Eye of the Hurricane Joins Cane Insider

Eye of the Hurricane is proud to announce it has merged with Cane Insider (www.caneinsider.com)!  Cane Insider is a website created by a fellow ‘Canes fan, Joshua Borne, dedicated to covering Miami Hurricane athletics and recruiting.  Cane Insider offers updated news coverage, interviews with top prospects and local coaches, as well as forums for readers to discuss various ‘Canes-related topics.   

I can hear you now:  stop the legal talk, what does this mean for us?  We are here to answer your questions, some of which may be covered below:

  • What will happen to the Eye of the Hurricane site?  What am I supposed to do in the office all day if I can’t talk to you guys?  Work?!

Eye of the Hurricane is not going anywhere.  This site, and the community that built this site, is devoted to being a die-hard Miami Hurricanes fan.  Our content will remain dedicated to providing information to the fans, and give an opportunity for fans to write about their beloved Miami Hurricanes, while cultivating the community we have built here among our bloggers.  If anything, our content is only going to become richer and more well-informed through this union.

  • Wait, is Eye of the Hurricane becoming a pay site?  Will I have to fork over money to read JSQ’s brilliant football analysis in Mary Knows Football?

Eye of the Hurricane is NOT becoming a pay site.  Croc and criminole jokes mixed with faulty football predictions will remain free of charge here.

  • Will MiamiMike01 still track storms for me? 

Yes, MiamiMike01, aka Michael Bradley, will still be offering exclusive interviews for Eye of the Hurricane as well as tracking the category 5 storm brewing in Coral Gables.  He’ll still let you know when it’s time to batten down the hatches and lock up your daughters.

  • Do I still receive a virtual Jello shot when I post first?

I’m hurt you even have to ask.  The Jello shots are here to stay.  Bottoms up!

  • Speaking of Jello shots, what about the tailgates?  Will there still be ‘Canes cupcakes?

Way to cut to the chase and get to the important stuff.  Eye of the Hurricane’s merger with Cane Insider will NOT affect tailgates.  Indeed, it will only make them bigger.  More people, more Jello shots, more cupcakes, more fun.  With only 192 days until our kickoff in Maryland, you might want to start that liver detox now. 

  • We came to Eye of the Hurricane because you let us talk about whatever we want and don’t censor us.  Does this merger mean that we have to clean things up and only talk about football OR ELSE?

No.  Eye of the Hurricane is for FUN.  This site is all about people coming together over one common interest:  our beloved Miami Hurricanes.  Sometimes conversations get derailed and on occasion our []_[] family here gets into some heated debates and that’s okay.  Most of the people on here know each other personally, our dogs play together, and a few of us even spend holidays with one another, so it’s natural that we are going to talk about more than ‘Canes football.  Our community here is the most important thing and our merger with Cane Insider will do nothing to change that.  If anything, it will only help our community to grow.  So, if you see some new names around in the next few weeks, please welcome them to our family like Steve Perry would.  With Open Arms.

If you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments below! GO ‘CANES!!!

261 thoughts on “Eye of the Hurricane Joins Cane Insider”

  1. Este good point on the bigger LB’s.

    I just have a feeling this kid gets lost in the shuffle at this point.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  2. Calvin your right.. I think melo, billups, and amare are a better fit then the heats big 3 although, individually, the heat have 2 of the top 3 or 5 best players in the league

  3. Why isn’t a merger this big on the front page of the WSJ?

    Congrats Mary. Our cozy little family will soon have some new members for sure.

  4. Lol, pb, I was about to say:

    Mike, I don’t think anyone cares as long as we don’t take away the following things:

    – Jello shots

    – Cupcakes

    – Canez1’s avatar

  5. I’m not worried about taking a smaller, fast linebacker to safety. Most coverage done by safeties is in a zone. Just need good reaction skills to the ball. Tackling should be a bonus.

  6. Canez1, i’m captain of the Tyrone Cornelius bandwagon. i think he’s going to be a stud at wherever we put him. I think he, Jimmy Gaines and Travis Williams are future stars. Crazy thing is Kelvin Cain played more than all of them at LB and he’s the one i’m still least excited about, but sky’s the limit for him too. Gonna be fun watching these kids grow.

  7. this blog reminds me i told dude i would hit him up a long time ago after he sent some messages my way during the season with the Breaking it Down videos being shown. I feel bad now. JSQ knows i need reminders or i forget.

  8. One small thing does have to change: cutting and pasting from other UM websites.

    Paraphrasing and summarizing are OK.

    Posting links are OK.

    Cut and paste from other websites have to be removed. We have to have a zero tolerance policy on that from this day forward.

  9. I think anyone who think Melo, Amare and Chauncy are a better fit is crazy.

    This Heat team, after their 9-8 start is 27-4 when all of the big three play from start to finish.

    Bosh, who is shooting over 50% from the field this season went 1 for freaking 18 and the game was tied with 20 seconds left.

    The last game in Chicago LeBron didn’t play at all, Bosh rolled his ankle early in the 3rd quarter and didnt return and they still only lost by 3 on the road.

    This team will pummel the NBA in June.

  10. Mike, do you want to explain to everyone why that policy exists so they understand that we are not being arbitrary and dictatorial? 🙂

  11. For everyone that keeps saying Ray Ray to LB its not going to happen. Not only because he doesn’t want it to happen but he doesn’t have a LB frame. He is a safety all the way. Please let that die!

  12. I for one hope the site won’t look like caneinsider. No disrespect but that site is mad busy. I like the ongoing comments format.

    And no cutting and pasting from other UM websites stink-a-roos.

  13. I actually have a serious question, what does the merger really mean? (and I wholeheartedly agree about Canez’s avatar)

    Shared content?
    Enhanced capabilities?
    More interviews?

  14. CK, the site is staying the same. There will be some non-intrusive ads, but the basic format is not changing. Just the logo up top.

  15. RayRay to linebacker!
    RayRay to linebacker!
    RayRay to linebacker!

    out of my system now… (maybe)

    Everyone should have Canez1s’ avatar!
    Everyone should have Canez1s’ avatar!
    Everyone should have Canez1s’ avatar!


  16. Josh and crew are some good guys. Some good guys over there too in Vette, El Padrino, Wash77, our own BennieV, and a few others. Good info there too. I’m glad nothing changes here and I think like Bob Marley would say…

    Every-ting gon’ be alrite! ha!

  17. Now that EOTH is officially under the CaneInsider umbrella there are some policies in place that need to be followed.

    The content we are producing on CaneInsider is similar to that of the pay sites.

    There are copyright laws applicable here and we want to avoid the appearance of impropriety, and avoid any legal entanglements with the other sites.

  18. So basically, and if this is too blunt a question I won’t take a non-response as an insult

    They now have EOTH under their umbrella of sites (helping them build their brand) and for our blog’s wonderful creators, you get some rewards (both tangible and intangible) for the fruits of your labor?

    If so, kudos!

  19. HD69, the sites are remaining separate for now. It’s something that could be revisited in the future, but for now, they will just be linked.

  20. Eye of the Hurricane will remain a separate website.

    We’ve just joined the CaneInsider network, which will enhance our knowledge, which will enhance your knowledge about University of Miami athletics and recruiting.

  21. This blows!!

    I’m outta here and taking my Avi with me.

    Este gotta agree about the excitement to finally see these kids develop and grow like they should.

    Good stuff.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  22. Josh and I have spoke about tailgates and he is all about them. It will be really nice to have those costs offset so I can make it even better for you guys. As Mike and Randy saw for a couple of games, stuff gets expensive and people do not chip in even when they promise they will.

  23. Well I’m glad you guys are getting rewarded for all the work you put into this site. Thanks to you guys I have something important to do at work, j/k.

  24. Just as an example of enhanced knowledge…

    I attended the South Florida Express tryouts at Hallandale High. I had full press credentials and was on the field, watching these guys up close.

    I also attended the Under Armour Combine at the Dolphins Practice Facility. Got a second chance to see these guys up close and meet important people within the press and scouting communities.

    bg is right about one thing, the skill position talent this year in South Florida is sick.

    As a result of these combines, I’ve produced content on CaneInsider that rivals the pay sites. Here are a couple of examples:

    Willie Bailey interview. http://www.caneinsider.com/content/268-hallandale-cb-miami-my-number-one-choice.html

    Duke Johnson interview. http://www.caneinsider.com/content/238-randy-duke-johnson-talks-recruiting.html

  25. You know what’s messed up?

    My mom is going to KC tonight with her bf for the Kid Rock concert and I am going home to bake cupcakes.

    Something wrong with that picture.

    I’m supposed to be the cool one! 🙂

  26. Randy, the year anniversary of that drama was this past Monday.

    Memories . . .

    It’s much nicer to work with people who don’t constantly insult you.

  27. I think that this merger is a very good thing for both EOTH and CI. It creates a bigger network and reaches more people, the content is already excellent at both sites (yeah I’m a little partial there… but so what!) and the opportunities to have relevant and up to date information about recruits and what they are thinking and where they are leaning is an absolute benefit. To have information about what is going on at the U will increase and be a big benefit to understanding the whys, and what fors, the how and when, of what is going on.

    The EOTH website was professional and attractive and user friendly from the very inception of the site. The content was excellent and the way it was managed made it an attractive site. The analytics were off the chart for a site less than a year old and that is a tribute to JSQ, MM01 and the rest of the bloggers who visited the site.

    It was run with a positive outlook on Miami football and it’s purpose was and still is… to present the U in a positive manner and that is in itself an attractive trait of this blog.

    There were and are those who see through rosy glasses, those with thoughtful insight, those with good and accurate inside information and those who just said what they thought and “damn the torpedoes.” plowed straight ahead.

    I see this as something that strengthens the Eye and increases the amount of and accuracy of the information we all so crave about our Hurricanes.

  28. one thing i can say is that the CaneInsider homepage is just too busy for me. stuff flashing here, popping up there, video running automatically, videos down the middle of the page. My eyes hurt from looking at it for a minute.

  29. JSQ, i know for a fact Maryland has wireless internet so doing it from teh Maryland tail gate would be good. i know a few people who go to maryland so can ask for them to hook me up with some password info in exchange for a jello shot or a few. actually one of the guys i know that goes there is a fan of the U.

  30. What a relief, Canez1. I’ve been pacing back in forth in my office awaiting your return.

    I was about to think I’d have to change my avatar just to save the blog. 😉

  31. HR, JSQ LOL!!!

    Had a change of heart.

    That was quick LMAO!!!

    Este I have an aircard. No worries.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  32. Good Job Mary and Mike….off to another interview!

    Angry finished and completed his last hurdle….so he is now an officer and a gentleman. Woo hoo!!!!

  33. From the above article.

    The other 14 teams we are going to play? (from Al Golden) He’s assuming the ACC championship game and a bowl game.

    Nice 🙂

  34. Just wanted to share something my wife sent me yesterday. These are the small things that make me proud!

    I wish you could have seen your kids running the marathon run today. (Son’s) face was flushed and his ribs started hurting, so he slowed down to a walk. Your daughter was bright red, hair matted down to her face running like an animal the entire 35 laps. When the deejay played a Miami song and yelled out “who likes college football?!” your daughter (still running rapidly) yelled out “I DO!!” with her arms flashing the “U” above her head. Then, I got concerned so I made her stop and drink water, she said “Mommy, I don’t have time for this, I’m in training!” and ran away from me to continue her laps.

  35. Ahem .. ahem ..

    DVD sucks

    If anyone is doing a remake of the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” and they need a stand in for that skinny ass bushman tribesman, or a “Lord of the Rings” remake & the dude who played Gollum isn’t available .. then DVD can use his 4.2 speed or whatever the hell it was and get to the movie set quickly. He’ll get more air time doing that, than thinking his ass will be on television on Sundays in a NFL uni

    Anyone really think Corch Irvin Meyers really cared that much that DVD didn’t go to UiF? He had Joe Haden & Janoris Jenkins rolling into town .. don’t think he was sweating not having DVD coming in

  36. That’s awesome, Delray!

    I’m the same way when I am working out. I can be about to call it a day when a ‘Canes song comes on and suddenly, I feel like I could go on for hours! 🙂

  37. Nice Delray!

    Don’t forget about the “coaching factor” Six. It’s when kids with lack luster or poor production at The University of Miami actually get semi-decent coaching and begin to perform remarkably better. Having a food plan and weight room would also help.

    And Meyer made some comments to DVD after that one game. He was sweating him then. Not so much now I’m sure.

  38. DZ8 – I can understand part of that, then again, Brandon Harris was a hell of a lot better than DVD and he had the same coaching

  39. True will, will find a way, in spite of coaching.

    I’m not high on DVD myself but wouldn’t be surprised to see him actually get drafted (late rounds obviously). Don’t know how long his career would be but, if the over/under is 3 years… I’m taking the under.

  40. DVD can cover. Just lacks confidence to challenge WRs. He’ll get forced to do it in the pros with the other option being getting cut. That’s strong motivation to get in a guys face – NFL paycheck vs trying to do some semi pro stuff while coaching at a high school. I think he’s smart enough to be willing to do what it takes to get that paycheck once there.

  41. My bi-polar disorder is under control, medically speaking.

    Which is more than I can say for some of my German friends and some blond chick from Palm Beach County. LOL

    Posted by: SOUP | February 21, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    Wow, I’m glad I got low-lights so I know this can’t be about me, right? Because who would talk to the resident blog tailgate coordinator like that, right?

    That, and I’m from Missouri.

    Posted by: JSQ | February 22, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    So, for those of us that have no idea what happened: This website exists because of THIS message?


    Not involved, but just curious what actually happened, since I wasn’t around for the drama.

  42. History Lesson:

    Lol, no. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, though. A few things:

    – I was going by the day for the anniversary, not the date. It happened on the Monday before Truth’s birthday (2/28) last year. That’s all I know. Look up the date.

    – 99% of stuff happened off the blog. I certainly would not go through the trouble of paying for and designing a website over the course of several weeks because of the above-referenced message.

    – What is left on that blog is edited to favor the blog administrator and bears little relation to reality.

    That is all.

    Thanks for doing your research, though! 🙂

    Moving on . . .

  43. I hope he plays for 20 years in The League. I just wouldn’t bet on it.

    Getting in the face of receivers because of his paycheck won’t help him if they throw him to the ground. Did you see Sam Shields get burnt in the Super Bowl after he hurt his shoulder? He tried to bump his man and didn’t even touch him. That’ll be DVD on every receiver if his coaches put him in that situation. At least until Travis Benjamin gets to the NFL.

    Any good coach will hide him in favorable coverages. Obvious passing downs with whoever the starting cornerback is going to cover the slot. Any kind of physical, bump n run coverage is asking for trouble.

  44. i wouldn’t have DVD do bump. but they have man coverage that includes being in the WRs grill but then not bumping him.

    depending on the team i could see him being in the league for a hand full of seasons.

  45. If you see promise, and a frame that can be filled out, DVD would be a reasonable late round or undrafted FA project for a team with an aging secondary. Get him cheap, maybe dump him on the practice squad for a couple years, and see if he develops. If not, you have little invested in him. If he so much as becomes your nickel back, it’s a win/win. Bare minimum, his speed could be a good asset on special teams. But, if we’re talking about a team that might need him to actually set foot on the field anytime soon, I think you have to pass. Given his size, he won’t hold up in the physical NFL game. That is going to take some time, if it happens at all. I hope he finds the right fit, and gets the time to develop his skills, and to physically get bigger.

  46. The guy has good to great speed, long arms and good man to man coverage skills.

    He gets lost at times in zone coverages, is not a physical player so his ability to help on special teams is limited, and has never displayed an ability to make plays on the ball.

    A team with veteran cornerbacks might be able to take a chance on him and have him develop for strictly coverage reasons. Any hope of support in the run game would be a projection. He did show some signs of wanting to stick his nose in there on occasion so there is hope.

  47. he’s enthusiastic about supporting the run now. overall i think i’ve made it clear i’m not a big DVD fan, but i do think he can have success in the NFL. right system/team are important. a team with veteran leaders in the secondary and i think he falls in line (he’s comes across as a follower which would be beneficial on the right team). now if he goes to a garbage team with a young secondary that isn’t too good…i think he’ll flame out cause he’ll follow that lead as well.

  48. Agreed. We’ll just have to see where he ends up. I know we’ve done draft projections before. This year we’ll have to do a draft wrap up, how it helps/hurts where the Canes got drafted or signed with.

  49. i’m already calling for at least 8 Canes to get drafted.

    2) Harris
    3) hankerson
    4) mccarthy
    5) r. hill
    6) franklin
    7) cooper
    8) berry
    9) DVD

    and if was a team I’d bring in Richard Gordon to play DE as a free agent. Dude isn’t a TE. But at 6’3/6’4 and 260 with 4.5/4.6 speed he can be put on the practice squad and be molded and if he’s just not into it you cut him with no loss. if anything he can be a helluva special teams player like he used to be here before they took him off kick coverage unit.

  50. DVD and Gordon…two guys who just mentally ain’t been that interested in doing everything it takes. Gordon is a monster in the weight room and when it comes to straight line speed at least. And his at DE was the only time he looked interested and like he had potential.

  51. History

    Please don’t get me started…

    That lunatic disrespected JSQ in ways you couldn’t imagine…along with Mike and Randy. And for what??? Only he knows…Then, the coward would go ahead and bait people into responding only to either delete the posts or change them to his favor.

    Balloon Head over there is the very definition of delusional and very far away from someone that deserves any benefit of doubt.

    He’s a bad person.


  52. I agree that Gordon will probably get a shot on some team, and also think that his best chance would be on defense.

    Not sure our running backs will get drafted. Javaris James TD production probably helped their chances of hearing their names called though.

  53. “I am deeply disappointed that after only two-and-a-half years of a very successful tenure as leader of our athletics programs, Kirby Hocutt has decided to accept the AD position at Texas Tech. We did everything we could to convince him to stay, but in the end it was an intensely personal decision. I thank Kirby for his integrity, leadership, and dedication to the University.”

    – Donna E. Shalala

  54. DZ8
    February 25, 2011 at 3:31 PM
    I agree that Gordon will probably get a shot on some team, and also think that his best chance would be on defense.


    Hmmm, now there’s a thought. A bull rushing DE would certainly make him worth the risk for teams looking for cheap depth from a rookie free agent.

  55. He’d be a speed DE to start (260lbs?). Definite practice squad season his 1st year. Canez1 is probably right on this one. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. If he were going to bite he would’ve by now, no matter who was coaching him.

  56. Thanks for the backup, T, and happy early birthday! A co-worker told me that a Roccos Tacos opened up around Las Olas – still a drive for you but not as far! 🙂

  57. Cooper and Berry both are easily faster than James and James was hurt 3 years in a row and never played special teams of any sort. Cooper if healthy will run 4.4/low 4.5 range. Berry will be just over 4.5 probably but has run 4.4 before (and i don’t look at Swasey’s 40 times for guys like Virginia Tech’s 40 times, ours are pretty accurate and have seen guys run faster than their Hurricane time as much as run slower – VT guys its always slower by a good margin). plus Cooper has return value and Berry was a stud in kick coverage. so both have that added value that could help them get picked.

  58. DZ8

    Isn’t he crazy strong though? I remember reading or seeing something that talked about his strength. Plus, rush DEs need to be able to move. Although I’m sure his straight line speed is fine, as we have seen at TE, he can’t move quickly for the life of him.

  59. Dajleon Farr…he made a roster. Gordon can make a roster too. Farr is way more fluid, but still just as disinterested and not as strong as Gordon. I could see Gordon adding weight without much of a hiccup.

  60. JSQ / Mike Congrats on your merger!!

    Hope they listen to Este, that home screen is way to busy, makes me dizzy. They should use the KISS principle of design! Keep It Simple Stupid!

  61. CK

    He might be crazy strong but his weight is still 260. As a rush DE he is going up against road grader type right tackles that’ll throw him around. At his current size he’d be more like a 3-4, SOLB.

    Gordon has a chance to stick on a roster but I’m not chasing that windmill.

  62. Idk what to make of both Coop and Berry. The fact that James has been VERY successful at the NFL level is shocking considering what he displayed in college. I hope Berry has been working on that fumbling problem b/c I can remember more than two off the top of my head that killed our momentum.

  63. I don’t trust any college 40 times, including ours.

    Cooper has special teams return value and Berry has special teams coverage value. Most of the time those players are found at the tail end of the draft or as undrafted free agents.

    Berry has good instincts and runs tough but he is making an exponential leap here as far as the physicality of the defenders he’ll be facing. Poor mans Mark Ingram.

    Cooper might time well (which is still in doubt with the rehab) but his football speed always seemed to be lacking to me. Don’t get me wrong he was a fast player, just not a home run threat fast player. No one held their breath when he had the ball and he got tackled on occasion by blades of grass. He has good hands and understands blocking assignments. Faster but less physical Mewelde Moore.

  64. i wasn’t surprised at James season. He was healthy and went to a team that asked him to do what he does best – block, catch passes and run the ball a hand full of times. wasn’t taking a beating. he had a pro skill set, just couldn’t stay healthy and in the process had lost his burst.

    and i don’t think Gordon can play as a 3-4 OLB. no fluidity to him. he would be better off gaining weight to be a 3-4 DE. Remember a guy like Keith Traylor came into the league as an 3-4 OLB. Ate his way into being a NT down the road.

  65. Guys James scored TDs last year, YPC was PATHETIC.

    Also, nobody care about Kirby. This is a BIG loss.

    Bg gave two good names yesterday, and all I know is I hope that Golden likes whoever it is. And I also hope Chris Freet stays.

  66. Gordon could/will put on weight. Isn’t that what happens to players when they leave Miami?

    Berrys’ fumbles came at the end of the season so they weren’t a consistent issue with him but horrible to end your career with that question mark creeping into GM/scouts mind.

    I wouldn’t say James has been VERY successful in the NFL. Situational carries that resulted in TDs. Injuries gave him his chance. He’s no lock to make the Colts next year IMO.

  67. PhillyCane says:
    February 25, 2011 at 11:06 AM
    Calvin your right.. I think melo, billups, and amare are a better fit then the heats big 3 although, individually, the heat have 2 of the top 3 or 5 best players in the league

    lebron is always in wade’s way, so wade keeps sacrificing his game because lebron doesn’t know how to play well with other players, what’s the problem now, he can’t say talent isn’t around him. I always laugh when people ask me, who’s going to take the last shot, wade or lebron, i tell em all the time, hell, if lebron was all that good the games shouldn’t have to come down to the last shot. I just go back to the olympic teams, wade shined starting or coming off the bench, wade and kobe did there things in the olympics with better players. The way the Heat are winning games now, hell, we could’ve done that without lebron, i’d trade lebron to new jersey for deron williams and a big man.

    pb, even with bosh shooting 1 for 18, lebron does not fit in well with this team, to many times the games have been close wins, if we only had bosh, and went after a true big man in the middle of the defense, dampier still out there napping and playing soft defense, he been in the league long enough to know, nobody is asking him to score any points, just go out there, bang, get the rebounds and don;t allow lay-ups, and come out on the screen and rolls. This team would be hell if we had kendrick perkins and got rid of lebron, we should send him out west.

    That new york team is going to be hell, chauncey running the point, so they got us at the point guard spot, carmelo at small forward, he’ll dogged lebron there, amare at the power forward/center spot, he’s better than bosh all around, but bosh is not to far behind, just not as aggressive. The only thing now that knicks team can’t do is afford to get tired now, other than that, that starting 5 is going to be hell.

  68. History Lesson,

    Everyone knowing what happened with TOS is not going to change things. Much of what was said to JSQ, mm01 and myself will remain locked up in the national archives along with the Zapruder film and the autopsy notes on JFK and the rest of the information at the time of his murder.

    Suffice it to say Truth has it right!

    Nice try LOL

  69. Shwarma, Tony is a really good guy. I’ve known him for years. He’s a double-cane like me, was a member of Patrick’s fraternity, and freaking bleeds orange and green.

    I should have taken the internship he offered me between my first and second year of law school. 🙁


    Anyway, (1) Tony will just be temporary and (2) Dee was scarier.

  70. cooper has a good burst but top end speed ain’t going to have him housing it. but still that burst (if he gets it all back) helps get you into the open field.

    i think Berry could be a real sleeper in this draft. Could see him putting up a lot of yards sooner than later.

    and think to last year – Sam Shields ran the same as he ran here.

    Sharpton ran a .10 slower.

    Epps was coming off an injury so he don’t count. but he ran considerably slower with that said and that was predictable.

    James would run 4.5s according to Swasey and he ran 4.5 at the combine – just under 4.6 but still 4.5.

    Jimmy Graham ran 4.6 according to Swasey and ran 4.58 at combine.

  71. Moving on….Hocutt leaving….who’s next? Georgia Tech AD or Garcia?

    I say bring in new blood and no retreads please.

  72. DZ8

    I’m saying it was successful b/c the guy made an NFL roster AND PLAYED. I figured Shields would make it b/c of his speed but James, I thought I’d see him go back to Pahokee to be a coach. No disrespect but when your best attribute as a RB is your pass blocking skill and you’re not even 220, its time to find a day job. BUT, he proved me wrong by scoring 6 TDs his rookie season (facial).

  73. And Coop as a return man, eeeeehhhhhhh I don’t see it. The fact that I can name better ones still in college off the top of my head doesn’t bode well for him.

  74. anyone who gets fired by someone and then that person leaves right after has to feel pissed i’d imagine. i’m guessing Randy won’t be joining the TT staff any time soon.

  75. CK, Randle El was fair catching every punt return for about two seasons before he got replaced as the Redskins PR. its harder to find a guy who can return punts in the NFL than it looks.

  76. I can’t say I was never overly impressed with Hocutt but I certainly can’t say I was ever slightly disappointed. He was good but nothing that can’t be replaced.

  77. JSQ – heard great things about that guy, like I said, just being funny on my end (since sadly sometimes perception is reality)

    CK – James is from Immokalee

    And yes, our numbers seem to be pretty consistent when comparing to the draft.

  78. Este

    I hear you but RS had TB3 over him on punt returns and we are all aware of TB3’s unstoppable -2yd average. That can’t help Coop with scouts.

  79. I’m insanely jealous of everyone who gets to go to Bobby Flay’s “BubbleQ” at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival tonight.

    He’s one of my favorites, right after Paula Deen, who is my idol.

    I really need to check local events before planning a class for Junior League at the juvenile justice facility to teach girls how to decorate cakes.

    Huff! Pout! Grrr!

  80. Yeah, Shwarma, I wasn’t coming down on you, I just wanted people who read this who don’t talk (that’s about 40k+ people) to know where we stand: Tony is awesome. 🙂

  81. Rocco’s Taco’s?!?

    Gangsta – and I’d only ever eat at the Boca Location. Good times…

    Who’s having a birthday? Not I???

    That would mean I’m turning, what…76??

  82. Tony might be great, but Bobby Flay? I so much as see his face and can’t grab the remote fast enough to get rid of him! I would have guessed you a Duff fan. He did my wedding cake!

  83. I hear you CK.

    Esteban I was just comparing Gordons weight to a SOLBs’ weight. Not saying he could play the spot.

    Also Traylor came in as a MLB…

  84. Lol, Truth. I was just contemplating that this morning. I forget how old your blog age is again . . .

    My coworker (Jaime the friendly gator) lives around Las Olas and has heard me talk about Roccos forever so he is really excited to go there this weekend. I hear it is crazy busy, though.

    WICane, I like just about all the Food Network people but far and away my favs are: Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, and Bobby Flay.

  85. That’s awesome Duff did your wedding cake! I use a lot of his cake decorating stuff. Using it for the class with the girls in the DJJ facility tomorrow.

    I cannot tell you the amount of e-mails that have gone back and forth to plan this event. It all started with the realization that I couldn’t bring in my professional cake decorating tools because it could be used to stab me.

    It’s been an adventure. Hopefully tomorrow goes well!

  86. I would actually go as far to say that Paula Deen is one of my top 5 favorite people EVER, not just in the realm of celebrity chefs.

    And I’m counting Sebastian and Joey as “people” in that list. 😉

  87. Ace of Cakes was a show that the wife and I could compromise on. I like cooking, but cooking shows? Different story. But, anyone that can find a way to use a circular saw to bake a cake is ok with me.
    I’m guessing during the law school days, you skipped the internship with the public defender’s office! They frown on the sharp objects in prison. Only takes 1 trip to notice how serious they are about these things! I’ll never, EVER have stories like I had when working there. When I’m 90, I’ll be still telling grandkids about stuff that happened there. Insane.

  88. Thanks, Cav!

    Yeah, WICane, the PD’s office is the other place I was offered and turned down after my 1L summer. I’m sure it would have been a great experience. I took the paying fellowship with the Children & Youth Law Clinic that came with class credit. I worked there until the end of law school and really loved it, but looking back I wonder where I would be in the athletic department right now or if I would have gone another route if I had worked for the PD.

    I have some pretty crazy stories from working with the foster kids, though. That’s why Season four of The Wire is my fav – reminds me of my old clients. It is also why Season 4 and the ending montage of the series makes me cry like a baby.



    bg, you feel me?!

  89. I had to find grants to make sure I got some cash out of it. You’re right, you gotta go with what pays, given the cost of law school.

  90. Trying to imagine how many ways that item would be frowned upon after your first try through the metal detector.

  91. I wonder what this means in Shalala’s statement.

    “We did everything we could to convince him to stay, but in the end it was an intensely personal decision.”



  92. I know, the article didn’t say where in FL. I am thinking it will be in Central Florida in a smaller stadium like the Citrus Bowl or maybe UCF’s stadium (though maybe Lockhart is a possibility)

  93. bg, don’t be coy. Tell us what you think.

    Also, with De La Salle we will get to see Bart Houston (this is where the David Thompson public commitment though meaning nothing gets to be a bit of a problem).

  94. I take it as we made him an offer that was ju$t a$ good, but he chose TT for personal reasons (family, and then like I said yesterday, even other future job opps, ahem OU)

  95. But did it? I thought I read or heard in that Chris Level that they have been targeting him since September?

  96. And bg, don’t know if you saw this, but tell me if you think this makes sense at least:

    KH goes to TT and excels in OU’s conference. Castiglione eventually moves on to bigger and better (not schools but positions). KH has proven his worth in their backyard and bring him back on board?

  97. Swharm

    Something tells me word will get to Houston about Thompson going to the majors so I’d say that’s a non-factor. But as you said (kind of) this does present a fantastic opportunity for Golden to evaluate and recruit him and others from De La Salle.

  98. @chrisfreet Jealous of Texas Tech, but happy for a friend & mentor in @KirbyHocutt, who made the best decision for his family #CanesFam

  99. shwarma

    He and OU AD are very close. Also OU is going to pay half a mil. i seriously doubt he got that at um

  100. CK making that point was not about what we will tell him (since that is a reality, but not a certainty either, but rather the negative recruiting)

  101. @chrisfreet My immediate thoughts are towards the future. More determined than ever to help return the []_[] to the TOP of College Athletics

  102. BUT I think OU could’ve still be in his sights and no need to go to TT to prove your chops. He has a MUCH greater chance of success at UM and once successful you look REALLY good. I don’t think whatever sanctions we get for the text messaging thing are that large so he had nothing to tarnish him, just 2 really good looking hires so far in Golden and Meier.

  103. Kinda stinks about Kirby~ but bidness is didness!

    I love Paula Dean could not eat her food or I would 25o and that would not be good.

    Angry says many thanks…I will see him on Sunday 🙂 Interview was great I hope I get this job it really meets all my needs and seems like a great firm!!!!!

  104. Kirby,

    I guess now, you can wear your shyt-kickers to work and no one will look twice.

    In our company, we’ve got hundreds of junior Captain America clones in marketing that look and act just like you. That’s what came to my mind every single time I met you or spoke with you. Dime a dozen.

    You’re not all that.

    Enjoy Lubbock.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  105. CX3 safe to say you won’t miss him?

    And bg, I hear what you are saying about not needing TT for OU, but you know what, if you become a thorn in their side, you might push them to act, plus it won’t be as big a move for the family

  106. I thought everyone liked Kirby, CX3?

    Everyone was praising him soooo after the Randy fire and Golden hire? I was never too impressed but sadly nothing about Cane sports impresses me these days. 🙁

    Except the lady canes and I really like the lady cane coach. Meet her in Nicole’s freshman year and was really impressed.

  107. Shwarm/CC

    Have nothing against the guy, but he was like vanilla ice cream to me.

    What I’m not liking is the U being treated like a jump-off.

    Short term monetary gain, long term career suicide.

    He’s dead to me.

  108. Bg, to clarify though that’s over 3 years. Still nuts but just clarifying since some might not click the link.

  109. bg1906
    February 25, 2011 at 5:55 PM

    Weis getting 2.5 mil from Turds!



    It’s going to be funny when they still get shut down.

    Kirby made a huge contribution to the U and I wish him well. He’s making half a mill and back home?? You can’t beat that, although Lubbock’s a dry county so he must know something we don’t know.

  110. Congrats JSQ and MM01 on the merge I think its great. Hard work pays off.

    A bit upset about Hocutt, I hope we get a replacement equal to or better.

    Calvin, I agree 100% bout everything you said. Lebron isn’t doing it for me with the Heat. When looking at the Knicks. You have a veteran PG in Billups who has won a ship before. Melo who is the 3rd best scorer in the league. And Amare is a top 5 big man. They got the pieces with role players like the rookie fields and brewer. I dont know if they are deep enough to make a run, but theyr a tough matchup come playoff time.

    In regards to the heat.. I thought they figured it out after they stomped cleveland in lebrons return, but there is just something missing. It’s the lack of a true PG or a true big man, either way, unless something changes I dont see them going to the finals.

  111. CanesCanesCanes
    February 25, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    Have nothing against the guy, but he was like vanilla ice cream to me.

    What I’m not liking is the U being treated like a jump-off.

    Short term monetary gain, long term career suicide.

    He’s dead to me.


    CCC, you don’t like his move? I got no problems with it really. He was here at the right time to get Golden and the rest is irrelevant. I’m sure there are other ambitious, sharp ADs out there.

    I know Frank Haith is breathing a little easier. haha

  112. Bg if you guys grab CP3 game over! I pray that doesnt happen and Sixers management decides to throw money at the right players like him not Elton Brand, Andre Iggy, Samuel Dalembert, etc

  113. CO

    Like AG said, the u should be a destination job. Even for more money, he’s walking away to go to Lubbock? I guess it’s just a culture thing for that cowboy.

    Just don’t like the look of it, to be honest.

    Having said that, I thought he was average, at best, so well be better off in the long run bringing in a real pro.

  114. bg1906 says:
    February 25, 2011 at 6:08 PM

    I know but that kind of money for an assistant is INSANE


    Your state tax dollars @ work!!

  115. bg1906
    February 25, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    I’m a Knicks fan, just wait until CP3 comes in free agency this summer! Ha!

    —- Haha, I knew u was may dawg for a reason, canes, boys, and a knick fan…

  116. The U has been a jumping off point for coaches for a while, why not the AD as well

    The only coach that left Miami to go onto bigger & better things was Jimmy with the Cowboys

    Godfather Schnelly? USFL?
    Erickson with the Seahawks?
    Butch with the Browns?
    Coker with … the worst place of all of them at a start up school

    Step back and put yourself in Kirby’s shoes. He did what was best for his family and chose an environment that is more conducive to his family lifestyle probably

    Miami isn’t for everyone, the state of Florida isn’t for everyone. I’d take more money and move my family to Lubbock to become AD at Tech. It’s not South Beach, it’s not the absolute fakeness that comes with the majority of things in south Florida, it’s not the cost of living down there, it’s not the certain type of attitude displayed by far too many people down there, it’s not the uppity-ness of people such as freaking waiters or waitresses down there (when all they should be doing is getting my damn food and shutting their faces, can the attitude bitches)

    I’ll be the first to say that I don’t give a crap how many people do or don’t show up to Canes games at LandSharkJoeRobbieSunLife, b/c when the hell is the last time someone won a Attendance National Championship -but- Tech has a nice stadium and a whole hell of a lot of people fill it up, every game. That’s nice to see as an AD. They have a brand new nice basketball arena that a hell of a lot of people show up to see as well – even if the team is as bad as the Canes basketball team is

    Lubbock is truly a college town – everything there is Tech. Everything. There’s nothing really not to like about it, if you’re an AD and you’re getting some nice coin

  117. The only thing that worries me about Kirby is I don’t want the troll bringing in another puppet, sans huevos, to push around.

    We need a tough ass and not another shil in Sofla.

    That dude was only 38??? I thought he was mid 40’s. Damn I feel old now.

    Stupit mid 30’s….

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  118. I’m pretty much done with this, he’s a non-person to me, six. But those examples: three were moving on to the pros, and the fourth guy was fired.

    I agree, SFL isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t like it, don’t live here or don’t move down here in the first place.

    That’s all I”ve got to say.

  119. “I’ll be the first to say that I don’t give a crap how many people do or don’t show up to Canes games at LandSharkJoeRobbieSunLife, b/c when the hell is the last time someone won a Attendance National Championship ”

    The same year the APR and police record championships were handed out.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  120. Sometimes people don’t know south Florida isn’t for them until they have lived here a few years.

    Or 12.

    People who are born and raised down here and haven’t lived anywhere else don’t know how f’d up people are down here. It’s not even like a foreign country, it’s like another planet.

    And all the normal people (with a few notable exceptions) move away. You either adapt and become crazy too or you move.

    I don’t blame Kirby one bit. It’s a job, people.

  121. JSQ
    February 25, 2011 at 7:23 PM
    Two words, Canez1:





    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  122. Pete Garcia might have been a viable candidate unti he hired Isiah Thomas at FSU. Calls into question his judgement. Big time.

  123. JSQ – it’s an acquired taste. I didn’t grow up down here, I moved because it was a step up for me career-wise. I know some people hate it, hell sometimes I hate it, but I also love it. Wouldn’t live anywhere else.

    Point is, nobody holds a gun to anybody’s head. It’s a free country. As far as not knowing what its like, I knew exactly what it was like ten years ago before I moved, so the move was made with some trepidation. Coming down here as a teenager to go to college is one thing.

    Coming down as an adult for a career is a whole other thing. If KH didn’t know the score before he moved down, then he’s dumber than I thought.

  124. I gotta agree wholeheartedly…

    There are some crazy people down here and it’s tough to relate sometimes. It wears me out.

    But, it’s a great climate and the atmosphere, even with the plethora of nutjobs, is amazing.

  125. bg1906 says:
    February 25, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    I’m a Knicks fan, just wait until CP3 comes in free agency this summer! Ha!
    If they were smart, they’d get deron williams from jersey, he doesn’t want to be there, if yall mess around to long, deron williams will be in Miami, i’d ship lebron james, mike miller and a 1st round pick to new jersey for deron williams and brook lopez if i was in pat riley’s shoes. We don’t need lebron, let em go be with su hokie lil hawaiin whatever his name is up there in new jersey with that russian owner. If the Heat had, deron williams, wade, bosh and lopez, put u.d. at the power or small forward and let bosh guard the small forwards or whoever, we’d kill teams, that would be a high basketball i.q. team. we already got james jones knocking down 3’s.

    As far as hocutt goes, i could careless, if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen. Plus he probably got tired of working for the don, that troll wants to control things to much, goldie locks is in a real good position now, he’s not kissing azz either with her, so i’m quite sure whoever the new a.d. will be, he’s going to have to figure out how to handle that troll once golden let the dawgs out on a regular basis. Imagine right now if jimmy johnson was the headcoach while shalala was the president, that would be funny, that broad would pass out. Back than, the football team would make sure to be butt naked when she walked in the locker room, so she could pass out, that would teach her about walking up in there.

    Stay outside the locker room like that crazy reporter who went in there with the jets, what the hell did they think was suppose to happen, if they don’t want guys making moves on a reporter like that send in a reporter that looks like shalala.

  126. Also, how hard can it be to be the athletic director at UM, can’t be that hard, paul dee did it, all we need to do is bring in an AD who can pick a coach better than perry clark and not sign him to a long term contract and we’ll be straight, other than that, frank haith’s job was safe, now that cut is gone, whoever is coming in next is going to be like, ok, why we can’t win down here, i’m quite sure leonard hamilton wouldn’t mind returning to UM. Had he stayed, UM would’ve been a real force to reckon with by now.

  127. Esteban, etc., it’s easier to love a f’d up place when your family lives there.

    When all you have is a house and a football team…


  128. Also, the knicks getting corey brewer was a good move, he’ll play alot better under d antonio, running a wide open offense, that style of coaching will help bring out his game as well, the knicks are going to make some noise this year, and if they can end up with something else, they’re going to be decent. amare got his 1st real road dawg now in melo.

  129. I don’t really care much either….have to make a decision that is best for your family period.

    Anyway not everyone is cut out to live in Miami and I have been saying this since Butch left. I am not sure how long a young couple with young kids can cut living in MIA. Hopefully long for my team’s sake. We will see.

  130. phillyCane, we go to cleveland, wade basically tells bron, we got you dawg, we not gone let you lose tonight, than, bosh goes back to toronto, wade is like, don’t worry playa, we got you, you not gone lose tonight, wade goes back home to chicago, and what happens, bosh goes 1 for 18 and than lebron “i want the last shot” james can’t even hit the rim let alone tie the game up with a 3, and who told lebron to shoot the ball that early with all that time on the clock, 11 secs, come on, he knows he’s never been a clutch shooter, who gave him the green light. You can tell coach spo is frustrated with lebron, that’s why if you look at the game rotations, he’ll sit wade and bosh down early and leave lebron out there with the othr guys, so he can sit lebron and than let wade and bosh do there thing.

    I had to laugh the other night, espn and the media are full of it, i was watching some highlights from a game i think it was last week, all they kept showing were lebron james highlights, in fact that’s all they showed, he scored 27 points, in the mean time, wade scored 41 that same game and they didn’t show not one of his highlights. Than on that long alley oop pass, yeah james caught it but who passed it, it was the pass that made it all happen, wade put that thang on the money.

  131. I’m another Knicks fan that’s been swamped in shame for the past decade and a half…..

    Charles Oakley, Charles Smith, Pat Ewing, Greg Anthony, John Starks, Anthony Mason, Hubert Davis, Kiki Vandy, Herb Williams, ect.

    The good ol’ days.

    Still have images of Reggie Miller hitting that 3, stealing the inbounds, and hitting another…….The whole “Choke & Suck My Junk” thing……..Jordan going baseline after shaking Starks and Charles Smith (?) in the corner, and throwing it on Patrick…….Pippen banging it on Patrick, and then throwing him down flat on his back…….And Charles Smith getting stuck under the basket, trying to LAY THE BALL IN, INSTEAD OF JUST DUNKING IT, WITH HIS 6’10 ASS. That being said, he was fouled at least twice during that whole fiasco.

    Ahhhhhh……Good times.

  132. Hurri says: “And Charles Smith getting stuck under the basket, trying to LAY THE BALL IN, INSTEAD OF JUST DUNKING IT, WITH HIS 6’10 ASS. That being said, he was fouled at least twice during that whole fiasco.”

    —- Dawg this is my 2nd worst memory as a knick fan ever…mj, pip, grant taking turns putting his stuff on the glass…right after Starks going Kirby Freeman like 3-18 vs the rockets in the OJ finals…still ain’t forgave him for that..LOL

  133. Nash,

    You got it. Up north, that’s known as The OJ Game.

    And of course, Hakeem putting The Dream Shake on our entire frontcourt, over and over and over again.

  134. Not only $$$$$ at Tech for Kirby, but this as well –

    “While you can never control the timing in which opportunities present themselves there is no question this is the correct decision for me and my family. The opportunity to return home and be near family and friends is one that we are excited about.”

    – Kirby Hocutt

  135. Charles Oakley, Charles Smith, Pat Ewing, Greg Anthony, John Starks, Anthony Mason, Hubert Davis, Kiki Vandy, Herb Williams, ect.

    How was this group ever going to win a championship, i think the only real chance this group had of winning the championship was the year, patrick ewing jumped to early and missed that lay-up, i don’t thinl he could’ve dunked that one.

    Now the year they had sprewell, i would’ve kept pat for 1 more year to go with spree, that was a bad move by the knicks, yeah pat had gotten slower, but still, he would’ve had to have been dealt with, anyway, i’m a Heat fan, migrated from from the Lakers before the Heat came into existence. pat riley was to busy depending on soft jamal mashburn, had we upgraded that spot with either mcgrady or the guy that played in philly and than the wizards before he fell all the way off out of saint louis, we would’ve been straight.

  136. We’ve been great before anyone ever heard of hocutt and we’ll be great after hocutt, as long as we bring in people who got that ride or die mentality, we’ll be alright. If the keebler elf had her way, we’d still have a hand-cuffed randy shannon here!

  137. Esteban says:
    February 25, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    jsq, family always helps.


    Yeah til OU comes calling…This template PR answers are so hypocritical… Is not like AD positions are a dime a dozen at each city.. It comes with the territory, once you decide you want to be an AD, there is a huge chance you are not going be living close to family, you are going to be a nomad. Unless at 38 he is thinking about retiring close to his family.

  138. Scout insider RandomWalk.

    Random Update: Kirby Hocutt and What’s Next


    Conversation from this evening with an appropriate individual in a position to opine on such things with credibility and clarity:

    “sorry to see kirby go. pretty much everybody wanted him to stay.”

    “donna’s not too happy. she understands, but she’s not happy. although it will take her about 45 seconds to move on, and maybe not even that”

    “it was a little rocky at first, but he was starting to get his feet under him in the job. the football fire/hire really showed people around here what he could do.”

    “he had a lot of good ideas and was very enthusiastic about how the football thing worked out so he could focus on the next thing” —– (which i took to mean what to do … if anything …. about the men’s basketball coach)

    “the upshot is that none of this was really about the “job” or the university per se, other than money which kind of became a non-factor when we were prepared to pony up to pretty much match. It was all other factors that were going on outside the four walls of the university, and everybody is just going to leave it at that.”

    “no doubt we will have an excellent list of candidates for the job. we’ll get someone just as capable”

    “there’s money and a package to hire the right guy.”

    “if you thought golden’s inbox was full with coaching resumes for assistant coaches dying to be at UM, wait till you see the fax machine start to hum on Monday morning with AD candidates. it’s going to be interesting,”

  139. Canez1

    Police national championship…..2010 Crocs

    2009 Crocs

    2008 Crocs

    2007 Crocs

    2006 Crocs

    2005 Noles

    2004 Crocs

    The consistency boggles the mind, especially since they only recruited the upper 1% of the top 1%.

  140. Others receiving votes, Tennessee, Michigan, Penn State, Montana, FSU,

    Goergia, The rest of the SEC, USC, UNC, Auburn………

  141. bg,

    Maybe Donna’s not happy because she fought for RS, Kirby got his way and now he’s gone. Who knows what other projects are now left hanging. Still I know the pull that going home has. I’m in the process of doing that and can’t wait to get home. (South Florida) Yeah I know what it is like but it is HOME.

  142. Kendall specifically, lots of friends and family. The only thing I don’t like about it is that fresh water fishing is too far away, although I enjoy a good Red Snapper or Yellow Tail on the line.

  143. quote from The Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance in an article headlined “Red Raiders Select a Rising Star as AD”
    “I told (Hocutt) Look, at Miami, my personal opiniom is they’ve seen their best days. Texas Tech’s best days are in front of them”. He goes on ” We have a better market. We’re not competeing with the Dolpins the Heat and the Marlins.”

  144. I stay away from the red snapper – the string is a dead giveaway 😉

    Yellow tail (the fish) is my favorite all time. Nothing better than sautéd fresh yellow tail with lemon and a nice cold beer….

    My just drive to Lazy Days tomorrow to go get some!

  145. “I told (Hocutt) Look, at Miami, my personal opiniom is they’ve seen their best days. ”


    Now that’s rich, coming from a university that’s an afterthought in its own state. No higher than the third or fourth choice for Texas high school fb players.

    Let’s make sure the next AD embraces Miami and it’s culture, much as AG has. KH was a short-timer anyway. Good riddance. Wonder what he’ll be saying about family when he takes his next job at Oklahoma or somewhere else.

  146. bg1906 says:
    February 26, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    quote from The Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance in an article headlined “Red Raiders Select a Rising Star as AD”
    “I told (Hocutt) Look, at Miami, my personal opiniom is they’ve seen their best days. Texas Tech’s best days are in front of them”. He goes on ” We have a better market. We’re not competeing with the Dolpins the Heat and the Marlins.”

    Typical Big Texan shallow talk, a lot of talk and no walk! LOL!

  147. Pu$$y is STILL undefeated….

    LOL at people getting their feelings hurt that Kirby left or that someone said a few things about us.


    WTF cares what billybob has to say about anything.


    Sack up bishes.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  148. Well I didn’t get shanked. The girls were just as nice as my old pro bono clients in Miami. Well, to us anyway.

    My girl Shanquita gave me the dirt over lunch and apparently two of them got pregnant by the same baby daddy within two weeks. So both mommies are in lockup and Mr. I Can’t Keep My Drawers On is out inpregnating other girls in Palm Beach county, and the girls are fighting over him.

    They loved decorating cupcakes, though! No frosting fights! 🙂

    Mike, I’m going to proof the second half now and post when I’m done.

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