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Welcome New Recruits to the U! No Prima Donnas Here!

~ The following article was contributed by EOTH blogger, CrewChic92~

I read the following comment on the Sun Sentinel blog this past weekend from “Norm 4” in response to an article spotlighting UM’s latest 3-star commit, Josh Witt:

Not saying this guy [Josh Witt] won’t turn out to be good, but we keep racking up the 3 stars while FSU lands the 5 stars. Not looking good for Miami!! Hell we even got a 2 star project te while south Carolina & USF landed good 4 star te’s from Florida( Rainey & Price). If Golden is this super recruiter, why isn’t he getting top talent from Florida?? Maybe Bush & J Hamilton, that will be it! I’ve seen it all before, that’s how we fell off the map in the 1st place!!

Ugh! Some of these people just don’t get it! I could go on and on about how impressive Al Golden is, but I have to focus! Focus! Here is what I have to say just limiting my thoughts on Al Golden’s apparent recruiting and coaching strategy: anyone who doesn’t see that Al Golden is a genius has never played on a sports team before. And especially they’ve never played on a team loaded with average players who learned how to win big TOGETHER. Equally as important, they have never played on a team. 

I learned first hand how just ONE “psychologically distracted player” improperly handled by a coach can sabotage an entire season. I speak from experience. I have played on both types of teams. Regarding the first, I went to a private college prep high school whose basketball team was loaded with short white teenage girls. (That’s right: short, nerdy, white girls and basketball CAN mix!) The new head coach of this team (hired in before my senior season) performed untold miracles in only a few years’ time. After my graduation, he took this team repeatedly to the state championship tourney because he knew how to motivate them, discipline them, and bring out the best of them individually and as a team. Short white nerdy girls on a bball team going to the state tourney every year? Yes, it DID happen. Even though I was not on the winning slope of that team, I remember the big mamas my long skinny butt used to have to guard and box out in the paint. That’s the year I learned how to throw a side-killing elbow! A power I still possess to this day. Piss me off at your own risk 😉 But back to the white chics who played on my high school’s basketball teams after I graduated, their winning seasons that came after me and the talent and size they were up against showed me first hand what difference good coaching can make.

Similarly, in college (at our favorite alma mater) I also played on a sport where we were all powerful physical specimens, and the most “powerful” one of us all had difficulty getting her head properly in the game (pc demands I abandon sarcastic humor and write delicately on this). As a result, practice time was poorly managed, morale was low, and we completely underperformed as a result. We went from “hero” to “zero” in just a few weeks’ time. That too, ultimately, was coaching, as coaches had the final say on which players were fulfilling which position. What do women’s high school and college sports have to do with men’s football you ask? The answer is, my friend, that athletes are all human, no matter what gender they are or what sport they play. All athletes, regardless of gender, possess the potential to be a team-sabotaging “prima donna.” Read on.

The term “prima donna” historically describes humans of the female gender who may be described as “prissy”, “self-indulged”, or otherwise “high maintenance.” In men’s football, there is definitely no shortage of hulky male prima donnas. Think Pac Man Jones, Terrell Owens, Vince Young, Brett Favre, and future NFL prima donna if he makes it that far, Storm Johnson. Ultimately, prima donnas only bring down the entire morale of a team if their attitudes are not held in check with the goals and in the context of the strategy of the team. And when the morale is down, losses tally up (see Miami Hurricanes 2010 final season record).

Like any other human characteristic, prima donna traits take root and can be spotted early in the formative years. Prima donna kids are usually are pretty good athletes who don’t have to work very hard initially to get their early fame and recognition. Not all, and perhaps not most, 4- and 5-star recruits turn out to be “prima donnas.” The young football recruits who are 4- and 5-star rated probably deserve to be. Of course they have natural talent, and natural talent stands out more in the early years when bodies are still developing, coaching skills are less refined and high school practice is less demanding. But everything changes at the next level of college. Bodies stop growing up and start growing out. Practice is more demanding, and there’s a hell of a lot more of it. Coaches are more skilled to teach finer points of skill and play. For any kids coming out of high school who are highly rated AND who also happen to be entitled and not up to learning anything new or working very hard (prima donnas), their 4- and 5-stars have no meaning in the end. They stop being teachable. They don’t live up to their potential. They’re a “bust,” forgotten forever except by the high schools and their mamas who love them. In the end, high school recruiting “stars” matter but they don’t necessarily have the final say. It’s those human character “intangibles” coaches talk about that can really make all the difference in overall player and team performance. (Team performance = #WINNING btw).

This summer we have read about Al Golden’s evaluation of high school talent and the “intangibles” of potential high school recruits pouring into Al Golden’s football camps for a chance to fit in with the big dogs. I had the luck to meet one such high school incoming senior this week who attended Golden’s most recent camp. This young man’s words? “Al Golden doesn’t play. He means business. He’s turning things around. He is OR-GAN-IZED. Leonard Hankerson is cool and worked with me a bit. I ran some drills with Stephen Morris. And Allen Bailey is a BEAST! He’s not even human!” Ah….such sweet words to my ears. I couldn’t help but to ask if they offered him a scholarship? Was I sitting in the room with future UM greatness? Would I be able to say I knew him when? Eh…..probably not. (Besides the fact that he happened to be wearing a Gator shirt signed by Jenoris Jenkins who I PROMPTLY pointed out was a 3 time pot-smoking loser and this kid would never amount to greatness until that shirt was burned at the stake. I also wonder if he happened to have purchased that shirt at a pawn shop…?)

But this young college hopeful did say that UM wanted to wait on offering him a scholarship to see how he did during his senior season. He said he was fine with that and now he KNOWS what is expected of him at the next level. (Translation: he KNOWS that no prima donnas would ever wear Orange and Green under Al Golden’s watch. Ever. Never. Ever.) The question for him, and for every recruit, is whether he is willing to put in the work and sacrifice required at the next level? That’s one purpose of what these camps are for (aka Al Golden’s strategy): to give the coaching staff an opportunity not only to see talent but also to see the intangibles of heart, effort, and ability to perform under pressure. From this point forward Golden can hand pick the ones he wants. These are the ones he sees who have talent AND are willing to go full on b-t-w for 8 straight hours in the sweltering Miami summer heat and say, “Thank you Sir may I have another?”

To the ones who are willing, you got a chance. Welcome to the [No prima donnas here] U! And regarding the players Al Golden inherited, all the ones who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) perform under pressure are now gone. Similarly, guys who can’t hack it in the camps won’t get offered a scholarship either. Skills can be taught to 2-stars who have heart and effort and 3-star bodies can get into shape, but none of that matters with a kid who has no heart, cracks under pressure, and thinks there’s an “i” in the spelling of “team”.  (Prima donna, btw, IS spelled with an “i”).

Looking at the players who have made it through spring season UTOUGH (“No prima donnas here!”) boot camp, I think we have learned there is definitely a new sheriff in town. There is no doubt in my mind the team has toughened up and tightened up. Prima donnas and slackers and alleged rapists and rumored pot smokers have all been weeded out. (We still have YEBO the rapper but even he can make a run for it at qb at this point.) As a result of UTOUGH, I expect UM’s winning percentage will increase this year, the quality of our play will be much improved, and morale and excitement over UM football will shoot up even more. Unfortunately there are still too many unknowns at important positions (qb, kicker, cb) to get super confident and excited right now about the final season record. Nonetheless, we will see that U SWAG return not necessarily because we will be winning EVERY game but because we will have the discipline not to make as many dumb mistakes, we will have the physical stamina to complete the games, and we will see more playmakers making more plays. All of those things working together are contagious for a team’s morale. Morale + talent + heart + guts + physicality + putting “team” before “I” is what wins games. Winning games puts fans in the stadium and games on TV. National media exposure and fan excitement brings even more quality recruits to want to play for the U. It’s a domino effect and it all starts this year. GO CANES!!!

The other great thing about Al Golden recruiting and coaching strategy is he doesn’t give a rip what other teams and coaches at FSWho and UFelony are doing. He’s got his game plan and he is working to execute HIS plan, a plan that worked at lowly Temple and so far is bringing life to a not-so-long-ago-down-and-out U. If a player or a coach doesn’t want to follow Golden’s program, Big Al has no problem giving a suggestion (otherwise known as a “subtle command”) for all prima donnas to go find themselves another program. He doesn’t have the time or the patience for that kind of coddling BS. Maybe that’s what is attractive about 2 and 3 star recruits. They KNOW they are not in a position to demand to be coddled. The camps give Al the opportunity to weed out which of these kids have those intangibles of being hungry and willing to work to get to the top from the ones who lazy and are gonna stay a 2 star forever. And 4- and 5-star camp attendees? They have to pay their dues too. (No prima donnas here!)  UTOUGH works as well in the camps as it does in the spring season. What a simple and effective recruiting and coaching strategy: put on the pressure and see who’s gonna crack, who’s gonna cry, and who’s gonna crank. Time will tell, but I believe UM struck “gold” when they hired Al Golden. It’s only a matter of time before the prima donna naysayers of college football nation lose their “4 and 5 star recruit only” blinders to see it.


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    BahamaCane says:

    Well looky here!

  2. BAHAMA!!!!

    YOU’RE BACK!!!!


    Here’s eleventy jello shots!

  3. CapeCoral, practice always starts the first week of August. So we are down to just a few weeks, my friend.

    In the meantime, I find watching The U and the UM/FSWho Rivalry DVD from allCanes helpful.

    Hang in there!

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    BahamaCane says:

    Hey JSQ, I am back? I never left! The Bible says never leave a woman who gives you free jello shots!

    I visit the blog almost everyday and havent been posting as much because i am not really into the recruiting part of the season.

  5. Este dang you can’t beat that deal!!

    How did you like it?

    Cost me $15 for a 3D ticket the other night FML.

    You won’t be disappointed with the 3D.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    CapeCoralCane says:

    Speaking of which jsq…..from the last blog. Your imaginary significant others coming out party…

    July 5, 2011 at 11:32 AM
    Yea este, Those old game tapes are life savers for me. My wife thinks i’m crazy for watching them from time to time but it works for me. I keep an old VCR for that purpose only. Need to copy them to disk. Speaking of FSU…I have the 2000 game on tape. Think I will watch it tonight.

  7. You are right, Bahama, I do remember that passage of the Bible.

    Good to have you commenting again!!!

  8. Ah Jeremy, saving the day, the game, and earning a place in my heart forever.

  9. The blonde chick from Transformers was just on Ellen (I’m working from home today) and I have some bad news: she has a boyfriend.

  10. Just saw the most hilarious status update from my friend in DC who used to live in the same condo as me in West Palm:

    “Pregaming for the Casey Anthony verdict”


  11. My prediction: not guilty on all counts.

    No evidence on that bish.

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    CapeCoralCane says:

    Great write up bye the way CrewChic. Do your self a favor though….the majority of negative comments from that rag are trolls that like to pose as Cane fans. Take their envy of the little school that could with a grain of salt.

  13. LB Sean Spence and SS Ray Ray Armstrong named to Bednarik Award Watch List

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  14. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    This comment from Witt’s HS coach tells you all you need to know about how Golden and crew are recruiting and evaluating kids.

    “The one thing you have to give Miami a lot of credit for is that they’re trying to build something and they’re out there looking, being thorough,” Guandolo said.

    “They’re working guys out hard. They really evaluated Josh hard. It wasn’t just an offer. They really did a thorough job on him. It’s a big commitment on both sides. I think a lot of schools have lost that evaluation process. They rely on video or the one time they come to watch a kid play. Josh was impressed with the staff. I’ve been impressed with the staff.

  15. Well said, CrewChic92 … sounds like what Coach Golden told The Paymaker on his radio show … “Michael, you can’t win a NC with all 5 star recruits” … just meaning, there’s nobody to do the heavylifting …

  16. John, I’m really sorry to hear about Kay. Her memory will live on at the U!!!

  17. What CapeCoral said about the SS. I used to get myself in a tizzy (and if you’ve seen me in a tizzy, that ish is not pretty!) about the stuff that was posted over there back in 2007-2008. Then I realized they are trolls.

    I can’t even imagine what specific breed of loser trolls the sites of rival teams only to comment with some doom and gloom everytime good news rolls in.


  18. And I’ll say it again bc I don’t mind PDAs:

    Awesome job, CrewChic92!!! I really appreciate your contributions in the last couple of weeks!!! 😀

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    Esteban says:

    could have used my comments about Witt in this article. although i don’t focus on the stars or what FSU is doing.

    i do agree with whoever it was that said we’re taking a few too many guys that there is no need to take commitments from at this time (was that blustein?). makes me think we’ll be SEC’ing it this year with over signing.

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    Esteban says:

    Canez1, i’m going tonight, so haven’t seen it yet. its a Tuesday deal. all day $5 movies – includes 3D.

    i ended up missing Super 8 over the weekend tho. had to watch my daughter. i let her watch the trailer to see if she was interest enough to where I could take her and let her primarily focus on the popcorn. but she was pretty emphatic with the “that looks too scary” comment that she kept repeating.

  21. avatar
    Esteban says:

    which reminds me i took my niece and nephew back in the day to Day After Tomorrow cause i had agreed to baby sit them. my niece burroughed herself into my armpit after the big catastrophic storms started hitting. was a little too intense for her. felt really bad after. but that was a movie worth seeing in the theatre and putting up with a slightly uncomfortable sitting situation.

  22. Esteban, I was thinking the same thing this morning re: SEC-like signing.

  23. Esteban, I had the same scared reaction during the Hangover when they showed Chow naked.

  24. Hangover 2, I mean

  25. avatar
    Esteban says:

    lol…reason enough to skip it?

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    BahamaCane says:

    JSQ, the chick in the new Transformers movie has a fish face.

    Magan Fox is just naturally sexy with poor acting skills whereas the new chick is a better actor than Megan Fox, but then again that isnt saying much!

  27. Esteban, I still think it is worth going, especially if someone else is paying or it is $5 but when they start talking about mushrooms, go ahead and put your earmuffs on and stick your head in your companion’s arm pit.

  28. avatar
    BahamaCane says:

    Hangover 2 was hilarious. I could have done without seeing the Tranny scene though!

  29. Bahama, that’s not poor acting skills, it’s too much botox. Her face can’t make expressions properly anymore.

    Not judging, though, I’ll be the first in line for that ish when I get wrinkles.

  30. Yeah, Bahama, I hid my eyes with my hands during that one and almost tossed my raisinettes up.

  31. avatar
    Esteban says:

    JSQ, i’m curious as to how the reaction is going to be from the local coaches when there are some guys dropped at the last minute cause of the oversigning. really can see that Golden will have a finite amount of time to either win it all and then bolt to Penn State or NFL, or win enough to bolt to Penn State, or just have used up all the goodwill not win enough in the process and end up fired. either way I say 5 years is his max here. hopefully within that time we win a lot and people could care less if he’s a douche or not.

    but after coker and shannon its a good thing to be back to the mercenary type coach who’s going to be highly motivated to move onto bigger and “better” things.

  32. Agreed, Esteban, and was wondering the same exact thing while washing my hair this morning, lol! Great minds . . .

  33. avatar
    Esteban says:

    megan fox’s acting always seems good to me. she does spacey better than most.

    and there is a tranny scene in hangover 2? certain things just freak me out. and that’s one of them.

  34. Yeah, Este. Totally didn’t see it coming, either.

  35. I would take Janoris Jenkins over a slew of DBs that have played at Miami in the past 9 years …… not only can he take some taser shots and keep running, but the kid can just flat out ball – much like Joe Haden could for the Crocs

    And I don’t think anyone really goes to see a movie involving Megan Fox or Rosie Whiteley for their acting – you go to see what movie they’re in expecting to see the short/skin tight/body hugging/sexy outfit the costume designer is going to put them in and how many slo-mo shots the director drops on them

    I heard some clown coming out of Transformers 3 complaining loudly the entire time about the acting and how could Megatron do this or that – how it’s not possible …… I got tired of the jabbering and said just as loudly to him that he does realize it’s a movie about f*cking robots coming down from space from some big robot planet, that transform into cars/planes/helicopters and for some reason they also have different accents – but he’s worried about the realism aspect?

    Understand what it is and roll with – it’s not exactly The King’s Speech or Crazyheart

  36. Juror #5 in this Casey Anthony case is kicking our ass …. had to be at least 1 sympathetic person in the jury and she’s it – great – get this sh*t over with

  37. love the write-up crewchic!!

    welcome back bahama cane, even though you never left

    bg – any more word on that don soldinger epsode?

  38. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Verdict is in…….will be read at 2:15

  39. avatar
    Esteban says:

    casey anthony is the chick who was murdered in europe or the jealous roommate who had her murdered?

  40. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Este – Casey is the mom who is being accused of killing her 3 year old daughter here in Orlando.

  41. They should hang that hooker right in the courtroom.

    Fukin trash.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  42. Seriously! She’s guiltier than OJ!

  43. avatar
    Esteban says:

    thanks Raize. all these women going nuts all over the place. its a result of the women’s movement. women do best in the kitchen. take them out of there for too long and they lose it. need to be put back in the native habitat.

    and just kidding of course. women aren’t going nuts, they’ve always been crazy.

  44. But there is no evidence.

    I’m at the doctor and everyone here is mad! I hope they don’t take it out on me when drawing blood! Slamming doors and everything!

  45. JSQ, if I ever get into deep trouble, you are my attorney! I didn’t follow any of this trial, got better things to do.

  46. I keep hearing that University School WR Jordan Cunningham is on the verge of pulling the trigger for the Canes. He camped here 2 weeks ago and will be one of the state’s most heavily recruited WR prospects for the 2013 class. He has an offer now.
    Mike Bakas

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  47. @joerogan Joe Rogan
    Casey Anthony was really found not guilty? Did the jury consist of 12 sad dudes that wanted to fuck her?

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  48. avatar
    Esteban says:

    6’3 as an incoming jr in high school at WR? that’s a good place to start.

  49. Karma, pussy and weed are all undefeated.

    Bish will get hers sooner or later.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  50. How much you wanna bet the next guy who sleeps with Casey Anthony wraps it up…twice.

    Save the children.

  51. It’s sad the football players understand reasonable doubt better than 90% of the people I know.

    Bunch of rah-tards out there.

  52. avatar
    Esteban says:

    i’m just surprised that there isn’t a penalty for dumping a dead body – especially one of a child that was in your supervision. or does it just seem that way?

  53. Canez1 says:
    July 5, 2011 at 10:54 AM
    Tough to watch anything but college football.

    For me anyway…

    Cal how did you like it?? I am guessing you did if you went to see it a 2nd time.

    I can’t get enough of that ish.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

    It was off the chain dawg, than when i got to the crib i’ve already watched like 3 or 4 times online. So now all i have to do is go and watch it in 3d! I watched it again today online. My man sentinel prime, i got a question, what’s up with all the transformers(autobots for sure), they all tuff talkers, and than as soon as they getting ready to get blasted, they start pleading, and than as soo nas they get out of the situation they tuff again, lol.

  54. Cal LOL!!!

    It was a great movie wasn’t it!!

    Can’t wait to see it again and I never watch movies more than once.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  55. I haven’t even bothered to watch that dumb azz trial, i knew the longer it went, they were just looking for a reason to let that broad get off. All i’m saying is, i’m just glad they didn’t have another sketch blaming it on a brotha somewhere u.s.a. Also, did i hear something about the baby had tape over her mouth and if this whole thing was a mistake, why didn’t they just call 911, and try and get the baby rescued from the get go, no need for all these stories and hands involved!

  56. Canez1, i’ll probably watch it again online tonight as well! esteban watching movies like the same price for $5 footlongs!

  57. Wow, Family Feud is still on tv?

    My day just got better

  58. Esteban, there isn’t proof that bish did do anything but skank it up after her daughter was missing. The police gave the prosecution NOTHING. Yokels. Not like we are dealing with a criminal mastermind here. Bish got fired from Universal I heard.

  59. avatar
    Esteban says:

    Calvin, that was my lunch today. pizza by the slice spot was pizza less at 11:40 am – i know that’s on the early side for lunch, but noon is 20 minutes away. no excuse for having nothing even started yet.

    but you know for as much as a soda cost or popcorn i need to find some wallet relief when i want to hit up the movies.

  60. Hillbilly trash at it’s finest…..

    LOL este has the hookup.

    They might be showing the movie on the back of the theater outside in the parking lot but it’s all good!


    I’m hatin cause I pay a fortune to see a movie by my crib.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  61. esteban i see you signed off on keith brown, but i’m looking at a lot of these guys coming in and the one thing i’m seeing is, most of them are getting to the ball off good football instincts and than of course athleticism and the majority of them are all hustlers. The db’s come up and stick people in run support. What golden is goign to have here, he’s coming in with the same mentality he had with temple, get a bunch of blue collar workers but in this case he’s getting better athletes with that go hard mentality.

    The main thing i’m seeing from the guys that are coming in the 2012 class, it reminds me of the 2010 class, tuffness but not just in the trenches but from the linebackers & db’s as well!

  62. Question is what would a dude lie about on an application for a dating service – dude at the front shouts out:


    LMAO love me some Family Feud!

  63. . . . and that’s why I do a background check on anyone who so much as winks at me.

  64. FYI, there is a dude in FL who is a murderer with the same name of someone on this blog.

    Wrong age, though.

  65. avatar
    BoriCane says:

    Awesome write up CrewChic92!!!

    Beware of side-killing elbows!!!! LOL!


    Go watch Super 8 !

  66. Anyone want to make bets on which network will throw whatever amount of cash to do the following:

    – Casey Anthony mini-series
    – Exclusive interview with each family member
    – Exclusive interview with just Casey
    – Take off of the trial & story (CSI and Law & Order do these all the time)

    Casey just made herself very rich with this verdict

    Books. Mini-series. Interviews. B Movie = some serious coin

    We’re waiting right now on hearing the interview with the on our satellite feed

    Remember how I said Juror #5 was a woman and was sympathetic? Did you hear when they were asking each juror if they agreed/disagreed with the charges and when they got to #5 it was a woman?

    Anyway, our newsroom looks like a ant pile that someone kicked over – peeps running all over the place, running out the door in live trucks, etc.

    Casey is going to be followed so closely for a while it’s going to be nuts – she will be scrutinized and held under a microscope for every action she does

    If it were up to me – I’d have that bitch neutered and not be able to adopt a child either

    She’s a great actor, I’ll give her that. She can turn on the waterworks when she wants, or she can just sit there and doodle on her notepad with a smirk on her face as well

    Her daughter is missing, she goes out and parties, gets a classy tattoo, doesn’t seem to care where she is

    How many of you with children would do that – how would you act if you lost sight or didn’t know where your 2 1/2 year old was after only 5 minutes

  67. Somebody just said “you better win this fast money, b!tch!”

    Can you say that on daytime TV or is that a Family-Feud only exception?

  68. I see what you did up there!!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  69. It’s on again!

    Love me some Family Feud!

  70. They can’t neuter her but that bish will never be able to adopt, that’s no pipe dream.

    She’s as guilty as sin but that MDCC/FSWho/St. Thomas Law grad was able to get her off because the police and prosecution effed it allllllllll up.

    I was in hysterics when Sebastian was missing for 5 minutes in Islamorada. I need my shadow.

    Chick is a total sociopath.

  71. six, the lifetime channel probably already beat all of them to it, ain’t but psycho’s on that show!

  72. Don’t get too uppity with me, you could have had plastic surgery or something but are really that old and escaped from jail, how do we know?!

    I’m going to look at those records again to see if there was anything about discarded gatorade bottles found at the crime scenes.

  73. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    You that name does sound like it would belong to some type of whacko from the 60’s or 70’s, the Menga Mangler! (or maybe that’s more like a WWF character)

  74. Yeah, and I think they happened when he was living down here as a kid.

    Likely story.

  75. LOL!!! When I looked that ish up a long time ago i was like WTF!!!!

    Stupit Sofla Mengas….

    Aint actin right.

    Shwarm LMFAO!!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  76. Thanks, JSQ …

  77. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Just joined twitter (@moneycane). Who UM related should I follow?

  78. moneycane says:
    July 5, 2011 at 6:14 PM
    Just joined twitter (@moneycane). Who UM related should I follow?


  79. By the way, i’m not sure who the defensive line coach was at temple in 2009 and back, but this guy is an up and comer in the nfl: terrance knighton(jacksonville jaguars)!

  80. @eyeofthecane

  81. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Aight. Got it. What doess the # before a word mean?

  82. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Oh yeah thanks for the shout out Canez1

  83. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:


  84. It tags things so you can search tweets by topic

  85. @goldenal

  86. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Thanks ladies and gents. I feel like an old person that’s behind on the latest technology.

  87. You have a newborn, Money, you’re excused! 😉

  88. avatar
    moneycane says:

    Thanks JSQ. I’ll hide behind that as my excuse

  89. Anytime my man!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  90. You are also getting a PhD. That in itself is a pass.

  91. Double post re: old balls



    You only have to hit the button once, old timer.

  92. I give Casey Anthony a month before we’re reading about her in the paper..

    Something pertaining to her demise anyway.

    There be some mad folks out there.

  93. avatar
    BoriCane says:


    Considered a three-star recruit by, Knighton was not ranked among the best defensive line prospects in the nation. He chose Temple University after being denied admission to UCF, the only two scholarship offers he received.

    and now he is in the league with the jaguars….says something about what Golden can do…

  94. BoriCane says:
    July 5, 2011 at 7:37 PM

    Considered a three-star recruit by, Knighton was not ranked among the best defensive line prospects in the nation. He chose Temple University after being denied admission to UCF, the only two scholarship offers he received.

    and now he is in the league with the jaguars….says something about what Golden can do…

    Exactly, like jimmy it’s sign that he knows how to get the atmosphere set that allows players to excel above and beyond. For instance, in the history of jimmy j coached teams, start at UM, guys like russell maryland, cortez kennedy excelled to the highest, than when you go to the cowboys, neil odonell’s favorite friend, larry brown, in no way shape or form was this guy that good of a football player to get 2 interceptions on his own, but under jj, this guy overacheived and got paid, went to oakland and like fred smoot had to give some of that money back. I’m seeing some of the same things under al golden, and when you surround those guys who either excel or overachieve with the same or better talent, championship get won!

  95. Now this is how you want an o-line recruit/committ to look, this guy plays the way an o-linemn should play:

  96. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Only Larry brown excelled under Barry switzer in that super bowl that odonnell threw away!!! Lol

  97. avatar
    Esteban says:

    just got back from the movies. yeah i can sign off on Transformer’s #3. was good ish.

  98. The jury members were rushed home in 2 long ass white vans with white out tint … WKMG vans and other media vans were tailing them all the way back to Pinellas County from Orlando like something out of a movie

    That chick should’ve never had the chance to have a kid anyway – that’s a girl that you give it to her in where either the food goes in -or- where the food comes out … and that’s it. No money hole shots for her, white trash at it’s finest trying to disguise itself as normal

    Where the f*ck is Dexter when you need him?

    Calvin, you’re right, Lifetime is probably one of the networks that will dish out some cash to do her story … but that’s after she’s getting PAID by other networks or book deals or TMZish type rags

  99. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Six – I learned a few things watching this trial…..but what I really found out is this….Nancy Grace is pathetic. I never caught her show until Sunday and now I know why.

    And watching other attorney’s calling her a “bleach blond who has no clue” made my night.

  100. praise for recruitment = fits with CrewChic article:

    TUESDAY, JULY 05, 2011
    Six recruits headed to ‘The Opening’

  101. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    Nice write up and spot on!

  102. Nice link DAT. Thanks for posting.

  103. avatar
    Esteban says:

    NFL Network’s Top 100 players list is just another recruiting tool. 3 of the top 10 are UM guys. probably the most overall as well.

    best recruiting tool would be some wins in big games this year tho.

  104. avatar
    DATcane says:

    No problem Delray,

    Maryland starting right guard got kicked off the team.. BLITZ

  105. Dat good stuff!! Thanks for posting.

    Per ESPN

    UM commit Brown now recruiting for Canes
    Linebacker Keith Brown (Miami, Fla./Norland) and teammate Randy “Duke” Johnson admitted to working on ESPNU 150 defensive back Deon Bush (Miami, Fla./Columbus) during the flight to Oregon, and Brown thinks it’s a done deal.

    “Oh yeah, Deon wants to be at Miami but he’s just not going to say it yet,” Brown said. “You know how those big-time prospects are. They want to wait until the last minute.”

    Brown isn’t so optimistic about a couple of other ESPNU 150 Miami-area prospects — Tracy Howard (Miramar, Fla./Miramar) and Ricardo Louis (Miami/Miami Beach).

    “I don’t think Tracy is coming, to be honest,” Brown said. “And last time I saw Ricardo, he was busy trying to get me to go to Auburn with him.”

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  106. Tracy and Ricardo = Stupid

  107. Ricardo = lives in bubble, has no idea what the NCAA does

  108. Ricardo = unfamiliar with what a hammer is, and what happens when it drops

  109. I think Duke deserves some ‘Canes cupcakes

  110. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    I think he does too, JSQ.


  111. Hey Esteban, apparently there is a DC-area Groupon deal for AMC Theaters – $4. My friend who lives near you in MD posted it on Facebook. Check it out. :-)

  112. DATcane says:
    July 6, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    in depth breakdown…very intresting

    datCane back in the house, we got bars & graphs now, lol!

  113. senitnel prime!

  114. avatar
    BoriCane says:

    The Wall Street Journal stated we’re entering a “Golden Age”…

    even the WSJ agrees!!!

  115. avatar
    Esteban says:

    Sentinel Prime had that “Hero” mentality. Jet Li sacrificed his alliance for the betterment of China. Optimus Prime is sitting there worried about humans. Got some old lady making him her b*tch and he’s greatly indebted. They sold them autobots out at the first sign of trouble too. He should have killed Sentinel Prime and other bot and kept the pillars going. Could have run the planet.

  116. Just posted a picture on EOTH’s Facebook of Casey Anthony in an tOSU jersey.

    She’s hit the trifecta:

    (1) Accused murderer
    (2) Ohio State fan
    (3) Makes ridiculous kissy face in photos to make her face look skinnier.


  117. avatar
    DATcane says:

    ^^^^Calvin lol ^^^^

  118. avatar
    raizecane says:

    JSQ – sending you a new pic of Casey Anthony…..

  119. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Should know not to try and post a link with DAT lurking in the shadows…..

  120. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    There’s a guy on scout who uses that picture of Casey as his avatar. I never knew it was her. I did see a picture of her with a gaytor shirt on though. It explains a lot.

  121. I just lol’d, Raize!

  122. raizecane – I dunno how other to put this .. but ..

    why in God’s green earth would you subject yourself to wasting more than 15 seconds of your life on viewing/hearing that female over-the-top lying assclown that I would gladly pay for a day for a female inmate in Federal to get out and go slap the living f*ck out of – Nancy Grace

    I don’t know who is worse, Coulter or Grace to tell you the truth

    The idiotic way Grace handled the Duke Lacrosse case – and then didn’t do her own show the day after the verdict came, after she slammed those lacrosse players relentlessly – basically saying they were all guilty, says all you need to know about her

    Funny as well, lots of incidents during the Duke lacrosse case where she was a complete hypocrite … for instance, her stand on DNA

    Nancy Grace before the DNA results – “The clock is ticking down on DNA results, they will make or break the case”

    Nancy Grace after the DNA results showed lack of evidence in or around the stripper and how un-important that is – “Let me remind everyone that the absence of DNA does not mean a crime did not occur”

    That, and how she lied about too many things surrounding her fiance being murdered back in 1980, and that’s why she wanted to become a prosecutor

    – Grace’s fiance was shot by a former co-worker … not a random robber like she said

    – Grace said it took the jury days to decide … it only took a few hours

    – Grace said the murderer was 24 … he was 19 … Grace said he was a thug with a criminal history … actually, he didn’t have any prior convictions

    – Grace said her fiance was 25 years old … he was 23

    – Grace said she laid forgiveness upon the murderer by not wanting the death penalty when the DA asked her … actually, it was the Prosecutors who asked for the death penalty but b/c the murderer was mentally challenged, it didn’t happen

    – Grace said the murderer denied any wrong doing … he actually confessed that night that it happened

    Someone please make that screeching hosebeast go away

  123. Esteban says:
    July 6, 2011 at 11:01 AM
    Sentinel Prime had that “Hero” mentality. Jet Li sacrificed his alliance for the betterment of China. Optimus Prime is sitting there worried about humans. Got some old lady making him her b*tch and he’s greatly indebted. They sold them autobots out at the first sign of trouble too. He should have killed Sentinel Prime and other bot and kept the pillars going. Could have run the planet.

    lol, might be transformers 4! I was glad when main man came in and took over operations that broad was just happy to have a position, she started irritating me as soon as she walked in with that, “before the c.i,a, wants to take someone out, they call me” etc. etc. Then she walks in on sentinel prime like she was going to put him in timeout or something, here sentinel, been napping for over 30 years wasn’t woke 2mins before that broad got irritating to him, i luv when he said “i will overlook your condescending tone if you heed mine”

  124. avatar
    Esteban says:

    yeah i wouldn’t have minded her getting blown up like some of the people running around the streets were.

    and i thought the girlfriend’s acting was fine. she was basically asked to be eye candy and did her job. was their chemistry between her and dude? not really. was she convincing in anything she said? not really, but then again she didn’t have much to say that needed to be convincing. her puckered botox top lip started to bother me as the movie went on, but not to ….well yeah it just started to grab all my attention when she was on camera. cringing and 3D glasses don’t go well. not sure why it had that affect on me.

  125. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Six – all great points. Another example – I watched the closing arguments when Ashton was laughing, Baez made a comment and Perry called them both to his office.

    Yet Nancy Grace reported that very night the the attorneys’ almost “came to blows”. REALLY???? WTF was she watching and how did she come to the conclusion? It seems that all you need to get a job on HNL is

    1) always scream for whatever reason
    2) bring guests on that have your same point of views (you won’t last long if you go against them).
    3) be very animated
    5) do absolutely no research before spewing trash from your lips
    4) Come up with cute names like “tot mom”.

    What ever happened to the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”.

  126. All of those trash ass reporters and hanger on er’s can get deeez.

    Big reason why I don’t watch local or national news.

    Str8 garbage!!

    Except for the hot ones….

    Just sayin.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  127. Who is Nancy Grace?

  128. There are some interesting characters in my building. Ft. Lauderdale is soooooo different from Boca. Big old redneck boy had this as his ringtone and it went off waiting for the elevator:

    Dude would have been looked at like an insect by my old Boca co-workers. Even the Fed-Ex dude was Boca-fied. Lol.

  129. By the way, the above-posted video is definitely worth a 4 minute work break to laugh!! :-)

  130. avatar
    raizecane says:

    JSQ – great video.

    But here is one I think everyone should also view and it has our boy Ray Lewis in it.

  131. If I knew Spanish, I’d work in a heartbeat for Telemundo or Univision … I don’t care if all I did was walk around and make sure their trashcans were always empty and refilled coffee all day

    They both have those crazy ass game shows on with hot women running around, bouncing around, in barely any clothing

    And even their weather girls look like this ……





    This is our local news Liz Cho.

    She makes dogshyte news somewhat tolerable.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  133. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Canez1 – thats until one lets one loose….. hahahahaha

  134. Raize LMFAO!!!

    Don’t ruin it for me!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  135. Liz Cho’s rhinoplasty would have been better if her surgeon had made her nostrils less angular.

  136. [starts making fart noises with mouth]

  137. Six says:
    July 6, 2011 at 4:01 PM
    If I knew Spanish, I’d work in a heartbeat for Telemundo or Univision … I don’t care if all I did was walk around and make sure their trashcans were always empty and refilled coffee all day

    They both have those crazy ass game shows on with hot women running around, bouncing around, in barely any clothing

    And even their weather girls look like this ……




    lol, dawg i remember back in the day when me and this young lady was living together and she would come out the room from time to time and ask me, “are you trying to learn spanish or something, cause every time i come out the room i keep hearing the spanish channel” i would just look at her and say “it’s a good channel to try and learn it on” but by the time she walked up, espn was on and i’m giving her, gthoh vibe so i can turn back cause with that particular one right there, whatever channel it was on, those 2 numbers wouldn’t work on the remote control again had she found out.

    Than on saturdays when you watch basically the outside version of Soul Train!

  138. And six, the music at the very beginning of this clip is when you know it’s about to get hype, although on here it goes off quick, anybody got access or know the names of that song or songs like it, post it up:

  139. The acting in this is just unbelievable and made for t.v.!

  140. Interesting stats…

    With a new head coach in Al Golden and a new offensive coordinator in Jedd Fisch, Harris received a fresh start to regroup from 2010. Harris made the most of his new opportunity, doing a solid job during the spring and impressing Golden with his willingness to be a leader of the offense. In the three spring scrimmages, Harris has thrown for 506 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions while completing 65 percent of his passes. Morris had nearly 30 less pass attempts than Harris and threw for 379 yards completing 61 percent with three touchdowns and three interceptions. Morris had a better yards per attempt average, 7.7 to 6.6.

  141. I’m not sure if it’s ever happened before but for the 1st time that i can remember, we’ll have 2 starting qb’s from DADE County as starting qb’s in D1 football, which one do you want!

  142. Calvin – what .. the .. hell ..

    Cracks me up that they even make that one little box in the 2nd video with the different singers/bands in it when the bigger box has that girl in the bikini, cowboy hat and a 4 lane highway in between her (o) (o)’s

    The HR departments at Telemundo or Univision just either don’t exist at all, or everyone in them dresses exactly like these chicks on their stations

    I know exactly what you’re talking about with watching those channels and living with a female .. except the one I was living with, I didn’t even care, I was just a semi-roommate and told her she needed to shoooosh when she came in the room b/c I’m trying to concentrate

    One of my boys actually sits and watches those soap operas on those channels with his Dominican wife, acting like he’s interested .. she knows he’s gawking at those women on the channel, she doesn’t care

    That is some outstanding acting – esp. with the dramatic music and extreme fast zoom in on the people’s faces

  143. As you can see in the vids. Lamar Miller is a BEAST!

  144. Canez1 – yo, that’s not too bad at all for your anchor, props to your market. She has that MILF quality to her .. little bit fiesty looking

    Our main female anchor at my station is the best looking in our market

    – Our NBC affiliate female main anchor looks like a f*ckin old chipmunk and has the voice of a person who has smoked for 60 years

    (that’s an airbrushed pic of her as well, that’s how f*cked up she looks)

    – Our ABC affiliate female main anchor looks like a jacked up little pixie cheerleader mom

    – Our Fox affiliate female main anchor just looks like a real nice old lady mom, but you know she can get freaky .. but also air-headed as f*ck

    Here’s our girl in action, throwing out the first pitch at a Rays game

  145. Whatever happened to Latwan Anderson? Anyone know where he ended up?

  146. Six no doubt she can get It.

    Thats how we do up here.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  147. As for J stank….

    Str8 doo doo

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  148. avatar
    Esteban says:

    bg, you still going to get that game? looks like last year’s game to me. i can edit the rosters from last year’s game and save you $60

  149. avatar
    CrewChic92 says:

    Y’all are funny! I can’t keep up…

    Re: the article, Thx for the support!

    Re: Casey Anthony, I didn’t follow the trial much, but if she could be proven “guilty by the look on her face” she’d be looking Old Sparky in the face pretty soon…

    I too reposted the OSU pic on fb. Unfortunately there are toooooooooo many Luckeyes in my circle for me to get really nasty with it.

    I wonder if she got that jersey in a pawn shop?

  150. Esteban.

    You know I HAVE to get it EVERY YEAR!

  151. To sum things up……

    Me, my slime, and my son were in a row boat.

    The boat flipped over.

    I can’t swim too good.

    Saved my son, and my manz.

    Killed my outfit, my number 7’s, and my phone.

    Black folks don’t belong in boats.

  152. Canez1 – what the f*ck was that? baahahaha .. did that dog shart itself awake? and it happen to spray that lady with it’s sh*t pudding


    Goddamn CaneFreak2001. Steppin the game up for real, Shockey/Winslow highlights all in one.

  154. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Lol…hurri…my hommie since kindergarten been tryin to get me in a fishing boat since 05…all ways told him it’s toooo much water to drink to be in a lil A boat…besides he tha only Negro I know to own a bass fishing boat…smh

  155. Nash,

    I now have a vendetta against the water. If don’t do anything else before I check out, I’m gonna conqueror that stupid boat.

  156. Hurri – still laughing about your description of your voyage into the sea … reminds me of that blooper reel clip that Este posted of that redneck fishing guy with the Tenn Vols hat on

  157. The clip that Canez1 had of the dog shartting on the lady, reminded me of this Family Guy clip with Brian farting himself awake …

    love it

    or when Brian eats gum from the garbage

  158. avatar
    Uchamps says:

    “Former offensive coordinator Mark Whipple was fantastic in terms of game-planning and play-calling”

    He lost me here…….

    “In 2011, the winner of the starting quarterback job, be it Harris, Whipple or Morris — the early money is on Harris — could benefit from a strong, dedicated run game.”

    He found me right here….

  159. Nashvillecane says:
    July 6, 2011 at 10:16 PM

    —-hmmm interesting…..

    Here’s what we do know, anybody that’s come here as a true headcoach from somewhere else has won a championship and than add in the fact that butch left a championship team on the table actually got robbed of his chance to win one and than left the next one on the table and from the way things are shaping up, it could be that shannon left a championship team in place as well. So i’ll go with that history of UM football over everything else!

    Uchamps, that article contradicted itself when it made that statement about no whip appeal.

  160. not bad:

    WEDNESDAY, JULY 06, 2011

    Miami remains NFL U … enough said
    The NFL Network released it’s list of the “Top 100 Players of 2011” and ten Miami Hurricanes made the list.

    One out of every ten players listed is from ‘The U’ and in other news, not one player from Florida, Florida State, South Florida, Florida International or Florida Atlantic made the list.

    Al Golden just landed one more recruiting tool. Thanks, NFL Network and thanks to the ten legendary Canes on this list for busting their asses and being the best of the best.

  161. things that surprised me about the above:

    1- 2 ucf players made it, but none from fsu & florida

    2- our 10 equalled the combined total of the 2nd & 3rd best teams: tennessee with 6 and michigan or cal with 4

    3- tennessee #2?! cal tied for #3?!

    4- no texas, alabama ohio state, nebraska or oklahoma in top 7 . . . so these programs have a maximum of 2 and possibly 0 that made the list
    (i think boston college, stanford & kansas are tied at 5th place with 3 each – weird)

    great list, whoever made it . . . i’m sure it reflects pure truth

  162. easily the best interview of all . . .

    go Mr. Washington!

    Behind the Facemask: Brandon Washington

    “My favorite midnight snack would be an apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter with these new workout plans.”

  163. hurricanesports HurricaneSports
    1 month from today, the #Canes football team will open training camp (Aug. 6). In just under 2 months, UM opens 2011 at Maryland on Sept. 5

  164. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Stephen Morris on with Sedano this am:

  165. Six

    That pooch just got finished watching yet another 4 int performance from Iman.

    There is only so much abuse any living being can take.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  166. avatar
    Esteban says:

    if you look at that article about Golden being the next Rich Brooks they dismiss the competition Temple was playing during his time and point out that previously Temple had been going up against a Big East schedule so its natural that their record would improve being in the MAC instead. But if you look at 2003, 2004, 2005 – the three years before Golden took over Temple also had a losing record against non bcs schools. and it wasn’t like they were 3-4 or something. was like 2-7. no matter who they played they lost. and games that came against MAC teams they had like 1 win in 5 tries. they were getting owned by the MAC. Golden got them to respectability. Temple in a bowl game was a dream scenario for them and he made their dream come true.

    plus Jimmy Johnson had a losing conference record 3 of his 5 years at OK State. and one of the years he had a winning conference record it included two ties and their overall record was below .500. and the guy after jimmy did better – also got in trouble for pay for play. but based on just the numbers you’d think Jimmy wasn’t a very good coach.

  167. avatar
    Esteban says:

    autumn, yeah that’s the best so far. going to be hard to top that one .

  168. Bernie Kosar was speaking Golden’s praises this morning on WQAM

  169. Esteban, are you joining me at the practice on August 6?

  170. What practice? Is it open to the public?

  171. Season ticket holders, Delray. Every year.

  172. avatar

    LOL @ this article. If you believe that women’s high school basketball and D-1 college football make for a good comparison, then you truly are retarded. Miami’s recruiting has been a reach. You fools need a top 5 class to replace the failure that was 2010. Next year you will be losing 12 starters and 7 key contributors. Good luck losers… its going to be fun to watch this program suffer.

  173. LOL @ people who have no life other than to bash our program.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    GO ‘CANES!!!

  174. avatar
    Esteban says:

    sounds like Joel.

    but yeah I’ll be ready bright and early.

  175. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    JSQ, he sounds like an FSU fan… next post will be about how we can’t fill the stadium & our team is full of inmates.


  176. Yes, I recall getting something in the mail about that. Have MCL surgery on the 4th though :(

    May be difficult to maneuver.

  177. KL, from that last post that tagged us back, I think you are spot on.

    I can’t imagine having the time to read another team’s site, let alone writing an article to respond to it.

    Ah criminoles, so predictable.

    Pump my gas, b!tch.

  178. avatar
    BoriCane says:


    The comments of 4 and 5 star lovers is getting old and only demonstrates lack of knowledge and understating of what it takes to win a NC. Frugal and fence sitting comments from LOL@.

  179. I’m sorry to hear that, Delray. You can sit in the stands the whole time if you get there early enough for a seat. But I understand that you won’t exactly feel like doing much 2 days after surgery. :-(

  180. Crewchic, you should feel so flattered. Your article was so good that it scared the criminoles into a rebuttal.

    F’ing toothless rednecks.

    Mow my lawn, Cleetus.

  181. [scratches head wondering why anyone who roots for the criminoles would ever want to slap me]

  182. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Recruiting tidbit. Mentions Deon Bush and Lucas Thompson as Cane leans.

  183. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Defiantly a Pud Elliott disciple. Fswho fans crack me up.

  184. avatar
    Esteban says:

    actually i think we end up losing more than 12 starters after next year if the SRs win out position battles at certain spots (RT, LG, MLB, SOLB, 2nd TE, QB, 2nd WR). if half lose those battles? then obviously less starters lost. but could see the argument for the coaches leaning toward them cause would hope that extra experience will help win an extra game or two and could be the difference between being part of the acc title game or not. i say more than 12 if the SRs win out cause i think we got at least a couple underclassmen that will go pro if they have the type of seasons we expect – and not even crazy seasons just expectations (Vernon, BWash, L Miller and maybe even Ray Ray). funny thing is at the above spots where i listed a SR competing for a starting job they main competition is coming from a 2010 recruit. LG – Brandon Linder is the one providing that competition 1st and foremost. MLB – Jimmy Gaines. SOLB – Kelvin Cain. 2nd TE (1st being 2010 recruit Asante Cleveland) Clive Walford is battling against two SRs, one of which was a 2010 recruit. QB – Stephen Morris. 2nd WR – Allen Hurns has a legit chance of starting or at least being the #3 WR this year (if coaches let you get #1 they think you can play). and 2010 recruit Seantrel is starting. so you got 2 starters from that class already and 6 that are battling to be starters. Doesn’t include OT where Bunche might take over from a RS-So if he proves he’s better than Johnson. Also, that doesn’t even include guys who are #2 on the depth chart but most likely won’t be starters at the beginning of the season but could take over due to injury or just outplaying the starter like if Telemaque continues struggling tackling he could see 2010 recruits Tyrone Cornelius or Eduardo Clements or Kacy Rodgers take over that spot. If there weren’t so many defections (that wouldn’t have happened without a coaching change) then people would be sweating the 2010 class for positive reasons.

  185. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Dang, I’m good!



  186. Thanks for all the hits, FSWho fans!

    This article might be bigger than my Ohio State guide or Jacory Part 1!

    They keep trying to post obscenities.

    Here’s a clue – I have two degrees from UM (not FIU as you asserted) so I know how to block you.

    Thanks for playing, though. Good try.

    Clean my house, Billy Bob.

    Ah! You missed a spot!

  187. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Could you loyal followers of the Jim Jones of fsu football have him post the lottery #s for this Saturday? After all, he can predict a teams record three years out…..

    P.S. If he offers cool-aid………DRINK IT.

  188. Wow, they are like cockroaches!

  189. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Actually the post sounds exactly like one of my FSU fan friends, which is why I guessed that way (pre tell-tale link).

    I like how they all forget their 7-6 record in 2009…

  190. KL, these are FSWho fans, you can’t expect them to be history students. They just go by what Tomahawk Nation tells them.

    I’m impressed this many of them are literate, though.

    Way to get hooked on phonics, criminoles!

    [golf clap]

  191. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    Can you smell it?

    Smells like fear!

    Or in this case being the Dork from Doak, sweaty feet!

  192. new blog up

  193. avatar
    CrewChic92 says:

    All I can say Al Golden is keep up UTOUGH! If the roughest ass-kicking a Cane player ever gets is on his own practice field, Saturday afternoons will be cake. GO CANES!!!

  194. avatar
    Esteban says:

    i’m just not sure why FSU fans would care. the mentions of FSU aren’t negative.

    if i’m an FSU fan i’d be more focused on whether or not the team has made the necessary improvements to actually live up to the expectations. They are sky high this year and after this year they have their own defections to worry about – starting OTs both will be gone, bert reed will, nigel bradham too, and just as important the underclassmen that will probably go pro like brandon jenkins and greg reid. jenkins has probably become their best player overall. will be tough to replace – he’s special.

  195. still a new blog up

  196. “anyone who doesn’t see that Al Golden is a genius has never played on a sports team before.” Seriously…. Genius is a strong word for a guy has yet to coach a game for the U. I’m all for optimism, but that statement is ridicules. Why, because its based on 7 months of OFFSEASON performance. Sure he has done a good job but everyones always undefeated in the offseason.


  1. Noles News 07.07.11 » College Football Daily News - Get all your football news on one site - [...] Welcome New Recruits to the U! No Prima Donnas Here! | Eye of the HurricaneThis is a hilarious article making excuses…