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Hurricanes of the Past Share Their Thoughts on the Future


Perhaps the most successful collection of football talent ever assembled was standing on the sidelines Saturday at Lockhart Stadium witnessing the culmination of Miami’s spring practice. All conference players, national award winners, multiple first-round draft picks, and school record holders alike came together and celebrated University of Miami football, with the 2001 undefeated National and Rose Bowl Champions being recognized during halftime.

CaneInsider had the privilege to speak with some of the all-time Hurricanes greats, and they were gracious to share their perspective and opinions on the current state of the Miami football program. 

Standing at 6’7, 220 pounds, defensive end Ted Hendricks starred at Hialeah High before embarking on his Hall of Fame career at Miami from 1966-1968. “The Mad Stork” was one of the greatest players in the history of college football. He was a two-time All-American (1967 and 1968), finished fifth in the Heisman balloting in 1968, and was a second-team All-American in 1966.

Hendricks shared his thoughts with CaneInsider on Coach Golden. “It’s too early to really tell, but Coach Golden seems like a great gentleman when I met him. This is the second practice I’ve been to. It seems like he’s got us on the right track, but we’ll have to wait and see how he’s going to develop this team. I believe he’ll get Miami back on a winning track.”

The University of Miami and NFL Hall of Famer talked about what makes UM different. “The University of Miami has always been unique. The tradition, the location, the students and alumni; it’s like a big family,” Hendricks replied. “Even without having some of the facilities that other state powers have, Miami has managed to have a great program. Tennis, track, baseball, and women’s basketball, those sports are doing well. The culture is there, the tradition is there, now all you have to do is get the right people there, and I believe UM has.”

Ken Dorsey, statistically, is Miami’s best quarterback to ever lace them up. He compiled a 38-2 record, leading his team to the 2001 National Championship and an appearance in the 2002 National Championship game. He set career marks for total offense (9,486 yards), passing yards (9,565), passing touchdowns (86), completions (668), attempts (1,153), winning percentage (.974), consecutive passes without an interception (193), and consecutive games with a TD pass (31). He was also named Co-MVP of the 2002 Rose Bowl, named first-team All-Big East three times (2000, 2001, and 2002), was the winner of the Maxwell Award in 2001, and was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy in 2001 and 2002.

Dorsey shared his insight in to the QB battle headed into the fall. “I think the competition is good for the both of them. Whoever earns the job just needs to stay focused on the task at hand, work hard, make good decisions, and most importantly, win some ballgames.”

Regarding Coach Golden, Dorsey said, “I think he’s laying down the foundation for the future, and I’m confident that he will put the University of Miami back to where we belong, competing for and winning national championships.”

In 1999, DT Damione Lewis accumulated 57 tackles, 6.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and was named to second-team All Big East. As a senior, he recorded 39 tackles, three sacks, and two forced fumbles. He was named first-team All Big East and third-team All-American in 2000. He was a first-round draft pick in 2001, 12th overall selection of the St. Louis Rams. 

Lewis talked about the new leadership in Coral Gables. “He’s doing a great job instilling toughness into the program. The way this team is practicing and scrimmaging is exemplifying that. I think the guys are responding. I know there is some work to do, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the guys in camp, letting all the dogs loose, and getting this thing turned around. I’m confident that he’s going to do a great job here.”

The current Houston Texan gave his thoughts on the strength of the defensive line. “I think we are really strong at defensive end. At tackle, I think the best guy didn’t play today. Today was a good opportunity for the guys that are going to rotate in to get some reps, good for them to settle into their roles and set the standard for what we can expect this fall,” Lewis said. “They have a lot of work to do, but I believe Jethro (Franklin) is going to do a great job with these young guys. They’ll be ready.”

Lewis gave his opinion on Coach D’Onofrio. “He’s doing a great job, too. He’s going to get this defense going again. The DB’s and LB’s are looking good, and when the DL catches up to those guys, we’ll have a great defense on our hands.”

Mike Rumph was on the undefeated 2001 National Championship team. During his career, he compiled 117 tackles, two forced fumbles, and six interceptions. He was selected as a second-team All Big-East performer in 1999 and 2001, and a first-team All Big East player in 2000.

Rumph talked about the secondary depth and talent. “Actually, I see a lot. On Friday, a lot of the alumni came back to speak to the guys. We sat down with them for over two hours and told them things that we see that they can improve on. I feel like we have good depth, and for guys being so young, they’re smart,” he reported. “There’s talent here, as usual, but it’s about getting the technique and fundamentals down. It’s about understanding what the coaches put in front of them. The faster the guys get that, the better and faster this defense will be.”

The former first-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers gave his insight on the new staff. “Having a chance to meet the coaches and see practice a couple of times, I think we’re going to get a great job out of Coach Golden. With all the great coaches they brought in, especially Coach Kehoe, I think it’s going to ignite something special again. He said that he would do a great job in recruiting, and he did. Now, it’s about getting better this spring and summer and turning it on in the fall. Overall, he’s doing a great job.”

Coach Golden has opened up the program to the former players and they’ve responded with their invaluable support, evidenced by their attendance to the spring game and willingness to share their experiences with the current players. Players from across all generations have bought in to Coach Golden’s program. With the welcomed return of greatness, the future looks bright. 

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    The Truth says:


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    raizecane says:

    raizecane says:
    April 18, 2011 at 2:46 PM
    Are we still comparing J12 to S17??? You both are right…you both are wrong……NEXT!!!!!!

  3. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Could someone have at least provided Rashad with a step ladder……LOL

  4. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Actually, I’m not wrong cuz I’m not comparing anyone. I’m just trying to get a number of INT’s that will convince the J12 supporters that he’s not getting better and that there’s no hope.

    They’re trying to compare things. Not I. Thanks. :-)

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    The Truth says:

    And Rashad, lots of folks look like umpaloompa’s next to Bryant McKinney…just sayin


  6. Wish these guys could play in 2012 for us, because we lose

    J. Harris

    T. Benjamin
    L. Byrd
    A. Johnson

    B. Ayles
    C. Ford
    J. Calhoun

    H. Gunn (G)
    T. Horn

    J. Lewis (DT)
    A. Ojomo
    M. Regis (DT)
    M. Robinson
    A. Smith

    R. Buchanan
    J. Futch
    S. Spence

    J. Nicolas (CB)
    L. Chambers

    14 starters and 5 other senior contributors after this season!

    Golden seriously needs to get the recruiting going. We have had back-to-back poor classes. Major work needs to be done, especially at defensive tackle and receiver.

    I really like AG and want him to succeed, but I worry that he’ll have a good year (9-4ish with the bowl game), only to have a really bad 2012 if Shalala and the new AD don’t let him take JUCO recruits who can contribute immediately.

    Really think we can win the Coastal this year if we go 7-1 in conference. As fans we have to realize the conference matters. Conference domination before national domination.

  7. Rashad looking kinda SHORT! ha!

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    raizecane says:

    Joel…one of the knocks against Steve Spurrier was that he would settle for a conf title when coaching Florida. Miami always focused on National Championships. If you focus on NC’s, the conf titles will take care of itself. If you focus on conf titles, you are not gauranteed to play in the NC game.

  9. I know you guys give Rudy from ITU a hard time but it was his father that let Cookie off the hook! Thank Pops Rodriguez-Chomat!

  10. Raize.

    That mentality was GOOD pre-BCS. Can’t do that no more, same reason ND will EVENTUALLY have to join a conference if they want WIN and put that before $$$.

    In the BCS era, the goal has to be win the conference FIRST! You do that you guarantee yourself a spot in the BCS and by consistently being in the BCS you set yourself up to play for the big one every few years. See Ohio State who has probably played for the title more than any other team in the 2000s. The are consistently Big Ten champs. That’s how you have to do it now!

  11. thanks dad…forget Rudy still.

  12. Joel.

    You sound like a NOOB on the Panick button! Ha! We’ll be FINE recruiting.

  13. Also Jucos are NOT the way to make a living!

  14. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Joel Kansas State is coming down this year. You should love them they love the JUCOs

  15. I went to a Juco school a while back in Glendale AZ. Juco team went 12-0. Had some great players on that team. Was fun to watch but nothing like FBS.

  16. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Juco’s ate good to fill holes…not to field a whole team!!! See miss st (Jackie shrill era)…plus big hurtt put it out there that if young goldie think he gonna be able to go after multi juco’s he got another thing coming!!

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    LMAO!! After I looked at the pic, I was like damn Im short!! LOL

  18. Nice first, Truth!

    Orange or green?

  19. RE JUCOs:

    Never did I suggest we fill the entire team with JUCOs. I simply said there are some enormous holes for 2012 that cannot adequately be addressed with high-school recruits. They simply are not physically mature men at 18, for the most part, and cannot step in and do the job.

    We need to grab a JUCO defensive tackle (or two), and a JUCO receiver for 2012. The defensive tackle JUCO is really a must, and two are a must if Marcus turns pro early (his knee injury may be a blessing in disguise come 2012).

    You cannot go through the season with this at DT
    C. Porter (DT)
    L. Robinson (DT)
    J. Brown (DT)
    O. Pierre (DT)
    J. Grimble (DT)
    True Freshman

    That is a recipe to get dominated. The ACC is not a spread league. Teams run the ball hard with big, physical offensive lines.

    I am sure GOLDEN knows this, but will the admin let him fix the problem?

  20. The Truth says:
    April 18, 2011 at 1:52 PM
    And Calvin,
    You mean Pick 6′s like these from when you said Japicky was the “old Jacory” at the 2:45 mark?

    And i’m glad you posted this one up, that’s why i said ”
    while j12 might have thrown a few picks in his career, at least most of the time they aren’t the ones that should comeback for touchdowns like the ones morris keeps throwing to linebackers & db’s jumping routes”.

    That’s exactly the kind of interceptions that j12 normally throws, for the rest of the offensive guys to let this guy run that crap all the way back like that was pathetic, that type of interception is more like a punt, letting him go back down field like that had more to do with guys not hustling and playing with that “hey, i’m an offensive guy” attitude”.

    Also, we don’t have to compare j12 the senior to morris the sophmore, we can compare j12 the freshman/sophmore to morris the freshmean/sophmore real soon. But in your book, it’s not okay to compare j12 the senior to morris the sophmore although both had the same flaws in their same years of college ball, ok i get it, you still don’t like j12, that’s all it boils down too, won’t be long before j12 is going to ask you real soon like da big hater did(hey “excuse” tell me how my azz taste)after the lakers lost to the celtics, “kobe couldn’t do it without me” i couldnt ride with shaq on that one, but in this case if j12 said that(“excuse, tell me how my azz taste”) to you after he’s named the starter, i’m riding with em.

  21. shwarma5, tell “thee excuse” how his azz taste!

  22. esteban, you’ve been asking and waiting for a while and i’ve been wondering when myself when we’d hear something from and see what darion hall has, and ray ray armstrong made sure of that, cause i was wondering who #19 was that got his helmet knocked off, lol, i was sayign to myself, damyum, why ray ray do that to a walk-on when i first saw it.

  23. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Same ole song…You got my crayons?


    What ray bellamy said is real key, “coaching shouldn’t stop after the coaches stop talking” something like that!

  25. And who was this idiot interviewing joe joseph like he was an “all time great” or something, shwarma5 holding out, you doing interviews now!

  26. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Rashad – a word of advice. Don’t show that pic to any of your ladies. If they see it, tell them it’s your 10-year old nephew with Bryant.

    Note to self: do not get my picture taken with Bryant McKinnie.

  27. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    LMAO@CCC. Yea, on second thought, taking a pic with him wasnt the best idea..LOL..When i looked at it, all I could do was shake my

  28. Yep, that’s me taking pictures! Can’t really tell with my hair back and the camera in front of my face! Good eye!

  29. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Forgot my tape recorder Calvin. And since you still haven’t sent the crayons, I wrote this with my pencil I found…

    I call this five rules of Calvinism (no offense to the religious movement of course) :

    I am right because I said so

    I am right because I am from the 305 (and never have left) and I keep it real.

    I am right because I can’t actually answer your question or state I don’t need to because you are so stupid (which is then directly followed by a random assortment of insults about intelligence or masculinity)

    I am right because I can post a You Tube clip

    I am right because I will pull something out of context and also repeat myself multiple times

    Now I bet I won’t need with Ms. Cleo for your reply… and it will leave me wondering if a REAL conversation can ever be had with you.

    But regardless, still would love for you to come to a tailgate and meet the guy I argue with nonstop because really, at this point, I am curious if the man can top the legend.

  30. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    And to answer your question about Joe Joseph, Cal, he is a recent all-time great if Josh Holmes is the bar otherwise, your right, that is a joke

  31. avatar
    The Truth says:


    I don’t know if you were paying attention but in that UNC game we lost because of two INT’s for TD’s

    And I’d happily compare Morris as a Soph to Japicky as a Soph and Japicky as a Sr:

    Yup – did it – they are the same. All 3.

    Except Morris has the better gun and isn’t a Sr and The Sr in this equation hasn’t changed since he was a soph…except he got rid of his Big Daddy Kayne Haircuts ( you didn’t think I knew who that was did ya?! Lol)

    I loved Jacory. But I don’t like kids that don’t try their best…I guess it’s just a thing I have doing whai do. Jacory doesn’t work as hard as he should and he’s cost Miami football games.

    I don’t like that.

    He’s going to cost Miami more games. I don’t like that. So, you’re right…I don’t like him. If he wins, I’ll like him again. If he works hard I’ll like him again. As long as he’s throwing pics and not working hard I don’t like him.


    And as far as tasting ass? You’d damn well know a lot more about that than me…so tell me? How DOES Shannons ass taste? Cuz they way you ride that mans jock you damn sure must know just how puckered that a*shole really is.

    It’s ok…if that’s yo thang, that’s yo thang…

  32. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Truth I think you got a mix of 2 and 3 coming your way

  33. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And I thought you knew me better JSQ???

    You know having Both!

    Calvin, OSU – you’re going. I got a ticket and you’re sitting next to me. Tailgate, game, post game and you’re going to SHOW me what you see that I don’t.

    And you best be keeping the rotation up, too…don’t f@ck around and puff puff without the pass or imbe pissed!!

    I’m serious about the ticket, though. You got 8,000,000 excuses but you got none for OSU…you hear???

  34. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Calvin don’t disappoint now

  35. avatar
    The Truth says:


    Calvins alright…he’s annoying as f@ck but, I know he’s good people. once he shares a beer and wing or 20 he’ll be straight.

    I’ve been getting a combo of all 5 for the past 5 or 6 years…I know how he rolls!!

    I’m sorry we didn’t get to hang out more Saturday. I’m a different tailgater when I actually have to act like a real adult. You going to be at OSU? Maryland??

  36. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    One thing that keeps scaring the hell out of me (along with the qb int’s), is the right corner spot…u know jimbo and the rest of the offensive minds of the acc chomping at the bit at finney and chambers!! Lol…

  37. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Jabigdaddykane needs to stop half steppin – you too Calvin

  38. avatar
    The Truth says:

    True Nash…Chambers isn’t going to make at CB unless he gets a lot better real quick

  39. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    OSU and all the other home games for sure, though no road games this year (except maybe USF).

    And when you got Little T obviously you cancan’t quite tailgate the same way (though I bet he has some Rashad like powers).

    And yeah I bet Calvin is good people. He’s got a real passion for this team. Just fun to mess with, trying to see if I can crack the Calvin code (cue some, you don’t need to crack shiz mofo type comment)

  40. avatar
    Michael Bradley says:

    UM is recruiting two JUCO DT’s that I know of, FACT.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Golden pull in a few.

    I think Joel is right, that’s something to be concerned about.

  41. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    I think Finnie might take some lumps, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a lot of time (as to me, its him and McGee fighting for that spot since it seems like the coaches are real high on JoJo)

  42. avatar
    The Truth says:

    There is no carcking that code…if we get close, he’ll switch it up on us…He’s quick like that

    Little T has the Rashad gene…ask JSQ. She can attest to it…Canez as well. He soooooooooth. All innocent like….but before the ladies know it, they’re giving up the cupcakes. A charmer.

    The only time I’ve seen him shaken was Saturday with miniKL. She had him all shy…although its a wash cuz he was working KLjr pretty good until the bounce house got his attention’

    Cuz at 5 the bounce house is waaaaaaaaaaay better than some ickie girl LMAO

  43. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Look up that BDK brought me to one of my favorites growing up…

    Erick B and Rakin

  44. avatar
    The Truth says:

    RakiM…my bad

  45. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I remember “The Box” and watching this almost 24/7…

  46. Playmaker agrees with us too about the Streeter INT.

  47. Calvin going Shaq on people…HILARIOUS! My name Bennett and I ain’t IN IT but it IS FUNNY! Ha!

  48. Mike,

    the bigger question if whether the Admin will let Golden get them in! Though that he is recruiting them at all shows that he is acknowledging the problem and planning in advance, something Randy rarely did.

    Does anyone think our Oline coach who left for Bama recruited independently of Shannon? We are stacked at oline.

  49. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I just wonder how funny all this ass talk will be when Jashaq costs this team another game.

    Or will be everyone elses fault, again

  50. Juco doesn’t mean instant stud. If you find one you REALLY think is that, then yeah, pull the trigger, but I’d take a HS kid all day that I KNOW I’ll have for 4 years and not the quick fix that doesn’t always pan out anyways!

  51. It doesn’t matter who will play QB. We have to rely heavily on the run game, and the offense will be best if it is BORING.

  52. Truth.

    Hey man I’m not in co-signing or nothing, I just remember when Shaq did that and thought it was funny. No offense to you or anyone else big homie. Just having fun with the Shaq vid.

  53. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    bg, everyone agrees Streeter needs to show that hunger to prevent that sort of thing from happening (that’s what winners do), I just think it’s a 100% Dent move (i.e. those Pitt INTs) to say he was responsible for the INT as people are intimating (regardless of the play Swasey makes)

    You throw the ball (no matter who is the QB) where only the 6′ 5″ man with end zone room to spare and the angle can catch it. It’s simple, if A happens, then B doesn’t. End of story.

    Regardless, as we all agree, no matter the reason, these INT’s need to stop.

  54. bg,

    I’d rather take a chance on a JUCO for 2012 than take a HS kid who I KNOW can’t contribute right away. That is, if I am Al Golden and realize I can’t have a 6-6 record in 2012 and hope to keep my job.

  55. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    LMAO@Truth. The Rashad Gene..LOL!!! Caliente is ready for the OSU game.

  56. I might be late with this, but this is a damned good Sean Spence video….

    If only all the other fifty-sumthin guys “Got It” like he “Gets It.”

    Kiddo could’ve played and STARRED for ANY of the Cane teams 1983-2003.

  57. Shwarma.

    Agree to disagree. I’m 6-5, 6-6 and I lose to a 5-10, 5-11 guy on a jump ball. As Lil Jon would say….Okkkkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyy! What!

  58. Joel.

    You don’t KNOW WHO can contribute right away until the get here. You can THINK a guy is ready but until they get here you still never know. Same gamble no matter if Juco or HS. Still same gamble.

  59. The Truth says:
    April 18, 2011 at 5:54 PM

    except he got rid of his Big Daddy Kayne Haircuts ( you didn’t think I knew who that was did ya?! Lol)

    Naw i’m not surprised, big daddy kane was well known nation wide, but who really caught me off guard the other day was your azz tasting compadre a.k.a. shwarma5 when he posted up that splak pack video, that was borderline blasphemy for him to post that up. I couldn’t believe that shat, i was gtfoh, wtf he know bout the splak pack!

  60. bg1906 says:
    April 18, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    rofl, bg cut that out man!

  61. shwarma5 says:
    April 18, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    You’re growing, keep up the terrible work, and when is your next interview coming out!

  62. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    bg, that’s skirting the point I was making. Never said Streeter SHOULDN’T have made that play and that that ISN’t a problem. But here is the thing, why does the 5 10 guy even have a shot at it ???

    And again this is not about Jacory, but its about why do we absolve the QB from that responsibility in a situation where he had room to err and made the mistake where you can’t?

  63. bg1906
    April 18, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    I know Six thinks guys don’t STICK it out but MANY of them DO NOT, Ryan Perrilloux is just one example. They want to PLAY and realize it can only be 1 QB.


    What does this even mean? It’s a double negative.

    I asked a question a while ago that was never, never answered

    What QB can you name off the top of your head that has been a starter for 2.5 years and then transfers in his Senior year

    Still waiting

    Perrilloux got suspended and dismissed in his RSoph year, he then went to Jacksonville State

    That’s a little different than thinking some kid is going to transfer in his Senior year after playing for 3 and starting in 2.5 years of those 3

    This is a never ending debate. People can say that they’re not “pro-Jacory”, they just make every single excuse ever made for the guy in the book and then say they just want to best guy to win … bullsh*t

    The kid can be the nicest person in the world, hell, I interviewed Jacory on the radio while he was up at Cannon Smith’s house and he was fun to talk to, was a good interview, got some good laughs

    But that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m completely tired of his sh*t and it’s time to move to the next kid, Morris. What’s so bad about that? If Morris falters, then Jacory is right there as a Senior to come in .. right?

    Go with the future for now and that future is Morris. He can do the intangibles that Jacory can’t. Tuck it and run without the fear of him being broken in half. Actually get the ball there on a line so the WRs/TEs/RBs can get something called “YAC”. Won’t go all turtle and hide in his little shell b/c he’s f*cking fragile emotionally

  64. Erroneous!!!

  65. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Just got the memo. Coach Golden has called an emergency meeting for this Friday. Attending will be bg, Calvin, Truth, Shwarma5, six, and Jed Fisch.

    He has instructed that all will be sequestered until a consensus is reached as to who will be the starting QB next fall. Look for the white smoke.

    Coach Golden is looking forward to your input and collaboration.

  66. The thing about jacory, you have to guard the deep part of the field which opens it up for all the underneath routes, so him being the starter and playing in a dump off 1st offense, once those safeties start creeping up because of the short dump off passe and the runningbacks chewing up yards, that’ll open up the deep passing game for jacory more often times than not and he’ll air it out. The problem is, under nix, jacory was in an offense where the short passing game was utilized time and time again, and maybe 1 to 3 deep passes per game would happen, nix(ran a 10 yard offense) had that, “let’s worry about getting 1st downs, and if we get enuff of those, eventually we’ll end up somewhere by the endzone”mentality. nix never understood how many times he had defenses set up perfectly for the deep ball, but never called passing plays to take advantage of that fact.

    Under whip, whipple basically never set up anything for the most part, he would run the ball 2 times in a row, and than pass on obvious down and distances. Or he’d pass, 2 times in a row, and on 3rd and short, go to obvious running formations. whip basically never knew how to use the run to set up the pass or vice versa, so again, j12 suffered. Finally fisch comes in, along with golden who’s going to make sure we’re not trying to run a conservative offense, but go at teams, and the philosophy that golden has mixed with jedd fisch, in the middle of that lies j12, a deep ball gunslinger, that td to benjamin over jojo is what defenses must prepare for with j12, in the meantime, if ja starts picking teams apart with those true underneath routes, it’s going to be a long day for defenses here on out/in.

  67. cx3 that is some funny ish

  68. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    rim shot

  69. avatar
    The Truth says:

    bg you know you never need to explain anything you do or say with me…I know you didn’t mean anything by it and it was hilarious!

    Looooong night for me…time to go get some rest

  70. I just wanted to say one last time that Ray Ray sat Mike James FLAT on his KIESTER! wORD! Head Bussa!

  71. See what the coaching staff was doing in their meeting in that canesallaccess video?

    That’s actually called breaking down film .. and notice, it wasn’t just in 4×3 on CBS/ABC/NBC/ESPN during a game (or on YouTube highlights later) where the camera just follows the ball and doesn’t allow for you to see about 80% of the rest of the field while the play is happening to see what is developing/not-developing

    Ya, it’s nice to actually be able to watch that to understand what is really happening out there – some of us have access to stuff like that, some of us don’t … some of us go to games and can see it unfold live, some of us don’t

    Lemme tell you, the 50 yard line press box cam live feed & the wide endzone cams that can be dialed up from the sat truck to our station, are great things to watch a game from

  72. KEISTER that is!

  73. bg, whoever it was that came flying in from CB had James about to go to the ground. Ray Ray just got his lick in to seal the deal.

  74. Anyone have a good spring game link to some video it would be greatly appreciated.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  75. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Six says:
    April 19, 2011 at 1:42 AM

    …. coaching staff was doing in their meeting in that canesallaccess video?

    some of us have access to stuff like that, some of us don’t … some of us go to games and can see it unfold live, some of us don’t

    Lemme tell you, the 50 yard line press box cam live feed & the wide endzone cams that can be dialed up from the sat truck to our station, are great things to watch a game from


    No doubt that’s some nice ish right there. Me…I’m still having trouble telling if Streeter didn’t really fight for that ball, J12 threw a sh!tty pass, or a combination of the two. Probably the latter. But I’ve only seen one angle and you know that a different angle can tell a different story.

    Haven’t been to single scrimmage this year due to prior commitments but will not miss a single home game and probably hit a couple of aways.

    Most glaring thing I see live, though, is receivers coming open and beng missed. Infuriating. There is only so much information you can process with your eyes and brain on each play when you’re watching from the stands, even in the best seats…and none of us have access to that equipment, except you and the coaches.

    As far as the access the press box and coaching staff have for replays, only you, sports media-types that are interested, and of course the coaching staff have access to that. I understand that.

    Now that’s nice because you can knob it back and forth and get the entire play broken down frame-by-frame, looking at all aspects and players on offense and defense.

    So…good luck on your meeting on Friday…and I suggest you sit between Shwarma5 and Calvin.

    And remember to keep it real.

    btw, how’s yaboy Gray doing? Any better?

  76. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    This is the link six was referring to:

    Unless you have comcast, no way to watch the spring replay. is awol.

    This is ridiculous…only subscribers to comcast have access…that leaves the rest of us sol

  77. The IT guy fixed my computer!!!

    I’M BAAAAACK!!!! :-)

  78. What away games are you attending, Cubed?

    I will be at Maryland and FSWho at minimum. Depending on how things unfold next week I will hit up VA Tech and UNC as well. :-)

  79. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    OmarKelly- I’m told Tate Forcier, the transfer from Michigan is very good, & will likely start in 2012, but I’ve heard that story before (Brock Berlin)

    Via Omar Kelly Twitter page.

  80. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I’m hoping for four, JSQ: UNC, USF (shoo-in), VaTech (logistics suck + their fans piss me off), and the ACCCG.

    I probably won’t do FSU (I have a temper), though I’ll order the tix from HC

    Probably end up w/2 aways when all said and done (+ACCCG)

  81. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:


    2 things:

    1. Stay away from my wife and daughter
    2. I know you’re just the messenger-but that’s another assclown statements from Mr. Greasy-dreds

  82. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Yea, I don’t believe it either. He hasn’t done anything to warrant someone saying he should start in 2012.

  83. the unseen guy is always better.

  84. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    No doubt, Rashad.

    Here we are, spring games are over, the season hasn’t even played out and our local Pulitzer-winning sports reporter has some solid info stating that Forcier will likely start in 2012.

    Beyond ridiculous.

    That, and his prior track record, are why we he’ll always be a third-tier nobody at the Sentinel

  85. Based on what we’ve seen so far that isn’t saying much.

  86. Yeah, of course I’ll be at the ACCCG, Cubed. Maybe USF. Depends on how some things pan out.

  87. although last time Forcier was seen he was good enough to be 3rd string.

  88. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    USF is so easy, JSQ. Option to drive or fly. Very nice stadium. Fans are generally ok. Plenty to do nearby – you can leave T at the mons. Lots of hotel options – from close by to over to the beach. Good restaurants. Cake. Compare to Vatech. What’s not to like?

  89. Yeah, Cubed, I went in 2009. Now that I don’t have to run the game watches anymore, I can pretty much go to any game I want. I have a sorority sister in Tampa to stay with, too, so it’s a really cheap trip. We’ll see.

  90. I still get PTSD from taking the bar exam when around Tampa, though. Not a fan of the city just because of that.

  91. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    C1, Did you ever get access to a spring game vid?

  92. CanesCanesCanes – had a little hidden message in my post up there, particularly for the fans that completely rely on seeing the game broadcast on television to the mercy of what the 4×3 and even 16×9 can show them (which still is about in the 20% range of what is happening on the entire field, until the guys in the booth ask to break down a play from different angles)

    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to not attend games, esp. in these financial times, and I give ultimate props to those who do from in-state and esp. those that fly in from out of state …… but to go on complete diatribes about how this or that isn’t working and how they need to do this or that b/c then it would work guarantee and how simple it is – to the point of going beyond even just believing yourself and what you’re saying – it’s to the point that no one else who attended the games or can see the entire field from multiple sat truck cams that have all the cameras in the stadium patched into it, even knows what they’re talking about or have seen with their very own eyes while at the game

    Got no problem with anyone saying “looks like to me that (fill in the blank)” while they watched the game on television .. hell, I do that when I’m not able to be at the game or able to watch it from up at work …… but to be so adamant about knowing it all and what they should really do b/c you caught it on YouTube highlight clips that were sniped from someone’s TiVo?

    Come on, no harm no foul, just easyyyyy on that

  93. CCC, Canez1, is currently trying on tiaras and pink boas at Tinkerbell’s Treasures, but I’m sure he’ll get around to finding it after his 3pm mani/pedi/facial.

  94. Canez1 – this is one thing you missed from the Spring Game

    Spence is a badass. From when he was a Frosh and threw Tebow of Nazareth down like a rag doll, to his INT against FSU for a TD, to basically everything he’s ever done .. even that “off” year he had was still not that bad .. can’t wait to see him play on Sundays/Monday Nights

  95. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    While knocking back a case of Gatorade i’m sure….

  96. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I think it’s called the zippiti bippidi salon or something like that. They may even have those pretty white gloves that go up to his elbows. lol

  97. Bippity Boppiti Do or something, Cubed. Yes, Canez1 is getting extra pretty for his dinner in Cindy’s castle tonight.

    On a related note, the city of Orlando is reporting a Gatorade shortage.

  98. Don’t hate me cause I’m pretty….


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  99. My new iphone has arrived!

    My firm worked out a deal with Verizon that if we want to switch, we get a free iphone4.

    Arm twisted! :-)

  100. . . . and scented.

  101. avatar
    raizecane says:

    CapeCoralCane says:
    April 19, 2011 at 12:24 PM
    While knocking back a case of Gatorade i’m sure….


    Not if I can help it :-)

  102. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Gotcha, six. I’d love to break down plays in detail, but whether live or at home, your brain only perceives maybe 20% of what actually happens on the field.

    I mean how many breakaways have I seen, say at a stadium, where I totally missed a wr block downfield that let the runner go an extra 20 yds…and that’s just one example.

    That’s one reason I don’t get into the nuts and bolts of this whole J12/S17 debate. Based on my narrow field of vision and QB overall physical ability, I’m a strong lean to Morris.

    But I also can’t pin EVERY single int on J12 last year because the way they ran that wackadoo offense last year, many times he was throwing to spots. But I also knew that after the first game last year, I was taking swigs of Pepto Bismol every time he dropped back – no matter whose fault it was

  103. That’s why Truth’s seats are great for watching the game. From my seats (3rd row) you can’t see the play unfold and you have a very narrow view of what is going on.

    I had similar seats for USF too and loved them.

    But it looks like I’m staying in the alumni section again this year.

  104. So what will AG impose I wonder? Seems like enough already from what this says..

  105. I’d rather be up higher during any game (football, baseball, hockey) the majority of the time over being a lot closer

    For one, the tickets are cheaper, why pay a lot more money when you can’t see as much – I already know what the hell the players look like up close … for two, you can see everything develop or unfold … for three, I love watching the defensive alignments in baseball esp. where the outfielders are and how they track a ball/pursuit angles they take on fly balls … for four, same with hockey, you can see everything and esp. what players are getting chippy with the other behind the play

    If I’m on the sidelines, I’d rather be down field a lot further to be able to not only shoot the whole field after zooming out from the primary focus, but to be able to see things unfold down field … of course you’re somewhat limited to how far down you can be if the teams are on the 35 yard line on into the end zone … and you’re very limited to what you see when your eye is in the view finder and trying to follow the ball closely

    On a side note, I love Raymond James Stadium and its layout … I just hate the college team that plays in it

  106. avatar
    The Truth says:

    It’s tinkerbell’ treasures over in fantasy land if Canez is in the magic kingdom. Bipity bopity boo is in downtown Disney…

    That’s right, Canez…I got your back

  107. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I’m upper deck row 1 specifically so I can see the field and watch Jaskimmy miss wide open WR’s on every single play

  108. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Seriously, row 1 upper is where it’s at. No better view and you see everything. No in front of you either which is nice.

    No old ladies trying to pelt you with hot dog pieces while shouting obscenities either – like at USF

  109. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Yeah, but we were in the shade, T. That is priceless when you don’t care about what’s going on on the field (like last year at USF).


  110. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    RJS is fan-friendly: have to give it that. Can’t comment on the parking though.

  111. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I love watching the chess game before the snap between the o and d

    You can’t see that in the lower level…unless you’re in the endzone but then it’s only one team at a time.

  112. avatar
    The Truth says:

    LOL So true KL. I was too banged up to notice that day but that is a luxury in Sept, Oct…no doubt.

  113. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Yeah yeah row 1 upper SOUNDS good, but after that last game fk-me interception, I may have been tempted to jump. Exactly what I said, too, after that int, fk-me, and I really watch my cursing at games. Just came out, couldn’t help it.

  114. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Just think – up there, if you’re facing the field, no one hears you

  115. Cubed, parking is directional at RJS. You have to caravan in together. It made us mad in 2009 but it is the same deal as the Wal-Mart caravan we do now since Truth got too rowdy at FSWho and ruined tailgating for everyone.

  116. I have sat in the endzone field club too – UVA in 2009. AWESOME seats when a TD is running right at you. But sucks otherwise. I was sooooooooo hot that game! Delirious!

  117. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I do a lot cussing up there. But I’m a lot more likely to go grab a drink at the bar than I am to throw myself off the top.

    I might throw someone else off the top as well…

    I like myself waaaaaaay too much to cause harm to me. No way.

  118. So my Lilly Pulitzer cover won’t fit on my new iphone and Lilly Pulitzer only has iphone 4 covers in croc colors.

    This is a sad day.

  119. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I was so way too rowdy at FSU. I’ll be much calmer this year.

  120. Uh huh.

    If anyone wonders why I am staying in the alumni section, I think this explains it quite nicely:

    – – – – –

    The Truth Submitted on 2011/04/19 at 1:26 PM
    I do a lot cussing up there. But I’m a lot more likely to go grab a drink at the bar than I am to throw myself off the top.

    I might throw someone else off the top as well…

    I like myself waaaaaaay too much to cause harm to me. No way.

    – – – – –

    I can see the headlines now:

    Jacory throws 5th INT against OSU; blonde double alumni thrown off upper deck

  121. avatar
    The Truth says:

    If Jacory is still on the field after his 2nd in ANY game I’m grabbing Golden and throwing him off.

    It won’t be you JSQ

  122. avatar
    The Truth says:

    If that ever happens I better eat my wheaties that day cuz Golden’s a big sombitch

  123. LMAO, I’ll help you, T.

    The two of us after quite a few jello shots are pretty feisty – I think we could take him.

  124. Coral I haven’t really been looking.

    It’s a working morning for me.

    Gotta go grab some lunch. I’ll keep an eye out.

    Gotta go get my nails did after that.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  125. And Wheaties?

    Pfft! You’re gonna do better eating than that at my tailgates!

  126. I can see the headlines now:

    Jacory throws 5th INT against OSU; blonde double alumni thrown off upper deck


    OK, I just spit salad over my screen! I’m upper 2nd row and love the seats. Just wish the seats where not pushed back so far from the field.

  127. All this talk of Canez1 prettying himself up reminds me that I have to schedule a trip to the groomer for Sebas this weekend. His gwandma . . . er, grandma, gets in town Wednesday and he needs to look EXTRA handsome! :-)

  128. It’s a nice visual, huh, Delray?

  129. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Sebas ALWAYS looks handsome.

    Just sayin’

  130. Given the passion of the members on this site I could actually see it happenning.

  131. I know, KL, I know. I told him he was going to the gwoomer . . . er, groomer, this weekend to look extra handsome for Grandma and he turned his head to the side like “is it even possible for me to be MORE handsome?!”

    Oh, F. Need to call the housekeepers now too so my mom can keep operating under the illusion that I am cleaner than I was in high school.

  132. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    C1, hit me up……..may be able to help.

  133. Lots of good pictures (my friend and fellow double ‘Cane attorney Platon is the photographer) from this weekend on Pro ‘Canes:


    Coach seeing if 2-0 E-Reed, boy has any eligibility left to come and help out our backfield


    Looks like Ed Reed is trying to steal one of Reggie’s wings and Reggie ain’t having it!

  136. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Mark it.

    J12 will not throw 5 ints in a game this year. Nor will he throw 4 and probably not even get to 3. Even money has him throwing 2 or fewer ints in a game, and only late in games.

    Just a strong hunch. Ya got me.

  137. Cubed, I said 5 for comedic effect. Hyperbole. I don’t think he will do that either. :-)

  138. I don’t think he will have the opportunity. He throws a couple and he will be taken out….IF he starts.

  139. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Ok now, don’t get all hyperbolic on me. If that’s even a word.

    But yeah, I know, nobody in their right mind thinks he’ll even get to three in a game. Unless he’s hitting the wrong guy on the sidelines.

  140. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Freshman that hasn’t enrolled yet that makes the biggest impact this year?

    My guess would be Gionni.

  141. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    btw, I love chick, but he’s got some studs (hopefully) in front of him at end, and I don’t see him as a DT, I know some do, but I don’t.

    LB is where we’re thin so if the guy can ball, Gionni’s seeing some action.

  142. I’m going with Matt Goudis. Seems like this position is WIDE OPEN. Need someone to step up.

  143. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Do not sleep on Perryman

  144. Perryman is the FB of the future – no doubt.

    top impact freshman for this year is Grooms.

  145. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Six, you better shut your mouth with the heresy! See things unfold across the whole field??? What are you retarded????

    Speaking of that, I love my seats in 412. I am at the 25, row 7 and they are only $160 for the whole season. Hoping to move up once payment plan renewals are through, as row 1 at the far end puts you at the 30 in my section.

  146. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Anybody know select-a-seat day. It’s usually in Aug, I think. I usually go to see if I can score better seats, but never change – hard to break away from my suffering peeps.

  147. Cape email sent.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  148. So whats the worst/dumbest thing anybody has ever done after a Cane loss……? At home or at the game….?

    The two things I remember most vividly were after Desert Screw, I first beat the sh!t outta this pillow on my aunt’s couch, then I remember my brother-in-law (a former walk-on at OSU) singing their whole fruity little alma matar/fight song on my answering machine, and I cussed him out on his answering machine like, “I ain’t payin you sh!t!! Phuck that!! That was bullsh!t!!”
    Then his girl called me back the next day, and told me off sumthin fierce for disrespecting their crib…..

    Also, after Kayne Farq let that DB take the pill off his hands, at the end of that UNC game, I threw this little UM football I have at the TV, but I missed and knocked over this HUGE cup of iced tea that I had sitting in the entertainment center. I had to scrub the carpet like a slave, because my wife was gonna be coming in from work, in like ten minutes……Caught hell for that too.

  149. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I skullfkd a Clemson fan after that home loss. j/k

  150. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    CX3, and you think Canez is the twisted one?

  151. I kneed a buckeye fan in the ba!!s after that call. He made fun of me the whole game and then he tried to kiss me after we “lost.”

    I’d like to think he’s somewhere still speaking in a falsetto.

  152. Golf Tour Spring 2011 Outreach Events

    Friday, April 29- Hurricane Club Spring Tour Golf Tournament, Hobe Sound (Treasure Coast)
    Shotgun start 8:30 a.m.
    Location: Lost Lake Golf Club, 8300 Southeast Fazio Drive, Hobe Sound, FL 33455
    Emcee: Don Bailey and Joe Zagacki
    Scheduled to appear: Joaquin Gonzalez, Ryan McNeil, and Brett Romberg
    Cost: $100 per person (includes golf fees, tournament gift, awards luncheon)

    Saturday, May 14- Hurricane Club Spring Tour Golf Tournament, Naples, FL
    8:30 a.m. Tee-off
    Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club, 10154 Heritage Bay Boulevard, Naples, FL 34120
    Emcee: Don Bailey
    Cost: $85 per person (includes golf fees, tournament gift, awards luncheon)

    Dinner Tour Spring 2011 Outreach Events

    Tuesday, May 10- Hurricane Club Spring Tour Dinner, Jacksonville, FL
    6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Reception
    7:00 p.m. Dinner
    Location: Prime Osbourne Convention Center, 1000 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204
    Emcee: Joe Zagacki
    Cost: $60 HC members, $65 non-HC, $70 at the door

    Friday, May 13- Hurricane Club Spring Tour Dinner, Tampa, FL
    6:30 p.m. Reception
    7:00 p.m. Dinner
    Location: Avila Golf and Country Club, 943 Guisando de Avila, Tampa, FL 33613
    Emcee: Joe Zagacki
    Cost: $45 adult for HC members, $50 non-HC members, $15 children

    Monday, June 6- Hurricane Club Spring Tour Dinner, Orlando, FL
    Location: The Vineyard Wine Company, 1140 Town Park Avenue, Suite 1260, Lake Mary, FL 32746
    Emcee: Joe Zagacki
    Cost: $45 HC members, $50 non-HC members

    Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17- UMAA & Hurricane Club Dinner with Head Coach Al Golden, Chicago, IL
    Cost: $250
    Sponsorships available upon request.

  153. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    What? That’s twisted? It’s perfectly normal to want to violate the corpse of an opponent after a loss. What I call a committed fan, you call twisted. Get your priorities straight, mister.

  154. Gotta agree with cubed on this one..

  155. WOW!

    It’s almost like professionals are running things now!

  156. The above all falls under Chris Freet’s umbrella – that was not a Golden vs. Shannon comment.

  157. Interesting words from resident CaneInsider Insider Vette…

    A few notes on the depth chart and other things….

    This is what I have heard so far…

    Jacory is the front runner for the starting job…Everything has been broke down and he is the leader in the clubhouse…Most know I’m a big Morris fan and this news kind of hurt, but I want what is best for UM, still time left to compete and Morris needs to study up and learn the playbook…

    Hurns really really impressed…He moved up to #3 OVERALL on the wideout performance chart…

    Williams when asked about Finnie: Simply smiled and said kid has game

    Bunche and Henderson WILL be split up later…Mentioned this a week or two ago but right now they like that comp brewing into summer and fall between those monsters…I believe Bunche moves over to RT when fall camp starts…

    Ayles is basically holding Clevelands spot for him when he gets healthy…Never heard a hurt tight ends name mentioned more than Clevelands… When discussing the TE’s they were talking about starters and Golden stressed dont forget about Asante to Fisch with a big smile…He really likes this kid….

    Talk about a blow to the ego, Can you imagine if you were this guy reading the following:

    D Johnson

    That is a wake up call for an older dude…hahahaha, two guys who have never been on a college field listed above you? WOW…This was the chart and by each name it had key notes next to each, even dorsett and scott, NONE by AJ…

    Travis Williams got even more praise, as did Futch…I think if the season were tomorrow the starting LB’s would be RB,JF,SP…Gaines is the dark horse guy, too many missed plays but several that made the coaches say “wow”…If he can put things together I suddenly feel really good about our LB’s…

    Storm ranked low in blocking, real low…Mike James was ranked solid across the board…Lamar ranked lower in blocking as well (although not terrible like SJ) and both he and storm need to step that part of their game up…

    Porter and Regis will split up with Forston looking like a mid July return date…Will be good because both can have the mindset that they will be starters and Forston will have to earn his spot back from one of them…BTW anyone seen Regis lately? Dude is pretty big, BIG year from him I believe..

    Chambers making waves was great for the cb’s…

    Offense seemed to get good feedback from the offensive coaches, that was nice to hear…

    Defense not so much…Plenty of negative remarks on that side of the ball…

    NEW strength program starts this summer…Gonna be interesting to see what changes even more than the spring one…I guess the spring one was the beginner workout lol…They have asked former players to please come back and be involved in this… Seems like the general consensus is that conditioning was our biggest flaw overall…I know Golden really really pushed the fact that we are much better than we were before, but that we still needed to SUBSTANTIALLY improve before he thought we would be where they wanted us, especially on the defensive side of the ball…

  158. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    bg, thanks for sharing that. Honestly other than our favorite QB debate, the only positions where I have slight concern is DB and WR (which is just a consistency issue). Everywhere else I think we have what we need (though of course that can get better).

  159. avatar
    canechic says:

    JSQ – Nicole is going to her first ballet barre class tonight, I will let you know how she likes it….she has a friend who works at one of the studios somewhere in South Miami.

  160. Cool, Canechic! It’s a great workout! Did that and spinning this morning. Ouch! :-)

  161. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    bg, saw on CI you said Dorsett and Grooms for KR. Think they are that good? I personally think Miller is made for KR and despite his value else where, would take away a couple carries just to have him return kicks

  162. Canechic, did I tell you a girl from Nicole’s sorority was in my spinning certification class in Miami? Blonde. Senior. Forget her name. She was interested in law school and during the short time I was with her I tried to talk her and her mom out of that idea.

  163. avatar
    canechic says:

    Good job JSQ, I think we now have enough lawyers, lol.

    I applied for a paralegal position at Barry yesterday, maybe I can get some assistance and go to law school there??? Who knows?

    I really only know Nicole’s big and little and 2 of Nicole’s room mates who are ZTA…..I have no clue about this sorority thing but Nicole just loves it. She is now in a leadership position (don’t ask don’t know) and she also just got a position for the Health board at the school (still again unsure what exactly it is). Nicole talks very fast when we talk, LOL!!!

  164. avatar
    The Truth says:

    In case anyone was wondering…THIS is the baddest song in the land right now

  165. Anybody else excited about seeing Rashawn Scott? Maybe not this year, but I really like his film and I’m thinking he could become what we were hoping AJII would be by now.

  166. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Truth – just think, the Foo Fighters might not have been if it wasn’t for KC taking his life. BTW – I was a huge fan of Nirvana.

  167. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Hurri – I am not excited about seeing Rashawn Scott. However, I am excited about seeing Megan Fox in her new movie :-)

  168. for anyone interested ESPN3 now has the spring game.

  169. “Offense seemed to get good feedback from the offensive coaches, that was nice to hear…

    Defense not so much…Plenty of negative remarks on that side of the ball…”

    I think this is partly cause of who the OC is and who the DC is. Our new DC is tough/demanding. He ain’t complementing you unless you got your $hit together. The OC is more laidback – at least seems it.

  170. I think Fisch is a laid back guy in general, but he also seems the type that while he won’t blast you in the wide open where everyone can see it, he’ll pull you to the side and give you an earful.

    Of course, this is just the spring.. Trying to wean the kids into the new system.

  171. I mentioned allen hurns last year how people were sleeping on that man, you don’t just do certain things in Miami and be a bum, that guy is going to surprise people and start forcing d-co’s to pay attention to em, if he stays healthy he’ll be a force out there.

    thomas finnie is going to get better and better as he physically matures, right now, just a few growing pains, but he’ll be straight. streeter will start doing his thing, to much talent, he’s no lance leggett. Their is a lot of talent already here.

    One thing i like though, all of a sudden now, we’re consistently getting long runs in the running game, “is art kehoe back” or something. In fact speaking of him “Hey scuse”, art kehoe had a question for you, he said when you get a chance “tell em how his azz taste”

  172. avatar
    The Truth says:

    …or maybe the WR’s are finally blocking down field??

    OSU Calivin…don’t trip

  173. The Truth says:
    April 19, 2011 at 10:14 PM
    …or maybe the WR’s are finally blocking down field??

    OSU Calivin…don’t trip

    child puh-leez! Let me guess, it’s the mcdonald affect on the run up the gut.

  174. avatar
    raizecane says:

    I sometimes feel like I am talking to myself :-)

  175. avatar
    CaneWarrior says:

    April 19, 2011 at 1:41 PM
    LMAO, I’ll help you, T.

    The two of us after quite a few jello shots are pretty feisty – I think we could take him.

    JSQ – will that be ‘grab and HOLD!’

  176. avatar
    The Truth says:

    That’s true Raize…the flip side is Courtney Love somehow got famous because of his death, too. Proof that in life there must be balance :-/

  177. avatar
    raizecane says:

    The Truth says:
    April 20, 2011 at 8:37 AM
    That’s true Raize…the flip side is Courtney Love somehow got famous because of his death, too. Proof that in life there must be balance :-/


    I forgot about the crazy beeeeeoooootch

  178. avatar
    The Truth says:

    And Calvin, yes…the McDonald effect is present with those runs up the gut, and to the sidelines. Your boy Solly would 100% agree that in order to have big plays in the running game your WR’s have to hold their blocks on the edge. There was nothing wrong with the blocking schemes under the old OL coach. What has been part of the problem over the 4 years are kids like AJ not even trying to lock into their guy. When a play could have gone 60 it only goes 10-12 cuz the corner is either able to make the play outright or force it inside to the pursuit.

    That’s a little different now that kids at WR are giving max effort.

    You love YouTube. Go watch some games from the last two years and then check back.

  179. Really excited to see how Hurns pans out this year. I believe he will do weel if SM17 starts. They seemed to have a good chemistry.

  180. Anytime a guy like art kehoe starts endorsing guys, if you had any doubts, that’s that eye we that was needed on this coaching staff, someone like kehoe, who’s been around long to know who’s legit and who’s not. It’s back to the ole days with art kehoe, i know alot of yall wanted reul, but to hell with that, he doesn’t bring the same kind of credibility to UM that kehoe does. kehoe is the glue to all this and goldie has even him fired up. With all the guys coming back and being welcomed with open arms, somewhere shannon is saying to himself, damyum, i should’ve said f it, and brought all the fellas back too. From a personality standpoint though, that might of been a disaster because the lil things are what pisses shannon off to much and having that many guys comeback all at once, some crap would’ve went down.

    Learning experience for everybody and i know al golden is trying to make sure he doesn’t get caught getting caught up in everything but anybody who’s a real true football guy, if they were their saturday not around ok players, but around some of the best who ever did it, this coaching staff had to be like got damyum, i heard about it’s family here, but tis shat is real and even realer than i thought.

    By the way, i’ve been wondering who ray ray reminds me up when he runs, him and deion got the same damyum form, ray ray’s the hitter, deion kept the majority of the speed!

  181. Delray says:
    April 20, 2011 at 8:44 AM
    Really excited to see how Hurns pans out this year. I believe he will do weel if SM17 starts. They seemed to have a good chemistry.
    harris will get him the ball to as well, that guy gets open, not just against our db’s. Although you don’t hear db’s saying he’s tuff to cover, but just wait until he gets healthy.

  182. I agree Calvin. It’s just that you have seen it so many times that a backup QB comes in and all of a sudden a back up receiver flourishes. Mostly because they have been working together for a longer period of time.
    This may not be the case as much as Jacory will work with Hurns come August

  183. Aldarius whiffing on blocks is what had me pissed last year. F who the OC and what his plays are, he was supposed to be looking out for his teammates instead he was letting them get blown up. Not sure why he was even in there for plays where he was going to have to make the block or whoever it was getting the ball would get drilled immediately.

  184. Aj is a used up hooker that needs to be taken out back by the dumpster and put out of his misery.

    Dead weight on all levels. Plus add a bad friggin attitude on top of it all.

    Cant wait for golden to meet with everyone and ask the garbage to get ta steppin.

    It is overdue.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  185. The best Foo Fighters song . . . and one of the greatest songs EVER:

  186. Canez1 Submitted on 2011/04/20 at 9:31 AM
    Aj is a used up hooker that needs to be taken out back by the dumpster and put out of his misery.

    – – – – – – –

    I think I saw an episode of the Sopranos where some of your relatives did this to a dancer from the Bada Bing.

  187. Had me thinking when I was getting ready this morning what the F Mike and I were thinking ranking AJ so high last year.

    I thought he was going to come back for a big season like Spence did.


    Thanks for those clutch catches in 2008 and the one in 2009 to win the Wake Forest game. Now either get your ish together in a hurry or GTFOH!

  188. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    That was wig-wearing Ralphie

  189. I was so happy when Tony finally wacked that dude. The horse was the last straw.

    The Gladiator obsession was enough. But then he has to beat Tracey and their unborn baby to death? Such a sweet stripper. She baked Tony bread!!!

    I really thought Ralphie and Janice were a match made in heaven . . . or wherever. Could not stand her! Can’t believe Bobby Bacala fell for that garbage.

  190. I’m still not over them wacking Adriana. She was my favorite.


  191. Calvin your speaking privileges have been REVOKED. Ray ray runs like Deion?? Seminole or not, to even compare the two is beyond blasphemous.

  192. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Blue Comet: best Sopranos episode. Ever.

  193. avatar
    east st louis cane says:


  194. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Sopranos. Just choose not to watch.

  195. Bennie, i agree with Ray Ray/Deion comparison. Just look at how Deion used to run and look at how Ray Ray runs. Well just look at how Deion runs and put it in slow motion. The gate is similar even if the speed ain’t.

  196. don’t worry Delray, sopronas was like sex in the city and the wire…over rated.

  197. I guess it was due to the fact when it came out waas shortly after my Grandmother passed. She was an Italian-American who lived a very difficult life raising 6 children on her own. Often moving from place to place because she was unable to make ends meet.

    Unfortunatly, people watched the Sopranos and it stereotyped the culture. Yeah, I thought the whole mafia thing was cool and all when I was younger but this was too close to home.

    Really don’t care if others watch it. I’m not going to tell people what they should and should not do. I just choose not to.

  198. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Sex In the City definitely the most overrated popular show in the history of all shows.

    Straight garbage. And that’s I wanted to like it. I did. I can admit that. Who doesn’t want to see hot girls talking about sex and getting naked?

    But it sucked. And when the main character looks like a cross between a horse with anorexia and Mac Tonight it cuts down on the hotness factor.

    The only good thing to come of that show was this skit from SNL and the only reason I like it is cuz Christina Aguilera has a great rack:

  199. Amen! Truth is right on target.

  200. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Honest truth: I’ve never seen SITC. Not a single second.

  201. Funniest show I have ever seen was “Coupling” by far.

  202. Then you are missing out….

    Friends tried to rip it off but didn’t even come close.

    Here is a scene.

  203. Angry loves to watch Sex in the City and loves me more after I watch it, lol 😉

  204. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Pure fantasy. Dumb show.

  205. I love fantasy ;)!!!

  206. avatar
    The Truth says:

    All of my favorite shows are cool

  207. Ya never got into the Sopranos. The rest of my family loved it.

    Guess we all know where the smarts went…

    My nieces slept over last night and we watched Mafia Wives. I lasted about 5 minutes and had to bust out. More fake garbage from some good ol Staten Island trash.

    I dated a chic from SI once. Went to a party she had and the accents drove me fukin nuts. Not sexy at all. She was in the dumpster by the end of the weekend.

    Thats how we do.

    Sex in the city = Str8 GARBAGE!

    And T is right. Ain’t nothing sexy about Mrs. Bueller. Bytch is hideous.

    Don’t F with pawn Stars…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  208. avatar
    The Truth says:

    I tried to like it Cubed. I gave it an honest go. But watch listening to Carries narration and pining over Mr. Big and that nonsense made me nuts. Plus it didn’t help that I wouldnt bang Samantha if my life depended on it…and she was supposed to be the “hot” one.

    No thanks. I like aguilera’s version better.

  209. Speaking of Cupcakes…..

    Has anybody ever tried sugarchef in Delray? Need to order a cake for a birthday and usually order from a place down in Ft. Lauderdale

  210. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Mafia wives is up there…unwatchable horsesh*t

    Now Tosh.O…THAT’s entertainment LOL

  211. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    T – too many people I know said what you said that’s why I never gave it a go. Plus what’s-her-name: isn’t she what they call a Monet – looks ok from a distance, a real mess up close.

    As far as the Sopranos – you don’t have to be a gavone to like it – you just can’t take all of it too seriously

  212. You mean good-from-far but far-from-good?

  213. Sex in the City would have been good if it had a different set of women who are on TV…something like sophia vergara, alyssa milano, vanessa l williams, and pick a blonde chick.

    i’d have watched each week.

  214. Delray, we used to say that all the time in high school.

    also, had one guy who was atheist and we said if there wasn’t a god then how does Melanie have an a$$ like that? his response was “there is a god!” so that became our code to let each other know there was something worth staring at nearby. just minus being loud about it like he was.

  215. Esteban, that reminds me of a place I used to work at back in College. We had a code we would broadcast over the loadspeaker if there was something worth looking at. Can’t remeber what it was but within seconds there would be a dozen guys in that section of the store.

  216. Esteban
    April 20, 2011 at 11:52 AM
    Sex in the City would have been good if it had a different set of women who are on TV…something like sophia vergara, alyssa milano, vanessa l williams, and pick a blonde chick.

    Now this dude knows what time it is!!

    That cast had to be one of the worst EVER!!!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  217. Any man that follows “Reality TV” diligently, ought to be drawn & quartered. I’ll bet those same bozos think that everything on Jerry Springer was all “coincidental” as well. Please…….

    Unless you’re watching it to make fun of it, please go commit seppukku.

    Tosh has officially replaced Jim Carrey, and Chris Farley as the second funniest Caucasians I’ve ever watched on TV.
    He is nearing that elite tier that the Three Stooges are on.

  218. Tosh.O is a good watch.

  219. avatar
    The Truth says:

    Make that blonde Scarlett johansson and I’m in

    Can switch Mila Kunis for Milano, though? I mean, AM works…don’t get me wrong. I’ve just developed a real appreciation for Ms. Kunis lately

  220. Just caught Tosh last night for the first time.

    Had me dyin. What channel is that show on?

    Gotta DVR that ish.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  221. avatar
    raizecane says:

    < big fan of the deadliest catch and swamp people…. :-)

  222. Truth, i was making it only TV chicks but I can make an exception for Scarlett.

  223. avatar
    The Truth says:

    comedy central, canez…go to the website and peek at that old shows…out of control

  224. Saw about 10 mins of Sopranos – that was it for the entire time it was ever on …

    It had some kid who was dating Tony’s daughter and got set up with some construction job where he showed up to work on time, early and caught some real fat Italian guy giving another a guy a handjob .. with his mouth

    Sex and the City (or Sixty in the City) = Golden Girls, but not nearly as funny … don’t even f*ckin pretend those post-menopausal sabertooths weren’t mixing Metamucil in with their Cosmopolitans … buncha old mediocre at best (when I’m severely blasted drunk) looking broads

    Matthew Broderick’s wife = a really skinny Dee Snyder impersonator who you don’t know whether to feed oats or sugar cubes to out of your hand, b/c you’ve heard that horses love both

    Kim Cattrell – last time she ever was even a hint of being attractive was in the movie Mannequin back in ’87 … when she was actually a Mannequin …. if you want to know what The Great Depression tastes like, go down on her

    That red head chick – what in the f*ck is that? If you’re going to get a lesbian to try and play a straight girl, at least get a better looking one that than red headed goat

    That other dark haired one – she’s decent, but she just looks annoying, like she’d whine basically about everything

  225. Six, that was a damn accurate description of that show and its cast. need to update the wiki page for that show with that.

  226. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    April 19, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    Also, after Kayne Farq let that DB take the pill off his hands, at the end of that UNC game, I threw this little UM football I have at the TV, but I missed and knocked over this HUGE cup of iced tea that I had sitting in the entertainment center. I had to scrub the carpet like a slave, because my wife was gonna be coming in from work, in like ten minutes……Caught hell for that too.

    HAHA bunched a hole in the wall at my house up at school after that one. That one hole led to A LOT of others!