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The Truth’s Report Card: Miami vs. Clemson Part 1



When it comes to the Miami Hurricanes this year, the offense is only going to play as well as Jacory Harris does. Again, Jacory made some fantastic throws . . . and again he got himself into trouble by making a few bad ones as well. Harris seems to have these up and down games on a regular basis. It’s almost as if for every great play Jacory makes he just HAS to come up with a dud. The numbers: Jacory completed 13 of 33 passes (39.3 percent) with two interceptions. Four of his 13 completions, though, went for touchdown passes.

Damien Berry ran for over 100 yards on 24 bruising carries. The Miami running game averaged five yards a carry and Mike James took the game over in the game’s final minutes to help Miami seal it with a go ahead FG. Leonard Hankerson was the star of the game and is proving himself to be the #1 receiver in the country. Hank had 7 receptions for 147 yards, 3 TDs and a HUGE third-down catch in the fourth quarter. Yet again, however, the rest of the crew managed to drop 5 passes including another by tight end Chase Ford.

The offensive line faced an excellent Clemson defensive front and while they seemed to struggle throughout the day with being a cohesive, fluid unit there were some bright spots for this ever-changing/still-developing unit. Joel Figueroa and Tyler Horn probably struggled the most and in time need to either start playing better or make way for one of the young pups, like Brandon Linder and Seantrel Henderson who both played well and look to be pushing for more playing time. Putting up 30 points, on the road, against a team as good as Clemson should earn a very good grade . . . however, this offense left a TON of points on the field after having many opportunities to score off of turnovers. If Jacory and this offense ever play a complete game, it is going to be scary to see how good they can actually be.



It must be 1991-1992 all over again. This current version of the Miami Hurricanes defense looks every bit as dominant as those old school Cane defenses that destroyed offenses on a weekly basis. Sean Spence, who had a game-high 14 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss and a forced fumble led a Hurricanes defense that forced six turnovers – all of which came inside Clemson territory. Now that C grade for the Offense doesn’t look so harsh, does it?

DT Marcus Forston played big, picking up an INT off of a tipped pass by DE Allen Bailey, as well as spending a ton of time on the Clemson side of the ball helping to blow up the Clemson running game. Besides Spence, Ray Ray Armstrong and Brandon Harris both made crucial plays that helped Miami seal the victory late in the game. Harris’ fourth-down stop on Clemson RB Andre Ellington midway through the fourth quarter ended Clemson’s comeback hopes was easily the play of the year in this young football season. The only hiccup in UM’s defensive performance was the 71-yard touchdown run given up in the first quarter. This unit was swarming, blasting Clemson players with big hits and making plays all over the field.


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    HearAcane says:

    Jello Shot…..FSHOO Game

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    I can go with that, good write up. Can’t wait to see these Canes put it all together. It will be awesome.

    See ya at FSWHOOOOOOOOOOOO tailgate.

  3. They execute like pro’s at OSU, BSU and Bama so why not at Miami? Hint: it’s got a lot to do with south Florida HS coaching than it does coaching at Miami – but that’s a whole other blog…..

    ^^^^^Hot-Diggidy-Damn!!! I said that a couple years ago to Six, when i was new at TOS. He jumped in my sh!t because I think he though I was slamming FL HSFB, but I think I know exactly what Truth is getting at…..

    I believe FL kids are taught to win with speed & athleticism first.

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    CANEZILLA says:


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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    October 4, 2010 at 11:15 AM
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:
    October 4, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    Some other WR is going to have to step up cause Hank will get doubled.

    To me it’s Byrd’s time to shine. Any insight on what’s holding him back?

    Majority of the balls go to TB3 and Hank! HAHAHA!



    Haha, true… I think his time will come when the doubles increase. But I was wondering if there was some technical reason, like he isn’t getting open as much as the others.

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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Truth, where’s the love for DVD’s strip???? That play was HUGE!!!

    As much shyt as he’s taken, you gotta give him some praise.

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    Steve Walsh’s team West Palm Beach, Cardinal Newman is 4-0 and ranked fifth in the state in their classification. Go Steve, Cardinal Newman and Go Canes.

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    Hurricane Randy says:


    What about that rumor concerning J12?

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    Hurricane Randy says:


    You make a good point. Canes teams in the past just lined up and ran right by you. They didn’t necessarily do a lot of special stuff on Offense. Speed and quickness won a ton of games for them in the past.

    Not dissing on Chud but look at the athleticism he had on offense, it was sic.

    Watching the FSU/Miami marathon yesterday and looking at the defense in particular, this years version is not far off and just may be on the cusp of greatness.

    That one game in 2000 ( I think it was that year) with Barrow and Vanover was all out war and the physicality was unbelievable. On either side of the ball.

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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    The Clemson game was the first game in a long time that the DEFENSIVE Canes alums would look at and be proud of.

    Offense, not so much….

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    Have been listening to Gino’s show, remind me…did this guy play for the Canes. and bashing Bosher? WTF

    I’m with U Lamar.

  12. CANEZILLA says:
    October 4, 2010 at 11:23 AM


    The rumor is that something is wrong and has been and he’s playing through it. I don’t think he’ll be doubtful for the FSU game. Expect him to start.

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    The Truth says:

    I want to say i that I love this team…and all if it’s players…me making commentary about any flaws I see are just that – commentary. I think Jacory is a great QB and a great kid. I have backed this program through the best and worst of times and it all starts with the players.

    these young men come in here as kids and we get to see them at their worst and best…

  14. Hurricane Randy says:
    October 4, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    Have been listening to Gino’s show, remind me…did this guy play for the Canes. and bashing Bosher? WTF

    I’m with U Lamar.

    Gino is HIGHLY negative. Where is U Fam there? Is HE calling J12 to HELP? NO just negativity. I think its because Lamar Thomas when on record as saying J12 is better than Gino was and I think Gino is OFFENDED being he’s a high and mighty Heisman Trophy winner.

  15. bg1906 says:
    October 4, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    Very interesting…

    Listen to Manny on Sedano.

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    The Truth says:

    Jacory is fine

  17. hi

    came in late sunday night . . . looked at the play-by-play and got caught up on some of the blogs.

    today i finished getting caught up.

    got to say – you all do amazing blogging.

  18. JSQ – i loved your 10 things you wish article (or whatever it was called).

    all in all i think you’d be great writing for saturday night live . . . and you’d probably be even better out on the stage.

    particularly loved #6 about the bosher underwear . . . that joke should be patented

  19. I ask you all, besides Hank, what is wrong with our “HERALDED” WR corps? They are playing like a$$ right now as a group (save Hank who is a bonafied AA candidate and future 1st rounder)

  20. Manny hard on the boys.

    Funny thing is I get it now. We sound like some old hags! HAHAHA! B & M about everything and THEY won! HAHAHA!

    I just think we all KNOW what this team CAN and SHOULD be and the defense is showing it and when the offense catches up….


  21. canechic – i love what you bring to this blog and i was saddened by the loss of your father.

    cancer is really making the rounds these days and i imagine quite a few people on here have lost someone close .
    i lost my 2nd sibling to cancer early this summer after a 1 1/2 year battle . . . i was by my brother at the moment he died.

    having been with both siblings several times during their fight and a couple others, like my father-in-law, i can say that fighting cancer is like going up against alabama . . . it’s a wicked battle with lots of pain & discomfort.

    it’s truly amazing watching someone deal with that in dignity (like your father, if i read between the lines right).

    and i’m very glad that i have not been in a situation where i was primary caretaker for someone going thru that battle.
    the care-taking is also brutal.

    so take care canechic. really sorry.

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    CANEZILLA says:


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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    BG, Manny doesn’t get it all. J12 was his classic Jekyll/Hyde in the first half, putting plenty of zip on balls, working his feet, following through AND being overconfident and making bad throws and reads.

    IF something’s wrong with his shoulder it certainly didn’t show in the 1st half, on the good or the bad throws.

    I also don’t think Manny really studies football. I don’t know why cause it’s his job but he never gets technical and detailed with his comments and stories.

    To me, he’s at his best when he’s just doing interviews and giving some insight into the players minds and lives.

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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    BG, haha, only Canes fans would be bytching and moaning about whooping Clemson on the road.

    I asked that question about Byrd for the same reason you’re asking about the entire corps.

    What gives with the playmakers???

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    The Truth says:

    What’s wrong with facebook now?

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    Sounds like RS knows what to do to keep this team sharp. How hard is it to get up for FSU?

  27. Truth –
    for whatever it’s worth, you’ve developed into the ultimate blogger . . . your writing has gotten extremely good, so i’m pleased that you’ve begun writing articles as well as giving excellent blog insights.

    i can remember when i first saw you come on tos, i liked what you brought as far as football knowledge, but you always seemed to get offended so easily . . . and the parts you wrote about your personal life seemed a little bit too wizard of oz-ish.

    i was always wondering if you were a little man behind the curtain, portraying a wizard of oz on the blog-screen.

    but especially thru jsq’s arrival over there . . . + more & more banter with solar, you began changing . . . didn’t seem to have such an overblown persona anymore; more authentic; more interesting. which has continued over here.

    okay – time to wait for a canez1 hard-core, biting comment.

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    Hurricane Randy says:


    You and your family are in our prayers (MM01 and I) You have many friends here on “The Eye” and you are in our thoughts.

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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    little bit too wizard of oz-ish


    Haha, Truth’s new nickname…The Wiz…hahaha

  30. ^^^Autumn that is HILARIOUS^^^

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    Hurricane Randy says:


    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

  32. Hurricane Randy
    October 4, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

    i'm not really sure – is this an inside joke or a truism in riddle form?

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    The Truth says:

    I am a VERY little man…tiny…like the alien inside Orions belt in Men in Black…

    That’s the truth…

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    Old FartNC says:

    Off topic, but I like to keep track of playing time to see who’s coming off the bench. Did anyone else notice that the UM official stats on the FAMU game has only 44 participants while we all saw RS almost clear the bench. I went back and counted 64 jersey numbers and I may have missed some on STs.

    The UM stats miss #s 94, 93, 88, 86, 82, 81, 80, 79, 77, 75, 65, 61, 60, 59, 49, 39, 37, 33, 30, and 15 and maybe others. Anyone know how to get these boys credit?

  35. Thanks, Autumn! :-)

  36. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Inside Joke autumn…it seems no matter how many times I attempted to put out there I was just a regular guy, it was always assumed I was someone else…

  37. Wow, Truth are you trying to get me to step in here and tell people how HUGE you are?

    Dang, it worked.

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    The Truth says:

    I owe it all the Mary…

  39. And everyone knows Bernie Kosar is just a regular guy!


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    The Truth says:


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    BahamaCane says:

    This isnt the same defense from last year and if FS think they can come in and have the same success on offense, well, they will be in for a huge surprise. They haven’t played a defense like this since their Okla game, and imo, our defense is better than Okla’s.

    My only concern on defense is their ability to contain a scrambling QB. Ponder can run and if they contain him, FS’s WRs wont have much daylight against one of the top secondary’s in the country.

    FS put up 59, 34, 31 and 34 points respectively against FAMU-like opponents and held those teams to 6,10,0 and 14 pts. If this Canes defense continues it stellar play, FS isnt going to put up 30+ pts on this Cane D and if the Canes offense plays consistently and limit the turnovers, FS cant and will not hold the Canes offense to less than 14 pts.

    When FS played an Okla team that has an average defense but a potent offense, FS defense was hit with a reality check. The Canes is the best skilled offense FS has played since the Okla game.

    I told you guys that Clemson’s offense isnt that good and that they wouldnt score more than 17 pts on the Canes D and I was right in the ballpark with my prediction of a 30-17 Cane win and Clemson is a better overall team than FSU!

    The canes should beat FS by 2 touchdowns. The less mistakes J-12 makes, the bigger that margin of victory.

    I will save my final prediction score for later in the week but make no mistake, FS defense isnt as a good as advertised! the game might be close early because of adreline, but the Canes will eventually pull away.

  42. jsq, truth – you all do a great comedic blog number . . . glad you won’t be leaving us for snl.

  43. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    I agree Truth is just a regular guy, whats with the haircut though?

  44. avatar
    The Truth says:

    All kidding aside, thank you autumn…I love this forum and you guys are all special to me…

  45. one of the things that really mystifies me on here – maybe some of you can help me out – when you all are watching a play, can you be seeing lots of the players at the same time?
    you know – seeing jacory stare down his receiver at the same time knowing horn and seantrel are doing well blocking but figs not and there ford is getting open and so is a running back and, and, and?
    or do you see 1 thing and study the rest later, 1-2 players at a time?

    even after picking up gobs of info from you all, when i watch, i’m mostly pleased with myself if i don’t get faked out and wind up watching someone i think has the ball and suddenly the play is over and i’ve missed it.

    would love to have the kind of eyes some of you have.

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    The Truth says:

    “the game might be close early because of adreline, but the Canes will eventually pull away.”

    Not if they keep turning the ball over.

    I am hoping some home field home cookin might do the O and Jacory some good…

  47. Sooooo the person who was giving me free tickets for the game tonight is suddenly not answering her phone. She has about 10 people who want to kill her right now. Sooo not cool.

  48. I think we blow FSU out me and Esteban both. Talked about it last night on the show. They have shown me NOTHING that makes me fear them. Respect them yes as I do ALL rivals in a rivalry game but we are far and away better than this year and I think the guys will show it on Saturday and hopefully they’ll shut ALL of us up with the negatives! A good performance WILL do that.

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    Hurricane Randy says:

    RS has said on QAM this AM that stopping Ponder’s running game is key.

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    BahamaCane says:

    Truth, like i said, the less mistakes J-12 makes, the bigger the margin of victory!

  51. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    bg, Truth,Este,

    What do we know about Ponder’s injury to his throwing arm? He hurt it a coup[le of weeks ago.

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    Hurricane Randy says:


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    The Truth says:

    NICE!!! I copied and pasted…if you guys got anything sent from me, email it back because I gotta see this!!!

    If you did get something, I am SORRY!!! It wasn’t me…

    (My Name),

    Your Facebook account has been temporarily disabled as a measure to protect our users from any possible obscenities being distributed from your account. No action is required by you at this time.

    You will be notified within two (2) business days of the outcome of our investigation. At such time you will be notified as to the status of your account and your ability to continue within the Facebook community as a member using this account.

    The Facebook Team

  54. I’m a little offended you were sending out porn and I didn’t get any, Truth.

    I thought I meant something to you.

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    LongTimeCaneFan says:

    I thought the same thing as Manny @ the MH after the OSU game. Jacory looks different than last year before he injured his thumb. I do not think it is the shoulder. I think he is having trouble putting velocity on the ball.

    It just seems that starting with UNC last year, when the injury occurred, Jacory started throwing INTs. It seems he cannot physically do what he still thinks mentally he can do.

    Hopefully the thumb heals or the hand regains strength or he adjusts to his diminished capabilities. Ideally, he can heal in the off-season and come back to that 1st / 2nd year form for next year’s run at the crystal football.

    For this year, I feel like we will lose a game in the ACC if we have another performance (penalties and INTs) like on Saturday. We face 4 senior QBs (FSU, UNC, GT and VT) in conference. They will likely not give up as many picks as Parker did…

    That being said, I will not be surprised @ 11-1 and winning the ACC CG. Go CANES!!!

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    CanesCanesCanes says:


    That’s bizzarro on FB. T, or anybody else: is there really supposed to be an “orange out” on Saturday?

    Thought I saw that somewhere.

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    The Truth says:

    Autumn, start with the OL and DL first…pick a player or two and hone in on that. That’ll tell you lot’s about what else is about to happen.

    Then as you get used to watching that aspect you can start following the ball and you’ll understand better why or how it’s getting to where it is.

    From there you’ll be able to see the defense pre snap with that wide angle shot and have an IDEA of where the ball may go…

    On TV this is a lot harder than in person and either way it takes seasons of football to understand…if you’ve always just watched what the camera on TV forces you to see then it’s going to take a while…

    And most importantly it is impossible to catch everything…I have a DVR and watch the game 3 times most of the time…

    The coaches won’t even talk about the game until they look at the film…you think you saw something and you think you know how a play went and then you watch it again it’s something different…

  58. Autumn, I heart you….


    I did call you weird once but you were acting WEIRD!! LOL

    I call it like I see it.

    Am I really that bad??

    I have met many people on here in person and enjoy and respect all of their opinions no matter if they jive with mine or not.

    Este and BG have been ducking me for years now but I will meet them some day.

    I just say whats on my mind and don’t sugarcoat anything.

    I think I get alot of it from what I do for a living so it might come off a little rough.

    It’s just me. Usually the ones who don’t like it are the ones who need the sugar.

    Not my thing.

    All I know for sure is my love for this program never waivers no matter what.

    I am critical when it is necessary to be but I also am the first to shower praise.

    I make fun of people because that is what family does. Mine anyway.

    Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Now STFU and leave me alone 😉

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  59. avatar
    The Truth says:

    You’re offended?!?! I’M OFFENDED I didn’t get to see it FIRST!!

    What the HELL!!!???

  60. avatar
    The Truth says:

    “Am I really that bad??”



  61. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    LMAO!!!!! contrary to what U think , your opinions do matter to me.

    Actually what scares the hell out of me is that I’m starting to agree with U on some stuff!!!!

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    BahamaCane says:

    Anbody has any info on the J-12 supposed injury to his none throwing shoulder?

  63. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    It’s the haircut.

    Actually this weekend someone hacked my Yahoo account and sent out some pretty nasty stuff to people I have interviewed with, NOT FUNNY.

  64. avatar
    The Truth says:


    It’s the haircut.

    Actually this weekend someone hacked my Yahoo account and sent out some pretty nasty stuff to people I have interviewed with, NOT FUNNY.”

    Are you serious? Was it someone you knew or just random?

    I am embarrassed but not upset. Everyone on my facebook is someone I know personally or from here so I know no one is going to think I sent out a bunch of Pervy stuff. But it is a little scary to think someone could invade yu like that.

    I have firewalls and anti-virus and my computer is clean. But I did just set up a wireless network in my home. It’s passcoded and I purposfully only got 54mps so that it dodn’t sed a signal any further than the 4 walls of where I live. Once I step outside the signal is lost… So hopefully it’s a facebook issue and not a bonified hacker…

    How did your situation get resolved.

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    When all is said and done, there were still a lot of great plays in the Clemson game. One of my favorites is a 1st down carry by Miller when about 5 other guys push him past the first down play. Just a beautiflul team smash-mouth play. Loved it. Check it out here at the 4:45 mark…love this play!!!

  66. CANEZ1 and I will one day share a jail cell together, after a UM loss………Sigh.

    All jokes aside, you can’t doubt the passion of a guy who spends thousands upon thousands of $’s on Canes games, like he does.
    Not saying money makes you a better fan than someone else……But I imagine still, CANEZ1 ain’t no Will Smith.

  67. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Autum, the LAST person you need to think is off or offensive is CANEZ1.

    He’s true blue, True U and calls it purely as he sees it.

    He and I disagree on Shannon and Japicky but that’s only a different vision of where we see the glass right now.

    We BOTH know where it’s supposed to be.

    Seriously, he’s the last one worry about….

  68. taking last minute questions for Tomahawk Nation.

    Hurri, I got your question. Randy I got yours.

    Taking three more.

  69. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Another great play by J12 – going against his throw it up tendencies: Looks off his first couple of reads and decides to run. Watch RS excitedly give him a backside slap after the play.

    Positive reinforcement: It’s a powerful thing!

    Check it out at the 6:09 mark:

  70. avatar
    The Truth says:

    How will the inexperience at LB effect the ability of the defense to stop Miami?

    Secretly this is a baiting question because I can’t wait to hear about how it won’t be a factor at all…that the way they got smoked at OU was an abberation…

  71. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    BG, I think we smash FSU too. I watched them play Wake and saw NOTHING. They actually look less intense and slower than they did two years ago.

    Y’all remember that was like 9-6 and Wake won but FSU’s defense was moving at warp speed. And Wake was a senior heavy, veteran team with a legit offense and serious defense.

    This year Wake is an absolute joke. Duke put 48 on them. Duke. Stanford laid 68 on them. But FSU could only manage 31?????

    I’m going to watch the VA game and see if anything’s new.

  72. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Great question, T. I think we run for more yards than what our average has been the first four games. Significantly more. I’m seeing more screens, bubble screens and even shuttle passes. That’s just me, though.

  73. avatar
    CANEZILLA says:


  74. avatar
    CANEZILLA says:

    Boston College at Florida State, (12 p.m., ESPN or ESPN2)
    Maryland at Clemson, (12 p.m., ACC Network)
    NC State at East Carolina, (12 p.m., CBSCS)
    Miami at Duke, (1 p.m.,
    Middle Tennessee at Georgia Tech, (3:30 p.m.,
    Wake Forest at Virginia Tech, (3:30 p.m., ESPNU)
    North Carolina at Virginia, (6 p.m., ESPN3.


  75. Question for FSU – Do you think any of your corners can man-up on Hank? Reid vs. TB3 – Who’s coming out on top?

  76. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Reid…that kid can play! But after him I still think Miami has the advantage.

    That advantage looks smaller and smaller each week and according to The Playmaker today, the WR’s are the real problem.

    He went in depth about all the things they’re doing to NOT help Jacory…with the exception of Hank. He was even alluding to the idea that Jacory needs to stay away from throwing to #4 at all in the red zone “to give him some plays” because of 4’s lack of discipline with his mechanics and routs.

    He was saying a ton without saying anything at all…

  77. CANEZILLA and Truth, got yours. Shwarma, your question is a lot like Hurri’s. It will be asked, though.

  78. Thanks Truth on the insight from Irvin.

    And your comments about HS Football down here make all but too much sense. It’s a a very good point and one that I never even thought of before but makes all the sense in the world

  79. avatar
    CANEZILLA says:


  80. LOL Randy buddy don’t lose faith!! I need you for balance sake!

    Trust me I wish I am wrong on all of my negative predictions. Nothing would make me happier because that would mean we are successful and heading in the right direction. I will be the first one eating crow.

    Hurri my man!! I need Will Smith $$$$ to pay for this addiction! LOL Anything for my boys. Drinks are on me when we finally meet up and shoot the shyte.

    Cav’s been my boy for a LOOOOOOONG time now. Same page just different views. It’s all good.

    T I saw what you did up there!! 😉 and don’t ever leave me off the good porn list. Not cool….

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  81. avatar
    The Truth says:

    What are you talking about, Canez…Apparently I left myself off that list and I am NOT happy about this…

  82. LOL Oh I thought you sent it out!!

    My bad. I should’ve known better.

    Great minds think alike.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  83. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Hurricane Randy
    October 4, 2010 at 12:43 PM
    Sounds like RS knows what to do to keep this team sharp. How hard is it to get up for FSU?


    MM01, ask them why we should worry about an offense that could only drop 31 on Wake…when Duke dropped 48 on them and Stanford dropped 68??

  84. autumn
    October 4, 2010 at 12:43 PM
    “okay – time to wait for a canez1 hard-core, biting comment.”

    hmmmm – seeing the comments from canez1 & cav i guess i should've put in an "lol" at the end of that post.

    my comment above had to do, that i figured the little speech about truth would be a softball lob for you to hit out of the park with some good 1-liners that would have us chuckling for several minutes

    and for whatever its worth, canez1 – i'm very glad you're a poster on here . . . i like what you bring
    . . . somehow you manage to move into chest-thumper, hair-stickin'-out-the-ear territory and it's still endearing.
    that takes absolute blog-charisma.

    and i thought it was pretty funny (& appropriate at the time), when you called me wierd.

  85. The Truth
    October 4, 2010 at 1:36 PM
    Autumn, start with the OL and DL first…pick a player or two and hone in on that. That’ll tell you lot’s about what else is about to happen. . . .

    i appreciate the tips, truth – thanks.
    i might try that out sometime . . . though i can only try it out on these damn highlight films.

    would rather someone posted the whole damn games.

  86. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Go to and look for a way to email or call them. I’m pretty sure you can get games through them. If not maybe bg knows of someone that does it over the web…

  87. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    OldFart, I have no idea how to get those guys listed. Truth or someone might know.

    Autumn, I wasn’t sure what you meant by the Canez1 sentence but now it makes sense. lol

    For the record, Jermain Johnson and Seantrel are MUCHO better than Figs outside.

    I watched the highlights and they were handling their business. A few slips here and there but by the end of the season they’re going to be serious.

  88. The Truth
    October 4, 2010 at 3:26 PM
    Go to and look for a way to email or call them. I’m pretty sure you can get games through them. If not maybe bg knows of someone that does it over the web…
    thanks T . . . just went over there and hit them up with that question & left my email. we'll see.

  89. Autumn I am taking the blog charisma statement and running with it!


    Good stuff my man!

    Cav seeing #77 out there was a sight for sore eyes. He is that dude for the next three years.

    Total stud!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  90. good night.

    i might try to get up at 4.30 a.m. to see the last 30-45 minutes of the dolphins game
    . . . though i will not appreciate that tomorrow.

  91. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    I was reading some of the comments on that FS blog and i have to say, those are some crazy nut sippers over there. They really think they are going to beat the Canes and some are already talking about their next game at BC.

    They played one decent team and got spanked then turned around and blew out 4 cream puffs. If they had the CAnes first 4 games they might have ended up 1-3 or 2-2 at best.

    On paper the Canes are the more talented team and if the defense plays up to par and J-12 has a good game with no costly mistakes, they get beat by double digits.

    I would love to have some of the stuff they are smoking!

  92. CANEZILLA says:
    October 4, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    Boston College at Florida State, (12 p.m., ESPN or ESPN2)
    Maryland at Clemson, (12 p.m., ACC Network)
    NC State at East Carolina, (12 p.m., CBSCS)
    Miami at Duke, (1 p.m.,
    Middle Tennessee at Georgia Tech, (3:30 p.m.,
    Wake Forest at Virginia Tech, (3:30 p.m., ESPNU)
    North Carolina at Virginia, (6 p.m., ESPN3.


    Its the primetime game at 8 PM! It will be nationally televised.

  93. canechic

    So sorry to hear about your loss, enjoy the memories and the life lived:)

  94. The Truth says:
    October 4, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    Go to and look for a way to email or call them. I’m pretty sure you can get games through them. If not maybe bg knows of someone that does it over the web…

    Rusty used to put up all the games for download via bittorrent. I copy the good the games myself and rewatch them during the off season when I’m bored, but most times I watch games at 2 times and sometimes 3 or 4.

  95. Miami at Duke is going to be nationally televised! All right!

  96. Bahama.

    Our cohorts at UFR predicted FSU over us too 27-20. Even tOSU couldn’t hold us to 20 pts with 4 INTS! HA! We score 30 with mishaps and sloppy play. FSU is in BIG trouble. I expect a route to the tune of like 36-13 or 38-17. I think they’ll play tuff early but sometime in the 2nd half we’ll hit cruise control. Nighty Night Noles! HAHAHA!

  97. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    This is what the Clemson beat reporter and OC said about the Canes secondary:

    Offensive coordinator Billy Napier said “I think that secondary is good,” “Whether or not we created separation, I think video might be better for me to answer that question on Tuesday. At the same time it’s obvious we have to throw and catch the ball better.”

    Some credit must also be given to a talented Miami secondary that includes potential first-round NFL pick Brandon Harris and standout safety Ray-Ray Armstrong.”

    And about the offensive line play:

    “One of Clemson’s defensive objectives was to make Miami quarterback Jacory Harris uncomfortable in the pocket. Miami started a freshman at right tackle and a player with very little experience at center.

    But Miami’s inexperienced line held up well in its third road game in the last four weeks. Harris was only sacked twice in the game. The protection allowed Miami offensive coordinator Mark Whipple to aggressively attack a Clemson secondary coming off a suspect performance against Auburn.”

    After Saturday, FS will know what a top defense looks like and with Linder and Henderson being sharing snaps at RT and G, that o-line is only going to get better. If the o-line is ok now, they will be nasty when they get some more experience and gel as a unit!

  98. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Bahama and BG, I don’t see them holding us under 40. I really don’t. We had 38 last year with Cooper and James in the backfield and Hank only had two real catches. I think a lot of guys will have serious games against them. Berry, Miller, Byrd, TB and obviously Hank, but knowing Stoops they’ll try to double him. But it won’t matter.

    And I don’t see them scoring more than 17. Ponder’s not balling like he did last year and I think it’s because teams have caught on to Dumbo’s semi-gimmick offense.

    Canez1, yeah SH’s ahead of Johnson in run blocking but a little behind Johnson in pass protection but they’re both Bosses out there, just young.

    And did y’all see Linder throw the key block at LT on the last drive that sprung Mike James????

    I think we’ll be seeing JJ and SH on the left side a lot this year too.

  99. The clip Truth alluded too from Irvin.

    Also I wish Sedano had not mentioned the Jacory shoulder thing. It has now taken a life of its own. You don’t think FSU listens? Its a REASON we don’t discuss injuries. My FSU cohorts at UFR are already saying J12 isn’t going to play etc, etc. You don’t think they are going to try and hit him and punish his shoulder on Saturday. I love info as much as every other super fan, but SOMETHINGS are better left unsaid and are 100% NONE of our business! Damn it!

  100. Hurricane Randy
    October 4, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    LMAO!!!!! contrary to what U think , your opinions do matter to me.

    Actually what scares the hell out of me is that I’m starting to agree with U on some stuff!!!!
    Some times I feel the dame…and it scares the heck outta mr too!!! Lol

  101. Dorsett is #4 incase you didn’t know! Love that kid!

  102. avatar
    BahamaCane says:


    one of the things I look at is the quality of competition played so far. FS has played one decent team and got lit up. The Canes have played 2 good defenses at OSU and Clemson and still put up points.

    how i see it, the o-line was baptized by fire and at this point has been tested. FS defense isnt going to do anything that these guys havent seen by now. Plus FS defense isnt in the same league as OSU or as good as Clemson.

    The Canes should be able to put up points on the board as long as J-12 dont throw OSU type interceptions.

    And Ponder wont have no one to throw to either. Okla defense held him to 113 yards and 2 ints on 11-28 passes. Thats not Heisman like numbers.

    The Canes secondary last time i checked, is one of the best in the country. Ponder is going to have to play way better, but with the Canes front 4, he wont have much time to look for his 3rd and 4th options.

    Like I said, Ponder is going to look to run and the Canes cant let him beat them with his legs.

  103. Look at Dorsett at the 5:28 mark! Yes sir!

  104. Ruddock is a nice little QB for STA. Iowa got them a nice player.

  105. Canez1 ain’t neva lied…..

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  106. Bahama.

    As I said on the show, we will not face a more dynamic QB than we did with TP2. Ponder couldn’t hold that kids jock. Control his feet and I think we will and it will get UGLY! The only way this does not happen is if we come out flat (which I think is impossible first time back home on prime time tv) and mistakes (penalties and turnovers). Otherwise I think by the start of the 4th quarter this one should already be decided.

  107. By the way Bahama,

    I’m am half Bahamian. My people are from Nassau, Freeport, and Andros Island.

  108. One more thing. I had Linder elbowing Horn out of his spot by mid year.

    Looks like my evil plan is coming together.



    Our OL next year. Me likey!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  109. SH will be at LT though right?

  110. avatar
    The Truth says:


  111. Sorry DZ I was just listing the names and not so much their actual positions.

    No doubt SH at LT

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  112. It looked like everything was in place except for that,

    LT- SH
    LG- Washington
    C – Linder
    RG- Gunn
    RT- Johnson

    Then we got Horn, Bunche, Wheeler for depth (Bunche or Wheeler might take RG from Gunn). But we gotta wait till the following year for them to have enough career starts for Stoutland:)

  113. Reguarding the future ol…I was thinkin gunn was a sr this yr…maybe he’s a 4th yr Jr??

  114. Him and Horn came in together and took a R-shirt. R-Jr.

  115. Ya man looks good and depth for miles.

    Foundation for the future with Storm Mike James and Miller carrying the rock.

    AJ, TB3 and Byrd starting WR’s

    Looks good to me…..

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  116. Another note on the past two games…during the Pitt game many including myself were thinkin if UM play a similar gave vs “clempsen” then they’d prob get embarrassed…IMO UM played a similar game, even some of the” same ole same ole” as C1 would say AND STILL covered the spread…we would all like to see UM play mistake free football BUT at what point do we give the other team credit??? I mean they have coaches that get paid and have player on ‘ships too…yeah we all would like to see J’Silk play better but I love the fact that he can throw a int or get blasted in the pocket, or a wr drop a ball but he still comes out swinging!!! When he got blasted by #40 coming rite up the gut while horn didn’t see him he put a ball on the $$$$ to aj and he dropped it…same with ford

  117. I think Benjamin might bolt. He has a kid or two and Randys comments might nudge him in the pro direction.

    It’s unfortunate cause I think he could use another year getting bigger, faster and more disiplined. If he goes after this year I don’t see him as more than around a 4th round pick (Marty Gillyard, WR, Cin. was another skinny, fast dreadlocked wideout who didn’t go until the 1st pick, 4th rd, 99 overall. Needs work on strength to get past more physical NFL corners. Definite help on special teams.).

  118. J12 has a lot of positive attributes. We focus on the negative ones cause unfortunately they are the same mistakes he’s been making since he got here. He does have some positives attributes, ability to bounce from mistakes being one of them. I just wish he didn’t have to prove it EVERY game;)

    And we never give the other team props… IF we play to our ability we can roll over anyone:)!

  119. Nashville.

    I said that earlier. Its funny we are scoring over 30 pts per and killing on defense and still moaning! HAHAHA! I’m guilty! LOL!

    By the way, i will say again, the HIRE of the Randy Shannon tenure…

    RICK PETRI! Biggest improvement of ANY position on the team and its VERY easy to see what he has meant. Players are playing with SUPERB technique and have the stats to prove it! Kudos to Coach Petri! I hope he’s here for a LONG, LONG time!

  120. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    I’m not half Bahamian like bg…. but I have been to the Bahamas. LOL

    Go Canes

  121. avatar
    CANEZILLA says:

    bg next weekend the duke game is on espnu at 1pm thats what i was posting

  122. Bg mike ferrel says Watkins is a ” must get” for UM considering this will be such a small class, but I know u get the feeling he’s leaning more and more towards clempsen, and truth wrote he ain’t going to UM…my ??? is do u think this past game changes anything…and also what ate the chances of Gorman and Therieze?? And on the fsu game it’s more meaning full not only bcoz of being a rivalry, acc game, but recruiting also…fsu had been hot here of late and I’m sure jimbo been in recruits ear bout them being ahead of UM, but if UM can put pimp smack em shannon will put all that talk to rest PERIOD!!!

  123. Bg, you know I phucks wit that boy Dorsett too!!

    I want some of the cred’ when he blows up like Roscoe, too!!

  124. avatar
    CANEZILLA says:

    dorsett couldnt be stopped

  125. Nash he issue is we played pretty much the same game but turnover saved our add.6 frigging turnovers!!! when he f does that happen???

    Cut those in half and we probably lose that game.

    With all his talent his team has we should not be hoping and praying flukes to pull out games.

    That’s the point.

    The d has saved this team from disaster on many occasions already. This o should not be an issue.

    The same ol same ol is going to bite us in the face down the road here if things aren’t corrected.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  126. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    October 4, 2010 at 6:12 PM
    Ya man looks good and depth for miles.

    Foundation for the future with Storm Mike James and Miller carrying the rock.

    AJ, TB3 and Byrd starting WR’s

    Looks good to me…..

    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    Streeter’s going to take AJ’s spot man. He’s waaaayyyy too slow and now he can’t even catch.

    Clock’s ticking. And don’t let KT get the route-running together.

    And these frosh might push someone outta there spot too.

    Davon….clock’s ticking dawg.

  127. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    DZ8, TB would be a fool to leave. All he needs to look at is Hankerson, who with this year is going to be a definite 1st Round and is going to hit the ground running.

    Like you said, TB needs the muscle and the discipline. Right now he’s a one-trick pony. And another year of sacrifice and lean living won’t hurt him. He’s only 20. haha

  128. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    The same ol same ol is going to bite us in the face down the road here if things aren’t corrected.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    Yep. J12 has to realize this or Whipple/Shannon have to either rein him mentally or with playcalling.

    Personally, I think it could be solved with more play-action passing, like he did in the 1st half but completely abandoned in the 2nd.

    Oddly, J12 made all his mistakes in the 1st half but also made his best plays in the 1st half.

    2nd half, no play-action, Clemson’s geared to stuff the run and all the wheels fall off until the last drive.

    Shyt works. Stick with it.

    If Whipple had split the calls on that 2nd drive 60-40 run and play-action, and kept that mix the rest of the half, we would’ve been up 28-14 or better.

  129. Ok, here’s my take on whipple, whipples inconsistent play-calling didn’t just start this year, i started talking about this last year after the Fsu game(which of course was whipples 1st game) than as the season went on, the v-tech game is the best example of what cav is saying about whipple, that guy let bud foster eat his lunch for 3 1/2 quarters and barely adjusted. The clemson game last year whipple got schizo again.

    whipple needs to get better at play calling and jacory needs to get better at about 3 or 4 decisions a game. Whipple does set jacory up well to succeed and he just as equally sets him up to not be so successful simply because he runs certain plays out of the wrong formations.
    If we ran the ball well on 1st & 2nd down and it’s 3rd and 3 or 4, why go to a passing formation, that’s when you’re not setting the defense up properly. Or vice versa, we might get zero yards on 1st down, and if we get good yards on 2nd down and get in 3rd and 2, if whipple is going to run it, he lines the offense in a running formation which causes the line of scrimmage to become bunched up, and this sets the o-line up for failure.

    As whipple gets better, jacory will get better as well, i don’t think it’s the other way around myself, a prime example, on that play where jacory took off and ran, that was an excellient decision by jacory to pull it down an run, but what’s most important about that play, it was a bad call because the defense for clemson was not fooled one bit.

    While this o-line is not going to be confused with one of the best yet, it’s the formations that kill alot of these play calls, being aggressive all game is one thing, but formations make a real big difference, using travis benjamin on an end around and getting mike james out in the flats, that’s what you call using your personnel to your advantage, because defenses know travis benjamin, so to run a fake end around with another wide-out would’ve been ridiculous. So that was excellent use of personnel, we need to see more iso’s with lamar miller as well.

    If whipple runs those same plays out of the right formations, he’ll be a better play-caller period. jacory is still growing, and like i said before the game, i don’t care if jacory throws picks as long as he comes back and throws touchdowns as well. Against osu, that was the 1st game where i’ve seen jacory play like the stage was to big for him. He seemed like he never settled down. whipple doesn’t call the best plays in the redzone either.

  130. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    October 4, 2010 at 5:13 PM
    One more thing. I had Linder elbowing Horn out of his spot by mid year.

    Looks like my evil plan is coming together.



    Our OL next year. Me likey!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    I’d LOVE to see Linder at C. He’s already as a good a blocker as Horn. He must not have the plays down yet.

  131. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Cal, that play where J12 scrambled was a HORRIBLE call.

    I was thinking, WTF IS THIS SHYT?? A hot pass to Hankerson?? Against this defense inside our 15 yard line??? Are you crazy???

    It was as horrible as all those plays in the 1st half were beautiful.

    If and when he mixes in run with play-action on successive plays, this offense will not be stopped.

    Too many times Clemson knew what was coming and paid no attention to the other possible play.

    And yes, Whipple best game was against FSU. FSU never had a clue what was coming from one play to the next.

    And that was with Javarris and Cooper running the rock. Now he has some thoroughbreds who can really force a defense to respect the run and get it to them in space.

    The best playcalling under pressure I’ve seen in a while was USC’s last drive against OSU last year. It was like watching a great boxer use all their shots…inside here, outside there, run here, pass there, WR, TE and RB passes. OSU was on their heels the entire drive.

  132. What kind of offense are we anyway, if this offense had a title, what would it be. To get 6 turn-overs and only score 30 points is not impressive in my book. We won, but “joaquinn said DOMINATE AND WE NOT DOING IT” brandon harris, spence, forston and ray ray are putting their hearts in this, LET’S GO MAN!

    Also, keep in mind, this is the 3rd year for these guys, so it’s only right we start seeing alot of guys starting to blossom at the same time, and ray ray is the better safety, vaughn telemaque is playing safety to safe, but as long as he’s not a liability, keep him out their. At least he’s not taking bad angles either. The problem is, we know what Great Safety play is, and right now, ray ray armstrong is on the verge of playing that way.

    Also, i’m not sure why people are surprised about this defense. We been trying to say this was coming since around the middle of last year, the signs were their, teams couldn’t really score on us, even in that wisconsin game, those guys had some nice plays but they still only put up 20 points. Not to many teams scored against this defense last year, especially in the redzone, so i knew this year coming in, this defense was going to be playing real decent, and they’ll only get better.

  133. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    6 Turnovers plus two more that the home-cooking took away, so 8 eight turnovers. Not too shabby.

    DVD’s was my favorite though. Picture perfect. I’m waiting on him or Hill to get one and house it though, in real time where they read the play and breai on it before the WR can.

    That’s the next step I guess.

    J12’s going to find his groove. I just can’t imagine him not polishing and improving his game. He was in a groove there in the 2nd half then he and Whipple lost it.

    He’s got to get in that groove again. Minus the bad decisions.

  134. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    Calvin, i think Lovett has a better feel for his group and the game situations than Whipple. Dont get me wrong, Whipple is a way better OC than Nix, but the timing of some of the play calls is just is inexpiable at times.

  135. exactly cav, that play was a disaster, than explain to me how we got the ball with 4:50 seconds left, and than clemson tstill gets the ball back with i think 2 mins on the clock. Whipple was satisfied in that redzone kicking the fieldgoal, with all the speed lamar miller has, why don’t we run toss sweeps and than either have him hand the ball off to travis on vice versa.

    It’s plays like that play, that forces jacory to panic, yeah i know travis benjamin didn’t turn around in that osu game, but seriously, if travis did turn around, where in the hell was he going to go with that short azz pass, when all the other receivers were blocking too. Saying that play was travis benjamin’s fault is still suspect to me, i can understand if travis was the only blocking, but all the wide-outs were blocking on that play(against osu, i think someone else brought up this very point), not just travis.

    whipple at least has a clue as to what he’s trying to do, be it crazy or not, but cav, like you said, running a hot read in the red zone is always risky. What happened to us throwing fade passes in the redzone, against osu, we don’t even attempt a fade route, that’s where whip has to use laron byrd and aldarius johnson better. Instead he tried to force the ball to damien berry and bam, that changed the whole complexion of that game.

    whipple just needs to work on not calling suicide plays!

  136. Exactly, and had we played ryan at db against osu, devier posey doesn’t get off the line that quick and get up on ray ray that fast, ryan hill is forcing dvd to play more aggressive now, which is what’s good for the team. Some players don’t play that aggressive when they know they are on an island by themselves, and if dvd had any gamble in em, he would’ve picked pryor off on that 1st play of the game and housed it, sometimes you just gotta let your safety know, look dawg, if they running a quick out route on the 1st play, i’m jumping the route, so cover me.

    At some point in the game, a db has to have a feel for what’s coming, and that 1st play was a prime example, pryor didn’t even hesistate to throw that ball out their, he just turned and fired.

    bahamaCane, you’re exactly right about lovett, in the mean time, whipples offense has seemed to regress a lil bit. Going to be real interesting playing fsu!

  137. C1 those to’s just didn’t happen the d cozed em…and last I checked the D is part if the team…so what if those 6 were cut in half um mite have lost…but if um cut theirs in half it’s a blow out!!! And cav u make a great point bout dvd… Remember last yr with Greg little on the post for unc’s 1st score??? DVD conceded the catch and didn’t make the tackle…BUT sat he secured the tackle caused the fumble and recovered it…and cal u spot on with calimaqe, he not getting exposed but he ain’t making big time plays that safety U is know for either but a long as we ain’t seeing balls go over his head or missed tackle that go for tds in he good with me…even on the trick play clempsen tried vt was thr with the guy and kinda made a play on the ball at the end…now with MEAST or Mr ED it’s prob a pic, or BMerri or Kp a poss pic…but like I say as long as Cali is in position I’m kool..,plus for the most part thr hasn’t been many blown coverages in the secondary like yrs before and that’s a tribute to vt also…one think that kinda hurts this team in a sense is that the standard is set so HIGH!! and we as fans know what dominate cane football looks like and we want to see perfection out of this team when even the great UM teams had flaws that were covered up in some way or another…for instance KD and Jacorey are very comparable talent and ability wise imo, and the knock on KD was his lack of arm strenth but IMO part of the reason he made good decisions was, up until the osu game, he never worried about pass protection…whether it was his ol or rb picking up the blitz…we are only 4 games into the season and 12 has already took some tuff shots and had some awful throws and the bad drops,… But dude ain’t no quiter and he keeps going back at em, trying to score on the very next play…

  138. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Bahama, yeah Lovett has the D playing at a higher level than Whipple has the O. Whipple needs to catch up, with J12 and his playcalling. Sounds like he needs to have another talk with the offense about stepping up.

    Cal, I think Whipple will settle down with some of the crazy calls. I think if he looks back at this game and sees what worked best, best meaning what kept the defense on their heels, not necessarily what play gained positive yards, he’ll see the common denominator is play-action or some form of run-pass mix.

    Like the call on the James TD pass, the D had no clue what was coming. They coudl’ve run or passed and the D wouldn’t have been prepared.

    Perfect call. Perfect formation for this team. That’s the operative word. THIS team. This QB, this OL, this WR corps. We don;’t have a Horace Copeland, Lamar Thomas and Kevin Williams who can run anything. And we don;’t have an OL that can block with an empty backfield. And J12 is working out the kinks.

    So let’s do everything we can to keep the defense off-balance….

  139. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Section 413 Row 1 lets goooooooooooo

  140. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Philly I saw your hometown boys at Temple ALMOST beat JoePa….so close it hurt.

    Temple must be turning things around somehow, no?

  141. nashville, keep it hype dawg, j12 definitely is no quitter, and if he thinks he can bomb every team, it’s all good in my book to, the minute i see him feeling sorry for himself is when the team needs to go off on em, if i’m a teammate of jacory, all i’m telling em is, you owes us 10 points for every pick you throw. I can live with a qb being aggressive, but at least jacory is not throwing the brock berlin type interceptions. I also just think jacory should just not even worry about whether he’s going to keep his interceptions down, he just needs to keep playing and launching passing on a regular, i could care-less about the interceptions, as long as he doesn’t throw those bozo ones like he did against osu, he nutted up against them point blank.

    When i saw him over throw hankerson that’s when i knew jacory’s head wasn’t in the game, he’s normally always on point with the deep balls. He throws the prettiest passes out their, period.

    cav, whipple is to arrognat to settle down, he’s basically daring teams to stop the pass, which is retarded, why empty out the back field and have the linebackers dropping back early to clog up the passing lanes, that’s what that formation does in obvious passing situations. Than it puts all the pressure on the o-line, etc. etc. I mean i’m coll with whipple being here, but nothing about philly offense excited me that made me say, damyum, that offense is explosive, in fact, i use to always say, get this man some help, once they got t.o. and than desean jackson, tha offense starting making big plays, and donavan mcnabb will air it out.

  142. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Yea El Capiton.. its simple.. Al Golden. He has really turned things around. Its kindof exciting, I guess as exicitng as it can get. I went to the Central Mich game this year, it was fun. There RB Bernard Pierce is a beast. And this dude Mack Brown hes like 5 ft and killed it for a come from behind against Army.

    I was rooting from them to beat State so bad. Some of my boys go there and talk all this shyt. I LOVE seeing my friends teams lose!

    I enjoyed going to the temple miami game. Always a good time

  143. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Cal Whipple wasnt the OC of that offense tho, he wasnt making the play calls, just grooming McNabb

  144. Yeah that’s true Philly bout whip and the green birds, but reids playbook and whips are very very similar IMO…

  145. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Canez…sometime I think you need someone to cleanse your soul.

    The D IS a part of the same team. And Randy gots LOADS of input over there.

    He’s got a QB he can’t sit that needs to be seated…true. But all things considered things are ok and will get better.

  146. avatar
    The Truth says:

    But I hear you…it’s frustrating, I know.

  147. Yeah that’s true Philly bout whip and the green birds, but reids finger prints are all over whips

  148. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Philly…I’m 410 row 1 seat 1. Come find me…beer is on me…

  149. Sorry bout the dbl posts^^^^

  150. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    The dolphins tackling is really poor tonight! To many arm tackles and not wrapping up!

  151. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Nash.. this is true. Reid is a pass first type of guy and I feel like Whips the same way. I mean there were years where we were almost 70% pass 30% run, even when we had westbrook. I remember the radio shows blowing up cause Reid never ran the ball and I personally think that is one of two reasons why we never won it all.

  152. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Truth absolutely. Im sure ill c ya before at the tailgate anyways. I am assuming everyone here is meeting up anyways. I know I am considering I dont know anyone else going. I am excited to meet everyone

  153. Section 423, Row 8, seat 5 & 6

  154. who we got coming to the tailgate?

    Hurricane Randy

    who am I missing?

  155. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    KL & the Mr will be swinging by… KLjr may even make an appearance.

  156. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Wow… this Dolphin game is sad.

  157. klCane, somebody pulling double duty, either they fluzzi panuzzi coaching the dolphins special teams tonight or this guy is just that bad. Even fluzzi never had a bad day on special teams like this!

  158. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    And Henne playing Jacory – 2 ints in NE territory & at least 2 others that were almost picked…. but the ST play has been pathetic. Bonamego should be looking for a job tomorrow.

  159. Yeah, maybe he’ll work with fluzzi as a graduate assistant at least he’ll be able to get free lunch!

  160. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Henne caps off the night with a pick 6. Tom Brady didn’t have to do a thing… we just gift wrapped the game to them.

  161. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    mm01.. Ill be coming with my girl FYI

  162. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Ohhh wait… the Dolphins weren’t done. Thigpen had to get into the INT action. Yikes!

  163. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Any word on if its a orange out?

  164. yeah, KL, I turned off the game. I ain’t gonna watch that.

    They stunk it up bad tonight.

    Philly, the more the merrier

  165. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Nikki and I are down for the FSU game if we can borrow the EOTH private jet

  166. I’ll instruct our pilot right away :)

  167. Section 453 Row 9, seats 17 & 18.

  168. Miami Dolphins make me cry…

  169. Hurri.

    On Dorsett, you know you riding with me big homie! Stall him Debo Stall him out! HAHAHAHA!


    Watkins could’ve been turned on to the fact that we do chuck it and Clemson can’t that well, but that also means more time for him because obviously they have NO WRs. As far as Gorman and Therezie we look very good with both and I think we can land both.

  170. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Philly, wasn’t one of Reid’s BEST season’s the year Mcnabb got hurt, Garcia came in and they HAD to run the ball. So everything was more balanced and the offense as a whole was better??

  171. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Yepper Cap your 100% correct. I mean it obviously wasnt better then the super bowl year, considering we went thru the whole playoffs with TO, but yeah it was one of the top 3 or 4.

    Garcia was a great west coast offense QB and fit the system perfectly anddddd they ran a hell of a lot more then they ever did and it worked. What a surprise!! It was just really weird the running set up the pass, who woulda thunk it?

  172. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    ^^^^^I meant without TO

  173. Just getting home from MNF. I hate Miami drivers.

  174. Replay on espn2…just started

  175. It seems like EVERY TIME NFL history is made, its against the Dolphins……

    That special teams (even before the moron who’s there now) ain’t worth a good damn.

    “Heeeeeeeeeeeere Sebastian……….” (kiss, kiss, kiss)

  176. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Philly, the word is they want us to orange out Saturday… unfortunately they’re not really getting the word out very well:!/miamihurricanes?ref=ts!/event.php?eid=121635737889750&ref=ts

  177. Philly I hate you for sitting in my perfect seats!! You guys are going to love them.

    Have a good time bro!

    I hate you all btw just because I can’t go this week!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  178. “J-12 checking in,” he told his teammates with eight minutes left in a 27-21 game.

    Around the huddle the inside joke circulated, just as it does every possession. Every player followed Harris’ lead by giving first initial and jersey number.

    Text alerts: Get Miami Hurricanes news on your phone

    “D-20 checking in,” Damien Berry said.

    “L-85 checking in,” Leonard Hankerson said.

    It’s a Jacory thing on top of a ‘Cane thing. Maybe a T-shirt should be made. You really wouldn’t understand. But you can appreciate how this team likes to play for him, and how his brand of leadership works inside that huddle.

    “You’d better get 12 yards here or you’re not getting the ball again,” he told Berry once Saturday. Then he thought better of that. “No, you’d better get a touchdown.”

    Berry ran for 33 yards of his 101 on the day.

    Now on the final possession after a day he’d fluctuated wildly between very good and very bad, Harris was exactly who Miami wants him to be. He was smart. He was efficient.

  179. Canez1, you had all the time in the world to break up that wedding.

    This is on you , bro!


  180. JSQ No doubt! Dumb love overcame my advances!! LOL

    The wedding will be over by 5 but its an hour away.

    I’m going to ditch on that welcome home party that night. Too much!!

    I still hate you guys tho….. 😉

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  181. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Canez1, this is the wedding with the down-low, undercover homo dude??

    Damn. You had a lot to work with there bro, you’re slippin on the mastermind skills..haha

  182. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Dat, where’d you find that piece about the check-ins?

  183. You would NEVER believe how many people are on the FSU bandwagon and really think they are going to beat us this weekend. Tom Dienhart said on Rivals Radio that he thinks the Noles upset us. ARE YOU KIDDING….

    They MUST not know…

    We go hard in da mf’n paint, we leave ’em stankin , wtf they thankin’? HAHAHA! Waka, Waka, Waka, Flocka, Flocka, Flocka, Waka….HAHAHA!

  184. Oh Canez1, you wouldn’t have any fun at our FSWho tailgate anyway. From my recollection, that’s usually the game where the girls get falling down drunk and start thinking that beer pong is a stripping game. And I know you would think that is gross.

    USF should be much tamer and girls won’t want to strip because they will be full from Thanksgiving.

    So, you’re in the clear! :-)

  185. Cav thats the winner. I’m gettin old…. Skills are fading.

    JSQ I hate you even more now!! Just not fair!! I love Strip Beer Pong!! (0)(0)!!!!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  186. Canez1, I said strip beer pong, not just topless! Don’t forget the



    This is fun! 😀

  187. Coop is back practicing at full speed, while Lamar Miller didn’t participate in contact drills early today at practice, according to Manny.

  188. LMAO!!!!

    MMMMMMM the V!!

    I forgot the best part!!!

    Evil. Just evil.

    I love it!!!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  189. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Whats up people. Been very busy so have not been able to chat much but read the blog every chance I get. Thought you guys would like to see LSU freaks latest. Keep up the good work.

  190. new blog up!

  191. CapeCoral.