Join Eye of the Hurricane at the 2011 ‘Canes Football Awards Banquet

Who:  You, the ‘Canes Superfan!

What: the 2011 Miami Hurricanes Football Awards Banquet

When:  Saturday, December 10, 2011, Reception: 12 noon, Luncheon and Program: 1pm

Where:  Jungle Island, 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132

Why:  Because Sean Spence said so.

JSQ and Jacory Harris at the 2008 Football Awards Banquet

Calling all south Florida ‘Canes fans!  Next Saturday is your last opportunity to celebrate the highs and lows of the rollercoaster known as the 2011 Miami Hurricanes’ football season!  Please join me at Jungle Island, in business attire, to send off our seniors in the way they deserve – with praise and awards.

I have been to this event a few times and it never disappoints.  This is your opportunity to rub elbows with your favorite players and coaches, get autographs, take pictures, and see exactly how much fried chicken our offensive lineman can eat in one sitting.  Indeed, last year this was the event where (as I was nearly out the door to get pictures with my favorite players) Kirby Hocutt announced that Al Golden would be our new head coach.  You don’t want to miss out on this special opportunity!

Tickets are $60 per person and you must RSVP by December 6th.  You can purchase tickets one of three ways:

  • Online at under the “Buy Tickets” tab
  • In person at the Hurricane Club office, 2nd floor of the Hecht Athletic Center
  • By telephone – call the Hurricane Club at (305) 284-6699

126 thoughts on “Join Eye of the Hurricane at the 2011 ‘Canes Football Awards Banquet”

  1. Haha, Bori, I just figure it’s one of our last times to celebrate guys like Spence.

    Although I know I will be at his allCanes signing with everything short of body parts for him to sign for my game watch raffles!!!

  2. I have talked JSK into being my date (two words: fried chicken) so seats are filling up fast!

    I like that AG made it a luncheon on a Saturday this year. Sunday night was hard on us that don’t live in Miami.

    Golden = not just a pretty face.

  3. Lmao!!!

    Old balls Mcgee will take some bday muffin to the face. I ain’t scurred.

    Hurri I don’t share.

    Ur kids need to seek shelter elsewhere.

    Lol I’m selfish like that!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  4. Look, j12 and most of that crew played that last game against boston college like they did against notre shame. From a mental standpoint, you could see the emotions of knowing it’s your last game, after they got that news about not going to be able to go to a bowl game, their emotions were not there. goldie tried to hype the last game up as that being their bowl game, but you could tell in their demeanor, and the fact that in they’re mind, they weren’t playing for nothing per se, most of them played like it. So i wasn’t to much concerned about it, j12 hasn’t thrown a bad interception like the one he threw to that linebacker since the clemson game in 2009. The dolphins would be wise to take em though.

    As for thee wise owls trying to make comparisons about this years offense vs last year’s offense, post whatever stats you want, but just don’t conviently NOT mention yall are comparing a 1st year offense under a 1st year oc to nipple’s offense in his second year and jedd has already out done em in the category’s that matter most, scoring & being automatic/efficient in the redzone where it really counts, and keep in mind, he had the same qb that nipple had and even with a 4 interception game, the man still didn’t reach double digit interceptions.

    goldie getting a contract extension before finishing up with a 6 & 6 record(worst than shannon last year when shannon finished 7 & 5, just doesn’t make sense, i don’t care about the nevin situation, 6 & 6 is 6 & 6, as far as the team being more competitive, i didn’t see that, the only thing i saw that was more competitive with this team vs last year’s team was offensive scheme. We weren’t more competitive on the defensive side of the ball, for whatever reason, but schematically, on the defensive side of the ball was about as non competitive as a defense can be. So i’m not sure what several people are looking at when they say “this team was more competitive” than last year, that’s a joke.

    And HELL NO i wouldn’t trade the last 8 years we’ve had for the lat 8 years v-tech has had. That under acheiving program should not and never should be the litmus test for UM, goldie is crazy for saying that. For all their so called success, and with all that stability, we’ve beating them and they’ve barely beaten us, this year, yeah, they’ll play for the acc championship, whoop dee damyum doo, i could care less about a conference championship, just win all your games, and that shat will take care of it’s self.

    You’ll never see me walking about saying, we’re the acc champions, just doesn’t matter to me. Just like i could care less about the big east championships we won, always luved hearing that story where the team was having a meeting and some coach was talking about how the room was hot and a door was propped open, he said although he had been at UM for months and knew the tradition and winning ways at UM, it really hit em when he saw the door being propped open by a big east championship trophy. Made him understand right away, what the priorities around UM were. The same as they should be now.

    For al goldie though, i’m sure he’s going to cherish an acc cahmpionship for various reasons, one, it’s going to mean more to him because it’ll be the highest championship he’d have attained up until this point from a coaching standpoint. The mindset of conference championship is not the mindset of any dominant UM team, just another collection along the way!

  5. Is anyone else doing the Dan Marino WalkAbout Autism on January 28?

    We are counsel for the Dan Marino Foundation so I will be there decked out in orange and green! 😀

  6. My fave Cal quotes:

    “j12 hasn’t thrown a bad interception like the one he threw to that linebacker since the clemson game in 2009. The dolphins would be wise to take em”

    “And HELL NO i wouldn’t trade the last 8 years we’ve had for the lat 8 years v-tech has had. “

  7. Agreed, Cubed.

    I was about to put him on a milk carton.

    Calvin, a few [dozen] jello shots make those INTs easier to shake off.

    Maybe you’ll stop by next season . . .

  8. JSQ – so true. Near toxic levels of ethanol are quite helpful. By the fourth interception I was downright giddy.

  9. Calvin….I hear what your saying LOUD and CLEAR but if you wouldn’t trade our last 8 years with Va-techs your crazy. Since 2004 Va-tech is 84-22 with 4 conference titles and 6 division titles. The worst they have finished in the division is 2nd in those 8 years.

    The Canes on the other hand are 59-40 with 2nd place in the division twice the best we could muster. College football has changed dramatically since the big east days. With all the major conferences going to a championship game now it is going to be a prerequisite to making the NC game (Alabama or LSU will be the exception this year not the rule).

    When I hear Canes fans say we play for National Championships and nothing less it makes me cringe. We cant even win our side of the ACC much less the conference. Canes fans need to worry about winning the conference before even talking about anything else.

    The trophy you spoke of propping open the door was a CWS runner up trophy not a Big East champion trophy.

  10. With that being said I also appreciate your point of view. I just disagree with passing on at LEAST 10 win seasons the last 8 years for the junk the Canes have put up.

  11. I was out of town myself, didn’t really make time to post, to much food, talking, laughing and family around, alot of comical situations too. I watched the game though and i saw that same look in j12’s eye’s i saw when nipple was railroading em, i knew than, the emotions of that being his last game, the pressure of saddness is what made j12 play like he did, also, those guys came in use to playing for championships and so, playing ina meaningless game is exactly how most of them played.

    The off season is going to be real good for a lot of these guys, allen hurns production went down as his body wore down along with that injury, if he’s in better shape than he was this year, he’s going to be hell out there. We’ll have a nice receiving crew, with streeter, hurns and dorsett, and with the new jacks coming in, going to be real interesting how the passing game looks. Whoever starts at qb, that battle is going to be fun to watch, stephem morris can only get better, after having to battle j12 like he did, and now going into next year, he’s going to have to battle real strong again, because ryan williams is legit competition.

  12. I love Golden and I knew Leach was never going to happen, but I still don’t like seeing him move on to another school.

    He was OUR crazy reject!


  13. Speaking of fat girlfriends

    [JSQ throws up double birds]

    Those are to all the bishes on my floor who ordered burgers and fries today!

    Boy this salad is tasty . . .


  14. Funny that just about the worst D1 program of just about all time were the only ones that would hire Leach with all the other programs that had openings

    He’ll be perfect out there though. Watch him give Oregon a run for their money in a few

    PAC 10 girl better watch out 😉

  15. CapeCoralCane says:
    November 30, 2011 at 1:59 PM
    With that being said I also appreciate your point of view. I just disagree with passing on at LEAST 10 win seasons the last 8 years for the junk the Canes have put up.

    10 win seasons don’t impress me, who cares about having a 10 win season, it’ll always be undefeated or bust for me. And if we lose 1 game, it better be to whoever eventually ends up in that national championship game and not to some team like wake forest or nc state. So again, to be clear, v-tech is not the standard for UM, they maybe the standard for al godie and his mac crew, but that mentality level needs to be gone round these parts. I can tell you this much, we didn’t dominate college football as much as we did and the way we did by aiming for 10 win seasons and conference championships, believe that!

  16. bg, yeah can do it tonight.

    and JSQ. i’m liking it. Actually was just thinking today – i like it here. Just need to hit up the wet willies so i can be officially “good”.

  17. Glad to hear it, Esteban! I heard it was chilly last night! My friend Steve lives up there. Lots of ‘Canes up there!

    We are happy to have you settled and back! 😀

  18. What up esteban, long time no see. As for washington state(one of the best kept secrets/states) getting leach, that state has soe real good talent in it out there, they’re going to be hell in the wac 10 now. Once leach saw goldie get that contract extension, he said ok, time to go to work, from one corner to the other. Whoever that other usc coach is at the other washington, shat just got mo real!

  19. GREAT ARTICLE and a really fun read:

    “From Urban Meyer to Urban Liar: Gators know Utah’s pain”,0,774082.story

    By Mike Bianchi
    Orlando Sentinel
    11:18 a.m. EST, November 29, 2011

    “I made this clear to Jeremy Foley (Florida Athletic Director), if I am able to go coach, I want to coach at one place, the University of Florida. It would be a travesty, it would be ridiculous to all of a sudden come back and get the feeling back, get the health back, feel good again and then all of a sudden go throw some other colors on my shirt and go coach? I don’t want to do that. I have too much love for this University and these players and for what we’ve built.” — Urban Meyer, after resigning at UF (the first time) and then coming back to coach a day later.

    . . .

    O-Lie-O State.

    The Buckeyes have replaced one coach who couldn’t tell the truth with another.

    . . .

    Just for fun, I went back to see what the columnists were writing when Meyer departed Utah. Amazingly, it’s almost identical to what some of us have been saying for months about Meyer’s penchant for not telling the truth.

    Here’s an excerpt from a column written by Salt Lake Tribune columnist Gordon Monson after Meyer announced he was leaving Utah for Florida:

    “The problem with Urban Meyer is, unless you know the real inside scoop, it’s hard to tell when he’s lying.

    Maybe it’s only when he’s moving his lips.”

    . . .

  20. Squatch’, you sure you not having a reaction to too much turkey??? The excuses are in full in effect…

  21. And I know Cal you only want undefeated teams, that are always giving the middle finger. Problem is you can hope for that in one hand and shiz in the other and see which fills up first. Times have changes…don’t want to say impossible (blind squirrel analogy), but I will go with highly improbable

  22. To follow up on Bg comments yesterday re CMac

    Titans Insider: Colin McCarthy shows his worth
    November 28, 2011

    The Titans might not be ready to make it official just yet, but it is coming.

    Rookie middle linebacker Colin McCarthy needs to be the starter for the remainder of the season and beyond.

    McCarthy has played the past three games (two starts) for the Titans while Barrett Ruud has nursed a groin injury.

    Ruud was signed to a one-year contract just after the lockout ended and was expected to at least hold the position this season while the Titans evaluated what they had in McCarthy, a fourth-round pick from the University of Miami.

    Now 11 games into the season, the Titans can be certain that what they have in McCarthy: a playmaker who is seemingly always around the football creating havoc.

    There are two types of defensive players — some who find the football, and others whom the football finds. In that regard, McCarthy is certainly of the former variety.

    In three games filling in for Ruud, McCarthy has posted 32 tackles, including five for losses. He forced a fumble Nov. 20 against the Falcons. On Sunday against the Buccaneers, he not only recovered a fumble, but he also picked up his first career interception.

    That pickoff of a Josh Freeman pass in the fourth quarter all but put the game into the win column for the Titans, who were nursing a 20-17 lead at the time with just under three minutes to play. He stepped in front of Kellen Winslow, and as he turned, the ball came right to him.

    “It’s a play we went through in practice,” said McCarthy, who has proven to be a quick study in the meeting rooms and has played the past two weeks despite missing practice time with a sore knee. “Early in the game, they kind of did that 10 yards and just sat there, so it was just a matter of time before they did the shake and tried to hit us deep.

    “Coach (Jerry) Gray had a great game plan. We went over it this week. When they throw it to you, you’ve just got to catch it.”

    It is also telling just what the Titans are doing in that they allow McCarthy to make the defensive calls and also now are keeping him and fellow rookie Akeem Ayers on the field in the nickel package, bringing veteran Will Witherspoon to the sideline in passing situations.

    The Titans had hoped to use the 2011 draft to shore up their weak linebacking corps, and it appears that they have done so with the two rookies, both of whom are playing key roles.

    Ayers was expected to contribute all along, but the Titans are no doubt pleased that McCarthy has arrived ahead of schedule.

  23. VT isn’t the gold standard….But they’ve had their d!cks on our heads for the last several years, and when they beat us, it seems like we can never recover. We go into tailspin mode. I personally am envious of their coaching, their consistency, and their resilience. How many times has that team suffered a potentially crippling loss, then bounced right back and swept their remaining schedule AND won the conference? Had that been us that had loss to James Madison….We prolly would end up being sumthin like 4-8 on the year.
    Whether it matters or not….We play in the ACC, and until we put them in pocket, they ought to AT LEAST be Goldie’s bullseye.

    Because unlike potentially Alabama this season….Ain’t NO ACC team gonna play for a National without winning the conference.

  24. Great to have Calvin commenting again — gives me something to react to.

    The ’11 team not “more competitive” than ’10? Really? Six losses like last year, but not one by more than 8 points (even if it did take a meaningless last-minute FG to get there). Remember the ’10 losses to OSU, FSU (ugh), VT and ND? Don’t tell me the “team” wasn’t more competitive. Remember the turnovers and penalties? We still had costly errors this year, but about half as many as last. Remember wondering whether anyone but Bosher could tackle on ST’s? Two new kickers this year and still our ST’s outplayed nearly everyone!
    Yes, I’d have to say our D was not sterling. (Understatement; something definitely wrong when Regis has more PBU’s than the whole corps of DB’s.) Still, the only team that scored fewer points than USF was FAMU in ’10. That’s improvement, after a fashion.
    So, I’d say that the first year of the Golden era did show a more competitive team as a whole, while still leaving room for improvement.
    As for dismissing anything short of a no-loss NC season, Golden’s focussed on winning “the next game”, and it will take a string of 9, 10, 11-win seasons both to develop the winning habit, and to attract the talent/commitment to get to the NC game.

  25. I posted this on Manny’s blog about Keith Brown…

    It SOUNDS good but he’s been on the fence since visiting Clemson. First it was MOM won’t let him come to UM because of potential sanctions, THEN it was package deal for me and brother when BROTHER wasn’t thought about the WHOLE time he was committed to UM before. I’m not hating on the young man and just hope he goes where HE wants to go. But quit choking the chain already. He didn’t commit to this staff, he committed to Shannon and crew and that’s not this crew. For WHATEVER reason, apparently he doesn’t want to go to UM and that is OK. Its HIS decision, but AT LEAST be honest about and just say, I don’t want to go to UM. Tired of the drama already!

    Read more:

  26. oldfart in nc, that’s what makes this and this staff look even more suspect, we had way better special teams play than all the fluzzi years combined, we had way less turn-overs than last year, scored more points than last year per game, and still ended up 6 & 6. Again, had shannon had the special teams play last year like the team had this year, and had jedd fisch been the oc, we’d have more than likely gone undefeated last year. Reason being, we had more turn-overs alone, and none of the teams we played last year were better than us, just like this year, and last year’s team with the exception of a few games, gave up points primarily from bad offense(the scheme in particular).

    So if someone says this team was more competitive than last year’s team, lol, that’s a joke, here’s another reason why, the teams we played last year were better than the teams we played this year, for instance, v-tech with tyrod taylor was better than this logan thomas led team, fsu with ponder was better than fsu with manuel, ohio st. with t-pryor, posey and crew were better than the ohigho st. team we played this year by a long shot, and we only beat 1 out of those 3 this year. So again, i’m not seeing what yall are seeing when yall say “this team is more competitive this year”.

  27. Can’t blame him for looking out for his brother, but unfortunately have to agree with you bg. We need an LB like Brown, actually several, but like you, I’ve got a pretty good hunch we’re out of the picture.

    Also, PapaCane:

    “@SaveUMFootball: My Take – Keith Brown: I do not think that he will end up at UM. Miami will not offer his brother, and the favorite is probably USF here.”

  28. Cal-
    So, what are you comparing? If only. Could have. If ands and buts were candy and nuts… You admit the ST’s are better. You admit the team cut down on goofs. You admit the O schemes were more effective. The O scored enough to be close at the end. We can only be “competitive” against our competition. If OSU, VT and FSU were better last year, it is also true that we were worse, and got mangled. It’s also true that KSU is a lot better than last year’s Pitt, and VA has improved as have NC and USF, I think, regardless of record. The D showed no improvement. I’m not sure what even Petrie could have done with the ragtag bunch at DL. On the whole, the LB’s played better than I expected. I’ll wait to judge the D til we have enough consistancy to form a cohesive unit for several games at a stretch.

  29. manny:

    “D’Onofrio visits Norland, talks with LB Keith Brown”
    UM coaches have been on the recruiting prowl throughout Dade and Broward County since the end of the season.

    Tonight I bumped into defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio during his visit to Miami Norland. D’Onofrio spoke with the father of offensive tackle Ereck Flowers for a while as I met and spoke with various Norland players as they prepare for their big playoff game against Glades Central Friday.

    But once practice ended it was clear what D’Onofrio was there for — a conversation with All-American linebacker and former commitment Keith Brown. The two spoke for roughly 20 minutes before D’Onofrio left. His message to Brown: “They still want me,” Brown said.

    The issue? UM doesn’t have room in this class for Brown and his brother, Norland starting weakside linebacker Lamar Atkins. That’s the reason Brown decommitted from UM and accepted a scholarship to Illinois. But now that Ron Zook is out Brown said he’s looking again and considering UM along with Ohio State (he’ll probably visit there after this coming weekend) and LSU.

    “Everything was perfect with Illinois,” Brown said. “But now that this happened with Coach Zook, everything is up in the air. Coach D just wanted me to know they still want me and are willing to take me. We’re sort of starting all over.”

    Brown, who plans to enroll in January, said he remains committed to Illinois, but if another school is willing to take his brother on a scholarship (Ohio, Bowling Green and FIU have shown interest) then he said he will free himself up to go wherever he wants.

    “If he gets a scholarship at the end of the year, then my job is done,” Brown said. “He’s a good player. The thing is he’s only been here for a year. He was playing up in New Jersey, nobody really saw him up there. Miami can’t take him because they’ve got 27 commitments and 30 scholarships total. So, they’re limited.”

    Brown said the Canes have always been “the No. 1 team in my heart,” but adds that he felt UM coaches sort of took him for granted. Brown claims he didn’t hear from any coaches for two months at the start of the season. That, coupled with the fact he’s trying to land his brother a scholarship made him open up to other schools who kept showing interest.

    “I don’t care where he goes, I just want to him to get a scholarship,” Brown said of his brother. “Coach D just wanted me to know I had things with them all wrong and that they still want me to come in and be a part of this class.”

    Brown said if he had to handicap the situation he said he’ll still probably end up at Illinois with his brother. But he’s still going to weigh his options and see if his brother can land a scholarship elsewhere.

    Read more:

  30. bg, canez1, or anyone else:

    i keep reading we have 27 wrapped up but only 30 scholarships

    . . . does that change if some of these guys enroll early?

  31. not bad . . .

    Nov. 30, 2011 10:50 a.m. – by Brian London – 3 Worst Moments of 2011:
    No. 1 — Nevin Gate
    Everything on the field was over shadowed by the news in mid-August that former booster Nevin Shapiro, a convicted felon, had extended extra-benefits to several current and former players. The NCAA investigation led to eight players being suspended from one to four games. Miami never recovered. Hurricanes RapidReports

    Nov. 30, 2011 10:48 a.m. – by Brian London – 3 Worst Moments of 2011:
    No. 2 — Logan Thomas TD run
    No play exemplified the inconsistency on defense than Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas’ 19-yard TD run on fourth and 1 with :56 seconds left in the game. Miami fought back from a 21-7 half time deficit but came one play short of beating now-fifth-ranked Virginia Tech, and lost 38-35 in Blacksburg. Hurricanes RapidReports

    Nov. 30, 2011 10:47 a.m. – by Brian London – 3 Worst Moments of 2011:
    No. 3 — Losing to Boston College
    Miami ended their season with a bad taste in their mouth by losing to Boston College, 24-17. After learning that the team would not go to a bowl game, the players talked about treating the Boston College game like a bowl game. QB Jacory Harris threw 4 INTs in the loss. Hurricanes RapidReports

    Nov. 30, 2011 9:52 a.m. – by Brian London – 3 Top Moments of 2011:
    No. 1 — Beating Ohio State
    Miami has been trying to get the Buckeye monkey off of their back since the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Last year’s 36-24 loss in Columbus only added to the misery. Miami dominated Ohio State this season, holding the Buckeyes to 39 passing yards and out gained them on the ground 240 to 174. Hurricanes RapidReports

    Nov. 30, 2011 9:51 a.m. – by Brian London – 3 Top Moments of 2011:
    No. 2 — K Wieclaw’s game winner
    K Jake Wieclaw had never attempted a FG before the 2011 season. He didn’t lock up the kicking job until training game, fighting off freshman Matt Goudis. After being iced twice by USF coach Skip Holtz, Wieclaw made the 36-yard FG, his first game-winning FG of his career, as time expired. Hurricanes RapidReports

    Nov. 30, 2011 9:50 a.m. – by Brian London – 3 Top Moments of 2011:
    No. 3 — Streeter’s game against UVA
    Though it came in a loss, WR Tommy Streeter’s performance against Virginia on Oct. 27 was the best individual performance of the season. He had seven catches for 176 yards and 2 TDs. Streeter had only six catches in his first two years at Miami. Hurricanes RapidReports

  32. Autumn early enrollment effects those numbers.

    You have to figure on some kids not getting In for various reasons as well as current scholly kids being asked to leave. I can see @5 getting the boot.

    I see this class coming in @ 33

    Should be quite a haul.

    Exactly what we need to move forward and knock the ghey out of this program.

    GO CANES!!!!!

  33. PlayaCane aka Rashad
    November 30, 2011 at 10:27 PM
    I’m throwing a J12 draft party. Everyone is invited on day 3 of the draft.


    Announcer, Roger Goodell……

    “and with pick six of the 2012 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select…….
    Jacory Harris out of the University of Miami”


  34. Calvin
    November 30, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    I can tell you this much, we didn’t dominate college football as much as we did and the way we did by aiming for 10 win seasons and conference championships, believe that!

    Those fatigues were packed up and put away a long time ago. In this day and age if were not aiming for the Conference Championship FIRST we have NO shot at the National Championship. In the SEC maybe , not in the ACC.

  35. Good stuff autumn!

    This is where we need a former Cane like Mario Cristobal at FIU to step up and take that Brown kids brother.

    But then again… F’ him if he don’t want to be part of this on his own merits. Love to see the loyalty, that he’s trying to help his brother out, but, dam I’m tired of “special needs” children.

  36. And for the record…

    DZ8 agrees with Calvin that we shouldn’t have signed an extension to Golden so soon. I mean, are we going to extend that contract tomorrow? We had just signed the guy.

    DZ8 agrees with Six and Calvin that it IS National Championships or bust. It’s a silly argument because along the NC way you are going to win a conference championship or two. So I understand everyones point that first you have to do this (conference) to get to that (national). But my mind set has always been f’ this championship talk. I agree with Nick Saban that your goal should be to get better each and every practice. Each and every rep in practice. Take care of the little things and the big things will work themselves out.


    DZ8-checking out.

  37. dz8, that’s the whole thing about it. Every year, the goal should always be to practice and prepare for the national championship game, not conference championships, those are the fall back awards if you have no shot at the title. You practice ever year to win every game, and if you do that, you’ll be in real good shape. Continue to practice to win every game, and you’ll end up where or close to where you should be. The only champion i care about is being the national champion, not a conference champion. Hell, we were big east champions for the longest, didn’t mean a thing when alot of teams from other conferences could beat the hell out of alot of the same teams in that conference.

    While the acc is a stronger conference than the big east, that hasn’t been the reason why us and fsu haven’t been dominating. fsu went down hill when they lost mark richt as their oc, and than chuck amato left. We started going down hill when our coaching staff got changed as well. This coaching staff we have now, i’m not sure they’re a championship coaching staff, but collectively and with the players they’ll continue to have access too, a championship should be coming.

  38. thanks canez1 – re: recruiting #’s

    walrus sighting!
    good to see you dz8

    and just for the record; autumn agrees with the contract extension.

    lock ’em in baby!

    . . . good things on the horizon

    . . . plus another typical orange & green cool-aid drinking off-season

    (sound of intensive slurping)

  39. JSQ I submitted a small donation for the Walk About Autism Foundation. I know its not a lot but like you said no amounts too small. Its a great cause and hope you reach your goal!

    Go Canes!

  40. I’m driving JSK crazy. Working from home and everything I see on TV I want to make for our party on Saturday!

    “You like taco dip, babe?”

    Uh huh

    “You like meatballs, babe?”

    Uh huh

    “You like pulled pork sliders, babe?”

    Uh huh

    “You like mini meatloaves, babe?”

    Uh huh

    “You like apple pie, babe?”

    How much stuff are you planning on making?!?!!?

    Ruh roh, Paula Deen just came on.

    There goes the neighborhood [Publix food supply]!

  41. Then I say to Cal and DZ8 prepare to be disappointed more time than not because the SYSTEM doesn’t work like that anymore. We ALL want to win every game. That isn’t the issue. The issue here is obiviously putting things in perspective. REALITY that in this ERA within THIS SYSTEM conference titles are your ticket to the BCS and the BCS is the ticket the NC. SO with that being said, the GOAL should be secure your division which assures you a chance at your conference which assures you a chance at the BC which assures you of a chance at the NC every so often. THAT’s how it is and the sooner you embace it, the easier it will be to accept what you have to do to be successful in the climate and era of CFB.

  42. BG – I normally agree with everything you have to say but I have to side with Calvin and DZ8 on this one. I know things have to change but why this? If you asked Jimmy Johnson or Erickson what their goal was, they always said it was to get the NCG. At the same time, if you asked Spurrier, he would say win the SEC. To me, you sound like winning a conference is enough. Besides, the way the system is set TODAY, you don’t need to win your conference. Heck, you don’t even need to win your division to get into the NCG. It happened before (can’t recall the team) and it will happen this year with BAMA.

  43. DZ8
    December 1, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    It’s a silly argument because along the NC way you are going to win a conference championship or two. So I understand everyones point that first you have to do this (conference) to get to that (national).

    Doesnt this sum it up? Unless its an exception like this year u gotta win the conference to go to the NC game which entails basically goin undefeated or losing one early like Va Tech. If it werent for LSU and Bamer clearly being the best two teams (lets say Bama lost another game) then Va Tech would still have a chance to sneak in there with a lets say Okie St loss and a beat down of Clemson possibly volting em pass Stanford.

    Of course the mindset is NC but you gotta get to the conference championship first to get to the NC so what do you root for? Whats the difference really? The way i see it you shoot to win every single game taking it a game at a time, get to the conference ship, win that shyt, then go to the NC and take it home.

    Btw DZ8 like the former email better more professional

  44. Raize I dont think it happens often. But i dont have time to go through stats to prove it. But with the way the system works it seems like you gota go through a conference championship to get to the NC with some exceptions like Bamer this yr

  45. Miami Admissions is going to be the END of our program!

    One of Miami’s top recruits is unlikely to sign with the Hurricanes. South Miami cornerback A.J. Leggett, a four-star recruit according to 247Sports, announced on his facebook account Thursday afternoon that UM looks like a longshot.

    “I dont think I will be playing In miami next year,” Leggett wrote.

    According to Leggett, Miami defensive backs Paul Williams told Leggett that because UM is a private school he would have a tougher time getting into school.

  46. Teams can still dominate, but of course it has to be through the BCS system. I don’t think that’s the argument. I also dont think that anybody realistically expects to contend every single year for the NC.

    Nobody would have expected or even thought it possible that a school like UM would have won 5 NCs in the last 25 years, but they did.

    After Saban’s first year, when Bammer lost to LA Monroe on Senior Day & went 6-6, you would have been called crazy if you would have predicted their dominance over the next few years.

    I realize the next few years may be tough, but to think small after we get through this mess, is settling for average.

    This isn’t rocket science, it’s football. The U can rise again and there’s nothing wrong with big expectations. I’ll take another 5 NCs in the next 25 years. Aim high.

  47. Raize.

    JJ was different era and different time. You can side with DZ8 and Cal. No harm no foul. Just prepared to take as C1 would say the proverbial kick in the nads every year as not playing for the NC will happen more times than not. The days of us playing for 10 and winning 5 of those are over. The system makes that tough. As Golden says, the days of the EMPIRES are over.

  48. Cx3.

    It has nothing to to do with lowering expectations. You guys got it twisted. Its HOW it has to be done now. OF COURSE we all want the same thing. BUT RELEVANCE in THIS era is defined by conference championships FIRST! Look in this era even being a conference champ doesn’t guarantee you a seat at the table. The SEC has the cards STACKED in its favor because of the strength of their league. BUT the most sure way to get into the championship game except for a few dumb exceptions is through winning your conference. THAT is why VTech has been more relevant than us the last 8 years and since the move the ACC. They have ZERO National Championships but if you ask who’s more relevant to people with a valid opinion VTech will trump Miami EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’m not saying NC ISN’T the goal, its just not the IMMEDIATE GOAL, but rather the ULTIMATE Goal. P-R-O-C-E-S-S! Win Division FIRST! We keep saying NC but WE have NEVER WON THE DAMN DIVISION! THEN win the conference THEN worry about National Championships. You can’t be NATIONALLY RELEVANT if you can’t even be eff Conference Relevant but DIVISION RELEVANT!

  49. Chill bg – remember this one: “is this the end of Miami football” by one of our beat writers.

    It’s a clearinghouse issue according to Papa Cane; also we don’t know if there are other issues as well.

  50. I thought just a couple of weeks ago Leggett was told he needed just the bare minimum the NCAA requires to get in. Like Corey King. There are other examples.

    Let’s not jump off a bridge every time something comes out.

    UM doesn’t require these dudes to get a 4.79 and a 1420 on their SATs to earn a scholarship.

  51. The whole debate is based on mindset. The only mindset that needs to be instilled around here is the national championship or bust mentality. And after a loss, the mentality needs to be, the rest of the teams on the schedule are going to pay. THe conference mindset has never been UM’s mindset and never should be, let all those other schools gather up conference championships, in the meantime, we need to start adding on to the five that matter the most, it’s been long enuff now. With goldie in the fold, we’ll see just how far his core values and follow the process azz can take us. The man has a plan, a vision & a focus that will definitely breed success, how much success is the question.

    I do know, this guy will not be one of those coaches trying to tone down a high powered offense once it gets rolling. The thing i like about goldie the most though, is, he has a real good feel for the part of the game that often has nothing to do with x’s & o’s but has more to do with timing and when to go for certain things, knowing the pulse of the team, etc. etc. Not alot of coaches have that sense of when to go for certain things, goldie is a thinking man, and he understands full well what kind of dominant mindset that needs to be around here. His vision of what this program is suppose to be and by him submerging himself into Hurricane Greatness and what made it Great, he has a real good & strong idea of what it is, but he also has a real good & strong idea of where it comes from.

    Guys like dzp & chick have it in em. gioanni paul will fight until he gets there. thomas finnie has that same mindset, going to be real interesting battles coming up in that secondary. vaughn telemaques days might be numbered back there if he’s not careful, a few of the young guns coming in are going to be hungry!

  52. LMAO, Cubed!

    We’re all set! We’ve got McGee!

    The clearinghouse issue makes more sense when paired with his previous statement.

    Dude is just trying to get attention, feeding into the drama.

    Kids. . .

  53. While I agree with Calvin and DZ8, I think we have had a lot of kids with an all or nothing mentality lately.

    If they aren’t going to win or get to a bowl game or a good bowl game or there aren’t enough fans in the stands or the fans aren’t giving them their props or the girl on their floor in Mahoney wouldn’t let them hit it or . . .

    . . . they throw in the towel.

    While I want NCs as much as the next gal, someone needs to get it through to these kids that they ain’t all that and they would be ,lucky to play for an ACC championship right now.

    This all or nothing entitled bs has got to stop.

    Win your damn division first, then the ACC, then spout off to Joe Rose in the pre-season about how the team’s goal is to win a NC.

    Maybe try to stop losing to bottom of the barrel ACC teams first.

  54. I was told by someone who’d know that it would be a clearinghouse issue. My problem with the clearinghouse is this, WHY do clearinghouse issues ONLY seem to affect the kid if he wants to come HERE! He’ll go off to somewhere like Louisville and not have any clearinghouse issues. That blows! The clearinghouse is a part of the NCAA so WHY do these things affect some schools and others not? THAT is why I said Miami Admissions would be the end of our program because this happens more times than not. Some kids we can’t even touch because of heightened admission standards. Esteban and I just talked about this last night. I know the argument is well Stanford is doing it and succeeding but Stanford doesn’t recruit INNER CITY MIAMI kids! Hell Stanford probably doesn’t even recruit in many INNER CITIES AT ALL! Just tired of seeing kids that WANT to be at UM not be able to because of BS. That’s all.

  55. The above rant is why I have to be sedated at games.

    Can someone fix the angry blonde a daiquiri before she starts throwing baked goods at parked cars?

  56. “@Manny_Navarro: Just got off the phone with South Miami coach Lamont Green. Tough situation for #Canes commitment and DB AJ Leggett”

    “@Manny_Navarro: Green said #UM DB coach Paul Williams told Leggett fact he transferred to 4 different high schools will delay entry to UM”

    “@Manny_Navarro: Now its up to AJ Leggett, who has 1-year old son he wants to be around, to decide if he wants to stick with #Canes”

  57. Thanks, Cubed.

    Doesn’t sound like it has to do with UM admission standards at all.

    Yeah, the NCAA is hard on guys that want to come here. The guys I went to school with were having orgies with hookers in south beach hotels, all on a booster’s dime. Maybe stuff like that tends to put the spotlight on us, no?

    As Michael Irvin said: “There was no conspiracy . . . we were bad boys, and we enjoyed being bad boys.”

    Sidenote: Leggett sounds like he needs JSQ’s lecture about WRAPPING IT UP!

  58. Sorry, ALLEGEDLY having orgies with hookers in south beach hotels all on a booster’s dime.

    Frankly, I’m still incredulous as to that last part.

    Those boys didn’t need to pay for it.

    I’m just saying.

  59. bg and JSQ – hit the nail on the head i.e. expectations and kid’s mindsets

    NO ONE is SAYING an NC isn’t the goal.

    And Cal, seriously don’t mean this in an attacking way, but you think the “real” Miami kids of today have the self determination and drive to make everyone else pay after a loss? Because this current team would say otherwise…fact is kids are spoiled brats who want the bling bling without the work (and today I think that work is much more than what it had to be 20 years ago).

  60. Cx3.

    As I said in my post above. My problem is that will be an issue with him getting into MIAMI but he’ll go to somewhere like Louisville and get in just fine. So WHY does the Clearinghouse who is supposed to be an NCAA entity make that a problem for US and not nearly a big a problem for other schools? That is a valid question don’t you think?

  61. ^^^if they are the NCAA, a governing body, their rules should be TRANSPARENT and if he has Clearinghouse issues HERE he should have them EVERYWHERE. THAT is my issue.

  62. Agreed, bg. See my earlier posts.

    We were bad. We’ve been bad a lot. There is a double standard. We just have to work harder than everyone else to overcome it.

  63. bg – Do you know how the clearinghouse works exactly? I know the concept but I have never seen a concrete explanation or formula and since we run into the problem so much, I wonder if there is something we are not aware of.

  64. Just sayin, maybe we think it should be equal, but based on each school’s admissions standards there might be some tweak to the formula??? Don’t know just trying to come up with some theory.

  65. Last thing I’ll say about Leggett is he’s said something that just rubs me the wrong way. He has a kid and I understand wanting to provide BUT the NFL is a DREAM, a GOAL, NOT A DESIGNATED/PROMISED DESTINATION! I hate hearing these kids say I’m on a 3 year plan to the league. It RARELY works out that way. I know they are young but SOMEONE has to be real with them. Take advantage of being able to play major college football. Get you a GREAT EDUCATION and work your ass off to be the BEST CFB player you can be. THEN IF the NFL is there in the 3 year window, GOOD FOR YOU, You’d have EARNED but PLEASE be realistic and not come here with the NFL or bust mentality either because EVERY kid here does that and there has definitely been…


  66. Bg,

    do we have factual information on his case? Is this a paperwork case? Do you know if he has the grades and SAT to get in?

    Too many comments (at other boards) and I am confused as to what is the real issue with him getting accepted.

  67. 100% agree, bg. So sick of that crap!

    How do these other schools get guys you’ve never heard of and win with them and we get all these dudes everyone wants and we LOSE TO FREAKING MARYLAND AND BOSTON COLLEGE?!?!?!

    [deep breaths]

  68. Bori – Has the ACT, problem is he has transferred schools four times. Often this means core work/credits are messed up. Plus his GPA did need work (though the ACT score lowered the bar on this I believe).

  69. While a legitimate concern, this statement from his coach also tells me this isn’t over (though agree it doesn’t look good):

    “At least they’re letting him know now before he puts his signature on any documents what the deal is,” Green said of Miami. “We’ll see what he wants to do. Sometimes in college football things work out, sometimes it don’t. They told him they definitely want him, but they want to be up front and not have him get frustrated. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I’m waiting on AJ to see how he wants to attack it.”

  70. Leggett, who has a 2.4 GPA and recently scored a 22 on his ACT, might have all the grades and necessary paperwork to get past the NCAA Clearinghouse next year. But UM’s academic admissions department? That appears to be an entirely different issue according to South Miami coach Lamont Green.

    Earlier this week, Green said defensive backs coach Paul Williams stopped by the school to have a conversation with Leggett about his academic situation, particularly what he needs to get into UM. And now it appears UM is warning Leggett that if he signs with them in February he may have to spend a year a prep school.

    “According to what Paul said since AJ went to more than two high schools, he’s going to need the paperwork of every high school he went to — and he warned him it’s going to be a long process,” Green said. “He was just saying if they sign him football wise they don’t think academically the school will let him in right away and he’ll have to go to prep school. He said based on what they saw last year with a couple other guys it was going to happen again this year.”

    Read more:

  71. bg, agree that’s the problem, but like I posted prior, that last quote makes me also think this is not a done deal.

  72. Not done but less sure than before. It will come down to IF he wants to wait or not. If FSU or UF or USF or somebody says you can come and play NOW I say we are SHORT DOG…AGAIN!

  73. I mean REALLY we had guys that had LEGIT learning issues before (Gore and Dixon) and they got in and graduated JUST FINE thanks to the EXCELLENT academic support they get at UM. All I ask is WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Take the kid and work with him! Grooms was THROUGH the Clearninghouse and actually there with the team. It was UM admissions that dinged him. We can’t have that! I’m not saying let in any and everybody but we have got to do a better job with trying to make a way for these young men IF we really want them in the program! This is where we miss a guy like Randy who could/would petition to Donna for a kid. I know they aren’t subject to the REAL Admissions process but if we don’t get a hold on this we will CONTINUE to lose key recruits. He’s the #2 guy down here after Tracy. We PROBABLY don’t land Tracy and now we might not land AJ. That’s always a possibility in recruiting ANWAYS but when the kid WANTS to and PLANS to be here and we have to potentially turn him away ala Gadbois and Grooms because of Admissions or Clearinghouse or 1 of any other BOGUS reasons it sucks ass!

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