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Six Questions with Gobbler Country


1) What are three things that UM HAS to do in order to have a chance to beat VT?

First and foremost, the Canes have to avoid turnovers. UNC’s last four drives ended with turnovers and it sprinkled a muffed punt in there as well. The game would have been completely different if UNC had been able to hang on to the ball.

Miami needs to establish, and stick to, the run game. As good as Stephen Morris has played so far, the Canes’ run game has done a good job of taking pressure off him by being successful. You guys have an impressive stable of backs that all complement each other very well. The guy I’m most worried about in this game is Damien Berry because teams have been able to gash us between the tackles this year. The Canes can’t afford to abandon the run game if it’s not gaining ground early, though. Same with Virginia Tech.

They also need to contain Tyrod Taylor. When teams have blitzed Tyrod, he’s been able to make plays. But it seems like recently when Tyrod has had a ton of time in the pocket, he’s chosen to stay there and try to force the ball downfield instead of take off running. Teams that rely on good coverage, rather than blitzing, have had success against Tech’s passing game.

2) How do you think Beamer, Foster, et. al. were able to turn the season around after starting 0-2 to Boise State and James Madison? Were Hokie fans sticking by the coaches during this time?

It would have been easy to write this season off as a lost cause after the JMU game, but the team seems to have rallied around the goal of winning the ACC. It’s been a great coaching job by the staff of fixing things that were plaguing both sides of the ball early and not folding after getting down early in games.

No Hokie fans have stuck with the offensive coaching staff at any time, win or lose, so you can imagine the uproar after the JMU loss. As for Bud Foster and Frank Beamer, there’s always been a consensus that whatever ails the defense will eventually be fixed. For the most part that’s been true, but we still can’t stop the run this year.

3) What type of offensive game plan do you expect VA Tech to employ against the ‘Canes?

You’ll see us try to pound the ball, I’m sure. As long as we aren’t running draws out of the shotgun I’ll be happy. I’d like to see some more zone-read option like we saw in the middle part of the season with Tyrod as well as some counter plays. Stuff like that to try and use Miami’s speed and over pursuit against it.

It’s going to be tough sledding against the Canes’ D, though. The front seven is imposing and the secondary has been outstanding lately.

4) Who would the Hokies rather have at QB for Miami: Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris?

If this game were in Blacksburg, I’d say Morris, because you always prefer the freshman coming into that environment. But in Miami, I’d say Jacory Harris. Even though Harris has historically been really, really good at home, I think you’d rather see him simply because he’s a known commodity. There’s a lot more film available on Harris than Morris and he’s going to be easier to prepare for. He may execute better than the freshman, but you know what to expect.

5) In your opinion, what are the Hokies’ greatest strength and weakness, offensively and defensively?

On defense, it’s definitely the secondary. I had high hopes for them going into the year and they’ve exceeded my expectations. We had trouble with blown coverage against slot receivers early on and responded by switching primarily to nickel and adding Antone Exum to the secondary. Surrounded by veterans, he’s been outstanding and I expect him to have a great career. The weakness on defense is run defense and tackling. That combination could lead to a big gain or two by Lamar Miller.

On offense, the strength is our running game with three solid backs. The run blocking, which was atrocious early on, has improved. The outside run blocking by the tight ends and receivers has always been good. Danny Coale is one of the better run-blocking receivers we’ve seen at Tech and that has helped turn 5-10 yard gains into 10-20 yard gains. The weakness is our tendency to sometimes abandon the run at times.

6) Recruiting question: What area do the Hokies consider to be their base recruiting area i.e. Tidewater/Newport News and who is their biggest competition to retain this area.

It’s definitely the “757,” that Tidewater/Newport News area you’re talking about. Right now the biggest competition is UVA with new coach Mike London, who has a lot of ties to that area and UNC’s Butch Davis has pulled some good talent out of the 757 since he arrived at UNC.

We thank furrer4heisman and our friends over on Gobbler Country for their friendship and willingness to share some information about their team. You can visit Gobbler Country, just follow the link provided under our Favorite Sites list.

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    SailorCane says:

    Am I first

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    In the spirit of Goodfellas: gobble this

  3. Calvin says:
    November 16, 2010 at 7:56 PM
    Nashville, the only thing that makes this the same as mr. “i have no weaknesses” situation is this see below:

    bg1906 says:
    November 16, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    I don’t make mistakes homie.

    Hmmmm, Sounds familiar. Other than bg waffling from time to time i got no problem with em and the information he brings to the blog. This is ain’t about longevity of bloggin, this got everything to do with what you about and what you stand for on when bloggin. Canez1 doesn’t get a pass about what he’s saying, we respect Canez1 cause he’s consistent and says wtf he believes and feels and his track record speaks for em. I know exactly what he means when he just pointed out that delusional shat shannon was just talking about, he’s answering the question as if people are asking about jacory, like alot of people want to see him slinging it again. Can’t go against real shat, but i know shannon has alot of potential and has brought this program back up to where alot of people’s expectations are were sky high again.

    That in itself has been along time coming. You on the other hand bg, whether cav asked you a question or not, you still answered defending oscar cryer, how about you go back, post your answer to cav, and read it yourself.

    shwarma5, as far as do i think oscar cryer is a good coach, hell naw, he’s decent, but just like alot of coaches, the only advantage cryer had was, he knew how to assemble a real good staff in place early, he didn’t have to worry about alot of left over guys, but do i think he’s a good coach, not really, cause had it not been for charlie strong and that defense, cryer would only have 1 championship riding off of ron zook. let’s see him get another one.

    bg making excuses for cryer, saying well he lost his oc, in the meantime, shannon and his oc quarreling for whatever reason, and patrick “none fix” nix wasn’t a good look, so we hear shannon now talking about each team have to find their own identity, shannon may have found that identity he’l lwant to see from his team from here on in.

    The things cav pointed out, why is it that oscar cryer’s offense is stink now, “bg responded, because brantley doesn’t fit that system” My question to bg, than who the hell recruited em, but before we got that far, that’s excuse building. This mofo done been with the gaytors for at least 5 years now, with top recruiting class after so called top recruiting class, now all of a sudden they look like doo-doo, why is he not being asked to run out of town. In the meantime, shannon had to build this thing from the ground up, and right now, who on here think the gaytors are better than us.

    So let me be clear, oscar cryer is a garbage headcoach, that offense he’s running is and has been ridiculous, those slow/l.d. azz redneck defensive coordinators over in that conference were just to ridiculous to not stop it. Took them 3 years to figure it out, meanwhile we went in with young guns and no offense and had them on the ropes. That offense with all that jump passing crap, whatever. They did have decent caliber nfl players on the team, like murphy, hernandez, pouncey and harvin from and offensive standpoint, that’s what made that offense a lil better than the design itself, but why do the gators have that many losses this year.

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    SailorCane says:

    damn cal u must type like 50 words a minute!

  5. Not first, D’oh!

  6. Will I ever be first??? Sadness…

  7. Thanks furrer4heisman & Gobbler Country… I hope our coaches listen to you and just pound the rock!

  8. I don’t think Urban Meyer will be around when the gators get “fixed”. He might come back next year but after at least a couple of losses next year, I think he’ll bail. Health reasons.

  9. Bummer for the bastketball team last night. I’m really starting to wonder why Dequan Jones was rated so high coming out of high school. Big Reggie looks like he’s going to give some ACC teams a lot of trouble in the post.

    And that quote from Randy about concussions wasn’t even half as bad as his most famous ones. For a school that cares about its “image” that much, you’d think they would hire someone to help Randy with his handling of the media.

    And I’m still trying to figure out whether Jermaine Cunningham caught any flack for his player intro on Monday Night Football. I know Louis Murphy probably agrees with him though.

    You know times have changed with Cunningham can get away with something like that. Oh how the mighty have fallen :(

  10. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    DZ. . . 1st they’ll run brat(n)ley out of town, that guy gets more hate than Randy or J12 do by many on here. Ask a turd.

  11. Dayton, what did he say?

  12. November 16, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    Hey Canechic, you making the appletini punch on Saturday?

    Yes I am, Angry went to the class six and bought the BIG @ss absolute bottle.

  13. I went to a very small christian school, Miami Christian and this was our theme song….but I think I am dedicating this to the blog (The first couple of words will suffice).

    Go Victors!

  14. Yum, Canechic, looking forward to it!!!

  15. I don’t know any turds :)

    But ya I could see him leaving. Doesn’t fit the system and that Burton kid has shown flashes of making defenses respect the run at least. Haven’t watched enough to see if he has an arm.

  16. Esteban, have you started focusing on the draft yet? I’ve glanced at a couple of mocks but nothing serious, can’t help myself.

  17. Mike,

    He basically said the same thing Murphy said two years ago. When the MNF player intros were going, he said he was from “the U”, while big daddy Wilfork said he was from “the University of Miami”. I don’t even think Merriweather mentioned a school period.

    You guys might not read much into this, but I definitely get offended when other players start claiming their alma maters as “the U”. Florida has done it and Utah has as well. I remember a time when the football players at this school or alumni didn’t take kindly to that crap.

    It’s just sad to see what we’ve become.

  18. Go Canes!

  19. That’s nothing to get offended at, when another school starts saying they’re the “U”, that just means either they want to be like us, or they want to be like us. Who cares, we need to get back to being Miami, i said way back when, i wasn’t into that holding up the “U” crap, way before shockey said it. I said it was starting to grow on me a lil bit, but i’m not with that, although it is hype at certain moments though.

    We get back to being Miami on the field and everything else will take care of itself. All we need to do is when another national championship real soon, and they’ll be like uh oh, here they go, i think we can win one with jacory and morris for sure. With the runningbacks we got, lol, not a better group in the country. Our defense , it’ll be interesting come next year how strong the defense will be but as long as the offense is strong, and stays consistent, the defense just has to be opportunistic, depending on who’s in the secondary come next year that’ll make the difference, but i do see brandon harris on the ground a lil bit to much these last few games, and makes me think he needs to stay at least 1 more year, but at the same time, when you look at pp, and you look at brandon harris, not sure what the difference in their program is vs ours, but pp looks more nfl ready from a physical standpoint than brandon harris.

    These other schools are doing something different, no way guys are working harder than our guys in the weight room, but than againm we still got guys running around the hotel, lol. Anyway, we got as much talent as anybody now, and we got guys we want to see play again, who on here was lookng forward to kyle or kirby play every week, or seeing javariss james make cuts and than fall down as if he almost broke one. We got alot of top flight talent now these days and looking for to seeing them develop, thank goodness o-yeah is not in bama country either.

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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Dayton, you’re familiar with the phrase, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”, no?

    What do you want to do beat them up after the game cause they’re riding the U’s nutz?? lol

    And what have we become other than a rebuilding team that is still the game everyone circles on their calendar. Finally we can see the point coming where we won’t circle anyone on our calendar and be hated and feared again.

    Then the next generation of Utah’s and Murphy’s will continue to ride our nutz. lol

    And yeah, Oscar’s a good coach. But how good was the question. I’m not sure.

  21. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Cal, PP looked better physically than BH in high school if you ask me. I think BH needs another year. He’s not quite physically dominant yet. More strength and explosion are still needed.

    Just look at how much bigger and stronger Hank is this year compared to last.

  22. PP is just naturally bigger than B Harris.

    Soo much so than he may eventually become a safety down the road, ala Malcolm Jenkins.

  23. Yep, swasey, does a good job of building guys over the long term, and the natural way, than a guy like allen bailey comes along and makes the whole weight program look that much more legit, that man moving some weight.

  24. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    On defense, it’s definitely the secondary. I had high hopes for them going into the year and they’ve exceeded my expectations. We had trouble with blown coverage against slot receivers early on and responded by switching primarily to nickel and adding Antone Exum to the secondary. Surrounded by veterans, he’s been outstanding and I expect him to have a great career. The weakness on defense is run defense and tackling. That combination could lead to a big gain or two by Lamar Miller.


    Did he say “a big gain or two” by MIller?? lol

    How about big gains all day long by Berry, Miller and James.

    I’m about to watch their GT game and see what they got.

  25. No team fears this squad.

    Everyone that goes up against us always is looking to prove something, while we’re just looking to “compete”. The days of other teams fearing Miami are over.

    Kids are different these days. If you want a team to fear us, then you better start building a time machine so you can transport yourself back to the late 80’s.

    I don’t even fear this squad and I’m not playing college football anymore. I don’t see anyone on this team literally wanting to get in a fist fight with the other team. It’s almost like they’ve adopted the same mentality as the school itself. I guess “oh Donna” won after all.

  26. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Phin, yeah he could play either. I haven’t really watched him this year but I’d like to have a 6’2 CB who can cover guys like Brandon Marshall and Andre Johnson. It’ll be interesting to see.

  27. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Dayton, damn bro, I didn;t say anyone feared this squad right now. Pleas re-read my post. I said we’re on our way to BECOMING a team that is hated and feared.

  28. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Fk it all, Calv.

    305, baby.

  29. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH10) says:

    CC you went to Miami Christian? Man not only did we grow up in the same hood, we both went to tiny Christian high schools.

  30. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    I don’t even fear this squad and I’m not playing college football anymore. I don’t see anyone on this team literally wanting to get in a fist fight with the other team. It’s almost like they’ve adopted the same mentality as the school itself. I guess “oh Donna” won after all.


    Good point they don’t seem to be as raucous but a few names that come to mind are RR, Forston, Seantrel, VT, and basically the entire freshman LB corps. Bailey’s kind of classic though cause he’s so big and so cool but the violence is coming.

    I think that’ll come as they play with more confidence and execution in their positions.

    It’ll be interesting to keep tabs on the level of violence the team shows in the coming weeks and years. It’s not where we all want it to be but it’s improving. I think power running helps build that though.

  31. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Fear our OL & running backs. Don’t fear them at your peril

  32. Cav, you don’t understand. You still think kids will fear us even if we start playing great again. They will respect us, but fear us? No way. That’s not how things work these days, my friend.

    You guys don’t see the big picture. That’s cool. I don’t need any “inside info” to see why the program is the way it is.

    It will become clearer to some of you next year.

  33. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Dayton, people talking about “the U” is just like everyone nowadays blowing smoke at the entrance for the team to run through….or holding up four fingers at the beginning of the 4thQ…..or the Oregon Duck fans making an O with their hands….

    People bite plain and simple…

  34. Triple C, hmmm, a wise man once said, “It Be’s like that sometimes”.
    Why people think the days of people fearing a team is over, lol, that statement alone is ridculous. That’s spoken like someone who never played sports. I don’t cae what level of sport you’re playing, you always got guys out their who’re scared of either somebody or a few somebody’s on the other team. Alot of players play with fear of the other team. So whether a team fears us or not, they have to respect us, and other teams know when Miami is right. That’s why when they play us, they play us, cause they know we’re the big brother, who the little brother is always trying to beat to prove something.

    Everybody know that big brother is just right around the corner.

    Oh yeah, and to whether i think tebow is a leader, that mofo couldn’t lead me, cause i wouldn’t of been with all that fake shat. I’m more of the mindset like that guy when tebow went to the nfl combine and gone try and gather all the players together talking about let’s pray and that one guy hollered out, man, STFU, cause when you come from certain situations, that kind of fake rah rah crap is irritationg, that’s why i was glad to see none of our players trying to fake and be leaders after all that “where is our tim tebow talk” i was happy as hell not to see that, now had it been said where’s our brandon spikes, i could’ve respected that a lil bit cause he got that bottom of the pile mentality. Although i wish orlando would’ve swung on em though.

  35. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Dayton, what’s the “big picture” bro.

    Why did teams fear those 80s teams?? Because they whooped people’s azzes week in and week out. Because they executed week in and week out, every down. Because they made big plays, clutch plays, game after game, year after year.

    What’s so unrepeateable about that? Especially since it came from nowhere.

    Then again, what happened with the 2000-2002 teams?? They were feared and hated. How did it happen again??

    Those teams Morgan thinks were so incredible actually LOST a bunch of games before they started winning.

    Again, what’s so unrepeatable about that??

    Enlighten us all….

  36. Dayton, you don’t know Donna obviously because if you did, you would want every dude on this team to adopt her personality immediately. That lady is fierce and not someone to F with.

  37. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I hear you, Calvin. You’re right. It’s like that.

  38. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Dayton, if you’re saying that kids these days just don’t fear anyone any more just because that’s not the way kids think….well, I’m not so sure.

    HC’s do a good job of playing the underdog role, so that’s a factor. Kid’s are less respectful in general, so that’s a point too.

    But to me, when you regularly break a team’s will with 3rd down conversions, big plays, blowouts, shutting down their offense, people start looking at you with a combination of fear and respect.

    Respect is first though and you have to take it.

  39. Why would I Cav? You’re just going to disagree with me on everything. I read your posts because I generally agree with you and you’re a smart guy. But we are not going to see eye to eye on this.

    This ain’t the university of Miami that we used to know. For example, sometimes you need a certain type of character on your team to help you win. I’m talking about the kind of guy who might be a serial murderer if he wasn’t playing football. Trust me, I’ve dealt with guys like this and it can go either way.

    Being dominant is repeatable, why would I insinuate that it isn’t? But the recurring trends with this current crop of kids/coaches is going around in circles.

    You think that’s going to magically stop next year? Sure.

    I’m sure you’ll disagree, but it’s the way I feel. And nothing anyone says is going to change my opinion until I see some results on the field and not just some blah blah spat out from a player/coach.

  40. Blah Blah Blah

  41. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Btw, I’ve got a hunch we come out with a chip on our shoulder this Saturday- swinging away

  42. Re-watching the GA Tech game.

    This is like porn. Except that goal line fumble. Mike James just made a first down.

    [JSQ wipes drool from mouth]

  43. Shwarma, come hungry on Saturday! I’m gonna have a ton of food! :-)

  44. Can’t win ’em all. Cal have at it man. If you want to call me names or call me Gator or whatever its cool. I believe in what I believe and stand up for what I stand for. Sounds like its your issue…NOT MINE. I know what I mean and I mean what I say so if you don’t get it then so be it.

  45. cav, i know shannon had to know but maybe he forgot, but a running team is always a tougher team. That’s why i thought mostly last year, we should’ve just ran the ball, irregardless of whether we got the 1st down or not. You hear the o-linemen now saying whipple is shooting for 40 something runs a game now, they’re whole mindset has changed/transformed, now they feel like they’re just true road graders. Good to see jayron hosley out their balling though, i’m proud of that man, got out of Miami, came on up to VA where it’s a lil more chill he can play football and do his thang out their, going to be fun watching him go up against our wideouts.

    cav, you wasting your time, hell people fear hankerson right now and travis benjamin, and real soon lamar miller, the announcers already know, and if i remember correctly, miller didn’t play in this game last year either, this is the type of game where he excels. Plus miller always feels like he belongs in the endzone, with his size and speed, he feels no one is better than him plus he runs with real power, people sleeping on millers power.

  46. Wait…hold on

    College football players feared those 80’s teams literally. Jerome Brown was a scary mutherfucker. Half those dudes were just as likely to score a TD as they were to wait for at the gate after the game and put their foot in your a*s.

    They were intimidating because no one in college football had the balls to put an entire team together full of kids that would kill you.

    That fear was real. Those dudes were crazy.

    Teams didn’t fear Miami in 2000-2002 and sure as heck down fear this one.

    And I don’t any team afraid of anyone at this point. It’s not the same.

    Good night!!!

  47. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    LOL…I guess the kool aid drinkers come out at nite, and the hater aid drinkers in the day…put moi some where in the middle…LOL

  48. War and Peace versions 8,9, & 10

  49. It’s pretty crazy huh Nash…

    I just want Saturday to come so I can get my drink on a little…

  50. bg, i believe when you say you say what you mean and you mean what you say, don’t worry about it man, you up their in maryland now, it’s not your fault player, hayden, harvey and now jelani jenkins(that’s off the dome), for some reason them maryland boys cater to the gators a lil bit so i can understand a lil bit where u coming from when you say what you mean and defend cryer and his failures although they had the #1 recruiting class a few times, at least that’s what the announcers said, but for some reason they’re not a big dissappointment like we are in your book.

    From here on in, and come next year, we hitting teams in the mouth cause this o-line is about where it needs to be, and they just might be ahead of schedule, as soon as we get somebody to take harland gunns spot, hell harland might need to be the center, to many times i’m seeing him and horn back their with the runningbacks.

  51. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Bg don’t sweat it dawg, Calvin just pissed like the rest of us and it comes out differently….btw I remember at tos some guy named unbearable would comment on Shannon the way ppl here do now ( dude sounds alot like c1 4real) but anyway Truth told him basically to take his tail to g’ville and cheat for the gators…dude was just fed up with BOSS MAN b4 most of y’all

  52. And Cav,

    Do you really think we have any “characters” the likes of Jerome Brown, James Harrison, or John Randle?

    And do you honestly think the administration would let “characters” like that anywhere near this university after what happened with FIU?

    Every great team in any sport needs a guy or two like that on their team to set the tone. They’re called enforcers. I’m talking about a straight up animal like Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace.

    But I forgot, this is a “nice guy” sport lol.

  53. why are we trying to divide ourselves?

    It’s not hater aid or kool aid, IMO… Just people that take a set or circumstances and choose to interpret them differently.

    I know some of us think differently about what’s going on… but…

    bg a Gator? LMAO! Complete nonsense.

    And some of the finger pointing and name calling? Really?

    I think we can all get better discussing our differences, but damn. When is enough enough?

  54. The teams from the 80’s came up in some of the hardest times ever, alot of people don’t know, but at one point, Miami was the poorest city in the U.S. for Blacks, it might still be that way in Overtown. So when guys came out of Miami & Lauderdale from living with the roaches all they life than coming to a college campus where you can eat more than a wish sandwhich(meaning i wish i had some meat to go on this bread) guys still eating mayonaisse sandwiches. Didn’t know how poor you was, here’s a clue, if you had to wait til the 1st or 15th in order to be able to buy packs of cool aid in the 80’s, yo azz was poor as hell and didn’t know it.

    Or if it took you 3 weeks to be able to get all the ingredients to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, one week, got the jelly, next week, the peanut butter, got the bread the last week so it wouldn’t mold before you got the rest. But anyway, guys coming from areas where you had to scratch and claw your whole life, than get out on that football field, it’s time to show out now. We got players who still coming from those similar situations, but not as much and than times are still hard but not as bad because alot of people are in this, “you got to do it like this movement”.

    So that mentality of player, in the 80’s it was a multitude of players with the same type mentality, these days, if a team was put together like that, the ncaa would try and roger go-dell the team.

  55. Nashvillecane says:
    November 16, 2010 at 10:55 PM
    Bg don’t sweat it dawg, Calvin just pissed like the rest of us and it comes out differently….btw I remember at tos some guy named unbearable would comment on Shannon the way ppl here do now ( dude sounds alot like c1 4real) but anyway Truth told him basically to take his tail to g’ville and cheat for the gators…dude was just fed up with BOSS MAN b4 most of y’all

    I ain’t sweatin’ it. You can never be EVERYONE’S cup of tea. I get that. No probs. He can say, feel, and believe whatever he likes becaue I KNOW what I mean and where my allegiance lies so I don’t need another person to define ME and what I believe in. So I ain’t tripping homie.

  56. enough is enough when mofo’s come clean!

  57. Only person needs to come clean is you homeboy. You was slobbing Tyrod’s peter earlier so I guess you’z an undercover Hokie. So maybe you need to come clean first.

  58. Calvin says:
    November 16, 2010 at 11:05 PM
    enough is enough when mofo’s come clean!

    I’ll be sure to shower……. :-)

  59. You got me mixed up with yo waffle house azz. Mofo go and post your claim about me and tyrod, i hope u got deordarant on, cause you reaching now. It’s ok if you got caught up with the rest of jortsville and ended up with a lil tebow fetish man, even shannon hired aubrey on the staff to help make you feel comfortable!

  60. The Truth says:
    November 16, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Facebook is a waste right now. Everyone I know seems to think we all give a rats ass about their inbox Q&A’s

    I’m about to shut it down till it’s all over.


    No matter what words are typed before and after this, this is the post of the decade!!!

  61. I read earlier that Urban Meyer isn’t a good coach.

    I also read that Tim Tebow wasn’t a good college player.

    And if you acknowledge their football success in any way, you are a Gator lover.

    I guess this is what the internet was made for. For mindless statements that leave you speechless.

    I didn’t think meth and paint-sniffing were major problems in this country anymore until I read those statements. I don’t even think ex-NFLers with dementia are than screwed up in the head.

    Whatever makes you sleep at night is fine. Even if it makes about as much sense Tom Brady cheating on Giselle with Snookie.

  62. Not going to get into a stupid name calling match with you dawg. Put it this way, you OBVIOUSLY don’t fuck with me so I don’t fuck with yo bitch ass either. So lets just keep it 100 and I won’t fuck with you and yours and you don’t fuck with me and mines. You got a issue with the shit I write then don’t read my shit homie. I surely won’t read yours anymore and we can’t just keep it like that homeboy.

  63. And seriously WTF is going on around here. When did things turn into the WWE. Did we split EOTH into NWO vs NWO wolfpack. I’m riding with NWO wolfpack cuz sting was dat dude.

  64. everyone Lance Leggett time

  65. I can only play Mr. Nice Guy for so long. How long am I supposed to let homeboy keep trying me before I go back at him. I hate to show that side of me but it is what it is. He started it.

  66. shwarma… I just had an mental image of LL ducking. ROTFLMAO!

  67. ^^^I mean this mofo been going at me for several blogs now and I just keep trying to take the high road, well now I’m too the point where I say eff that, I’m not taking the high road no more. He wanna be civilized, we can be civilized, he wanna get gully, we can get gully…IT WHATEVA with me!^^^

  68. C’mon fellas. I ain’t trying to get in the middle of this but we ain’t 15 year old kids on the playground finna scrap it out. We grown azz men and women. I gaureentee if you comeback next week and read what you are typing you’ll see how stupid this is.

  69. Money.

    I feel you but what am I supposed to do man? I ALWAYS take the high road. Just like at the old place with Texas. I always take the high road. People OBVIOUSLY take my kindness for weakness and if they do they got me twisted man. It is stupid. VERY stupid, but I’m NOT going to let him keep getting at me and taking jabs and I’m not going to do nothing. Sorry, I just ain’t built like that.

  70. bg, shut yp sissy azz up with all that man, don’t get carried away now. Mofo, you the one don’t want to own up to your own slobbin azz words on cryer and tebow. I dont phuck wit waffle house shat, either be a straight shooter or put got damyum gun down before you get somebody hurt. You the wanna keep running from what you said, ok, it’s clear now, CRYSTAL, you getting sensitive now, ok, i know why, the truth setting yo azz free, say what you really. An who gives a phuck about whether you playing ms. nice guy, you need to stop playing like an undercover gaytor, that’s all i’m sayin.

    gaytona non-Cane, you already know i don’t talk to yo pussy azz 4 real, don’t matter what blog you blog on, you still not making sense, so you and bg can go and hold hands, and fly a kite together, in the meantime, let the real people talk and don’t interrupt us with yall non-sense!

  71. Bg I got you homie, you get hit you gotta hit back, just meant there is going to be some back and forth on this I am sure.

  72. ^^^^^Typical ignorant response^^^

    You not even worth the time and effort homie. Do you dawg.

  73. bg, you mofo azz wanna act like you raising up, since you not on the team, and got so much to say now, why don’t you go and say to shannon what you been sayin on this blog, better yet, print it out and hand it to em!

  74. C’mon, fellas…

    play nice.

    I thought we were all friends around here…

  75. MM01.

    I’m sorry to disrespect your blog man, but I’m no b!tch for nobody. Dude been gettin at me for a minute and I was letting it slide. No more…

  76. Every blog has one of these

    It makes so much sense now. It’s almost like the same blah blah the players on the team spit out.

  77. Who gives a phuck about you saying you not let slide, stop letting your under cover feelings for them boyz up north slide out your mouf on a Cane blog.

  78. Calvin says:
    November 17, 2010 at 12:12 AM
    Who gives a phuck about you saying you not let slide, stop letting your under cover feelings for them boyz up north slide out your mouf on a Cane blog.

    ^^^See what I mean MM01. What am I supposed to do? Let him keep jabbing me???^^^

  79. I’mma let you go and thank that, but good to see your post your picture up with you and your 2 girlfriends, which one bought you those key lime shorts.

  80. Ok, here we go, go around some real playa’s from UM and discuss with them what we talking about, just go head and say, “all i said was, where’s our tebow” and than come back and let us know what happened.

  81. ALL I see from dude is no matter what blog he’s on he’s always bring negativity and drama with him.

  82. Call it what you want, this ain’t the 1st blog you been wafflin on either, you got a long history of wafflin.

  83. gaytona, i’m not the one playa, the same things i’m sayin now, if i see u i’m saying it too, i don’t wear jorts.

  84. Say what you want man, but I KNOW I got FAR more stroke than you when it comes to Miami Football. So say what you want dawg. I’m through with it. I ain’t got nothing else to say to you man

  85. Calvin, the name-calling’s gotta stop, man.

    C’mon man.

  86. gaytona, not that i’m over as a result of some form of special treatment, but notice how long this blog has been up before you found it, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out why nobody bothered to tell your mofo azz nothing. Just go back and scroll thru the blogs, and see how long it’s been, and than check when you finally found out about this place, mofo gave you the j12 treatment when you came in.

  87. It’s okay to disagree, but don’t get personal.

  88. Did you read bg’s post, he’s the one cryin like a lil girl and using the name calling with curse words, so he wants to take it their no problem, he can huff and puff and try and blow the house down, he still can’t conjure up enuff wind to blow his gaytor luvin words off the blogs from earlier.

  89. Don’t get one sided with me man, you need to go back and read bg’s post, he’s the one mad about his own post, i didn’t make it up.

  90. bg1906 says:
    November 17, 2010 at 12:31 AM
    Say what you want man, but I KNOW I got FAR more stroke than you when it comes to Miami Football. So say what you want dawg. I’m through with it. I ain’t got nothing else to say to you man

    wtf is this shat, lol, mofo you can’t be seriously thinking i’m on here to compete with you or anybody else on here about who got the most inside or outside knowledge about UM football, if that’s your goal in life, don’t let me stop you. I know enuff to know what i do know, and you know enuff to know that you been surpressing your gaytor fetish far to long now, i’m trying to help free you so you can come out the closet with it. You got good company, haden, harvey and jelani jenkins ring a bell.

    Seriously man, don’t ever say nothing like this again, i’m trying my hardest not to look at you like you a joke.

  91. I’m not getting one sided.

    Just let it go, and move on.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  92. Gaytona? That’s a good one aside from the fact that there’s no A at the end of Dayton.

    Just more blah blah. I’m starting to think you play for the team because all you do is talk that blah blah. It’s like that uncle that everybody has that comes to Thanksgiving and acts a fool every year. The family just accepts it because they know the poor soul can’t help himself.

    I’m going to bed because I’m tired of talking to myspace gangsters and youtube thugs. You’re the only one that grew up in a tough neighborhood where the murder rate is high? Believe that if you want to, buddy. I guess you’re the toughest guy I know then.

  93. MM01.

    I did curse and I was pissed. I apologized for disrespecting your blog. More than what dude has done. No worries want happen again. He doesn’t exist to me anymore and as far as I’m concerned.

  94. ^^^won’t^^^

  95. no apologies.

    Handle it and let’s move on.

  96. gaytona, wtf does a murder rate got to do with me or bloggin, lol, get yo monkey azz outta here man, seriously. Who cares about comparing neighborhoods and murder rates, that has nothing to do with you and your warped azz way of thinking. When you come on here and speak dumbness, it just goes to show, you that envious type dude, i can tell by the way you speak, you don’t see me on here glorifying that type stuff or the life i lived or came up in, or even trying to put it out their, but you on the other hand, i know your type, the wanna bee’s. Just be yourself, and people will respect that.

  97. miamimike01 says:
    November 17, 2010 at 12:55 AM
    no apologies.

    Handle it and let’s move on.

    I said what I needed to say and its over as far as I’m concerned. Like I said, he doesn’t exist to me anymore.

  98. bg, no big deal whether i exist to you or not, just know that your words typed out of your own heart defending cryer and u cryin for a tebow clone exist and that’s all that matters, own up to it and it’ll make you a better man, run from it and whatever that makes you, is never good!

  99. Let’s drop it and move on.

    Last time I’m gonna ask nicely.

    Please move on to a different subject.

  100. What subject would you like us to talk about next teacher, “Loyalty”!

  101. wtf you mean “this the last time you gone ask nicely” gtfoh with that!

  102. Calvin, please drop it.

    Please. We know how you feel.

    C’mon man, I’ve asked nicely. Please drop it.


    Thank you.

  103. strange blog days . . .

    calvin; often mr. cool . . . letting bg get under his skin.


    how can anyone have a problem with bg?!

    solution: calvin needs badly to get laid.

  104. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    I like waffles

  105. Me too! With tons of butter and juuuuuuust the right amount of syrup!


    I think someone needs to get Jay-Z’d a bit. I’m just sayin…

  106. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    I dont really like the waffle house waffles because they are a little to thin. But the Mickey Mouse waffles served at Disney Worlds are just right!! Throw on a couple over easy eggs and some bacon(cause everyone loves bacon)and BAM a breakfast fit for a king!!

  107. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    I like waffle cones, also!!

  108. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    I dont much care for waffling, tho!

  109. Sailor you are SO right. My son and I can rip through the waffles at Chef Mickeys faster than Lamar Miller can go 100 yds on a kick off!!

  110. Wow what a night!

    Dayton how many teams do you “fear” in the Top 5 right now? You know all the kids from the hood at TCU AND BOISE, Hey and lets sprinkle in the bad ass mofo’s from Stanford and Oregon….maybe they fear Cam cuz he is a criminal. So wish one of the teams wins it all?

    Oh and I suppose you feared Ken Dorsey, right? That is one scary dude!

    And by the way when you go visit the school for the first time in your life, go visit Donna. She is small but I bet she could kick your ass.

    Thank goodness I have no friends asking me questions on Facebook. What is that all about?

  111. pb which Christian school did you go to?

  112. I don’t know cc but I’m seriously about to close my account for a little while. That Q&A is annoying!!!!!

  113. Seriously……………………………………….

  114. I really hate Duke!

  115. Money too funny! :)

  116. LMAO Money…

  117. What you say Truth. You wanna play the Q&A game. Just post a question and I’ll give the answer that no one gives a Sh!t about in my reply

  118. CC is Angry about to head out?

  119. canechic says:
    November 17, 2010 at 7:55 AM
    Wow what a night!

    Dayton how many teams do you “fear” in the Top 5 right now? You know all the kids from the hood at TCU AND BOISE, Hey and lets sprinkle in the bad ass mofo’s from Stanford and Oregon….maybe they fear Cam cuz he is a criminal. So wish one of the teams wins it all?

    Oh and I suppose you feared Ken Dorsey, right? That is one scary dude!

    And by the way when you go visit the school for the first time in your life, go visit Donna. She is small but I bet she could kick your ass.

    Thank goodness I have no friends asking me questions on Facebook. What is that all about?
    Rofl, oh hell naw, gaytona, don’t even try and respond to this one, save yourself from yourself, now you got cc on yo azz.

  120. I apologize to you all for my behavior last night, but its only so much I’m going to let go by before I respond. Dude was getting at me for quite a while now and I let it ride, let it ride, let it ride. Hurricane Randy came to my defense and while appreciated I can fend for myself. I still tried to take the high road, but enough is enough. Dude kept on talking slick and making little comments and jabs and I had enough. So I went back at him. Its immature, its stupid, and it makes us both look bad. BUT I’m not sorry that it happened, I’m just sorry it played out like that in front of you all whom I dearly respect and love. It is NEVER my intent to have ANY beef with ANY of Canes family, but bg is far from a sucka so I’m NOT going to let things go on and on and on before I do something. Not in my make up and not how I was raised. So while I DO apologize for looking like an ignorant fool in front of those I truly respect last night, I do not apologize for what happened because that has been building up for a while. It will not happen again as I will not read, comment, or have discussion with dude EVER again. As far as I’m concerned he’s dead. But I will say this, he has NO respect for NO ONE. MM01 and JSQ pays the bills here and its a privilege for us to blog here, not a right and when MM01 says knock it off, I think you should show him the respect he deserves, but what does dude do??? Disrespects him too. I have 100% NO respect for that and 100% NO respect for him. I’m sure in his normal fashion he’ll jump on this post too and say whatever he THINKS he needs to say to me again because to me it seems he ALWAYS must have the last word, but all I ask is you guys look at from my point of view and tell me….

    WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO? Ignore him??? I tried, but there is only so much a person can take. When the bully keeps bullying sometimes you have to punch his a$$ in the mouth so that he understands you aren’t just some push over. That’s all that happened last night, I got tired of dude and his cheap shots and I dealt with the only way I know how…Head On! Sorry all, but I did what I felt I needed to do.

  121. Yep money he flies out tomorrow at 3pm :( But he gets to come home for Christmas :)

    Calvin 😉

  122. avatar
    miamimike01 says:

    For those interested in my answers

    2010 Virginia Tech Football: Miami Q&A with Eye of the Hurricane

  123. No apologies needed for me.

    You’re my boy, blue!!!!

  124. autumn, bg didn’t get to me, he just sensitive. He wanna start trying to brag as if somebody is competing with him for info, and all i’m saying is, if he got all this inside info, how is it that all of a sudden after bone and j come on hinting at what they hintin at, than all of a sudden, he acting like he knew all along, than he starts his famous waffle dance.

    I kept not saying anything when he kept referencing basically that UM needs to start having a player act like tebow, when anybody with common sense now the defense ran those squads. But when he started defended cryer and bashing shannon and the same time, man i couldn’t take that no more, that’s talking out both sides of your neck. He’ll be alright.

    Plus i’m not mad, mad and what, i’m not the one talking like “mr. i have no weaknesses” jason fox.

  125. CC tell Angry I said what up!!!!!!!!!! How long will he be gone for, besides the return trip for Xmas

  126. Money – that’s the truth!! Who the f@ck cares!!!!????

  127. Training is for 3 months. He got his final orders last night and so did I. The have a whole packet for the spouse. It is pretty nice, when he was in before that did not give two cents about the spouse. Thank you Mrs. Obama (this is part of her program and I am impressed). Not to get anybody up in a lather I just think when a program works, those who started it deserve to be recognized.


  128. Wait? So you leaving FLA in 3 months CC? Donde esta?

  129. No Money his unit is here in Orlando but his training is in GA. and then I think in Missouri. We will be here for at least another 2 years.

    He is in the Army Reserves part of the Chemical, Nuclear Unit (it has some fancy name but I can never remember). I am not up on on the military lingo…..I still cannot believe I am an Army wife.

  130. OK. Good thing he doesn’t have to do his training in the middle of summer.

  131. Good Morning……according to Jimmy Kimmel, he is starting a national “remove a friend from facebook Day” and that day is today.

    I don’t have that stupid social network, so I guess I can’t observe.

  132. I know that is what he said! Being he is 40 and all in that humidity, would have been killer!

  133. raize are you on vacation this week? I am leaving on Friday for Miami. I will be at my Mom’s house. I will text you and let you know when I am leaving for the stadium. Are you bringing the fun bunch with you?

  134. Man you guys suck for being able to go to the game. I’ll be stuck here in Athens hanging out with Deer, Rabbits and Bulldogs

  135. CC – I am not on vacation this week but heading down after work on Friday. I am looking forward to hanging out with you before and during the game. Also looking forward to meeting some new folks (..talking about you TRUTH).

    And YES, the fun bunch will be with me. Dietrich said he was only drinking beer due to his antics last year. Only time will tell.

  136. Oh well he has to taste my punch!

  137. canechic says:
    November 17, 2010 at 9:09 AM
    Oh well he has to taste my punch!

    That won’t be a problem.

  138. I’ll be there raize!!

    Grillin and chilln

    And drinkin

    A lot

  139. Truth raize’s fun bunch are truly crazy guys!

  140. Cool…I’m ready! Saturday can’t get here fast enough!!

  141. Sailor (fka MrKL) and I will be there too with the KLjrs… we just need to know the caravan time. :)

    No more blog beefs, please! I’m about to start throwing the chancletas around!

  142. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    If you drink Canechics punch …if you are sitting down when drinking it, don’t stand up too quickly.

    If you are standing when drinking it ….hold on to something to keep from falling over.

    If you drink too much of it ….it isn’t the good looking blonde thats making you dizzy.

    If you drink too much….. the football team isn’t running in circles, either.

    If you drink too much of it you will not want to get stopped by the local county mounty on the way home.

    So enjoy, I’ve had it and it is addictive…and be careful because you will still be responsible for what you say and do. But officer doesn’t work. LOL

  143. KL, anything but the chancletas.

  144. One last thing. I wanted to clarify. When I said I had more stroke than dude that had NOTHING to do with information. I really want to clear that up because I know CC had thought I said something to hear that meant I know more than her too.

    I’m NO different than any of you guys. I don’t have any INSIDES to the program. I am just a dude that is ALWAYS ON when it comes to UM Football. I’m an information gluten and I visit and frequent so many different UM related sites that I could be considered probably obsessive. Because of that I’ve made some GREAT relationships with people. Every one of these places has “insider” types and I do get along with a good deal of them and they share things with me and others that frequent those sites that they TRUST. So though I HEAR things sometimes, its not because I hear them from any particular source just people that I trust and when you hear the SAME things from different people…Smoke, fire, you know the correlation.

    At any rate, when I said that last night, it had nothing to do with information or competiting for information. It had everything to do with how I’m received when I have something to say about Miami Football compared to him. I think more people pay attention or care what I have to say, than him. Its no competition or me trying to say I’m better than dude, I just feel when I have something to say, it comes from a playce of deep reflection and thought because of things I’ve been able to gather and not some BLIND homerism because I’m a Miami fan. Because I’m so consumed with Miami Football, I follow the information, and because of the amount of information I consume, I think I USUALLY make some pretty fair assessments on what I think about the program and what is going on. Like CC says, NONE of us have DIRECT ins so a lot is what we THINK, and that is VERY TRUE. BUT we are ALL intelligent and can come up with some pretty educated and intelligent things to say when we follow the program as much as we all do.

    So please don’t view me as some arrongant prick who is a know it al because that’s far from the truth.

    On the way to work now, talk to you guys in a bit.

  145. Randy that is good :) But I promise it tastes great. I am also making a lemon drop punch too! 😉

  146. “I’m about to start throwing the chancletas around!”

    Not sure WTF these are but I think I want and like them for some reason.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  147. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    I can recommend that punch for any time, for any occasion, it’s goooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

  148. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    CC – a huge debt of gratitude to angry for his service. Godspeed.

  149. He says thank you Cx3!

  150. Canez1, they are flip flops. Usually not worn though. Strictly used to inflict pain.

  151. ESTE LMFAO!!!!

    I had no idea.

    F that I’m all set then.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  152. And when enforced correctly they can sting like heck!

  153. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    Ditto what Cx3 says, thanks to Angry for his service to our country. God Bless the USA!

  154. CC first serving of punch is for me

    No one ever wants to get whacked with a chank…worse than the hose that’s for sure.

    But nothing compares to tree branch my mom ALWAYS used to magically appear with almost everytime my dumbass did something stupid!

  155. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Este – I heard someone called this one time – not sure of the spelling: chancletera

  156. LOL CCC

    That would be my Cuban ex mother in law!

    I’ve heard that too

    Translation: she who doles out the PAIN

  157. Thanks Randy!

    And those umbrella tree branches were just nasty Truth!

  158. Man…the lady would come out of nowhere to catch me with those stupid switches. I swear I couldn’t do anything without getting cracked!!!

  159. I like it when she beats me with the chancletas

  160. LMAO

    You da man sailor. I don’t like pain. I’ll give a little spanking every now and then but I’ll stick with the twisties and pleasure myself!

  161. SailorCane
    November 17, 2010 at 10:23 AM
    I like it when she beats me with the chancletas



    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  162. You gotta respect that latina blood!!

  163. Me no likey twisties, {{{{{ouch}}}}}

  164. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    On a totaly unrealted subject to U football…..

    Loved what Dallas Maverick owner said the other day about the Heat, that he was loving it that they were having their struggles and that his friend (what’s his name?) the owner of the Cavaliers was happy about their start as well.

    This team will be sic when the playoffs get here and then it will be priceless to hear that SOB eat his words.

    What has Cuban ever won as the owner of the Dallas NBA franchise, other than the Big Mouth of the Year Award in the NBA?

  165. T: “I’ll give a little spanking every now and then but I’ll stick with the twisties and pleasure myself”

    Just had mental thought of Fat Bastard; “feelin a bit frisky are we”

  166. HR, I think Cuban won the douchebag of the year award also

  167. Sailor, with all do respect, I’m sure you do like twisties. You just don’t know what they are yet.

    But that’s something that can wait to be defined off the blog, at the tailgate, without the KL Jrs around and after we all have finished the jello shots and CC’s punch.

    And Salior, people were totally NOT respecting the Yukon’s grill this morning.

    You would think if you saw a blonde driving 50mph in a Yukon XL on federal highway in rush hour “car dancing” to Enrique Iglesias (a ‘Cane!) and Pitbull, riding up on your a$$, you would get out of that b!tch’s way!!!!

  168. No-o-o-o


    no one can do the things I’m gonna wanna do to you



    baby I like it!

    [JSQ chair dances in her office]

  169. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Mark Cuban = douchebag


  170. JSQ;” a blonde driving 50mph in a Yukon XL” problem is you were driving to slow.

    “at the tailgate, without the KL Jrs around and after we all have finished the jello shots and CC’s punch” maybe half-time cause I am not sure what condition we may be in after game

  171. Might have been car dancing to this one too:

  172. JSQ, are you singing on the blog?

  173. Sailor, you have no idea what it is like with these geriatrics up here! AHHHH! GET OFF THE ROAD!

  174. bah-de-ah
    surely you remember

    dancing in september

    never was a cloudy day

  175. Whatever do you mean? We call them cottonheads down here in Key Largo,(actually I call them FT’s) except they are usually driving a 50′ bluebird motorcoach towing either a boat or their get around vehicle. Try navigating the stretch with these “cardiacs waiting to happen” in front of you

  176. Ug, I can’t imagine it down there. At least I can pass them up here, unless they gang up on me. That’s what happened this morning in south Delray/north Boca. I kept switching lanes trying to outrun one of them . . .

    . . . car dancing all the while.

    I danced to this one too:

    Makes me want to go to Irish Kevins!

    Who’s up for a trip to Key West after the USF game?

    Show of hands?

  177. Bah-bah-bah

    Good times never seemed so good

    [so good so good so good!]

  178. My sorority sister and her husband (one of lilpacco’s fraternity brothers) just had a little girl and named her Caroline.

    They first “got together” at Fantasy Fest in 2003.


  179. Dang, everybody be hatin’ on my singin’

    All y’all want to do is argue!

  180. That is funny JSQ!

    House Vacuumed, Dog Bathed, Cat Bathed, now clean the bathrooms and off to work.

  181. JSQ: You sound great to me, you need to quit your day job and go on tour!!

  182. Thanks, Sailor! You should see my chair/car dancing moves! It’s part of the routine!

    This is currently on:

    [JSQ continues to research obscure issue in securities law while wiggling around in chair]


    (Godzilla emerges from the sea)

  184. “RUN! IT’S GODZILLA!”

    “It looks like Godzilla, but due to international copyright laws – it’s not.”


    “Though it isn’t.” 😉

  185. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH10) says:

    Glad to see Sailorcane on here but I must admmit I was very disappointed when I saw it wasn’t Solarcane, my original thought when seeing the name.

  186. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH10) says:


  187. I use solarcane when I sail! Hope that makes u fell a bit better!!

  188. CaneChic … Add my thanks, prayers and respect to the others for your husband and hang in there yourself … I grew up as an Army brat and the families definitely “serve” too! Best … John

  189. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    families definitely “serve” too! Best … John

    very true-thanks to the families as well

  190. Who in their right mind would think mark cuban had anything good to say about the eat, if amnesia is reversed, led by dwayne wade, from down almost 3 to 0, wade help to escort they azz out the championship game, win no rings, Give me that.

    Their you go bg, good post, that’s where we trying to get j12’s skinny azz back to, settling his azz down as well and talking with some common sense again and off that high horse.

  191. YOOOOO if dancing with the stars had some of this shyte on it I would be all over that shyte.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  192. More from the SS..Canez1 this ones for u..LOL

    CORAL GABLES — Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon said Wednesday that Jacory Harris has not been cleared by the team’s medical staff to play, but reiterated that Harris will be the starting QB whenever he returns from his concussion.

    Asked on the weekly ACC conference call if the junior Harris would still be the guy over true freshman Stephen Morris, Shannon said, “Yeah, if he was healthy. But Jacory’s not healthy right now.

    “We don’t worry about those things right now. Stephen Morris is our quarterback and he’ll play in this game against Virginia Tech. That’s the way we see it. Until our medical staff fully clears Jacory, Stephen will always be our quarterback.”

    Harris was evaluated by a neurologist on Tuesday as he has been once a week.

    Wearing full pads, a helmet, and most notably, a green, non-contact jersey, he practiced later in the afternoon for the first time since sustaining the concussion — his first ever — on Oct. 30 at Virginia. Harris threw passes in individual drills and then took snaps with the second team during team drills.

    Harris threw some passes during individual drills last Wednesday, but did not have on pads or a helmet, just his jersey and black mesh shorts.

    Morris will make his third consecutive start Saturday. He had not taken a snap this season until the opening drive of the second half at Virginia and was listed as fourth-string. Redshirt junior Spencer Whipple, son of offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, will back up Morris.

    True sophomore A.J. Highsmith was UM’s No. 2 quarterback until Shannon announced days before the Duke game Oct. 16 that Highsmith had a wrist injury. He was dressed in uniform on the sideline at Virginia with a brace on his left wrist. Shannon said he could have been used in an emergency situation.

    Highsmith’s father, former UM running back Alonzo Highsmith, told WQAM-560 that A.J. has a chipped bone in his wrist. Despite that, UM players said Highsmith ran the option on scout team effectively last week to prepare them for Georgia Tech’s triple option offense

  193. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    C1, not so sure why the host was so upset unless it was his sister or girlfriend

  194. Turn on ESPN Classic. Now.

  195. Found this on another site.

    Exclusive post UVA game photos of JH.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  196. Don’t know if its the new-age unis or what, but its CRAZY how much smaller our teams look nowadays……

  197. Thanks Rashad! I’m sure corch will dildo this situation up real good by the end of the season….

    Rashad you in for Vatech???

    Sailor LMAO!!! I said the same thing!! Dude got crazy breakin shyte.

    That chic was badazz!!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  198. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    C1, that’s beetlejuice from howard stern, one crazy lookin dude

  199. Yea man, Im down for Va tech, not sure on whos gunna win, but at least i get to see everyone again.

  200. mmmm bacon…

  201. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    UM 35 Vatech 13

  202. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Who do you guys think I was referring to when describing CC punch, the blonde you look at and are gettin dizzy while doing so? Hello world….I know your out there somewhere.

  203. Sailor LMAO!! I know just teasin.

    Bacon really does make everything better!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  204. Bacon and bologna don’t got too well together

  205. ^^^ go ^^^^

  206. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    I think it is gonna be the new oscar mayer headline add during college football season. suppose to take over for chik fil a. Gonna be simple “eat more bacon”

  207. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Word in other papers across the ACC landscape is that the Peach bowl will invite the U if they win out, not worried about their order of finish in the conference. Most likely to play South Carolina. They are seriously thinking about not taking the loser of the title game, especially if it is NC State.

    Also the Sun bowl is very interested and stated they care about matchups and the TV market share and not as much about how many fans travel with the teams they select.

    They said the U is number one on their list… probably versus Arizona.

    Champs has stated that if Notre Dame wins out (highly unlikely) Army and at USC… they would like a match-up of Miami and Notre Dame.

    These folks are obviously thinking that there is no way UVA beats Tech. Anything can happen but I wouldn’t bet the house on it happening.

  208. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Car Care likes UNC or NC State for obvious reasons.

  209. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    Atlanta ok, but El Paso {{{ugh}}}

  210. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Phil Steele predicts Miami over Va. Tech 20-17, he thinks Miami’s defense, speed and quickness will be the tipping point and will expose a VT team who has been behind at half against, UNC, Georgia Tech, East Carolina and NC State. Turnovers have made the difference for Tech in most of these games in the second half when they came back to win against all these opponents.

  211. part of me was thinking we’ll expose VT, too. exact word I was going to use since you look at the teams they’ve played over their win streak and its less than impressive. But then I thought…we lost to Virginia. So yeah a win is a win.

  212. I think we take this game as well.

    Foster is going to send every blitz in his book at Morris. Hopefully the young man has been prepared well.

    I think his legs are going to be a big factor in this game.

    I am looking forward to seeing what the young man has.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  213. We all still sure gates are opening at 11:30?

  214. Is it Saturday yet?

  215. I agree 100% there

    Forrest Morris or Stephen Gump is going to have not take the big loss or throw it up for grams because he will get a lot of heat.

  216. Isn’t 5 hours before still?

    I thinks it’s 10:30 Shwarma

    I’ll be there at 8 :-)

  217. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    The Sun Bowl is a very old Bowl game, it has been around forever. It would be the first appearance at the game for the U as far as I know.

    I hope they win out and go to Atlanta and beat a good SEC team. We need the kudos for beating such a team. South Carolina would fill the bill but they would be a tough opponent, they are very physical.

    I know I’m gettin ahead of myself here but don’t see us in ACC title game and BCS this year. That went out the door I’m afraid with the UVA loss.

  218. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Randy WShannon is like the Emperor in the Emperor’s New Clothes if he thinks the media, the fans and the blogosphere want Jacory rushed back into the lineup. If he really doesn’t read that stuff then someone is not telling him the truth about the opinion that’s out there these days.

  219. I’m joining the group that thinks we squeeze one out, somewheres along the line of 28-24/24-20.
    I also think Morris makes some key plays with his legs.

    Similar to the way Marve made some with his, on 08′.

    Not playing in BBurg is a BIG DEAL in this one too.

    I think during this eight game win streak, they’ve been home for six of em’. Not to mention it being murder on the kid.
    I’ll be glad next year when we get that extra home game, for a change.

    Still can’t get over the fact that OSU gets EIGHT home games this year!?!?!?! What in the sparkling hell is up with that?!?!? I’ll be glad to see them get a conference championship up there. That’s just fooshnickins.

  220. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


  221. It was 4 hours before for MD. No news on on it changing.

  222. The plan thus far is we leave Wal-Mart at 11am and caravan over to gate 6 together.

  223. Hurri LMFAO!!!

    I just hear some Das the other day on Sirius.

    Back in the day……

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  224. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    The natural development of a college qb is up and down before consitency, I hope Morris Gump (good one Truth) doesn’t hit the wall this Saturday.

    Defense has to step up.

  225. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    4 out of 5 on Rivals pick VT.

  226. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Wisconsin man shoots TV and turns gun on his wife and she runs out of house screaming…. the reason he shot the TV, he didn’t like the Palin girl being on Dancing with the Stars.

    Yeah I’m thinking Bi-Polar or Dementia.

  227. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    JSQ, BTW

    Be careful on the highway down there, just yesterday a kid in an SUV was shot and they think it was road rage. You never know, there are felonious Gators everywhere these days.

  228. With the exception of big game experience, I think we can all agree that M17 has EVERY conceivable advantage, and some more so, that J12 would or would not have going into this one, so I’m also one of the guys that think not having Jacory makes NO particular difference in this game. Oline, RBs, and LBs are gonna have to win this one. And by LBs, I mean Spence & Ray-Buc. C-Mac could become a victim in this game……..

  229. Randy, that would be just my luck, too.

    Slapped by a criminole, shot by a croc.

    I can see my tombstone now . . .

    Here lies JSQ


    That was NOT Pass Interference!

    GO ‘CANES!

  230. HRandy, Got a link to the WI shooting?

  231. JSQ your tombstone just depressed me.

    You were 3 when I graduated hish school.


  232. Hurricane Randy says:
    November 17, 2010 at 2:53 PM


  233. KL, I hear you. I celebrated my last birthday this year. I’m going to start going backwards from now on.

    See, this is why I have to flirt with 70 year old men (Truth) on the blog. To make me feel young again.

  234. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    First Delonte West allegedly knew Lebron’s mother in a “biblical” way.


    Spurs PG, Tony Parker wife’s, Eva Longoria, is filing for divorce claiming that he has cheated on her more than once and the latest woman is a CURRENT teammate’s wife……

    Banging your CURRENT teammates wife? That messed up! How the heck do you look that dude in the eye? Thats colder than cold.

  235. That’s right Mary……


  236. Can’t anyone keep it in their pants after they get married anymore?!

  237. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    JSQ says:
    November 17, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    Can’t anyone keep it in their pants after they get married anymore?!
    JSQ, at least she waited until Tony signed that multi year extension with the Spurs two weeks ago.

    Oh what i would give to be in the Spurs locker room right about now!

  238. Sailor just walked in on me blasting music & singing at my desk & asked me if I was getting my “JSQ” on.


  239. Nothing wrong with singing while you work, no?

    I almost told him he needs to do a little less blogging and a little more working, but it’s not like he’s gonna listen to me…

  240. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    break out the chancletas and I will obey

  241. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    Frank Beamer is talking about the ACCCG site in NC as if its a forgone conclusion that they will be in the ACCCG.

    “I think it’s more in the middle of the ACC schools,” he said. “More people can get their from the locations. I’m hopeful that Charlotte will support — and I understand they are — and then the people in the ACC will fill up that stadium. We need to play in a championship game with a full stadium, and that’s what I would hope will happen.”

    Man i pray to God that Canes and UVA beats them! Is that too much to ask for?

  242. Who cares about the marriages if the people in them don’t care about their marriage, than i definitely can’t care, i only care about the ones where people are trying to stay together even after the fact, like i got a lot of respect for lawrence taylor’s wife, she put an end to all the drama real quick when she said, l.t. has to make it up to the Most High, not me, i’m not going anywhere, etc. etc. After that, you didn’t hear about it to much no more. Now this eva longoria crap, now watch all the hate that comes out against tp if this info holds up from all the jealous guys out their mad and think that eva is the only female that tp could pull, tp is probably feeling caged in right now with the marriage thing, but if he’s messing with someone else’s wife, come on now, gotta cut that out if that’s true, and if it is true, i know he’s saying damyum, don’t let that get out of the bag.

    It’s hard out their for the fellas in the and out of the spot light, women coming at you left and right!

  243. Calvin I feel ya, but why TP get married in the first place. You might not like Derrick Jeter, but when it comes to women and keeping it on the hush he is a straight up G.

  244. Hate the yanks and hate overrated Jeter, but as the saying goes, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

  245. Is there anyone located in the Tallahasse area going to Miami this weekend? If so, Yall could HAVE my Season Ticket to da UM vs. Vtech game. OR if you are willing to pay for the shipment via post office which will be a lot less I will mail it off to you tomorrow morning. I don’t want it to go to waste and I won’t be able to go, I Gotta Study 4 this Gross Anatomy Exam!!

  246. ^ 1st Come 1st Serve!

  247. derrick jeter doing his thing, but even him, whoever they get, good for them, but all this acting like some couple that don’t know me is breaking up is big news is irritating. tiger woods, jesse james, now tp, and whoever else, get that shat off the news and play UM re-runs all day.

    That messing with someone’s wife though, i can’t do that one, i don’t care who the broad is, i always know i’ll have bad luck later on, but alot of these wives are aggressive too.

    Just goes to show, you playing a desparate house wife, and now you might just be one.

    This week, guys are going to go out their and play hard, this team is real confident in what they’re out their doing now on defense, and ray ray needs to work on now taking bad angles in the passing game, that play where jojo nicolas made a nice play, ray ray was coming off of a bad angle to help out and was out of position. It’s good for ray ray to sit from time to time as well, he’s still learning too. Is vaughn telemaque still playing, lol, he’s a kenny phillips type back their, not to much happens on his side, but kp was definitely way better at run support from the safety spot.

    This is going to be a fun game, and all we need is for our shaky special teams to punt right when it’s time to punt, and make fiedgoals, and cover kick-offs, and we’ll be straight. And please, somebody tell whipple, this not the week for us to see morris under center, empty backfield, otherwise jr. will have to finish the game.

  248. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    moneycane says:
    November 17, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Calvin I feel ya, but why TP get married in the first place. You might not like Derrick Jeter, but when it comes to women and keeping it on the hush he is a straight up G.
    Money, TP doing his teammates wife, lol, thats COLD! Has the Spurs traded or released anyone today?

  249. avatar
    hurricanedave69 says:

    Eva Longoria = gorgeous
    Tony Parker = stupid

  250. avatar
    hurricanedave69 says:

    want to live as long as me, leave someone else’s wife or mother alone!

  251. He just bumped delonte west down to 2nd place though like someone else said. I think tp started doing the shaq thing, play hurt the 1st half of the year, so you don’t have to travel with the team, stay back and rehab, and while your teammates are on the road, stay back and bang everybody else’s girl. That’s how shaq was doing it. gilbert arenas who plays for the wizards had those guns in his locker for shaq if he ever came to the arena, we gone get shaq to see if he wants to take a DNA test with one gilberts kids.

    The dirty dozen, all these women out here, i’m not understanding why people gotta go and mess with someody else’s lady.

  252. Those 2 just seemed like the odd couple to me when they 1st got together.

  253. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    That’s just cold – so true. All the models in the world he could have and he picks a teammates wife? Dumb and dangerous to your health.

  254. Just cuz she’s hot doesn’t mean she can’t be dead fish…I’m just sayin…

  255. so true… LOL.

    Sometimes the babes can be boring!

  256. Virginia Tech Preview now up

  257. It’s true…most guys swear that because a chick is smokin that you’ll get the ride of your life and a lot of time it’s just not reality.

    Chemistry is chemistry no matter what the woman looks like.

  258. T: Preach on my friend …