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Born to be a ‘Cane: Gary Dunn Talks Miami Football Past, Present and Future


Last fall as I sat listening to the late University of Miami Ring of Honor inductee Eddie Dunn’s introduction and his son’s acceptance speech, things started clicking (and y’all know I’m blonde so be impressed, ok?) about his family’s history.  I remember when joining Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Miami I quickly learned that one of our founding sisters was Dorothy Ashe, daughter of one of the founders of UM and the first President of the University, Bowman Foster Ashe, and her husband and sons played football at the []_[].  After the conclusion of the luncheon, I approached the man who accepted the honor on behalf of his late father and told him how touching his speech was and about learning about his mother so many years ago.  Gary Dunn shook my hand, took a photo with me and signed footballs for the Palm Beach ‘Canes Club’s game watch raffles, and I marveled at how I just met someone who is UM.  Really, you just don’t get more UM than the Dunn family.

Aside from the fact that his grandfather helped found our beloved alma mater, Gary’s father Eddie played running back for the ‘Canes from 1935-39, scoring all three touchdowns to defeat the hated Floriduh Crocs in the first-ever matchup between the ‘Canes and those felons in Jortsville, and later went on to coach both the football and baseball teams. Bowman, Dorothy and Eddie instilled their love for the ‘Canes in the next generation, thus Gary and his siblings, Bowman and Linda (who is also a Kappa, and may I say, fabulous!) attended the University of Miami where Bowman and Gary played football.  Gary’s impressive history with the ‘Canes, and later his instrumentality in capturing 2 Super Bowl rings with the Steelers, is best summed up in his Hall of Fame induction video, below:

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with Gary again and discuss his legacy with the ‘Canes and his thoughts on the future of our program:

  • On what it was like growing up in his family:  Obviously, growing up in Coral Gables, the Dunns were a sports family and since Gary can remember, everyone knew his dad, and he felt a strong connection to the University of Miami.  As soon as he could walk, he was in the locker room, on the practice field, and at the Orange Bowl.  As far as Gary was concerned, the University of Miami was the only university that existed.
  • Starting his career at UM:  When Gary was a senior in high school, he witnessed the “Florida Flop” and was appalled.  The next year when he joined the team (his brother Bo was a senior at the time), was during a turbulent era for the ‘Canes where Gary had 3 different coaches while he was at UM.  During that time UM produced 6-7 NFL draftees annually, but despite the talent it wasn’t a steady program.  Guys were not playing together like a team.  Although they played teams like Oklahoma and Nebraska tough, with the coaching and position changes, it was hard for guys to put it all together.  Gary counts himself as fortunate that during these turbulent times, he had the consistency of his DL coach Harold Allen to foster his development.
  • Gary’s favorite memories at UM:  running through the tunnel on the field at the Orange Bowl for the first time; as well as knocking off #1 Texas.
  • On the Randy Shannon Era:  Gary commented on the frustration almost every ‘Canes fan has felt over the past few years when he stated “[T]hey were all over the place.  You think they are going to roll and then they go south.”   Gary believes lately the ‘Canes have simply been missing all the components necessary to win championships, which he described as “great players, great coaching, city support, and school support.”  The most upsetting thing to Gary was the lack of effort he saw sometimes, where the defense was not pursuing a running back (we share a common post traumatic stress disorder over what was the 2008 debacle in Atlanta against Georgia Tech) and failure to adjust to their own weaknesses during a game.
  • On Coach Golden:  Gary will meet Coach Golden on Friday so he can’t comment on him personally but he has heard great things about him from Jimmy Johnson, Don Soldinger, as well as Art Kehoe.  Gary thinks Golden is a great hire and has made some great hires himself, specifically, bringing back Art Kehoe.
  • What Gary Dunn wants to see from the 2011 Defensive Line:  Ultimately, Gary told me you don’t win championships without a a dominant defensive line.  This year he wants to see aggressiveness, the guys getting after the passer, and avoiding “demoralizing” situations like 2008 GA Tech and 2010 FSU where they ran all over us.

Eye of the Hurricane thanks Gary Dunn for taking the time to interview and share his thoughts on UM football past, present, and future.  GO ‘CANES!!!

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    canechic says:

    Very excited…I have my iPad all hooked up with ESPN 3….I love technology!!!!

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    canechic says:

    Good article Mary!

  4. I didn’t see the spring game on the ESPN3 menu.

    Este lies alot.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  5. Uchimp
    April 13, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    Out of all the things we’ve said it’s amazing that is what you got from it.

    LMAO ain’t this the truth! The nonsensical babble is real tough to scroll, I mean sift through.

    Chimp and co with the LULZ last night.

    U are def in an exclusive group my friend.

    Keep swinging.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  6. Great first, Bennie!

    Thanks, Canechic!

    Back to cupcake making! Got a big game day cakes order this week too! Busy busy!

  7. Anytime my man!

    I looked at the ESPN 3 site and it showed nothing.

    That’s strange.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  8. Over 250 former Cane football players expected at Spring Game Per Gino this am.

    U fam

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    KLCaneFan says:

    Niiice, Mary!


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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Anybody know if the spring game wii be available on ESPN3 after the fact?

  11. LMAO ain’t this the truth! The nonsensical babble is real tough to scroll, I mean sift through.

    Chimp and co with the LULZ last night.

    U are def in an exclusive group my friend.

    Keep swinging.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    Exclusive, original, unique = good in my book. I don’t speak sheeple Candycanez1 so you’ll have to tune that language so i understand it. You can stick with the “majority”. You’re telling me like i give a fonk.

    You’re not “cool” dude. No matter how hard you try.. lmao……JOKE!

    Keep pitching!

    U can’t do it!

    Can’t wait to meet you in person. I hope you are this smooth in your trash talk in person. Itd be a shame if you weren’t. : /

  12. Cx3.

    Everything on ESPN3 is available after the fact (on demand) for a while.

  13. Congrats on the Finals JSQ…Only a matter of time!

  14. How do we have 250 former Cane football players (most of them NFL alumni, Hall of Fame, etc) and we dont get our game on national TV? Is it a conspiracy Solar?

    autumn says:
    April 12, 2011 at 1:46 PM
    are we supposed to know who gary dunn is?
    Yes. He invented the term, “dam gator.”

    (and played football at The U when we weren’t the greatest. Much respect for that. I have more respect for Grant Long, Bimbo Coles and Rony Seikaly then I do for Shaq or LeBron. JMO-The Walrus is out :)

  15. DZ8
    April 14, 2011 at 12:08 AM

    (and played football at The U when we weren’t the greatest. Much respect for that. I have more respect for Grant Long, Bimbo Coles and Rony Seikaly then I do for Shaq or LeBron.

    as long as you're comparing apples to oranges, try the chiquita

  16. gorten writing an article ‘specially for este:

    Martin might just have chance at UM job now
    by: Steve Gorten April 13th, 2011 | 6:56 PM

  17. damn, milian too
    . . . este has more pull than i thought

    Could Frank Martin be back in running for Hurricanes’ basketball job?
    by Jorge Milian

  18. “No. 19 Miami Baseball (@CanesBaseball) takes down Barry, . . .”

    if you ask me, this could cause the break up of the BeeGees

  19. ‘Canes in talks for a ‘Hard Knocks-type’ show
    Posted by John Taylor on April 13, 2011, 9:06 PM EDT

  20. ACC tops all conferences on Lott Trophy watch list
    Posted by John Taylor on April 12, 2011, 6:42 PM EDT

    “A total of seven conferences and one independent were represented among the 42-player Lott IMPACT Trophy watch list, the Pacific Club IMPACT Foundation announced Tuesday.

    The ACC led all conferences with 11 players, followed by the SEC and Big Ten with eight apiece. The Pac-12 with seven, the Big 12 four, the Mountain West two and the Big East and Notre Dame with one apiece rounded out the initial field.

    Here is the entire 2011 Lott Award watch list:

    Ray-Ray Armstrong, Miami, DB
    Nigel Bradham, Florida State, LB
    Quinton Coples, North Carolina, DE
    Matt Daniels, Duke, S
    Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech, CB
    Brandon Jenkins, Florida State, DE
    Luke Kuechly, Boston College, LB
    Matt Merletti, North Carolina, S
    Chase Minnifield, Virginia, CB
    Sean Spence, Miami, LB
    Kenny Tate, Maryland, S

    Kendall Reyes, Connecticut, DT

    Jared Crick, Nebraska, DL
    Lavonte David, Nebraska, LB
    Aaron Henry, Wisconsin, DB
    Joe Holland, Purdue, LB
    Jordan Kovacs, Michigan, S
    Tyler Nielsen, Iowa, LB
    John Simon, Ohio State, DT
    Jerel Worthy, Michigan State, DT

    BIG 12
    Emmanuel Acho, Texas, LB,
    Brodrick Brown, Oklahoma State, CB
    Travis Lewis, Oklahoma, LB
    Jacquies Smith, Missouri, DE

    Manti Te’o, Notre Dame, LB

    Tank Carder, TCU, LB
    Billy Winn, Boise State, DE

    Omar Bolden, Arizona State, CB
    Tony Dye, UCLA, S
    Cliff Harris, Oregon, CB
    Delano Howell, Stanford, DB
    Mychal Kendricks, Cal, LB
    T.J. McDonald, USC, S
    Shayne Skov, Stanford, LB

    Mark Barron, Alabama, S
    Jake Bequette, Arkansas, DL
    Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina, CB
    Dont’a Hightower, Alabama, LB
    Janois Jenkins, Florida, CB
    Chris Marve, Vanderbilt, LB
    Brandon Taylor, LSU, S
    Prentiss Waggner, Tennessee, S

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    SailorCane says:

    I read the game will be on ESPNU not “3”

    Great article JSG

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Thanks bg

  23. Dat LMAO!!!

    A distraction is an understatement!

    That bish is BAD.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  24. A distraction is an understatement!


    C1, everytime I go to post something and see your AV I forget what I was going to post!

  25. Frankly, I’m distracted.

    They should have put Lucy in Black Swan instead of two flat-chested ballerinas.


  26. Did I just say that?

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Come on, Opie. Prove you’re not a DS lackey. Interview Frank Martin. Don’t just say the right things, DO the right things!

  28. personally, i think the two flat chested ballerinas are more attractive then the blow up doll.

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    The Truth says:

    I don’t care what anyone says…LP is a seriously hot b*tch. Not only are her boobies absolutely friken perfect, but she has that little accent, too.

    Oh my!!!

  30. Delray lol!!! I will change it immediately.

    Jsq ain’t neva lied. I won’t watch that movie anyway but I can def think of a better pairing.

    Portman is asexual imo.

    Este on the ish already.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    The Truth says:

    That said…Mila Kunis can ride my pole when ever she likes. I’d take Mila Kunis all day, every day and twice on Sunday…smokin hot.

  32. The accent def ups the ante.

    Kinda like Kate beckinsale. Hot on her own. Add the accent and its a another level on the poon scale.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    The Truth says:

    Thanks DAT

  34. Cancel portman. Insert pinder with kunis and now u have something.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  35. Sorry, every time I hear Mila Kunis’ voice I get the image of Meg from Family Guy.

    And brunettes really don’t do it for me.

    I’m not sure what color Lucy Pinder’s hair is. Didn’t look at that.

  36. [JSQ tries to fit in with the talk about hot chicks]

  37. Also, T, you gotta stop referring to it as a “pole” and if you want to call someone a perv for asking what pole you are referring to in other instances. Just sayin.

  38. I’m getting distracted knowing that Jsq is getting distracted.

    Is that wrong??


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    The Truth says:

    Pole can mean:

    Fishing Pole

    Flag Pole

    Stripper Pole

    My personal vertical Slippy Slide

    You may insert your interpretation based on the subject matter.

    And I definitely don’t plan on fishing or flying flags with Mila…

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    The Truth says:

    And I think a black swan remake is in order with Pinder in Portmans place…absolutely.

  41. Lol, Canez1.

  42. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And I dont plan on leaving Mila with much to say either…she’ll have her mouth….

    Never mind 😉

  43. Speaking of accents, apparently Stringer from The Wire has a beautiful British accent.

    [JSQ shifts in chair]

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    KLCaneFan says:

    VT on with Joe Rose this morning on the lack of leadership on the team last year and how they are changing it this year:

    “It was something that needed to get done… as sad as it is, it didn’t get done. And it really starts with the seniors, man, you can’t go anywhere without the seniors. If the seniors are quiet… you know, the little young guys sophomores and freshmen, just run through and do things their way then it’s not going to get done. The leadership has to be done from the top all the way down. A lot of the leadership… the coaches go out there, and you know, they’ll call a guy out if he’s not doing what he needs to do and they’ll say “get a leader on him, get a leader on him” and it’s gonna build us to go ahead and have people come up and start talking anyway even if they’re not a guy that’s used to talking or even if they’re a guy that normally sits back and is more quiet, the coaches are putting a lot of effort into trying to get more people talking that way, calling them out “look at this, this your leader and he’s not leading you” or “this is one of your team mates and he’s not trying to listen to a leader”. Just to call them out… and we got to start from here. We definitely need more leadership as a whole and we’re getting that with Coach Golden. He’s making sure everyone is being held accountable and he s making sure that when a leader speaks that everyone knows that they have to do as they say. It’s a hierarchy and it goes all the way down. The leaders play a very big role on this team.”

    Leadership starts with the coaching staff.

    This totally made me smile!!!!!

  45. Love VT interviews!!! :-)


    Canez1, this might answer the espn3 listings being different. looks like the spring game won’t be live on espn3. but will be available the next day.

  47. the problem with our team is we got players using the word “hierarchy”.

  48. LMAO, Esteban.

    You’d be surprised, I’ve heard a guy with a couple of rings throw out some big SAT words. Sometimes used properly, sometimes (bless his heart) not, but he pronounced them correctly and everything! :-)

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    JerseyCanes says:

    figure I throw this out there…
    Truth, I know you heard but..
    For those of you who don’t have Sirius or XM.. Stern was at his finest today..

    Today’s Interview first with Maria Menuodos and Boyfriend …She involuntarily Open up you can say with a little help with her beau. Really made her EVEN MORE desireable. Also, she has a Fran Drescher/Woody Woodpecker laugh

    Then David Arquette goes ape Sh!t to Maria regarding Tabloids and Tabloid TV

    Finally – the big Surprise at the end Courtney Cox comes in studio and David and Courtney get REAL towards each other and their marrigage..

    Unreal Radio…

    Stern is the best .. hands Down


  50. JSQ, i want most of our players with no higher than a 75% success rate when it comes to using SAT words.

  51. were they divorced already before scream 4 was filmed?

  52. Lmao, Esteban. Maybe I can get him to the MD tailgate so you can see it in person. It’s quite impressive.

    Judging from the status updates on Facebook and the texts I’ve seen Truth get, though, I think you don’t have anything to worry about.

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    The Truth says:

    Wait…I didn’t get to hear the David/Courtney thing at the end. I’ll have to catch that on the replay. I really like that guy…and CC sounds, through him, like a really cool chick. I hope they work it out.

    And I agree with Howard…Courtney Cox is totally banging someone else. Arquette is just too damn nice!!

  54. Some athletes are very smart and just happen to be great athletes too.

    Others you get this eerie vacant stare from most of the time.

    Others are so smart that they use the athlete thing to their advantage and whenever they forget something important they give the old “I got hit too many times on the field, baby!” excuse. Pfft. Uh huh.

  55. avatar
    The Truth says:


    I’ve had to learn that “imbe” & “nan” are viable forms of English vocabulary.

    …and they really are in context…

  56. avatar
    The Truth says:

    That said…vocabulary doesn’t always = smart. Some of these kids are downright brilliant

  57. avatar
    JerseyCanes says:

    Yea. T…

    At the End of Robin’s news.. Courtney make a SURPRISE appearance… And let me Tell you.. sh!t got real.

    It Sounded like she’s Done but wants David to say He’s done so she doesn’t have the guilt .

    Howard put her on blast about her co-star but she denied everything..

    She did let one thing slip.. she was messing arounf with jim Carrey while HE was married.. opps..


  58. Yeah, some people are more verbal [JSQ raises hand] than others.

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    The Truth says:

    I think the same thing…She seems like she’s all woman and he’s still a kid. She probably doesn’t want to be a c*nt and end it outright cuz she adores him even if she doesn’t love him anymore.

    He’s too in love to let her go even if he knows it’ll never work.

    I also agree with Howard that Arquette needs to bang Aniston. That would set Cox straight really quick LOL

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    JerseyCanes says:


    Did you hear Maria Menuodos?.. LOL.. you need to take a look at the bikini malfunction..


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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    You better be at the spring game. Legend and I will be there.

    Stay thristy my friend.

  62. Apparently VT likes PB&J cupcakes.

    Good to know . . .

  63. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I heard her and yes I saw the pics…

    And Rashad I’ll be there…probably at 11 so I can hang for a little and watch a little of the scrimmage. I’ll have my son with me and if it’s anywhere near as hot as it was last weekend he won’t last long…

  64. Don’t blame Lil T. You will probably be the one whining. All he needs is some Mario Kart and he’s good. Tell him I will have chocolate covered cake there for him.

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Ok, good to see you again. I might want to hit the beach up

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    KLCaneFan says:

    Coach on with Gino right now

  67. avatar
    The Truth says:

    We’ll see how long I, eh hem, he can handle it lol

    Beach afterwards is a definite rashad…I’ll pack a couple of extra blue cups for you and Semko..

  68. Rashad, no after party for you? I mean as fun as hanging out with a 70 year old and a 6 year old on the beach outside an old folks home sounds, I thought Miami Prime Grill sounded more your speed. 😉

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    Cane Alum says:

    Linda Dunn was in my KKG pledge class!

  70. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    MiniKL will be joining Sailor, KLjr and I, T.

    She’s amazing with little ones.


  71. Very true about Mini KL. She takes care of my lil one very well.

    P.S., Sebastian says to tell “Gwace” he misses her and hopes y’all will come up for Sun Fest for a mommy/daughter weekend. :-)

  72. Hey, Cane Alum, I was wondering about that! From one family of Kappa legacies to another! :-)

    Hope to see you on Saturday at the tailgate!

  73. Wait!!

    A malfunction???

    Link or GTFOH!!!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  74. autumn
    April 14, 2011 at 4:15 AM

    ACC tops all conferences on Lott Trophy watch list
    Posted by John Taylor on April 12, 2011, 6:42 PM EDT

    Give me these guys and my team is done

    Sean Spence, Miami, LB

    Manti Te’o, Notre Dame, LB

    Tank Carder, TCU, LB

    Shayne Skov, Stanford, LB

    Sleepy Spence – don’t have to say a word about the kid

    Manti Te’o – a badass muthaf*ckin fellow Hawai’ian

    Tank Carder – guy looks just like Jared Allen, has nastiness to him like Jared Allen and his name is “Tank” … the hell else do you want

    Shayne Skov – kid is an animal .. pure animal

    I’ll put my four up against any other four on that entire list

  75. Post awaiting moderation .. boooooo (b/c I posted 4 links in it)

  76. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Looking fwd to that KL…I won’t wear the dark green polo so hopefully I won’t be whining like a little b*tch about the heat…

    Although it WAS HOT

  77. Love “Regulators.” RIP Nate Dogg.

    Haven’t listened to WQAM in weeks. KL, you got me back on my crack! 😉

  78. Thanks T!


    That chic is way too scrawney for me.

    I’ll pass.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  79. Try being on the field in black, Francis! Then you will know HOT! 😉

  80. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And if you heard that laugh today you’ll pass even faster…not hot

  81. forgot…watched Unstoppable last night. rosario dawson is still a favorite of mine.

  82. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I’m admitting to my bitchassness. I make no apologies. Truth don’t like sweltering heat.

  83. It was exceptionally hot last week. Like August hot. I’m being more diligent with the sunscreen this week. I had some blotchy stuff going on around the borders of my tank top last week. Made boot camp the next AM sporadically painful for the wrong reasons.

  84. LOL I heard the voice. Not cool at all.


    Not a big Dawson fan. Not sure why…

    Extreme jungle heat is the devil.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  85. Time to go buy a bottle of rum.

    It’s been a rough morning.

  86. Kidding. It’s for tailgate jello shots! 😉

  87. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    JSQ, I was off of wqam for a while too but they’ve been interviewing a lot of Canes lately so I’m back on as well.

    I’ll listen to ANY radio station when Coach is on, tho. Must be the TE thing we were talking about. :)

  88. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Speaking of rum. Watch this clip……. alcoholic monkeys. The monkey at the 2:30 mark is wrecked.

  89. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Read the comment below the video about the 127 dislikes.

    They got their drink jacked by the monkeys…..LMAO!

  90. TEs . . .

    [wipes drool from mouth]

  91. I saw a special about the drunk monkeys on 20/20. Good times.

    Yeah, that’s what super cool 20 something girls do on Friday nights:

    Bake and watch 20/20 with their puppy.

    Don’t hate.

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    JSQ says:
    April 14, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    Rashad, no after party for you? I mean as fun as hanging out with a 70 year old and a 6 year old on the beach outside an old folks home sounds, I thought Miami Prime Grill sounded more your speed. 😉

    Of course I’ll be there. Gotta stop by and see if I can get a Pick 6. LOL :)

  93. Nice, Rashad! I want to hear stories! :-)

  94. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Ive also lost 5 pounds, so I wouldnt mind putting 3 or 4 back on this :)

  95. Rashad, I have about 20 lbs of pulled pork, fried chicken pasta salad, steak kabobs, and chocolate covered cake balls with your name on them! 😀

  96. I think it’s funny how most people from the blog have lost weight in the off-season.

    I mean, what could we have been doing every week that made us put on weight?


  97. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Roll call…, what are the details for Saturday?

  98. It will be up tomorrow, Shwarma, but we plan on getting there around the time the gates open. That’s a 3 and 1/2 hour tailgate.

  99. This is the dessert I am making . . .

    Except it is made with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting and I will have white chocolate and milk chocolate covered cake balls and they will have orange and green designs on them.

  100. Gheys….

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  101. Who is ghey, Canez1?

    People who choose Mickey Mouse over ‘Canes football?

    That’s what I thought.

    Sit down, Francis.

  102. Pouting about it isn’t going to help, Paco.

  103. avatar
    raizecane says:


  104. Thank God, Raize!

    I was about to put you on a milk carton!


  105. Miami Hurricanes
    We already announced Ken Dorsey, Phillip Buchanon, Antrel Rolle, Brett Romberg and Bryant McKinnie are expected to be at UM’s Spring Game on Saturday for the 2001 reunion. Now we have word that running back great Willis McGahee will be on hand. The list grows…

  106. avatar
    raizecane says:

    I was planing on taking the bus ride down to the game but my daughter is going to prom on Saturday.

    I figured it would be best if I stayed home and answered the door with my glock 40 on my shoulder harness and my Beretta 380 on the hip. :-)

  107. PlayaCane aka Rashad says:
    April 14, 2011 at 3:23 PM
    Ive also lost 5 pounds, so I wouldnt mind putting 3 or 4 back on this

    og cupcakes, set-up the training table, quick!

  108. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Stop talking about food already!!! After 5 days of food, food, and more food…ugh!!!

  109. Raize,

    Prayers sent my man!!

    Text me if you need some backup. I’ll be close.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  110. How was the cruise, Nash?

  111. I miss DZ8.

  112. Anthony Chickillo
    in miami….practice was great….can’t wait to be out there.. Chickillo in 3G coming soon! ya heard me

  113. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    JSQ says:
    April 14, 2011 at 3:28 PM

    Rashad, I have about 20 lbs of pulled pork, fried chicken pasta salad, steak kabobs, and chocolate covered cake balls with your name on them! 😀

    Thats what I love to hear!!!!

  114. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    April 14, 2011 at 5:56 PM
    How was the cruise, Nash?

    —- it was kool…it was a 5 day I cudda settled for a 4 day and been don’t…lots of folk of course…thinking nxt time of taking a different cruise line with less kiddies.

  115. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Nash – what cruise line / boat did u go on? I wil be doing 7 days in June.

  116. I’ve known Gary Dunn for 30 years and he, and his sister Linda, are the ultimate Canes, along with Linda’s husband, David, who also happens to have been best man in my wedding. Their mother Dorothy was more than the ultimate Cane and we all miss her greatly. The Dunn/Ashe family are the University of Miami, from the beginning in 1926 till today. Gary’s son and daughter should be, and probably will be Canes, when they are old enough to attend the University. Eddie Dunn should have been in the first class to be inducted into the Ring of Honor and he was in the first class to be inducted into the UM Sports Hall of Fame. They are a great family who really do bleed the Orange, Green and White.

  117. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Raize it was carnival elation…out mobile al…was a 5 day…hit up Cozumel and Progresso…Good luck on the 7 day…that would be toooo looong for the kid!! What was funny as heck was rolling out of mobile, LOTSA bama and auburn fans…if I seen one I seen a hundred…all in all it was a good trip for a 1st time cruiser!

  118. Welcome to EOTH, Canes11! Thanks for commenting!!!

  119. avatar
    canechic says:

    Nashville being in Columbus, GA and Fort Walton Beach in the last couple of months I must concur with your assessment of AL and Auburn fans!

  120. avatar
    canechic says:

    I really just wanted to walk up to Auburn fans and whisper CHEATERS in their ear..but I was restrained and just whispered it under my breath!!!

  121. avatar
    raizecane says:

    CC – we are in SEC country…….they have no clue what is going on other than they seem to think they can cheat and get away with it because of their reputation.

    Nash – glad you had a good time. I will be leaving out of Miami so I won’t have the issues you had with those damn alabama / auburn fans.

  122. avatar
    canechic says:

    raize the Marlin announcers are talking about LBHS right now….the relief pitcher for the Braves was an option QB at LBHS (Jonny Venters).

  123. avatar
    raizecane says:


  124. Canechic, didn’t it just come out that the Ducks were also paying their players?

    Just sayin.

  125. Jsq it was about a recruiting service they were using but I really don’t know the whole story in it’s entirety but it is nothing in comparison to the cam story nor the story from the HBO special. I am not a huge fan of James running back for the ducks he does have a shady past dealing with domestic violence.

  126. I am not afraid to call out any of these teams when they cheat even if I am a fan. I was really angry with the way the Andre Johnson cheating scandal was handled. He should have sat out a game or two. That was not right at all.

  127. jsq – your guy, mike james sounds special:

    James running with memory of mom with him
    by: Steve Gorten April 14th, 2011 | 8:58 PM

  128. 1st paragraph:
    It used to be when Malcolm Bunche and Seantrel Henderson connected on a combo block, “you could hear it from the other field,” University of Miami center Tyler Horn once said.

    Read more:
    UM football notebook
    Miami Hurricanes’ Bunche ahead of Henderson at tackle

  129. great comment on hurricanesports twitter:

    We could hold NFL labor talks at UM spring game RT @WILLLDATHRILLL

    Read more:

  130. hurricanes tennis women – our #1 from a german town fairly close to where i live; her doubles partner is an austrian:

    ‘Quiet Storm’ a force for Miami Hurricanes tennis

    Bianca Eichkorn, nicknamed ‘The Quiet Storm,’ is on the verge of making history for the Hurricanes women’s tennis team. . . .

    Read more:

  131. this is funny:

    Water wet, sky blue, NCAA probing Auburn… again
    Posted by John Taylor on April 14, 2011, 6:12 PM EDT

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a man walks into an Auburn bar, and trips over an NCAA investigator…

    A new day has dawned, so, of course, it’s time to bring you word of a new NCAA investigation involving the Auburn football program and its since-banned “Tiger Prowl”. This investigation, though, should not be confused with the NCAA’s ongoing probe into the Cam Newton situation. Or the ongoing probe into Auburn recruiting practices. Or the ongoing probe into allegations made by four former players on an HBO show.

    . . .

    On a completely unrelated note, we can neither confirm nor deny the rumors circulating that the NCAA is considering relocating its home office to the state of Alabama in order to save on travel costs.

  132. avatar
    BoriCane says:

    April 14, 2011 at 9:57 PM

    raize the Marlin announcers are talking about LBHS right now….the relief pitcher for the Braves was an option QB at LBHS (Jonny Venters).



    Did he had a nice outing?! Good guy, he is married to my nephew.

  133. Love listening to Kehoe on WQAM. He said, “This Olivier he’s a ROUGH CHARACTER!”


  134. avatar
    Canechic says:

    Bori he did ok but the Marlins won and took the series!

  135. avatar
    BoriCane says:

    Brandon Washington

    * On the spring game: “I’m very excited.You know why, because I feel like I ain’t got no teammates after today. I wanna take somebody’s head off. I’m jacked up. I’m excited. I want to play with the passion Al Golden is looking for. I just want to go out there and rip somebody’s head off and participate. I want to put on a show for everybody.”

    Enough said…!!!

  136. avatar
    BoriCane says:


    I gotta tel my niece to give him some Puertorican food so he can do better!!!

  137. ESPN U about to do a piece on UM

  138. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Dat – will they repeat it? Or was it that piece already available on hutricanesports?

  139. I saw it last night and I think someone already linked the footage. Guys on the stage not giving us any love…the guy from GA laughed when he was asked if we would contend for the ACC. Can’t really blame him nothing from this team’s past says they will do any different :(

  140. Ya old footage…like canechic said, a lil U bashing at the end. No shot at the ACC, hopefully its time we don’t have anyone talking about the U and they just go out and play…

  141. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I’ll bet it’s that room temperature-IQ ass-wipe from GA – David Pollack. Dumb as a stump. If it’s him, I couldn’t care less, but the guy is incredibly bad – a 3rd tier lifer, if he even sticks at ESPNU. He’ll be doing the weekend sports in an Athens affiliate very soon.

  142. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Bummed I won’t be able to make the spring game… obligations. My cousin (former player @ UM) will be there. Between him and EOTH I am sure I will get plenty of good info. Sooooo jealous. Have fun tomorrow!

  143. Yes it was him but can’t blame him….canes got to prove they belong in the ACC champ game, the ball is in their court. Do they have “true grit”, can they step up and prove the naysayers wrong? It is up to them!

  144. new blog up