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Revisited: EOTH’s Top 25 Players (4-1)


#4– Tommy Streeter:  Recipient of the Nick Chickillo Most Improved Player of the Year Award in 2011, Streeter gave us the break-out season of which we all knew he was capable.  Playing in all 12 games and earning seven starts, Streeter lead the team in both receptions (46) and yards (811), good for fifth-best in the ACC.  Tommy finished the season with a team-high 8 TD receptions and led the ‘Canes and finished fifth in the ACC with an average of 67.6 receiving yards per game.  Streeter’s 17.6 average yards per catch led ACC receivers with at least 40 receptions.  Tommy recorded career-bests in catches (7) and yards (176) against Virginia, including a season-long 57-yard reception, 96 receiving yards on three catches against Georgia Tech, and 89 yards on 4catches, including 1 TD reception, against North Carolina.  I can only imagine what Streeter could have done if he played in 2009 and 2010 and if he was sticking around for 2012.  Nonetheless, I am so proud of his accomplishments this year and I wish my 2008 NSD “crush” the best of luck in the NFL. 

Preseason EOTH Top 25 Rank: 24

Top 25 Change:  Plus 20

#3– Jacory Harris: Oh, Jacory.  Where do I begin?  I, like many fans, have had a rollercoaster relationship with this QB.  Instead of rehashing all of the sordid details, I will just refer you all to my public thank you note to Jacory after the VA Tech game.  Love him or hate him, or somewhere in between, Jacory ends his career at the University of Miami with the second-most passing yardage in Hurricanes’ history (8,826) behind Ken Dorsey (9,486), and the ‘Canes threw for 70 TDs in his career, also good for second behind Dorsey’s 86.  In 2011, J12 played and started in 11 games, finishing the year with a single-season ‘Canes record for passing accuracy with a 65 percent success rate (195/300), throwing for 20 touchdowns and 9 INTs.  Jacory was named ACC Offensive Back of the Week for his 202-yard, 3 TD performance against Duke, passed for a season-high 311 yards and 3 TDs against Virginia, and threw for 267 yards and 3 TDs against North Carolina.  I hurts my heart to imagine what Jacory could have done had he been given the same tutelage that he enjoyed this year under Fisch.  Despite my frustrations with Jacory sometimes, I think he is a true ‘Cane, bleeds orange and green, and showed amazing resiliency considering all of the obstacles he faced.  I know that whatever he does in the future, he will be a tremendous success.

Preseason EOTH Top 25 Rank: 11

Top 25 Change: Plus 8

#2– Lamar Miller: We knew Lamar Miller was going to be something special from the moment he committed to the University of Miami.  This is one of those great stories about everyone in our crazy fan base being right, and maybe even having our unrealistic expectations exceeded.  Earning starts in all 12 games, Lamar Miller recorded the third best single season total in program history with 1,272 rushing yards, and finished second in the ACC with an average of 106 rushing yards per game.  Miller recorded seven 100 yard games in 2011, including a career-best 184 yard production against then-No. 17 Ohio State.  Lamar led the ‘Canes and finished tied for 4th in the ACC with 9 rushing TDs.  Miller’s best performances came against then-No. 21 VA Tech, where he rushed for 166 yards on 18 carries, including his lone receiving TD of the season, against Duke and Bethune Cookman where he scored a season high two rushing TDs, and against Boston College where he registered a career-best 79 yard run for a TD.  This is another player, like Streeter, that I think needs another year to develop, but I won’t judge.  I look forward to seeing Lamar Miller make us proud and continue the new touchdown streak for the ‘Canes on Sundays.

Preseason EOTH Top 25 Rank: 2

Top 25 Change: No change.

#1– Sean Spence: ‘Canes fans, meet our 2011 defense.  His name is Sean Spence.  Named the 2011 Defensive Most Outstanding Player at the annual awards banquet, Spence played and started in 11 games in 2011.  Sean led the team and tied for 5th in the ACC with 106 tackles, finishing his career at UM with 47 tackles for a loss (including 14 this season), which ranked 2nd among active NCAA players.  Spence recorded a season-high 14 tackles in 3 games (KState, UNC, and BC), led the team with 10 tackles against then-No. 21 GA Tech, and recorded 13 tackles and 2 tackles for a loss against then-No. 21 VA Tech.  Spence was named ACC Linebacker of the Week three times this season, was a Butkus semi-finalist, and was named to the All-ACC First Team.  Sean, we will miss you dearly but I look forward to following your long and prosperous career in the NFL. 

Preseason EOTH Top 25 Rank: 1

Top 25 Change: No change.

The Pre-Season Top 25:

(25) Jermaine Johnson, (24) Tommy Streeter, (23) Malcolm Bunche, (22) Jordan Futch, (21) Brandon Linder, (20) Marcus Robinson, (19) Curtis Porter, (18) Asante Cleveland, (17) Stephen Morris, (16) Ramon Buchanon, (15) Adewale Ojomo, (14) Tyler Horn, (13) Micanor Regis, (12) Vaughn Telemaque, (11) Jacory Harris, (10) Laron Byrd, (9) Mike James, (8) Olivier Vernon, (7) Ray Ray Armstrong, (6) Seantrel Henderson, (5) Travis Benjamin, (4) Brandon Washington, (3) Lamar Miller, (2) Marcus Forston. Note, the difference between #2 and #3 came down to .05.

Others Receiving Votes:             

Brandon McGee, Allen Hurns, Jo Jo Nicolas, Harland Gunn, Andrew Smith, Aldarius Johnson, Jimmy Gaines, Kelvin Cain, Chase Ford

The Post-Season Top 25:

(25) Eduardo Clements, (24) Phillip Dorsett, (23) Clive Walford, (22) Andrew Smith, (21) Micanor Regis, (20) Jake Wieclaw, (19) Jo Jo Nicolas, (18) Joel Figueroa, (17) Seantrel Henderson, (16) Allen Hurns, (15) Denzel Perryman, (14) Ray Ray Armstrong, (13) Olivier Vernon, (12) Marcus Robinson, (11) Mike James, (10) Vaughn Telemaque, (9) Tyler Horn, (8) Anthony Chickillo, (7) Adewale Ojomo, (6) Brandon Washington, (5) Travis Benjamin.

Others Receiving Votes:             

Frankly, we had a hard enough time ranking 25 players post-season.

  1. First!

  2. Nice first, Sy! Orange or green?

    Sorry, Hurri. You’re going to have to settle for just being really really handsome for today.

  3. Since I had Orange Chicken for lunch, green would compliment it just nicely!

  4. Menasor is not pleased….

  5. Green it is! Here you go, Sy! 😀

  6. Can’t wait until Cal gets on here trumpeting Jacorys record completion %, and C1 shooting it down, insinuating that it shouldn’t count because girls can’t legally play Div I football….

  7. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Wheres El Capitan been at??

  8. I’m hoping D’Mauri Jones >_ Tommy Streeter

  9. Hurri, I was envisioning the exchange as I wrote it! Ha!

    I don’t know, Philly. :-(

  10. Great minds think alike.
    I wish that Streeter was a little more intense on the field. If he wants to make it in the pros, he’s gonna need it.

  11. My phone doesn’t have a Greater Than or Equal To key, so thats the best I could muster.

  12. I read somewhere that Jedd Fisch is getting a hard look at in the NFL…perhaps as a QB coach in Chicago? Does that make sense? I thought if he’d leave it’s for an OC position in the NFL or a head coaching position in college. Don’t really see him as a college head coach though…more NFL type.

  13. avatar
    raizecane says:


    January 9, 2012 at 2:55 PM

    Can anyone tell me where the Cane fans meet in Orlando to watch games during the season? You can feel free to email me the info at
    Thanx in advance.


    Lyquid – here is where we generally meet if we dont travel to a game –

    Hurricane Grill & Wings
    2401 SR-434 Suite #141
    City Longwood
    State/Province Florida
    Zip/Postal Code 32779

  14. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Canes 4 All – that article will not help me sleep better at night. The article kept stressing the NCAA Sanctions coming our way and the fact that we are ranked high in recruiting not because of talent but because of the number of recruits we can sign.

    I know rating of players don’t always mean much but sometimes they do…………

  15. avatar
    Canes 4 all says:

    Raize — true CANES stick together. We know that we are going to be down. For a while.

    But Golden is going to keep The U from being down so far that it cannot again rise. He has a looooong contract. And he’s doing a great job. It’s gotta be incredibly easy to talk shit about us on the trail right now.

    How much do these kids REALLY care about education? That and playing time is what we’re selling.

    Will we miss bowl games during his tenure? Maybe. But if he can keep from having a bunch of losing records, we’ll be damn good in 2017 2018 2019 when we’re not getting fucked by the NCAA.

  16. Welcome to EOTH Canes 4 All, and thanks for posting.

    I really don’t think we are going to be down for a while or that the NCAA will f@ck us.

    They have no evidence. Just the tall tales from a jailed midget.

  17. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    That’s an incredibly pessimistic timeline. Not good until 2017? What’s the logic behind that prediction?

  18. Awe, hell excellent write up/article, no signs of blondeness nowhere. The bean prodigy left his own legacy, Played 2 years with nowhere near 1st round talent in the backfield and played with minus 2 round talent on the o-line(see matt pipho a.k.a. turnstyle) and still put up these kind of numbers. Balled out with aj2 in their 1st year, show signs of things to come only to be held back by an inept oc, than the next 2 years, more incompetence(as clearly stated in this article), i’ll just go back and say what i said a while ago, if j12 had the same system and talent around him as ken dorsey did, he would’ve won that game against osu, period and had all the records.

    Keep in mind, the td passing record that dorsey had, those td’s were going to guys named, santana moss, reggie wayne, andre johnson, roscoe parris, shockey, winslow, and that’s just from the wide-out spots. Also, when you factor this in, not only did dorsey have 1st round talent to pass to all over the place, he had 1st, 2nd, 3rd and just nfl caliber o-linemen blocking for em. Than the major factor to top it all off, he played on teams, where the defense was consistently in the top 3 in take aways, sometimes led the nation, which meant more offensive opportunities. So i ask, when in thee hell did the “bean prodigy, my azz” get to play behind all that.

  19. This is beautiful, lol, continued gaytor abuse!

    Punking the Gatr Trash is the new national past time.
    Posted by: Arty | January 07, 2012 at 05:06 PM

    Shut the f*ck up about the gators.
    Posted by: GET A LIFE MORONS | January 07, 2012 at 05:18 PM

    Gators are trash and crimminals.
    Posted by: ltcdolphin | January 07, 2012 at 05:35 PM

    Shut the f*ck up about the gators.
    Posted by: GET A LIFE MORONS | January 07, 2012 at 05:41 PM

    now we need Tracy Howard… come on!
    Posted by: canesallltheway | January 07, 2012 at 05:44 PM

    Get a life morons??? we’re trashing your turds in our own cane blog, i think u need to shut that eff up coz’ you have no business being here.
    Posted by: Turds are annoyed | January 07, 2012 at 05:45 PM

  20. Hurri
    January 8, 2012 at 5:08 PM

    I know that we aren’t supposed to get erect over film, but I though I was looking at AJ Green when I looked at Lockhart’s highlights.
    I’m phuckin with him.

    No Slambuttsky….



  21. Calvin
    January 9, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    Awe, hell excellent write up/article, no signs of blondeness nowhere. The bean prodigy left his own legacy, Played 2 years with nowhere near 1st round talent in the backfield and played with minus 2 round talent on the o-line(see matt pipho a.k.a. turnstyle) and still put up these kind of numbers. Balled out with aj2 in their 1st year, show signs of things to come only to be held back by an inept oc, than the next 2 years, more incompetence(as clearly stated in this article), i’ll just go back and say what i said a while ago, if j12 had the same system and talent around him as ken dorsey did, he would’ve won that game against osu, period and had all the records.

    Keep in mind, the td passing record that dorsey had, those td’s were going to guys named, santana moss, reggie wayne, andre johnson, roscoe parris, shockey, winslow, and that’s just from the wide-out spots. Also, when you factor this in, not only did dorsey have 1st round talent to pass to all over the place, he had 1st, 2nd, 3rd and just nfl caliber o-linemen blocking for em. Than the major factor to top it all off, he played on teams, where the defense was consistently in the top 3 in take aways, sometimes led the nation, which meant more offensive opportunities. So i ask, when in thee hell did the “bean prodigy, my azz” get to play behind all that.

    Now you know you need to stop!

    The “no excuses” ” kids should do it on their own with no guidance or help” crew is going to eat you alive!

  22. Uchamps, lol, my bad, i must of forgot about those ATF(allergic to facts) agents lurking around. They will do their best to try and not let these facts fly!

  23. nash, is this the night we’re suppose to start going to bingo, i can’t remember!

  24. I am on Cal’s side to the extent that #12 would’ve had a greater career, if he was in the exact same circumstances as Dorsey.

    But whether or not he’s 37-2 over that same stretch….That’s debatable.

    Kid didn’t always play within himself, the way Dorsey knew how to. That alone would be the difference in several games.

  25. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:


    You lost me there homie??

  26. Still not sure what 12 does differently to beat OSU…..The Oline play would’ve had him getting smashed, and throwing picks left and right.

  27. avatar
    HernandoCane says:

    This should hit home for those who went to the get together Friday night before the USF game.

    Islamic extremist arrested in Tampa:

    Osmakac’s intended targets involved government buildings, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office operations center in Ybor City and, ultimately, a pub in South Tampa, apparently MacDinton’s, authorities said.

  28. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    I think I’m going to miss Ben Bruneau the most. Truly amazing player



  30. Randall Carroll just got kicked off the UCLA team today. Anyone think we’ll take a chance on him? I think he might have some sort of relationship with Brennan Carroll from the recruiting process.

  31. And what’s the latest with De’Joshua Johnson? Are we done with WR now that Lockhart committed?

  32. Just look at the second comment under the video, ROFL

  33. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    The article canes 4 all was written by pud elliot of tomahawk nation. Guy is A MAJOR dooshbag and uber nole homer that can predict the future.

  34. Just got a picture text from the NC tailgate lots.

    Looks so fun . . .

    [JSQ grumbles under breath]

  35. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Canes 4 all? l smell a nole.

  36. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    I thought Bud loved us, seeing as he always talks about us.

  37. avatar
    CapeCoralCane says:

    Envious and obsessed? Yes. Loves? Not so much.

  38. Trent. Richardson. Is. MASSIVE.

    For a short guy, anyway..

  39. Hurri says:
    January 9, 2012 at 6:27 PM
    I am on Cal’s side to the extent that #12 would’ve had a greater career, if he was in the exact same circumstances as Dorsey.

    But whether or not he’s 37-2 over that same stretch….That’s debatable.

    Kid didn’t always play within himself, the way Dorsey knew how to. That alone would be the difference in several games.

    Hurri, that’s the thing, he didn’t play his game many games because he was left buck naked on to many plays. nipple will leave yo azz out to many plays in games, so just heave it up there. But this year, just think about this, j12 threw 4 picks against boston college the last game of the year, and still only ended up with 9 picks for the year. In that game, you could tell alot of the guys were basically glad it’s over with and were playing with disbelief that their careers were over with.

    Had j12 played against osu, it wouldn’t have gone in to overtime and come down to that last play, osu would’ve gotten blown out. check j12 stats after our defenses got turn-overs, j12 had an assasins mentality at qb, and had he had the opportunity to work with chud, and a real Miami staff that had the same mentality, the back-up qb would’ve been starting a whole lot of 3rd and 4th quarters had j12 come up in that same system because many teams would’ve gotten blown out. dorsey missed andre johnson to many times in that game, and you saw how j12, even with a dumb game plan and 4 picks sliced and diced osu in 2010, take away those 4 picks and it’s a differnet game.

    Also, Hurri, j12 is a whole lot tougher than dorsey, it was easy for dorsey to play within himself knowing he could wear the same jersey the next game since he barely got touched most games, but the 1st time he got knocked around a lil bit, he’s throwing phantom interceptions. j12 was just the opposite , especially in his early years, he threw a pick, he came right back at the defense, got sacked, same mentality.

    To go threw a college season and only throw 9 picks, with 4 coming in 1 game with your 3rd & 1st year oc, the dolphins will like always do the dumb thing. We saw what j12 did in his 1st year being coached by a real nfl guy, he gets with a good qb coach, he’s going to be on he verge of silencing the critics again, he definitely has enuff talent to stay in the league for some years, and if he ever gets a crack at becoming a starter, he can definitely make some noise.

  40. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Canesx3, Bud is probably sitting around thinking that FSU could easily beat one of the teams playing tonight.

    Hell he probably thinks that they should be in title game, seeing as that whole fanbase was talking national title just a few months ago. Ah, the beauty of the internet.

  41. Look at dre, happy for him, myers(coached by kehoe), eric winston(kehoe), sharpton(barrow) & b.harris

  42. Hurri, at the 1:59sec mark, who in the hell was he throwing too:

    At the 50sec mark, will smith just breathed on em and he fell:

    At the 3:11 mark, all he had to do was wait a split sec more, dre was coming wide open against that lil zone they were playing on em, instead he rushed the throw, hung johnson out to dry:

    dorsey, 3 1st half turnovers, here it is j12, at least 2 of the interceptions wasn’t his fault against osu and it at least took him the whole almost the whole game to get 4!

  43. I’m not sure why you’re even debating it..

    Neither of them are quarterbacking here anymore and one of them had a NASTY tendency to throw interceptions.. So..

  44. Bennie,

    Cal is my guy….He knows he will never get my fancy on this one.
    I feel like Dorsey knew what he was….and Jacory thought he was something he wasn’t.

    I’ve said before that even if Harris was the better FOOTBALL PLAYER, Kenny was the better QUARTERBACK.

    Cal will tell us in a few, how j-twizzie would be sewing these two Nat. Championship defenses.

  45. Sewing what, tears in their jerseys after the game is all said and done?

  46. Not sure which is stranger…

    That I keep receiving texts from Bama fans at the NC (I don’t know any Bama fans and even if I did, not sure why they would be texting me), or

    Opposing counsel just filing a brief calling me a liar, and then attaching exhibits showing I’m telling the truth and he is lying. Is anyone THAT stupid?

    Full moon?

  47. I ain’t gonna front, Bennie….That was a good one.

  48. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Mary, have you forgotten George Costanza’s words of wisdon to Jerry?

    It’s not a lie, if you believe it.

  49. Look at our boy orlando franklin doing work at the 1:23sec mark:

  50. Lol, pb. Opposing counsel must be a huge Constanza-ite. Or think our federal judge is illiterate.

    The things this dude does on a daily basis… Just crazy. Can’t wait to get these cases dismissed so I don’t have to deal with his nutty as a fruitcake antics.

  51. dre looking like he did against nebraska but on the otherside:

  52. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    January 9, 2012 at 7:21 PM
    The article canes 4 all was written by pud elliot of tomahawk nation. Guy is A MAJOR dooshbag and uber nole homer that can predict the future.

    January 9, 2012 at 7:45 PM
    Canes 4 all? l smell a nole.


    I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but quoting that article and saying we won’t be good until at least 2017? If you were recruiting negatively against the canes, isn’t this exactly what you would say?

    Impossible to say what’s going to happen, but that sounds darn close to a worst case scenario. Who thinks like that?

    I’m keeping an open mind for now.

  53. This freshman receiver for Bama is filling in nicely..

  54. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Most boring NC ever.

  55. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    And people wonder why Golden wants a bigger team. You’re not beating either one of these teams at full strength if you cant withstand power football. Speed alone is not answer, almost every team has speed now.

    Both teams got some real monsters up front, just like we did 10 years ago. Hope our boys are watching this game and thinking about what it really takes to become elite again.

  56. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Dayton, it’s not rocket science. Nutrition. Hard work. The will to win. And of course, talent. You recruit for the last two, and enforce the first two.

  57. Bama has racked up 225 yards in just one half against what is likely the second best defense in the nation..

    They’ve just got them red zone woeeeeees..

  58. Didn’t that dude play for FSWho? The kicking execution looks familiar.

  59. The drunk bama texts from numbers I don’t know continue…

  60. Speed alone is not answer, almost every team has speed now.

    I’ve said this several times, as of late.

    The playing field is narrowing at a dizzying pace.

    This team needs more FOOTBALL PLAYERS, as opposed to simply athletes.

  61. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    January 9, 2012 at 10:00 PM

    Dayton, it’s not rocket science. Nutrition. Hard work. The will to win. And of course, talent. You recruit for the last two, and enforce the first two.

    Not that simple. Oregon has all of this, yet they wont be winning a championship anytime soon.

    Gotta play physical football at the end of the day.

  62. Oregon’s strength is it’s weakness.

    Until they can find freak OL that can be big enough to handle aggressive interior DT’s they’re going to be screwed when it comes time to play the big boys.

  63. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I’m just talking about getting bigger an better. To win consistently and to contend, you have to add good coaching, which will get you winning football when you add it to the first four. Tell me, how many of these five things have we had consistently the last 8 years?

  64. Not that simple. Oregon has all of this, yet they wont be winning a championship anytime soon.

    Gotta play physical football at the end of the day.

    I have this argument with my boi about Oregon all the damn time.

    They just are not physical enough. Plenty of athletes and plenty of coaching.. but NO beef.

    SEC teams def. have beef with NO LOSS of speed.

  65. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    I will admit that LSU and Bama have some good defensive players but these two teams are NOT unbeatable

  66. Obviously.. Seeing as one has already beaten the other.

    I’d just like to see the teams that could beat them outside of one another.

  67. avatar
    SailorCane says:


    My guess is that if Okie State was in the game there would be some TD’s being scored versus the Tony Sporano Porn Fest of Fieldgoals happening tonight

  68. Bennie is counter-punching like Wilfredo Benitez, tonight….

  69. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    No one is saying they’re unbeatable. But if you dont have the right combination of size/speed/coaching, they will seem unbeatable.

  70. Has there been any shutouts in a title game, since we blanked Braska’?

  71. Wow Hurri!! Wilfredo Benitez…a champ from the past!! LOL!

  72. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Alabama has only given up 9 touchdowns this year.

    I guess thats the definition of the 34 getting picked apart again lol.

  73. The same Okie State that struggled mightily with Iowa State..?

  74. They just covered that, Hurri.

    Apparently we were the last.

  75. Q. If bama wins they are 1-1 vs LSU, they still get the NC?

  76. Bori,

    My boxing historics are unparalleled.

  77. Hurri
    January 9, 2012 at 11:10 PM


    My boxing historics are unparalleled.

    no doubt!!! LOL!

  78. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    This would be a good year 4 the plus 1…

  79. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    The only touchdown is a meaningless one

  80. Benitez was easy…..I coulda went Willie Pep.

    I ain’t a show-off.

  81. We still have the best shutout win..



  82. @allCanesBlog 1m

    RT @JohnMichaels790: Somewhere Kirby Freeman is saying even I’m not this bad—–TWEET OF THE YEAR #fb



  83. Yo Cal…..

    Jacory IS better than Jordan Jefferson!!

  84. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Les Miles has gone full retard in this game. No Lee? Punting now?

    Alabama has dominated, but les Miles has helped.

  85. Well..

    How ’bout Stoutland and Pannuzio?

  86. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    I cant wait for somebody to come on here talking about how our offense would’ve put 40 on either of these teams.

    Reminds me of the comments I heard after the Duke game. People literally bragging about hanging 40+ on Duke. #thisaintbasketballfool

  87. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    I wonder how many arrests theyll be tonight on Bourbon St and how many fights

  88. I didn’t see that much of the game, but what i do know, just like the last game anybody sweating or thinking these 2 defenses are actually 2 of the best defenses i a long time, don’t know football.

    Anybody that thinks bama giving up only 9 touchdows with a schedule like they had is impressive, again, you don’t know football.

    From the little i saw, nothing different from the last game, this game was a perfect example of why steve spurrier owned the sec and their big slow azz defenses. The 2 oc’s tonight and the garbage qb’s on display tonight wasn’t impressive last game or this one. spurrier would’ve had a field day on either one of these defenses, all he would’ve did was go 3 wide, the linebackers would’ve been stuck in no mans land and than he would’ve been gashing them with running plays.

    saban is nowhere near the coach steve spurrier is, spurrier just ended up at the wrong school in the sec.

    All this talk about nutrition and hardwork to get us bigger, while some of it is true, the majority of it has no merit. The only reason goldie and crew want bigger players is because that’s all they know(big 10 backgrounds), they don’t understand guys like spence, roha marley, although he didn’t play here, elvis dummervile, they want to try and intimidate teams by looking more physical when in Miami, that never impressed us. In fact, just like fights back in the day, the smallest guy was going to be the 1st one to swing on the biggest dude from the otherside, that way everybody knew it was on from the giddy up.

    So it is with football in Miami when you get the right guys with real heart on the team like spence, while trent looks extra padded up, spence would definitely be the 1st one trying to meet that man head up in the hole, i’d put my money on spence over those inflated sec cheaters trying to make tapes of their one day hard workouts but the other 4 days they putting those kids on horse pills. That’s what the tape is for as a smoke screen as if they’re working harder than any most teams, lol. swasey is taking care of our athletes for the long haul.

    Let’s see how many interior guys from either one of these teams make noise at the next level. 2 jokes team with above average defenses and garbage offenses going at it again, whoop dee damyum doo.

    Hurri, had jj-not dynomite had not bee so nervous out there, they could’ve at least scored a touchdown, they had guys wide open. I’d luv to see either one of these defenses play our receivers in man coverage, j12 would’ve damyum had peed in his pants waiting to see that.

  89. triple c, you know i’m with you dawg on all that 2016/17 talk, i mean who’s projection is that, did they bring jeff stoutland back or something, if not, that’s even worse than him. Hell if that’s the case, they might as well have kept shannon here if they plan on giving this crew until Kingdome Come to try and get this ship right!

  90. Look at this schedule, how many vaunted high powered offenses can anyone pick out. What team/s on this schedule has some qb that needs to be feared, lol. 9 touchdowns my azz, how in the hell did they give up that many!

    Sat, Sep 3 Kent State W 48-7 —
    Sat, Sep 10 at (23) Penn State W 27-11 —
    Sat, Sep 17 North Texas W 41-0 —
    Sat, Sep 24 (14) Arkansas W 38-14 —
    Sat, Oct 1 at (12) Florida W 38-10 —
    Sat, Oct 8 Vanderbilt W 34-0 —
    Sat, Oct 15 at Mississippi W 52-7 —
    Sat, Oct 22 Tennessee W 37-6 —
    Sat, Nov 5 (1) LSU L 6-9 —
    Sat, Nov 12 at Mississippi State W 24-7 —
    Sat, Nov 19 Georgia Southern W 45-21 —
    Sat, Nov 26 at Auburn W 42-14 —

  91. By the way, somebody tell brent mus “rat” berger to get his facts straight, 9 touchdowns all year my azz!

  92. Had my fill of that idiotic extremist piece of crap all day today. Our entire 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm and almost 11pm news was completely about him. I’d lift that ear to chin bearded douchebag above my head and slam him onto my leg, snapping his spine and then stomp his throat for good measure. Ya, he was targeting either MacDinton’s or Dubliner since they’re about 80 yards away from each other

    On another note .. this whole post right here >>>>>>

    January 10, 2012 at 12:55 AM

    Calvin. You’re f*cking beyond high. Both Bama and LSU averaged dropping around 40+ pts. on all their other opponents besides each other

    Oh, and LSU’s out of conference schedule – they beat both Oregon and West Virginia (who dropped what, 70 points on Clemson who is in what conference? and didn’t they do pretty good in the ACC?)

    Both Bama and LSU would curbstomp the living crap out of the Canes or any other team in the ACC. They wouldn’t even have to play that good of offense, both of their defenses would beat the hell out of the other team and then gain great field position. It’s not about scoring Arena Football League style

    And there’s no way either Oregon or Okie State could come anywhere close to hanging with either LSU or Bama. Why? Oregon already lost to LSU – they could barely beat Wisky and without that fumble by the Wisky WR that stopped perfectly on a dime near the sideline for Oregon to recover – they would most likely lose that game b/c Wisky was driving, just like at the end of the game when it took Russell Wilson what, 2 plays to get Wisky all the way down to the Oregon 25 yard line or something with 2 seconds left?

    Okie State had a semi-truck load of rabbit feet luck happen for them in their bowl game against Stanford b/c of the Stanford kicker missing – still don’t understand why Stanford got conservative at the end of the game right before they tried the field goal when you have the best college QB in forevah evah at the helm. Stanford also didn’t have their best LB (Skov) out there and it’s not like their defense was LSU/Bama caliber either – but Okie State struggled against it. Okie State vs. Bama or LSU’s D? Both LSU and Bama’s DBs could handle Blackmon 1 on 1 – the Bama Safeties football IQs are off the charts and LSU’s aren’t bad either. The Bama and LSU front 7 would penetrate both lines and chase down the RBs/QB if they tried to move laterally, much less vertically

    Can’t wait to see what jabroni writers will give Okie State votes in the final poll or argue for a split title

    I love defensive football, so the 2 match ups between LSU and Bama were like wet dreams for me this year

    92 total yards for LSU? They didn’t get a 1st Down the entire game until the 4th Quarter? Bama’s D is just plain filthy. Big big ass boys on either squad. Amazing what true training tables, nutritionists, weight work to supplement that, football IQ and good coaching can do for a team

    Saban is a bad bad man and again the SEC proved why they’re the best conference … again. It took an SEC to finally beat an SEC team in the title game

  93. KL – did you remember Tom Hardy in Black Hawk Down? He looked like he was about 70lbs lighter than he is now, haha

    Since you’re a fan of his, you should check him out in “Bronson” – he’s nuts. It’s like my boy Christian Bale in “American Psycho” (one of my favorite movies of all time) – Hardy plays a crazy criminal/boxer that likes to fight a lot in prison .. tries to choke out a pedophile in prison .. is a bare knuckle boxer .. likes to fight a bunch of prison guards at once, while butt nekked, etc.

  94. That game really was not good at all….sorry those teams are NOT better than the 1999-2002 Canes…..Canes could score even against quality defenses. I like defense, i am defensive minded girl but that was not fun to watch at all. Say all you want about okie state, Oregon, Stanford….those games were entertaining….unless you were a Bawas fan last nightwas no bueno!!!! I went to bed after the 3rd qtr. Feel bad for people who paid lots of money to watch that game live. Please tell me what is exciting about 7 field goal attempts? I could watch warm ups and be just fine. BCS should have stopped at the Sugar Bowl and called it a season……Look for huge changes coming to the BCS!

  95. BAMA^

  96. I’d be interested in seeing 01 Miami v 11 Alabama. Last time we had a great team square off with a physical bunch they got flat out manhandled.

  97. And you never know how a team may play another team until you actually play the game….who truly knows how Okie state would have played in that game? Who knows if an offensive minded team brings out the offense in the other team and vice versa… cant just say what you think might happen…you actually play the game!!!!

    Who would have thought WVA would have put up 70 on Clemson? Looking at that on paper and by records no one could have predicted that score.

    The original premise for bowl games was to put teams together who normally would not play one another, mix it up, give the fans something they don’t see during the regular season. Last night was just not necessary unless you are a SEC homer or Bama/LSU fan…and for that you could just wait till next season.

  98. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    I agree with Calvin toss in a high powered offense and both of these teams go down

    You know they cant cover with their db’s so hit them hard through the air

  99. I will say this though. I don’t think OKST would’ve won but they’d have both been scoring. OKST just has a sad defense when they’re playing a hardnosed team.

  100. For the rec’….I didn’t want to see two SEC teams in the title game, anyways.

    Really wish I couldve worked out where OkSt was in that game.

  101. If we were in the sec, we’d probably be UGA….

    That’s likely our ceiling. Georgia.

    And the majority of the time, being Georgia isn’t enough.

  102. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Not a Bama fan but you have to be really impressed with this stat – 1 penalty / 5 yards.

  103. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Hate Saban more than any person in sports, but damn that guy is one hell of a coach.

    Certainly the best in college football in my lifetime.

  104. I swear sometimes Bennie cones off as so anti-Cane it ain’t funny.

  105. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Know what you mean, bg

    01 team getting manhandled? Come on, man!

  106. I was referencing 2002.. One of the last great teams. Should’ve been more specific.

    It’s whatever. Years of losing has made me indifferent.

  107. How is anyone going to benefit off of calling out fat man BG or the fake online lawyer jsq? They are both as useless as it gets. Maybe they would like to explain why they have a blogger telling them that Oregons starting qb isnt as good as the backup because the backup is white. Yep thats the quality of in depth blogging you get from them morons. According to the fat recruiting expert the Canes have 300 recruits they have a shot at. Thats going out on a limb. jsq can turn anything into a perverted conversation. The other 2 bloggers, well they are just clowns that will follow anyone anywhere. If they brought anything good I would say so. They are the worst Cane blog out there. I am not Soup/86Cane so get off that lame post. All gator fans looking for a klan rally need to check the pervs website out. Time for the fools to get off this site and stay on their 4 blogger site. End of story tools
    Posted by: YAWN!!!! | January 10, 2012 at 08:34 AM

    SOUP/86CANE/YAWN went ham on somebody this morning! LMBO.

  108. FYI soup uses the term TOOLS all the time…he thinks its hip but it’s outdated to 2005-2006.

  109. Ouch – I think you need to find something else to do with your spare time.

  110. “jsq can turn anything into a perverted conversation.”


    Why, thank you! 😀

  111. [blushes]

    I take that as a compliment . . .

  112. Fake online lawyer . . .


    I wish! LOL.

    Ouch, thanks for sharing, but frankly, I find it hilarious instead of offensive. No one here cares what that dude thinks of us.

  113. JSQ
    January 10, 2012 at 10:13 AM
    “jsq can turn anything into a perverted conversation.”


    Why, thank you!

    "conversation" = "verbal intercourse"

    go for it jsq

  114. Ouch, thanks for sharing, but frankly, I find it hilarious instead of offensive. No one here cares what that dude thinks of us.

    ANYTIME jsq…that dude is offensive to me.

  115. Oh and don’t forget me the racist!!!! The Oregon back-up QB is better and it has nothing to do with his color.

    You know what is so funny…I get called racist by the Tebow Zealots because “they” say I never call out black Christians, just white ones. WOW I can’t wait till my Mexican family starts calling me out!!! LOL! Just got to love people!!!!

  116. With the pervert, and the racist too . . .

    [JSQ hums theme from Gilligan’s Island]

  117. Autumn, it is too easy!

  118. Six
    January 10, 2012 at 2:54 AM

    On another note .. this whole post right here >>>>>>

    January 10, 2012 at 12:55 AM

    Calvin. You’re f*cking beyond high.

    My man you are just realizing this now?????

    Da fug.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  119. Anybody that thinks bama’s defense was that good playing against a qb that couldn’t pass the ball, stay off the cheeba. lsu had no real runningback, 1 seasoned receiver, no tight-end, just not to much skill on that lsu offense, when the qb is scared to run and shuffling passes forward instead of running, time for him to go. jordan jefferson has never impressed me. trent couldn’t run the ball effectively because i remember seeing an o-line block like that before somewhere.

    You put any of our skill position players in that same game, and we’d score a touchdown. You just not shutting j12 and crew out, just not going to happen. We’d have at least gotten 1 touchdwon the problem would have been coach do noff.

    luv to see the sweat fest club come out, again, you put steve spurrier back with the gaytors and saban and les miles would still be 2nd and 3rd rate coaches.

    pb, i’m not sure why you saying saban is the best college coach you’ve seen in your time, unless by best you mean the one who went to the best situation and realized college was where he should be. Or if by best you mean you’re not comparing him to howard, jimmy, bobby, spurrier, to me he’s on par with oscar cryer and maybe a lil better than les miles as far as decision making goes, but hell, all that game meant last night like i said when they 1st announced that’s who was playing in the national championship game, i said if, bama beats lsu, all that means is their 1 & 1 so split the title.

  120. Looks like one of my best friends, her husband, and dog are moving in temporarily to get settled in the US (they have lived in Australia since shortly after we all drank a Rashad-sized bottle of Grey Goose the night before VA Tech ’10).

    My residence is becoming like a halfway house for ‘Canes and their pups! haha

  121. You keep rattling off about Spurrier and yet Saban has three rings…

  122. I think JJ is the best coach in my lifetime, but I will admit I am a bit biased.

  123. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Saban is a beast.

    I give you one stat that shows that you can teach great athletes discipline.

    Against the number one team in the country in basically a road game, 1 penalty for a whopping 5 yards. And that came at the end of the game.

    Ask yourself this. Take Randy’s 2008 class and have Saban coach them the last four years and what do you get?

    If you say a 500 team with no bowl wins you are delusional.

    p.s. Bennie’s comment about our 2001 team against this Bama team made me chuckle. That team beat the ranked opponents it faced by an average of 30 points and had more Hall of Famers than Bama has first round draft choices.

    Dude do you even like the Canes?

  124. Bennie was talking about 2002.

    Can’t argue with him there.

    We got out muscled.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  125. insanez1, talk real football. If those defenses were so good, than what did lsu’s defense do to try and counter punch & attack bama’s defense, by running the option, hell, even coach do noff knew how to shut the option down. When jefferson threw the ball, receivers were wide open, he just missed them or didn’t get good pass protecting blocks from the runningbacks. That gimmick offense got shut down. At least bama’s offense came at lsu different than the last game and passed basically on all 1st downs, and they kept picking on #7, the honey badger, who if he was on streeter this year would’ve gotten cooked many times because one thing about j12, he knows how to throw the ball to spots where taller guys can take advantage of their height.

    Not to many teams played man against us and the ones who did got torched. I don’t care what team you are, i got my money on travis and streeter in a one on one foot race. Throw in a healthy hurns, who can get it down against any secondary, i like how fsu thought they had shut hurns down, i kept saying that man was banged up ever since i think it was that virginia game, or maybe even early because hurns run all the routes.

    A healthy lamar would’ve at least housed one or 2, he’s one of those players like spence and like we became accustomed to round here where the bigger the game, the more they showed up. j12 has it in em too prior to be almost ruined by nipple. Our o-line this year was in shambles, for the most part, but at least with kehoe guys are starting to be put in positions earlier, like feliciano, he has a chance to be a 3 to 4 year starter at right tackle. If guys get stronger, on that o-line than we should start seeing better pass protection and everything.

  126. Not sure how many of you watch or listen to Mike and Mike in the morning but as Mike Bianchi was talking UCF, on the way to work this morning, I switched over to Mike and Mike and caught Mel Kiper’s take….I don’t agree with him much but this is a good assessment about the game and the BCS as a whole….43 days from the last game of the season to the championship.

  127. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Happy anniversary to college football’s greatest team: the 2001 Miami Hurricanes
    by Jorge Milian

    I began covering college football in 1993 and I’ve been a fan since 1970, or as my younger colleagues might think, the leather-helmet days.

    Whether as a fan or reporter, I’ve never seen a better team than the 2001 Miami Hurricanes that won their fifth national championship on Jan. 3, 2002 in a 37-14 demolition of Nebraska in the Rose Bowl that was far more lopsided than the 23-point margin might indicate.

    A couple of teams are in the discussion with the ’01 Hurricanes, namely the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers and the 2004 USC Trojans. But, for my money, no one can match the Hurricanes of a decade ago, a team so talented that it almost defies comprehension.

    A few reasons why the 2001 Hurricanes are college football’s best:

    ….Of the 22 starters that opened the game against Nebraska, 11 were first-round NFL picks. Half the starting lineup! Here’s the 11 – Andre Johnson, Bryant McKinnie, Jeremy Shockey, Willis McGahee (he started at fullback for an injured Najeh Davenport), Jerome McDougal, William Joseph, Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams, Mike Rumph, Edward Reed and Phillip Buchanon.

    ….Of those 22 starters, 18 were selected in the NFL Draft. Center Brett Romberg went undrafted, but is still playing in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons. Guard Sherko Haji-Rasouli and receiver Kevin Beard also went unpicked. Linebacker Chris Campbell likely would have made it 19 UM players drafted but was killed in a car accident a month after UM won the national championship.

    ….Among the backups were Vince Wilfork, Vernon Carey, Frank Gore and Kellen Winslow.

    ….Overall, 38 players on the 2001 roster were NFL draft picks, including 17 first rounders.

    ….Thirteen UM players were first-team All-Big East selections in 2001.

    ….The Hurricanes defeated No. 14 Syracuse, 59-0, and No. 12 Washington, 65-7, setting an NCAA record for largest margin of victory over consecutive ranked opponents.

    ….UM’s defense allowed 13 touchdowns all season. It scored eight touchdowns of its own.

    ….The Hurricanes scored a school-record 512 points (42.6 points per game) while the defense ranked No. 1 nationally in points allowed (9.75 per game.).

    ….Miami’s average margin of victory (32.9 points) was the most in school history. In comparison, No. 1 LSU has beaten its 13 opponents this season by an average 27.9 points.
    ….The Hurricanes shut out three of their 12 opponents. Since 2001, UM has played 126 games and has registered three combined shutouts.

    After UM defeated Nebraska in the Rose Bowl, Bryant McKinnie told me: “I think this will go down as one of the best teams in school history.”

    The best in college football history, if you ask me

  128. Canechic, how about a summary for those who can’t open? Please? Thanks! :-)

  129. Love the Canes. Hate, hate, haaaate watching them lose. It’s tiresome to me. Living in the past is even more tiresome. It’s always a part of who you are but it’s exactly what it is.. The past.

    So if I nitpick, wise crack, disregard it from me if you take issue with it.

  130. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    January 10, 2012 at 2:54 AM

    Big big ass boys on either squad. Amazing what true training tables, nutritionists, weight work to supplement that, football IQ and good coaching can do for a team


    Big big ass boys on either squad. Amazing what steroids, football IQ and good coaching can do for a team


  131. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    JSQ – JJ is the better coach. Rings in college and the pros. He had the balls to coach both. Saban was a complete failure in the pros and ran away like a quitter. He’s a total beast in college, so I take nothing away from him there. But coaching college athletes is completely different than coaching pros. JJ was adaptable enough and skilled enough to build champions in both.

    Saban is the type of person that needs the built-in respect and position-dominance that comes with the pre-installed alpha dominance that a college coach already has with respect to the more submissive college athlete. He does all the other things extremely well. He’s a hell of a college coach and pretty much does everything right. Put him in a position, though, to have to deal with grown men that have outgrown their submissiveness, and he will always fail, he will not earn their respect. That’s why he will never make it in the pros and why JJ is the overall better coach. That’s my ten cent analysis which is about all it’s worth

  132. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    JJ is my favorite coach of all time. I think Jimmy was amazing at evaluating talent and more importantly a master motivator of men.

    But he was so badly outcoached by Joe Pa in the 85 NC game it’s hard for me to put him up there with Saban, from a college football standpoint only.

  133. Spot on, CCC.

    Grown ass men don’t take very kindly to someone they can’t find respect for.

  134. Philly, I think I miss when our players were all ‘roided up!

    Bennie, I agree with your premise, but sometimes how you carry it out makes me think you are 2 seconds away from playing in traffic or joining the trailer folk in rooting for that team up there! 😉

  135. Thought Jimmy’s Canes outscored Penn State everywhere but the scoreboard in that title game?

  136. Lol JSQ, not at all. Sorry if it comes off that way :(

  137. Pb, I don’t think JJ was outcoached there. We absolutely dominated that game in everything but turnovers (at least so I have read – I was 4 at the time). How was he supposed to anticipate VT absolutely sh*%@#&^ the bed?

    Somewhat related: People are saying Les Miles had money on last night’s game . . . for Bama. Lol.

  138. Sorry JSQ. He just said he thought LSU really did not show up to the game. He was disappointed that Les did not put Lee into the game. (I truly did not watch the game enough to see bad Jefferson played). He also hates the huge lay off between the end of the season and the champ game. (Something I don’t like either).He is tired of the BCS/NCAA trying to make us swallow this garbage. He really felt Stanford would have been a better choice for the BCS game. Of course that bad LSU team still would have shown up but at least a true touchdown might have been scored. He is in favor of some form of playoffs though.

    I personally am not a fan of a team within the same conference playing for the title game….I “thought” this would not be an issue because if you don’t win your conference should you still be playing for the title? I thought this was the one thing that would make it playoff like?

    Don’t really know but I really had very little interest in last night’s game.

  139. Saban is a good college coach…no doubt about it!

    My heart is with JJ and Howard :)

  140. Canechic, I was asleep by 10:30 but from Missy’s rants on Facebook, I think Lee should have been put in.

    I think last night’s game is Exhibit A on why there should be playoffs. I like defense (like when the ‘Canes or Pro ‘Canes are doing it), but otherwise, f@cking entertain me. I don’t care who wins (other than to make one of my bf happy) so freaking score a damn TD already! I would have preferred to see Oklahoma State or Stanford or someone else in there. Other people have scored on those defenses so I’m not sure WTF that spectacle, twice, was.

    Missy is threatening to sell her 4 40 yard line row 20 season tickets. Lol. She doesnt’ mean it. I’ve seen this before! Ha!

  141. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Remember that game like it was yesterday.

    Jo Pa confused Vinny in the second half by only rushing three and dropping back eight. Jimmy screwed himself by continuing to let Vinny throw into double and triple coverage, despite the fact Highsmith was gouging them on the ground.

    Even the last play of the game was a disaster. If they hand it to Highsmith he walks into the endzone. Instead they pass into an endzone with eight defenders, Vinny throws his final pick and we lose the game.

  142. LOL, poor Missy :(

    I am not sure why anyone would want to see that again!! I thought maybe it should have been like Olympics…start judging the teams based on field goal styles but then again one team barely even made it over the 50 yard line!!! ZZZZZZZ

  143. I crack up when i read comments that if our skilled players went up against ‘Bama we would have scored a touchdown. That may very well be the case but there is no doubt that both LSU and Alabama would have taken our “skilled” players to the woodshed.

    People – we finished 6 – 6 and lost to some crappy teams. And barely beat USF. And I am not even counting Maryland when we were missing players. Stop making assumptions on how we would have done. We saw the body of work we were involved in and it wasn’t pretty.

    Oh, and the stat PB mentioned about only 1 penalty for 5 yards……that is straight up coaching there.

  144. Is it just me or does Nevada’s Secretary of State look like “Jordan Chase” from Season 5 of Dexter?

  145. Jefferson was so bad, LSU’s offense crossed the 50 yard line only once the entire game.

    I have NO idea why Les Miles didn’t even “try” Lee out. It’s not like he could have done any worse. Jefferson looked SO lost it almost made me feel bad for him.

  146. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Raize, dont forget about the obligatory “they wouldn’t have have beat our (insert any old Miami championship team) team” reference.

    Who, besides Bennie for some reason, in the hell even mentioned anything about any of those teams beating our old championship teams of the 80’s or the 2001 squad? Some people are changing to subject just to make a point that blatantly obvious. Stop it.

    These two defenses were just sick. Bama held Arkansas, the 15th best offense in the country, to just 14 points; and Arkansas was lucky to get that many. They beat the living tar out of an offense that scored over 30 points on 9 of its 12 opponents, so to say that Bama hasn’t played any decent offense is factually incorrect. LSU averaged more points a game than Arkansas, and Bama surrendered a total of 9 points to them, all coming in the 1st game. But I guess our offense, one that ranked below powerhouses known as Vanderbilt and Temple (MAC recruiting, huh?), would’ve gone up and down the field on them? Only uncle Luke would believe something like that.

    Saban is not the best college coach of all time, but he is definitely up there. He’s made a winner out of 4 different teams and has 3 titles to show for it. Steve Spurrier, for how great he was at Florida, is still struggling to make South Carolina play consistently. Hell, Lou Holtz got that done in his first three season there, and he was at the end of his rope as a HC going to a team was 1-10 the year before. And I dont recall Saban ever getting absolutely obliterated in a national title game like Spurrier did.

  147. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    All this talk about what certain teams would or would not do against one of our old teams reminds me of some people I went to high school with. You see them a bunch of years later and they’re always talking about how cool they were in high school or college, and they look like a total train wreck now.

    Nobody cares about how cool you were 10 years ago, trust me. B2K was cool 10 years ago too, and yet you hear no one talking about them.

  148. So is basically the complaint about last night’s game is that there was only 1 TD?

    That’s why it was boring or people didn’t have any interest? Or was it b/c their favorite team wasn’t in it

    I’m just searching for an answer, not being sarcastic

    I’d be willing to bet that Okie State or Oregon would say they’d like a piece of either Bama or LSU .. but LSU already beat down Oregon (even without a few of their starters) … and Okie State would like to go out on a high note after what happened to them this year, so that wouldn’t be the case if they played either LSU or Bama –

    Just how many times were LSU WRs that open during the game? Maybe 4 times at the most? The Bama pass rush was filthy. I’d be willing to bet Miles kept Jefferson in b/c of his ability to scramble or run the read/option, as opposed to Lee who is more of a pocket passer and who would’ve probably snicker barred the back of his pants

    One team that Bama played this year that had a pretty good pocket passer – Arkansas with Tyler Wilson (he led the entire SEC with an average of 285 yards per game and was 13th in the nation in passing yards behind a 5 Big 12 QBs) – and what did Bama do to them? They allowed 17 yards on 19 rushes, they allowed Wilson to throw for 185 and 2 TDs

    Okie State (49.3 ppg) and Oregon (46.2 ppg) also play in conferences that aren’t exactly known for playing a thing called “Defense” either. I think that’s been shown how many times in the BCS era when teams from either the Pac-10 or Big 12 have gone up against a SEC school in the title game

    SEC 5-0 against teams from either the Big 12 or Pac 12, including 3 of the last 4 BCS Championship games

    This year:

    LSU 38.5 ppg on O, while 10.5 ppg on D (#2 in the nation)

    Bama 36 ppg on O, while 8.8 ppg on D (#1 in the nation)

    Okie State 49.3 ppg on O, while 25.8 ppg on D (#60th in the nation)

    Oregon 46.2 ppg on O, while 23.6 ppg on D (#47th in the nation)

    Sending Okie State or Oregon out there to play either LSU or Bama, would be like sending Apollo Creed out there to fight Ivan Drago

    and we all know what happened there

    I will admit though I was hoping to see either Okie State or Oregon take on either LSU or Bama – simply for the fact to shut those fans up about their lightning quick scoring. Whole different level of football played in the SEC and it starts with the big boys up front

  149. Cal…..I gotta know…..

    Why in the hell weren’t we 11-1?

  150. KL – to describe what would’ve happened to Lee if he were inserted into the game against Bama’s D, and I’ll put it terms that people can understand b/c I’ll use a Miami Hurricane

    Bama’s D would’ve been Najeh Davenport. JLee would’ve been Mary McCarthy’s laundry basket

    To illustrate it in an “awwwww” way, here you go

  151. Both, Six. If it was the ‘Canes, I would have been very into it.

    Since it is one team that I tolerate for Missy and another team that between Missy, Jenni (Auburn) and Lamar (obvious), I am conditioned to not like, I think of it like a show instead of um, religion.

    Defense is only part of the show. I want the full shabang. Score a damn TD, already!

  152. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    Six, LMFAO!!

    Honestely, tho, I thought Jefferson looked the same way. I understand your point, but they weren’t getting anywhere on offense playing the way there were. Give Alabama’s defense a different look.

    Something! Anything!! Either way, you’re losing!

  153. avatar
    raizecane says:

    ….Les Miles is still going with Jefferson…..

  154. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Last night was a great exhibition of a scary defensive team- Bammer- and LSU doesn’t have a bad D either.

    But here’s something scarier – the tv ratings. NCAA & ESPN are sh!tting bricks right now over the prospect of anymore SEC NC games.

    “Alabama-LSU produces lowest TV rating for national championship in BCS era”

    We need to get the canes back in there somehow, someway. We start winning and we’ll pull in the ratings. About 20% love us, the rest hate us, but they watch either way..

  155. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Oklahoma State gave up 243 yards rushing to Stanford, and 590 yards total. No one on here thinks that Bama, who had a better rushing offense than Stanford, would’ve absolutely pummeled Okie State on the ground?

    Bama’s offensive line is twice the size of Stanford’s, and they probably wouldn’t allow McCarron to get touched either seeing as the protection was pretty good for him last night against a LSU d-line that had 39 sacks on the year. That number would’ve been a lot higher had they played in a pass-happy conference like the Big 12.

  156. Canez1 – bahaha, holy crap that blunt was the size of a Igloo rolling cooler. That still might not be big enough for a bunch of Canes fans that think on the Calvin tip

    Calvin, love ya brah but you’re crazy, ha and I have accepted it fully

  157. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Yes Mia – Neb had a low rating also, but the outcome was a foregone conclusion, that’s what I think happened.

    Also as it said in the article, why aren’t these games broadcast on one of the major 4 outlets? Can you imagine if the Superbowl was on ESPN only? Wouldn’t there be an outcry?


  158. KL – I had some $$$ on Bama as well so I was happy. I understand what you’re saying though about JLee, they kept showing him on the sidelines but I kept thinking kid, you’re safe where you are now, be thankful

    JSQ – I getcha

    I’d be willing to bet that Jimmy Johnson loved that game last night though

  159. CanesCanesCanes – ratings are a crap shoot anyway and are an insanely far cry from what a lot of viewers really think

    Unless they put a meter in every single household in this nation, in every room of that household – you’re never going to get a true reading

    The Mothership up in Bristol, they’re probably not losing any sleep over what the ratings were for that game. They’re Oprah or Ellen .. everything else on the other major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX) last night were Ricki Lake. Our station was showing a re-run of Hawai’i 5.0 after 2 Broke Girls, I don’t remember what everyone else was showing

    Now, some things are obvious toward ratings and just how well the show is going to do. Think back to all the shows on network that lasted not even a season, hell, some didn’t even last past 2 shows … remember when I believe it was ABC that tried to come out with a new Charlie’s Angels this past year or CBS with How To Be A Gentleman? You don’t need ratings to know that those shows sucked all kinds of stink ass -but- the ratings were in steep decline for those shows and they got yanked. We’d always know when ratings were dropping for “Ghost Whisperer” b/c when the ratings started to drop, so did the neckline of the shirts/sweaters/spaghetti string tops of JLHewitt – then ratings went back up for a bit

    The case with sports – it goes to the highest bidder. Olympics, Super Bowl, NCAA football bowl games, NCAA regular season football games (Fox or NBC miss out on those), NCAA basketball games (CBS has had March Madness for how long), etc. It did strike me as odd that ESPN didn’t put the BCS NChamp game on their little sister ABC so that everyone could watch

  160. Per The Fake ESPN..

    LSU is trapped in New Orleans. Someone painted a 50 yard line in front of their buses.

  161. Pulp Fiction was on HBO. I turned to that. And then I woke up 10 minutes later when Honey Bunny shot up the restaurant and turned it Diners Drive-ins and Dives – all the gunfire was loud and after my Dexter nightmares from Sunday, I wanted to dream about bacon, etc.

  162. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Good points, six. Like you, though, I’m still confused as to why that wasn’t on ABC

  163. Damn that got on Facebook quick

  164. Haha, yeah Bennie, and it is spreading! Missy even reposted it!

  165. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Wonder what SEC team will win it next year?

  166. Bennie says:
    January 10, 2012 at 10:58 AM
    You keep rattling off about Spurrier and yet Saban has three rings…

    Yep, but don’t let the rings deceive you. Go and see how many rings bobby bowden would’ve had, had he not played us, than go and see how many rings spurrier would’ve had or played for had they not had to play fsu. Than ask yourself, how many teams did saban have to face on a regular basis like the coaches at Miami, fsu and the gaytors. See how many sec championships spurrier won and than see how many times the gaytors losing to fsu in their annual meeting hurt them.

    Than just go and look at the times while spurrier has been at South Carolina how many times he took oscar cryer & saban to the brink or even beat them with a program that was nowhere near established, than alot of what i’m saying will become clear, how clear………..crystal!

  167. LOL


  168. six, jimmy would’ve thrown up last night watching an offense that didn’t even attempt to be aggressive. And please, yall leave oregon out of all these conversations, since when did that weak program become a powerhouse. I’d rather have seen Oklahoma st. play, at least they would’ve continued to attempt to play their style of offense and attack, whether it ended in a blow out or not, i guarantee you, Okalhoma st. wouldn’t have just ran option plays and would’ve showed more heart on offense.

    pb, jimmy didn’t get outcoached, infestaverde kept changing plays, he won the heisman and got real selfish with it. You already know jimmy’s m.o., he loves to run the ball, but he also trust his qb’s if they change the play to get us into the right play. hush pa didn’t outcoach jimmy, ask yourself, how come all of a sudden, you never heard about infestaverde being color blind until after that game, it was bs.

    So while people want to point to the fact Oklahoma st. lost to iowa st. It was because of the same mofo that, like nevin, shannon randied him out of town, in bill “not so young”, their offense still put up 31 points in a lost.

    Hurri, we’re not 11&1 mainly due to coach do noff, we left 4 or 5 games on the table because of that defensive philosophy!

    I only count a team having a real defense when they go up against real offenses, for instance, when the rams played tampa, the rams had real legit official offensive players, the preacher, holt, faulk & kurt warner. Tampa had real legit official defensive players who need know intro, that’s a real defense going up against a real offense and you know what happened.

  169. Oregon has been in three BCS bowls in the last three years.. Every one of them winnable.

    I’d say they’re uprising.

  170. Bennie says:
    January 10, 2012 at 3:40 PM
    Oregon has been in three BCS bowls in the last three years.. Every one of them winnable.

    I’d say they’re uprising.

    Don’t expect to see them to much longer once usc starts to beat them down back into their place. I’m not into all this bcs bowl talk, i still am, and will always be, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP or BUST. Playing for anything else is still uncivilized!

  171. Calvin they are returning almost everyone next year except LaMichael….USC is good no doubt but Oregon has a very talented team! :)

    Listening to Colin Cowherd (is this how you spell his name?) on my way home for lunch and he and some expert guy said it will be the winner of the USC v Oregon game as one side of the NC for next year…..both teams very talented…both coached well….the edge goes to USC for Barkley and some damn talented wide receivers….should be another fun year for Nick.

  172. He was also talking to that Alabama radio guy, can’t think of his name starts with a F….. anyway he said he saw Jefferson out on the town the entire week leading up to the big game and he said if that was your son, you would not be proud….so I guess too march partying caught up with him and it sure showed on the field :)

    Sorry Six that game was just boring…I would have rather watched the Rose or Fiesta Bowl again then watch that field goal extravaganza ever again! Wasn’t there some coach via for getting rid of the field goal altogether from the game of football?

    Listening to ESPN trying to justify the game is quite comical though and listening to these radio guys eat crow is even better :) hu humm Mike Bianchi 😉

  173. as bad as Jefferson played he didn’t have much of a chance in the 2nd half. Can’t pass without pass protection. more than needing to switch to Lee LSU needed to switch to a passing game that moved the pocket. dude was shook, but with good reason cause he was getting lit up almost every play.

  174. I think it is Finnbaum? or Fenbaum?

  175. Ouch, u’z a wild boy! HAHAHA! Please tell Mr. Yawn that a real man says what he needs to say DIRECTLY to who its directed too! So I have no cares or concerns what he says. Its like Bud and Tomahawk, WHO CARES what’s happening on somebody else’s blog. Just worry about your own, and don’t swallow my dy*k while your mouth is open sir yawn alot…………


  176. PREACH, BG!!!! 😀

  177. canechic says:
    January 10, 2012 at 4:10 PM
    Calvin they are returning almost everyone next year except LaMichael….USC is good no doubt but Oregon has a very talented team!

    Listening to Colin Cowherd (is this how you spell his name?) on my way home for lunch and he and some expert guy said it will be the winner of the USC v Oregon game as one side of the NC for next year…..both teams very talented…both coached well….the edge goes to USC for Barkley and some damn talented wide receivers….should be another fun year for Nick.

    I hear you, but i don’t listen to those talking heads, most of them don’t really know football. It’s like listening to a lot of these guys trying to explain things, for instance, that bs pass interference call on us during the ohio st. game, you should’ve seen how many talking heads tried to explain. One guy, said, “well even if it wasn’t pass interference, it was holding, so either way it’s still a penalty”, i think dennis dodd was his name, lol. Or he impeded his progress up the field, lol.

    It’s people like him, are the main reason i don’t listen to them, to frustrating, here they are, supposedly covering football all day long and the myriad of views on that call proves most of them have no clue.

    The ball was spotted on the 5 yard line, in football, the db can jam the receiver all day long within the 1st 5 yards, so of course his progress was being impeded, after 5 yards that’s when gamble started using his hands to try and get separation, sharpe wasn’t having it.

    The only legit point i’ve seen brought up is that incomplete past they called on chirs gamble before we got the ball back, had they called that a completed pass, we would’ve never had gotten the ball back to even have a chance to tie the game up. That was a real close call, other than that, once again, terrible officiating.

  178. JSQ.

    I’m going to write it tonight when I get home. Look for it late tonight.

  179. We will see Calvin….I am done predicting 19-21 year football players…they are like a box of chocolates….never know what you are gonna get! I followed that #1 recruiting class of the Canes much to closely and they all burned me…I will just enjoy from a far from now on and hope for the best!!! :)

  180. JSQ.

    As C1 would say, let the AGENDERS (HATERS) AGEND (HATE)! We good over here! SOMEBODY (WHOEVER YAWN is) sure is worried about a group of people that could CARE LESS about what he/they got going on! We do us here and we don’t NEED NOBODY ELSE! Except the Canes. Yup the Canes that’s all we need! The Canes and an ACC ‘Chip that’s all we need. Yup the Canes, the ACC, and the BCS….;-)

  181. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    OMG bg now u’z the wild boy!


  182. You’re the best bg!

    And I completely agree.

    I can’t believe grown people would spend their time insulting others on the Internet.

    Get a life!

  183. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    bg – you’re my man. Like they say bullsh!t walks & that’s all that nonsense is.


  184. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Este, the receivers weren’t getting open enough to give anyone of those QBs a chance at moving the ball. I think Lee might’ve helped a little with reading the defense, but once Bama saw them passing the ball every down they just tee’d off.

    That defense just isn’t going to allow you to spread it out and do what you want. Mallet was able to do it last year, but their secondary was young and made a lot of mistakes when they faced a better offense. Even so, Mallet threw 3 picks in that game and his offense only scored 20 points. Contrast that to this year, and their defense is basically impenetrable. But Saban knows what a dominant defense is, considering he played a different style with LSU back in 2003 and was still impossible to score on.

  185. cc, i wasn’t caught up in that 2008 class being ranked #1 back than or now, so i wasn’t dissappointed in those players, and a few of us stated a while ago that the 2010 class was actually shannon’s best class when most of the star gazers thought we were crazy for saying that. That 2008 class being ranked #1 is just further proof that the talking heads get carried away many times. How was it ranked #1, based off some other bozo’s highschool ranking system(however the hell they come up with that is beyond me)that didn’t know wth they were talking about either, lol. That 2008 class was basically front loaded with a bunch of skill position players, and rightfully so. After coming off of no having basically any offensive skill players that put fear in people, shannon did the right thing with that.

    So now, goldie fins himself in the same position, so he’s going wide receiver heavy right now as well, the difference is, he can sign a bigger class.
    I always said, i don’t want the #1 so called recruiting class according to the naysayers so when a championship is won, they can somehow try and take credit for pointing out that they said it was a number 1 recruiting class. This ain’t the nfl draft where guys have a body of work at a high level already so you can project better.

    The guy with probably the best eye for talent more than any college football coach ever is butch davis, he’ll just never be a great or even good gameday coach. Talent eval, he got that beat all day. Look at how many unc players have gotten drafted since he’s been there. Would’ve been real interesting to see how this staff would’ve looked with soldinger on it, would be in for some fun times.

  186. Yes Calvin I did get way to caught up in the hype :(

    You know how I feel about Randy….I only wish the best for him :)

  187. avatar
    LyquidEnigma says:


    January 9, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    LE, here is the past event list for the alumni club:

    Thanx JSQ

  188. avatar
    LyquidEnigma says:


    January 9, 2012 at 4:12 PM


    Thanx Raize, I will definitely be there.

  189. Perfect words to use when watching coach do noff’s defensive schemes. It’s the SouF, i prefer open racism, i’m use to that, F the snake types. I don’t have a problem if a certain group doesn’t like us, but they gone always have a problem if they gone go out their way to make it known. Why racism comes as a surprise to people in this country is always funny to me. That’s why somebody should’ve slapped herman cain’s old azz for lying when he said “he doesn’t believe racism today holds anybody back”, lol!

  190. That young point guard is legit out their. rick rubio, one of the best pure point guards i’ve seen in a long time when it comes to running an offense. He puts the ball on the money, when those jump shooters get it, they don’t have to fumble around with it, it’s catch and shoot time. He’s one of those rare guys that when he gets the ball, guys are breaking their necks to fill the lanes because they know if their open, the ball is coming. I like what minnesota has done, they got a real good young nucleus of talented players, in beasley, kevin love, derrick williams & rubio. If they mess round and get a legit center, they’re going to be a tough team to deal with!

  191. Good God, what the F is wrong with those teachers?!?!

  192. Rumor is the DC for WVU will resign to go to Arizona tomorrow and the #1 target for WVU is Randy Shannon

  193. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    JSQ, thats why we tell you the stuff that we tell you about race issues in this country. I used to live in Georgia and little stuff like that is common in school.

    Blatantly calling someone a derogatory name or assaulting a person because of their ethnicity can/will have repercussions, so that kind of racism can be dealt with. Subtle racism like this is very dangerous because it ingrains itself in you at an early age, making you think its somehow acceptable. Doing things like that keep certain perceptions and stereotypes alive, and thats really what is at the core of race issues in this world. Its a mindset and a way of life, sort of like the “I’m not racist, I’ve got lots of white/black/Hispanic/Asian/etc friends” argument that people like to pull when they say or do something out of line.

  194. In BOTH of your faces, bg and Cal….

    The spread IS the Pro-style Offense.

    Taa-Dow…how ya like me now?? Taa-Dow…how ya like me now??

  195. bg1906 says:
    January 10, 2012 at 10:05 PM
    Rumor is the DC for WVU will resign to go to Arizona tomorrow and the #1 target for WVU is Randy Shannon

    He’ll be back working this year, and the main man in charge of a whole unit, not someone huddled up in a timeout huddle with the real oc and headcoach and only have say so when someone actually ask you! shannon is trying to pick a job that doesn’t hurt UM and for real, i’m sure he’ll keep an eye out for that do noff situation, and see if he can get back down to the crib, shannon don’t wanna move that’s for sure!

  196. I wish I could simultaneously show you all this DVD I have, on “Race,” the origins of man, and socialism.

    It would give yall some wild insight…..

  197. Hurri says:
    January 10, 2012 at 10:16 PM
    In BOTH of your faces, bg and Cal….

    The spread IS the Pro-style Offense.

    Taa-Dow…how ya like me now?? Taa-Dow…how ya like me now??

    Nice try Hurri, but i’m a football man, their is a reason all these high passing numbers have shown up, the same reason in the nba when scores started going up, but at least in the nba i can semi understand what a flagrant foul is. In th nfl, how in the hell can a secondary play defense, when if you breathe on receivers to hard they throwing a flag. I’m not impressed with breeeze or brady 5000 yard seasons with all this, “you must let the receiver catch the ball 1st and than make a football move before you can try and jar the ball loose” SERIOUSLY, who can play defense like this, if i was an oc, with all these lax defensive rules, i’d run the spread too.

    The thing is alot of these guys are not real football players because everything is becoming real systemized.

  198. Dayton, I just don’t get it. I grew up around it too but that’s no excuse for me to be a biggot.

    It’s truly sickening that anyone would think that is an acceptable way to teach a kid math.

  199. I want Randy to get it but dang, he would pull even more south Florida recruits away.

    Assuming they met the height requirement…

  200. Cal,

    Do you know who General Custard was…?

  201. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Hurri, I already know all that stuff about the origins of man. You know, the stuff they dont want you know when you’re in grade school. Its all about control.

    But anyway, back to football…

  202. Randy Shannon potentially coaching at the place where he received the dent is some serious irony. He’d have some good athletes to work with though. If he ends up there they got that’s a tough match up for teams. Dana Holgerson running the offense and defense led by Shannon? Might be legit. Boise State will be in the Big East next year right? Would be fun to watch that game. and actually would be perfect spot for him to put himself in position to get another HC job. cause if he tightens up that defense they would be in the National Championship hunt with that offense and in that conference.

  203. and Heather Dinich got us at #10 in the early 2012 power rankings for the ACC. Ouch!!

  204. Good for you Dayton,

    Who says The Ohio Board of Education is sub-standard?

    Seriously though….I know we all feel like we know a little football, but I really like to hear what the individuals on here know outside of the pig.

  205. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Randy will need all the luck he can get being a DC in the Big 12. Running the WVU/Oklahoma St. version of the spread doesn’t really allow you to attack the defensive side of the ball in terms of recruiting because you’re spending too many schollies trying to find more WRs, TEs, and RBs.

    They’ll be decent some years, but too much man-to-man in that conference will result in a lot of busted coverages. I hope he’s learned some new schemes while he’s been away, cause there are Bobby Petrinoesqe offenses all over the Big 12, and we know how hard it was for Randy to defend those Louisville teams when we were still in the Big Least.

  206. avatar
    DaytonCane says:

    Lol Hurri.

    Theres a lot of smart people on the blog, so I too like to find out what others know. But I keep those convos to a minimum because I dont feel like engaging in blog wars.

    And besides, its not like I know anything about football anyway. I’m just drawing ideas out of a hat.

  207. Oh yeah….I ain’t tryin to start nothin either. It’s all opinion. And the Boss is pretty level, and knows all “that” speak is for educational/informational purposes only.

  208. Hurri says:
    January 10, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    Do you know who General Custard was…?

    Of course, he’s the one who went to battle with & led the charge against baskin robbins & dairy queen!

  209. avatar
    SailorCane says:

    Oregon may lose someone else

    Apparently Miami Dolphins have contacted him about open HC position

  210. That was a good counterpunch Cal….Android phone double-crossed me again.

  211. avatar
    Dolliecane says:

    If you want to see two procanes, go to and click on blogs and look for Mark Cooper’s blog. You will see a pic of Gary Dunn doing the “Tebow” the night of the Steelers/Broncos game.

  212. Thanks for commenting and welcome to EOTH, DollieCane!

    I can only assume Dunn lost a bet or was being silly on that one!

    It brings a smile to my face to think what HE would have done to Tebow if he was in his prime! :-)

  213. Palm Beach County ‘Canes: We are having a networking social tonight at Blue Martini at Boca Town Center (near Publix Greenwise and Neiman Marcus) from 6:30-8:30pm! Hope to see you there!

  214. JSQ.

    Working on it now.

  215. Thanks, bg! If you can get it to me by tomorrow, that would be great! :-)

  216. Just saw the picture on KC Jones’ Facebook – Dunn lost a bet and had to Tebow! lol!

  217. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Esteban I’m not suprised we are being picked 10th in the ACC, considering we will have over 30 true freshmen on our roster.

    But to me this team is like fresh skin after a bad burn finally starts to heal.

    Got to get rid of a lot of scabs before you can start to look good again.

  218. yeah pb, i can’t say I’m surprised once I looked at the record from this year and the other teams’ records. But still got that initial sting of “damn 10th”. worst part was that I couldn’t make a quick argument against it. i’m going to have to do a non quick one – need to get the orange and green glasses and kool aid ready first.

  219. Esteban, get your kool-aid, put on your glasses, and write an article rebutting Heather’s assessment! :-)

  220. bg1906
    January 11, 2012 at 1:33 AM
    Now we know why Garmon chose Iowa…


    Wondering what is going on at Iowa, since that incident where players ended up at hospital, strange news coming out of Iowa. Wonder how Jake Rudock is doing…

    For Garmon an understandable decision, not the best IMO.

  221. Tony Sparano is the new OC of the jets! Lol!

  222. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    Phins should holla at Butch Davis

  223. avatar
    Dolliecane says:

    JSQ, yep Dunn lost a bet. Besides the Tebow, he has to send stone crabs to Denver! And yes, in his day, Tebow would have been “t-boned” by #67 nose tackle!