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Notes From the Spring Game


Thousands of ‘Canes fans poured into Lockhart Stadium today to celebrate everything orange and green and get a preview of the Golden Era.  While the Spring Game was a great time, if one came looking for answers from today’s game, you left empty-handed – unless you were at the Eye of the Hurricane/CaneInsider tailgate, in that case you left five pounds heavier and with orange and green jello shots.

In March, Coach Golden told alumni in Broward that the ‘Canes did not yet have an offensive identity and would figure that out as spring progressed.  Golden also joked that his wife said “[T]hose running backs are good.  You should give them the ball.”  Nothing has changed in the last month on offense.  Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris each threw two interceptions today and the only consistent playmakers were on the ground.  Lamar Miller impressed the most, but Storm Johnson had some nice plays and Mike James stayed reliable and received many handoffs from Jacory Harris.  Speaking of Jacory, as I was videotaping the game for CaneInsider, I zoomed in on Fisch talking to J12 on the sidelines in what seemed to be a conversation about going through progressions.  Sigh.  Sounds familiar. Sounds like we need to listen to Mrs. Golden on this one until Fisch can figure something else out. 

Defense wasn’t nearly as scary as last weekend at Traz Powell, but half our team didn’t leave limping off the field either, so there is a trade-off.  I think someone told them to lay off trying to cripple each other in the off-season.  I’m not being overdramatic, here either.  Those hits last week on Byrd and James were NASTY.  I only saw (and heard) one like that this week.  I think our defense has the capabilities of devastating other teams’ playmakers in way that channels the Jerome Brown/Troy Aikman play, but the real concern on D is depth.  We need to keep these guys healthy (we miss you Marcus Forston!) so they can hang in there for an entire season, especially on November 12 when we go up to Choke to punish those trailer-dwelling cousin-marrying criminoles.

On special teams . . . we need a kicker.  Someone should look into that. 

Before everyone gets their orange and green boxers in a bunch, please remember this is still spring.  A lot can happen between now and September.  Then again, what place does logic and rational thought have on a sports blog anyway?  Take a look at the spring game yourselves tomorrow and tell us what you think!


  1. Am I first?

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    canechic says:

    Ceviche finished….am I number 1?

  3. Nice first, Keith! Virtual Jello Shots for you! :-)

  4. Close, Canechic!!!

  5. My first first Ever. Awesome!

    Lamar Miller is a beast, he may have locked up the starting RB job today…tis all

  6. Congrats!

    I agree re: Miller being a beast. I’m partial to Mike James, though. I think he is just the whole package. He brings a lot to the table.

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    Canechic says:

    That story last night on 20/20 was crazy…..never ever would date an athlete or marry (nor cops/firefighters). Can’t really believe I married a military guy.

    Watched a few minutes of the garnet and gold game, seems they do have a kicker. I think that will be a loss again next year….double sigh.

  8. Good God, Canechic!

  9. FSU has a solid group this year.

    Gonna be an interesting game, I’d say they’re further along (much more than Miami anyway).

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    J12 took a pic with me. That was for you

  11. Leave it to bastard ESPN to air highlights of the Michigan and Miami spring games and the FIRST clip they show of ours is the Harris/McGee interception.

    At least they showed Lamar Miller acting a fool.


    This is more of what they’ll see come this year, and this offensive coaching staff is not stupid like the last one that just left. The defense played strong but basically started wearing down due to not being in tip top shape and no offense. Defensively, if we’re in better shape and marcus forston is back to being 100%, o-lines are going to have hell to pay. forston and curtis porter will kill teams. Than you throw in that rough customer olivier vernon and whoever else wants to join them on the d-line and this is going to be one of them dawg fight games. Last year everybody knew offensively we wasn’t going to do much against a solid defense, this year, you’re going to have make defensive play-calls as a d-co.

    Watch the 1st and 2nd offensive plays, 2 guys that should be leaders of the offense this year, watch the separation that he gets on the 2nd offensive play of the game, BOSS! Also, let’s not sell this new db coach paul williams short, j12 was the qb last year and morris got a lot of reps as well, not to many interceptions in any of the spring games last year as well.

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    Canes Legend says:

    Had a great time at the game and the tailgate was awesome. Thx to Mary and KL. The game was exactly what I thought Jacory is the same QB as before. You can say what you want but the kid is not good and is not learning. We have two recruits coming in the fall for the kicking so that might help. Lots of question marks on the field.

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    canechic says:

    I know JSQ they just look better, I wish it was not true :( Because I know way too many annoying nole fans. Just being honest!

  15. Yeah, I do not feel overly strong about @ FSU this year. If EJ Manuel plays any kinda ball this year, they’re a ACCCG, and prolly BCS team. Naturally that feeling will go out the window once we kick, but I wanna say that while I’m rational. They APPEAR to be a half-step closer than we are.

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    canechic says:

    Hopefully they implode by the time we meet.

  17. hurri, and what makes you think fsu is that much closer than we are, when we go player for player. We have the most explosive guys on offense, we have a better d-line when forston is in there for sure, forston, porter and olivier, i don’t you’ll find a better 3 in the country. sean spence will more than likely be the best linebacker on the field PERIOD. Offensively, truth miller, mike james and storm johnson are the best trio of runningbacks in the country, our o-line under art kehoe will finally began to play like their talent and with that real UM confidence that all kehoe o-lines have had, unless of course they go up against a guy like will smith, or better yet, as long as joseph is not on the o-line any more we straight.

    Add in the donfrio affect, he’s not tolerating a bs defense and guys just settling for mediocrity, those days are over, it’s either dominate on defense or sit down. The only advantage fsu had over us last year was scheme and assistant coaching coaches, this year, it won’t be the coaches and scheme wise, we already know there’s on offense and futch plays up to his capability early, it’s going to be a long game for fsu.

  18. Maybe we should just cancel the game all together and the guys can just stay at home and cry and watch videos of great Miami teams beating FSWho teams of the past that people thought were better than us.

    Glad the 1988 team wasn’t like that.

    Oh no! They are ranked higher than us and they made up a rap about how cool they are!


    GTFOH, criminoles!

  19. Great to see you and Rashad, Caneslegend!!!

  20. Hoping the criminoles implode is like hoping for afternoon showers in Miami come August.

    You don’t need to waste your energy. Sh!t is just gonna happen.

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    rejuvaphan says:

    I agree with you about UM vs FSU. Man to man, I like our chances. With this coaching staff we have in, I am not afraid to put up our talent against theirs. I really feel we shall dominate just about every game we play this year. It seems to me that there are some people on this blog who deep down are still bitter that RS is gone and we have a real staff in place.

    FSU has a habit of under achieving, and this year will not be any different.

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I love ceviche. Done right, there’s nothing better

  23. Enjoy Lamar Miller because “this will be his last year” the kid is super good

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    canechic says:

    JSQ you take it too personal. It is just reality I would not even compare this team to any team in the 80’s. I wish I could run around and brag about the canes but until they prove it on the field I can’t. I am just being honest and seeing what I see with my eyes. Now I hope it is not true, I hope they win every game cuz this is what my heart wants but my head says something different.

    We will see hopefully everyone is smiling more than crying next year.

  25. Canechic, nothing is taken personally in your comments. I just disagree.

    It is the G.D. spring and you are ready to condemn the ‘Canes for a game that happens SEVEN months from now?! Lol.

    I’m sure these kids are not angels in the cafeteria and maybe cut in line in front of Nicole for the baked potato bar but seriously, WTF makes you have absolutely no faith in them?

    Isn’t that what fans do? Believe in their team when no one else does?

    And I wasn’t comparing this team to the 1988 team. I was merely referencing that the 1988 team was also told by everyone that the criminoles were better than them. Guess what? They weren’t.

    Can’t we just let it all play out?!

  26. Yes we’re SOOOO talented and have kids with SOOOO much heart. That’s why we’re 23- 16 over the last three seasons and don’t have kids who seem to WANT to get better.

    Remember the big stink about Kelvin Cain and (was it Keion Payne or Davis) that were practicing BEFORE spring workouts?

    A spring game is a spring game.


    Prove it on the field. I’m about on the same front as CC when it comes to being optimistic about this team, “talented” as it may be. Soft talent is as good as no talent.

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    rejuvaphan says:

    I second that!!!!

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    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    April 16, 2011 at 7:02 PM
    Yeah, I do not feel overly strong about @ FSU this year. If EJ Manuel plays any kinda ball this year, they’re a ACCCG, and prolly BCS team. Naturally that feeling will go out the window once we kick, but I wanna say that while I’m rational. They APPEAR to be a half-step closer than we are.


    Hurri you’re right and FSU should be ahead of us. Jimbo’s been there what 6 years or so, ditto Trickett, so things are about right for them.

    Question is how quickly can these coaches get the players ready and how hungry are the players to learn and improve???

    Personally I’m glad both QBs threw picks cause they were cruising through Spring thinking everything’s gravy. Put ’em in the shotgun and suddenly it’s 2010 flashback.

    And especially throwing those picks with 300 Canes and the 2001 NC team there, knowing Golden is NOT keeping them away from the team…yeah, haha, it’ll be interesting to hear about some of the talks the behind closed doors this off-season.

    It’s also good for the staff cause they saw first-hand that old bad habits and instructions die hard. You have to beat them down mercilessly.

    FSU and OSU will be the toughest games but we have the talent man for man, as Cal pointed out, to beat both.

    But do we have the TEAM???

  29. Same goes for the 2007 game. Bobby Bowden even gave me food poisoning that year because they always win when I go up there. But I showed up (looking fabulous but dizzy thanks to seven days without food) and so did the ‘Canes.

    Isn’t that the reason the game of college football is so much fun? Because you can’t predict the outcome?

    You think Alabama thought they would lose to the game cocks?

    Who called Auburn to win the NC? Certainly not two of their biggest fans, Jenni and her brother Geoff, back when we talked about their season in August.

    I just don’t get it.

    I’m not running around bragging about the ‘Canes. I am not saying crazy ish like te FSWho game is a lock.

    But to throw in the towel 7 months early? Are you serious? Why?!

  30. I myself am just reserving judgment.

    I’m eager to see the end result. Not what went on in a vanilla ass spring game where we saw glimpses of what we suffered through last year when a runningback shot straight up the middle of the field almost untouched for a 70 yard touchdown, then went on a stretch, reversed field and did exactly what several other runningbacks did to us last year.

    Then the four interceptions from the turnover prone quarterbacks..

    Me = just waiting for the season to start. Though I’ll have my opinions on what I think will happen just like any other person.

  31. Note, none of what I am saying is overly optimistic about this team. Just saying you can’t throw in the towel for a game seven months from now because you can’t possibly wrap your mind around the possibility that we could win.

    Just straight silly.

  32. Any movie recommendations, guys?

    I can barely move. So sore from cooking so many hours this week!

    So glad I didn’t go to the after party. Not gonna pay $80 to hang out with dudes that bought me Zima. Just want to lay around and be a waste of space.

    Not going to the 2001 boat party tomorrow either. Not looking for a boats and hoes type of Sunday although it would be fun to tease Bryant about his last boat incident with Culpepper.

  33. Cal & Jella’….

    Bennie just kinda summed up what I think.

    Man for man, we might have the edge……But we all know football ain’t boxing.

    It ain’t one on one.

    Besides they have a HC, DC, and OC that already have some time in…….ALL of our guys in those respective positions,are brand new. I’m sure there are a million Cane fans that don’t think that “little” tidbit doesn’t mean anything, but yeah…….every blue moon, experience wins out. They (FSU) APPEAR (there’s that word again) to be a half step ahead of us.
    A lot of us are still too hung up on “Potential.” I’m getting away from it, slowly but surely. On the large of CFB, our team hasn’t done diddley-sh!t towards convincing me that they can win off of potential. Show me something.
    Last time us two bumped into one another, they (FSU) dragged us to the tune of 45-17 and they went on to the ACCCG (the place we’ve only wet-dreamed about, in our O n’ G PJ’s, for the last several years).
    I’m on our side, but as much as I’ve seen…….I’ve HEARD even more.

  34. I don’t think y’all are reading my posts.

    I am not saying we will win.

    I’m saying predicting we will for sure lose a game that is 7 months away is silly.

    Go ahead and scroll back up, that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time.

    Pretty hard to argue that point.

    But if it makes any of y’all feel better, go right ahead and think we will lose.

    On a related note, I read there will be another terrorist attack soon. I bet it’s coming to your city. I mean, it’s not like you have any evidence for reasons that you should be optimistic it won’t.

    Yeah, I just compared the criminoles beating the ‘Canes to a terrorist attack.

    It’s what I do. 😉

    Still don’t see any movie recommendations! Don’t hold out on me or the boys will pick some animated animal flick!

  35. Apparently y’all didn’t read the article above either, or half of them lately because I am always expressing concern (in my own devastatingly witty way) about the game.

    You think I would have dropped $600 on a hotel up there if I didn’t think they need me?


  36. Zima still exists???

  37. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG gone are the days where we can win, just because, “We’re Cane fans, and we said so.”
    Like I said to Cap a while ago…….We haven’t done JACK as of late, to assure me that we can just show up and out-talent but only a few Div I teams. I’d rather not run through the gauntlet of “lesser” teams that have knocked our d!cks in, over the last several years, but I’m sure yall get my drift.

  38. i smell what you’re stepping in miss mary

    i smell it, loud and clear.

    i’m just tired of being optimistic myself. i’ve sort of associated it with life.

    that way, disappointments are at a minimum for me — can’t be disappointed because i’ll want to drink. can’t drink, because i’ll want to go out — and that won’t bode well for my CDL’s and job lol

  39. I think its safe to say that the only game I thought FOR SURE we’d lose…..that we actually won… vs OU in 09′.

    Other than that…..I’ve been dead on. And no. I’m not proud of that, either.

  40. Y’all need to get hooked on phonics real quick because you totally are not reading what I am saying.

  41. And Bennie, that’s just sad.

    Dreams and optimism are healthy in life.

    I understand not having that for the ‘Canes right now.

    But you guys aren’t withholding judgment, you are straight up saying we will lose.

    Um, let’s see what happens ok?

    Why is that such a crazy thought? That we might win?

  42. Hurri, I made BBQ chicken pizza for that tailgate AND stadium cake. No way were the sooners winning.

  43. And I took the kids and Mrs Hurri to that Rio movie today, if that is at all relevant to whatever the hell is going on around here.

  44. Hurri, I think lil T wants to see that.

    I’m looking for a movie on demand. I’ve got Sebas laying across my chest and Joey on my shoulder. Definitely can’t move to go see one!

    I took my nephew to Hop a couple of weeks ago. He loved it! He’s 7. I loved it too, though. Easter is one of my fav holidays. My mom actually saved a letter I wrote the Easter Bunny as a kid where I told him the right way for him to hide the eggs. #borntobeanattorney. Very cute movie, though! :-)

  45. For the record….I said “Do not feel overly strong”

    But that’s why I don’t like to interject unless I’m addressed directly. So there that is.

  46. not saying we won’t win, sorry if i’ve come off that way.

    life hasn’t been good to some of us so not having dreams or optimism is a factor for said people. doesn’t make it any less sad, just that it is what it is.

    i said they’re further along, that it’d be an interesting game, and that they need to prove whatever it is they’re looking to prove this year on the field.

  47. Let’s look at the realism of this team, for the last 4 years, this team has not had an offensive identity. From nix to whipple, at least with nix we knew the wide receiver screen was coming, with whipple, he gave a false sense of an attacking offense that basically produced nothing. So in certain games, our offense was always out of whack with nothing to fall back on. Defensively, we’ve been playing strong enuff to play with any team in the country for a few quarters until getting hung out to dry for to long. That fsu score of 45 to 17 didn’t tell the story of the defense, it told the story of the offense.

    For those that left last year, the only player that can’t be replaced is hankerson for sure other than that, we may have upgraded with the guys replacing the guys that left. For example, damien berry tough runnung style will be missed some but miller, james and storm will make us forget who left. travis benjamin will be a true senior, malcome bunche or henderson from a physical standpoint will be better than franklin. The rest of the o-line is more mature, so you gotta realize, barring injury, we have amore common sense approach coaches, who are determined to utilize the talent on this team to it’s fullest potential in the spring but more importantly in real games.

  48. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    Personally I like L Miller dude is just soooo smooth when he runs

    Shifts gears like a Porsche

    As for defense I made a mental note; not many missed tackles and everyone was running to the ball<—-big change!

    Offensively; we need some work, but gotta keep in mind a couple things:

    New system being installed

  49. Gotcha, Hurri. Some of our fellow bloggers are far more pessimistic.

    You just can’t live that way, IMO.

    Especially with sports. This is supposed to be fun! Entertaining!

    And I’m just gonna say it: what difference does it make for a lot of you if they do lose? I understand Bennie has to live there but will the rest of you even be at that game?

    I’ll tell you, it’s a lot easier to watch that ish and move on from the comfort of your own home than it is a Columbus hotel bathroom or after getting slapped by some troll outside your own stadium.

    I cried FOR DAYS, in a fetal position, after the FSWho game.

    I made crazy statements like “I’ll never travel to Trailerhassee again.”

    I didn’t even cook for the next tailgate I was so hurt. I just grilled bubba burgers.

    But here I am, signing up for more. Because I’m a fan and there are few greater feelings in this world than walking out of Choke Campbell stadium victorious. It’s top 5 at least.

    And I am NOT going to quit on my team until the final second of that game on November 12.

  50. I ran a line of smack a year long after labor day, 2009.

    It’s come back to haunt me.

  51. AND I was in FSU’s student section during that game. Rockin the white #2, a game Graig Cooper was in beast mode in.

  52. avatar
    moneycane says:

    What a difference a year makes. What was the thoughts about the FSU game last spring. I bet it’s safe to say that 85% of our fanbase thought that would be a W.

    It’s still early and a lot will happen from now until then. I have never seen a trophy handed out to paper champions.

  53. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    Lots of personnel movement going on

    Not a whole lot of continuity

    All this will improve once the final depth chart is put in place and those players in the normal rotation start playing together all the time

    My Grade for today:
    Defense B-, too many big plays on the ground, but there were 4 picks

    Offense C+; too many Picks but some great ground game

    Team Enthusiasm A+ they players were really hyped on and slappin heads<—nice to see

  54. Dang, Bennie, I was there too! I was the blonde in the orange dress, green purse, with giant foam []_[] hands and the line of people who wanted to fight me for running my mouth.

    Remember the trail of tears as the play call was confirmed?!


    [JSQ gets goosebumps all over]

  55. Thanks, Money. Was waiting for some reason to chime in! :-)

  56. Although I give Bennie a pass. Must be hard to live up there and hear all that every day.

  57. My cousin was irate. He didn’t talk to me the whole ride back to the house.

    I was waiting with baited breath at the end of that game too because from the part of the student section I was in you couldn’t see if Fortson had dropped the ball or not.

    The collective groan at the end of the game was priceless though.

  58. avatar
    canechic says:

    JSQ you are me 8 years ago…gator/nole co-workers would run from me and never ever get on the elevator with me…..they knew they would get a fill of how great the Canes were and how crappy their teams were….thank you football gods for Chris Rix and Rex Grossman. I don’t share the same enthusiasm for this particular lot of canes. Like I said it is all in the attitude. When I see with my own 2 eyes players playing on Saturday, not quitting, not bitching and moaning about everything, not running from the responsibility of their own football career and actions……I will then believe.

    I love Al Golden, I love Art Kehoe and I love the “U”….but I do not share that same passion for some of these players.

    I want this team to win the NC but I just can’t believe till I actually see it. Tired of lip service. Tired of making excuses for “them” when “they” don’t even seem to care.

    Hurri how was Rio?

  59. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Morris was cool. Signed a autograph for me and took and pic, and told me I had to throw the U up in the Morris in 2011!!!!!!

  60. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Man I was born and raised in Tally as well. I was the lone Cane in the family. I went to FSU from 00′-06′. I remember before the 09 game how the local radio guys were saying that is was going to be a blowout b/c of the way they won the previous year. When it comes to FSU-UM you never know.

  61. Early 2000’s was heavenly. It was what Gator fans felt from 2005 till 2009.

    I heard shit for two years, 05 and 06, then the worst team in recent Canes history goes into Doak and wins with two of the WORST qb’s in school history.. And I get to run my mouth again.

    Then the ’08 shootout.. Heard it, and FSU fans can be some of the most classless bastards EVER with their Fuck “U” shirts and Fuck Miami/Muck Fiami shit.

    09 was a pleasant win. They’ve just been outright unruly about 2010 though. I’m talking, AWFUL. Add to that they destroyed the Gator’s.. AND the #1 recruiting class..

    Just.. Every night I consider swallowing the barrel of my Taurus .45. Then I realize, it’d be better to just turn it on them..LOL

  62. avatar
    Canes Legend says:

    That so true Money are fan base was riding high last spring. Now we have a better coach and a better direction all of the sudden FSU is that great. Get out of here. Let’s see how things play out. Cane Chic you were so optimistic now so pessimistic? Come on be patient I swear you were begging for that with Randy.

  63. Yeah, Bennie, I had a weird angle and it looked like he might have had possession but CMAC knocked it out.

    I pretty much was in a state of prayer every 3rd down and especially during that review.

    Funny thing is my tickets were with UM. It was Drunk Patrick’s idea to sneak down there.

    Drunk Patrick = Brilliant and one of my favorite people. So much more gratifying to win in that environment.

  64. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Yeah me and the wifey sat in an uppity FSU alum section for the 2009 game. We gave our student tickets away. I saw the ball hit the ground and I knew it was over.

  65. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Bennie you listen to Jeff Cameron at all? He can be hilarious at times, but I want to punch him in the mouth when he starts talking about the Canes.

  66. Yea, the people at Doak were full on cocksuckers that year that decided to relegate all of the Canes fans to the upper rim on the southside of the stadium away from the rest of the student section and whatnot. Though the local Canes fans obviously were tucked away amongst huge groups of garnet and gold. I was in the lions den so to speak. When Greg Reid caught Jacory’s arm, people got in my face and shit. When he threw his two interceptions, I heard shit about it.

    I got the last laugh. And I even tried to console my cousin “hey dude it was a close game, even with that phantom PI call that got you a fresh set of downs” but he wasn’t hearing it.

  67. Naw money, I haven’t even really heard of him.

    The ironic thing is — my boss (at the tree company) just called me. He drives a limo bus for a company based out of Tampa (who has a branch here in Tally) that transports FSU students to clubs and is paid by local clubs and shit..

    He just calls me to ask me do I want to get on the bus with a raucous group of FSU students be it female/male.. And here I am, livid with anything pertaining to garnet and gold.

    “naw dawg, try me next time.”

    Ya’ll be hearing about a mass-murder from a limo-bus running off into Lake Talquin..

  68. avatar
    canechic says:

    Burned way too many times guys….I have grown up….if they win great if they don’t? Well I no longer ruin my day over it.

    6 springs and summers of, “this is the year”,”practice is great.” This girlie is not buying it anymore. I will watch it play out and will not even comment until at least mid season.

    You guys have to play it your way and I have to play it mine. (this is for sanity)

  69. How are Nikki and Ari, Money? Nikki said you were mad to miss those jalapeño poppers today, lol. Maybe I can whip some up for November. :-)

  70. avatar
    moneycane says:

    I can’t blame CC for being jaded. It sucks seeing your team lay down for the past 8 years. I still hope for the best. That’s just the way I am.

    The only thing I have to say about the last 8 years is that everyone involved shares the blame. Its just funny how we say that it aint the players fault and that Whip isn’t to blame and this and that. With the way things have gone no one should be left blameless. I find it hard to believe that two people (Jacory and Shannon) are responsible for every single loss.

  71. Oh Canechica…..

    You don’t think that I actually sat through that, do you my dear? I dropped them off, and went and brought the new Grey #7’s.
    I can’t watch those kiddie movies.

  72. avatar
    moneycane says:

    JSQ team Williams is doing great. When you have a new baby you learn to sleep in intervals. It sucks but every time I see her face its worth it.

    And yes I am very upset about not getting to partake in the awesomeness of the jalapeno poppers. I get mad every time I think about it. Now I’m pissed again!!!

    Bennie Jeff Cameron is the local sports talk guy on 1270am. I used to drive around a lot for my old job and listened to sports talk radio all day.

  73. avatar
    canechic says:

    Oh everyone is raving so….so I wanted to get your feelings!

    Too funny, I took my kids to see the first Pokemon movie. I decided to go to the 11am showing, to get it over with but I was the one crying when Pikachu went missing. But funnier about 20 minutes in the movie there was a Dad in the theater with his son, had his head back and was out like a light!

  74. Money, Ari is gorgeous! Can’t wait to meet her and see her in her little ‘Canes cheerleader outfit!!! :-)

  75. I’d rather have my ‘Canes drive me crazy than give up on them.

    Different strokes…

  76. And personally, Canechic, I think if you really thought this way, you wouldn’t spend so much time on a ‘Canes blog! :-)

  77. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Thanks JSQ. she is gonna be adorable in it.

  78. And I’m not anyone 8 years ago.

    I’m me. :-)

  79. avatar
    canechic says:

    Well JSQ I really like you guys and I love to talk football. I honestly do not share the same passion for this team that I have for teams in the past. But I still love the “U”, love the school and I am very proud of my hurricane little girl.

    I want the team to succeed, I just don’t share your same level of optimism. So buy it or not that is absolutely how I feel. My heart is right out here on my sleeve.

  80. avatar
    canechic says:

    Just referring to your level of optimism. I understand you are not me. :)

  81. Money, judging from the baby pics, I think you should go ahead and get a big scary gun for her teenage years now. :-)

  82. I just don’t get how you can go from die-hard Randy supporter and optimist about this team to what you are now in a few months. Doesn’t make sense. Actually, it concerns me a little. If anything, rationally, there is more to be hopeful about now. But no matter what happens, even the most insignificant news, you have a way of turning on its head to spell doom for the ‘Canes. Maybe you were like this before I came around in 8/09, I don’t know. But the change is a bit, um, alarming. And not because I think you are right about anything you think, because it is alarming to see someone give up on something they obviously had so much passion for.

    Just sayin.

  83. Well JSQ it is what is…sorry I can only be who I am and nothing more. Just as you can only be who you are. Just have 2 different perspectives. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

    Off to watch hockey with Nick and Angry.

  84. Tallahassee October 4th, 1997

    I’m sitting 20 rows up from the Canes bench, on the 40 yard line right in the middle of an ocean of Noles

    I’m wearing my white #52 Nike Jersey that had the “U” in raised white letters on the shoulders

    I sat and watched the Canes re-inact the movie “The Accused” – with the Canes being Jodie Foster and the Noles were the guys in the bar

    Canes had 131 total yards of offense and -33 yards rushing

    I remember this quote by Sam Cowart, it’s been burned in my head since the day after the game

    “They weren’t fighting … They just quit. They came out and fought for a little while, and then they just lay down. They gave up.”

    F*cking disgusting

    That FSU game last year was a joke. I was talking with Edge and Duane Starks during the game, they were hanging out in the dugout on the Canes sideline … they both left before the game was over, you could tell how much they wanted to vomit at the disgusting display of what was going on by the guys wearing the “U” on their helmet

    There’s really no reason why any Cane player or Cane fan should say sh*t about USF either – b/c that sorry ass school rolled into MIami’s stadium and beat them with a damn walk-on Frosh scarecrow QB …. bring all the excuses you want about how the team was already done b/c it was their last game, bla bla bla – USF beat them

    FSU is better than Miami right now. If you don’t see that, you’re myopic .. but honestly, it doesn’t really matter what we think, it matters what the recruits think – and that’s what they see

    Karlos Williams told me at the UnderArmour Game – the main reason he went to FSU, he saw the turn around from the last year of Bowden to the first year of Jimbo …… 7-6 to 10-4

  85. CC…

    I’ll probably be able to sit through them with my grandkids, but not now. All those kids……All hyper……All excited……Usually when my kids are happy, that means I’m about to be sad. That means they are up to no good. I’m probably the only parent in the world who cringes when they hear their kids laughing.

    I know. I’m an awful human.

  86. And there you have it.

    Jimbo didn’t just come in and win more games, he implemented things that the Legend he took over for never thought of doing.

    It’s amazing what changing up your S&C coordinator and having them meet with a nutritionist can get you in terms of having your players rock solid and conditioned to last ALL GAME LONG. And that’s just one of the SMALL things he did when he took over.

    Even the kids would have to see that.

    Karlos Williams was born a Nole though. Period.

  87. Is this SERIOUS..??

    He had highlights??

  88. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    9 mins ago
    Tallahassee October 4th, 1997

    That was brutal.

    What happened the next few seasons after that 1997 “give-up” game?

    F**k the noles, f**k the tirds, and f**k anyone weplay

  89. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    9 mins ago
    Tallahassee October 4th, 1997

    That was brutal.

    What happened the next few seasons after that 1997 “give-up” game?

    F**k the noles, f**k the tirds, and f**k anyone we play.

    I ain’t giving anyone else any props.

    I’m a cane. There’s us, and then there are all the other dksukkng

  90. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    9 mins ago
    Tallahassee October 4th, 1997

    That was brutal.

    What happened the next few seasons after that 1997 “give-up” game?

    F**k the noles, f**k the tirds, and f**k anyone we play.

    I ain’t giving anyone else any props.

    I’m a cane. There’s us, and then there are all the other dksukkng Nancies that aren’t us

    That is all.

    …and yes I’ve had a couple, but that’s how I feel

  91. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Six I remember the 1997 game. The best thing about that game was that I sat next to the Canes lady swim team. As a young teen I spent more time scoping the stands than I did looking down at the field.

  92. Real good fight between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto.

    I love boxing.

  93. jsq – loved your board comments today . . . you get “collective posts of the day” award

    sailor – good comments about the game

    it’s early; wanted to check quickly if the heat won and also see what the eoth’ers were up to

    . . . time to cut off to switzerland for a 3-day romantic interlude with the wife

    . . . son being taken care of by other family members


    bye bye

  94. . . . it was Sean Goldstein at middle linebacker on Lamar Miller’s two long touchdown runs Saturday. D’Onofrio said linebacker Kevin Nelson (out Saturday) “is much further behind the other guys. We’ll leave it at that.”

    Read more:

  95. Anyone else reminded of Marshall Faulk with Lamar Millers’ running style?

    He’s hitting the hole quickly!

    Big things this year, big things :)

  96. I could only find vids of the Spence pick-6 and two of Millers’ TD runs.

    Anyone able to post some more links would be much appreciated. Is it going to be on any National TV?

  97. avatar
    SailorCane says:


    I think it will be broadcast on CSS @ 5pm today

  98. dz8, to me miller runs like miller(he’s probably the smoothest runningback i ever seen in terms of running style, how he glides), and he’s a faster version of mcgahee in terms of size and speed, not by much, but ina foot race, a pre-injury mcgahee vs miller, i’d take miller all day long. In fact, that’s the one thing i like about miller and most runningbacks who come thru here, you can’t truly compare them to anybody, all of them had & have there on style. The only runningback to me that you can compare to runningbacks in the past is mike james when it comes to just his running style, nothing fancy, he just comes in and gets the job done, they are several runningbacks in the past who you can say mike james is comparable to, but the guys like lamar miller, mcgahee and from the looks of things storm johnson, that’s elite level talent and that’s not to say mike james can’t be an elite back, but i can’t see mike james breaking off to many 50 yard touchdowns, mike james will get you alot of 20 and 25 yard burst, but if he starts breaking long runs anything over 40 yards, than it’s going be goodnight irene for alot of teams.

    Also for those talking about the picks yesterday, another factor is, the qb’s had to hesitate on all those yellow jersey guys as well. Wasn’t the starting wide-outs in the game. Take no prisoners with these wide-outs until one emerges. streeter did what streeter does, and he needs to stay away from whoodini a.k.a. laron byrd, don’t become another guy that dissappears when it counts.

  99. I agree re: RBs and some of those picks, Calvin.

    Sounds like you were at the game and you didn’t stop by the tailgate!


  100. avatar
    Michael Bradley says:
  101. avatar
    raizecane says:

    DZ8 – good to see U again .

  102. Naw, i didn’t make it, had people who did though, had i been there i would’ve stopped by fo sho(and slapped you on the azz too) and holla’d at yall though. THe main thing about this team though that’s going to be different, they are not only going to have to answer too each other, or answer to the coaches, it’s back to having to answer to the guys from the past, they not being sheltered from that no more. shannon had a strong hand in that like he did back in the past when he was a player. When shannon wanted something to go his way, that’s how he did things be it good or bad, he did it the way he thought it should be done. So if keeping his peers off from the team is what he thought needed to be done, that’s what he was going to do. It’s not that he didn’t want those guys around, it was how he wanted them around and if he thought he saw guys stepping over line/violating, he just cut it all the way off.

    It was a cross between what irivng kept trying to tell the other guys about shannon saying how guys would come up to em stilll call em onion around the players and what not, but anyway, that pressure coming from all sides again is just what this team needed to grow up all the way and realize, at UM, you can’t be selfish, if you came here for the tradition, you getting ready to get it in full force now. Whether the team as a whole performs up to standard or not, there play will be elevated because of that access that the former players have to them now and that’s the main reason cc, if anything you can hang your hat on that, the days of this team laying down, that’s gone.

    In fact, they didn’t lay down last year, just didn’t have the scheme to comeback and by the time they had momentum, the defense had to think about so much and were tired, they couldn’t stop that offense if they wanted too, add this to the equation to cc, this team will be a better conditioned team, a better condidtioned team mean a sustained higher level of play, which also goes hand in hand with why this team would lose games in the 2nd half most of the time. The only real bad loss was the one to fsu, every other team this team played last year they were still in striking distance in the 4th quarter, with fsu, it was to late by the 4th quarter.

    For those that are saying fsu isfurther ahead than us, lol, in what i might ask, definitely not talent, shannon brought in strong talent for sure. This next class coming in, i’m not so sure how many of them will see the field this year, but i do know of the class that was brought in, we got alot of guys in the class coming in, after a year or 2, will began to look like hell out there on that field, that’s of course if we get past December 12, 2012, so if that’s the case, we gotta win it all this year for the history books of mankind!

  103. Good thing you didn’t stop by then, Calvin. You would still have a handprint on your face today if you pulled that.

  104. I wonder how Canez1’s Princess Character Breakfast is going. Maybe they will give him a souvenier tiara to wear to tailgates.

  105. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Calvin excellent post above… the 2012 reference made me lol.

    Shwarma, Caneslegend & Rashad, it was great to see & talk to you guys at the tailgate… btw JSQ is the tailgate queen, all we did was help set up and clean up… she was in charge of all the goodies while all I did was provided the Gatorade and water.

    For those of you that were at the Spring Game, what I am about to say will make sense: I have not seen so much energy and team unity out of my Hurricanes over the past few years as I did these last two Saturday spring practices. The defense was HYPED. I type in all caps because that is how they looked. The Sean Spence climbing the goal post picture posted earlier should let you all know that. After every big play the entire defense would storm the field. It was almost tear jerking to see that type of enthusiasm after the drought of emotion we’ve endured over the past few years. There is no doubt that Mark D’Onofrio is putting his stamp on this defense; and for this football season, on the very lowest side, they will come out playing with emotion and will not be afraid to draw ire from their coach because of an over-celebration. To me, the defense was the bright spot and as Sailor and I were discussing this morning, that’s how it’s supposed to be for a Spring Game.

    I have no real opinion about the offense at this point. Coach Golden said in one of his recent interviews that when he found out the Spring Game was being televised he was going to cut the playbook in half. Be that as it may, the four picks pissed me off. The orange team’s lack of scoring may seem alarming, but J12 was working with two “no contact” receivers… basically a handicap because as soon as a defender breathed on them the play would be called dead and those players had no opportunity for YAC. I look forward to watching the replay on CSS today.

    With all that said, my orange and green glasses are back firmly in place (I know JSQ is rocking a pair too). For those of you that wish to mock me for my optimism, go ahead. As one of the elders on this blog, I’ve been down this road many times… today I feel soooo much better about this team just based on what I saw on the SIDELINES.

    Have some faith, people. Coach Golden is a smart, passionate guy (gooo!) and he’ll have this ship righted.

  106. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Haha JSQ I was going to say that to Calvin too!!!

  107. What’s CSS Sailor? I’ll have to look it up.

    Thanks Raize, good to be seen.

    Calvin while every RB hasd his “own” style I think from a body type, fluidity of movmement and break away speed, Marshall Faulk is the name that jumped in my head for Lamar Miller. I’d say Mike James is more like McGahee with out the break away speed. JMO :)
    …and be nice to JSQ, she can probably put a laxative in your jello shot or something!

  108. KLCaneFan says:
    April 17, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    Excellent post!!

  109. Cal, FSU has talent on that team.

    Has had it throughout their recent stretch of suction, just like us. Don’t forget that we’ve actively recruited 80% of the guys they’ve had over the last several. Randy and Larry both.

    They’ve just suffered from out-of-touch-coaching, and AND FALLING IN LOVE WITH POTENTIAL.
    We actually see, and analyze our potential on the reg’, so it sometimes seems like we’re doing something that everyone else isn’t.

    They’ve got the same type athletic specimens, 4.3 guys, and (somehow) S Fla talent that we chest-thump about. We just either think they don’t, or don’t wanna admit they do, because we hate them so.
    Also, for what its worth, and before anyone asks, I don’t think that the more talented, or equally talented team, is the better team, every time out, either. Just stating the factuals. There’s a good reason why roughly 8 outta the last 9 UM-FSU games have been narrow wins one way or the other……(03′ was wrapped up a little earlier than usual, thanks to Sean and the rest of the D. But I didn’t feel totally safe until probably midway thru the 4th. when the number of possessions were working against them.)

    I know you’re true-blue Dade County to the bone, Cal, and that’s what’s up. But there are other things going on outside of the 305.

  110. Our tailgate should be on CSS at the beginning.

  111. You guys are forgetting one intangible factor:

    Golden’s face.

    If there are any homosexual dudes who play or coach for the criminoles (and I think this is a safe bet, although not a slam dunk like the gay-tors), they are gonna be waaaaayyyyy to distracted to play or coach.

    Just a fact. If you disagree, it’s probably because you haven’t seen this dude in person.

    He’s dang pretty.

  112. That being said, I prefer my men with some sort of flaw. It’s manlier. Like a scar.

    Or a dent.

  113. Sorry I missed it. Was looking forward to meeting some of you. You know what they say of the best laid plans…

    Have the dvr set for the game at 5 in the event I can’t get back home in time.

  114. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    That’s why I said gooo!


  115. lol’d @ a dent

  116. That being said, I prefer my men with some sort of flaw.


    WEEEEEEEEEELP………Guess I’m out then

  117. Mike James = Edge

  118. Yup. Mike James is comparative to Edge.

  119. MB – good job on your site with the interviews man

    Found this part interesting in Jacory’s response:

    “The senior QB likes the new system Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch has installed. “I like everything about it. Honestly, there’s not a whole lot that’s new – most offenses are very similar – it’s just new verbiage and reads.”

    What say anyone about this?

  120. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Big 6, here’s to hoping the new oc knows both his qb’s ate snake bitten but int’s and neither will be asked to throw the ball more than 20-25 times a game…hopefully below 20 attempts!!!!

  121. Nash – if the Canes can do with their QB and RB(s) what Okie State did last year … it’ll be like season long wet dream come true

    – RB Kendall Hunter 8th in the nation in rushing 1,502 yards and tied for 7th in TDs

    – QB Brandon Weeden 3rd in the nation in passing 4,277 yards and 5th in TDs

    Good lawd imagine if Fisch can pull that type of miracle out of his hat?


    I can’t stop laughing about the damn monkey that is wearing sleeveless jean vest with the Rolling Stones logo on the back

    “We had a sick night bitchessss .. hahaha”

  123. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Six if Miami had an offense that resembled Okie St. there would be the……….. “I don’t want to run that gimmicky crap, the U is a pro-set offense”

  124. Ug, the spring game is delayed bc of SEC baseball. Vomit.

  125. avatar
    raizecane says:

    JSQ – where can i find the game? Not seeing it on espn3

  126. avatar
    moneycane says:

    JSQ is the spring game only going to be televised on CSS? If so I’m screwed b/c DirecTV doesn’t get that channel.

  127. I thought it was on one of the ESPN channels as well. I don’t subscribe to anything but ESPN 1 and 2 so I don’t know.

    Gonna google it.

  128. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Yeah it’s supposed to be on CSS (Comcast sports south) at 5pm. It isn’t on any of the ESPNs. If you have Comcast/Charter it’s a good chance that you have CSS

  129. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Here is a link to see if you have CSS

  130. Doesn’t look like our tailgate made the intro but a brunette with big jugs walking into the stadium did.

    Perhaps we had too many handsome men at our tailgate and they felt intimidated.

    Or Rashad stole the camera guy’s girlfriend.

    Either or.

  131. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Six I believe fisch’s can get those rushing yards out of one of the rb’s…but those passing yds??? Fugutaboutit!!! I’ll settle for who ever the qb is have jacorey like soph numbers minus bout half the ints…that’ll put em with 20-25 td, 10 or less ints, and over 3000 passing….combine that with a 1000 yd rusher and the canes will be good to go

  132. avatar
    The Truth says:


    Jacory doesn’t know the difference between this offense, Whip’s offense and Nix’s offense cuz he only skims the playbook, remember?


    Either that or Cav hasn’t broken out the wikipedia and a YouTube club to highlight the variances and nuances that are different and similar to all of them…

    I’ll be waiting for that myself

  133. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, I was on my best behavior yesterday. Plus I was busy talking to my homeboy J12. lol

  134. Rashad, you got some good pictures yesterday! But I know those moments with J12 had to have been the highlight!

    CSS has some great interviews with my classmates! My teddy bear followed up by string bean. Good times. :-)

  135. Love Sean Spence jumping up on the goal post. Grrrr!

  136. avatar
    moneycane says:

    First I miss out on the bacon wrapped-cream cheese filled peppers, and now I’m missing out on the spring game replay. I guess the next thing that is gonna happen is that Miami will loose to FSU before the game is even played?

  137. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Yea, I took pics with Brydman, Seantral, and Lamar Miller, but for some reason they didnt come out. I almost got one with Andre Johnson, but didn’t have anyone around to take the pic. But talking to J12 was the highlight of the day. lol..And I don’t know why, but J12 didn’t sign any autogrpahs and only took that pic with me. I guess he reads the blog and is trying to kiss up to me or Morris was cooler tho.

  138. Damn money, you are really behind. We lost the November game to FSWho last night.

  139. I just saw my hip and elbow.

  140. Rashad, you’ll have to come back for the open practice in the fall. I can get you in as part of my family or whatever. You and Esteban=brothers from another mother.

  141. Swasey’s a little too excited about his INT on J12. That’s like a dude bragging about banging Paris Hilton.

    Sorry dude, this is not exactly a prestigious club. You ain’t the first and you certainly aren’t the last.

  142. avatar
    moneycane says:

    JSQ on wqam they were saying that Streeter let Swasey take the ball away from him on that int. Was that the case, or was it a bad throw in general?

  143. avatar
    The Truth says:

    It was a bad throw and it’s not like Streeter was the person in the best position to catch it…

  144. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    April 17, 2011 at 6:41 PM
    Swasey’s a little too excited about his INT on J12. That’s like a dude bragging about banging Paris Hilton.

    Sorry dude, this is not exactly a prestigious club. You ain’t the first and you certainly aren’t the last.—- LOL…now that’s a messed up thing to say!!! LOL…but Very true!!!

  145. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Aight T just asking. The talking heads on the radio seemed to be down on Streeter yesterday. Saying that he didn’t put up much of a fight in one-on-one jump ball situations.

  146. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Sweet, ill try and make it down.

    On the INT, it was right in front of Legend and I. Looked more like a bad pass to me.

    Lamar Miller is the truth, and I hope he gets 20 carries a game this year, give Storm about 10, and have Mike James in as a 3rd down back and some full back, catching out of the backfield.

    Defense, looked a lil more disciplined, not as many missed tackles and they didn’t bite on the reverse plays.

    Special teams- After that first field goal, I was ready for 10 jello shots..LOL

    DB is still worrisome, I think its the weakness of the team, so I hope the front 7 is healthy and can put lots of pressure on the opposing qb.

  147. Streeter had a great week last week. God willing, he’s going to improve on consistency and help fill the hankerson void.

    Love me some Tommy Streeter!!!!

    NSD ’08 crush – offense.

  148. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Rahad why no Love for Mike James (who?) Mike Mike Jaaames.

    I think that he needs to touch the ball on more than just 3rd downs.

  149. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    I think hes ok, but I think we have a couple more talented RB’s in front of him. Hes solid, dont get me wrong, but I dont see him breaking that long run (45+ yards). Plus I think Lamar will rush for a thousand this year, if he gets the carries.

  150. Looks like one of our bloggers started a Facebook campaign for Lamar Miller to get the Heisman!!! :-)

  151. Love Mike James.

    He’s not breaking off those big runs like Miller but he can chip away at the defense and get those short yards.

    Both are useful. Think Frank Gore.

  152. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    True, hes useful, I just fall in love with the big play I guess.

    How did you get a pic instead of a U next to your blog name??

  153. He had a nice longish run against Clemson too.

    Had my hollerin’ “I’m Mike James, B!tch!” at the game watch.

    I keeps it classy, what can I say.

  154. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Mike James might not break that long run, but it still puts pressure on the D if the chains are steadily moving. I think that we have three dynamic weapons and they should be featured more, especially with shakey QB play and it would also keep our suspect secondary off the field.

    Sorta like what the Ravens did during Flacco’s rookie year with McClain, McGahee, and Rice.

  155. You can go to if you want to do it yourself or you can email me a pic or a web address with the pic you want to use and I will do it for you.

  156. Everyone loves the big play, no shame in that.

    I just love Mike James. What a good kid.

    Don’t forget that when those big plays happen, there might be a 210 lb back blocking for his teammate. :-)

  157. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    whats ur email address JSQ??

  158. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    I feel you Money, the running game will be key this season. I still say my boy Byrdman is going to finally put it all together this season, and help out with the passing game a lil.

  159. Passing game will be interesting seeing as there isn’t a go-to receiver this year..

    ’09, Jacory hit God knows how many different receivers. ’10 was a different story. Hank was the show.

  160. Receivers of our own anyway..

  161. Truth – no no no … “skimming” means someone jacking a plug into the back of Jacory’s head like in Matrix with Neo and then they download 90 Encyclopedia Britannica sized files of all the different offenses throughout time … then they unplug and he’s good to go

    B/c you don’t understand what “skimming” means, remember?

  162. Watching Mob Wives. Love me some trainwreck tv!

  163. Truth.

    I’m gonna disagree a little. I don’t think it was all that bad a throw. I think Streeter needs a bit more I WANT it more than you attitude. Wasn’t a perfect throw, but I don’t think it was a horrible throw either. Just the DB wanted it more than the WR. Morris’ picks were FAR worse IMO.

  164. The Wizard of Oz is on!

    Gotta love a Midwestern girl with a puppy sidekick.

  165. avatar
    BoriCane says:


    There are a lot of guys in this team that need that “I WANT IT MORE” kind of attitude. Read between the lines on Golden comment / question to JH, “Why are you so nice?” Translation, you are soft and need to get some mojo!

  166. Jimbo Fisher just flew in on a broom and threw a fireball at the scarecrow!

  167. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:


  168. Looks just like him, Rashad. And one of his monkeys has abnormally large hands…


  169. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    LOL.. Man hands with a cameo appearance.

  170. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    I will take a diet of “slow and steady” Mike James (20-22 touches), with Lamar Miller (12-15 touches) and Storm Johnson (6-8 touches) sprinkled in, vs. Millz getting 20 touches as I just don’t think he can stand up to that type of a beating in a season.

    bg – I don’t know if they spoke about Jacory’s 1st INT on the broadcast and whether it was a receiver pulling up lame (at the game I just remember watching the ball sail), but I think the difference between the 2 QBs were Jacory made two bad throws (because even though Streeter needs to fight, the ball was still in a position to also be picked), vs. Morris making two BAD decisions. And to me, its easier for a coach to eliminate a mental error vs. a physical error (hence why I would say THIS week Morris was a little better, but either way, both need to improve.)

  171. A few of the characters are starting to remind me of you guys…

    KL would be Glinda

    Golden is the Wizard

    Truth the Scarecrow

    Canez1 is obviously the Cowardly Lion.

    Who is the Tin Man?

  172. Miller’s shoulder is already sketch.. I can just see how he’d fare getting 20-25 a game where the only way you’ll hit him is with him having nowhere to go and coming at you or horsecollaring him from behind lol..

  173. Cav can be Tin-Man..

    Rather than lube, NEEDSMOPLAYACTION.

  174. Ray Lewis named NFL’s 18th greatest player of all-time.

  175. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Plus Bennie, I want Miller back there for KR

  176. LMAO, Bennie!!!!

    Love this movie!!!

    Canez1 just jumped out of the window.

    I wasn’t paying attention but I bet the Wizard just said Jacory is gonna start.

  177. Shwarma.

    Easy to make excuses for BAD DECISIONS. The ball was there. You anticipate the WR helping you out too. The 1 INT was a bad throw but still the WR didn’t help him, the one to Streeter was to me still either Streeter catches it or no one does, but also I think you have to give props where due as well, it was a good play by Swasey.

    We can rag all day about what is easider to eliminate, who’s better than who and all the rest. I think bottom line, the turnovers HAVE to stop no matter WHO is pulling the trigger.

  178. They’ve been sent to a place resembling Trailerhassee to get something of Jimbo’s. This is getting good.

  179. EJ Manuel just flew off with Dorothy!

  180. The sand in the witch’s hourglass is garnet-colored.


  181. The monkeys’ chant sounds an awful lot like the war chant.

  182. avatar
    Michael Bradley says:

    Six, appreciate your positive feedback.

    When we all started doing this, I didn’t realize there’s very few precious minutes that you can sit back and realize what’s going on around you, as a fan… I’m there to work and collect information, and even though I love every minute of it, it’s still work…

    I guess it’s hard to explain unless you’ve been in that position. I think Mary can probably speak on that, I know Six can…

    … It’s when you get back home, after work is finished, and then you appreciate what just happened… Being on the sidelines yesterday, overhearing a lot of interesting conversations from U footballers of the past… interesting to say the least.

    It really wasn’t until this morning that I truly appreciated that position as a fan, being around the ‘Canes legends. Shaking hands, even having the opportunity to speak with some of them… article tomorrow on CaneInsider, BTW, speaking to some of them. Got some excellent quotes.

  183. JSQ says:
    April 17, 2011 at 10:48 AM
    Good thing you didn’t stop by then, Calvin. You would still have a handprint on your face today if you pulled that.

    LOL, if that’s the case, i’ll have to take one for the team, and than do the “woo wit it woo” just messin i wouldn’t do you like that though, my homegirls would slap me for you!

  184. The Truth says:
    April 17, 2011 at 6:46 PM
    It was a bad throw and it’s not like Streeter was the person in the best position to catch it…
    ////////////////////////////// Like that parrot keet on the lion king, “WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED” now this guy is in direct contradiction with goldie and a plethora of others, man go get yo eyes fixed!

  185. Ray Allen does it again…..And just like a classic gunner, Anthony takes an awful shot to end it.

    Awesome.Ray Allen does it again…..And just like a classic gunner, Anthony takes an awful shot to end it.


  186. avatar
    HernandoCane says:

    Trivia question for you:
    Jack Haley was not the first choice to play the the tin man. Who was …

    Buddy Ebsen. Yepp Jed Clampett/Barnaby Jones.
    Buddy was allergic to the aluminum paint they used on his face, so they had to replace him.

    Also supposedly Frank Baum came up with Oz by looking at his filing cabinet.
    He had one drawer for files O through Z.

  187. Dorothy just wacked Jimbo because he tried to set Truth on fire.

  188. That was strange. But yeah…..We lost, Bg.

  189. shwarma5 says:
    April 17, 2011 at 9:10 PM
    bg – I don’t know if they spoke about Jacory’s 1st INT on the broadcast and whether it was a receiver pulling up lame (at the game I just remember watching the ball sail), but I think the difference between the 2 QBs were Jacory made two bad throws (because even though Streeter needs to fight, the ball was still in a position to also be picked), vs. Morris making two BAD decisions. And to me, its easier for a coach to eliminate a mental error vs. a physical error (hence why I would say THIS week Morris was a little better, but either way, both need to improve.)

    Speaking of parrot keets:

    Man, you better be the last one to ever say something about speedwrecks, when it comes to football, one day you gone make sense! I mean really, wtf are you talking about!

  190. I remember learning that, Hernando! We studied this movie in the 4th grade when we were reading the book.

    Love this movie!!!

    I used to watch it every Thanksgiving back when I could only afford to see my family once a year and know that soon I would see them again.

    There’s no place like home…

  191. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    bg, there was not a single excuse in there for Morris and his bad decisions. nor was their any ragging. And yes, Swasey made the play and Streeter didn’t, but as you said its a TD or an inc. not put in a position where a DB can make a play.

    Regardless, agreed no matter whether Jacory, Morris, you or me are making those throws, turnovers need to stop.

  192. Turns out it was all a dream.

  193. Pink Floyd + Wizard of OZ (smoke em if u got ’em)

  194. I did that on Thanksgiving evening in 2000 at the sigma chi house, minus the smoking. :-)

  195. More accurately I should say that I wasn’t smoking.

    Anyone who knew Sigma Chis in 2000 could have guessed as much.

    Little bit of trivia:

    The Sigma Chi house is where many players lived over the summer including Bryant and Kenny. Kenny almost joined Sigma Chi but was afraid he wouldn’t have enough time for that and football.

  196. HernandoCane says:
    April 17, 2011 at 9:41 PM
    Trivia question for you:
    Jack Haley was not the first choice to play the the tin man. Who was …

    This was the part he won though:

  197. MB – it’s nice isn’t it?

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel blessed to be able to do what I do for a job (except the play really does blow) and no matter how crappy of a day I have, I sit back and think about the fact that I do have a job and it’s one that a lot of people (even those making a lot more money in another field) would almost give their first born up for

    Being on the sidelines during games, being right behind the bench and being able to hear basically everything/anything from everyone (coaches, players, assistant coaches, former players) … inside scoop? ya, just a little bit

    Being in the locker room, being at practices, being behind the cage during batting practice, being in the clubhouse, dissecting the brains of the coaches/managers, hearing the candid convos between players and coaches .. players and players .. players and trainers .. coaches and trainers .. people would pay nice amounts of money to be able to just hang for a week to get that kind of access

    So many stories I’ve heard that would blow your mind, seen so many things, heard so many things off camera or off the record completely

    And once you gain the complete trust of some of them, then it gets really good b/c they’ll really share the true un-edited sh*t with you … but if you ever betray that trust, you’re f*cked and seen as almost leper-like

    The once in a lifetime type meetings you have – I still remember meeting Jim Brown and talking with him and him telling me that it was a real pleasure to meet and talk with me …. Jim Brown telling me that? Pfft, the guy is a living legend and I started the convo out with telling him what an honor it was to meet him

    Exactly as you said though, you do realize that you have a job to do and that your paycheck basically depends on it – you didn’t get the video or sound? you’re f*cked, esp. if the other stations got it but you’re the one jabroni that didn’t … you didn’t bring enough tape or bricks (batteries) to shoot with? you’re f*cked … you consistently ask questions that are basically wastes of their time and they remember you from constantly asking them? you’re not going to get good sound bites or tidbits anymore and you’re going to be seen as “that guy”

    As you know, the game happens fast and you better be ready for it .. you know how many times I’ve sprinted down the damn crowded ass sidelines while holding a 40+ lb camera, to try and find the right spot to shoot so that the refs/chain gang/everyone else with a camera/field accessed former players or people or alumni or big donors/idiots from sites like Rivals, Scout/etc. aren’t right in my damn way?

    I’ve pulled guys back by the back of their shirt collar if they step in the way – and not exactly afraid of them stepping up to me about it. There’s a lot of sideline etiquette to learn and it’s pretty simple … there’s a big ass dotted yellow line that runs around the entire field and you do not step over it to get a shot, b/c you’ll have 15 people behind you that are trying to get the same shot and they don’t want the back of some f*ckwads head or back in it – esp. if that person isn’t really someone that needs to be there

    USF is the WORST at letting everyone and their damn family tree on the field

    Anyway, keep up the good work man

  198. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I have never seen a QB where more people make excuses for his INT’s.

    It’s always something with Japicky and how the WR didn’t do the job

    Wrong route

    Didn’t sell the route

    Didn’t run through the route

    Didn’t fight for the ball hard enough.

    How many MORE pics does Japicky need to throw when you guys finally realize he’s just not good?

    We aren’t talking about Morris here. Not comparing anything…just – how many more picks does Japicky throw and you, the excuse makers (Calvin, et all) say “yeah, he’s just not getting it done”

    It’s unreal to me

  199. avatar
    The Truth says:

    My eyes are fine Calvin, BTW – I see that Miami has two guys that aren’t getting it done and I’m not blaming the WR’s for their bad throws either

  200. avatar
    The Truth says:

    My bad Six – I forgot that Jaskimmy meant he was locked into the Matrix of every offense ever known, Cap’n obvious style, when he said “I skim the playbook before going to sleep”

    They just plug his ass in and, BAM – offense digested

  201. Truth.

    I don’t think its a question of good or bad, just they are all we have so we better get to hoping they get better or we are all going to be SO SINGING AND FLOWER BRINING!

  202. That should be SLOW SINGING! Ha! B.I.G.! wORD!

  203. avatar
    The Truth says:

    As a Sr I think it’s pretty clear that we will get out of Japicky…I, all jokes aside, have no hope left for him. It is what it is with him.

  204. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And you didn’t answer the question BG…AND you said “They”….we aren’t comparing a Sr to a soph.

    How many more INT’s does Jacory throw before you say “it’s not going to work” with him?

  205. Look, both Harris and Morris played like crap Saturday. I want to see improvement, cut the picks down from 23 to maybe 10 I will be fine.

  206. “excuse” good thing you’re not a coach, you don’t have an eye for talent, and that’s clear, start eating carrots!

  207. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Yeah Calvin, you’re right…Jacory has MAJOR talent. I just can’t see it…

  208. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And again…

    I don’t want a comparison bt the 2 QB’s, caniak.

    The question is – how many more pics does Japicky throw before it’s clear that he doesn’t have it?

    How many more excuses does he get?

    Bad OC?
    Bad WR’s?
    Bad playcalling?

    This OC must suck, too and these Wr’s still blow, clearly.

  209. Truth.

    Its still early and he’s on coordinator #3 just like Kyle. He’s had hell to pay too, with the coach coddling him, getting beat up with the sacks and big hits, he’s got some things to work through yes I agree, but he still has time. IF we get back the Jacory of early 2009 when he was just playing and not thinking so much I think ALL of us are happy, is it too late? NONE of us know, but until September rolls around, I hold out hope that he will get things together and again for ALL of us we better hope he does too because if he doesn’t Morris IS NOT better and we will be NO BETTER because of it if Morris starts. So no matter what we better hope the QB play is shored up and shored up quickly because as I said before, THEY are all we have.

  210. Also his best WRs were NOT playing and the ones that were one is MEGA passive and the others had on yellow jerseys!

  211. avatar
    The Truth says:

    That’s a lot of excuses, bg

    And still no answer…

    How many more INT’s?

  212. Guys, let it play out. I believe that Morris will start if he can cut down on his mistakes. The coaches are just looking for a reason to start him, and thus far he is not giving them any. Harris to his credit has been playing well all spring. Yes he threw some pics, but he did not just lay down and let Morris take the starting job as we thought he would. I remember this kid play at FSU in 2009, I mean the kid was the real deal in that game. If we can get that Jacory back, i think that we will be fine. If it was up to me, I would just let them compete and start Morris if there is no real separation between him and Harris. And guy, please stop with the name calling, these kids are ours, they are not professionals.

  213. Sorry I missed everyone on Saturday. T: good to finally meet your son. Next time we’ll have to plan better

  214. avatar
    The Truth says:

    We will J…

  215. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Actually Caniak, the logic is “let’s find a reason to start the Sr with 2 1/2 years of starts under his belt”

    And that SHOULD be the logic. IF Japicky could skim the playbook a little longer MAYBE he could provide soma stability at the most important position on the field.

    The problem is, he’s not doing it. Still.

    That’s why I ask the question and probably will be asking all day:

    After 2 1/2 years of getting the same QB, how many more INT’s does he throw before the last of you see the kid for what he IS as opposed to what you HOPE he can be?

  216. avatar
    The Truth says:

    “I want some milk and cookies” is the key to the Heat winning out…if he plays well then the Heat will go far. Bosh has to play like a man in the post at times…

    I thought the Rasheed Wallace comparison was a good one…

  217. avatar
    JerseyCanes says:

    You see.. what I think Truth is Trying to say is that we’ve reached our pinnacle with Jacory.

    He’s still doing the same thing after 2+ years. It doesn’t look like its going to be better.

    So lets just cut our teeth with Morris who still has time to grow. If he makes the mistakes it more understanable than a 3 year starter.

    If Senior hasn’t separated himself by now.. will he ever? Might be time to go with the Youth.

    Another theory is that Golden is gonna Let the Senior Start out but will have a SHORT leesh. .. My problem with that is I hope he doesn’t do it too late.


  218. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    T I think Bosh heard you on Saturday… lol!!

  219. Which qb gives this team the best chance to win, and that’s j12, morris is coming along, if he develops over the summer, than he’d blow j12 away with what he brings from a physical standpoint, but yall have to go back to that usf game, and yeah morris was a freshman, but still, you got hank and the whole offense and usf made him look like a 2/3 star qb for real. j12 came in and starting moving the offense like he always does, j12 has moved the offense against every defense he’s faced in his college career, that hasn’t been his problem, a j12 with less picks you got a pretty good qb.

  220. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    I <3 Coach Golden

    "Sean Spence… not only did he intercept the ball, but he had fun doing it which was good to see. Like, I didn't see that but when the team ran on there I thought the official threw the flag on the team running on there so he came up to me and said do you want to mark this off and I said no I've been waiting four months for those guys to run on the field like that so pick that thing up. I used some other language as you can imagine…"

  221. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Yeah…Shave down most Russian chicks and you’ll have a fairly hot woman, Calvin

    The problem is Jacory doesn’t come with less pics and you guys make more excuses for why he throws them than any other QB in the history of this game.

    Yeah Jacory moves the ball – right up until he throws it to the other team.

    As a Sr, how many more INT’s will it take until you’ve had enough??

  222. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I think he did KL…he had that “him downstairs” look all game long LMAO

  223. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    T… I’ve seen enuff of the pics from 12…but the only problem is the guy competing with him is on pace to throw JUST AS MANY!!! At this point I say hire Frank Solich or Paul Johnson and run the option!!! Lol…my prayers go out for Fisch in trying to coach these qb’s that seem to not have been coached very well by his predecessor!!

  224. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Chris Bosh is Bernie Macks nephew and Bernie explains my ideas about Bosh at the 2:27 mark.

    I say watch the whole clip cuz it’s damn funny, but you’ll see what I mean about Bosh about halfway through

  225. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Thank you Nash for not making excuses for jaskinny. I agree with you 100% btw and I’m all for running the option at this point

  226. avatar
    Michael Bradley says:

    thanks for the advice, Six.

  227. avatar
    The Truth says:

    it was good to see you Saturday Mike…for the whole 10 seconds you were there LOL

    Good to see you working hard…

  228. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I say name SW the starter and end the debate.

    Golden is going to start whoever gives us the best chance to win, and that’s that. I’m not losing any sleep over it.

    I’m more worried about injuries at key positions where we’re thin (including QB) than anything else.

  229. avatar
    Michael Bradley says:

    Likewise, T.

  230. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Canes all access Traz Powell.

  231. Truth.

    I hear you, but it won’t be INTs from a spring game I assure you. If he starts vs MD and throws a few of the boneheaded type then I can see the move to Morris but what if he does the same (as he has so that’s par for the course) THEN WHAT DO YOU DO? Just live with them? You can do that with Jacory! I think at the end of the day, the J12 Caniak mentioned and I’ve been talking about IS BETTER than anything we’ve seen from Morris (his best was vs GTech). IF we can get EITHER of those 2 guys though to play like that CONSISTENTLY this convo will be DEAD quickly. BUT until that happens……..

  232. JerseyCanes.

    I disagree. Eric Ainge CHANGED, TJ Yates CHANGED, its NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Lets SUPPORT before we just GIVE UP and throw the kid under the bus. He deserves better than that. He’s a TROOPER going through the things he did with injuries and the pounding he’s taken physically and by the fans. He deserves better and our hopes that he plays and prepares better. If he doesn’t those things will take care of themselves BUT UNTIL then IF THAT occurs why not TRY and rally behind the kid and let him know as fans we are UNHAPPY with the INTS and poor preparation but that we DO WANT him to succeed.

  233. Calvin says:
    April 18, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Which qb gives this team the best chance to win, and that’s j12, morris is coming along, if he develops over the summer, than he’d blow j12 away with what he brings from a physical standpoint, but yall have to go back to that usf game, and yeah morris was a freshman, but still, you got hank and the whole offense and usf made him look like a 2/3 star qb for real. j12 came in and starting moving the offense like he always does, j12 has moved the offense against every defense he’s faced in his college career, that hasn’t been his problem, a j12 with less picks you got a pretty good qb.


    He’s a GREAT College QB WHEN he’s not making bad decisions.

  234. In that Traz vid, Ray Ray is laying LUMBER Ya Hear Me!

  235. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I am asking for a number BG…

    Not to compare QB’…not to pose “what if’s” and “hopes”…

    …and obviously the spring game is over so I am asking you, from THIS point FWD how many more INT’s that kid has to throw before you’ll say “it’s over”?

    2 in a game? 3 over 2 games? How many?

  236. Truth.

    I don’t have a NUMBER. I think when the bullets are live you see how he does and you go from there. He’s in a position where he has to CRAP or get off the pot. If he Craps then he sits, he plays well he plays. That simple. But I don’t have a NUMBER, just a wait and see what happens approach. I mean reality is he’s GOING to throw not 1, not 2 but SOME PICKS ALL QBS DO, so to QUANTIFY that is not fair. I think we just have to let it all play out and see how it goes. I know that is the SAFE answer, but its the only REAL ANSWER too!

  237. Brock Berlin changed.

    but still too many INTs all around at QB. I wouldn’t be upset if we put a Dave Wanstache offense out there this year. Only pass when all the RBs are tired or just to surprise everyone including the fans and the other team.

  238. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And no one has supported Jacory more that I have. NO ONE…on this blog I have refered to him as being “special” and “Having it”.

    But I HAVE given up because the kid doesn’t prepare like he should. He can get up to the mike all bright eyed and bushy tailed and tell you lies about wanting to get better, wanting to be the best…but at the end of the day the results ON THE FIELD show you it ain’t happening.

    And he’s now TELLING YOU WHY. “I skim the playbook” “I was too comfortable”

    The spring game comes and it’s the same old Jacory and you guys go into excuse mode. “the wr’s are too skinny” “the ball boy slobbed on the ball” “the sky was blue”

    Saying “He’s a GREAT College QB WHEN he’s not making bad decisions” is like saying “planes are safe as long as they aren’t crashing into the ground”

    When Jaskimmy plays he MAKES BAD DECISIONS!!!! And he makes bad decisions because he doesn’t take this QB gig as seriously as he needs to. His HC says so, too…

    That’s why I am asking for a number. No emotion. Not rationalisation…just tell me a number…how many more pics?

  239. avatar
    The Truth says:

    So it’s not fair to say that if Jacory throws 3 pics in one half against Maryland (like he did against ND) you’ll give up?

  240. avatar
    The Truth says:

    It’s not fair to say that you’ll give up if he throws 2 against Maryland and two more against OSU?

    That wouldn’t be enough of a reason?

  241. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I honestly think that’s what they SHOULD do Esteban…

    The QB play is Turrible

  242. Yes Esteban. Berlin wen from 12 TDs and 17 INTs to 22 TDs and 6 INTs! So YES he CAN DO IT and I’ll hold out HOPE that he WILL do it before I throw him under the bus sight unseen. He doesn’t DESERVE that NOW and he still has TIME. I think he knows as much as all of us he has to stop with the INTS. HE HAS TOO!

  243. Listen to Golden Truth. Is he making excuses too???

  244. Truth.

    Yeah if he plays vs Maryland like he did vs ND than of course that’s IT, BUT I don’t think he’ll do that, I think Fisch is too smart to LET him do that.

  245. THE MOST IMPORTANT part of being an OC to ME is knowing what you HAVE and playing to that rather than saying, my SCHEME is fine YOU GUYS are the problem and walking off the field.

    FISCH is too smart to do the STUPID stuff Whip would do. I think he KNOWS he has a QB with fragile confidence that when confident and hitting on all cylinders is a very good COLLEGE qb and I think he’ll play to Jacory’s and the teams strengths and not try to be SUPER WHIP.

  246. not really into the QB discussion at this point since both guys are having their issues. if both of them continue to play like this I’d go with Morris. at least it can be a year of him gaining experience and learning. plus i think he’ll run instead of force a throw even if he’d still be better served by throwing it out of bounds.

    of course i’m hoping 4 months of working hard pays off – and i guess i need to add i hope they put in 4 months of hard work.

  247. “excuse” did you not read where bg just said, both qb’s are throwing the same amount of int’s, so that flew over your eyes. Here’s something else for you, while j12 might have thrown a few picks in his career, at least most of the time they aren’t the ones that should comeback for touchdowns like the ones morris keeps throwing to linebackers & db’s jumping routes. That only really started happening last year with j12, not in his freshman year. At this point, unless morris separates imeself from j12, the right thing to do is to start jacory, at this point he gives this offense the opportunity to be more explosive, plus, just like in his 1st year being the full starter i said it than and i’ll say it now, and bg has said it lately, it’s how j12 bounces back from those picks that’s important.

    In his 1st year as a starter, when he threw a pick, he’d march the offense right back down field and kept scoring, but once he lost faith in whipple and that garbage offense(under center empty backfield), after he threw a pick last year, all his confidence was gone because he knew whipple wasn’t going to be able to bail him out, a j12 playign qb that knows he can call his own plays will be a better qb.

  248. esteban, i was thinking the same thing about morris, my only problem with morris is, if he gets the nod and starts throwing interceptions early and often, will that destroy him as well. To me, i’d just go with jacory, let morris learn the offense to his max, and come next year, him and tate battle it out and go from there.

  249. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Calvin…I am not comparing a 3 year SENIOR starter to a Sophmore…you can, bg can, but I’m not going down that road.

    I’m talking about a point at which you as a fan will say “I am done hoping this kid will get better”

    What’s your INT number for that, Calvin? How many does Jaopicky have to throw before you’ll stop blaming the OC, the WR’s and the clear blue skies above the stadium?

    And bg, I thought Fisch was the OC out there Saturday?

  250. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And yeah bg…the Golden himself praised Jacory for what he has done right (which are the things he has always done right)and then stated that Jacory still needed to learn the nuances of preparation and film study…that he needed to work harder in those areas(which are the things he has always done wrong)…I know you remember our commentary the other day about Jajedi needing the yoda treatment as a senior, don’t you?

  251. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And Calvin,

    You mean Pick 6’s like these from when you said Japicky was the “old Jacory” at the 2:45 mark?

  252. Truth.

    He was the OC and that is great you mention that because ALL 4 INTS happened in the FIRST HALF! They made adjustments and the game was called in a way to LIMIT turnovers in the second half. I’m glad you mentioned that! Whip would’ve kept with George Bush game plan #1….BOMB ‘EM!

  253. avatar
    The Truth says:


    bg…you are one stubborn, stubborn man…

  254. BUT in defense of J12 his PICK 6’s were INJURED J12 (Clemson and UNC). Morris throws PICK 6’s to LB’s and he’s totally healthy!

  255. avatar
    The Truth says:

    “BUT in defense of J12 his PICK 6′s were INJURED J12 (Clemson and UNC). Morris throws PICK 6′s to LB’s and he’s totally healthy!”


  256. Truth.

    I’m a TAURUS! BULL HEADED! Ha! April 24th is the day, all gifts are WELCOME…

    Thank you! Ha!

  257. avatar
    The Truth says:

    AND still comparing a 3 year starting Senior to a sophmore…

  258. avatar
    The Truth says:


    You got me, bg…I’m going to send you a J12 autographed football…

  259. Truth.

    I believe until I can’t believe anymore. I’m also a loyalist. Been that way forever. You should know that, why do you think I went to war for you and Mary so strongly. If I’m witcha I’m witcha ’til the end! RIGHT OR WRONG! How I was raised!

  260. Jacory is a good kid man. I think he just needs a LITTLE push sometimes. Getting with Dorsey this summer as he said he would will be FANTASTIC for him.

  261. Got to run for a bit. JSQ, I got your email. This is a bad week. Next week though, I got you.

  262. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I hear you…don’t say that too loud or else Calvin’s gonna get on you for turning on Shannon LOL

    I just wish Jacory was as serious about this as you are about him

  263. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    T; I have a # for you; the 2 he threw on Saturday was 2 too many!!!

  264. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Yeah Sailor, unfortunately that first one he threw when the WR was uncovered in the end zone did it for me…I was officially done with that project right then and there!

  265. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Cal, glad to see I still amuse you. Fukin retard. Yeah makes no sense at all how some picks are mental errors and some physical.

  266. i don’t put the INTs for TDs in the UNC game on Jacory since those were passes tipped at the line of scrimmage. Could have been throwing a perfect pass for all we know. The Clemson pick 6 Jacory – maybe some Aldarius too, but he stared him down either way.

  267. Damn BG, that’s my son’s birthday as well.

  268. With Randy I was with him and still LIKE Randy THE COACH/COORDINATOR. Esteban and I were talking about that yesterday. BUT I did RIDE OR DIE with him, I just KNEW by that time he HAD to go. I fought HARD for Randy while there was a reason to fight! When there was no more reason, no more fight. Same with Jacory. He still has LIFE. I thought he was DEAD after ND, ask Esteban. We were on the phone and I said Jacory is FINISHED! BUT he did something I didn’t expect he stuck it out and he’s fighting. I know Six thinks guys don’t STICK it out but MANY of them DO NOT, Ryan Perrilloux is just one example. They want to PLAY and realize it can only be 1 QB. So IF J12 gets to the point where he HAS to be put to bed, then just like with Randy, I’ll put him to bed, but right now that is premature IMO.

  269. Delray, good kid ya got there! Ha!

  270. Yeah, He’s a good kid. Gotta try to get him to a game this year.

  271. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Bg I was ONLY teasing…I know where you stand and what you stand for.

    I just want that INT number so I can hold you to it!!!!

  272. Out til later. You all take care! Truth I understand your sentiments but try to hang in there with the little homie! HOPEFULLY he does what he needs to do, if not, then its just more of the same as we’ve struggled with QBs since Dorsey left, albeit Berlin’s senior yeah wasn’t that bad at all.

  273. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Coach Kehoe on with the Playmaker…

    JSQ, you listening?


  274. new blog up

  275. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Are we still comparing J12 to S17??? You both are right…you both are wrong……NEXT!!!!!!

  276. avatar
    rejuvaphan says:

    Is this JSQ at 2:15 into the video?