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The Men Behind the U: Great ‘Canes Leaders Part 4


~ co-authored by Mitch Kamerman ~

“Attitude reflects leadership”

Julius, Remember the Titans


For the final installment in this series, we look at the top leaders from the 1979-1983 era.  These men were truly the pioneers of the modern era of Miami Hurricanes football, the men who helped turn the ‘Canes around to capture that first ring.  You can say the attitude of that first national championship team reflected the leaders on the field with the men described below, but it without a doubt began with Howard Schnellenberger, the architect of modern Hurricane football.  Below are some of the legends Schnellengberger brought to, and developed at, the []_[].

Eddie Brown

As Bernie Kosar’s go-to guy, Brown was the starting wide receiver for the 1983 National Champion Miami Hurricanes. In 1984, Brown was named as a consensus first-team All-American and was the first WR in UM history to amass over 1,000 yards receiving. During his career with the ‘Canes, Brown set records for receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.  As the 13th pick overall in the 1985 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals, Brown played from them from 1985 – 1991 and set franchise records during his tenure.  In 1985, Brown was selected as NFL Rookie of the Year.  He also led the Bengals to a Super Bowl championship and earned a Pro Bowl appearance in 1988.  Below is his induction video for the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame with more information and highlights:

Jim Burt

Jim Burt played for the ‘Canes from 1978-1980 and was a force on the defensive line throughout his career.   Called one of the key leaders responsible for the turaround of Hurricanes football by Schnellenberger, Burt is still holds UM records today.  Burt held the UM all-time record for total tackles by a middle guard at 177 and assists by a middle guard with 86, and continues to hold the school record for fumbles recovered in a single game with four vs Vanderbilt on November 15, 1980.  After being named the 1981 Peach Bowl Most Valuable Player (Defense) and being selected as a member of the All-South Independent team by the Associated Press, Jim signed as a free agent with the New York Giants where he won a Super Bowl ring and later played for the San Francisco 49er’s where he won a second Super Bowl ring.  He was inducted into the UM Sports Hall of Fame in 1998 and the video showcasing his highlights is below.

Alonzo Highsmith

Alonzo Highsmith was an explosive fullback and an offensive leader for the University of Miami from 1983 to 1986. As one of the top running backs ever at Miami, Highsmith was a complete player who ran, blocked and caught passes with equal skill and determination.  Highsmith finished his UM career with 1,914 yards, ranking third in school history and 2,935 all-purpose yards, the fifth highest total for a Hurricane.  He also scored 25 career touchdowns, tied for fourth place all-time at UM.  Originally from Miami, the former Columbus High School defensive standout recorded five 100-yard rushing games, tying for the second highest total in ‘Canes history.  Looked up to by his peers on and off the field, Highsmith began his career rushing for a team high 50 yards and one touchdown in the 1984 Orange Bowl Classic as Miami captured its first national championship.  Highsmith is also famous for the words spoken at the 50 yard line in the 1986 coin toss against Oklahoma.  Now, truly showing that the []_[] is all about family, he is the father of one of UM’s current quarterback’s, AJ Highsmith.  Below is Alonzo’s UM Sports Hall of Fame induction video detailing more highlights from his career.

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly began the quarterback tradition at Miami that led the University to be known as “Quarterback U.”  Indeed, the names are almost as one: Kelly-Kosar-Testaverde-Walsh-Erickson-Torretta.  Kelly also was at the helm for perhaps two of the most significant games upset victories in UM history, beginning a turnaround that made Miami the most successful team in college football during the 1980’s.

Originally recruited to Penn State as a linebacker, as a 19-year-old freshman Kelly returned to his home state and made his first college start leading Miami to a 26-10 upset over the Nittany Lions in Happy Valley.  Two years later, the same No. 1  ranked Penn State came to the Orange Bowl where Kelly led the Hurricanes to a stunning 17-14 upset victory.  That season Kelly earned MVP honors in Miami’s first bowl appearance in 14 years, the Peach Bowl. Kelly rewrote the Miami record books during his time at UM finishing his career with 406 completions in 646 attempts for 5,233 yards and 32 touchdowns.

Kelly went on to star with the Houston Gamblers of the USFL, throwing for more than 5,000 yards in 1984, while earning league MVP honors.  He moved to the Buffalo Bills in 1986 and rewrote their record books, leading the team to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances and named to the NFL Pro Bowl 5 times. Kelly was inducted into the UM Sports Hall of Fame in 1992 and the UM Ring of Honor in 2008. Below is his acceptance speech for the NFL Hall of Fame in 2002.

Bernie Kosar

Like Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar was instrumental in the University of Miami becoming known as “Quarterback U.”  Perhaps best remembered for leading Miami to its first national championship as a redshirt freshman in 1983, Kosar threw for 5,971 yards and 40 touchdowns as quarterback in 1983 and 1984.  Although Kosar only played two seasons, he left UM holding school records for career passes completed, passing yards, total offense and touchdown passes thrown, all since eclipsed, but still holds the record for career passing completion percentage.

Kosar was also named MVP for his 300-yard passing performance in the Hurricanes 31-30 victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the 1984 Orange Bowl Classic.  In the NFL, Kosar set a league record by throwing 308 consecutive passes without an interception while playing for the Browns.  Kosar currently sits on the Board of Trustees at the University of Miami and is a consultant for the Browns.  Below is his induction video for the UM Sports Hall of Fame describing more of his accomplishments.

Thank you to all of the players, coaches, and fans that have helped us all make memories that will last a lifetime.  We hope you enjoyed this series and would like to end with this video, which we believe captures what it means to be a ‘Cane for life.  With all of these great leaders behind the []_[], we can only look forward to what the future will bring and who will step up to be leaders for the next generation of ‘Canes fans.


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    Kelly’s senior year this team was close!!!

  6. Yw, Randy. Trying to give some recognition to a few folks left out of the documentary but still responsible for the turnaround.

    I love love love that picture of Kelly and Kosar.

    Also, Jim Kelly is probably THE NICEST man I have ever met. I can’t say enough good things about him. I really wanted to write something about him on here for a while.

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    If Jim Kelly isn’t on every Hurricane fans Favorite Hurricane list he should be!

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    There have been outstanding Hurricanes in every generation of Hurricane football.

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  31. The way these cleveland.ohio people have been reacting to lebron leaving them, makes it better that he left. A bunch of idiots, burning flags, come on, is it that serious. I didn’t want him to come to Miami no more than i don’t want seantrel henderson coming to UM, simply because i don’t want people praising the wrong folks. Like all the guys is this last class who’ve been disrespected because people are sayign this was one of the worst football classes in the shannon era, etc. etc. So these guys are coming in to work hard and do what they have set in their heart to do and that’s win, and win often, without seantrel henderson, if henderson comes in, those naysayers will try to pin our success on the so called highly touted recruits.

    Some of yall been saying how the news travels in 3’s, well yall saying lebron, seantrel henderson? and what’s next, well if that’s the case, than the 3rd one is actually the 1st one, cause latwan anderson was their 1st real defect(right out of the heart of their recruiting territory), and for him to say he hates ohio, lol.

    I just like the hard workers who’ve been playing at a high level along time to get their just do, like this man right here!
    And at the 57/58 sec mark, somebody needs to ask looks like richard hamilton where in the hell is he going:

  32. Good point about LA being the first defect, Calvin!!!

    Truth, wait, you “know perverted?”

    This is shocking! Does this mean you haven’t been talking about landscaping and baking all this time?!

  33. Sweet Jesus, I work with the LOUDEST PEOPLE EVER!!!!

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    Great stuff on Bernie.
    That pass to Downtown, vs UF, was picturesque.

  35. That’s the one, Canez1! I loved how he followed his dream to be a chef!

    I bet a chef’s co-workers don’t make a big commotion for hours on end outside her office while she is making a masterpiece!


    I need a vacation!!!!!


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    The Truth says:


  37. Mary and Mitch, great job once again.

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    shwarma5 says:

    Real quick on this Lebron thing, Clevelanders are acting like losers, but Lebron and his special was a complete farce. If the man wants to be the king, he needs to learn some class and be media trained quickly. Also, I give Gilbert some credit for at least showing emotion. Not the right thing to do, but I liked that he called him out.

  39. og cupcakes, they need to send homeland security over to that state(oHigho) to make them calm down and realize it’s just basketball folks, free lebron. bron basically said F yall, i’m going to the realest town i can go to. Imagine if dwayne left, not many people in Miami would’ve been going crazy, WHY, cause we still got UM football. The dolphins haven’t been winning, we still got UM football, the marlins, ok, we still got UM football, especially with what’s being built now down in Coral Gables.

    The dolphins already know, they have to live up to UM standards of football, that’s why when jimmy johnson was their(with the dolphins)he put together a defense that we are all familiar with, speed and aggression, this is what we’re looking for from a coach lovett led defense. i could see last year guys starting to really understand the defense, we started becoming real solid out their as a unit and if tom olivadotti can be a defensive coordinator, i’m quite sure lovett can’t be worse. It’s going ot make a big difference with the way guys are playign this year being sure about what they’re doing, telemaque did a good job calling out signals last year, and whether he was right or wrong, i like the fact that he was out their making calls, the same way we saw jacory change that bullshat play nix put in at the gator goal line, instead operating from a defensive mode on offense, jacory became the aggressor and put the gators on their heels, and gave us some momentum that nix continued to nix with the following plays call rigth after, that guy should be charged with attempted murder cause he was suffocating this offense until shannon freed the team from him. Young or not, those plays call wouldn’t work that well with an experienced team.

    I was glad when carlos came around and started blasting nix after his 1st year in, but carlos lost me when he started voicing his opinion on shannon to much, somethings he was right, but the big picture he was way off. He had no clue what shannon was doing, shannon was just being handcuffed in his 1st year by time, than his 1st time having to assemble a staff, but he’s made adjustments and right now has this team in a position it hasn’t been in, in a long time going into a season, not about hype from the past, but from what’s actually in the present.

  40. avatar
    The Truth says:

    He made ESPN donate a large % of their profit to the boys/girls club or something like that. I don’t Lebron was trying to totally make a spectacle…he did some good with it.

  41. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Now you can talk about it all you want bg! LOL

  42. shwarma5, hell now, you can’t give no owner like him credit for calling someone a coward after he’s gone. Why didn’t he say all that crap while lebron was their, but now he wants to act like those women who after you leave them, they got nothing good to say about you even though it was their fault you rolled out. I can’t respect a guy like him, the time for him to show emotion was back when he saw what he saw and could’ve said something towards correcting what he thought he saw. than to say, “we’re going to win a championship before lebron, because they’re going to now focus all of their energy into doing so” well WTF were doing while that man was their, half azzin it, he’s what you call a real true HYPOCRITE. Who would want to keep working for someone like him, instead showing some form of gratitude to the man for his accomplishments and helping to put all that money in his pockets, this mofo wants to act all silly, somebody should go and slap his azz. He’s over their trying to put a hex on the man hoping lebron gets hurt or something.

    That man put in the work to help put himself in this position to make whatever decision he thought was best for what he’s trying to do, if he wanted money, he’d go new york, new jersey and chi town, instead he wanted the realest town out of that group, so this song goes out to dan gilbert:

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    Captain Optimist says:

    Or is there…….. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    GO CANEZ!!!!!



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    canechic says:

    Good one Calvin.

  45. What’s this about Ferman saying it isn’t official?


  46. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Calvin, why would the man have said anything before hand? Not one coach, besides Ozzie Guillen, is going to blast a guy like that while he is still on their team (and before the decision the playoffs was the only thing to really blast him about anyway). Plus the NBA is a players run leagues, so while I agree with your sentiment about manning up, in the NBA you have to placate your guys, so that’s jsut the way it is.

    And why do I give credit to Gilbert now? Why should Lebron be the only one to have a voice? Gilbert just spoke his mind right or wrong. Many other owners would have just given the company line, Gilbert spoke from emotion (again even if it was misguided). This man is running a business, and he needs to get that city around him, and this was a good move to do that (though bad move for attacting future players). Again, this is not about Lebron’s decision, its about the way he went about it. And Truth, giving it to the Boys and Girls club is a PR move that someone besides Lebron thought of ,so I am not going to give Lebron any credit for it.

  47. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Also Calvin, in the interview last night Lebron said he didn’t call Gilbert to let him know he was leaving prior to the annoucement. So Lebron is acting on the same type bullsh*t. It’s just as cowardly to leave without saying anything, so that’s another reason I give Gilbert “credit” or at least don’t hate on the man.

  48. Mike, I am trying to make the EOTH schedule until September 5 and we have a problem:


    How the F did that happen?!?!? 😉

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    LyquidEnigma says:

    You may have done this already, but can anyone varify if Seantrel Henderson has signed with us or not? Was just on FaceBook, and saw that he is being welcomed…

  50. avatar
    LyquidEnigma says:

    Also Mary, how do I change my user pic?

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    The Truth says:

    I have to say I thought Gilbert was pretty cassless. Was he going to call the AP and rip Chris Bosh if he “betrayed” Toronto’s fans to play in Cleveland? What about sending a press release to Miami ripping Wade had he chosen to play in Cleveland?

    Is the game. This is the way it goes.

    And when we were all younger we used to love to have our closest friends with us on our team when we played games at the park…why can’t Lebron want that for himself, too?

    And why is Gilbert so pissed about such a “quitter” leaving, anyway??


    They’ve planned to play together for awhile. That’s not a crime

    So, I don’t know. I think they’re pissed cuz he had the special…but he had the special to generate revenue to his charity. Maybe some of it was for his own ego, but so what?

    Welcome to 2010.

  52. avatar
    The Truth says:

    BTW Shwarma…that’s just my take…I’m not arguing here :-)

  53. LE,

    (1) He gave his commitment, but now he needs to get admitted to UM and pass the clearinghouse. Hopefully it will be “officially” official next week. This info is from Scout and Canesport, delivered to me by MiamiMike01.

    (2) I can change your avatar for you if you like. Just send it to my e-mail address listed on Facebook. Either a link to a photo or an attached photo. If you do it in the next 10 minutes, I will change it tonight. Otherwise, it might have to wait until tomorrow or Sunday.

  54. Schedule sent, Mike! Woo hoo! You know kickoff is coming up when you have the game day blog on the schedule!!!! GO ‘CANES!!!

  55. Truth, couldn’t have said it better myself. People need to lay off LBJ. He did what he thought was best for himself, and what would make him happy. After all it is HIS life. People didn’t rip Wade for not going back to his hometown and playing for the Bulls when he had the chance.

  56. avatar
    canechic says:

    Hey do you think Gilbert calls all of his player’s prior to trading them?

  57. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Truth I disagree. Gilbert was no more classless then Lebron. Again, would you have preferred Gilbert not give his opinion until asked by a reporter? Not give it at all? I feel like because people are here in Miami, they are also viewing this with rosy glasses (and understandably so).

    I have no ties to Cleveland, could care less about the place, but being from NY let me say this, if a player did what Lebron did last night, he better have security to make it out of the city. Also, even though I despise the Yanks, you think a guy like Steinbrenner would have done any less?

    I mean he called Lebron a quitter (which from mattering on what side your on could be said is true, especially given his playoff performance), and a coward (again true by nature of him being outside of Cleveland for the annoucement and not calling to at least say sorry but I am taking my ball else where), and you know what if that’s his opinion fine.

    I mean is this all about $$$ for Gilbert, sure, but you know what, what do you want him to do? Say Lebron may I have another?

  58. LE, I have to leave the office now . . . official cupcake business . . . but I will be checking my e-mail and will change your avatar to whatever you like as soon as I get a chance! :-)

    Talk to y’all later!

    GO ‘CANES!!!!

  59. avatar
    canechic says:

    No Shwarma but there is something called class and dignity. He reacted and hit send and you should never react and hit send. Sleep on it and then make a fresh comment in the morning.

  60. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Well it seems I am in the minority here on LBJ. I just would be very interested what this conversation sounds like outside of Miami, as I think there are many LBJ sympathizers and its easy to give the, “the man can do whatever he wants” line when it benefits your side.

    And Truth, I wrote my reply prior to seeing you say that was only your “take” but to me this is all funny, as had this happened with Wade and had it been been any place but Chicago (and I am saying this just to say make it clear you can’t compare it to Lebron since he is leaving his hometown versus Wade going home), I think everyone would not be using the defense they are using with Lebron to justify Wade leaving (he’s doing it cause he can, to chase championships)

    All these fans would be acting the same way they do when they feel jilted by a recruit (and thankfully for the Canes that is not applicable to most on here), telling him don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split ya (and the only difference on why the reaction wouldn’t be like Cleveland is Miami sports fan will never care about sports teams like those up north do)

  61. avatar
    The Truth says:

    No…but let’s be real – Gilbert has made some cold hard business decisions in his day. Well, Lebron just made one too.

    And again, Gilbert was courting Bosh. If Bosh had chosen Cleveland would Gilbert have felt bad for the fans and owner of Toronto?

    Hell no!

    So my point is, for the sake of his organization and the league itself he needed to temper his tongue to the media. He looks pretty classless to the majority of the people from what I can tell and that doesn’t represent his team or the NBA very well.

    It’s a tad hypocritical. An owner ripping a player for leaving to greener pastures. Those owners drop people all day, every day for the sake of the all mighty dollar.

    I don’t really care too much about basketball. I’ve been to maybe two or three heat games a season on average. So this isn’t a Rosey eyed fans perspective. I just thought he was way out of line given how cut throat he, and ALL team owners have to be.

    I do see your side of it, though. But I think it comes from a fans perspective instead of seeing that Lebron is a regular guy like you. He and his two best friends are going to play ball together. That makes him happy and Cleveland has to suffer for that. That’s big time sports, though…

  62. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And in all that I forgot to say that I thought he really should have given the company line.

  63. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Canechic, that is fair and from my role as a PR professional, I agree. But why should Gilbert be villanized from our perspectives as fans for just speaking his mind after he wasn’t even given the courtesy of a phone call from Lebron? The man only disrespected Lebron after he was disrespected him first.

    And in terms of the trade comment your right, and had Lebron just handled this in a normal way, I then think Gilbert is a total moron, but since James decided to hold a national TV special I can’t say I blame Gilbert for handling it the way he did especially taking into account that he needs to have Cleveland fans on his side.

  64. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I can 100% say if Wade had gone to Chicago I would have felt like “good for him”

    Now, back in the say had Marino really gone to the Raiders there would have been some SERIOUS hell to pay!!!!

  65. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I do agree that Lebron owed the organization a phone call ahead of time…that wasn’t cool

  66. avatar
    canechic says:

    I am not a fan at all of Lebron and would have totally understood if Wade left last year that team was horrible. I really do not even care for the NBA but the way Cleveland has reacted is not called for and I feel like Lebron needs some people on his side. Business is business, do you think Gilbert would have any trouble letting Lebron go if he lost his edge and was costing the team too much? He has done everything right waited his time out and decided to move on. Yes the show was dumb and over the top but he is still a young kid. So I give him the benefit. Gilbert is a mature business man and should know better.

  67. avatar
    canechic says:

    2 wrongs never make a right but who looks like an idiot now? Not Lebron!

  68. avatar
    Esteban says:

    i think once Lebron gets that title with Wade and Bosh and company people outside of Cleveland won’t be talking about “the decision”. People in Cleveland…it will just make things worse. But then again maybe their Owner will realize he needs a GM and needs to stay out his GM’s way. Dude was an enabler against the wishes of the GM. Danny Ferry was a good GM, but had a “too hands on for his own good” owner. When you spoil a grown man they don’t respect you for that. They don’t appreciate it. They just see you as pushover. And when time comes to move on…no loyalty is going to the guy who’s a pushover. Now he’s scorned. Tough luck.

  69. avatar
    Esteban says:

    it was reported that Lebron’s people called the teams he didn’t choose before the announcement.

  70. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Truth – like I said in my reply to Canechic, Lebron doesn’t have a special and Gilbert does that, crucify the guy all you want. But given that circumstance, I can’t blame the guy for not taking the high road.

    And you are right it is a business, and Gilbert will screw over every person he can twice as fast, but in this case for the city, for his team, I think that from a fans perspective (as again from the PR perspective this doesnt help him) he did an understandable thing (not saying the right thing)

    I also just think hearing the winners bash the loser makes listening to the argument also a bit tougher and why I might be taking the other side, since I could really care less either way

  71. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I hear you Shwarma…you’re right about the special. But he didn’t profit from the special. His charity did, though and that a plus for Lebron – and smart too.

    I don’t know…I think Gilbert shouldve taken a higher road for the sake of his organization and the NBA.

  72. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I get you now…yes, I DO understand his reaction. Sure…of course. I’m just saying you can’t go off like that publicly.

  73. Shwarma, been listening to national and local radio all day and the consensus outside of miami (and outside of cities that were jilted) seems to be that Lebron has demonstrated that he is a diva of the highest order by announcing on that special, that he has recognized that he isn’t good enough to win it all without help, and that he has every right to leave(particularly if cle is never going to get him the help he needs to win it all).

    Mostly with regard to Lebron, nobody thinks he’s wrong to leave cleveland. After all, he’s not responsible for that city and all its teams being down on their luck, and there’s nothing wrong with electing to take less money because you have the desire to win. The primary focus seems to be on his decision to announce the new team in a fashion that was considered pretty disrespectful to his hometown(as well as a mind numbing waste of time), strictly for a narcissistic primetime announcement that was the culmination of his little recruitment tour. Nobody judges him for going to Miami, but most people feel that his true colors have really been revealed. Nobody really buys that boys/girls club donation issue either. That fig leaf isn’t working out for him. Its generally been said all day that he can do plenty of things to raise money for charity other than hold a nationally televised hour long celebration of himself.

    Plenty of talk is about how this will play out, and that discussion is not judgmental. Holding a special for yourself is being judged pretty critically though.

  74. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    I am so sorry I took so long to answer. I was doing some laser hair stuff for some happy patients.

    I think Whole Foods has it. It is called ” Immunity Shots”. It has in oregano, colloidal silver, ginger et al. If they dont have it, try taking Oregasyn ( or is it Oregacyn). There is also something else I also suggest called Umcka Cold Care. If you take these, preferably both, you will feel better pretty quickly or even fight off what is threatening to come on.

  75. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Este thanks for that info, though Lebron still should have done it himself.

    Also, I am going to throw in the towel here, as I will just agree to disagree or better yet comprise and say Gilbert was acting like a scorned lover and in the long run will proven to be wrong, though the other party did not have the best bedside manner

  76. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    WICane, that’s what I figured. Like I said outside of Miami, not surprising to see that reaction which is how I was saying I felt (mixed in of course with a defense of Gilbert)

    However, I am done with this for now, as I need to finish work so I can get out of here asap, as I am off to South Beach tonight.

  77. avatar
    The Truth says:

    It’s all good shwarma…points taken…and you’re right. But at the end of the day:

    Who the f@ck really cares if it ain’t about the Canes???!! LOL

  78. avatar
    Esteban says:

    Shwarma, both Lebron and Gilbert come out of this looking like a$$es. Lebron not so much for leaving Cleveland but how he did it. Gilbert looks like one for his reaction and his actions during Lebron’s time there.

    Pat Riley on the other hand…looks like a f’in genius/miracle worker.

  79. My question is different. I have lived through the past countless years of Brett Favre acting like the diva that my fellow packer fans and I are directly responsible for creating. I can tell you, he could have been a selfish prick before he got here, but he’s got a God complex now, and I don’t see how that could be avoidable after the way he has been treated here. But, we created that monster, so we’ve got to live with it. My question is, if Lebron continues to demand special treatment on such an unprecedented scale, how Miami fans will take it. Miami fans don’t owe him anything. There is no bond there. If he chooses to make a complete azz of himself like he did last night, how will he be treated? Every move he makes will be well documented, photographed, and video’d in Miami. You can get away with a lot more in Cleveland even if you weren’t born there and became their golden child. But when the diva arrives in Miami and doesn’t get 100% of the treatment he requires, how will this play out? I don’t know how the Favre saga looks from down there, but it’s been pretty ugly up here, and we have an incredible feeling of a bond with him. That bond doesn’t exist between Lebron and Miami, so if Lebron continues as is, or gets even worse, I’m pretty interested to see how his stay in Miami plays out.

  80. How mant ppl on here thot it was kool the way pj, patchan, and brown treated um during their recruitment…those KIDS got blasted by many ppl on this and tos…now in the case of james the city of clev bowed down to him like he was s real king…he basically called the shots on er player tht was aquired or sent packin while he was a cav…so the oh they didn’t get him any help line is bs…any1 remember him gettin Paul Silas fired after his 1st or 2nd yr…the fans of (0highO)supported lbj since he was in highskol and for him to go on national tv and bend over pull his pants down and tell the hometown that worships the ground he walks on to kiss it ( btw that was a paraphrase from tos of a blogger ppl here like alot 6) is jus plain wrong…if u going to bail on a city/team that has ur brand atleast do it with sum class..jmo

  81. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Nash point taken, but Miami is a very different sports town. There are alot more Cleveland’s then there are Miami’s and for sports sake, thatt is actually a good thing overall

    Este – 110% about Riley.

  82. avatar
    Mitch Kamerman says:

    Thanks everyone!!!!!

  83. on another note, thank goodness the World Cup is almost over!

    No more vuvuzela’s, or whatever, and no more fake injuries, soccer players crying, geez.

  84. avatar
    canechic says:

    The Herald still has not reported that Seantrel is a Cane, I think they are bit behind today!

  85. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Personally, not that anyone cares, but I think Cleveland sucks and if I was Lebron I would have gone to Miami. I’m all in and all for the man to live his life the way he wants and not the way other people think he should. He proved to me that he is his own man and I say bring it on NBA and eat your hearts out.

    Lebron has come to Miami for the right reason and that is to win multiple championships. God Speed, Heat!

  86. I see your point, Nash.

    But this is free-agency, and there is time to recover. There isn’t a Lebron out there, but there are still choices to make for Cleveland.

    NSD, if a kid says no, you have no time to recover from his decision. You’re left holding the offer, with very limited choices on who fills the spot, if at all.

    I hold professionals to a different standard than amateurs. Lebron is his own brand, and he has to do what’s best for his legacy and long-term future. Glad it’s in Miami.

  87. Watching the OU v Boise debacle on classic.

    What a great game!!

    I can’t stand Stoops.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  88. Let me clarify.

    College kids, guys get more breaks and there’s a line you don’t cross when discussing them.

    Professionals, the kids gloves are off. No holes barred.

    Could have the media surrounding his decision been handled differently? Probably.

    Could he have told Cleveland a little earlier? Yes, but he took the risk of someone leaking the information. He wanted to keep it close to the vest up till the end, b/c he wasn’t fully decided until the morning of the announcement.

  89. I wonder why Nick Satan got diff treatment when he followed his heart and did what was best for him/family and went back to college??? Lol…

  90. Again, dan gilbert is the idiot and coward he claims lebron is. lebron doesn’t owe cleveland shat, if anything they owe him for the last 7 seven years, that man has brought that city joy, money and confidence that they’ve never had, if anything they owe that man thanks and gratitude for working hard to get to this point and bringing them with him. He didn’t have to sign the 2nd contract extension with them that he did back than, but he did, but after 7(which is a complete number) seasons, go head. The main reason lebron doesn’t owe gilbert or that city anything is simple, had lebron come out of highschool and been injury prone and gotten hurt several years like greg oden and didn’t put in the work to live up to the hype, those same fans would’ve wanted to run him out of town or wouldn’t have cared if he left. The fact that he was injury free and played at a high level for so long, they and the owner want to act like that man owes them something, hell you had em for 7 years, he’s been in cleveland living with that whole city on his shoulders since junior highschool, so who cares if he didn’t exit the way somebody else thinks he should have, he gave them the best he could when he was their.

    A coward waits until someone leaves and says something, no excuse for trying to hide behind owners trying to kiss azz, if you’re a real owner and your player seems like he’s a quitter, you’re suppose to addressed that with him or even pubicly, dan is stupid and acting like he’s the 1st owner to ever lose a high profile player. The media is just obessed with this guy, they lost in the playoffs and they were still talking about lebron this and lebron that, in the meantime, the real teams were still playing and actually getting rings. It’s good that lebron is in Miami now, a city that he can travel around with some sense of being regular, but the media will move down here and follow him, real people from Miami and real people from other places know what’s up, this fascination with “WHAT lebron did or should’ve did” is ridiculous, that man not perfect, so all these people saying what he should of did, ok, put yourself in his position and than show us how you think he should do it.

    He’s in and organization now, with real people, so all that diva stufff, if it’s true goes out the window, pat riley not having that, knowing he’s already coach hall of famers, mickey not having it, wade not, zo not, so he’s in good hands, with people who he know actually care about him for him, and are not sweating him because he’s lebron james. wade is secure enuff and has his own greatness that lebron admires and see’s, gilbert is just mad at the next owners meeting he’s got to look like that desparate owner again because his product was just weakened, in fact, tell em to go trade for greg oden. I’m just concerned for lebron’s well being with all this hate in the air. Name the last 25 year old who has to deal with this much crap for just picking a team, reminds me of the time when ronald curry chose to go to unc instead of a virginia school, that was even worse because this was a highschool kid and to wtch all these adults spew hate on him for going to unc was ridiculous.

    All lebron did was choose a team he wanted to play for now, he didn’t get off on murder charges, he hasn’t been accused of raping women or using drugs or getting caught with an under age prostitute, he didn’t stop standing up for the national anthem cause of these unjust wars, he just chose a team, a basketball team that he wanted to play for, lol.

    Also, had lebron went to new york, the press would not have been this negative, whatever happened to just pure journalism instead of all these people putting their personal feelings and opinions on this situation, GET A LIFE if you think it’s justified to vilify this man for going in a direction he thought was best for him.

    He’s in Miami, and for the 1st time since forever, he doesn’t have to been the main man on a team, he go back to playing the way he did when he was in highschool and that was being a team player, and having fun with his boys, lebron is loyal to those he grew up with, not people who just want to make money off of him like dan cry baby gilbert. If his teammates were real with it, they wouldn’t have a problem with what he did either.

  91. nashvilleCane, nick satan was in another category, because he kept lying about not going anywhere, lebron didn’t lie and say he was staying in cleveland and than rolled out. As for me, i was happy when nick satan left, i didn’t care that he was lying, you knew it anyway because he’s not a good liar, my problem with nick was when he dismantled our defense and than rolled out, didn’t resign madison or brock marion, etc. etc. People were crying over nick as if he had a winning season, he was a losing headcoach with the dolphins. My only problem again with him was, will get rid of madison and than o and get will allen from the giants, that was stupid, will allen has never been an elite db, madison was still in his prime. it’s all about family down in Miami, when you come to this city, you know if you’re in, you good, cause people will take you in and take care of you, and lebron will have alot of cats down here who’ll school em on wassup, it’s his life, his hardwork got him to where he is, get over it.

  92. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    LeBron walks into his favorite Cleveland area Burger King…….The employee of the month is at cashier………after several years working at BK, the cashier tells LBJ that he feels like he’s not advancing here and that he feels like he could make manager at Arby’s, Wendy’s, ect……..LBJ whines about how the cashier is his favorite employee, and how he feels the guy owes it to the community to stay at this organization where homie feels he isn’t progressing……….The guy decides to leave anyways, and LeBron begins pouting about how he has been double-crossed and this fella is in debted to the community for making him “Employee of the Month” …….LBJ then proceeds to put all his BK kids meal toys and coupons and memorabilia in a pile, and set it aflame………LBJ then goes on to say how he hates this particular employee, and that he hopes that whatever franchise he goes to, never sells another hamburger………

    Sounds pretty silly right?

  93. Looks like Big Hendy is in and all set…

  94. Ok, if that’s true, let’s go ben jones, start doing your thang thang, keep this young gun on the bench. Otherwise, after next year, it’s going to be hard to get another crack at the OT spot. Just elevates the competition in practice if he comes in.

  95. Cal…what was satan posed to say while being the hc of a team??? “yeah I want to be the hc of another team as soon as this season is over?” and do u not think lbj had a hand in the players he wanted to play with or the coach coachin him??? The owner of the cavs bent over backwards for lbj..and we don’t kno what he told Gilbert had all those players thinkin they were better than what they are and he bailed on them…btw what do most cane fans think of ole butch to this day???

  96. I just heard Schnellenberger is reading this article. How neat is that?!?!

  97. Seriously? Very cool.

    You and Mitch did a great job again.

  98. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Did you see my response to your question?

  99. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    I really think that this whole episode with the media and the fans being persuaded to bash Lebron is the NBA’s doing… It’s truly all about money… The NBA is a revenue sharing league which works pretty much like every conference in college football/sports, meaning the more money each team makes, the more money goes into the pot for the entire league…

    The fact that Miami has hoarded the top 3 free agents this year means that as individuals Lebron and Dwyane Wade will not be as profitable for the NBA because they can only sell out one arena, they can only play on the same night, they can only lead one team to the Finals together… We all know how “Broadway” and over top the NBA and ESPN gets when two super stars are about to play eachother (although they usually swing from Lebron’s jock and act like Wade is his little brother)… This will take that away from the league…

    As far as the press conference, do you really think it was Lebron’s idea? I mean, he stood to gain nothing from it… ESPN has been hyping the summer of 2010 since in the 2008 Olympics so whose idea was it likely to be? I am willing to bet money that Lebron was contacted by ESPN about making his announcement live… The NBA wants him to be bigger and better than any other player and he wants to win and be humble…

    Tell me how the hell this works:

    If an NFL player holds out because he wants to make more money, then he is labeled selfish, not a team player, a cancer, etc… Now you’re telling me that when a guy gives up tens of millions of dollars in salary as well as stats and “legacy” (which is the biggest bulls*it there is in sports today) that he is also selfish… So should these guys be playing to win or should they be playing to make a whole lotta money for the league that they belong too… Essentially, they should be good slaves and do what massa wants them to do, but I’m proud to see that it doesn’t work like that…

    Yeah, they all could’ve made more money but when you’re talking about coming from living on government assistance to now being in the highest tax bracket in the US, the difference between 12 million and 20 million is marginal… I wasn’t much of a Lebron fan either to be honest, but now I truly believe that these guys are playing for the love of the game… These corporate moguls claim that they want them to play for the love of the game, yet when a guy wants to win, he’s labeled all types of cowards and worst yet, a follower…

    Has anyone ever heard Lebron call himself a King? Has anyone ever heard Lebron call himself the greatest? Has anyone ever heard Lebron call himself Michael Jordan? All of this s*it is media created hype but the young man threw a wrench into their plans and now they have to belittle him… Its been the case all along that Wade was better than him but they turned a blind eye to it just so they could continue to pile accolades on his shoulders in hope that he would keep the NBA afloat for the next ten years…

    They know D. Wade and Bosh alone is enough to damn near sell out AA Arena every night for 3 years while making deep playoff runs… However, what becomes of the big New York market and MSG selling out? What becomes of the United Center (if the Bulls still play there) selling out? What happens to Cleveland selling out as it has been for the last seven years? This decision is going to cost the NBA and ESPN alotta money over the next several years and they don’t like it… Nobody was really dumb enough to think these guys weren’t going to get paid alot of money through endorsements regardless of where they played… When I live in Milwaukee, I saw guys like Donald Driver in McDonald’s ads… Nobody cares about Donald Driver outside of Wisconsin so the money is always going to be there… It was just a ploy

  100. good comment, agreed 100%, Doc Ibis.

  101. avatar
    canechic says:

    agreed Doc Ibis!

  102. Bridgewater and Rogers on ESPNU, repping the []_[]

  103. nashvilleCane, wake up man, if nick satan is not smart enough to come up with a satisfactory answer besides lying, than the hell with em. All he had to say was, that’s alabama a great college program. i came from the college ranks and i enjoyed it, i’m the headcoach of the dolphins, it’s an opportunity that has come my way. And that’s an answer i gave off the fly, he had way more time to prepare for a question he knew was coming after games and dropped the ball, if you’re trying to defend nick like he’s the 1st coach to get offered another job while he has one, many coaches have been in his same situation, he chose to tell bold face lies.

    I was one of those that was happy to see butch davis go, because i knew we had the same cornerstone assistants still at UM. I didn’t want butch davis when he came in and started opening his mouth about all the bs he was going to change, so when he left, i didn’t care. i was one of the main ones hoping he didn’t get rehired. The bottom line is, all these cry babies need to get over lebron making a decision for his life and be happy for him.

    As well as what doc ibis wrote!

  104. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    One thing I forgot to mention was concerning their egos and team chemistry… Its not like they all play point guard and shooting guard…

    Wade still gone be a 1/2, Lebron can play his true position as a 3 and Bosh can play the 4… They can also let Lebron play the 4 and Bosh play the 5… It really shouldn’t be that big of a deal

  105. wade, lebron and bosh are doing it the way they want to do it, and people got a problem with that, lol

  106. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Watching the 7 on 7 Miami team (Vapor Trail) vs Hyper Fuse (from TX) for the championship.
    Eli Rogers looks really good. Great individual moves, and he doesn’t drop any balls. I am impressed with this kid.

  107. I agree, reju.

    What’s the problem? he looks great so far. Glad he’s on our team… Good moves, soft hands. I like him…

  108. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Just goes to show you that Coach Shannon and his team know exactly what they are doing .

  109. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Do you agree that Eli Rogers looks like the best receiver on the field tonight?

  110. avatar
    canechic says:

    Calvin too funny!

  111. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Damn, I wish I had ESPNU!!

  112. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Hi Mike,
    Did you see Bridgewater catching those passes? I am impressed. This guy is good too.. Teddy went up 2 times to take away the passes from their DB’s.

  113. stephen morris got is work cut out for him with teddy b coming in. eli rogers is official, people for some reason he was some fluke type reciever, lol, that man is a real baller. Funny how wade and bosh talking about how it feels like family at UM, that’s just the Miami way, when you come to Miami, you either family or something else. That’s why people luv leaviing in Miami, they know people are real down here, and they feel like they can continue to be real themselves and not have to think they got to carry themselves a certain way, just be safe. Why bosh looked like he had tears in his eyes on stage, lol. lebron looks like a kid in the candy store, and he’ll celebrte wade or bosh making a game winning shot just like it was him, lol.

    lebron took his rear view mirror down yall, he not looking back.

  114. I agree, they both look great.

    We got a couple of talents, IMO

  115. Truth.

    No need they already know…


  116. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Haha Teddy throws the OT 2 point conversion to win the 7 on 7 championship, and immediately throws up the “U”

  117. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Teddy B and Eli Rodgers are the real deal. Read on other sites where the U wasn’t really big on Rodgers but gave him a scholly just to get TB. Wrong! the kid is a talented receiver. Can catch in traffic and has the knack for getting open. Read where we had others higher on the board and if they came he is out. Wrong again. This kid can play D1 and is good enough to play for the U.

    All these know it all insiders have been wrong on the other sites about Henderson and Rodgers.

  118. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    after seeing them tonight, I believe. This kid can easily play D1 for the U. He seems to be always get seperation, and holds onto the ball. I think he will be good.

  119. I see seantrel henderson’s pops already talking about all they want is that fair chance talk, hell he got a schalorship didn’t he. Plus the tables turned, if he’s good enuff, he’ll play, if he’s getting destroyed on a regular basis by bailey, ojomo, vernon, robinson, smith, dyron and crew, he’ll be redshirted, and coming in this late in the game, he’ll have to be good. All that we got in the game late talk, or we might of been #1, who cares, respect the fact that we offered your son after we actually evaluated em, not cauase some sight said he’s #1. Just make sure he’s not the reggie youngblood type.

  120. avatar
    Mitch Kamerman says:

    By the time football starts Miami is gonna have a ton of 5 star players, Rogers, Bridgewater, and Dorsett to name a few. I dont think Whipple has any plans to go anywhere, these are the guys he wants to win a championship

  121. I just learned I am staying with a Buckeye the Thursday before the game when I am making jello shots and cupcakes. Tereina has instructed her not to talk about football to me. God, please give me the strength to make it through the night for the sake of the tailgate!

  122. og cupcakes, you already know what to do, you just found a new taste tester, she’ll be sleep in no time flat.

  123. I’m glad I ain’t going. I’d give someone a ‘Buckeye’.

    I’d get arrested. Get me around all those arrogant a$$holes and it’s on……….

  124. Rejuvaphan I just found your comment, thank you for the info. I was hoping it said white wine since that’s what I had tonight. Oops. Okay, gotta get to bed so I can be in good shape to gie you guys a report on Canesfest!!! I’m so excited!!!

  125. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    I just want to say that in 2011, Kacy Rodgers will be the MAN… I was just watching that kids highlights from his junior year, he reminds me of Nnamdi Asomugha!!

    He did have knee surgery during his senior season but I was talking to him on facebook a few months ago and he said he was running track and while I don’t rememberr his time, I believe he was a 10.7 guy which isn’t too shabby!!

  126. I shouldn’t have listened to the game day cd on the way home. I’m all amped up! No one on the corner has swagga like us, swagga like us, swagga swagga like us.

  127. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Doc, I think you’re dead wrong about it costing the NBA and ESPN money, as well as the owners calling players cowards. Gilbert’s the only one I know who’s done that.

    But more importantly, the last time you had three utterly dominant players on the same team, excluding Boston, was Jordan-Pippen-Rodman. And guess what happened? Arenas sold out everywhere they played. TV ratings were higher than ever during the regular season and even backwater teams made money at the stadium because people wanted to come see the Three Kings play.

    These three are even bigger and better than those three collectively and the audience will respond.

    But if the players had divided their talent, nothing would have changed. NY would still be worthless and CHI would still be middle of the pack.

    So actually, Team Heat have done the NBA a huge publicity, marketing favor, with controversy for days.

    And while Lebron may not have ever called himself king, he certainly agreed to let other people call him that, as well as stating that he wanted to be the first billionaire athlete.

    So who’s the greedy, corporate owner after all the dust settles in your conspiracy theory, marxist, skin-color-paranoia stained scenario??

    This situation was a clash between team owner and franchise player. There was never a question about who the REAL top dog was, and the loser behaved like a loser. The city of Cleveland’s reaction was to be expected.

  128. Henderson is going to open up some big holes for our run game.Also give j12 at least another 2 seconds of time to throw on his side

  129. A few weeks ago people thought henderson was on campus, it was probably his stunt double ian symotte coming t pick up his transcripts. If this guy comes in and takes somebodies spot, more power to him, under shannon though, you got to earn it. also i know it’s been said that shannon prefers to start the older guys over the younger guys, i think that had more to do with shannon trying to preserve the younger guys for the future, like starting this year, he knows his main guys to get us back to where we’re use to are all grown up now, so they’ll be able to set the standard for the young gun, so from here on in, anybody who breaks into he starting line-up as a freshmen, and that’ll normally only be probably at db, runningback, wide-out/o-line. shannon started those older guys back in the day because from a physical point they should’ve been ready, so i think we’ll began the better guy in the line-up from here on in, but shannon is not going to sacrifice a guys future physically just for winning a football game, that’s just the principle he lives by, i an live with that, and we will definitely win with that because guys will be a whole alot more fresher/4 fingers coming back to mean something.