Eye of the Hurricane’s Top 25 Countdown: #16 Ramon Buchanan, #15 Adewale Ojomo, #14 Tyler Horn

Share#16 Ramon Buchanan:  Affectionately known by many around here as simply “Cookie,”  his arrest this past spring (charges have been diverted/dismissed and Cookie is reinstated) signaled to many that perhaps our W/L record was about to change under Golden [insert joke about the 30+ arrests during Urban Liar’s tenure in Jortsville here].  Why He Appears Here: […]

Coach Profiles: George McDonald

ShareGeorge McDonald has a corps of receivers, E-I-E-I-O! Sorry, but it’s true. For some inexplicable reason (cough *JORTS* cough), our all-world receiving corps has failed to thrive of late and has needed to resort to getting their coaching elsewhere, like former Dolphin Mark Duper. However, like everything with the new coaching regime, I feel like […]

Bastille Day Beheading Backfires on ESPN

Share~ The following article was contributed by esteemed Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~   “The Miami Hurricanes program is the beast of college football,  and it is unlike an other sports powerhouse – a dynasty that’s fueled by attitude and aura, not individuals.  Even if those individuals who passed through the program were special […]

Coach Profiles: Paul Williams

ShareYou think your job is stressful?  People keep stealing your red stapler?  Well, stop complaining.  No one is asking you to create a star cornerback out of dust. Paul Williams, our new defensive backs coach, has real problems.  Before we send prayers to him, let’s get to know him better.  By the end of this […]

Eye of the Hurricane’s Top 25 Player Countdown #22 Jordan Futch & #23 Malcolm Bunche

Share# 23 Malcolm Bunche: You won’t see this 6’7″ 328 lb redshirt freshman lineman at the Wendy’s across the street from campus like you would a young Bryant McKinnie back in the day, but that doesn’t mean Malcolm Bunche doesn’t possess the same kind of potential.  The Newark, DE alum spent a year at Milford Academy before coming down […]