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Palm Beach County is ‘CANES Country


This weekend, Palm Beach county was reclaimed by its rightful owners:  the Miami Hurricanes and their die-hard fan base.  With less than 8 weeks until kickoff, ‘Canes fans flocked to the Palm Beach County Convention Center to celebrate everything ‘Canes and hear from local student-athletes on their thoughts regarding the upcoming season.  In a crowd of hundreds, enjoying everything from shopping for UM gear, to playing in the bounce house, to dodging the overzealous blonde chick who coordinates game watches for the local alumni club, [visit the Palm Beach ‘Canes Club’s website for details on all away game watches and the upcoming 3rd annual Football Kickoff Event on August 18th featuring Steve Walsh,  Bennie Blades, Lamar Thomas, Don Bailey Jr. and All Canes!], fans had the opportunity to interact with current and former players and Sebastian the Ibis, as well as buy season tickets for as low as $99, and learn about upcoming events.

The main event featured a panel of interviews moderated by Don Bailey Jr. starring former center KC Jones, and student-athletes Micanor Regis, Ramon Buchanan, Matt Bosher, Orlando Franklin, Travis Benjamin, and Damien Berry.  Even Sebastian the Ibis gave a brief interview full of gestures and culminating in a rousing C – A – N – E – S cheer.  What more could you ask for on a Saturday afternoon?!

Highlights from the interviews included:

  • Don Bailey Jr. and KC Jones’ thoughts on recent Miami verbal commit Seantrel Henderson
  • Micanor Regis and Ramon Buchanon’s discussion about how things have changed with the addition of Coach Petri and how Coach Shannon extensively participates in Special Teams coaching
  • Matt Bosher’s take on mental preparation and concentration for his role on the team, and how his role will change this year with a lightened load thanks to walk-on Ben Hopfinger
  • Orlando Franklin’s discussion of how he earned the nickname “The Big O,” as well as how he relishes the responsibility of protecting Jacory Harris and making sure the offense can be successful on every play
  • Travis Benjamin’s thoughts on the Glades/Pahokee Muck Bowl rivalry
  • Damien Berry’s and father Kenny, who played cornerback for the Hurricanes in the late 1980s, playful trash talk about who the best athlete is in the family
  • Trash talk from everyone about THE Ohio State Suckeyes, the Floriduh Crocs, and the FSWho Criminoles

EOTH would like to thank Kirby Hocutt and the UM Athletic Department for bringing Canesfest to Palm Beach county.  It speaks to the dedication the new athletics administration has to creating one large south Florida community and cultivating UM’s fanbase in its own backyard.

If you missed out on the Palm Beach County Canesfest (or you are a superfan like me who can’t get enough ‘Canes), make sure you catch the upcoming Broward County Canesfest on Saturday, July 31.  More information will be coming on EOTH, but we already know that panelists include star players like Leonard Hankerson and Graig Cooper.  You don’t want to miss it!  GO ‘CANES!

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    canechic says:

    Anybody up early OK vs Miami from last year is on ESPN U, GO CANES!!!

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    canechic says:

    JSQ getting nervous Canes not playing well.

    I sure hope Jacory has worked on the interception thing.

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    canes2k10 says:

    I agree if he cuts down the int’s Canes will be right there.

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    canechic says:

    Hopefully the O-line has improved too!

  5. CC LOL I had to watch my Sunday morning three stooges then I popped up to ESPNU.

    This game brings back some great memories!!

    What a great night.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  6. Yo who is the dude in the Uni???

    That’s awesome!!

    Is he the same dude that goes to the games in full pads as well??

    Saw some dude at Champs walkin around and it freaked me out a little.

    Great pics!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  7. Canez1, that is Shelton. He has commented here before. Really nice guy and yes, that’s who you saw at Champs! :-)

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    canechic says:

    BS penalty!

  9. Thanks JSQ!Ya I thought I saw a comment or two from him. I figured there couldn’t be two of them lol.

    Shelton U da man!

    I think we pull out this OU game……

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  10. We should see prancer tip toeing out of bounds for no reason soon.

    Love it!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  11. OOOOOO Jacory.

    I sure hope you got all of those stupit decisions out of your system last year.

    Don’t make me miss my boy Marve even more LOL

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  12. G0 Canes!

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    canechic says:

    Seriously Canez 1

  14. Damn I miss football!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Great article, JSQ.

    I like that Shelton guy, he puts it out there for the Canes, as do you.\

    …and Mike, thanks for the following (I couldnt’ agree more!):

    ” More positive is needed in everyone’s life, especially nowadays. These are still kids.”


  16. I think the concerns should be more about our oline, not Jacory. Had he not been injured and continuously taking a beating, there would have been a lot fewer errors. Let’s be happy Pipho is in med school doing good work there rather than his imitation of the human turnstile on the field.

    Thanks for the props, Canesx3.

  17. Wait, who is prancer?

  18. Eh I think there is plenty of blame to go around. You put more blame on the Oline and I put more on JH12.

    Either way not good and needs to improve.

    Prancer is your boy Javarris LOL!! Or Fred Astaire of the sidelines works too. Either one.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    AngryCane says:

    “moneycane says:
    July 10, 2010 at 7:39 PM

    Angry what games are you and the misses planning on attending this year?”

    Hopefully as many as possible depending on my schedule; I really would like to make it to the Season Opener.

    “JSQ says:
    July 10, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    Angry!!!! Long time no see!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at FAMU and throwing back some jello shots!!!”

    How you doing girl! Yeah some jello shots would be GREAT. We tried some Mojito jello shots at a 4th Party & they were good–had pieces of mint leaf in them!

    “Captain Optimist says:
    July 10, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    Angry, good to see you around bro. Congrats on OCS I believe it’s called. My cousin recently finished and loves it.”

    Thanks Capt. O! Yeah returning to duty is something that I’ve been wanting to do forever to finish-out my 20 years. I’m hoping that they can send me ASAP so that I can be home in time for CaneChic’s graduation in early December. I’ll keep everyone posted.

    Can’t believe that football (NFL Preseason) is about a month away!

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    Sorry ! Don’t miss Marve at all. Hope he does well at Purdue and has grown up a lot. His dad is a poor role model. Jim Kelly on Marve, “He locks onto one receiver, he needs to see the whole field.” Marve was all about Marve and not all about the U.

  21. Canez1, didn’t Baby J have like 200 yards in the OU game?

    You can insult his performance in a lot of games, Clemson for example, but I think you have to give him credit for his performance against OU.

  22. Angry, those mojito jello shots sound yummy! If Canechic can get me the recipe, I’ll make some!

  23. Credit granted for the OU game.

    Randy I don’t like his dad either but the kid has talent no doubt.

    That’s Jim Kelly’s view of a RS freshman. I wonder what his view was of JH12 last year?? Probably the same.

    Love what Marve brings to the field regardless of what the young kid did off of it.

    They both have a great deal of growing up ON the football field. That is my main concern.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    canechic says:

    Working on the recipe, JSQ. My OSU girl is out of town, I will hit her up as soon as she gets back!

  25. I don’t have concerns about J12 off the field. On the field, I think if J12 had Dorsey’s 2001 oline, he could have won the Heisman. He is already, what, top 5 in the record books with a Swiss cheese oline? I think J12 is amazing, he just needs everyone else doing their job, too. Namely, to protect him!

    I liked what Marve did in a couple of games. His run in the Wake Forest game immediately comes to mind. From what I saw, though, he wasn’t as much a part of the team as Jacory. He divided himself and was more focused on skirts. Who knows how much of this distraction was from daddy in his ear, but it was too much drama. It’s a shame, though. Very talented kid and could have done amazing things with Whipple. He’s still a ‘Cane in my mind, though and I wish him well.

  26. Thanks, Canechic!

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    Captain Optimist says:

    So where’s the transcript from the event?? I want to know what Regis said more than anything.

  28. avatar
    canechic says:

    I also owe Nashville my black bean and rice recipe.

  29. Sorry, I was too busy to do a transcript, Cav! Lol. You guys are hard to please!

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    Esteban says:

    Pipho was swiss cheese and the rest of the guys looked bad because of him. They get judged as a unit and like they say you’re only as good as your weakest link. The rest of the guys were solid but it takes 5.

  31. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    JSQ says:
    July 11, 2010 at 2:06 PM
    Sorry, I was too busy to do a transcript, Cav! Lol. You guys are hard to please!


    You can’t tease us like that OG Cupcakes!!! hahahaha You know we appreciate all the time and effort you put into this.

    I’m dying to hear about the Petri Effect. It’s litereally the difference between 12-0 and 10-2 or 9-3.

    Did anyone videotape it??

  32. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Este, exacty. It only takes one hole for a ship to sink.

  33. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    I don’t think Jacory and Marve are on the same level… Jacory performed better than Marve in both Pat Nix’s Offense and Whipple’s… I wanted Marve to be good too but he came across as a WAY more athletic Kirby Freeman… It seemed like a span of about 5 or 6 years where none of your WRs were ever open… I watched Marve play in high school and I thought he was the man… I’m pretty sure he’ll have improved from 2008 but I doubt he’ll be better than Jacory and I doubt if anybody could accuse Jacory of locking on to one WR…

    A tidbit from scout:

    Give a big assist to Latwan Anderson and Jeff Stoutland on this one. Anderson started the re-recruiting process early, and when the sanctions came down big Seantrel gave us an unannounced call and committed (hence my post on the enormous silent.)

    Seantrel had done Shannon wrong (standing him up for an hour to get a haircut), so Stoutland took over as the point man and got this done. He thinks this is the most talented offensive lineman he has ever had the chance to coach.

    Something to consider: during the original process, we were the only team that was straight up with him. We took a hard line, sold our program and that’s it. And when everything went down, he came back to us (like PJ and BB tried to do.) That says something IMO.

  34. Cav I think Kenny Berry did. There might be some you tube videos up by now or soon.

  35. cav, that ou game showcased alot of what vaughn telemaque and regis are all about. regis kept puting pressure on landry, telemaque came up and made some nice tackles in the run game, ray ray, as well, spence, that game showed the potential of the young players on this team, and watching telemaque make calls and spence, the whole defense was basically on point that night, nothing tricked the defense, it just basically came down to man for man talent.

    It was a physical game and our guys played physical as well, one of the 1st times in a long time we actually won a physical game.

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    Shelton Douthett says:

    Had a great time.I will see every one on the 31st

  37. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    A tidbit from scout:

    Give a big assist to Latwan Anderson and Jeff Stoutland on this one. Anderson started the re-recruiting process early, and when the sanctions came down big Seantrel gave us an unannounced call and committed (hence my post on the enormous silent.)

    Seantrel had done Shannon wrong (standing him up for an hour to get a haircut), so Stoutland took over as the point man and got this done. He thinks this is the most talented offensive lineman he has ever had the chance to coach.

    Something to consider: during the original process, we were the only team that was straight up with him. We took a hard line, sold our program and that’s it. And when everything went down, he came back to us (like PJ and BB tried to do.) That says something IMO.


    Interesting. I love how Shannon’s handling it.

  38. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    JSQ, that link is something else.

  39. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Doc Ibis, do you or anyone know how Latwan got in contact with us and how that whole thing went down?

  40. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Cal, yeah the OU and GT games were the showcases for the youth. If you replace Shields with McGee then OU gets shut-down more or less.

    I’m actually curious to see how Henderson does. This should be interesting.

  41. Sorry, I posted from my iPhone, Cav. Just search for Canesfest on you tube and it comes up. Also if you could post the correct link that would be great!

  42. Great to meet you yesterday, Shelton! I’ll see you in Broward at the end of the month!

  43. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Canez1 I agree.

    Still think the U got the better end of the deal. Hope Marve has a good year and beats Ohio State, if he starts.

  44. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    JSQ, will do. I’ll post the link.

  45. Thanks Cav!!!

  46. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Micanor still has some baby fat on him. haha That’s good to see cause he’ll get stronger and sharper. He handled the Petri question well. hahs

  47. avatar
    CANES305 says:

    The guy all decked out is my boy Shelton! There is a story with the outfit thats pretty serious so I have MAD props for my boy! Keep doing your thang Shelton The U Nation has your back…

    []_[] SWAG

  48. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Part 1…Canesfest 2010…Berry, Benjamin, Franklin

  49. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Orlando’s is good shape, not much fat on that giant body.

  50. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Benjamin’s adding some muscle, slowly but surely.

  51. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    I still say Berry needs more muscle.

  52. Welcome, Canes305! Thanks for posting!!!

    Yeah, Cav, Orlando posted a picture of himself in a wife beater a couple of months ago on Facebook and he looks pretty solid.

  53. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    My concern about Marve’s improvement would be that he hasn’t played in a live game since he left the U. So the experience level is still the same as when he left the U. Marve did make some good plays and the games against Wake and Va. Tech stand out to me there. More so his scrambling and running with the ball than his passing. Would Marve be better for having the year he missed due to injury? Would he have played significantly? I have been reading (my sources tell me) that he is definitely in the mix at Purdue to start. If Drew Brees comes back to campus and helps out that would be beneficial for him as well.

    J12 has a year of experience and growth Marve doesn’t have. Even when they were at the U together, from my perspective J12 outplayed him. On the road at Duke and Virginia with come from behind wins, I think that was pretty impressive.Especially what he did against UVA on the road, 99 yards to tie and then the win in OT. I also think he showed more leadership on and off the field than Marve. I don’t think it helped Marve to have been Nix’s boy either, given the nature of the relationship with Nix and Shannon being what it was. I don’t think that relationship was good for a long time and just surfaced in the Emerald Bowl.

    Marve’s suspension for the Emerald Bowl and then he and his dad expecting him to be named the starter going into Spring practice, didn’t show much leadership or maturity on Marve’s part. We all talk aboput how there needs to be competition for starting spots but his attitude was one of entitlement and we see where that got Coker’s guys.

    Just an Opinion. didn’t mean to go on a rant, I believe in J12 and that he was the best QB from the start.

    If you watch the FSU game from last year I think J12 did a good job looking off the defense. Otherwise he locked on to a lot of different receivers in that game. He threw for what 384 yards in his first game against a heated rival on the road and won the game. I have no way of knowing, but I think Kelly would have been very complimentary. Did J12 make some mistakes as the year progressed? yes, hopefully he is watching film and has learned and is ready to lead us to the promised land. I think he is.

    I expect to see a ton of improvement out of J12 this year and better numbers than last year overall. He did throw for over 3,000 yards, first to do so since Dorsey left. I think an improved running game that starts with the OL will be a big help to J12 and hope he feels like he doesn’t have to do it all himself.

  54. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Hurricane Randy, do you really want anyone beisdes Miami to beat OSU? I am one of those people that want all of our opponents to win every game they play aside from Miami… Obviously, thats not possible with in-conference opponents but I still want those teams to make us look good…

    Cap, as far as Latwan, I think I read that after Latwan didn’t sign with WVU, our coaches called his highschool coach and asked him why Latwan didn’t sign on signing day and after that we got our track coaches in touch with his people and worked it from that angle…

  55. avatar
    Mr Troutman says:

    Esteban says:
    July 11, 2010 at 2:10 PM
    Pipho was swiss cheese and the rest of the guys looked bad because of him. They get judged as a unit and like they say you’re only as good as your weakest link. The rest of the guys were solid but it takes 5.
    U KNOW YOUR FOOTBALL ESTEBAN I GIVE YOU THAT… U see, Pipho was our weakest leak…BIG and FAST DE’S blew right by him. He was no match for this type of aggression. Now we have several 6’6 or above GIANTS to hold down that side. As long as they keep a quick bodies in front of them we’ll be fine.Quickness will be the ONLY way you’ll get at MIAMI this year. POWER AND STRENGTH will not be the case. The numbers are looking good this year and things are heating up down there in DADE. All i know guys is that sports this year will have its HIGHEST TV rankings ever. U heard it here first.

  56. Just keeping it real…I think marve would of been a great qb at miami with time.dude has a rocket for a arm.J12 still a little scary for me

  57. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Shelton Douthett says:
    July 11, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Had a great time.I will see every one on the 31st

    Man the full uni is awesome. I thought that I repped the []_[] hard but you got me beat by a landslide. We building an empire brick by brick and fans like we have here on ETOH are the foundation.

    GO CANES!!!!

  58. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Zilla I agree Marve had a rocket for an arm, but if that’s all it took then Jeff George would be in the hall of fame, and Joe Montana would be a no name loser. To me Marve didn’t have the right mentality when he was at UM. He made bad decisions on and off the field, and hopefully this move to Purdue was what he needed to get his head on straight. To me Marve was a mirror image of Chris Rix.

  59. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    Marve definitely had a stronger arm but he didn’t use it too much… He got rattled and scrambled (even though I like when he scrambled)… I just think that Marve at the helm and we would’ve still been waiting for 2012 to be back and Randy and crew would’ve been out of the door after back to back 5-7 seasons and a 7 win 2009!!

  60. avatar
    canechic says:

    Finally someone scored in the soccer match, this was totally and completely anti-climatic. This world cup came in like a Lion and went out like a Lamb.

  61. Doc what do they/U mean bout pj and bb trying to come back!

  62. doc on point, just one thing, marve never got a chance to be in whipple’s offense. The main thing with marve though was, his height was starting to be a factor, and our o-line has gotten bigger since shannon has been here, we had 3 6’7 guys on the o-line last year, and a 6’8 tight-end, that’s the main reason marve would take off running. I always said, in the pocket, marve was just a regular to below average qb, outside the pocket, marve might just be all world. In fact, marve would’ve looked real good in a mike leach type offense, his arm is built for that, but he left alot of plays out their on that field in the passing game. When we played the gators, on his scramble for the 1st down before we kicked that fieldgoal, somebody was wide open on the otherside, he didn’t even look back, no granted gettingthe 1st down was the main priority, but as far as him being a playmaker in the pocket, that just wasn’t happening as early as jacory.

    For the sake of having 2 quality qb’s here, i would have prefered marve stayed, for the sake of jacory’s growth, it was best that marve left, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, jacory doesn’t need competition to drive him to be better, he just needed to be able to come in, take his lumps without having to worry about being pulled and than take it from their. I like how at halftime of the oklahoma game when shannon was aksed about those 2 interceptions he said, “well, he took some shots” shannon was worried about the interceptions he was glad to know jacory was being aggressive out their irregardless of the opponent. Than later on that aggression paid off to travis benjamin in that game and than almost to collier to ice it.

    marve did have a gun, but so did kyle wright. To me marve’s best passing game came against unc, and aldarius johnson was showing the type of receiver he really is. I still think the 2 best receivers on the team are hankerson and aj2, and aj2 was better his freshman and sophmore years than hankerson was his freshman and sophmore years. aj2 just makes stuff look easy, that’s why alot of people don’t give him him his just do, but we all know laron byrd made that real nice catch against virginia, but it was aj2 who grab the game winning touchdown and made it look easy. I can go back to several games where if it wasn’t for aj2, we lose those games or are position to lose them.

    These guys not only are better physically, but mentally they already know they can take the whole thing.
    They know they keep jacory upright, and he’ll torch teams out their, and damien berry has his confidence all the way up, something that’s been needed, now all we need him to do is block as well as he runs, and we’ll blow teams out.

    Also, i got a problem with coach stoutland saying seantrel henderson is the most talented o-linemen he’s ever coached. My question is, based off of what? Let’s wait and see him get to greentree practice field and get a few reps under his belt against our defensive ends and than say that, cause as of right now, stout might of said the same thing about ian symonette when he 1st was allowed to committ to UM. I remember when ian symonette committed i was laughing and going off, people were trying to tell me back than, he’s about the same size as bryant mckinney and all that bs, i was like so what, you can look at his highschool tapes and tell he was going to be garbage. henderson, he ain’t no ian symonette, he should be decent, but here is where me personally i missed the mindset of a coach like art kehoe.

    He wouldn’t be that impressed with an o-linemen coming out of highschool until he actually seen from his own eyes him go up against somebody, and than and only than he’d know, this guy is going ot be good, but kehoe has coached and witnessed greatness, so had he made that statement i could understand his reference base, coming from coach stoutland, i don’t like the timing of it and i know he wasn’t use to coaching high caliber players until he got to UM, so henderson is the best o-linemen he’s ever coached since when, cause i’m sure these current o-linemen might feel different right about now.

  63. cal,

    symonette’s knees looked like they were gonna buckle just from standing on the sidelines!!

    I love the fact that sh played basketball. Shows the big man can run and be athletic at that size.

    all this hype is too much for a lineman tho. OL don’t like all this drama and big sh should get some rude greetings once practice starts.

    he needs to settle down and get to work. Big o isn’t going to just step aside for him to house his spot.

    one more month bytchez!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  64. Canez1, if seantrel henderson makes it in the 2 deep this year without someone getting injured, i’ll be impressed. That means he’ll have to beat out, ben jones, linder, cory white, plein(although he shouldn’t be the hardest to best technically). If nothing else, just brings more competition to practice and our practice squad is already starting to be/look better than some real teams out their.

  65. calvin u make alot of good points on marve.I for one will watch marve in purdue if its ever on tv..I hope j12 really settles down and be the best he can be.There is alooooooot of talent around him,he needs to use it

  66. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Calvin, great points on Marve.

  67. Calvin, from what I’ve heard Kehoe was actually one of the biggest offenders in relying on the star ratings so it seems he was a bit too impressed with some recruits for the wrong reasons.

    I’m not saying Kehoe couldn’t coach, we know he could, but I’m not sold on his ability to spot/predict talent.

    I think we have to give Coach Stoutland some props here. He got SH to Coral Gables. Sure, he has made a few comments here and there that are irksome, but I think we need to see what he can do this year with some better talent. His coaching ability only went so far with those other dudes.

  68. homeboy sh gonna be knocking down walls for us

  69. What Shwarma said.

    [ducks Mariah doll thrown by Canez1]

  70. Canezilla, I gasped when I saw the picture with SH and Randy. That’s when I realized how massive he is. Randy is a couple of inches taller than me in my tallest heels (gotta love that in a man) but SH makes Randy look like a hobbit. Canez1 is right about basketball. If SH is able to move like that, Jacory is going to be able to hang out, make a few phone calls, find a receiver, text said receiver “you think you can take it to the house?” then wait for a response, and throw.

  71. not sure why 3300 yards and 24 TD’s is scary.

    He’s not going to throw 17 interceptions this season. Remember, he played the majority of the season with an injured thumb.

  72. jsq, you retarded, lol on post #72, that “wait for a reponse” part is off da chain. My thing with kehoe, he may not have been the best recruiter in the world when it came to identifying talent, but he knew how to coach it though, and give them that right UM mindset, although that osu game was dissappointing to see, but like esteban said, 1 man can make the whole o-line looked raggedy. Case in point, joseph was getting manhandled by will smith, all of a sudden, seemed like dorsey never had time to throw, and when he did have time, he never got comfortable. That’s the difference between jacory and dorsey right their, jacory can and will stand in their and deliver without getting happy feet, dorsey when pressured got happy feet and would either start throwing the ball in the dirt or as we witnessed against osu, to a wide open osu defender or try to lock in on andre johnson although double teamed.

    Canez1, symonette being gone, who’s going to replace the shade. Also, i can see why bringing in henderson wasn’t a bad idea as well, because in a way, we are thin at the tackle spots, maybe, although feliciano/mcdermont i remember one of them saying they would luv to slide out their. barton might be able to get out their too, i don’t care who’s out their, just DOMINATE. I got ben jones elevating his game real soon, because as of right now, who knows if franklin can hold down that left tackle spot for real, i think he can, but he’ll have his work cut out for him this year, just like being a brand new baby all over again. At least we know what his mindset is, just want to know how confident he his out their.

  73. og double c, keep the mic away from stoutland. For some reason, he starts talking, he’s like joe biden, bound to say something ridiculous, but you know they’re smart guys.

  74. Calvin, I forgot the part about getting some food delivered to the field while he is waiting for the response. We know J12 has to eat a lot to keep weight on. Maybe SH can give him a chance to eat some wings, wipe off with the wet nap, and throw.

  75. Spot on about no Stoutland interviews.

    Calvin = Ain’t never lied.

  76. Okay the boys need to stop talking about being hungry on Facebook. I’m about to drive down to the Gables with 30 lbs of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.

  77. avatar
    Esteban says:

    Harris was the better QB as a true freshman over Marve who had a year in the system – even if only playing limited on the scout team. if the offense is one where the QB has to carry it then Marve would be the guy cause he will run and throw and scramble all day. If you want a guy to facilitate and just make sure things go as smoothly as possible – Jacory is that guy. We got talent all over, we don’t need someone who is trying to be the one making the plays. Need a guy who’s smart enough to recognize all that talent around him.

  78. avatar
    Esteban says:

    and I remember Symmonette at the All American game…dudes were just running around him every play.

  79. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    Just got through talking with a maintenance man in my neighborhood, (a fellow UM fan) and we had a debate that I hope you guys get in on.

    He isn’t as devout on analysis of the details of matchups, or things like that. He just figures the team with the most “name” players, or faster & more explosive guys will win. He genuinely feels that man to man, we’re better than everybody on the schedule, and is calling for 11-1.
    After trying to explain to him that it doesn’t always work like that, we started to break down the most important individual factors that will determine the most successful season possible:

    Team Health
    Improved Toughness
    O-line Play
    J12 Better Decision Making
    D-line Play
    LB Play
    DB Play

    How do you guys rank these factors?

  80. I think it starts with team health, Hurriphin. The rest follows from there because you can’t do much with certain players injured or another short D line rotation.

  81. avatar
    Esteban says:

    I say Health when it comes to Jacory, Brandon Harris and Matt Bosher. I like our depth everywhere else.

    everywhere else I say intensity.

  82. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    I’m gonna call it OLine play, then J12 playing within (that’s WITHIN, Jello) himself, and then DLine getting more pressure. That’s at my top 3 as far as importance.

    Another factor I failed to add in is TURNOVERS……..Something we used to force on the reg’.
    And for those of us who actually think stats mean anything……

    Pitt led the Nat. in sacks with 47, which almost doubled our output.
    Not good.

    Texas led the Nat. in INTs with 25, which nearly tripled our output.

    Those numbers MUST improve. MUST.

  83. avatar
    canechic says:

    Agreed Hurriphin!

    How are those beautiful twins?

  84. avatar
    Esteban says:

    Hurriphin, we need to get leads on people if we want to see our sacks and INT numbers improve.

  85. avatar
    Hurriphin says:


    That’s why I put OLine performance 1st.
    They block———-We score a jillion points. Then we get sacks and TO’s.


    They are nearly as good-looking as their old man!!!
    Six years old, and going on twenty-six.

  86. esteban, i think we just needed to get coach hurtt to enroll at another program to get our sacks up. The more pressure though the more int’s, and watching that ou game, dvd did play more physical that game, that was probably his most physical game since he’s been here. He’s only going to get better and i really believe he’ll definitely be a better pro though.

    Hurriphin, that’s alot, but over-all health of the team is the main thing, after that, especially this year it’ll be on aggression from the coaching staff, and than execution from the players. d-line, i’m not worried about them, to much athleticism and hungry guys their, add in better coaching to go along with the physical and mental maturity of the majority of the guys and we could have something that looks real familiar, an ole CANE looking d-line. offensively, it’s going to make a big difference having the guys in the same offense for 2 straight years i think the most. I’m looking for better execution from our offense.

  87. avatar
    Esteban says:

    yeah i forget about the Hurtt/Petri factor at times.

  88. Hey cal hurtt had to be doing sumtin of his boyz tied for the lead in ints…lol…but on a whole I expect our D to be drastically I’m proved not only bcoz of the new dline coach but bcoz the pups have become dawgs now…the 08 class of dlinemen last yr shud have been rs frosh’s but had to play asap bcoz of the dip in #s and overall talent level (as stated plenty of times)…when u look at guys like ojomo and forston coming back off of 1 yr layoff…the unheralded guys like smith & porter getting reps last yr…then a guy like da predator/alien dye in the mix…this dline will be litez out…my only concern are the lbs…we know we have 3-4 proven guy spence/mac/futch…but 45 looks lost to me sumtims…but overall our d shuld be rock solid

  89. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Interesting article:

    Although it is a year old, it does show that, outside of Ohio, everyone else knew that the U won that NC game in 2002.

  90. nashvilleCane, in that case, hurtt had coach mcgriff on the hot seat, might of saved wesley’s job by hurtt going to l-ville.

  91. I am really not a fan of the Jimmy Johnson Extenze commercials. With everything else he has, why hawk “male enhancement” pills? Yuck.

  92. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Anyone know if we’re still looking at Kelvin Benjamin? I heard he was tearing it up this weekend at some 7 on 7 tourney…

  93. Rejuvaphan, thanks for the tip on the immunity shot stuff. It tastes awful, but after taking that for about 36 hours with bed rest, I think I have beaten whatever was about to hit. :-)

  94. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Calvin says:
    July 11, 2010 at 11:03 PM
    nashvilleCane, in that case, hurtt had coach mcgriff on the hot seat, might of saved wesley’s job by hurtt going to l-ville.


    Haha, very true. And if Hnederson makes the two deep he’ll definitely have earned it. In Stout’s defense he may have gone up there to see him play. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t. Plus that’s sort of his neck of the woods.

  95. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:


    I understand what you mean about the taste. That thing is vicious, but it definitely helps beat off infections.

    At the first hint of anything coming on, I take it a couple times. I almost ever get sick any more, and never have to stay home because of sickness.

    Get some rest!

  96. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Petri is already paying huge dividens. A player I know very well told me once Petri got in there he realised he’d never really played a solid down…as PLAY… at DL before.

    That’s a pretty glaring statement.

    Right after team health comes work ethic…gotta have player dying to put in the time.

  97. avatar
    Doc Ibis says:

    1. Team Health
    8. Coaching
    7. Improved Toughness
    4. O-line Play
    2. J12 Better Decision Making
    3. D-line Play
    5. LB Play
    6. DB Play

    As far as PJ and BB, they didn’t really get into detail… I’m guessing that after the verbal and then decommitment, they wanted to sign a LOI but Coach Shannon doesn’t really like to play those games… If a kid says he’s coming and then changes his mind, then Randy moves on… If a kid doesn’t make a verbal and he continues the recruitment process then its no biggie… Half of the time, these kids commit just to be in the Nat’l Spotlight, sort of like what Latwan did at the Army All-American when he had no intention on going to WVU

  98. avatar
    The Truth says:

    JSQ – you get sick A LOT. You need rest. You’re a baddass with the schedule you keep but the one thing you don’t factor in is taking care of your need to rest a bit.

    Think of your Canes. You can’t risk getting sick during the season and – gasp – missing a game because you’re half way to death.

    I’m just sayin…

  99. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And I’ll say it again…

    Kourtney Kardashian is 500 times hotter than Kim. Especially as a mom. She is…WOW.

    She’s a tiny little thing, though. I’d be afraid to break her…

  100. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Truth, I can’t go with you on that one. Kim is gorgeous, head to toe, goddess build. Her taste in men and intimacies is another matter.

  101. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Tough argument to have when both woman are rediculously attractive…and Kourtney can’t have it all together cuz she’s with that crazy dude that looks like the very definition of an asclown.

    That dude either owns half the world or has a huge member cuz I honestly can’t see how any woman in her right mind could tolerate such a dork.

  102. avatar
    Captain Optimist says:

    Truth, judging by her sister, wise choices in men don’t run in the family (although Odom seems cool). Courtney’s man doesn’t look or act like he has either. He looks like an insecure dork, Hollywood hustler.

  103. JSQ,
    Saw your post, and sorry, I can’t help out your friend. The WI in WICane stands for Wisconsin!!! lol. So, if your friend wants to practice in FL, I’m not much use.

  104. avatar
    canechic says:

    Truth I cannot stand that guy Kourtney is with, he really makes me want to vomit, his voice, his hair…..just yuck!

  105. T I think some good coaching on the DL will go a long way.

    The talent is there. I think Ojomo wrecks shop this year. Love that kid!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  106. Looks like T Glenn is headed to Milford. Should be here for January.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  107. No worries, WICane, was just taking a chance that WICane meant you were originally from there (like I am from Missouri) and practiced down here! :-)

  108. I’m not sick, Truth. I was just run down. I canceled my Saturday evening and Sunday plans and rested and took the stuff rejuvaphan recommended and now I am all better.

    Although I felt a lot better before I got in the office. People are back from vacation (which was the reason I was working 60+ hours the past few weeks) and they are NOT HAPPY about it.

    You mean the office isn’t as fun as St. Thomas or Paris?

    Next year I am taking a week to Italy and feeling NO REMORSE. None.

    No worries on me getting sick during football season either. One, I take a lot of days off around the games so my schedule is not quite as bad. Two, after all these seasons, I have trained my body to only get sick on the bye weekend. I’ll start feeling it the Tuesday after Columbus and I’ll be fine by my Pitt game watch! :-)

    Thanks for the concern, though. I’m aight.

  109. Kourtney’s boyfriend: The King of Douchebaggery.

    I agree with Khloe. Dude seems like a sociopath.

    And Kim is waaaaaaaaay hotter, Truth. Baby or none. Waaaaaaay hotter.

    Khloe definitely got the best guy and I don’t think she is ugly like people say. Anyone would look kind of frumpy next to her two sisters.

  110. Mike, your avatar is updated.

  111. Traffic plus 110 degrees in the shade equals I’M LEAVING. Huge family, friends, and a job in WI made that choice easy. I do miss watching Canes games in person though.

  112. avatar
    canechic says:

    I think Khloe has a stunning face! She is just heavier than the others but Lamar does seem to be good to her, I hope it lasts! I am just not a fan of athletes for boyfriends or husbands.

    JSQ I feel your pain about the vacation thing. I used to save mine for football too. I would break it up in days throughout the fall and still get a rash of sh!t for going on vacation (they all would forget that they would take weeks at a time in the summer).

  113. new blog up!

  114. avatar
    Mr Troutman says:

    I notice how Regis said things are much better now that Coach Petri is here….so if u look into that Hurtt really didn’t know his stuff…The lack of pass rush was due to not having the right schemes like the de cross stunts like we used to have back in the days. This where the DE push hard inside while the tackles go around..sort of like a pick in the NBA. I think Petri has installed all kinds of new tactics no more lining straight up trying to beat other teams lineman with just bull rushes…when playing DL U have to have some creativity. Most sacks are caused by this. I can’t wait to see our new look and hopefully we can at least get a dozen more sacks then we had last year. That is a major improvement if that happens.