15 years ago.

    That kid who wrote that article was more worried about what color crayon to color outside the lines with, and what kind of sandwich mommy packed for lunch when those events transpired at UM.

    Never ceases to amaze me.

  24. I’m willing to concede the helmet swinging he references was more recent but we are not the only school with incidents like that, yet we are the only ones called “Thug U.” Further, I would argue that Brandon Spikes’ eye-gouging incident is far worse than a little on-field brawl. A couple of bruises you can walk away from and it was an isolated incident. Spikes’ conduct was pre-mediated, habitual, and could result in the blinding of another player. That isn’t even just “thuggish.” It’s evil.

    Crocs = Pure evil.

    I rest my case.

    Back to Freddie Mac.

  25. Calvin says:
    June 18, 2010 at 12:03 PM
    cav, did you how hype shannon was in that video, if people think shannon is passive, he’s got them fooled, that mofo shannon, epitomizes what a Cane is and should be. It all starts with the mental, and what alot of people don’t know, shannon raised alot of them guys on the team in the 80′s, if you can find someone more dedicated to UM than shannon from the 80′s on up, where is he. shannon was one of them guys who always beat to his on drum and when he would talk, people listened, it’s funny as hell and like shalala said, when she heard alot of the old guys talking about how they use to be scared of shannon and that was all she neede to hear, even she understand how much that meant than and definitely how much it means now, no team will be tougher than us as long as shannon is hear, like he said, those guys in the trenches are going to hate him after this year, lol.


    Cal, haha, man if more people could see that clip of Shannon ALL skeptics would STFU. But in a way I’m glad people won’t see it. Instead they’ll see the players and the play and they’ll wonder how someone who “doesn’t show any emotion on the sidelines” has so many Bosses and Hawgs on the field, executing at such a high level.

    Hurricane Football…that’s it. Now we have enough talent, enough mass, and enough experience to add the mentality to it. We all know what happens next. haha

  26. Anytime. And I agree. If people actually paid some attention and did their research, they would know there is a lot more to Coach than the seemingly cool demeanor he keeps on the field.

  27. I feel like my eyes are bleeding. Can’t read another case. Off to the gym. Will call you when I’m done, Mike.

  28. Damn……..

  29. DZ, picked up my last football magazine for this year – Lindy’s Pro Football. ended up with 4.

    just realized that Antonio Dixon caught on with the Eagles last year. Didn’t realize he had become their 3rd DT and was part of the rotation.

  30. Hurriphin, i’m still waiting to see who wins that debate on who’s actually faster. Quadarias looks faster in his footage. Might be the competition, i don’t know.

  31. Mike, I promise to never call after a two-a-day again. I was waiting for you to respond a la the principal in Billy Madison:

    Miss Clark, what you’ve just said is the most insanely idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  32. 70. Esteban says:
    June 18, 2010 at 9:26 PM
    Hurriphin, i’m still waiting to see who wins that debate on who’s actually faster. Quadarias looks faster in his footage. Might be the competition, i don’t know.

    JD will smoke him in the 100. Quardarias MIGHT beat him in a 40 or 60.

  33. Just looked at the footage again and


    JD will get in that arse in any race! HAHAHA!

  34. You are being nice. I sounded like Brick from Anchorman.

    The fajitas were actually good. I sautéd baby spinach, mushrooms, onions and chicken strips with my own Mexican seasoning (no salt) and put it in that healthy wrap I was talking about. I am actually full and it was probably the best meal I’ve had all week and it was about 350 calories.

    I promise when you and Randy are in town I will make REAL food, though!!! 🙂

    mmmmm you know what sounds good right now?

    Pancakes. Maple syrup. Sausage.


  35. That’s interesting, bg!

    See you could belatedly right from your NSD announcement!

    Grrrrr you got me so excited that day!!! Haha. It was everywhere, though.

  36. Yeah, I love that combo but I prefer it with bacon and cheese. Those are probably my favorite foods.

    Mmmmmmm bacon.

    Bg the link is broken can you cut and paste it?

  37. JSQ.

    I believed those early reports. I was truly disappointed when he said USC, but Orgeron came through at the last minute for USC. He’s a HELLUVA recruiter, even if he’s a slimey bastard. And a HELLUVA DL coach too!

    At any rate, Odell is a really good athlete and he legitimately likes us alot. WR is going to get tricky real so. In a year like last year you could take 4 or so, but this year it will get crazy. I’m surprised after Eli committed that there wasn’t a flurry from WR. Many “insider” types feel that in the end Eli will get bumped, but I just don’t see our staff doing that. Perhaps we take 4 WR and no RBs. Who knows, but if it is 4 you take, you’d have to think Watkins is one. So that makes Watkins and Rogers. Then you still have Dorsett, Davis, Bekham, Benjamin and several other all vying for a 4th spot IF it is a 4th spot.

  38. Doesn’t like the link JSQ. You’ll have to block it and copy and paste it into your browser.

  39. Gotcha, bg. That’s why I was curious. Not a whole lot of spots to be had.

    I don’t see them doing that to Rogers, either.

    Was just being silly re: SH. I wanted him so bad and when you announced that I immediately googled it and it was everywhere that he was picking us . . . And then he didn’t. That really sucked.

    So we think Randy is over waiting while SH got his hair did?!

  40. miamimike01 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 10:40 PM
    interesting stuff.

    How would we fit him in? Sign him to a track scholly, too? lol

    bg, any word of anyone wanting to transfer?

    No and that would be a problem as of right now. But word is he MAY not qualify and have to go prep anyways. I also believe the lack of contract MAY have played a part in Seantrel picking USC, along with Orgeron. Don’t underestimate that guy EVER. He’s the LAST guy you want to recruit against head to head. He’s THAT good.

  41. Bg,

    Shot in the dark………

    What would a fair 40 time estimate be for JD?

    Rivals had him pegged at 4.5, and we all know Rivals is NOTORIOUS for being off on those.
    I mean, they had AJ2 at 4.45 and TB3 at 4.4

  42. Anyone who saw AJ BARELY make it into the endzone vs WF, knows he ain’t no 4.45.

    Glue Hands……….Cement Feet.

  43. Kiddo has already made several clutch catches during his short career. He’ll make another big one at some point vs OSU. Watch………

  44. I was thinking the same thing, Hurriphin. He is always clutch and I know he will come through against the suckeyes, too.

    If we need him to be clutch. I prefer we just blow them out.

    It could happen!

  45. miamimike01 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 11:43 PM

    I saw this on another board.

    Hope its not true.


    No way. Remember the University decided to use The U symbol for the school as a whole, athletic and non-athletic. That U has to be right there with the Cowboys star, the Yankees NY, the Reds C and maybe the Lakers logo as the most recognized sports logos. No way that’s changing.

  46. no thanks to black jersey’s. some green on orange or vice versa would be retro and to my liking.

    and hopefully with Aldarius losing some weight he also loses a tenth of a second off his 40 time. usually you see the big gain in speed from a guys freshman to sophomore year, Aldarius just might have his come a year later.

    and i’m curious to see what happens with Seantrel. If he doesn’t qualify and has to go the prep route that could be the best way about it. Would give time for a scholly to open. But could just ask for a release from his scholly and go to prep school for a year during the year he has to sit out, too. He’s not exactly thinking about being on a 5 year plan anyway.

  47. Esteban says:
    June 18, 2010 at 9:03 PM
    DZ, picked up my last football magazine for this year – Lindy’s Pro Football. ended up with 4.

    just realized that Antonio Dixon caught on with the Eagles last year. Didn’t realize he had become their 3rd DT and was part of the rotation.

    Is that 4 pro football mags or football mags in general, college and pros? Your catching up with my addiction!

    I haven’t gotten any pro football mags yet. Honestly I’m all caught up in the world cup but don’t tell anybody here I said it. I grew up in central and south america and even though I could get the kids at school to play american football the organized sports to play were soccer and baseball. So I played, and now I can enjoy the sport.

    Soccer is what it is. Everybody at work is making suggestions to change it, put three balls on the field at the same time, no offsides, have 3 snipers positioned around the field with three tranquilizer darts for random moments of madness. Pretty funny stuff. The ref sucked in the USA game yesterday but they should’ve been more focused in the first half. Oh well, they’re still alive.

    And I had no idea about Dixon either. Amazing that I live where the Redskins do but all my focus is down south… good for him getting some PT with the Eagles. I thought he came to the skins just because of Palermo being their D Line coach… maybe that was enough to get his foot in the door and he’s taking it from here. I’ll keep my eye on him this year.

  48. Very interesting bg! JSQ those fajitas sound good! when I lived in Cali after the kids were born I went to Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds. I made either veggie fajitas or tofu stir fry every night, Angry was not happy with that selection. So to this day he will say not stir fry again, lol!

  49. LOL I like the three balls idea!! kinda like playing pinball and you hit that multiball round. Nutty.

    Snipers are always welcome.

    Tofu makes me want to vomit. Just not worth it.

    SH what are you up to homeboy????

    The only way he comes here is if he heads to prep for atkeast a year and straightens out his shyte.

    He obviously wants to play somewhere warm so you never know….

    You make room for a kid like that no matter what. I can think of some dead weight to drop on this team at anytime. Not to say RS is like that but I am ruthless. No one is bigger than this U, NO ONE!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  50. I agree. No way SH gets in this year but if he goes the prep route maybe he can even EE next January. If we blow up as expected we might have a few more players going to the League than expected.

  51. DZ, 4 overall. 2 college and two pro. usually i do 2 pro and 1 college (phil steele), but liked the sporting news college one for this year.

    and yeah i’m closer to the redskins stadium then their practice facilities, but either way, up here in redskin country too. bg is over in Bowie. Hyattsville for me.

  52. I’m out in Ashburn VA, literally where they practice at. We’ll all have to get together at some point this football season.

  53. Dang, Canechic, tofu?! That is dedication. I need meat. I think it is the midwesterner in me. I crave red meat and have to eat it at least once a week. Not diet friendly, though!!! You are hardcore!!!

    Hey Nash, etc., my friend Jenn is heading to Nashville on Monday for a week and has no idea what to do while she is there. Any suggestions?

  54. Lol, DZ8!

    People are probably out running erands. I am getting my oil changed right now. Super fun!

    All you MD/VA/DC folks make those areas second only to FL for our hits. Big ‘Canes area. They hve a great alumni association up there, and like our stuff, the game watches are open to everyone.

    So y’all are Redskins fans, not Ravens? I am technically both but if they are playing each other I root for the Ravens bc there are more ‘Canes. But when ST was there it was a tie and I went in favor of the Redskins.

  55. I think SH needs another year to grow the F up.

    Like Dirty Dancing with “nobody puts Baby in the corner,”

    No one makes Randy wait whilst he gets his hair did.

  56. Dolphins fan. I was born in Mercy Hospital, Dade County Miami, then moved. But my loyalty stuck with both the Canes and the Dolphins.

    Love watching the Ravens play though for obvious reasons. Miami Dolphins play at Baltimore this year so I’ll make the drive up for that.

  57. Phillip Dorsett, WR from STA is set to announce today. Here’s to hoping! []_[]

    Its between Us, Ohio State, and UNC. I think it REALLY is between us and UNC. We’ll see. Giovani is his boy and he’s at UNC, but I think when all said and done he picks The U!

  58. DZ, great to hear that about Dixon. Love to see our young men develop and overcome obstacles, whatever they may be. It’s what turns boys into men.

    Seantrel needs to come on down if he won’t qualify this year. Go to Milford or something, grow up, get away from daddy, then come on to CG and learn how to be a man and a great football player.

  59. Esteban gets credit for the scoop on that one Captain but I agree… great to see him taking advantage of the window of opportunity he’s got.

  60. Born in Wilmington General Hospital, Wilm. DE. Grew up in Newark.
    Probaly would’ve been an a Philly guy, (like practically the entire state of DE is) but my uncle Keith put me on to the Dolphins in like 1990.
    The majority of the folks who don’t root for PA based teams, roll with the Skins, the O’s, Ravens, Wizards, ect.
    Came to VA my Sr. Year of HS……………then went back home for three years. For some reason, I decided to start a family, and ditched the particular way of life I was living and came back here. Became a UM fan by watching (what I think was) the 94′ UM-FSU affair with my Seminole cousin. I really just wanted to root for the team that he was against, and it was just extra convenient that they happened to be Miami based too.

    Glad FSU wasn’t playing UF that day…………

  61. bg1906 says:
    June 19, 2010 at 3:51 PM
    Phillip Dorsett, WR from STA is set to announce today. Here’s to hoping! []_[]

    Its between Us, Ohio State, and UNC. I think it REALLY is between us and UNC. We’ll see. Giovani is his boy and he’s at UNC, but I think when all said and done he picks The U!


    BG, what kind of WR is Dorsett?

  62. Cap’n,

    Dorsett’s a small, shifty, speedster type. Somewhere between Roscoe and Sinorice I’d say.

    I really like him.

  63. That should say MAKES me wish………..

    When Bg ain’t around, I’m in charge of recruiting around here!!!!!!
    (Nervously looks over shoulder for bg)

  64. Hurri we better catch your azz at a game this year!!

    I already have OSU and USF booked.

    Pitt is on as well as Vigina.

    GT is a possibiltiy cause I am a sucker for my old stomping ground buckhead.

    Holla at ya boy.

    Getting ready to go tear up a gangsta meal at one of my favorite local restaurants.

    Damn I love to eat good food. NO TOFU!!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  65. I see you Hurriphin! HAHAHA! Dorsett is shifty and fast. He’s about 5’9, 5’10. Runs a 4.35 – 4.4. Has good hands. Can stretch the field and can go across the middle. He’s a playmaker. Think a faster Thearon Collier. Not as explosive as Roscoe, but a VERY good prospect none the less. LOVE HIM! Wanted him in this class since I seen him vs Byrnes on ESPN. VERY, VERY good pickup and should start the dominos falling on WRs. I told you all the other day when Green commited to expect Dorsett to announce soon too. Those were the 2 big dogs over there, although Bobby Hart gets a lot of hype as well. He’s unlike the 2 WRs is less earned IMO. Announcement is at 7.

  66. Hurriphin, haha, that’s good. BG’s a busy man so we need someone to hold it down when he’s away.

    So if he signs how many WR spots does that leave? Like one, for the tall kid? This class is going to be very interesting.

  67. Cav.

    Interesting indeed. I think that would leave 1 or 2 spots open. Watkins has one of those locked up if he wants it. You’d have to think the same with Benjamin, but there ARE concerns if Benjamin has grades or would qualify. Then you got a kid like Beckham who REALLY likes us, BUT is an LSU legacy (mom and dad) so you’d have to think it will be EXTREMELY hard to get him out of there. But I’d have to think Benjamin and Watkins would be the next 2 dudes on the radar and with Watkins visiting last week with Dallas Crawford, I would be surprised if, 1.) they commited silently, or 2.) if Dorsett announces for UM as I think he will, that that makes some WRs want to be sure and shore up their spot(s) in this class.

  68. Canez 1.

    You make the report bro. Auto signed me out. Thanks bro. I have to go anyways. I’ll watch it later!

  69. The announcement is delayed momentarily as they await some of Phillip’s family members. OBVIOUSLY they are on CP time! HAHAHA!

  70. The only games I have a shot in hell at attending are @UVA, and @Duke…….Ironically, the two lamest games of the schedule.
    If I can’t get to either, it won’t be cause I didn’t try, though. In case yall didn’t know, Hurriphin is Ecuadorian for “Poor.”

  71. Yeah, Hurriphin traveling for games gets expensive. I can’t imagine if I was footing the bill for a wife or whatever. I’m enough! haha

    Columbus, Atlanta and Charlotte are probably going to be near a grand JUST FOR FLIGHTS!

    Oh yes, we will go to Charlotte. It will happen!

  72. Is our thing with Pitt a home and home, back to back, or do we play them again I’m a couple years?

  73. Duper could be a very good WR coach. BUT he has all the past problems. I like him alot except for he’s a QUE! HAHAHA! A Phi A rules! ‘000000000000000000006!

  74. Got to run. Can’t wait for Phillip anymore. NEWAYS, he’ll announce Miami…OBVIOUSLY. If not I’d be SHOCKED!

  75. Wife and two kids who ain’t “get in at the movie theater free” age.
    Blue-Collar life kinda sucks………

  76. Hurriphin, I’m talking about the ACC championship.

    I already have a place to stay, the Penn State ex lives there, so I just need to book the flight.

    And, um, the ‘Canes need to WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!!

  77. Hurriphin,

    RE: your Pitt question, I’m not sure. That’s a good question.

    I thought I read something where this was a return game for UM leaving the Big East? part of paying the exit penalty?

  78. JSQ, i’m a patriot fan. i enjoy following the Redskins and Ravens but not a fan of either. i’m a DMV resident of 5 years. no loyalties.

  79. Gotcha, Este. I forget who roots for which pro team.

    For the record, I root for everyone who has a ‘Cane, but my favs are the ones with the most: Ravens and Saints. Those are the only two teams where I actually get upset if they lose. That and the Bears. I was raised a Bears fan. My mom about fainted when I said I knew JP my freshman year. She was/is a big Walter Payton fan and she LOVES the ‘Canes on the team now. Greg Olsen is married to the little sister (also a ‘Cane) of a friend of mine from undergrad.

  80. I see the message didn’t get thru, if anybody see’s coach stoutland, 1st name jeff, before i do, tell em i said don’t start this bs again:

    • Although UM likes how center Tyler Horn and tackle Jermaine Johnson emerged this spring, assistant Jeff Stoutland makes a good point: “You look at the national champion each year; they’ve got about 120 starts among their offensive linemen.” UM has 47, including 27 from Orlando Franklin, who’s moving from guard to tackle. “But I think they’re going to be a good group.” Franklin had NFL interest “but my mom stepped in and said go back to school. It was her decision.”

    stoutland, we don’t need you here waisting time to try and come up with some form off relevance if the o-line performs poorly. If you gone go back, go back and do all the research than, if that’s the case and see how many teams won the national title without that equation.

    Gotta luv how shannon/aubrey hill(Now) just keeps bringing them in. The main thing i luv hearing is how almost every recruit that gets interviewed they talk about how honest UM was(which is a good indication if which teams are not honest), how we kept it real, by letting a kid know, we don’t offer just because everybody else starts offering, when we offer, it’s because we really want you on the squad, a kid & his family can’t do nothing but respect that.

    I read today where dumbo fisher is saying he can always outwork us and the gators in recruiting, in the words of lee corso “NOT SO FAST” our non-friend, 1st off, you gotta know what type of players to recruit from Miami, and dumbo will never have that over shannon, he’s hiring all these psychiatrist for the team, seeign who can learn what faster, in other words, he doesn’t understand the players on his team so he goes out and hires people who’ll help him understand them!

  81. Sucks that we won’t get to go head up with the Brown Bros.
    Would’ve at least made for an attractive side story, during the inevitable 50-10 blowout……….

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