Canes Battered and Bruised

The Miami Hurricanes are coming back from Columbus a little battered and bruised. Battered from the one game’s most physical football teams, and bruised because our pride took a hit.

I’m not going to tell you it doesn’t hurt. It does.

Several times yesterday, Miami flirted with the possibly of winning this game. But mental errors and breakdowns prevented UM from pulling off a monumental upset. Not to mention four turnovers on the road against a good football team.

Harris was 22-of-39 for 232 yards, a touchdown and four interceptions. Harris didn’t look sharp and seemed unfocused. He threw some great balls, but largely he had a sloppy game, even though two of his four interceptions were not his fault.

Despite Harris’s struggle, several players had great efforts. Damien Berry toted the rock 16 times for 94 yards, and looked fast and physical doing it. Leonard Hankerson hauled in seven catches for 90 yards. Lamar Miller had an 88-yard kickoff return for a score. Sean Spence had 11 tackles.

And as a unit, I think there were some positives defensively. When the #2 team in the country starts six drives inside the Miami 29 yard line and is held to 36 points, I think you have to see a silver lining there. UM’s defense and special teams (kick and punt return) kept them in the game, and if those units had played like the offense did, it could have gotten embarrassing.

I think you have to tip your hat to the Buckeyes. Miami made mistakes and Ohio St. made them pay, a sign of a good team.

Let’s switch gears for a moment and take a look at what some of our opponents in the ACC did yesterday: #10 Oklahoma pounded #17 FSU, 47-17. #15 Georgia Tech dropped their game with Kansas, 28-25, and #13 Virginia Tech lost to James Madison 21-16.

No, that wasn’t a typo. James Madison beat Virginia Tech.

The ACC took a pounding yesterday regarding national perception. As a conference, teams have to start winning some out-of-conference games. But this leads to a larger point.

There weren’t many fans calling for an undefeated National Champion. I think most of us were optimistic that we could get to 10 wins and win the ACC title. The way the conference looks this year, its Miami’s for the picking. There are no elite teams in the ACC again this year. There are some good ones, but not Top 10 good, at least not at the moment.

This season isn’t lost and the goals of winning the ACC and reaching the BCS for the first time since 2003 are still within reach.

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  1. 504cane says:
    September 12, 2010 at 6:39 PM
    I called in to the show. I was the guy from New Orleans. I’ll try and call every week with a few comments.

    Thanks man, we’ll look for you every week. Thanks for the support. We appreciate it. Next week its all Pitt.

  2. Miami’s D really played their asses off. Basically they were going 9 against 11.

    #7 and 36 were out there doing the cha-cha all day. Other than that, the D came play.

    Too many…waaaaaaay too many missed tackles/opportunities.

    My final thought, the WR’s can’t block for crap and that’s really hampering the outside running game.

    Lots of positives though…most important…Miami did NOT quit. Guys were open, plays where there and opportunities for big plays on D were missed. I say that’s good because ALL of it is fixable.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the season…I think they can legitimately run the table if J12 can get it together and maybe not twitter before the game or smile so much after half time.

  3. Luke said Jacory gotta leave that hollywood ish alone (the haircuts, tweets, outfits, etc) . go back to how he did at the West.

  4. #4 dropping that ball in the endzone before the missed FG was a big miss.

    Yeah Esteban…I’m real dissapointed with that. I hope Shannon makes him shut down that account or collects phones by 8 am on gameday.

  5. Truth.

    Yeah Spence played his ass off. I don’t know WHY #36 is out there. #7 I don’t know what it is he does in practice and why it doesn’t show up in game. He’s a practice legend but other than GTech and the big hit vs Duke where is Tele-MAK-EE (like Orange on One Side, Green on the Other Side).

  6. I think 7 is out there because he is our only true FS type.

    He’s ok. But he really doesn’t do much. Although he was doing a lot of talking out there.

  7. probably had more misses than hits.

    but yeah the rest of the guys seem to be SS types. what about Jamal Reid? can’t do FS?

    and why is Mike Vick in there? Kolb was ineffective or hurt?

  8. And I like Jreid at FS. Haven’t see that. But I like the idea.

    He needs to not be in trouble though.

    Can’t keep 26 out if the lineup because of his size. He’s up in the box and can make plays.

  9. Ye Kolb got a concussion at the end of the 2nd half.. he wasnt playing well though, but Vick isnt the answer

  10. Philly I think the eagles have a chance with Vick….Kolb is no good.

    Sam Shields played well…I think he is a starter…crazy!

  11. Remember, this is Kolbs first time starting as a qb.. we know what thats like. Kolb will be fine, hes still young. To be honest I dont even care that much.. its a canes thing

    Ill take a canes NC over a birds NC ne day of the week

  12. I also wanted to sh!t a pine cone when Ford celebrated that charity TD, and when Ojomo made that tackle, late, down by the goal, and was yelling “Let’s go!!”

    I was screaming at my TV……..

  13. No offense Mike, but Duke will beat us if we aren’t careful. They’ve been up our a$$ for the last few years, and they were balling, abeit in a loss, vs Wake.

  14. That is what I was saying.. not let down like VT with James Madison. We cant hinge this game as an end all be all. I hope they realize our season isnt over cause if they think it is, theyll be the next va tech

  15. I’d give our D only a passing grade. Their job 1 was contain Prior. They closed on the pocket 5 times and got 1 sack. He gained yards the other 4, including 2 first downs and a TD. He got over 100 yards on the ground and out-passed J12. Combined, he got over 3/4 their yards. He converted all 5 of their successful 3rd downs, with 7, 10 and 13 yard runs and 20 and 26 yard passes. I’m not sure anyone can contain him; we’ll see.

    Our kick returns scared the sh*t out of sweatervest; our kick coverage did the same to RS.

    I’d give game balls to Sprnce and Hank, with maybe a nod to OF. As I said, if you don’t see zone drops in practice, J12 won’t see them in a game.

  16. Cav

    I’m supposed to be asleep but I’m having a grad time because my nose is so stuffed. So, to put myself to sleep I thought I’d surf some UM blogs and read the mindless dribble that comes from most of them.

    Please. PLEASE stop posting over at TOS.

    How many times is he going to attempt to throw your words in your face – as if you have ANY control over the outcome of any game and simply because your opinion and enthusiasm goes against his and his wretched existence.

    How come ballon head never reposts from the “vault” some if his own stupidity.

    You’re better than that Cav. And of you do go back there tell Macjones I say “bozy bozy bob – boblewheyza beeba”

    That’s his language. He’ll get it.

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    rickyblaque wrote on 09/12/2010 09:59:45 PM:
    Replying to mpjudson (09/12/2010 07:17:08 PM):
    “As a 35 year fan of the U, I can honestly say I think I understand why Randy Shannon got rid of all the white and half white quarterbacks. I think he wanted Jacory Harris to play because he is black! He got rid of all but a 5’9″ Highsmith because he sucks so bad that no fans will be wanting him!…”:Shannon ran off Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook so he could get Teddy Bridgewater. He has a fixation on Northwestern recruits for some reason. This fixation has put him in a position right now where he lives or dies on offense with Jacory Harris because Harris knows he can’t be pulled no matter how bad he’s playing. Harris is what he is and it’s unrealistic to expect him to be anything else. That why I disagree with Gutierrez’ article. There was no collapse, the Canes are what they are and we shouldn’t have expected anything more from Harris.


  18. BDC

    That’s just a few ignorant fans. Just a handful. But their opinions are so disgusting they stick out like a sore thumb.

    That’s one of the reasons I post here. That sh*t will not be tolerated, unlike that other site your were on.

  19. I understand we lost but werent most analysts not expecting us to win the game or even be in it? With our 4 game gauntlet this year, werent people only expecting us to go 1 of 4 or 2 of 4?

    Our guys played to win the game, and we let em off the hook.

    We play them next sat we most likely win. It was a good team and we are still a very good team. Lets let the season play out, take it a game at a time. We are still playing for something. We all knew even if we lost, we still have a shot at the NC… crazier things have happened

    PS: This does most likely knock jacory out of the heisman race for good.. he will be back and I expect everyone else to play their senior years as well

  20. Alex Barron should be cut RIGHT NOW.

    He didn’t even try to block his guy on the last play. Just wanted to tackle him??? On a TD??!!!!

    Cut him now.

  21. I saw that Truth, and yes, he will be unemployed tomorrow.

    On Jacory and the team/coaching staff, I’m not ready to throw them under the bus.

    We have some talent on this team and I’m anxious to start ACC play.

    But if UM has a showing in Pitt like we did at Ohio St., I’ll be concerned.

    But I don’t think that will happen.

  22. I saw a TON of missed opportunities against OSU….yes, I watched it TWICE today…ALL mental.

    Every mistake is correctable.

    Jacory needs his confidence. I didn’t see a confident QB. I’m officially calling him out for his twitter BS and his poor decisions.

    Should have never thrown it to Hank on the first, TB on the second and at all on the 4th.

    Terrible choices.

    This time, though, I think he learns and will be a better QB cuz of it.

    This team showed me a lot by never quitting.

    They’ll be fine.

  23. Hey guys,

    I’ve been in England for the past week and missed the game. I had no choice. My cousin got married on Saturday and there wasn’t a computer around.

    Can someone give me a quick rundown on which guys on our team played their asses off and which really disappointed? Looking at box scores and reading the Herald on-line doesn’t do justice to the players.


  24. Jacory needs his confidence. I didn’t see a confident QB. I’m officially calling him out for his twitter BS and his poor decisions.


    I disagree with this statement. I think Jacory is sometimes overconfident, which leads to mistakes. His joking/jovial nature can be a double edged sword: when we win he is mr cool under pressure/iceman, but when we lose he has the perception of not taking the game too seriously and having a lack of focus. Although the sweater vest bit was funny, it can easily be misconstrued as mockery/taunting. The whole twitter bit before the game? Nothing screams LACK OF FOCUS moreso than online social networking. He sometimes seems to aloof and unconcerned about what happens during the game.

    Also, I think another one of J12’s shortcomings is that there is no sense of urgency as he knows it is VERY unlikely he will get pulled, no matter how bad he plays. RS really needs to light a fire under his butt. You wanna ensure he stays mentally focused for the next few games, have Shannon announce an open QB battle for the next upcoming games. I bet he stops tweeting and will be more focused then. Just my 2 cents. With all that said, I will not blame the loss entirely on him…(WHIPPLE), but there are still a few things that he can fix.

  25. ronny, we had alot of bright spots out their. forston set the tone early against the run, he had about 3 tackles for losses, so osu had a hard time trying to run the ball. spence did his thing, almost got a much needed int, that he would’ve probably took to the house but pryor threw a bad pass. lamar miller is the real deal, we were down 3 to 0, osu kicked off to us and lamar took it back 88 yards. Than the defense comes out, shuts osu down, we get the ball back, about to go up 14 to 3, but jacory underthrew travis benjamin on 3rd down, he did get hit on the play though, might of caused that.

    Of course you know brandon harris was out their sticking people and coming up strong in run support, and geting on guys. ray ray armstrong played a good game, should’ve had a pick again, but it was another bad pass by pryor but ray should’ve had that one. olivier vernon did decent, i thought he’d do better, but he played strong, porter and micanor regis were balling as well. Hank did his thing and should’ve had a long touchdown but for the 1st time jacory over threw him, but hank commanded the double team during the game. orlando franklin in my opinion won the battle against heyward, he started man-handling heyward.

    brandon washington is the real deal, was out their blasting people as usual. damien berry would’ve made you proud, he was playing out their like he was trying to carry the team on his shoulders. As for the defense, overall they were balin, our offense turned the ball over 4 times, and all four times, the ball ended up i think inside our 25 yard line or even closer and the defense held em to fieldgoals.

    The game basically boiled down to jacory and those interceptions, this time, all 4 interceptions were all on him, osu didn’t make any great plays or jumped routes, jacory just made bad decisions. jacory basically looked like he did against wisconsin, but with 4 ints. if jacory would’ve played like he did against fsu or even usf, hell or even clemson, we would’ve blown osu out. It was a frustrating game to watch, kind of like the penn st. game in 86. At one point we were actually dominating the game, you could see the worried look on the osu players faces and their crowd. We had a chance to put them away and force them to get desparate, instead of going up 14 to 3, we go up 10 to 3, and than basically let osu score a touchdown in 2 plays.

    You could see clearly the more talented team was us, and we beat ourselves.

    Somebody does need to tell telemaque “until you make A Play, stfu”. He out their trying to be some all american talker. We need futch out their in the mix at linebacker, i’m sure he would’ve made some plays if healthy.

    Overall, we’re a team that’s exciting to watch again, because we do have talent. People will criticize shannon because of impatience, but shannon in 3 years has built this program back to respectability!

  26. Thanks for that Calvin. It’s much appreciated. I’m glad to see the o-line play well. That was my biggest fear.

    Did you guys see any true freshmen playing?

    Also, I’m gonna try to drive down for the PITT game. Anyone going to that?

  27. Confident Qb’s throw the ball will zip and don’t float everything, trying to aim it.

    I saw one pass like that – the ball to AJ that he dropped in the endzone.

    Confident QB’s don’t throw off their back foot either.

    You see it your way and that’s fine, but Jacory Harris was not sure of himself out there Saturday and that’s HE played the way he did.

    It’s not all on jacory. Lost of dropped passes. But he also underthrew or overthrew receivers that were wide open on several occasions.

    Maybe he’s not sure of himself because of the injury? Maybe he was unsure of himself because of the challenges the OSU defense gave? I don’t know but the kid that pranced
    confidently up and down the field against FSU last season was not the kid out there Saturday.

    I rewatched the game two times yesterday and he shouldn’t have thrown the ball on 3 of his 4 pics. They were on him.

    I’m not down on him. I stil believe he is 100% a NC caliber QB.

    But if we are going to dissect the game the focus has to be the turnovers and that starts with the Jacory. He played a bad game. It’s ok. It happens.

    All of the mistakes I saw were mental. Miami was NOT manhandled (with the exception of 63 getting bullied most of the game). They made a lot of mental – correctable errors that hopefully won’t be an issue the rest of the year.

    I hope the lack of Zip on a lot of jacory’s passes is just a matter of him not being sure on Saturday – he can zip it / he just wasn’t.

  28. bg1906
    September 12, 2010 at 11:44 PM
    My weekend was HORRIBLE. First Canes lose, then Cowboys lose to ‘Skins. My week at work will be shizzy! LOL
    I’m with ya Dawg.. I hate that I’m so emotionally tied to a team I’ve have never played for..and I have no control over whether they win or lose…lol…but I’m HOOKED..

  29. Truth

    J12’s demeanor on the sideline said it all.

    You’re absolutely right!

    I don’t know why but he was not the same Jacory. He looked distracted/scared/not-confident, even on the sideline. I’m not saying he needs to have fake swagger, but he looked not mentally focused. Don’t know why. If you watch him, he wasn’t interacting like he normally did and many times had that 1,000 yard stare.

    I liken it to somebody (and this has happened to all of us) who goes into an exam without having been prepared. You walk in shell-shocked. He looked shell-shocked to me from the beginning.

    Like I said before, RS needs to give him the two-week marine treatment. Tear him down, lay down the law, and then build him back up so he’s ready for Pitt.

  30. I haven’t/won’t watch the replay of the game but if u guys say he didn’t look like the player most think he is, maybe it was bcoz of the picks and the drops??? And any1 heard if it’s true his arm was in a sling after the game? Good thing he has 10 days to recover both mentally and physically.. But I’m sure he wants to play tonite tho…

  31. getting caught up on this blog after 2 long work days . . . nicely written article mike

    . . . but that goes for lots of the bloggers on here – good stuff.

    truth – did you video the game or is there an internet connection i could visit to watch the game?

  32. I’m sure he does too, Nash.

    Look, I’m not saying he sucks or he’s anything less than deserving to be the starting QB. I’m just saying HE played an bad game. I’m sure after watching the film he agrees.

    He was timid and unsure. That ball that we all blamed on #3 because his back was turned should have never been thrown. Jacory saw him, pumped – knew he wasn’t looking – and threw it anyway even though the DB was starring right at him.

    It’s his job to NOT make that decision.

    Making poor decisions against a quality opponent on the road with a defense that was clearly doing some things they don’t traditionally is to be expected.

    Making those decisions continually throughout the game is where I am being critical of the QB.

    He’s a competitor so I know he’s going to be critical of himself. He’s a leader so I know he’s going to take ownership of this and correct his mistakes.

    But he needs to be confident when facing adversity that he can get the ball to his guys.

  33. Good perspective, good notes at the end … lots to be positive about … Go Canes!!!

    By: Rob Dunning

    CORAL GABLES, Fla.– It rarely goes as planned. All of the hope coming in was about how the `Canes would avenge the loss in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl and jump up into the Top 5 and steal national headlines.

    Unfortunately the plan has changed.

    Yesterday’s loss at No. 2 Ohio State still stings. That doesn’t mean it won’t go away though. There are too many instances of teams that have faltered early and rallied to do big things. The University of Miami has done it time and time again.

    Countless other programs have done it too.

    Does a loss in the house of the second-ranked team in the country really hurt your résumé that much? It can be argued both ways but if the `Canes get on a roll and put this game behind them, a BCS appearance is just as possible now as it was 3:39 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

    Let’s not forget `Canes fans – we haven’t even started ACC play yet. Take care of business in the ACC, and we’ll be in Charlotte for the ACC Championship game. Take care of business there, and we’ll be in the Orange Bowl. Let’s not forget it is the middle of September and there are 10 regular season games ahead of us.

    Our mistakes yesterday can be fixed. We weren’t beaten physically. We weren’t out-coached. We made too many mistakes and we couldn’t recover. Plain and simple.

    Anyone who watched the game Saturday has to feel good about the talent level on this Miami football team. Sean Spence is back, picking up a career-best 11 tackles. Damien Berry tore up a strong Ohio State defense, nearly becoming the first back in years to rush for 100 yards against the Buckeyes. Leonard Hankerson is on a different level right now. Don’t forget about Lamar Miller, who had every OSU fan at the Horseshoe holding their breath on every kickoff. And then there is Chase Ford, who surely reminded UM fans everywhere of Jeremy Shockey or Jimmy Graham with that great touchdown grab in the fourth quarter.

    The point is, it’s early and we are good.

    Remember the 2000 `Canes? Losing at No. 15 Washington in the second week of the year and then rattling off nine straight wins before a victory over Florida in the Sugar Bowl. What about ’83, when Howard Schnellenberger’s `Canes lost their opener before winning out to claim UM’s first championship.

    Former `Cane and Tampa radio host Dan Sileo may have stated it best in a tweet Saturday night: “Keep the faith. We got beat in 1983 28-3 by Florida. And ripped off 11 in a row on the way to the title.”

    There are plenty of other examples.

    The 2008 Florida Gators lost early to an unranked Ole Miss team only to bounce back and go the distance. Twice LSU has dropped an early regular season game this decade before going to win championships, including in 2007 when they lost twice – to Kentucky and Arkansas – before winning it all. The precedent is there.

    It’s natural to want to win every game. It’s also natural for Miami fans to expect championships every year. That standard has been set in Coral Gables and that is what makes this place so special. No one wants to win more than Randy Shannon, these coaches and these players. There’s no doubt about that.

    Nothing changes after Saturday’s loss. Focus on the next practice. Focus on Pittsburgh. Focus on the ACC schedule. As you’ve probably noticed watching the first two weeks of the college football season, this conference is up for grabs.

    Let’s rally around this team `Canes fans. There is still a lot left to be settled.

    A few other Takeaway Notes:

    By: Chris Freet

    • There is a good level of maturity on this team that bodes well for the immediate future, as well as the length of the regular season. During the postgame press conference Jacory Harris, Damien Berry and Travis Benjamin all put the loss on their shoulders and admitted, “You can blame me for this loss.” Berry not only blamed his physical performance, but added that he needed to be a better leader and make sure the offense had improved focused on the road at Pitt in 11 days.

    • The final stat sheet was remarkably balanced except for a couple obvious areas: Turnovers, penalties, and field goals. The Canes gave up 23 points off turnovers and left six points on the turf due to one blocked field goal and one missed field goal.

    • The average yards per play were 5.3 for Miami and 5.4 for Ohio State. Miami actually held the advantage on the ground averaging 4.3 yards per play compared to OSU’s 3.7.

    • Miami was 7-for-15 on third down conversions… a conversion rate that usually leads to a win. Ohio State was 6-for-18.

    • When Lamar Miller described his 88-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, his eyes lit up as he described the “crease” opening in the coverage. You could feel the energy as his eyes lit up and it’s no wonder he shot through that huge hole and to the house in less than a blink of the eye.

    The speedster not only outran the coverage but his distance from the defenders increased from about two yards to 10 yards by the time he reached the end zone.

    The massive opening was created by three players in particular. Pat Hill held the left side of the defense at bay, while Shayon Green and Ramon Buchanan cleared the zone that Miller ran through.

    • One other note on the kickoff return: Junior linebacker Jordan Futch made his season debut on that return. If you watch a replay, you will notice him running downfield with Miller. It is great to see the Hollywood native back from injury and contributing to the Canes.

    • Give Travis Benjamin full credit for setting up his punt return for a touchdown. Ohio State defenders appeared to be expecting him to fair catch the ball, over ran the coverage and Benjamin did the rest.

    The rest of the game, Ohio State kicked away from Benjamin and Miller on both kickoffs and punts.

  34. Canes Receivers Coach Aubrey Hill needs to give the Receivers catching drills, EVERY DAY. The Receivers dropped 3 TD’s in the endzone, and then let 3 more passes slip through their hands for interceptions.

  35. Truth, point taken but I had to set the record straight with his corn-ball azz.

    So why is #36 out there instead of #45? Is Shannon just trying to give him a chance? He can’t possibly be better than 45…

    And why isn’t VT make more plays at the LOS and in general? Is it coaching or what? He’s made plays before.

    And you’re dead right about J12 yesterday being a far cry from J12 at FSU. Something happened between his ears. He made more difficult throws against UCF and FSU than those two missed TDs yesterday.

  36. T-
    I don’t read the int’s the same way. On the first one, the DB made a BH type of play to break it up. 99 out of 100 it ends up on the ground. This time it hops right into another DB’s chest. Bad decision by J12? I don’t think so.

    Number 2 looked awful. But part of the credit we give J12 is his release before the WR breaks. Had TB broken off and squared up, as J12 expected, the pass is right on his numbers. This one is on miscommuniction. TB didn’t get the word.

    Number 3 –TB touched the ball first. He had every chance to secure it. He didn’t. Sh*t happens!

    Number 4 — a game breaker. Great read by Berry, bad read by J12, no question. (Two years of practice against bull-rushers, one month and one int by Forston to change his habit. Learning experience!)

    Agree he looked disheartened, he knows how bad ints make him look. He’ll be OK.

  37. CCC, he needs something. I’ll be curious to see how he plays against Pitt. To judge from his post-game talk, he’s still talking out of the side of his neck somewhat.

    Shannon, Whipple and a few players need to sit him down and get his mind right.

  38. The WR’s did NOT drop 3 td’s. Aldarius did. Ford dropped a pass on the 4 and would have been tackled right there (in fact he dropped it upon being hit).

    Byrd had a chance at a ball on a fade but the DB played it pretty well.

    They DID drop too many passes, though.

    Then again the QB underthrew Benjamin of what should have been a TD and he overthrew hank on another sure TD as well..

  39. Hopefully he ain’t reading the ss, or herald, and I hope he ain’t reading tos after says game u know…if Jacory is lackin confidence at this time THEN whip needs to give him some simple throws…Darren smith, thrill hill brought this up on the post game show…hitches hooks outs…btw when he threw those patterns sat the balls looked good to me…a coup to big Byrd and Hank no name a coup…but in the end, and I hope I’m wrong, but MAYBE, like I said hope I’m wrong, but maybe he ain’t a “playmaker” maybe they shud jus have him “manage” the game…ala Vince Young now with the titans…McElroy with bama…nothing wrong with that IMO…jus KISS ( keep it sweet and simple )

  40. Olf fart…

    I don’t agree. Hank was completely covered. He was never open at any point of his rout. #12 never looked anywhere else but firectly at 85. He did try to fit it in and it got batted. Ball should’ve gone to another guy…

    On the second Jacory AGIN never looked at anyone else BUT TB3. #3 N E V E R looked at him. I am NOT saying it was jacory’s fault that 3 screwed up a rout or wasn’t doing HIS job. What I am saying is a 2 year starting Junior QB at the University of Miami should have the experience to know that you CAN NOT make THAT throw ON THE ROAD on your side of the field.

    The WR NEVER looked at him and Jacory had time to pump and recognize this…he aslo had time to find someone else or get rid of it. He isntead made the decision to throw it when the DB was starring him down…

    Poor Choices.

    That last INT was kust flat out inexcusable. Made even worse by the fact that if he puts the ball in there with ANY velocity, it’s a catch. When a 300 lb guy has the chance to read your eyes and break on your ball you have royally screwed up…

    It was an awful day on Jacory’s part.

  41. Big Daddy, skin-color paranoia is very real for a lot of people, so-called “black” and so-called “white.” It’s on the front of so-called “black people’s” mind and just under the surface, as that post above and others demonstrates.

    The delusions of race will continue until the myth itself is shattered. And that will be a difficult death for most….

  42. Truth.

    I haven’t rewatched the game but I will tonight. However box score alone we threw the ball 39 times and ran 22. Not balanced and not the formula to beat THAT team we played. IF Whipple felt we were not getting enough push up front to run straight at those guys and in reality in the 1st half we weren’t, then WHERE is your creativity as an OC? Where is the draw or screen (WR or RB)? Where is the counter/misdirection? Nothing like that, just gunslinger mentality when your QB is playing FRAGILE (mentally). Enough blame to go around on the offense from the QB, to the WR, to the OC, but I put a lot on the OC because he’s calling the plays that led to poor execution rather than seeing the situation for what it is and not GAMBLING and HOPING for a positive outcome. JMO.

    Now another question. The problems with the drops and WRs have not been a problem to me until this year. Truth as a guy with an “ear” to the program, do you think Hill also having to take on the role of recruiting coordinator and having to devout so much time to that, do you think that has limited his time or effectiveness in coaching the WRs? Serious question, but WRs in my opinion are FAIRLY easy to coach, just like RBs. Lots of that is talent, yes you can teach them how to get off the press, how to get the proper depth on their routes, how to be better blockers, etc, but if they can catch and do something with the ball after the catch, is the ability they are born with or have developed over time, you either have it or you don’t. So with that said, do you think he’s not giving them everything he could as a coach because of the additional burden of being recruiting coordinator?

  43. I agree with that Nash. Like I said earlier…Whip needed to help him out. But if we are looking at what actually happened I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying Jacory just didn’t play well.

    I love the kid. I know he will bounce back and I don’t think he’s terrible or needs to be benched. I Just think the atmosphere got to him a bit and I think OSU game him some looks that he didn’t adjust to.

    He’ll learn.

  44. Also where is #83? Thearon played in games like this. What’s LACKING in his game that is keeping him off the field? I think he could’ve been effective this weekend?

  45. Jacory was awful Truth, I agree. But down the stretch he shook it off and made a lot of good throws. OSU was dying to give that game away and our other players didn’t step up either.

  46. I think J12’s throwing motion and stride into the pass are somewhat at fault here. I think he is afraid of hurting his thumb and hand again!

  47. Bg – I agree with you about Whip. But in the first half there was definitely a concerted effort to establish the run. I think the lack of balance that you pointed out was a result of Miami going down by 19(?) at one point.

    I do think whip tried to put jacory inhis comfort zone at times but it wasn’t enough.

    And I want to say that I am dissecting jacory’s performance and not do much the reasons behind it.

    He was awful. Was he helped, at times yes. But at times no. But he didn’t make good choices when there were other choices he couldve made.

    And I promise you bg you will see it when you rewatch.

  48. Also, MM01 found some good evidence that J12 follows the blog on ETOH.

    If he does, the Eye is with him and I think he knows that.

  49. The Truth says:
    September 13, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Bg – I agree with you about Whip. But in the first half there was definitely a concerted effort to establish the run. I think the lack of balance that you pointed out was a result of Miami going down by 19(?) at one point.

    I do think whip tried to put jacory inhis comfort zone at times but it wasn’t enough.

    And I want to say that I am dissecting jacory’s performance and not do much the reasons behind it.

    He was awful. Was he helped, at times yes. But at times no. But he didn’t make good choices when there were other choices he couldve made.

    And I promise you bg you will see it when you rewatch.

    I trust your assessment and yes being down 19 will make you go to a more pass heavy offense, but I think the draw and screens where there. We got guys that are good in space and you have to get them the ball IN SPACE. A screen or draw with Miller, or a WR screen to Benjamin or Thompkins, I’m not seeing these. The WR screen we threw vs FAMU was to Hank. Not the guy you want taking the WR screen IMO.

  50. After seeing the talent Miller and Benjamin have in the open field a screen or slant would have been nice.

  51. Yes, Randy. Both players and coaches read EOTH, as well as many in the athletic administration.

    Which is what some people should remember before drinking 4 dozen beers and writing articles.

    Not professional and destoys any little remaining credibility.

    Just sayin.

  52. I hope Porter is ok. I think at DT the rotation with him, Forston, Holmes and Regis is not a bad rotation. Forston has REALLy stepped up. Now if one of the space eater types (Porter or Regis) steps us we could be really good at the DT position. The Ends by far I’d go with Bailey and Vernon as the main 2 with Ojomo and Robinson close behind.

  53. Big Daddy Cane,

    Are U out there? Knowing JSQ and MM01, I know that type of nonsense won’t be tolerated here on, “The Eye.”

    Blog here for good insight on the U, the bloggers here have good football sense and knowledge and support the U even through the tough times.

    They may point out mistakes, deficiencies and make critical comments but it is done in a way that is supportive, not destructive and does not tear down a coach or players.

    Hope to see more of you around the EYE.

  54. bg,

    What about throwing Henderson in there, it couldn’t be any less that what Figs did and wouldn’t be surprised at how successful that move would be.

    Figs is a very good Guard, I don’t think he has what it takes a right tackle against the type of DE’s we face in the ACC.

  55. Truth I know u ain’t downing the qb…I understand what u and many are saying…atleast it ain’t like the other places… He sucks, he ain’t smart enuff etc…no analasis what so ever..I jus think the KID deserves better…he’s still the best we’ve had since KD…and whip is still the best we had since chud…atleast with those two I expect them to score point…the ones that proceed them??? Not so much!!

  56. I think I have stated it enough times, but I want to say it again:

    I am not coming down on Jacory. We are here to talk about the game and the result. The result came about mostly because of 4 turnoevers all from the arm of the QB.

    I think Jacory bounces back from this and becomes the heisman candidate I know he is. He just had a bad game and I am explaining why I THINK it was so bad.

    I know the WR’s weren’t perfect. I know whip could’ve called a couple more plays to help settle Jacory. But I also know Jacory is coached well by Mark Whipple and I am pretty sure he shows Jacory to NOT throw to guys not looking at him , that are completely covered or are wearing the other Jersey (I am kidding here).

    I just think the kid had a bad game. I think he knows he had a bad game, too. Certainly not trashing him or wanting a new QB at the U. I love Jacory as a person and as a player and I know he’s that dude.

    He’s going to be fine and I told JSQ I am actually more excited now about the rest of this year than I was before the game.

    That team came to play. They fought HARD. I was proud of that as a fan and I can’t wait until they stomp Pitt and Jacory throws 3 TD’s with no INT’s…

  57. I saw the Canes quit, once, against Virginia, last game in the OB, 48-0.

    I have never felt like or have seen the Canes under RS quit. They play to the end.

    It’s been a tough weekend but I think I have recovered and I am looking forward to the Pitt game. Actually I think it will tell us more about this team than the game against OSU.

  58. Truth,

    Sorry about the Boys but can’t pull against Cane favorites Moss and McIntosh. Was glad to see the Skins win and to see Shanahan win. He is one of my favorite NFL coaches.

  59. High School and college coaches should take a tape of the Redskins offense and showcase Clinton Portis’s play. He gave a clinic on how to block as a running back.

  60. That’s bg Randy…I don’t really give a rat’s a*s about pro football. I haven’t really cared about the Dolphins since Marino retired.

    I look at pro football the same way I look at restaurants:

    If the food is bad, why go? The Dolphins aren’t a quality product. those are professionals paid to put a good product out ontp the field. Bad food IMO.

    You’ll never see me upset about Pro football…ever…

  61. H. Randy.

    I think they want to be careful with Henderson and making sure they put him in “good” situations. Maybe against a DL as good as tOSU’s they didn’t want to lose his confidence as he’s still being groomed. Remember he didn’t get to UM until August. I do believe at some point Jermaine Johnson HAS to step up and take over RT. Seantrel needs to then take over as the #2 guy at that position. You’d hope Ben Jones would continue to get better too, but the OL next year IMO looks like this: Henderson, Gunn, Horn/Linder (I think Linder will beat Horn out eventually. Too much talent), Washington, Johnson (Ben Jones first guy off the bench at either Tackle position). I like that group and its young enough to only get better because of that group only Gunn would be a Senior.

    As of right now, I think this is what I’d go with

    Jacory Harris
    Damien Berry
    Pat Hill
    Leonard Hankerson
    Laron Byrd/Aldarius Johnson
    *Benjamin – Slot
    Richard Gordon/Chase Ford
    Orlando Franklin
    Brandon Washington/Harland Gunn (1st guy off the pine @ either G position)
    Tyler Horn
    Joel Figueroa
    Jermaine Johnson

    Allen Bailey
    Marcus Forston
    Micanor Regis/Curtis Porter
    Olivier Vernon
    Sean Spence
    Colin McCarthy
    Ramon Buchanan/Jordan Futch (Futch was healthy enough to play special teams)
    Brandon Harris
    *Hill/McGee (Nickel/Dime)
    Vaughn Telemaque
    Ray Ray Armstrong

    These would be my MAIN guys. The bulk of my rotation.

  62. Truth,

    My bad, although I think the Dolphins have a chance to have a great defense.

    Yeah, I’m with you on that score but I still watch. Choice between college and pro I take college everytime.

  63. I understand the desire to groom Henderson but think he might have to learn on the job on the filed of play. My biggest concern is the O-line, they had their moments but also missed assignments on too many plays.

  64. I’m a college guy but pro is alright. I’ve like the Cowboys since Jimmy went there and started drafting Canes. I always want our boys to do good in the league, but I HATE the ‘Skins. I want Portis, McIntosh, and Santana to all do well individually, but the TEAM lose the game. HAHA

  65. I pull for ProCanes whenever I can, the problem is that so many times Canes are on both teams !

    I pulled for the Boys when Jimmy was there and Irvin, Jones, Maryland and others.

    When Jimmy left I lost interest, never did like Switzer. Won Super Bowl by staying out of the way and with Jimmy’s team.

  66. Hurricane Randy says:
    September 13, 2010 at 12:35 PM

    By the way bg, este

    The show is getting better each week. Good insight and positive waves.

    Thanks. We appreciate the support. The nerves are gone so know we are just doing what we do. HAHAHA!

  67. Game two is in the books…..can’t get it back….learn from it…yes…condem all those that made mistakes….no….Jacory showed the results of not being healthy enough to throw the ball for almost six months and missing Spring. The game plan did not use the playmakers effectively….Can we compete on the National level…yes..will this be the worst game of the year…yes…will the team start to dominate from now on????the Pit game will answer that. Suck it up and move on…..go CANES

  68. HearAcane,

    You make an excellent point about J12 missing Spring Practice. He needed more than mental reps on the sidelines.

    He definitely could have used the work, I’m sure the injury and recovery made that impossible but…. good point!

  69. I still think J12 was a little hesitant due to the injury and didn’t want to hurt himself again. He made some awesome throws but looked like he was hesitant on some throws, a little late, a little high and din’t stride into the pass the way I have seen him do in the past.

  70. Wow, former players are contacting me asking ME to make THEM feel better about this loss! Lol.

    When the fever passes, I will be back to being Ms. “Everything Is Gonna Be Okay!”

  71. Hidden positive……..

    Look for the potential for a big return from #6/#3, to result in us getting good starting position via short kicks, for the remainder of the schedule…….

  72. Funny listening to Gino. He says J12 has to learn when to put some real zip on the ball. Everything can’t be touch. Its funny because J12 used to be all touch while Marve was all zip. Mix the 2 and you have KILLER QB! HAHAHA

  73. Lack of effort? Can you clarify that some more? Does he mean, not enough film study, not enough effort in practice, not enough focus, too laid back…. not running crisp routes, not holding blocks, not enough urgency, not finishing a play, not tackling, not doing the basics….what exactly does he mean?

  74. Therapy 101…..switch the focus…..PITT

    They found out they can throw last week…..

    “Perhaps, the most telling statistic on how much the Panthers — a run-first, power football team under Wannstedt — have had to change is this: They ran 65 plays in a game they won by 22 points and threw 36 times, ran 29.”

    Read more:

    Rebuilding their Offensive line. We should win in the trenches…..

  75. The game is now 48 hours old. Thought about it a lot and this will be my feeling about this team until proven otherwise.

    The 2010 is not as talented as the one that went to Washington a decade ago and lost early, then ran the table. But it is more than capable of duplicating that feat.

    We were just as good as OSU. We lost that game because of turnovers, we were not beaten by a better team. Don’t get me wrong, I have never been one for moral victories, but we at least saw this game SHOULD ONLY BE one bad blip in a great season.

    IMO these Canes, based on what I have seen the first two weekends from them and their opponents, should run the table. If they don’t I will be really disappointed.

  76. Peebs, I agree. Even with 9 players on defense, we were shutting them down until J12’s meltdown.

    I think the holes on the OL, Horn, Gunn and Figs are problems though. I don’t think J12 has any real confidence in them in tough spots.

    DL we really need Porter to come back before long.

    As far as the 2000 team, or even the ’99 team, I think we’re further away from that level than I thought. Continuity is a serious thing…having the same coordinators and position coaches for multiple years really gives players an identity.

    Plus, we don’t have as many bosses and hawgs who are mature yet. This freshman class of OL and LBs will be the key to returning to that level of intensity.

    THAT’S what is missing and what Coker really killed. It only took a year really, to bring everything down several notches.

    Shannon’s having a harder time reviving it than I thought he would.

    Maybe it’s because we only have 1LB who’s really able to do that. But our DL isn’t as ferocious either.

    BUT we have enough to run the tables this year as long J12 gets his head out of his ass and Whipple really uses our strengths and stops trying to be so full of tricks. Just attack.

  77. Hurricane Randy says:
    September 13, 2010 at 2:14 PM

    Lack of effort? Can you clarify that some more? Does he mean, not enough film study, not enough effort in practice, not enough focus, too laid back…. not running crisp routes, not holding blocks, not enough urgency, not finishing a play, not tackling, not doing the basics….what exactly does he mean?

    Not enough showing you WANT to do it. Going 100 MPH EVERY play. He felt Travis gave lackadaisical effort to catch the pass that resulted in the INT that went through his hands.

    Here is a good example of effort (or motor as its sometimes called. When a guy has a great motor he gives GREAT effort all the time in it OVER compensates for his physical deficiencies).

    Look at this video at the 4:25 mark. ( Look at Forston and Regis. Now tell me does it look like EITHER of them REALLY wants to catch Landry Jones and tear his head off. They are barely running, ESPECIALLY Forston…NO EFFORT. You are in a game, don’t wait for someone else to chase the guy down, YOU DO IT, ACT like you want to get him! What the hell are you jogging for, has the WHISTLE blown! To me that is LACK of effort and EVERY DOWN motor. Has plagued Forston for a while.

    Now look at this vid of Boise vs VTech @ 3:42 mark ( Look at #43 and I believe #41 from Boise running from behind. Neither of them had a chance to make that play but at least they are giving the EFFORT of WANTING to make the play.

    That’s why Boise is successful. They have a bunch of 3 and 2 star type kids with a chip on their shoulder who just play harder than their opponents.

    Our guys have a lot of talent, but don’t always give the greatest effort. That is just one the differences between Canes teams of the past and now. Those guys WANTED it ALL THE TIME. These guys don’t play like they want it all the time. Its reality!

    Look at this video:

  78. Our guys have a lot of talent, but don’t always give the greatest effort. That is just one the differences between Canes teams of the past and now. Those guys WANTED it ALL THE TIME. These guys don’t play like they want it all the time. Its reality!


    BG, that’s what it is. I don’t know where the problem starts. Is it something that just happens in games cause I can’t imagine Shannon not instilling that drive in them.


  79. WTF, this guy get millions a year and he dose this….get rid of the bum…not always giving his best effort…

    “Brady ended the 2009 season throwing 3 interceptions in a Wild Card playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens, 33–14, his first career home playoff loss, and the first playoff loss at home by a New England Patriots quarterback since 1978.[38]”


  80. I didn’t see any glaring examples of lack of effort against OSU. I really don’t see that as our problem.

    It was lack of execution execution of a game plan that without the turnovers would have won.

    4 picks all of which ended up deep in our territory and they had to settle for six field goal tries. You don’t do that without effort.

  81. HearAcane.

    That is different. I’m not talking about Jacory. Gino Toretta said he didn’t like Benjamin’s effort. Randy asked about what he meant, I clarified with an example. I don’t know you and I’m assuming you are new, but if you have been around here any length of time, then you’d know I’ve complained about the effort our team gives for several years now.

  82. pb(EOTHROH10) says:
    September 13, 2010 at 3:34 PM

    I didn’t see any glaring examples of lack of effort against OSU. I really don’t see that as our problem.

    It was lack of execution execution of a game plan that without the turnovers would have won.

    4 picks all of which ended up deep in our territory and they had to settle for six field goal tries. You don’t do that without effort

    Absolutely not. The effort was there on Saturday. I’m just saying that GINO said he though Travis could’ve given a better effort to secure the ball. Overall the teams effort WAS there and Forston is MUCH improved in the effort department. That was a vid from last year. So far the teams effort this year has been really good. They are all much improved in that area.

  83. BG, you meant Joseph and Holmes on that OU vid, right, cause Porter and Regis didn’t play. On that one play Forston didn’t pursue it until the end, definitely.

    PB’s right as well though. The defense clearly played hard but after the 1st their backs were always against the wall, and they always had Pryor running in the back of their minds, doubly so inside our 20. The fact that he only scored once like that says a lot if you ask me.

    But maybe I’m talking about something more than effort. It’s a speed, intensity and ferocity that I’ve rarely seen from another CFB team….maybe those great FSU teams that were modeled after Miami. Maybe the best USC teams of late.

    Hopefully this team will play with more intensity and passion as the season progesses.

    If they’re really pissed about OSU, we’ll see them take it out on Pitt.

  84. Like Truth said, though, all the problems can be fixed, except maybe #63. I don’t know about that.

    I think it’s time to start working in the youngins more regardless.

  85. I’ve been supporting the Canes since the early 80’s and post intermittently on various blogs.

    You can only rehash a game so many times. It is time to move on to PITT. Check my post above at the 1:18 time……, I usually am in agreement with your posts….just want the wounds to heal and move on……GO CANES

  86. HearAcane says:
    September 13, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    I’ve been supporting the Canes since the early 80′s and post intermittently on various blogs.

    You can only rehash a game so many times. It is time to move on to PITT. Check my post above at the 1:18 time……, I usually am in agreement with your posts….just want the wounds to heal and move on……GO CANES

    I feel you but Pitt is still 11 days away. Until that game happens and we win and we will and we will convincingly, people are going to talk about this game. The Cane faithful wanted this one badly, but things have to be put into perspective. This game in the grand scheme of things ONLY proved we are not quite ready to win a national championship yet. We are close, but not quite there yet. Its a process like Shannon says. First order of business, win your next game. That should be the ONLY order of business every week. If you do that, the rest takes care of itself (win division, win conference, make noise in BCS/National scene).

    Glad you here. Welcome. What other blogs do you participate?

  87. bg….I have an orange shirt from one site that I don’t visit any more. Plus the trolls have made most the other sites useless….love this one.

  88. Can someone explain to me how we lose a tough game on the road and the sky is falling, Jacory sucks, Shannon can’t coach, YET FSU GETS DESTROYED 47-17 and the headlines only read FSU Defenseless in Loss to Oklahome???

    Ponder goes 11-28 with two INTs and Jimbo just says, “They didn’t let him get in that rhythm.”


    Is it just the Miami syndrome of always expecting the Canes to win and FSU just somehow doesn’t have that expectation?


  89. Agreed with HearAcane.. i like the spurts of inactivity here as U can see it is not being infested with rats

  90. Lamar Thomas’ interview is good too with Michael Irvin today. I’ve asked that same question about who are the leaders too??? Even asked it on the radio show yesterday.

  91. Dumbo’s thoughts on the game……

    “You never know until you get here,” Fisher said when asked if he’d expected this. “There is always going to be work to be done … I didn’t expect [Oklahoma] to score that many in the first half, but they got hot and they did it and we just need to move on.”

  92. BG, yeah, I saw Forston kind of quit but I think Regis is just kind of slow. haha I don’t know. I’ll watch the OSU game again and see if that pattern continues with him. I was too busy following the ball to really break down individual performances.

    He looked like he was running and he even got cut by the blocker.

  93. Thanks for the kind words, HearACane.

    We created this site as an alternative to the others.

    We will give criticism when it is warranted, as it is in this case, but it will be constructive. None of the bs you arebseeing elsewhere.

    Are there problems? Yes. Do we beleive they can be fixed and the ‘Canes can run the table? Yes.

    By the way, I have decided that I will never return to Columbus again. Took a feverish nap and had nightmares about all the death threats, things being thrown at me, etc.

    As I just told Truth a few minutes ago, suckeyes are so vile they make crocs look like ‘noles … Meaning, friendly rivals.

    And everyone knows my feelings on crocs.

    So happy to be home and away from that nasty place.

    Let the healing begin. BEAT PITT!!!

  94. Captain Optimist says:
    September 13, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    BG, yeah, I saw Forston kind of quit but I think Regis is just kind of slow. haha I don’t know. I’ll watch the OSU game again and see if that pattern continues with him. I was too busy following the ball to really break down individual performances.

    He looked like he was running and he even got cut by the blocker.


    It was just an example. None of that was happening in this game. Forston balled out. They are much improved. Just showing Randy what I meant when I say a guy isn’t playing with maximum effort.

  95. Bg what u make of the rt tackle for the cowboys last nite..the dummy didn’t even try to block on the last play, just put him in a choke hold off the bat…atleast try to push him or sumthin…I knew when he had that fsu hat on SIDEWAYS during intros he was in trouble…lol

  96. Cav, fsu was in a similar situation we were in shannons 1st year only except their hc was a hand picked successor, the hc hand picked his $4million staff…they have a preseason conf POY qb and the best oline in the country to protect him..other than that no…

  97. Canesx3, I can’t wait for the W and am so thankful there are likely to be no suckeyes in the alumni section. They are truly the nastiest fans EVER. I would prefer to never talk to any ever again as long as I live.

  98. Nashvillecane says:
    September 13, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    Bg what u make of the rt tackle for the cowboys last nite..the dummy didn’t even try to block on the last play, just put him in a choke hold off the bat…atleast try to push him or sumthin…I knew when he had that fsu hat on SIDEWAYS during intros he was in trouble…lol

    Painful to watch. He held all night. What made it worse is that he’s a Seminole so I was like damn FSU player cost us the game. Dallas will struggle this year until that OL is addressed. We get all these damn skill players but our Tackles are some sauce. We are really missing Columbo and I really wish Flozell was still there because at least with him you know what you have. Also Jason Garrett called a HORRIBLE game. I thought I was looking at Patrick Nix with all those damn WR screens. Those plays are very good plays IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS. That was our Offense last night. We got 3 killer RBs…Where was the run game????

  99. I think they should have cut him on the spot.

    I am serious.

    He didn’t even attempt to block on that last play.

  100. Truth.

    Yes sir he would be looking for a job today if JJ was coach, but guess what. If we cut him, there is NO BETTER option other than to hit the free agent wire.

  101. Chuck Todd from MSNBC, cane fan, miami guy, says no reason the canes should not win out, no excuses….GO CANES!!!

  102. The game is being replayed on Comcast right now for any of you who want to relive the agony.

    Listen for the loud blonde “OHHHHHH!!!!”ing on defense until her voice gave out.

    Damn vocal cords. Weak.

  103. I just confirmed it. He says he IS a gators fan… like U said I’m not too worried about any shyte talking from them this year.

  104. I want the fins to lose when the ‘Canes lose so the local radio people talk about that instead of the crazy stuff that is being said, and is always said, when the ‘Canes lose.

    In short, I could give an f about the fins, although I want big Vern to have a good game.

    TGood with the stop!!!

  105. Jello,

    I’m soo sorry you, CANEZ1, & Co., had to endure that scarlet & grey diarrhea vat.
    Haven’t heard from dude in a while………He hasn’t jumped off the boat, has he?

  106. I do like fins game watch parties, though. The place we have in Lake Worth has great oysters and wings. So I care about that. But I only want them to win so my friends are happy.

    But if the ‘Canes lost that week, f the fins, IT’S ALL ABOUT THIS U!!!!!

    TGood with the 3rd down stop!!!

  107. I talked to him yesterday. He’s alive. Just pi$$ed.

    We had such a great weekend. Until the third quarter of the game. I think he left in the third, I left with a couple of minutes left in the 4th to avoid the riots.

    Those idiots actually riot when they win and burn their own sh!t!

    So, I didn’t get to see him before we left. We will have a much better time at USF, bro! Loved hanging out with you and Sarah!

    Bg, you are coming to USF, too right? Prepare yourself for the mini pumpkin pies. They are awesome!

  108. I hear U JSQ… with you it’s ALL about The U:)
    I still want the fins to win no matter what the Canes do. It used to be if I had to choose who I want most to win the answer would’ve been the Dolphins. Now thanks to the internet and sites like this one, you really get to know the kids, and we need reminding on occasion they are still just kids, and that makes the passion for them much more than you could have for a pro team. JMO.

  109. Wait, am I the only one that was in Columbus commenting? I think I am.

    It was THAT traumatic, folks. There are no words.

    A grown man tried to beat me up, unprovoked, in the fourth while I was getting some water and watching our last TD.

    The old granny and grandpa sitting next to me called me a b!tch when I sang the fight song after Miller’s TD.

    Beer cans were thrown at me as I walked back to my car.

    People beat on my car at stoplights.

    I was heckled while eating breakfast in the airport.

    They were doing cheers on the plane back.

    One of the most awful experiences of my life.

  110. Yeah, I feel you DZ8. I have a one-track mind.

    Everything is about the ‘Canes. There are no degrees of separation for me. With anything.

    But it is probably healthier to have multiple loyalties.

    I felt like someone DIED in Saturday. I literally sat on the tub in my hotel bathroom and cried by myself in the middle of the night. But I am better now. I think we all are healing.

    I wish the Ravens’ O was as good as their D.

  111. Seriously, Canechic. I thought I had seen the worst after the fat bald jorts wearer rolled up his poster board and started spanking me with it while singing a dirty version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in front of the swamp in 2008, but I was wrong.

  112. JSQ glad Angry was not there….it would not have been pretty but I seem to be the one who gets out of control in situations like that.

  113. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa……

    Easy on the Phins. They are the SOLE reason I didn’t murder every single newborn puppy in the world.

    That sucks to hear that you got treated that way Jello. Visions of you crying alone, and getting heckled after all that, when I know how big of a UM fan you are, make me furious.

    And I mean that.

    I don’t like to hear that a woman got bullied. Sports or not……YOU in particular, don’t deserve that. Maybe I’m over reacting, but I’ve got a daughter, and I was raised by a single mother, and I don’t like it.

  114. The Jets also can eat a d!ck, and their fat, loud-mouth coach may be the worst person ever born.

    Jet fans are the lucifer spawned, etard-re, cross-gender children of UF and OSU fans.

  115. Thanks, Hurriphin. It was worse because I was getting sick. I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to opposing fans but when I am getting a fever, have no voice, etc, I am not thinking straight and took things to heart.

    I have actually been treated almost as bad by UM fans. Last game in the OB. People behind me were saying terrible things about Coach, etc.

    They threatened to bust a bottle of Jim Beam over my head.

    That dude left during the second quarter, though.

    Get out of my stadium you fair-weather fan!

    So, I concede we have our own bad apples.

    But I think all the suckeyes are bad apples.

    I won’t even go into what happened at the suckeye bar Patrick dragged me to on Friday. I literally ran out because I didn’t want them to see me cry. Those dudes are NASTY. And you know I am pretty tolerant with my humor and even say some racy things myself. But those dudes are sick f&cks.

  116. I must be the only person on earth to lose weight on steroids. The doc put me on them yesterday and I have lost 4 lbs. No appetite. Stupid sinuses. I can’t believe you had to deal with this for a month, Canechic. I am such a baby when I am sick. Nurse Sebastian is here with his paws wrapped around me with his head on my chest trying to nurse me back to health.

    Yo, Hurriphin. Stay away from the puppies!!!

  117. Just wanted to say that this is a great site, I really enjoy all the work you guys put into it. I followed you over from TOS and I just can’t go back after what was said saturday night. Anyways great great work!!!!!

  118. JSQ,
    I would say we could get revenge against their fans next year, but we’re better than that….But i will be running my mouth, just a tad..haha

  119. I know Patrick is your friend and all, and he probably did the right thing………..But it woulda jumped, if I was in the bar with yall.


    And if I get one scratch on THIS faaaaaaaaaaaace……


  120. The Jets have been gifting the Ravens first downs with penalties all night. Some of them have been questionable… but there is no question that I was glad!

    Man I hate the Jets.

  121. Thanks for the welcome!
    That was a prety tough loss to swallow on saturday, I am just now reading the news about the team. Glad nobody here is down on the Canes, some of the things I’ve read were bad.
    Anyway, I think they will bounce back against Pitt.

  122. I hear you, Rashad.

    I don’t give a f about those skank a$$ ohio people. I just want the W.

    That is going to be a legendary tailgate.

    Saturday was probably top 10 I’ve been to. If we would have won, I could have bumped it to top 5. I saw people I hadn’t seen since 2000. Great time. Great food thanks to Canez1 (and my cucpakes were aight too). All 500 jello shots consumed.


    I’m jealous of y’all going to Pitt. Sounds like they have a great set up there.

  123. I agree, WillCane. They will beat Pitt.

    I think everyone is disappointed and there is room for constructive criticism but the things being said by other so-called fans makes me sick.

    We have every reason to remain positive. It was just one game.

  124. Patrick wasn’t there when it happened. That was part of the problem.

    It was resolved over jello shots the following morning.

    I was LIVID. Canez1 heard the “GRRRRRRR” in person!

  125. Welcome, WillCane.

    We’re disappointed for sure, but we aren’t going to throw our guys under the bus here.

    I expect to win vs. Pitt.

    Looking forward to that article, Truth!

  126. Ive lost 10 pounds, so I’m ready to put some back on with some cupcakes and stadium cake at the fswho tailgate. What time will that one start? Isnt Gameday in Miami for that game as well?

  127. With all of this talk of opposing fans I wonder what it will be like at Pitt. If theyll be bad like OSU fans.. welp dont care as long as we win. Heard the setup is sick to jsq.. the ferry ride ova should be sick… C1 where ya at?? Go Canes

  128. I don’t think the game time has been announced.
    And if I know anything, it’s how to make a man put on weight! You are in good hands!

  129. I think so too. Im not to worried about it. Pitt will be a good time but I cant wait for FSwho and the tailgate too!

  130. September 13, 2010 at 10:11 PM

    I don’t think the game time has been announced.
    And if I know anything, it’s how to make a man put on weight! You are in good hands!

    LOL!!! Thats what I like to hear.

  131. Philly,

    You know if you can tolerate Philly fans, you can handle Pitt.
    I’ve got a funny story about me and my boy at a Phillies game, at the Vet.

  132. Lol hurri now aint that the truth. Ive seen some bad things go down esp at birds games. Problem is I never have to tolerate the fans cause im one of em. Even tho they get bad whether ur a phillies fan or not.

    The Vet was a sick place, I bet u do got a great story coming from there lol

  133. Cav.

    It was just an example. None of that was happening in this game. Forston balled out. They are much improved. Just showing Randy what I meant when I say a guy isn’t playing with maximum effort.


    BG, gotcha…

  134. All I know is these guys need to take out all their anger and frustration on Pitt. I recall JJ’s teams had an unbelievable record after losses. We’ll see if this game was the tipping point for them to take some serious strides towards playing Hurricane Football.

  135. Philly,

    To cut to the chase, the antagonist at the Vet called me and my homie ni99ers, and my boy J is as white as chalk. By the end of the game, dude’s wife/girl was halfway rappin wit us.

    We was about to scoop her!!

  136. Ne one check out some of the msg boards on ITU.. ridiculous for example debates on coach shannons public speaking abilities. Hitting him hard for it too. Guy Rudy is a nut and so are some of the other ppl on there

  137. Hurri thats funny but a shame to but ull get that and everything else here, we’re brutal. How come u were in philly? wat game was it?

  138. Back in my day I used to STAY (not literally) out Philly. Not sure how familiar you are with Delaware, but Wilmington is only 30 mins away from S Phil. Would go up for practically everything. Shopping, tricking, family, parties, hustling, Greek Fest, you name it.
    That particular game was vs the Astros (my actual favorite team) in like 98′. A few of my older family members still live in Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Co.
    I’m more S Philly than anywhere else. And I used to be out Upper Darby, too.

  139. JSQ says:
    September 13, 2010 at 11:08 PM
    We keep getting spam for penis weights.

    I don’t even want to know how that ish works


    I’m pretty sure they’ve got you mixed up with an Ohio Taint fanboy web site.

  140. .

    It’s a proven scientific fact that Ohio taint fans have ridiculously small penises. Well, at least the men; the women are average sized.

    I swear this is true. There was a scientific study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  141. I think it’s the increase in traffic overall, but the theme might have something to do with it too. My Game Day Cakes site gets spammed like crazy and has about 1/20th of the viewers. At least the blog monster is gone.

  142. Canesx3, that’s similar to what I told the suckeye who got in my face during the 4th quarter as his friend was pulling him away:

    “Enjoy f&cking your John Candy look-a-like girlfriend with your 2 inch penis!”

    Yeah, I’m classy.

    He started it.

  143. .

    No problem, Mike. I just feel like lashing out. Can’t believe how she was treated. I sit close to the visitors area at our home games, I’ve seen good natured razzing, maybe some profanity, but nothing like she described.

    That’s ok. I plan to have at least 50 one-liners and jokes for the taint fans next year. They’re going to hear it from me.

    Remember the Alamo? Nah. Remember the Jello!!!!

  144. .

    I would have paid good money to see that.

    It is true, though, that the button d*ck is the official state animal of Ohio.

  145. Thanks, Canesx3. Sometime I’ll tell you what happened on Friday night. It is too embarrassing/dirty to repost. It was a cross between an accusation and a threat and a really bad porn fantasy.

  146. You know one thing that I would love to see?? Coach Whipple creating more mismatches, such as lining up a Mike James & Lamar Miller in the backfield at the same-time. Hopefully get one of them matched up with a LB and let our speed take over from there. Saw that against FSU last year, and saw it once against OU.

  147. I want to hear that story. We’ll meet at a game this year, hopefully. I usually have one of my kids, so I try to to keep things on an even kee, but we can talk. By the way, it sounds like a borderline felony to me. On their part.

  148. I’m really liking that Rashad. Why not play to our strengths. We need to take the pressure off J12 until he gets his mojo back.

  149. A porn fantasy by men who are bisexual.

    Although, if you saw the women in Ohio, there isn’t a whole lot of difference so I guess I can understand their confusion. Especially when the secret crush is on a ‘Canes man because ‘Canes men are all smoking hot.

  150. They would have been too wasted to carry out the felony. It was more just a disgusting insult about what my intentions and someone else’s intentions were, and that they wanted some too. In short.

    Okay, I’m getting angry again.

    That night was really fun and then went straight to sucking. I was like the most sober person in Ohio that night. No fun.

  151. No offense to John Candy.

    I think I also said they all look like Chris Farley in drag.

    I would take away the “in drag” part now.

    It is a scientific fact, Canesx3. All ‘Canes men are totally hot and have HUGE ENORMOUS ….


  152. .


    While I was discussing the TOS with truth, I threw out the old latin axiom: in vino veritas

    Here’s another one, attributed to Cicero, that describes our current situation: dum spiro spero. While I breathe there is hope. Much nicer in latin, just three words. Anyway, dream of going 11-0 the rest of the way. I could happen!!!


  153. I think my exact quote in response to the first part of the insult was “listen, a$$clown, I’m not concerned about f&cking, I’m concerned about the tailgate!!!!”

    It got worse from there.

    Really wish I had been drinking more so I would not remember all this stuff so vividly.

  154. .

    OK. I have to work and I think I need more sleep than you.

    JSQ, nobody, and I mean nobody reps the Canes better than you. Forget that sh*t from those ignorant, inbred a$$holes and give yourself some r&r, your body and mind have not recovered. Take care of yourself. Let that sh*t go. Think about all the good things that are going to happen against Pitt. You’ll feel better.

  155. man and they say we are Thugs Splarfy….this guy is sick if he said that…I can’t even use those words to anyone let alone a female..this guy will be kicked off the team for sure.. If not It will look bad for the Gators and coach Meyer for sure..People will taunt him for that one.

  156. He won’t get kicked off. He will probably be suspended for the pre-game warm ups and continental breakfast before the next game.

  157. and continental breakfast before the next game.



    Sparfly, now that’s funny! Continental breakfast? LMAO

  158. i bet if it was one of our players it will be all over Espn…we’ll see what happens though it will be a very interesting next few days..

  159. I actually made two friends while in the bathroom at Brother’s, the awful place Reva describes.

    But they were not Ohio State fans, they were just there for the weekend.

    And I always make friends in bathroom lines. It’s my thing.

  160. Pb, I think there must be some sort of Guinness Book of World Records record that the crocs are trying to break.

    I guess you have to shoot for smaller goals when there is no chance in he!! your team can even win the SEC championship, much less the NC.

  161. I LOVE Coach Shannon’s interview with Joe Rose and he says EXPLICITY that the as a s coaching staff that have to take some of the blame for this loss. He hasn’t done that before but I LOVE hearing that.

  162. I’m glad he did that, too, bg. This L rests on a lot of people’s shoulders and I’m glad to see he isn’t throwing the kids under the bus.

  163. I listen to 560 all day until Michael Irvin’s show is over then I switch over to 790. I can’t listen to Sid. He’s awful.

  164. He always takes shots at Coach Shannon. DBJ said that the team needs some leaders. Same thing I said on our show on Sunday.

  165. Also Sid is b!tching about the school showing him no love. He trashes the program all the time and bashes Coach Shannon and then wants a personal invite from Coach Shannon to a game before he’ll come to a UM game….

    ARE U KIDDING ME SID? He’s a joke!

  166. Ok why u say leaders what exactly do u/others mean?? Isn’t BH, Spence, Hank, Berry? CMac? Arnt the guys leaders…hell 1 and maybe 2 are poss 1st rounders…I thinks the leadership for the most part is fine…IMO the supporting cast needs to step up and make plays when they have the opportunity…dvd, aj2, calimaqe, olb who ever is out there, and Jac has to deliver when the opportunity is thr! Jmo

  167. Nashvillecane says:
    September 14, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    Ok why u say leaders what exactly do u/others mean?? Isn’t BH, Spence, Hank, Berry? CMac? Arnt the guys leaders…hell 1 and maybe 2 are poss 1st rounders…I thinks the leadership for the most part is fine…IMO the supporting cast needs to step up and make plays when they have the opportunity…dvd, aj2, calimaqe, olb who ever is out there, and Jac has to deliver when the opportunity is thr! Jmo

    Team leaders. Guys that can get OTHER guys around them to play UP TO THEIR level. Guys that CAN and DO raise the level of play and expectation of those around them. Guys that the players are more afraid to disappoint than the coaches. Ed Reed was that kind of guy, Ray Lewis is that kind of guy, Joaquin Gonzalez was that kind of guy. Guys that are VOCAL and can raise others guys play. Take the team by the horns and get results.

  168. agreed, bg.

    That was the whole reason behind our top leaders series over the summer. We were hoping one would emerge out of this crew.

    B Harris and Damien Berry are talking the talk. CMAC apparently can’t sleep since the loss. One of these guys needs to step up to take it to the next level.

    I’m having my doubts that dude is J12, and that’s okay. But someone has to do it.

  169. JSQ.

    He has to BECOME one of those guys. All the great ones were (Dorsey, Torretta, Walsh, Erickson, Testeverde, Bernie). He’s the QB so he HAS to be one of those guys, BUT in order for it to be effective, his play has to be on par too. Not saying he can’t make bad plays, but he has to work harder than everyone else, be on time for everything, NO TWEETING during or before the game, being 100% focused and LEADING the team. Teams are like organizations. You show me a good, successful organization, and I’ll show you a great leader. It starts from up top and trickles down through out the team. Clappy was NOT a great leader, but he didn’t have to be because the team had great team leaders. Once that eroded, so did the fiber of the team and that’s what got us into this mess. Shannon is becoming a good leader, but he still has work to do, but as a whole he’s making strides and doing what he should, he’s growing and his team is growing with him. However, all these quiet types and leading by example types have to become vocal as well. You example PROVES the things that YOUR MOUTH says, but you have to be VOCAL too. Guys respond to that. I know J12 isn’t a RAH RAH type, but he has to make it so that when he speaks guys listen and respond.

  170. By the way JSQ.

    Brandon Harris has IT, but he has to DO IT. Ray Ray in time will be one of those guys guarantee it. Spence has to become one of those guys, Bailey, CMac if he’s not already. J12 has to and Hankerson MUST. #20 is saying all the right things, but he has to DO IT as well.

    The best traits in leaders are discovered through adversity. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again. We’ll REALLY see what this team is about when we play Pitt. Are we going to be like VTech and let a team beat us twice (Boise beat them twice because I believe the game this weekend was because they felt DOWN about the Boise game)??? They should be very motivated from here on out to prove that what we saw vs tOSU was an apparition. That they are MUCH better than what they showed. They have to go into every game from here on out to show WE HAVE SOMETHING to prove and play like every play is their last play…BALLS TO THE WALL! If they do that, its no doubt in my mind that barring any serious injury to key personnel, we run the table from here on it.

    We shall see!

  171. These guys are definitely feeling the loss which is good thing because they will now police themselves without the coaches getting on their back..Like Truth said the other day I am anxious now to see these guys respond for the rest of the year.. Ohio state game will stick out the whole year so they’ll be easily reminded to WHAT NOT TO DO TO WIN GAMES..This loss maybe the biggest thing to happen to us so far under Shannon. We expexted to have a great season until that game now we are more hungrier then ever to prove people wrong . We’ll be back and less mistakes will be made, for one jacory will do better shoot he even may take off and run more or throw it out of bounds if nothing is open. We will see a different Jh from here on out..he Fully understands more than ever that the team is on his back…..One more thing I’m sorry to hear your bad experience in Columbus Jsq. What goes around comes around though.. We may climb all the way to the top by the end of the season while they may take a hit especially with PRYOR DOING ALL THAT RUNNING. They do have to play outside their stadium a few times this year against descent teams so we’ll see what happens. That will be nice to surpass them up at the end…Boy they will be so heated for that one…LOL

  172. Yeah Bg I get what u mean, and I’m deff not trying to be argumentative…but let’s use dvd as and example, btw I hate to do this bcoz I’ve never played at the d1 level BUT the two times he had to make/prevent a play from being made on sat he didn’t…on posey’s long play he didn’t even get a bump on him allowing dp to get ontop of rr to quick, now he ran him down but still the turned the BIG MO in they favor…and then on 3rd and long not playin the ball better vs #12 on the side line, which led to another score,looked like he did as a soph vs unc.. he’s got to atleast knock the ball down!!! Shish BMac on the play the tried him in the end zone competed and broke up the play. If the greats u mentioned above were on this team IMO DVD still doesn’t make that play…like I said I ain’t played on that level so…

  173. .


    You’ve hit it on the head about J12. He has to mature as a leader. He has shown SOME leadership before. But somebody needs to get the word to him that he has to evolve into even greater leadership…and that includes laying off the tweets when he should be getting mentally and physically focused for a game.

    The kid is still young and immature, I get it. But he needs to grow up in a hurry. I still love the kid, but he stumbled badly and didn’t step up. He needs to learn his lesson, accept responsibliity and LEAD. He also needs to forget this hollywood sh*t already. If he gets good enough, and improves his leadership enough, he’ll have those hollywood trappings later in life (like a couple of years)…if he doesn’t, he’s going to be an assistant retail manager in a few years and I don’t think that’s what he’s looking for in life.

    btw Do you think RS & Whip are having these or similar conversations with him?

  174. Nashvillecane says:
    September 14, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    Yeah Bg I get what u mean, and I’m deff not trying to be argumentative…but let’s use dvd as and example, btw I hate to do this bcoz I’ve never played at the d1 level BUT the two times he had to make/prevent a play from being made on sat he didn’t…on posey’s long play he didn’t even get a bump on him allowing dp to get ontop of rr to quick, now he ran him down but still the turned the BIG MO in they favor…and then on 3rd and long not playin the ball better vs #12 on the side line, which led to another score,looked like he did as a soph vs unc.. he’s got to atleast knock the ball down!!! Shish BMac on the play the tried him in the end zone competed and broke up the play. If the greats u mentioned above were on this team IMO DVD still doesn’t make that play…like I said I ain’t played on that level so…

    DVD and Ray Ray bit on the play action on that play. Which is why they were playing catchup. The point is who went to DVD and GOT @ him about it not competing for the ball? The coaches??? That is there job. The PLAYERS have to get @ him and let him know, Dawg, we can’t have that. Go after the ball. That’s your ball GO GET IT. Don’t let them show you up, YOU ARE TOO GOOD for that. Now lets ball dawg. C’mon now! But WHO did that???????? Maybe somebody said, you’ll get ’em next time, or don’t worry about it, but NO DO WORRY ABOUT IT. GET @ HIM. We are a team. Its all love but EVERYONE MUST carry their own weight. When the individual parts of team/machine are functioning and working together in conjunction with one another properly then the team succeeds and the machine is working. When 1 part of the team/machine BREAKS down, then team/machine is BROKEN! Simple concept.

  175. Canez1
    September 14, 2010 at 12:30 PM
    All my Pitt road crew peeps hit me up at with the cell #’s.

    We are planning on getting in around 2 or 3 and blastin from there.

    Holla at ya boy.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!
    O salty one…good to see u still around…

  176. CanesCanesCanes says:
    September 14, 2010 at 12:34 PM


    btw Do you think RS & Whip are having these or similar conversations with him?

    After hearing the interview from Coach Shannon this morning…ABSOLUTELY!

  177. The coaches??? That is there job.


    What I mean by that statement is that the coaches are going to yell and scream when the player isn’t doing those things. At times you learn to block that out because you are used to hearing it. But when it comes from your PEERS and you begin to feel like you are REALLY letting them down, then that has a way of getting a reaction that at times the coaches can’t get from a player.

  178. Missed it, bg. I know RS in the past has spoken very highly of J12’s leaderhsip, so I know he must be disappointed. But right now, everything is fixable. It’s starts a week from Thursday night with a tough game at Pitt.

  179. Hurricane Randy says:
    September 14, 2010 at 12:42 PM


    I see what you are saying about effort.

    Vs tOSU that wasn’t an issue though bro. They all play hard and competed. No effort issues that game at all. Just mental mistakes.

  180. Lol, Randy.

    I’m glad my old croc sticks to only making inappropriate appearances at my PBCC events.

    I guess the dudes that played 20 years ago are just annoying, not deadly like the felons they have now.

  181. Hurricane Randy
    September 14, 2010 at 12:42 PM
    This “IS,” the best Hurricane site, don’t care what any other has to say about it.


    best bloggers-site – by a mile! . . . only blog i look at any more.

    but best articles – sorry about this – is over at

  182. I just finished the last Coke can Rashad brought to the Champs tailgate.

    And I used Money’s BBQ sauce on a sandwich I tried to eat last night.

    Thanks to EOTH bloggers for sustaining me while I’m sick!

  183. I guess the boys have been told to deactivate their twitter accounts today. They’ve all been saying their goodbyes.

    I’m glad.

  184. JSQ says:
    September 14, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    Bg, it has been discussed for a long time. Since before we started and right after we left TOS. Let’s talk via email.

    Shoot me an email

  185. Ditto, KL. That ish pi$$Ed me off!!!

    No one cares what you are thinking going into the game. Get over yourself. Just win.

    The above is said with the utmost love, btw. I am not off the Jacory bandwagon. I’m just disappointed. Sebastian is too.

  186. bg,

    Just listened to WQAM interview with RS. He gets up at 4:30 AM in California on recruiting trip to do the interview so no one can say he is ducking the media after a tough loss.

    Also heard him say that he and the other coaches take some of the blame for the outcome of the game with OSU. Critics have said in the past they have never heard him say that coaching is partly at fault for the performance on the field.

    I can promise you that RS and staff evaluate their own efforts and where they can get better after every game, win or lose. Just because he hasn’t said it publicly doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see where he and staff can improve. RS is not real public about team affairs and we don’t have a right to know everything that goes on with the team.

    I stand by this coach and know he will bring the U back to where we as fans want it to be.

  187. I’ve never really visited allcanes bfor but prob will now…I’m prob done with tos tho…what happened after sats game really bothered my spirit, not jus canes related but the whole tone of the blog entry right after the game really bothered me for real…and the owner contributed to alot of the over the top critical comments the deleted the entry like it never even happened????

  188. Nash, he’s been like that from the beginning… Saturday was nothing new.

    I can’t express how grateful I am to JSQ & MM01 for ALL their efforts on this blog. 🙂

  189. Nashville.

    I’m considering that approach as well. I expected an email after what I said the other day but to my surprise I didn’t get one…YET anyways.

  190. Randy, it was great meeting you too! I’m up to my eyeballs in work, as usual… but I am taking a few minutes to watch all the players say their goodbyes on twitter. They’re cracking me up. 🙂 It looks like it was a mandate from the coaching staff…

  191. Bg, I commented on the UFR page. I even left a test to see if the crocs can recognize proper grammar/punctuation.

    From my experience with crocs (the ex misspelled “Mary” until corrected), I’m guessing no.

    There is only so many times one can use “I was hit in the head a lot when I played football” excuse.


  192. That’s how he do over there Nash…and that’s why most of us are over here…

    Some things never change and sometimes they never will…

  193. Truth I kinda followed from afar what happened on tos and really didn’t wanna pick sides coz i don’t know any1 on a personal level but I was jus lookin for cane info…so when a heard whr a few migrated to I came here to read and chop it up with more cane fans…the more the better…but when certain 1s are banded for sumthing and someones are not for far worse I have to question it…but the name calling the other night was too much…Besides many TYPE like bamfs till a face to face meeting comes then ppl closed they mouthes like it’s all…all the subtle racial undertones I can do w/o for real

  194. Also from pics….. Alachua County Detention Center new Nike Combat Uniforms are green and white stripes!

    Where is the media up in arms over Nike’s Combat Uniforms, isn’t that minimizing what our troops are doing overseas? (LOL) The media needs to apologize to Kellen Winslow, for real!

  195. Hurricane Randy says:
    September 14, 2010 at 1:54 PM


    U coming to any home games this year?

    I’m really going to try to get to USF game but the job is making it difficult. I’ll be in Vegas that week and leave on Friday so I’d have to fly straight to Miami. I have to see if I’ll be able to do that. Lets hope so, but I can’t make promises right now.

  196. Shwarma.

    Venture on over to Facebook and comment on the UFR Sports Talk Radio fan page. You being a UF alum would be GREAT to give them the business! HAHAHA!

  197. F that biatch! LOL

    I am turning off my Big Game Blandy account cause it’s the same old issues and the same old nonsense coming out of his mouth. Once again this team falls on it’s face with the dynamic duo in a big game.

    BGB and the chosen one are cut off until one of them shows up in a big game.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  198. Phil Steele talking about us this morning on Rivals Radio said the following…

    I had Miami as MY favorite to win the ACC this year and last week among the 4 ranked ACC teams that lost they were by far the most impressive taking on the #2 team in the country on the road. Harris needs to work on those interceptions but they are the best ACC team.

  199. Shwarma, it’s the one where the croc can’t differentiate “to” and “too” “it’s” “its” and shows a fundamental understanding of what an adverb is . . .

    All while he is saying that FU is a better school.


  200. yep . . . TOS is past tense . . . even though i didn’t read that strange “eliminated” blog post the other day.

    despite solar, six, ungar and a few others (and i include the head man; he was often a good blogger after about the middle of 2009).

    just too much to do to keep checking 2 blogs with an average 100 entries each day and i think the bloggers here are the best in the biz.

    following this blog during the osu loss was a perfect example . . . definitely sadness & disappointment, but no major outbreaks of bitterness & player/coach bashing; lots of good analysis.

    i really appreciate that . . . when it all gets down to it, these are 18 – 22 yr olds and they are playing football, not fighting a war.

    this is a SUPPORT blog!!


  201. Phil Steele had OSU by 10, picked the score as 30-20. He is right according to stats about 74% of the time. The most accurate pre -season forecast over the past ten years.

  202. Mel Kiper on Sean Spence…

    Although Miami Hurricanes junior Sean Spence operates as a weakside linebacker, lack of top size (6 feet, 220 pounds) is why I think he could end up switching to safety in the pros. He may be a bit of a projection problem, but there is no denying that he is a good football player. As we witnessed against Ohio State, the young man is a terror in the box. Around the action the entire game, he displayed very good read-and-react ability and impressive speed to the football. On a team with no shortage of playmakers on defense, he currently leads the Hurricanes with four tackles for loss and is second in overall tackles with 15. My bad just saw it was posted in another thread

  203. Bg, it looks like our “friend” has retreated.

    I’m proud of myself for keeping things on topic. After everything I went through this weekend, when you made the comment about me making him look small, my first instinct was to respond:

    “bg, he doesn’t need me to make him look small. He just needs to drop his pants.

    But I thought better of it . . .

  204. My uncle, a canes can I might add were talkin bout spence after the game sat bout prob having to eventually be a safety at the next level the only thing I wonder bout is his footspeed to do so??? I think he’s in the 4.5-4.58 range??? And to the guy down under, I (((((echo))))) those words

  205. See the thread and no need for me to comment.

    That beind said for all Canes fans looking to defame UF as a school in the future let me provide you some info as an alum since I do want you to win your arguments and don’t want you to go in misinformed:

    Things to be careful about when arguing:

    Yes UF has lots of online classes (which you can go to live if you want) but that is a product of class size not the level of learning. The business school is far and away the biggest culprit of this, but their rankings are better than UMs across the board (to my knowledge). So I wouldn’t go there if trying to argue a point about that.

    The law school – Mary you are very well educated so this is not meant as a slight, but to the best of my knowledge (and I have many friends that are lawyers) UF has the higher ranked progam and admissions are tougher (if this has changed in the past year or two I stand corrected). All my friends who went to various law schools across the state all said UF was the best.

    UF because it is a state school has greater resources for education (despite budget cuts) than UM and the opportuntiies avaialble are greater so I would be careful before making any assumptions there.

    I can tell you that in 2000 when I applied I had a 1290 SAT, 4.3 weighted GPA, strong extra curriculars, AP classes, blah blah blah. Got in no problem. Three years later my brother applied with practically the EXACT same credentials and didn’t get int. UF is tough to get into for the regular Joe Schmo.

    UM is private and while that does mean smaller class sizes and that it lives on its educational reputation since it doesn’t get nearly as much funding, it does mean it doesn’t get nearly as much funding and therefore people can more easily buy there way in (think about it like this at which school would a $500,000 donation seem like a bigger deal).

    Now things I would argue about the downside of attending UF.

    Athletes have it EASY academically – They all take BS majors, there is zero pressure and they are given theworld

    The students are lazy and I would argue don’t benefit as much from the education they receive – UF is filled with smart kids who just act dumb or take their education for granted

    Attending UF is just as much about becoming part of Gator Nation (i.e. nepotism) as it is about actually using that education to get ahead

    UF has tutoring services avaialble that defeat the purpose of learning and can be argued schew the ranking.

    Honestly this all being said, I do believe that on the whole UF and UM are essentailly equal (with maybe even UF slightly ahead despite the rankings) there is just a high level of arrogance and ignorance that makes it seem like everyone at UF is an idiot

  206. F@ck Floriduh. They suck. They’re afraid to play Miami every year bottom line. That’s all you need to argue.

    When they start talking “it’s not financially responsible” tell them to take their fingers out of their pus*ies and recognize it was never finacially responsible for FSU to play Miami OR Floriduh home and home but they do.

    Because that’s what you do when you want to play the best in your state and promote your program.

    Fags. I hate those turds.

  207. Also the downsides are UF academically are the same at many schools.

    Now I personally would just go the route Truth did.

    The academic argument is an impossible one for either side to win probably. Its not like you are arguing Harvard vs. Florida or UM.

  208. Guys, the croc brought up academics and was trying to make it sound like UM was a community college.

    I’m not saying UF is a terrible school. I agree with Shwarma’s assessment. Am I going to admit those things when talking to a delusional croc? No.

    Just going by the numbers, UM has smaller class sizes, a higher ranking, and is more selective in the admissions process.

    For a croc to claim that UM is poor academically is just stupid, and that was why bg enlisted my help – because I know the stats. I have to recite that ish at events, and I know those stats like the back of my hand.

    They have even less of a leg to stand on when it comes to their football program, which is why he brought up academics as a last resort.

    Epic fail by the croc on both counts.

  209. Nashvillecane
    September 14, 2010 at 3:33 PM
    And to the guy down under, I (((((echo))))) those words

    i'm not sure if you mean my comment . . . maybe you think i'm from australia ("down under") instead of austria?

  210. Bottom Line.

    Miami did not get dominated. UM handed this game to OSU. I’d like to see UM and OSU on a neutral field and OSU not get 6 drives to start on the UM 29 or less.

    I almost wish the Pitt game was this Saturday.

    I felt like it was UM not executing and taking advantage of their opportunities MORE than OSU beating us.

    3 dropped INT’s and 2 INT’s thrown in the red zone. Flip those plays and what happens?

  211. Hey,

    My baby CANEZ1 is back!!

    Bg, did you ever give me your opinion on Jacory, as far as him maximizing his potential with either better coaching, or a simpler scheme?
    I think that he may have hit his ceiling in the pro-set. Not saying that we should adopt the Air Raid or anything, but I think the gun is where we’ll get the most out of him. I know that we pride ourselves on running a sophisticated offense, but like the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat em’, join em'”

    And right now, we can’t beat em.

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