Mary Knows Football: Week 1

ShareWelcome back, ‘Canes fans!  Our beloved Miami Hurricanes are just days away from kicking off the Golden Era in College Park!  I hope you all had a happy off-season . . . well, as happy as an off-season can be.  Myself, I made some big changes in my life:  I got engaged to Sebastian the […]

Coach Profiles: Al Golden

Share~ The following article and accompanying interview was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, PhillyCane ~ In light of recent allegations made by former booster and current snitch, Nevin Shapiro, the University of Miami has fallen on some hard times.  As we all know Mr. Shapiro, via Yahoo! Sports, came out with a […]

Stand With The []_[] This Saturday At Canesfest

ShareDuring the last week since Shapirogate hit Miami, I have learned a lot about people.  I have learned that some so-called journalists will print absolutely anything, without regard to its truth.  I have learned that most members of the media do not have an independent bone in their bodies, and rather than going against the grain, […]

Live! from Miller’s Ale House in Boca Raton

ShareCaneInsider and Eye of the Hurricane are present to cover the panel discussion organized by EOTH’s own JSQ on behalf of the Alumni Club of Palm Beach County featuring three very familiar men with ties to the University of Miami. Former QB Steve Walsh, Center and Hurricanes play-by-play announcer Don Bailey, Jr., and special guest Billy Corben, producer of ESPN’s […]

Separating Fact From Fiction: The Nevin Shapiro Scandal

Share Do you hear that sound?  It’s millions of Miami Hurricanes fans jumping off a bridge because they see other people (largely media figures) purportedly panicking over the Hustler Forum-esque allegations made by disgraced defrauding midget and former Miami booster, Nevin Shapiro.    Have you noticed that something like this ALWAYS seems to happen to […]