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Where Are They Now? Miami’s Highest Rated Recruits Part 2



  • Luqman Abdallah, DT, 4 stars:  didn’t see the field, transferred to Hofstra. I’m optimistic that he’s not the same guy currently being pursued by America’s Most Wanted for being a drug kingpin in Jersey. 
  • Spencer Adkins, LB, 4 stars:  saw action in 31 games, totaling 72 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, five sacks and one interception. In 2007, recording a career-high 52 tackles.  Drafted in the 6th round by the Falcons. 
  • Christopher Barney, OL, 4 stars: mostly a scout team player; graduated in 2009.
  • Antonio Dixon, DT, 4 stars: inspiring personal story of overcoming homelessness to become the first college graduate in his family.  Struggled with weight problems.  He played in 40 games, 10 of which he started, recordind 71 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, a fumble recovery and a pass deflection.  Currently plays for the Eagles after being claimed off waivers and made a game-changing play blocking a field goal against the Bears leading to a win for the Eagles.
  • Dajleon Farr, TE, 4 stars:  caught 24 passes for 210 yards, was suspended after FIU brawl, transferred to Memphis for his senior year.  Currently with the Cowboys.
  • Courtney Harris, DE 4 stars:  played mostly as a reserve; career ended at UM (after he obtained his degree) after he was unable to get medical clearance because of a shoulder injury.  Transferred to the University of North Alabama. 
  • Bruce Johnson, DB, 4 stars:  Johnson was a starter, but nothing to write home about . . . until he joined the Giants as an undrafted free agent and became an interception and tackling machine. 
  • Kenny Phillips, DB, 5 stars:  a decent player from his freshman year, Phillips was a somewhat bright spot on otherwise AWFUL teams not worthy of having the []_[] on their helmet.  Miami’s most recent first round draft pick in 2008 to the Giants.
  • Randy Phillips, DB, 4 stars:  started at CB and later moved to safety, biggest contribution to the ‘Canes was his 2 interceptions at Choke Campbell stadium against the Criminoles in Trailerhassee in 2007.  Was supposed to sign with Detroit as an undrafted free agent but flunked his physical. 
  • Demetri Stewart, LB, 4 stars:  non-factor; transferred to Northern Michigan University
  • AJ Trump, OL, 4 stars:  played center and guard, started as C in 2009 (not that it says much).  Serviceable.  Undrafted and later signed by Steelers as a free agent.  Didn’t make roster.
  • Reggie Youngblood, OL, 5 stars:  this guy was supposed to be the next Bryant McKinnie.  No sir.  Often penalized and serviceable at best.  Undrafted.


  • Dedrick Epps, TE, 4 stars:  ended career with 49 receptions, 634 receiving yards, and 6 touchdowns, seeing his best season in 2008 as a junior, catching 22 passes for 304 yards and 2 touchdowns, while starting 10 games.  Drafted in the 7th round by the Chargers; joined Dolphins practice squad in September, 2010.
  • Jason Fox, TE, 4 stars:  after beginning his career at Miami as RT, Fox became starting LT midway through the year and stayed there until he was taken out by injuries his senior year.  Arguably the most consistent player on the Oline during the dark ages (um, that would be from 2006-present), and the reason Jacory Harris was not concussed nearly every game in 2009.  Drafted in the 4th round by the Lions. 
  • Richard Gordon, DE, 4 stars:  rotated between defense, special teams and offense.  Best at blocking as TE, not so much with receiving.  Started 7 games in 2010 as a testament to how much Epps and Jimmy Graham are missed. 
  • Ryan Hill, DB, 4 stars:  before this season, when asked about Hill, most fans would describe him as a flop.  After 5 years and three positions, it seemed something finally clicked in 2010.  While he didn’t have a superstar season, he did record a couple of interceptions and we are optimistic about his future in the NFL. 
  • Josh Holmes, DT, 4 stars: Played in 29 games and started 14 in his career, recording 42 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, three sacks, three quarterback hurries and one fumble recovery in his career.  His injury this season left a huge gaping hole in our run defense.  See, e.g., the nightmare against FSWho. 
  • Javarris James, RB, 4 stars:  Baby J exploded as a freshman and made us think he was the second coming of his infamous cousin.  He, um, wasn’t.  Often plagued by injuries, James’ career was often disappointing (cough *Clemson 2009* cough) outside of a spectacular 150+ performance against the Chokelahoma Sooners last season.  True to ‘Canes form, after going undrafted and being signed with the Colts as a free agent, James has had a great rookie season and has often received praise from Peyton Manning. 
  • Tervaris Johnson, DB, 4 stars:  Played in 48 games with seven starts, DB, special teams, and the unlikely switch to TE in 2008.  Waived onto the Chiefs where he plays RB. 
  • Kylan Robinson, RB, 4 stars:  played RB for two seasons, LB for another, not serviceable in either position. 
  • Sam Shields, WR, 4 stars:  After doing nothing of note short of the penalty in the FSWho monsoon game of 2008, Shields was moved to DB and was often picked on by the opposition.  Shields went undrafted and was signed by the Packers as a free agent.  Turns out with some coaching and instruction on how to watch film, he’s a great CB.  Another post-graduate NFL success story for the ‘Canes.  [insert collective groan]


  • Allen Bailey, DE, 4 stars:  part man, part beast, Bailey immediately enamored himself to fans for killing gators and looking a little like Shrek.  Unfortunately, Bailey spent most of his career at UM being rotated between positions and it seems to have affected his development.  He has all the tools to be successful in the NFL, but compared to ‘Canes fans’ sky-high expectations, Bailey’s career has been disappointing. 
  • Damien Berry, DB, 4 stars:  Starting at safety and donning the number of beloved 2-0 E Reed, boy, Berry switched to RB and was largely unheard of until 2009’s FAMU game where he burst on the scene and had fans chanting his name every game thereafter.  He was reportedly held back in 2009 because of ball control issues and in 2010, we saw it first hand.  Berry needs to improve on the fumbles to be successful in the NFL. 
  • Graig Cooper, 5 stars:  a fan favorite, “COOOOOOP” has been a solid player and a consistent bright spot over the years.  After seeming like he would fall down every time a blade of grass got in his way, Coop toughened up and had many great games before being injured in the hypothermia-fest known as the Champs Sports Bowl last year.  While he probably should have sat out this year to heal, he made some minor contributions. 
  • Orlando Franklin, OL, 4 stars:  Talented but inconsistent.  Penalty machine.
  • Robert Marve, QB, 4 stars:  Despite his title of “Mr. Florida Football” and being a personal favorite of EOTH blogger Canez1, Marve proved to be little more than Bobby Drama from the car accident to punching a mirror in the Grove to public fights between his daddy and Randy Shannon.  Transferred to Purdue. 
  • Jermaine McKenzie, WR, 4 stars:  non-factor; transferred to Memphis.
  • Demarcus VanDyke, ATH, 4 stars:  Take a look at DVD.  There is your proof that Miami players were not required to eat breakfast before Al Golden came on board.  He has raw talent but never became an impact player at UM.  I’m optimistic that he could do well in the NFL after he starts eating his Wheaties. 
  • Doug Wiggins, DB, 4 stars:  transferred to Western Michigan University after contraversy involving allegations that Shannon and other coaches were encouraging Wiggins to get unneeded surgery on his hamstring in order to obtain a medical redshirt. 

As you can see, recruiting rankings are pretty hit or miss.  Stay tuned for our next installment of our “Where Are They Now?” feature where Esteban breaks down the lowest-rated Miami recruits in recent history.

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    hurricanedave69 says:

    good morning!

  2. Good morning, Hurricane Dave! Nice first!

    You have your choice of a virtual jello shot or some virtual bacon egg and hashbrowns breakfast casserole, what will it be?

  3. Hey bg, your article will run sometime next week so early next week is cool. :-)

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    hurricanedave69 says:

    the casserole sounds pretty good this time of the day!

  5. It is, it goes best with a noon game and Sailor Cane’s bloody marys!

    Here you go, HD! Enjoy!

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    Nashvillecane says:

    HR & HD69 bout to head to vandy/ky…look for me up and to the rt of the vandy bench…here’s what c1 says I look like….lol…

  7. Randy Phillips is still on Detroit. He got cut then added to the practice squad then called up later in the year.

  8. About DVD:

    “I’m optimistic that he could do well in the NFL after he starts eating his Wheaties” …… (and you forgot this part)

    A) As a scout team player
    B) If all the other WRs in the NFL are named Lance Leggett
    C) Using that 4.2 speed to run onto the field during timeouts to give water to everyone and leaving the other pimple faced water boys in the dust
    D) All the above

  9. Jeez Cryer is such a little biatch, does he not realize he caused his own problems –

  10. It’d be absolutely hilarious seeing DVD trying to cover a receiver like Andre Johnson.

    Dre just flick him away with a finger.

  11. That Hurricane rebirth vid amused me..

    The mighty Miami speed being TORCHED by Jahvid Best..

    Who was clocked SLOWER than Taylor Mays of USC fame..

    Guess we aren’t as fast we we thought. Ryan Hill and Van Dyke got SMOKED.

  12. One play I do remember DVD making was in the game against Clemson this year when he got beat badly on a slant route later in the game, but he caught the guy from behind and swiped the ball out of his arms and then recovered the fumble

    Also about that Clemson game, a couple of people’s favorite formation that had Jacory under center with no backs and 4 wide – that’s how Miami scored their first 2 TDs in the game, both to Hankie. The first TD on a 3rd & 14, the second TD on a 3rd & 5

  13. Six are you trying to tell me a formation that spread out the defense creating one on one matchups actually could work if your QB can make a quick read? Child please…

  14. That’s some blasphemy Shwarma. SNAKE OIL.

  15. Bennie don’t you know, don’t call to concepts that make sense, call to your players strength (which is a shame we don’t play 7 on 7 or run the ball 100% of the time)

  16. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    Were you the guy going crazy when Jenkins hit that last jumper? YEAH, I SAW YA. lol

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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Also about that Clemson game, a couple of people’s favorite formation that had Jacory under center with no backs and 4 wide – that’s how Miami scored their first 2 TDs in the game, both to Hankie. The first TD on a 3rd & 14, the second TD on a 3rd & 5

    February 12, 2011 at 2:37 PM
    Six are you trying to tell me a formation that spread out the defense creating one on one matchups actually could work if your QB can make a quick read? Child please…


    Y’all are so funny it’s pathetic. A play works once out of 60 tries and suddenly it’s all the QBs fault.

    It’s always funny to me how silent y’all get when the exact same play delivers the exact same result in the NFL.

    It’s that funny.

    Oh and the reason it worked in the first half against Clemson was because the running game was working.

    In the second half, how well did that play or his 2 running plays work???

    Walk down memory lane y’all or just drop it. lol

  18. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    And since y’all brought it up, did you notice how many times the play was run in the Super Bowl??

    And if you did see it, did you notice the formation before the snap??

    If you didn’t see that you don’t understand the play….so just drop it.

    If you DID see it, then you’ll know why it’s such a boneheaded play the way Mini Martz ran it.

    Still playing checkers huh Six….haha

  19. Also about that Clemson game, a couple of people’s favorite formation that had Jacory under center with no backs and 4 wide –

    Oh and the reason it worked in the first half against Clemson was because the running game was working.

    No backs formation has something to do with the running game working?

  20. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Hurricane Randy
    February 12, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    Were you the guy going crazy when Jenkins hit that last jumper? YEAH, I SAW YA. lol

    —- yup that was ya boy:-)….imma BIG JJ fan…his pops used to work in the cafe at our plant…super nice guy his pops is…JJ committed to vandy early his Jr yr…ripped the summer camps…then EVERYONE started coming at him…pearl, R Williams…cal when he was at Memphis…but his pops told him UUUU committed to vandy and UUUU are sticking with em…told them others to kick rocks, ain’t no since in calling…

  21. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:

    Nash, LMAO

    Good story, way to go POP Jenkins… lol

  22. now that DVD won’t be on the field for us allowing huge cushions…i got nothing bad to say about the man. good luck at the combine and pro day. and good luck with the draft and NFL future.

    JSQ…I just realized my Antonio Dixon piece should just read “didn’t qualify…this year” or something like that.

  23. Cav – still have never been to a Canes game to actually see plays unfold down the field so when you come on here with a 10 paragraph rant about the offense and what they should run, yadda yadda, or why is the OC constantly looking for the long ball, yadda yadda … still finding some highlight clips on YouTube from teams in the past and thinking you’re an OCoordinator, even though you probably have never even drawn up plays for flag football tournaments, huh .. still staring at GameTracker on CBS Sportsline or CSS and thinking you can actually tell what unfolded in a game, huh …… I can go on and on

    Didn’t realize that every team not only in college, but also in the NFL runs the same formations and that all the OCoordinators in both college and NFL have that play in their arsenal

    Wow. They did or didn’t run that formation in the Super Bowl and it was or wasn’t successful. That must mean that it’s complete sh*t … funny though, b/c the Steelers have run out of that formation with Ben and they won how many Super Bowls since he’s been there?

    And if it such a crappy formation, then why do any teams even have it in the first place? High School, college, NFL? I guess b/c there really are that many idiots out there with jobs as OCoordinators, right?

    So, you’re also basically sticking up for Jacory in the fact that he DOES know how to make reads as well? That formation basically calls for the QB to make his read at the line to see the mis-match, then after the snap to see if it’s still there, if not, go somewhere else … novel concept huh – you’d think so, but apparently Jacory doesn’t

    1 out of 60 huh – well, 3rd & 2 against Maryland with 2:20 left in the game on the Canes own 26 with the Canes losing by 2, and Stephen Morris is in that formation … he had both Byrd on a slant and Miller going out on a swing, open – chose to throw it to Byrd, got an 8 yard gain, if he would’ve thrown it to Miller, it would’ve been no less than a 6 yard gain … it’s nice when the QB can make the read, the throw

    And about that Clemson game – the first TD the Canes got in the game came from that formation .. you’re telling me that Clemson didn’t think that the Canes weren’t going to throw the ball, when Jacory was under center with 4 wide? So why would that play only work b/c the run game was going – it wasn’t a run type formation, unless you think that Jacory is just going to do a delayed run up the middle by himself? Up until that point, the Canes had only thrown the ball 1 time and run it 9 times .. no other formation they were ever in during those plays even remotely looked like it was a straight passing formation, as when you see 4 wide with the TE coming off the line from being next to the RT, to make it 5 guys running patterns out there

    And the play selection leading up to the 65 yard TD to Hankie after the 1st TD – 5 run, 5 pass

  24. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    Sun out, breeze in low 20’s, gonna have some fun today @ UKSC Commodores Regatta on Melges 24, should be able to hit 16kts! Oh Yeah Baby!

  25. Mostly cloudy, high of 34. Should be able to get 2, maybe 3 naps in today.

  26. damn weather looked pretty yesterday until you went into that the hurricane forced winds.

  27. Six shut you mouth fool. And Cav, yes I am pathetic in the fact that I see a logical concept that makes sense, and no matter how many times you cite your research, I still say, the concept should work.

    Now to make you feel better let me say this. Once Whip saw it wasn’t working with Iman, he should have called that formation a hell of alot less than he did (even though it did work on occasions as Six like at the Clemson game)

  28. Six were you at the 7 on 7 this weekend?

  29. I hate airports. This blows.

    Someone, anyone, please entertain me.

  30. Hi guys,

    Saw this on my twitter feed about DVD and thought it was interesting.

    RT @NFLDraftInsider: Today’s Sleeper Demarcus Van Dyke- @D_VanDyke8 – Miami – CB – Locked down Titus Young in the Senior Bowl and looked fast. Early 3rd stock ^

  31. New committment. Still waiting to find out who it is.

  32. Six’s worst fears have just been realized. Gray Crow just committed to us. Ha!

  33. ??Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Boyd Anderson High School CB Daniel Gray

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  34. Lots of names flying around C1. We’ll see. Ha!

  35. LOL!!!

    Saw this.

    Gray has been clocked at a 10.4 in the 100 meters. During his junior season he totaled five interceptions, three forced fumbles, and 25 tackles.

    He plans on attending Miami’s junior day today during the men’s basketball game against Duke and if all goes well Gray will be a Hurricane by the end of the day.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  36. Its Crow C1 and he’ll be here in January 2012 as an EE

  37. Eh I would’ve rather had Gray…..

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  38. Ha!

    I know Six hates him but he’s very highly thought of. So far to go too, we’ll see if he STICKS.

  39. F*ckkkkk

  40. Ya kid looks like his mechanics are pretty solid but I see a noodle arm in those highlights.

    We’ll see.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    sgorten Steve Gorten
    Also, 2012 CB Daniel Gray from Boyd Anderson told @plamrecruiting today that he has orally committed to #UM #Hurricanes

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  42. Six.

    Chris Stock from ITU agrees with you.

    I’m shocked at this decision to go after Crow. Nothing against the kid, I’ve heard he’s a good kid, but from what I know, he lacks what it takes to be a big-time player.

    I’ve been informed that this decision to go after Crow was offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch’s call and the UM staff is convinced he’ll be a big-time recruit. I just don’t see it.

  43. A little something tells me this 2012 class is going to be kind of a big deal.

    Golden and crew grindin.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  44. C1.

    So I guess we got 2. I know Stock also doesn’t think Gray is UM material but you can’t teach 10.39 in the 100!

  45. Only 1 welcome to the u from carroll so we’ll see if that means Gray as in Daniel or Gray as in Crow

  46. BG staff has to coach em up now.

    Bring in the physicals and develop them into champions.

    Pretty new concept round here lately.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  47. I have no problem with Crow since we are tageting two QB’s for 2012. I just want the second QB to be the stud.

    And Gray. Can’t teach speed but my worry is this, that makes DB awfully crowded if you still want Bush and Howard (and we need more Safety’s than CB’s in this class).

  48. bg1906 – highly thought of by …… himself, his mommy, his daddy. The kid didn’t show anything last year at all to deserve even a sniff by the Canes – I’d like to know exactly what tape Fisch looked at of which games. Obviously Fisch knows what he’s doing or else he probably wouldn’t have a job at the level that he has had …… but I’d still like to sit in with him one day, off the record and have him explain to me what he sees that intrigues him about Crow. I went to a bunch of the Crow’s games last year

    Here’s an article about him before the start of last year’s season …

    “Highly touted because of his size and arm strength, the rising junior still needs to work on his foot speed and pocket presence, as well as throwing a softer, more accurate pass when needed.”

    Now you know why I say f*ckkkkkk – and this article is being nice

    I dunno how many of you have played any kind of beer league softball or co-ed softball just for sh*ts & giggles, for possibly the company team or whatever …… but Crow is an absolute clone of that guy, “softball guy”, who takes it wayyy too seriously .. the guy that goes to Sports Authority, sees the UnderArmour mannequin in the baseball isle and then has to buy the exact same outfit, with the eyeblack, the wrist bands, the absurdly expensive batting gloves, the cleats that look like Elroy Jetsons space boots, etc. …… then when he gets out there to play softball, he’s the one yelling at the top of his lungs, he’s taking practice swings with 3 weighted bats, he’s knocking the dirt off his cleats b/c he thinks he needs to …… then he gets up to bat and hits a little duck fart ground ball back to the pitcher

    All that flash and flare, and he’s nothing but a complete poser

    That’s what Gray Crow showed last year at QB for Clearwater Countryside

    7 TDs .. 8 INTs … .539 completion % … 11 yards rushing on 6 carries

  49. Shwarma.

    I think that is your STUD. You won’t get 2 Alpha Male QBs. Just won’t happen. The other would be a role guy or basically you can count Forcier as a 2012 guy.

  50. bg, can you share the crow video

  51. Shwarma.

    Howard not really feeling us right now and Gray is a pure CB. So we could be nearly done at CB if he’s really a commit. Bush is a Safety all the way so he’s “safe”

  52. Six I think you’re being a bit harsh, I’m sure it was his offensive coordinators fault.

    And bg1906 I’m sick of this we can’t get two stud qbs in a class or in back-to-back years (although you’re probably correct, he probably will be our “stud” for this year). USC, Fla., Notre Dame CONSISTENTLY get top notch QB prospects year after year, no spacing needed.

    No more excuses, or as Golden Al says…”we won’t be apologizing from here on out.”

  53. Shwarma that is his JV year in 2008. I heard he had a really solid 2009 then stunk like Six said in 2010. I don’t think I’d of jumped on him this early either. Fisch must really believe in him

  54. Canez1 – I’d place all my money on you throwing a ball with more velocity with your left arm for luxury box tickets to a MiMi concert for your girl, than on Gray Crow throwing a 15 yard out pattern

    What exactly would show anyone, including the writer of that article on Crow for, that Crow has a big arm?

    I’ve said it before about this kid – I pray that he proves me wrong, absolutely pray, esp. now that he’s committed …… that kid better light the f*cking world on fire this upcoming season

  55. Then officially count me as disappointed if you think that is the case bg.

  56. New Commitment: QB Gary Crow. Will enroll January 2012. Had offers from Notre Dame and Florida.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  57. DZ8.

    I’m not saying that from a take 2 QB stand point, I’m saying that from the KIDS standpoint. Which is why I was SO surprised and gave a lot of credit to Brissett because he’s going to compete and doesn’t care about Driskel, but I guarantee you one of them will not make it and if we take 2 studs again I guarantee 1 will not make it.

  58. Something everyone should remember too are that offers are conditional. If he stinks this year they can pull the offer.

  59. Still nothing on Daniel Gray yet C1 and Carroll only put on one Welcome To The U message.

  60. I think JSQ said a little bit ago that word was Duke would be playing CB when he gets here.

    We should be pretty tight at CB for 2012 already.

    We will see how it shakes out.

    Bring em in and sort em out later.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  61. shwarma5 – na, didn’t go to the 7-on-7

    Speaking of 7-on-7 .. here’s some footage of the USF Sling N’ Shoot 7-on-7, I went to that this past spring

    Gray Crow at 4:59-5:52 … just skip ahead to that so you can see him

    Never once takes a look at any other WR, as soon as the ball is in his hands, he immediately goes to his first read

  62. I know what youre saying bg… I’m just sick of the excuses we’ve been sprouting when we don’t get two qbs or top flight qbs in back-to-back years.

    Let me repeat, I agree with you, most of that is on kids not wanting to go and compete, but somehow these other schools get kids at that position to go and compete.

    There is reality and the way I wish it was (which is the way I hope Golden gets it to).

  63. bg, yeah that was the one I watched before too. Well, we will see what happens.

    For instance, lets say we like Garcia and Kings from University School, rather would have taken a guy like Holcombe as our safe option since I think the kid looks good.

    Also, in looking over the Herald’s statewide Top 100 list for 2012, looks like a lot of good OL prospects. Hope we are on some of these kids since we need about 4 OL in the next class.

  64. DZ8 – I’ll take that UConn 3rd stringer Johnny Mac with that YouTube Trick Throw video all day over Crow … at least he’s entertaining

    I’m watching the rugby tournament on ABC – those dudes are nuts

  65. C1.

    Duke is all RB. He won’t be a CB

  66. C1.

    Also hopefully we land Matt Jones too and be done at RB a brusiser and a slasher. Then in 2013 TRY and get Harvey but we can afford to strike out on him and just be sure to get Sony Michel in 2014.

  67. Henry, not Harvey. My mistake.

  68. bg1906 – Crow threw for 22 total yards that game against Tarpon Springs, who went 4-8 last year

  69. Never once takes a look at any other WR, as soon as the ball is in his hands, he immediately goes to his first read

    Noticed this as well.

    I am an expert at spotting this tendency now since I have had three years of it up close and personal courtesy of the golden child.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  70. And C1 that was JSQ just repeating what she heard from some people because of his size, and my comments, that though I know he is RB all the way, he has skills that you look for in a CB and looked halfway decent at CB in his video.

    But like BG said, Duke is RB all the way (and would be a perfect compliment to Jones)

  71. bg1906
    February 13, 2011 at 5:52 PM

    Duke is all RB. He won’t be a CB

    I think JSQ said she heard it from a, straight from the horses mouth, source.

    Who thew hell knows what will happen from now until then tho.

    Bring em in and sort em out later….

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  72. Man those videos of Crow scare me

  73. Gary Crow…he’s the next Frank Costa…what’s to be scared about?

  74. Yeah its VERY early. Lets see what this kid does this year. But based on his TRACK record, I wouldn’t have taken his committment at this time.

  75. I’m still hearing CB is a possibility. Even Duke told my source as much.

    Take it for what you will, I’m just passing along info I’m allowed to repeat. I don’t have some Duke as CB agenda here, but I can understand it. I don’t care what he plays as long as he balls!

  76. Yeah Six,

    It appears ya boy Crow is on deck.

    I still liked Houston and Holcombe better. I hope that Crow gets coached up good, because those numbers you’ve posted of him aren’t overly flattering. Does he at least have the upside of a Brock Berlin?

  77. but seriously, not that i’ve looked at Crow’s footage. he just looks like a guy. if he puts in the work and we coach him up he could be serviceable. Six, got first hand view on the guy so i’ll cede to his opinion. but looks like someone who could provide that good back up and if as a RS senior he starts he’d probably be ready at that point.

  78. JSQ.

    I think I know the source. I know Duke does play CB too, but he’s being recruited as a RB with certainty. He’ll play RB. He’s said he will do what ever will help the team, but that we are recruiting him as a RB and that is what he wants to play.

  79. Este

    So far what I’ve read on him is that you fall in love with him watching him do drill. He’s big 6’4 or so and 220 and supposed has a strong arm. But his on field production hasn’t caught up to his measurables. Sounds sorta Kyle Wright-ish to me. :-)

  80. And when I say the vids scars me, I mean that I see him as Este says. Problem is in 2012 I would like a STUD.

    Howard loving WVU bg?

  81. We’ll see bg.

    I’m not starting some crusade here, just passing along things I hear.

    Nothing is final until the kid graduates/is drafted. If anything, it’s great he can play two positions. If he moves, he moves.

  82. shwarma.

    No. He’s saying Florida, FSU, but WVU will always be around as long as Cogdell is the coach at Miramar. We have time though and he’s very good friends with Leggett, Busch, etc.

  83. Bg didn’t you put up footage on Daniel Gray already?

  84. bg, if Kyle put in the time to work on all facets of his game and he had better coaching….would have been cool with him as QB. if Crow will put in the work and the coaches do their part. he’ll be alright. he probably will just have to put more work in then another guy, but that’s part of what makes one QB better than another most of the time.

  85. and i meant before…now that i’ve watched…

  86. This was the QB I was hoping for but he’s a tuff pull from Bama.

    Jameis Winston

  87. Hurri.

    I don’t think so

  88. Este.

    I agree. He has SOME tools to work with. Just has to put it together. A lot of people weren’t high on Morris either.

  89. As far as that article, Gray needs an offer to commit and as to my knowledge he does not have one yet.

  90. Yeah, I wasn’t high on Morris when he came in after watching his film but when I saw him at the spring game my opinion QUICKLY changed.

  91. And I saw that footage on Crow, really hope Fisch knows something that I don’t…

  92. Bakaa says he has some skills and SHOULD put up big numbers in 2011. We’ll see.

  93. bg

    That Jameis Winston kid looks real impressive. Too bad I think he will be solid to one of the Alabama schools.

  94. Uchamps says:
    February 12, 2011 at 1:34 PM


    WHoever put lebron james in this video at the end, they’re ridiculous, that’s like seeign dwayne wade on the sidelines at a UM game, but alumni couldn’t get in, please don’t let me see lebron out there this year. Can we please trade lebron, i think now is the perfect time, i’ve been calling for lebron to utah for deron williams and milsap way before jerry sloan resigned, now is the perfect time, while deron is being seen as the villian, trade em pat, no need in seeing lebron is in the dwayne’s way, doesn’t know what to do with the ball, dribbles the shot clock out, doesn’t set up other players well like dwayne, if we brought in deron williams and milsap, and ended up with somebody like kendrick perkins later on, we’d kill teams.

    As far as this new recruit, yall can’t complain about recruits coming in this year, yall already know this staff is new to this area and they can say all the right things as well, but we’ll ses if they truly know what real Florida recruits to go after, yall heard what has been said by goldie and others, “he doesn’t want to hear, oh, he’s an fsu or gaytor player” when i heard that statement i just said ok, goldie is suppose to say that, once he gats baptized enuff going after players he has no business going after in the state of Florida, yall should know more than golden and alot of the new crew will learn, this state is divided up for real, it’s not fake, either you’re a Hurricane, or a Seminole and those who have traditionally been die hard gators.

    Once goldie gets baptized enuff by going hard after players like brissett, brissett wanted to be a gaytor so bad he made his own Momma cry, once goldie understands that dynamic, he’ll do a better job of recruiting players to UM.

    I laugh when i would some of yall celebrating saying we stole one from the gaytors, to me, that was never anything to feel good about until these players actually came here and produced at a high level.For instance, alot of yall were celebrating when we got buchannon, and dvd and cj holton, guys like them play like true gators and fsu players. That’s no disrespect to them, that’s just for real, dvd giving receivers all that cushion and bailing out on out routes way before the receiver even gets into his routes was ridiculous, no confidence.

    buchanon, he’s made a few plays now and than, but we’ll see what happens this year. Than kevin nelson over here flip floppin thinking somebody gone give him something, coach barrow not going for that, he’s at the wrong place if he thinks he’s going to get babied, plus he’s from the gainesville area acting like that down here, guys ain’t going for that. A coach here has to be real slelective in the type players who fit in at Miami from those parts of the country. Only a few coaches understood that at Miami, i think jimmy understood it the best, schnelly understood the caliber of players from the Miami area but wasn’t afraid to recruit real players like we had and jimmy johnson wasn’t either and learned real quick, like jimmy said himself, the 1st time he was going out to coach his 1st game against oklahoma for the 1st time a Miami’s headcoach, and he keeps hearing JEROME BROWN saying, freshmeat, we about to tear the mu, etc. etc. saying things to that affect, i can’t t recall verbatim right now, but jimmy was trying to tell JEROME BROWN to tone it down a lil bit, it’s not going ot be that easy of a game, JEROME BROWN told em basically, “we got this, you just sit back and watch” It was after that moment, jimmy really understood where he was at and who to recruit to UM.

  95. WTF are you seeing Lebron James in that video?

  96. bennie v, my bad, you right, it’s this al golden Miami rebirth video where it’s ridiculous, just go all the way to the end, somebody got carried away!

  97. Another thing with Crow is Weis was all over him where he was at ND and Crow really liked Weis. So IF he decommits to UiF at some point, its not a big surprise.

  98. datCane, how bout j.c.penny, he use to be hell out there on special teams, one of my favorite Canes as well, i mean to say there is a favorite Cane of all time at UM is basically not fair, but you can never go wrong picking either on of these 2, cav, at the 2:42mark of the 1st video will make you proud, lol:

  99. Let’s not ever forget the contributions of what Luqman Abdullah brought this program, one of the all time individual self emotional leader on this team. many of you claim to be UM fans, but if we did a poll, most of you would never remember this moment at the 3:45sec mark, i present to you, #96, Mr. Luqman Abdullah:

  100. Don’ t miss out, it’s rare footage, jsq forgot to include this moment in her article!

  101. Good ish on that DT. We’ll need him and he looks like he can be a lean 315lbs (by lineman standards). Of all the 2012 QBs I think we have a legitimate shot at, Bart Houston is the only one who has the wow factor. And considering USC doesn’t have a lock QB of the future, he could turn out to be like Jameis Winston – pipe dream.

  102. Good gosh those jerseys were ugly Cal lol.

  103. Not to go too off topic but you guys see this latest Gaga ridiculousness:

  104. The new guy….

    Doesn’t look any worse than The Crow (Patent Pending)

    At least we know this guy will stick.

  105. Hell,

    We could use the free safety help too.

    (Sike…..Caucasian DB’s scare the hell outta me)

  106. Hurri, it really shouldn’t. John Lynch was the best SS of his time IMO.

  107. Free Safety CK….

    I wouldn’t want Lynch turning & running downfield with anybody.

  108. Archuleta anyone?

    That second quarterback needs to quicken that delivery up.. Is he the one that’s supposedly a pitcher?

  109. I noticed that too Bennie but was kinda feeling like I have been sort of a Debbie downer on our potential QBs. But now that its out, he really does. He does a pretty good job at going through his progression for such a young guy and is a real athlete with the ball in his hands, BUT that delivery is scary if we are going to run a west coast offense (my guess).

  110. We are loading UP on commits —

    Apparently a wide receiver named Jamie Wilson just committed..according to his FB page.

    As well as a handful of others that have shown up this evening.

  111. And apparently someone named Jatavis Brown just committed..

    “Jus committed to da “U” miami bound”

  112. And Archuleta was severely overrated IMO. Much like Jason Seahorn was back in the day. They just become hyped bc they are white guys at a position dominated by black guys.

  113. Both kids you just mentioned come from Glades Central. I’ve never really heard too much about Brown but Wilson was a prospect I thought would eventually sign with either us, UCF, or USF.

  114. That Jamie Wilson kid is supposed to be nice. Kid outta Belle Glades, if I ain’t mistaken. Wouldn’t mind him coming aboard…….If its at all true.

  115. Archuleta was SOLID.

    Nothing spectacular and nothing shitty.

  116. Archuleta was “SOLID” in run support, his coverage skills were questionable at best.

  117. Zeke Pike video:

    If he is smart, he’ll go to a school that runs the spread option. Given that he comes from Kentucky, I’d say Auburn, Miss St., and Tennessee are the best bets for his services. OU and VT might slip in there too.

  118. Jamie Wilson says he’s committed on FB, I’m sure it will come out in a few. Yes Hurri he’s from Belle Glade.

  119. bg

    No offense to the new commit but the standout player from that video was the QB. Any one know his situation?

  120. Bakas says only Gray is a true commitment and that Thompson is considered Baseball until he plays in a game. The others he said are ready to jump on board but do not have written offers (Wilson, etc)

  121. Alright – I uploaded a video of Gray Crow from a game I shot & covered from this year. I have a ton of tape that I’m just now starting to ingest into our Avid up at work and cutting highlights to show

    Here’s Gray vs. Eastlake High School (AJ Trump is East Lake’s OLine coach)

    I was pissed that the quality came out so sh*tty when I transferred it from Avid, to FTP to Quicktime to finally YouTube

    I jetted through the entire game that I shot and just cut the plays that involved Crow on the video

    Enjoy … I will also be cutting (finally) some Chick stuff that I shot from covering him at Alonso this year and also the UArmour Game (yes, I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but it’s f*cking busy up at work and not enough editing booths for everyone)

    I also have some Matt Jones games I did as well

  122. For all that’s said about the kid, I do like what I saw at 1:37 from Six’s video. Sidenote – Eastlake’s defense looks really competitive.

  123. Well, if Byron Moore was looking to play safety his decision to go to Tennessee looks that last season’s starter has been arrested and suspended.

  124. someone shot the blog?

  125. For all my Rivals Radio listeners Bill King’s contract expired today and he’s in a bit of a snit with Yahoo. That’s what happens when major corporations take over (Yahoo bought Rivals and the founder of Rivals now owns 247 Sports which has Inside The U).

    He said he will be somewhere in Sirius in the next 2 weeks, but it really looks like it will NOT be on Rivals Radio.

    I feel like I’m losing a best friend…Wow!

  126. I think everyone is out for V-day Este..haha

  127. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    February 14, 2011 at 10:33 AM
    For all my Rivals Radio listeners Bill King’s contract expired today and he’s in a bit of a snit with Yahoo. That’s what happens when major corporations take over (Yahoo bought Rivals and the founder of Rivals now owns 247 Sports which has Inside The U).

    He said he will be somewhere in Sirius in the next 2 weeks, but it really looks like it will NOT be on Rivals Radio.

    I feel like I’m losing a best friend…Wow!

    —- DAMN THAT SUCKS….I been listening to dude since the 90s…he ain’t on locally no moe bc he was so busy with the national show…now I ain’t even got sirius…Tony Barnhart gets called the guru of cfb…but he ain’t got jack on BK, he got the most unbiased, insightful, and accurate perspective on every major team in the sport…not just in the souff…

  128. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    If Fisch, a QB coach at the pro level, and Weiss a collegiate head coach and prove NFL offensive coordinator love the kid, then I will defer to their judgement.

    When I see such a gigantic difference of opinions, I just ask myself what would we have said about Dorsey’s film?

    Wasnt’ he a noodle armed, skinny and slow kid who’s best attribute was his smarts?

  129. How many times was Crow sacked? Dorsey was never sacked in high school… shows pocket presence, route awareness… shows a QB.

  130. BG – I heard him this morning but only for a little bit. Does this mean he will NOT be on tomorrow?

    I really enjoyed listing to him and even though he was very unbiased, I think he had a little place in his heart for the Hurricanes.

  131. Raize.

    No he will not be on for a while. The show will continue but BK will not be on.

  132. 2011 Football Schedule out at 2 PM

  133. Shwarma.

    Pompey to Iowa State. He never got an offer from us and his academics are HORRID!

  134. avatar
    Hurricane Randy says:


    ….word on Thompson is that he is a coveted baseball player and a good bet to go in the first 20 picks of the MLB draft. I would be pleasantly surprised if he plays for the U and doesn’t sign. Word is he was at Junior Day yesterday and committed but we will see if he ever steps foot on campus as a football or baseball player.

    People have recently been critical of Jim Morris UM’s certain to be Hall of Fame head baseball coach but the thing that hurts his recruiting is not kids going elsewhere but the MLB draft. He signs so many highly rated kids that he only gets a few of them after the draft is completed and many of them sign with a major league club.

    Hope the kid comes but I am not going to say he is, due to being a stud on the baseball diamond.

  135. 4 years from now we’ll be calling him Gary “Made us eat” Crow.

    that’s the cold stone lock of the week.

  136. avatar
    ChicagoCane says:

    Esteban – 4 years from now….he will be on JSQ’s “ungoogleable” list as part of her Miami’s Highest Rated Recruits Part 76.

  137. Just did an e-mail search to find Sebastian’s vet’s info and came across what now seems like an absolutely hysterical e-mail from 6/2009 about what I thought the 2009 and 2010 seasons were going to be like.

    Hysterically funny or hysterically depressing.

  138. LMAO, Chicago Cane. It was really hard to find info on some of those guys . . . Still hoping that first guy is not the America’s Most Wanted guy. The America’s Most Wanted guy also played college football and was also from New Jersey and it isn’t the world’s most common name. Kind of alarming. Thanks for posting the youtube video, Calvin!

    Esteban, I got excited when I saw your post and thought you were talking about ice cream. I have a box of Godiva chocolates the size of Sebastian at home but all I want right now is ice cream, go figure.

    Thanks for posting the Crow footage, Six.

  139. Este – if Gray sticks to his verbal, signs with the Canes and becomes a clone of Andrew Luck or just tears it up … I will not only give him a hand written apology letter that I will deliver to him personally, but I will also buy his Canes authentic jersey like this …

    Fisch has my trust for now – but we’ll see what happens in the future. Gray better show up something serious this upcoming year at Clearwater Countryside

  140. Some Under Armour thoughs from Whore Slant

    Now as far as the top performers at linebacker, I would have to put James Burgess, Jr. very high on that list. Burgess is the son of former Cane star LB James Burgess. Although, I feel it’s very likely he will follow suit to Miami, he was a kid that had a strong day. In the one-on-one portion of the event the 6-foot-1, 215 pound linebacker had three interceptions, two pass breakups. He has great closing speed and shows good reaction time in staying close to the hip of just about every offensive player I saw him going against.

    Another kid I liked was St. Thomas Aquinas RB Dami Ayoola. He’s another kid that is likely to be a Hurricane, but he reminds me a lot of former STA RB James White, who is now at Wisconsin. He has a strong lower body, but his physical presence isn’t as nearly impressive as his vision. He doesn’t have the big time cut back ability of White, but there are a few similar characteristics I notice with his vision.

    I did get a chance to speak with Columbus DB Deon Bush earlier today. He said that he talks very frequently with FSU star DB Lamarcus Joyner and has been very impressed with how Stoops develops defensive backs. He also added it’s likely he could be attending the FSU junior day next weekend.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  141. JSQ – no prob

    Matt Jones, Chick, Canes games footage coming very soon … just have to ingest them up at work, edit them down, send them through Avid/FTP/Quicktime and then put them on YouTube

  142. Six, i’m all about the orange and green kool aid when it comes to 2012 recruits. reality ain’t going to have anything to do with how i feel about whoever is committed to us for ’12.

    and is that St. Thomas RB listed above #28 from last year? i hope so if he’s a heavy lean. Had some speed on him.

  143. This may have something to do with Crow’s crappy numbers…..

    May 9, 2010
    Gray Crow was the quarterback of the future at Countryside in 2008, but with senior starter Jimbo Chmelik returning, the future couldn’t wait, so Crow transferred to Ocala Trinity Catholic, where he threw 20 touchdown passes and was an honorable mention all-county pick.

    But after a season away, Crow is back, and the Cougars job is his.

    The 6-3, 220-pounder has wasted little time trying to win over his former-now-current teammates. At Monday’s practice, he was constantly shouting encouragement, and slapping more helmets and backsides than a politician on the campaign trail.

    “I have to gradually gain everybody’s respect back,” Crow said. “These are the same guys I was with before. It’s a trust thing. I have to get it back.”

    If one of the questions surrounding Crow’s return is his ability to lead, he seems intent on providing an early answer.

    “He’s taken a leadership role; he’s got to being a quarterback,” new Countryside coach Jared Davis said. “He’s been able to show his work ethic this offseason, and the kids have rallied around that instead of the rah-rah stuff. He’s shown them, ‘Look, I’m going to work.’ Now when he does the rah-rah, everybody’s going to listen to him.

    “Leaving did hurt him a little bit with the guys, so he’ll have to build that back up a little.”

    The Cougars are hoping Crow is the real deal. Highly touted because of his size and arm strength, the rising junior still needs to work on his foot speed and pocket presence, as well as throwing a softer, more accurate pass when needed.

    Once he wins over his teammates, he’s hoping to do the same with college recruiters as well.

    Last summer, Crow was verbally offered a scholarship by Notre Dame. But coach Charlie Weis was fired, and the offer is now in limbo.

    “It pretty much kind of went away,” said Crow, who is helped by the fact that Tony Alford, his recruiter, is a holdover on new coach Brian Kelly’s staff.

    “They showed interest in me throughout the coaching change. Brian Kelly and I talked during the (Fighting Irish) spring game, and he basically said they’re going to see me in the summer and they’ll decide from there. But they pretty much like me a lot and should be down here to see me.”

    A Notre Dame scout came to Countryside practice Tuesday.

    Crow, whose brother, L.D., earned a Division I-A scholarship from Stanford after playing quarterback for the Cougars, said his top five schools, if he had a recruiting wish list, are: Notre Dame, Florida (which he says has been talking to him), Alabama, Southern Cal and Texas.

    “High expectations,” he said.

    For now, though, he will try to help rebuild a Cougars offense that has a lot of big weapons to replace.

    “I’ve just got to focus on getting my stuff done here, and the rest will fall into place,” he said

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  144. Our schedule is KILLER! Who makes these! No breaks.


    Sept. 5 at Maryland (Monday), ESPN, 8 p.m.
    Sept. 10 OPEN
    Sept. 17 OHIO STATE
    Sept. 24 KANSAS STATE
    Oct. 8 at Virginia Tech
    Oct. 15 at North Carolina
    Oct. 22 GEORGIA TECH
    Oct. 27 VIRGINIA,ESPN,8 pm
    Nov. 5 DUKE
    Nov. 12 at Florida State
    Nov. 19 at USF
    Dec. 3 ACC Championship Game (Charlotte, N.C.), ESPN

    I’ll be in the house at Maryland. JSQ please let me know when I can buy tix! Thanks!

  145. More UA stuff.

    There are few players where a 4.51 would be disappointing, but it is for Daniel Gray. He has ran faster and possesses legit track speed. However Gray was a stand-out in coverage and helped his stock with his overall performance. STA’s Dami Ayoola will play BCS football, he does every thing at a high level, and was very productive as a junior. Cypress Bay’s Danny Isidora is massive at 6’3, 336 and he has good feet and athleticism. He will get nothing but better in the future.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  146. Will do, bg. I was cleaning my desk the other day and saw the letter from the away ticket order form was addressed to me in May or June, so we have a ways to go.

    You like baked ziti and meatballs, bg? I thought that might make a good entree for the crowd we will have at Maryland. I know your feelings on crabcakes! 😉

  147. JSQ.

    Sounds good to me! ha!

  148. MD game deserves crabcakes.

    I love the schedule from a personal point of view, Md and Va Tech look doable.

    From our point of view I think its cake compared to years past. No excuses, apologies, etc… buckle up and hit some one! :)

  149. Weeeeeeeeeelp

  150. DZ8.

    Its just the way its “loaded”

    Ohio State/Kansas State back to back
    VTech/UNC/GTech back to back to back
    FSU/USF/BC back to back to back

    No spacing

  151. DZ8, I serve more than one dish at my tailgates, sweetheart.

    I’m responsible for half of the New Years’ diets taken on by EOTH bloggers.


    So much to learn . . .

  152. Yeah, I think the worst stretch is the VA Tech/UNC/GTech combo. Also difficult because I wanted to go to all three. We’ll see how things shake out on that. Maryland and VA Tech are definites.

  153. We BY FAR have the most difficult conference on the schedule.

  154. …….Guess I’d better put in that early work request off for Labor Day, or Jello and C1 will have my ass.

    Harbor seafood is in my future, baby!!

  155. The FSWho/USF/BC combo doesn’t scare me as much. Not to be overlooked, but not too crazy.

    I’m fired up for the suckeyes! Want to see those fat tubs of midwestern lard drop when they try to play in Miami September humidity and heat!

    BOOOOOOM! Down goes another!


  156. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Two weeks to prepare for an OSU home opener. Also, with only Bethune Cookman at home in between, we basically have two weeks to prepare for VT on the road.

    Already excited.

  157. @ Maryland- to start the season off, prime time event. I think thats perfect… did Randy get a job yet?

    Open Date- wish it was later in the year but probably has to do with south floridas extreme heat

    Ohio St- two weeks to prepare? No excuses, payback time, and this time, we’re serious

    Kansas St- They suck right? I’ll do more research but will be watching to see how Arthur Brown does

    Bethune/Cookman- They have a good band also like FAMU right?

    @ Va Tech- Contenders & pretenders begin to be seperated this 2nd saturday in October. Coming off a Bethune Cookman week we should be prepared. Hope it isn’t too cold or raining though :)

    @ UNC- Back-to-back away games… man up and quit crying.

    Ga Tech- We should have NO issues with this.

    UVA- On a Thursday night, wah, a short week and we got to play the mighty wahooos. Perfect revenge opportunity

    Duke- Thank the Lord its not AT Duke, tough place to play and all. The couple extra days should help us out. :)

    @FSU- Kehoe will get so excited his heart will burst and we’ll find out he really does have orange and green in his veins.

    @USF- See how far we’ve come, the 2nd in a 2 game away stretch. We *only* have 5 away games this year? This is awesome.

    BC- Home/season finale

    ACC CG- This schedule is easy!

  158. so i’m going to have to ask for the 6th off in September? better plan now.

  159. Also remember the story line if Randy takes the Maryland job.

  160. Patrick is making me feel bad.

    I was thinking of not going to FSWho . . .

    Just logistically not as easy as in previous years.

    but with one word from, Patrick, I’m now searching for hotels up there.


  161. Esteban.

    RIGHT! ha!

  162. Morning after must be taken into account :)

  163. DZ8.

    Yeah BCC has a great band too.

  164. Yeah, Esteban, you won’t feel like working after eleventy hundred jello shots the day before.

  165. Was thinking the same thing about the story line with Randy, bg!

  166. I love this schedule.

    The away games are put into simple two game stretches at two points, and we get to start our season at a relatively hospitable location (whatever Marylands stadium is called, Byrd Stadium?).

    This is cake!

    National Championship here we come!!!

  167. Bg I actually like that schedule.

    Would’ve rather played FSU earlier, but we might be inking on cats by then. Are the suspended guys gonna be back for the OSU game?

  168. I though you always had a theme to your tailgates JSQ? Thought the crabcakes might be nixed if you plan another type of theme. What time is the Md game going to be? 8pm?

    No to any fantasy football drafts that night!

  169. Hurri.

    Yeah they (Ohio State can play vs us

  170. Suspended guys are supposed to be out 5 games, we’ll see if it is reduced. Where are you at Hurri? I’m in Ashburn VA.

  171. DZ8

    It was reduced to 2 games

  172. I can’t find any confirmation that the suspensions have been reduced bg. Where did you see that? Doesn’t really matter, it’ll probably be reduced by game time.

  173. I looked it up the other day and can find no confirmation.

  174. Kansas State isn’t garbage. was in a bowl game last year and should be better next year. year 3 for Snyder in his 2nd go around.

  175. DZ8, I try to do the themes but usually, I just go with what the crowd wants. Except for when I went on strike for UNC, when I just grilled bubba burgers and sausage and basically told everyone they would eat it and like it.

    I did crabcakes for Maryland this past season and everyone was just drinking at the tailgate instead so most of them went home with KL and KL Jr. and straight to Sailor Cane’s tummy. It is definitely better for a night game. People have more of an appetite.

    Bg, we have to scout the tailgate situation there. I might just have to make it up there on a tailgate research mission before kickoff. Ditto with Blacksburg. Looks like Patrick is coming up for that! :-)

  176. Speaking of cake, if we have a big enough turnout of EOTH people at Maryland, I just might have to make a stadium cake. :-)

  177. I swore they were reduced DZ8, but perhaps its just a rumor they will be reduced.

  178. PB.


  179. I should be there so you just tell me what to eat and I’m on it.

    Este I know Kansas St is solid, just don’t know much about them. Liked that big, Eddie George-looking running back they had last year.

  180. DZ,

    Newport News……You out in the sticks, my guy!!

  181. we are their 3rd game so it would make sense. akron and toledo are their tune up the back ups game.

    i think the akron game will be postponed due to a hurricane though. so we’ll end up being game two.

  182. I heard the same rumor and accepted it as fact (probably will be fact by the time we play). When I tried to look it up I couldn’t find any confirmation, just rumors.

    All good. If they play or don’t play I’m more concerned on how we play. :)

  183. Ashburn ain’t the sticks my man!Close to it but we got an airport and a metro stop in another 10 years or so, also the skins live and train out here.

    I got a buddy of mine from the newz, went to ODU @ Norfolk myself for a couple of years. We should have a big turnout.

    To the ticket organizers on here. I would love to sit with a group of Canes fans for this one. In 2006 I got seats on the Md side. Let me know when that starts to get coordinated please :)

  184. Where is Ashburn?

  185. Yeah, DZ8, I think we are planning on getting a big chunk of seats together. We will coordinate when I get my package in the mail.

  186. P.S., I just accidentally typed “trailerhassee” in the expedia search.

    That’s almost as bad as when I typed “Floriduh” when I was writing a brief.

  187. Dang, the Doubletree went up!


  188. DZ……I just seen that you had ASHBURN up there. I only glanced for a second. I thought I seen Ashton, or something like that. My buss. I’m making up cities!!

    Yeah, you up near the Metro area. Prolly right in those townhomes where I had to get towed from, when the whip broke down, back in like 2G…..

    The kid was creepin’ back in the day!!

  189. All VA is the STICKS! Ha! I live about 15 mins from UMD – CP campus and Esteban basically lives around the corner.

  190. Remember JSQ I’m going to need a few.

    Me, wifey, brother, 3 frat bros and 1 son (both canes fans), frat bro, esteban so I’m thinking at least 8 – 10 for just my crew alone. Sooner I can know the better so we can be sure to have the MOOLAH! Ha!

  191. yeah Ashburn is where the Redskins practice facility is. its out in NOVA. near Dulles.

  192. Thank goodness that Sept 10 open… crying on my B-Day!!!

    Sorry if I been a bit crabby lately, I had a cancer scare but everything is okay all tests came back negative.

    Go Canes!!!!

  193. bg, I would budget for the tickets being around $80 each.

    It will all be mailed to me this summer, unless they do things differently this year.

  194. Wow, Canechic, what happened?

    So happy to hear you are okay! :-)

  195. bg – thanks for update on Pompey. Any headway with Cormier?

    Also, I think the schedule is favorable for the reasons already stated. I like that we have time for OSU and the weak games before VT and FSU. And normally I would complain about UVA and the short prep week, but i have a feeling that won’t be a problem this year.

    Only thing I really don’t like is the early bye, but cannot do anything about that.

  196. Gotcha. I’ve only been to Dulles once, and that’s when I moved to MD – that’s where UM booked the flight from the leadership retreat I was teaching at to my internship that summer. Yeah, I was so poor that I had to find ways for UM to pay for my flights! Hahahaha! :-)

    That’s a little ways out there – where do you commute to, DZ8?

  197. i wanted a saturday day game so i could take my daughter. i’ll have to take her to a different Maryland game. every time we drive past Byrd Stadium (which is very often) she says she wants to go and watch them play football – she asked what it was one day as we drove past and i told her so now she wants to go and see.

  198. Oh one big complaint about UVA Thursday night game though is that it totally cramps my tailgating (or not me so much as my crew)

  199. Bg, eastern MD is all goodie…..

    But western MD ain’t exactly a sprawling metropolis either. You ever been on route 40….westbound?
    Scary sh!t.

  200. Canez – I had wondered if that Burgess had a connection to the one that played for us, so that is cleared up.

  201. Good to hear canechic :)

  202. I work 5.5 miles from my house JSQ. Close to Dulles airport as well but everyone will probably want to fly into BWI maybe? Not sure which is closer/easier/cheaper. I’ll try to help any Dulles-bound Canes fans.

    Yep Hurri I’m in the townhomes. Like bg said it is all *kind of* stickish. Driving to work today a deer was dead on the side of the road. Happens all the time but this one had been gnawed on and had ribs exposed like National Geographic. Seeing the looks on other commuters faces was funny :)

  203. Well I’ll be there for the USF game!

  204. If they do DCA they can metro it. Dulles and BWI are rental car situations for sure.

    Spirit does a flight from FLL to DCA that’s pretty cheap.

  205. JSQ I was having some issues and it was just scary because of my Dad and all!!! Could not share with Angry because I did not want him to worry while at OCS. It was hard to keep in but every test turned out to be negative. So I am now on medicinal therapy and should not have any more issues…..thank goodness! During the whole process I found a wonderful doctor who works up here and graduated from UM Medical School. I have lived in Orlando for over 10 years and have finally found a doctor I like!!!!! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and only 13 more days till I pick up Angry!!!

    Go Canes!

  206. That’s awesome, Canechic! 13 days will be here before you know it! :-)

  207. i take the shuttle to BWI almost every time i fly. take the train to Greenbelt station and just on the bus. comfy and usually quick ride. only once or twice have i taken it back from the airport. same thing. if staying near the stadium its a good option since the college park metro is one metro stop over from greenbelt.

  208. Hurri.

    I been everywhere in this state. Yeah the closer you get to WV the more desolate it becomes. I live in Bowie.

  209. CC.

    Glad you are safe and healthy! 😉

  210. Gotcha, Esteban. Only time I flew out of BWI I had my “host mom” (friend of the Kennedys) take me and it looked far. I just prefer DCA, I guess.

  211. . . . and for someone who loves The Wire so much, that was my only time in Baltimore! lol

  212. Makes you think, it must have been challenging for McNulty to “date” that snobby chick in DC. Especially that time he left his kids alone in the middle of the night.

  213. Esteban.

    Ayoola is #2 not #28

  214. BWI is the airport of choice for me too!

  215. Wow CC, that is fantastic news. Congrats!

  216. That Maryland game should be fun for you guys!!!! :)

    Thanks for the nice words…it so nice to breathe again!!!

  217. Yeah if you want to catch the “Met” they I suggest Regan National (DCA) as well. But actual distance between BWI and DCA are about the same. Most teams fly into BWI. I see teams there all the time for other sports (Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse, etc)

  218. I’ll never forgive my boss for Indian giving my day off, that I requested when we went up and played Temple back in 05′. That was officially the closest I’ve ever been to a Cane game.
    Little Rick Moranis lookin fa99ot told me on THURSDAY NIGHT I wasn’t gonna be able to get it off. Got my scrilla back, but I was salty. Ironic how we now have Temple’s old coach. Although Goldie was still a year away from landing there, I believe.

  219. I’ll try to set something up with Manny and maybe the guys from ITU as well to hang out. I know you guys aren’t HIGH on ITU but they are some good guys. I don’t burn bridges! 😉

  220. Canez1 – ya, I posted that article a little bit ago

    This is what I didn’t like to see … “Highly touted because of his size and arm strength, the rising junior still needs to work on his foot speed and pocket presence, as well as throwing a softer, more accurate pass when needed”

    First, where is the arm strength that the writer is talking about? Second, pocket presence and more accurate pass? Ya, please see my video of Gray I posted earlier this morning

    That family is jacked up. Gray didn’t win the starting job, so they move him to Ocala instead of the awful thought of him actually possibly sitting for the year and learning the offense. Robert Marve, Aaron Murray, Phillip Ely at Plant all did that and all won State Titles. He moves back, he has a crap year even though he threw what, 20 TDs up in Ocala? Why couldn’t he do that at Clearwater Countryside this past year? His brother goes to Stanford, sits for 2 years b/c he’s not good enough to start .. he then transfers to UCF, sits out a year, then can’t beat out a Frosh in Jeffrey Godfrey for the starting job … now, LD is looking to transfer again to a Div 2 or 3 school so he can play right away

    Gray better sack the f*ck up this year and play like a real QB .. I don’t care if he’s 6’4 220 lbs if he’s not a legit QB

  221. Manny and the ITU guys are welcome to my meatballs and ziti. :-)

    We should try to do something the night before, too.

    It’s been a while for me so I have no clue where to go. Last night out in Maryland was my 21st birthday. We hit up Rock Bottom for dinner and beers before we went to Adams Morgan. It would be good if it was close to College Park but not so close that all you have are MD fans!

  222. Lol, Hurri. You are making it to Maryland, dammit! VA Tech, too! Start askin’!!!!

  223. Wow, they are ON people to renew for the Hurricane Club. Due date isn’t until May 1 and I just got an e-mail reminding me!

    I LOVE IT!

  224. I Finally made it!

  225. Welcome, Delray!

  226. JSQ,

    I was thinking the same. we will get something together.

  227. Great thing too is that because its a Monday night game we might some the Cane’s ‘Skins and Ravens contingent in the house on the side line.

  228. My heart just went pitter patter a little faster at the thought of Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, bg.

    Goosebumps forming in




  229. Dude doesn’t sleep!!!!

    – – – –

    Dear Ms. Mary Clark

    It’s a “Golden” Offer!

    Join your new head football coach, Al Golden and his staff at the upcoming Men’s Basketball game vs. Clemson on Sunday, 2/20 at 3:30 pm.

    We are pleased to offer our Football Season Ticket Holders an exclusive discounted rate to attend.

    Tickets start at just $11.

    Hear Coach Golden address the crowd and stay post game for an exclusive season ticket holder meet and greet with select members of the coaching staff.


    To log into your account, use your “My Account” access. You’ll need your account number and password. If you do not know your password please call your Hurricane Ticket Office customer service representative.

  230. If RS chooses to go to Maryland it’ll really bring a HUGE black mark to his name. I really don’t dislike him but taking this job is just wrong IF he loves the U. Well it’s 5:30 and the Valentines Day extravaganza must begin. Hope everyone has a good time!

  231. Maryland? Maryland would bring a black mark to his name? We fired him, if he wants to work he can/should go anywhere. I understand it’s your opinion but in my opinion only FSU, Gators, Ohio St. or Notre Dame would scar my opinion of Randy in a worse manner.

    But that article is a few days old and I haven’t heard too much more Randy to Md. or Randy to anywhere talk. Pretty soon we’ll hear how Randy wants to make sure it is the right fit, just like Cokers was saying some years ago… JMO :)

  232. I have to agree with DZ. Um canned the guy and he’s lived and died for the place since the mid 80’s. If you were faithful and worshiped a girlfriend since the 80’s and she dumped you, you have a pretty good right to feel scorned, and you absolutely have the right to move on to anyone you like. If you go for her best friend, you’re likely just spiteful. But if you wind up with someone from her larger circle of friends, you really can’t be faulted. You’re the one that was jilted after all, and you aren’t required to become a monk. I wish RS well, except when he plays UM. Hopefully he does well enough to move on from MD to bigger and better things, outside the ACC.

    It’s not as if he went to FSU. He might go to MD. That’s like he’s flirting with his ex girlfriend’s nerdiest acquaintance.

  233. 7 months to plan a friggin day off.

    If you can’t do that, in the words of the great Iron Sheik, “You are Gay, and faggot”.

    Plus you need a new job.

    Shwarm, Six, Rashad, Caneslegend, KL’s, 411, PB, Raize, DAT, CC pack your bags bytches!!

    Hopefully Philly makes it out of Israel alive, before they blow that joint up, so he can make it.

    How about some of the other Florida monkeys step it up and crawl out of that jungle for a game or two. Give it a shot hillbillies.

    Fukin pu$$ies.

    CC good to hear you are still kickin. I was getting worried GF! 😉

    Don’t let that cancer ish hold you down! You are a Cane gotdamnit!

    Happy V day all 😉

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  234. Maryland doesn’t get a lot of prime time showings like this one……

    They’re probably gonna go Black Out on us. I’m ready to rumble!!! We should counter them with a white out. I’ve got about three white UM shirts. Or I can just get a freshie.

    I wish somebody WOULD act like they wanna start something with our Sec.

    Anne-Arundel Co. Jail, here we come!!!!!!!

  235. C1,

    If I’m there, you know its on. Have our bail money on deck. I don’t drink beer, either. I drink liquor.

    I dare somebody to knock the stick off my shoulder!!

  236. Hurri LMFAO!!! Everything is on me. No worries my man!

    Just booked my room.

    Out of towners stay here or F urself.

    Sheraton Washington Hotel North $188 a night.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  237. Canez, as bg would say, u z a wild boy. With the wedding coming up, away games are out of the cards this year (its sceneted I know). Well maybe except USF since I was thinking to do the bachelor party that weekend and hmm come to think of it, Mons Venus is in Tampa…

  238. Shwarm LOL You are off the hook.

    I am thinking USF too. Love NFL stadiums.

    Mons Venus?? Count me in :)

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  239. You can’t do it at Mons Venus! They don’t serve alcohol there!

    Um, so I’ve heard.

  240. JSQ, I know that from my multiple visits, and it has never deterred my interest. Can always show up somewhere good and sauced. women are the best I have seen in Tampa, though have not made it to Tootsie’s down here

  241. Beav out = Booze away!!!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  242. Canez your comments never let me down.

  243. Hope this isn’t true:

    EliteScouting ESS
    #Gators get top RB Matt Jones…junior highlights here

  244. if i was feeling extra healthy i could walk to byrd stadium from where i live. 2 and a half miles away. i ain’t that healthy tho. i’d be riding with someone or getting my a$$ dropped off. or z bus.

  245. avatar
    Michael Bradley says:

    Matt Jones’ recruitment is not over.

    Don’t be surprised to see him flip a couple of times.

  246. matt jones to me should be moved to safety, at runningback, it’ll be interesting to how he fills out, that’s a big highschool runningback.

  247. Tommy Streeter to wear #8

  248. Streeter might be the biggest #8 ever. but Chase Ford might be our biggest #9 ever too.

  249. What is the best airport to fly into for the V-Tech game?

  250. Delray, I cannot speak from experience, but I would think Roanoke could be your best bet

  251. Streeter with the 8!! Nice :)

  252. This is the video McCarthy showed the Packers on SB-Sunday. Has audio from Any Given Sunday Pacino’s Game of Inches speech.

  253. Thanks Shwarma

  254. Shwarma, I watched the first disc of the first season of Jersey Shore and I can completely understand how they had you at hello.

    I never knew The Situation liked Sammie. Dude has no game and is CRAZY insecure. She made the better choice, given the selection.

    Guys: girls don’t give a F about your abs if you are a douchebag with a bad personality. If she loves you, she loves your love handles. That’s how it goes.

  255. Nice video WICane… love the part where Al Pacino is saying, “… as a team, or die as individuals.” and it shows Brett Favre looking dejected in a Vikings uniform. Karma is a bit@h :)

  256. This is a blurb from ESPN’s Bruce Feldman Blog:

    Al Golden has wasted little time in showing how aggressive he’ll be in recruiting. Miami, which staged a “Junior Day” to coincide with Duke basketball visiting UM, landed three commitments over the weekend. Among them is QB Gray Crow, which is a heckuva name. According to Manny Navarro, the 6-3, 220-pound Crow, younger brother of UCF QB L.D. Crow, actually received his first verbal offer as a freshman from then Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis.

    Last month, Crow was tabbed by as the second-best junior quarterback at the U.S. Army All-American combine in San Antonio. Although his junior numbers weren’t very impressive (103 for 194, 1,439 yards, 8 TDs, 7 INTs), he did play on a team that ran the ball 433 times for 2,978 yards and 45 touchdowns and finished 12-1, losing to state runner-up Tampa Plant in the Class 5A regional final. But, more importantly for the Canes, he’s someone offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch apparently likes a lot. Countryside coach Jerad Davis said Fisch offered Crow about a week before National Signing Day and said Fisch fell in love with what he saw of Crow on tape. The Hurricanes were the first school to offer Crow a scholarship. He committed to UM on Sunday, shortly after flying down with his parents to be a part of UM’s Junior Day with about 50 other high school student-athletes.

    “I just liked everything Coach [Al] Golden and Coach Fisch told me,” said Crow. “I got to meet and spend a lot of time with them. I didn’t really see any downside of it. Going into the Junior day I knew I really liked Miami from an academic standpoint and the program in general.

    “Me, personally I’m a very hard worker. I feel like I can compete against any quarterback in the nation. Yes, the fact only two QBs will be there helped in the deciding factor. But if any QBs would have been in this signing class, I probably still would have committed. As far as the offense, we run a college style offense. I’m used to having to see a lot different reads. It’s a complex offense. The playbook is very complex. So, I think the transition will be easy because what we do is very similar to what a college offense does such as Miami.”

  257. WI, I enjoyed the analogy last night re: Maryland being Miami’s nerdiest acquaintance. If Randy wants to be with her, let him do his thing.

  258. GRAY?? i’ve been putting Gary.

    Gray Crow is a cool name.

  259. just thought that was a typo Este

  260. Gary???

    Who names their kid GARY these days.


    Almost as bad as PAUL!!

    Equally turrible!!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  261. If the MD game ends up with an extra ticket or 2 please let me know, I’d love to go and hang with some fellow canes!

  262. Rumor is Randy is going to turn down the Maryland job. We’ll see.

  263. C1.

    I KNOW you are at the MD game?

  264. Well it seems I am in the minority so I won’t go any further BUT if RS takes the job @ Maryland and they end up winning that game b/c of defense nobody can say anything about that arrangement.

  265. Shannon won’t be Maryland defensive coordinator
    Former University of Miami head coach Randy Shannon has declined an offer to become Maryland’s defensive coordinator, according to a source with knowledge of the talks.

    Shannon had been offered the job last week, and had returned to his home and talked with representatives of his old school.

    When he got back in touch with Maryland, he told the school that he stood to lose about $1.5 million in Miami buyout money if he signed on with Maryland, the source said.

    Miami signed Shannon to a new four-year contract pn May 12, 2010. When he was dismissed after a 7-5 regular season, the Associated Press reported that he was expected to receive a buyout of about $1.5 million.

    Neither Shannon nor Miami athletic officials immediately returned calls seeking comment Tuesday morning.

    Miami opens the 2011 season against Maryland on Labor Day.

    The hiring of Shannon, 44, a top recruiter, would have completed the staff of Maryland coach Randy Edsall, who was hired last month.

    Maryland must replace former defensive coordinator Don Brown, who had been a holdover from former Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen’s tenure. Brown left unexpectedly for the same position at Connecticut, saying he wanted to be closer to his family in New England.

    Posted by Jeff Barker at 10:24 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)
    Categories: Terps football

  266. I’d love for Randy to go somewhere where we don’t play him every year, but Maryland even with in the ACC is pretty harmless. I had to wait five years to get the Canes to come back up here.

    And if we lose to Maryland it will have nothing to do with what they did, it will have everything to do with what we did or didn’t do. JMO of course.

  267. I don’t like that he turned it down for the money. I know he needs to take car of himself and family but really wish that hadn’t come out.

  268. JSQ: I actually wanted to compare MD to the ugly girl that the ex doesn’t really like, but keeps around to make the ex look hotter than she really is, but it was just too strained to use as a comparison.

    DZ, I literally laughed out loud when Favre made the cameo in that video!

  269. Thanks Ky.

    Guess that means in his buyout he couldn’t go ACC. Look for Randy to sit out this year and perhaps re-enter coaching next season.

  270. DZ8.

    Its ALWAYS about money!

  271. BG I already booked my hotel HAHA!!

    Sheraton Washington Hotel North
    4095 Powder Mill Rd
    Beltsville, MD 20705
    United States of America
    Phone: 1 (301) 937-4422

    $188 a night.

    I am in my man!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  272. Lol, WI. It is a little strained but I can see it. You can’t be friends with those girls or they try to sabotage all your relationships or go all single white female on you. Haters.

    An example of how it would play out in the football world:

    Maryland: What do you have there, Miami?

    Miami: [blushing] Oh, Al Golden just got us 3 verbals this weekend!

    Maryland: Oh yeah? How high are the verbals ranked?

    Miami: Um, I’m not sure I’ll have to check with bg.

    Maryland: Yeah, I think Al Golden pulled in more verbals early on with Temple and he will be gone soon and move on to Penn State when he’s done with you.

    Miami: [fighting back tears] Really? You think he would do that?

    Maryland: Yeah. I can’t believe you dumped Randy for a guy like that. What were you thinking?

    Miami: [pouts]

  273. Oh forgot to mention before since he’s listed above – Courtney Harris was up for defensive player of the year this year over at northern Alabama at that level. all American status. He was the one – between him and Steven Wesley who I was thinking could turn into a player.

  274. Randy is no dummy. 1.5 mil?

  275. Good to see Dent still stealing money from us.

    Father figure.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  276. It’s his money, Paul. Unbunch your panties! 😉

  277. CK, had it happened, I would see what you’re saying completely, but I’m personally kind of numb to the issue. It rarely happens in college, but I’m used to the issue due to the NFL. At least 8 times per year(because there are 1 or more canes on each NFC North team), the Pack is playing against former Canes, and in those games, I root against them impacting the game in any fashion. For the rest of the year I hope their teams lose every game while those players excel on an individual level. Whoever it is, this is his profession, and he’s got to move on and do his thing wherever he gets an opportunity. I think the difference here is we rarely see this come up in college, so we are not presented with the issue.

  278. JSQ
    February 15, 2011 at 11:33 AM
    It’s his money, Paul. Unbunch your panties!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  279. From the article CaneinKY posted:

    The two UMs will face off in Maryland on September 5. Why would the ACC go with a Canes-Terps clash instead of Canes-Noles? Here are a few theories:

    1.Maryland is rumored to have offered their defensive coordinator position to former Miami head coach Randy Shannon. If Shannon takes the job, there will be at least one interesting story line for ESPN.
    2.Someone’s iPhone auto-completed Maryland after accidentally hitting the ‘M’ key instead of the ‘F’ key when writing up the schedule.
    3.New Maryland coach Randy Edsall, formerly of the University of Connecticut, has some dirt on someone at ESPN, and the network would rather buy him off with the Labor Day game in order to concentrate fully on battling Deadspin.
    4.ESPN, tired of showing clips of Hail Flutie every year, is looking for an excuse to run clips of the Frank Reich-led 1984 Maryland victory at the Orange Bowl, (unfortunately) one of the greatest comebacks in college football history.

    Otherwise, your guess is as good as ours.

  280. He’s legally entitled to the money under the contract. Not stolen. People get money all the time they didn’t earn but are legally entitled to.

  281. Ok….

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  282. JSQ.. you’ve got mail!

  283. C1 I am alive (thank God) and will be @ the Maryland game… not even a question!

    Go Canes!

  284. Philly Cane in the house!

  285. I just replied, Philly! I’m happy you had such an amazing trip!

    I’ll be at Maryland too! :-)

  286. Canez1 says:
    February 15, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    BG I already booked my hotel HAHA!!

    Sheraton Washington Hotel North
    4095 Powder Mill Rd
    Beltsville, MD 20705
    United States of America
    Phone: 1 (301) 937-4422

    $188 a night.

    I am in my man!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

    That hotel is right down the street from the stadium. About 7-8 mins straight down Route 1/Baltimore Ave. You got it made broham! Ha!

  287. MIAMI

    Spring practice starts: March 5

    Spring game: April 9 or 16

    What to watch:

    New staff, new schemes. Defensively, first-year coordinator Mark D’Onofrio will work with two other assistants who were with him and first-year coach Al Golden at Temple, so there is familiarity there. Linebackers coach Michael Barrow has to learn D’Onofrio’s system, but the players tend to pick it up faster if the majority of the staff is already acclimated to it. Offensively, everyone will be working together for the first time. Jedd Fisch wants to run a pure pro-style offense based on matchups, and the good news is that several of the assistants, because of their respective backgrounds, are already schooled in at least a version of it.
    Quarterback battle. Golden has said he would like to name a starter by the end of the spring, making these practices critical auditions for both Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris. Harris has both flourished and flopped as a starter for the Canes, and his injury last year gave Morris the opportunity he needed to win the people’s choice award. Has a new era of quarterback begun, or will Harris finally have the breakout season Miami fans have waited for in his final year as a Cane?
    Corner competition. Following the departures of Ryan Hill, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Brandon Harris, Brandon McGee is the only corner remaining on the roster with any significant experience. He played in 11 games, started one, and had 15 tackles. Redshirt freshman Devont’a Davis, sophomore Kacey Rodgers, and redshirt sophomore Jamal Reid will also compete for playing

  288. Philly I was getting worried about my boy out there!

    Good to see you back safe.

    BG you know it!!!

    I don’t F around!

    Can’t wait!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  289. Thanks JSQ!

    DZ Haha.. IM BACK!

  290. Thanks Paul I mean C1.. who would do that to their child lol jk

    How long til u think that hotel gets booked up?

    You think rates will rise as game time gets closer in the next 6 months?

  291. just up the road from Ikea too Canez1. and the only grocery store in that area that sells beer. and hard times cafe.

  292. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Check out what ferman says in the article…..Makes you go hmmmmm!

  293. Great article!

  294. Philly LOL I know right! It was my loser dads name so I am blaming his dunmbass!! No one calls me Paul tho. Even my mom calls me by my last name LOL!! She’s gangsta!

    Get on that ish! There didn’t seem to be alot of good hotels in that area so I wouldn’t play.

    We will worry about tix later.

    Este LOL!!! Beers are on me then at the tailgate!

    That cafe name reminds me of one I used to pass on the way to my boys house called the Alibi cafe.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  295. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    February 15, 2011 at 1:03 PM
    Philly LOL I know right! It was my loser dads name so I am blaming his dunmbass!! No one calls me Paul tho. Even my mom calls me by my last name LOL!! She’s gangsta!

    —- she calls u Revere???

  296. hard times cafe is the spot for burgers, chili, chili dogs, and whatever else u want out of a sports bar. besides a lot of hot women. never see much of that in there.

  297. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    February 15, 2011 at 1:18 PM
    —–Frank guard ya grill…the proverbial vote of confidence before the beheading…lol

  298. I’m feeling like Datcane today! Ha!^^^

  299. avatar
    speedwrecks says:


    Thank you for providing comedic relief on the Shannon non-hire posted article. Lots of Floridians should make that game; it won’t snow nor be cold in @ Byrd Stadium days after August.

    Now, as the blog resident counsel, how can the fired Fridge so easily go to another team in the ACC WITHOUT loosing his buyout $$$, but Shannon would “void” his buyout $$$, according to the Uni of Md “source”. Is the Maryland “source” just putting a nicee “cover story” to a disappointed Alumni and fan base?

  300. Nash LMAO!!!

    You know it’s coming!!

    Haith should be looking for a new job asap!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  301. speed, my guess is cause Friedgen only had one year left on his deal and Randy had 4 or so. just a guess.

  302. Este – I thought you were calling him “Gary” this entire time b/c you were joking on him, kinda like the names “Dent”, “Shanzook”, “Ja-picky”, “Ja-skinny”, “Ja-dumbass”, “Ja-can’t go through his progressions”, “Ja-stare down my WRs”, “Ja-what in the flying f*ck was that throw”

    Alright, I added a couple in there – f*ckit, I don’t care

    Bruce Feldman had it wrong in his article about Gary – he had 7 TDs & 8 INTs .. not 8 TDs & 7 INTs

    “As far as the offense, we run a college style offense. I’m used to having to see a lot different reads. It’s a complex offense. The playbook is very complex. So, I think the transition will be easy because what we do is very similar to what a college offense does such as Miami.”

    Say whaaaaaa?

  303. So, is the Maryland gig another job that Bossman Shannon has his pick of but is going to turn down .. again .. like he did with Texas, UCLA, etc?

    B/c being the D-Coordinator of a Texas team that consistently reels in Top 3 or 4 recruiting classes year in, year out and has Oprah Winfrey type cash they spend on that entire program would really suck .. right?

  304. Six,

    Dent is on a world interview tour.

    He is counting his pennies and playing it safe with ALL of these programs knocking down his door.

    Texas???? Meh!! I don’t need that for the next 10 years.

    His skills are legendary.

    Fukin joke.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  305. Six.

    He didn’t turn down Texas or UCLA, they picked other candidates.

  306. Shannon turned down Kentucky and Maryland…UCLA and Texas…not really.

  307. bg, beat me to it.

  308. BG I think it is being portrayed like he is turning down these schools.

    I don’t think so……

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  309. avatar
    speedwrecks says:

    I just have this Epiphany, revelation of sorts, that lots of folks care for the Shannon-UM CaneLifer thing that they don’t want to see us facing another ACCteam WITH Shannon at the helm @ DC. We want him working, but far away. I kind of feel he’s got some vibe not to be in that mold also of going against his Alma Mater so soon. Funny how rejection came after schedule came out. RS might taken the UCLA gig if the $$$ numbers were right. As for Tejas, he’d taken that in a heartbeat had he been offered. Kinda like a widower going out for a new mate being lil rusty; interviewed much better & with more assertiveness for UCLA & UofMD.

  310. Canez1 – you guys talking about hitting up strip clubs in Tampa?

    From my PAST, I can tell you where to go and not to go

    Everyone knows about Mons, the place is small and you’re basically elbow to ass with a bunch of other dudes – like one big f*ckin sausage fest in there … but there is a good reason that the place is packed & everyone in the nation knows about that place

    Right across the street is 2001 Odyssey – it has that metal mini-steel looking water tower in the middle of it that they call “the spaceship” .. that’s the VIP room, you go up into it and the freak fest begins

    There’s a place called Pink Pony that is just north west of Raymond James Stadium, within walking distance. That place is a straight bang house – it’s not any kind of strip club really, even though they try to portray it like it is .. you walk in there and the chicks are expecting to “wrestle” with you. And by “wrestle”, I mean going further than just playing that game called “Just The Tip” …… you’re expected basically to finger them with your peener

    Penthouse Club is right near the airport and about 2 mins away from Mons, 2001 Odyssey and Pink Pony …… a lot of guys roll there for a business lunch, it’s also right down the street from Thee Dollhouse, basically a topless upscale business lunch place/after hours spot with pasties, chicks dressed up like slutty Miss America contestants

    Right outside of downtown Tampa, near Ybor City is Gold Club and Deja Vu – both those places are in big ass joints, almost warehouse size. Deja Vu motto is that they have 1,000 hot chicks and 3 ugly ones – I dunno what the f*ck that means

    If you want full liquor, full nude and not have a chance of being busted for it – you gotta head up to either Bare Assets which is in Holiday .. or down to Cheetah in Sarasota

    Bare Assets has amazon chicks on see-through high stripper heels. No sh*t man, the chicks in there should be on the US Olympic Volleyball team. I dunno if they hired some other girls that weren’t small forward size or what

    Never been to Cheetah, but have heard from people that basically live at that club

    Just west of Tampa, over in the Clearwater area is Diamond Dolls – I used to be on a softball team that was sponsored by them back in the day, and we’d roll over there after each game, get VIP treatment and all that crap. I didn’t know why the f*ck they served a buffet there, a few feet away from the main stage – I still don’t get it that someone would roll to a strip club so they could eat tater tots and hamburgers. The place was quality though, besides being a wanna-be Ponderosa Steakhouse

    Those are a few of the places that are quality in the area. I wouldn’t steer you guys wrong

  311. avatar
    speedwrecks says:

    UCLA was Shannon to take; they just would not pay RS enough to his “needs”

  312. Six, a fine analysis

  313. avatar
    Michael Bradley says:

    LOL, shwarma

  314. bg1906 – what Canez1 said .. it had been portrayed on this blog by some peeps that Bossman Shannon had his pick and he just turned them down .. so, I was just playing on that insane thought

    I’ve got nothing personal against the guy. Strictly a sour business deal that happened during his years as Head Coach. Just some people are fit to be Head Coaches, some are fit to be Coordinators, some are fit to be Position Coaches, etc.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with him being the DCoordinator for some school in the ACC, esp. if any job opened in the Coastal or even in the Atlantic like with Maryland

    Bring it. Hell, the Canes get to face a former defensive Cane coach in Stoops up at FSU every year, so what’s the difference?

  315. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    February 15, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Look at bg diggin up stuff from my neck of the woods! I honestly do not even read the news Press anymore. It’s all uf and fsu from that rag unless the Canes sign a local kid then they write a piece. An hour and a half from Miami and we get nothing from that paper. Even the local sports radio station carries all fsu’s games.

  316. Six LMFAO!!!!

    Da fuk!! That was AWESOME!!!

    Hmmmmm I like it!! LOL

    Shwarm mentioned Mons cause he has his Bachelor thang going.

    I am always in for for a XXX throwdown!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  317. avatar
    speedwrecks says:

    “I had a guy picked three times for this” DC position, and still don’t have in place. by UCLA HC Rick Neuheisel LAST WEEK!

    So how is Shannon not one of those “guys” that was “picked” by UCLA?


  318. shwarma5 – have you/did you ever hear(d) of 7 Seas that was on Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa?

    That place was a train wreck. I remember going there when I was in college with some of my boys – you truly get what you pay for. We walk in .. there wasn’t even anyone at the front door, you just walked right into the place. First thing I saw was some female beast walking toward us that had areolas the size of hubcaps on a F-350 truck. Why she even wore pasties is beyond me, b/c they covered about 1/80th of what they needed to. They used to have theme nights there .. shower night .. midget night .. sexy halloween costume night. We saw a girl there that had on an eye patch, like one of those pirate looking ones – but it wasn’t a theme night when we went. I really think that woman was missing an eye. I dunno, we just thought that was messed up. I know that yes, even one eyed strippers need to make money – but it’s not like she looked similar to Michelle Rodriguez when she had on the pirate patch in “Machete” … she just looked all kinds of bad

  319. Canez1, i’ll check out some of the Maryland options when it comes to strip clubs. I’ve only done DC – and that was all pretty much a waste.

    Fuegos is up next.

  320. Canez1 – hahaha. Man, I tried to do my best as the area tour guide for places of entertainment

    shwarma5, there are seriously like 5 places within 5 mins of each other from Mons – both good & bad (2001, Penthouse, Dollhouse, Pink Pony, etc). There’s some place called Shangri Las right next door to Mons .. never been in there, but heard about it. Gold Club and Deja Vu are probably 12 minutes away from Mons, just outside of downtown Tampa

    It was fun though going to the nasty strip clubs just for the f*ck of it. It was like fascination of an abomination. You’d see nothing but jacked up & drama filled 2 legged daddy issues in hardly any to zero clothing – basically what all strip club dancers are

  321. Este sounds good my man!

    Get on it!

    Six just admiring the detail. Good stuff bro!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  322. Este also the big mitsubishi just got here a little while ago.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  323. I retired from the naked club scene a long time ago. But I used to know ’em all! Ha! :-)

  324. avatar
    speedwrecks says:


    Showcase Theater right off Rt 1 on Old Baltimore Pike mins from the stadium is the spot where UofMD students & female local teachers go to bare it all. From what I understand, it’s the only (“legal”) strip club in MD/DC/VA metro where Cnz1 can get a real lap dance.

  325. Speed you going to the game?

    BG needs to come out of retirement for one last night. Make it happen bro!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  326. Baltimore might be a little outside of the DMV but The Block there has just all kinds of clubs with various levels of nastiness, disgusting, from what I heard. I went there after the Ravens/Dolphins game this year… :)

  327. I love all the fellow filthies coming out of the woodwork.

    Don’t be shy!

    Hurri should be creeping in soon.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  328. avatar
    speedwrecks says:

    I usually make the first regarding of locale.

    Bar no extraneous circumstances, I’ll be there. But more on $49 to $59 variety. Is the $188 a suite?

  329. I used to hit the “GHETTO” strip clubs. It used to go down! My wifey would KILL ME!

  330. avatar
    speedwrecks says:

    I usually make the first game.

  331. Speed looking forward to meeting you!

    BG don’t even lie like you do alot!!

    Cmon son!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  332. C1.

    I gave it up and RETIRED from the strip club scene. Ha! My frat bros, they are another story! Hahaha!

  333. Six never heard of 7 seas as Mons and Odyssey are the only two I have been to in Tampa (and your descriptions were spot on). And Canez, bachelor weekend up there is not yet confirmed, just an idea as of right now…though a mighty fine looking one at that. My future warden seems just like bg’s…

  334. When I was a senior in high school my buddies and I went to visit a friend of ours for spring break who was a bouncer at Mons Venus in Tampa. I got a little excited after visiting Mons Venus and wrecked my car (no alcohol or drugs involved Mom). One of his room mates was a dancer there. We had to miss a week of school while they fixed my car. I got to “hang out” with her, she even wanted to go to the prom with me. When we got back to high school we were LEGENDS :)

  335. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Bg, big homie, don’t mess with them fools…and nothin like the wifey flu or the dog house…ask #15, 83, 86

  336. Nash.


  337. #86 is now #8

  338. I support single moms putting themselves through nursing school also, least thats the story I always get. 😉

  339. One dollar bill at a time…

  340. DZ8 – that’s awesome, ha

    I remember years ago when I worked in a record store in Daytona Beach after my Sr. year in high school and some Polynesian looking chick came in and was asking me about some breakbeat/house/trance music .. we rolled over to the section, since it was my section anyway to take care of .. talked for a bit, got her what she needed .. found out she lived in Tampa and she worked at Dollhouse. I told her I was going to go to college in Tampa. When I was ringing her up, she told me how cute I was, bla bla, and then she said that I looked like her brother. She wrote down her home & cell number and told me to call her when I got to Tampa

    I never did

    I’m not down with chicks who tell you that you’re cute or hot and then say that you look like their brother. That’s just weird to me

  341. C1,

    You know I’m tryin like a sunovabich to make that game. Only thing that would likely to me is the fam.

    Prolly gonna have to make it a “Fuk It” occasion!!!

  342. I was going to say…

    ‘Your cute. You remind me of my brother.” WTF? Wasn’t that in Joe Dirt with that HOT, slutty blonde?

  343. You still should’ve called her, and I should’ve let Shannon fly up to go to the prom. Then I’d STILL be a legend there, like Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers. haha

  344. CaneInKY says:
    February 15, 2011 at 5:01 PM
    I support single moms putting themselves through nursing school also, least thats the story I always get.

    This for you man!

  345. Six, you crazy……

    I’d have bagged & tagged that jumper right there. She was probably bi and everything. And she was stupid enough to say something like you remind her of her brother, so you know you weren’t going to meet any resistance!!

    Cause she’s DUMB.

    and she’s a FEMALE.

    and a DANCER.


    That’s an Amtrak…..some backdoor…..a Big Gulp…..and all that. I gotta show you how to do this, my guy.

  346. Nashvillecane says:
    February 15, 2011 at 1:31 PM
    February 15, 2011 at 1:18 PM
    —–Frank guard ya grill…the proverbial vote of confidence before the beheading…lol

    lol, tell frank haith to stop eating out and start cutting his own hair, money bout to get tight real soon!

  347. hi, First time poster and looking forward to being a part of the group!

  348. This is my first time here and just wanted to stop by to say hi all!