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‘Canes to the Combine


~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Esteban ~

Eight Canes recently received invites to the NFL combine. Last year, DeMarcus Van Dyke (DVD) showed that your previous four years can become blurry if you impress in front of the crowd which just happens to include every head coach and GM in the NFL. For some Canes that’s exactly what they want. For others, like Lamar Miller, it will hopefully be where he goes from top notch prospect to elite prospect a la Edgerrin James back in 1999. But you know me, I like to Break It Down. So let’s break down each invitee and discuss what they need to do to impress the top NFL decision makers from around the league.

In alphabetical order:

 1. WR/KR/PR – Travis Benjamin. Like DVD, everyone already knows Benjamin is fast. But if he can run a 4.3 (or below like he supposedly can), that will have teams buzzing. He also needs to show up looking muscular. He won’t weigh much, but if he looks strong that should at least alleviate some of those fears. Also, he needs to be sharp in the route running drills where he’s seen as unpolished. Finally, like every WR, it doesn’t hurt to keep drops to a minimum in drills.

2. DT – Marcus Forston. For #99 its 80% medical report. He’s been hurt most of his career and that’s the top question mark for him. If he passes his physical then it’s going to be about his agility. This is a draft weak in penetrating DTs so that’s where he needs to shine. He needs to run well (ten yard time especially) and just show good explosiveness all around.

3. QB – Jacory Harris. Jacory won’t gain 15 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks so that’s out. Still he needs to be at least 200. The #1 thing he needs to do is wow the coaches and GMs in the interviews. During the NFLPA Bowl Corey Chavous mentioned how impressed he was while watching Shaun King talking Xs and Os with Jacory. He needs to make that same impression on the coaches. He’s a fringe prospect who will get drafted because some team thinks he can develop or at least be a good clipboard holder for them and not need many reps to learn the offense. Now of course showing enough arm strength during drills where the QBs are asked to throw deep outs will only help things.

4. RB – Lamar Miller. Miller is a fringe 1st round prospect at this point. Teams know he’s fast, but don’t know just how fast. If he can run in the 4.3s that will have some teams thinking he can bring a Chris Johnson-like home run hitting ability to their offense. One area I think he can really set himself apart is in the pass catching drills. He displayed great hands at times this year (especially the acrobatic TD catch against VT). If he can show teams that he can potentially create mismatches in the passing game he could see himself jumping up into being a guaranteed top 20 pick. Finally, his physical will also be important. He can’t have any red flags arise concerning the health of his shoulders.

5. LB – Sean Spence. Spence can look at the example Jon Beason made a few years back when he went into the combine as a 2nd tier LB prospect and came out a 1st round prospect. Beason showed explosiveness and fluidity in the drills. He showed a confidence in what he was doing. And he aced the interview process. One thing he didn’t do was run a knock out 40 time. Spence won’t either. Like Beason he just has to run a 40 that shows he’s not slow at all. There was talk of Spence showing his leadership qualities at the Senior Bowl and he’s going to have those qualities shining in the interviews. He’ll show up in the 230 range most like since he showed up at the Senior Bowl weigh in at 228 and was said to look rock solid. One thing that could be a difference maker for Spence is that he has very good hands. If he displays those at the combine that can only help his stock, especially considering most LBs usually showcase their rock-like mits.

 6. WR – Tommy Streeter. Streeter surprised some by coming out for the draft. I thought it was something he definitely should explore – especially in this WR class. There are a number of big WRs coming out this year, but most lack speed and explosiveness. This is where Streeter needs to show his uniqueness. He’s another that reportedly has run a sub 4.4 time. If he can run sub 4.4 at the combine, or at least run as fast as the 4.43 time Leonard Hankerson put up last year, then he should see his stock climb quickly. The two other areas he really needs to alleviate any fears in are his hands and his ability to break down quickly in his routes. If he plucks things like he was this year then that’s one less chink in the armor. Getting in and out of his cuts will determine whether he’s seen as strictly a one-dimensional route runner or if he could potentially develop into a top notch #2 or even possibly a #1 WR in time.

7. DE/OLB – Olivier Vernon. If people were surprised by Streeter they were shocked by Vernon declaring his intentions to go pro. Again, I thought he should think about it considering the defense that was played this past season, but that’s a topic for a different day. Vernon is looked at as an athletic, but raw, prospect. He’s been listed as anything from a mid round guy to a premium FA. It’s a given he’s going to show up looking like an Adonis. From day 1 people have talked about his physique. That’s always a plus. NFL guys want their DE/OLB prospects to look the part ideally. He does. Next, he needs to test out toward the top end of the hybrid group of guys invited. Meaning he needs to run at least 4.7 flat, with a time in the 4.6s or better being ideal. Also means he needs to show his agility so that teams can feel comfortable that he can make a smooth conversion to OLB if that’s the type of defense they run. Basically, Vernon needs to put his work out warrior hat on and just wow coaches, scouts and GMs. Finally, he needs to interview well and show he’s not someone with character issues. Like it or not that’s a knock now on him after he missed half of last year due to his suspension stemming from the Nevin Shapiro scandal.

8. OG/OT Brandon Washington. Washington earned some points at the NFLPA Bowl by showing well in practice while being shuffled between LT/RT/LG and RG. The position coach apparently came away impressed with his versatility and his ability to handle the changes on the fly. How he does when it comes to his footwork will be huge for Washington. Teams want to see if he’s someone who could play both OT and OG for them and if he’s not restricted to only playing one side or the other. These things will just enhance his value. Currently he’s rated by most as the #3 OG in the draft, but if a certain team thinks he can play RT potentially for them that will only help his stock and potentially help him find his way into the final part of the 1st round. Finally, he needs to come in to the weigh in looking solid. He’s an OL prospect so some cleavage is allowed, but he can’t look like Meatloaf in Fight Club.

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:


  2. scheisse . . . #2

  3. hmm . . . nice article, este;

    . . . thought i was gonna skim it; wound up reading every detail

  4. Nice first, Rashad! Orange or green?

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Orange!! I could see TB3 going early 3rd round to the Raiders, just because of his speed. And Jeff Ireland, I swear you better not draft J12!!!

  6. Nice job Homie!

  7. Orange it is! Here you go, Rashad!

  8. No doubt that Gronk’s ankle was killing him, in the SuperBowl….That’s the only thing that could explain that sh!tty dancing, at his post-loss par-tay.

    And for those who aren’t in the know….Duke-UNC tonight.

    Condom-up, Dukies.

  9. When i think about things from back in the day, i tell people out of town how we had grenades growing up, alot of people can’t believe but they know me, so they know i’m not bs’ing. Alot of 13 & 14 year old shorty’s got grenades stashed up, at least 2. Funny how now, i’m just seeing what kind of charge they’d try and bring, although that wouldn’t stop me.

    New Years night, alot of cats bring out everything, grenades, m16’s, choppa’s, sk’s, to hell with a jamming up uzzi!

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    PhillyCane says:

    Good stuff este. Im very interested to see how these guys pan out in the nfl. Im real excited for spence i hope the birds draft him

    Hurri I think uncs gona put a smack down on duke, well atleast i hope so cause i hate duke. Def top 5 hated team behind the gaytors, fsfag, ohio cheat, and notre lame. Tho a duke win would make our win look better

  11. The American Greed special on the midget liar is on tonight at 10pm. On CNBC, I believe.

  12. j12 will get drafted, like alot of players on this team, they were coached improperly and j12 probably had it the worst, if nothing else, he was tied for anybody on special teams kick & punt coverage units.

    Would be good to see him in that Aqua, Orange & white. Most of these players are going to make rosters. When healthy, forston was a whole lot better than marvin austin who alot of people had as the best d-tackle at times. He’s in the mode of sapp when healthy, i can understand why he took off, he figues if he’s going to be injured, migth as well do it on a pro roster. That’s why it was an excellent move for miller to roll out to, although many have said “his shoulders are a problem” he hasn’t shown major cause for concern in that area since he’s been here and he doesn’t normally avoid contact. I got almost all these guys getting drafted, if not, somebody will be getting steals.

    The main thing about spence, unlike beason, when it’s all said and done, irregardless of what he does at the combine, that man has 4 years worth of tape of him doing work, if they going off anything else, they’re being foolish. He’s one of those players, no matter what the combine numbers, he’s been getting the job done and there is no reason for pause to think he won’t do the same in the nfl. In fact, he’ll began standing out their too. People are going to start questioning how did we lose games.

    I like what somebody pointed out about what chick said when he said something to the effect “one day, we’re going to all realize we dont’ have to lose a game”!

  13. Is anyone going to the thing on Saturday around Brickell where they throw tomatoes at you or something?

    My friends are trying to sell me on the idea but I think an afternoon nap and Delray Beach’s Garlic Fest will win out.

  14. Must listen interview between the Playmaker and Hurlie Brown

  15. Phils,

    The only thing that keeps our rivalry as close as it is….is the fact that Duke can’t always get the athletes they want, because (and this may hark back to some convos in months past) the very best athletes don’t always make the admissions.
    We get the BEST shooters, but teams that can run, give us hell.

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    Nashvillecane says:

    Bg I can listen at the moment.

    Can u give me the jist of it homie?

  17. Calvin
    February 8, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    j12 will get drafted .. Would be good to see him in that Aqua, Orange & white.

    What Arena League 3 team has those colors?

    Oh wait, you’re talking about the Dolphins? Yes. I would love to definitely see him in those colors … that’d especially make Canez1 never, ever watch the ‘Fins again bahahaha

  18. Nash its like damn near a half hour long. The main things are how UM is getting back to its roots and how the kids recruited each other. Hurlie feels THIS class is special and they genuinely love each other. Just lots of high hopes and aspirations for this class. Says it feels 100% different than it has felt around there in a long time.

  19. Wow. Just looked on the WQAM archive radio interviews

    I dunno what type of tactics the US personnel are using to interrogate terrorists with .. but .. I just saw the words “Linda Cohn with Sid 02-07”

    I couldn’t think of two more horrific accents to listen to separately – and now you have a chance to listen to them together?

    Give me a 50 gallon tank of compressed air for 2 pneumatic nail guns so I can put one on either ear and pull the triggers – that would be like Christmas morning compared to listening to Sid & Linda Cohn

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    PhillyCane says:

    Of course the terminex guy I just brought in is a Canes fan.. love it

    Said he lived in Miami in 70’s through the 80’s. Began as a fan of Saban and than onto Schnelly.

    Its far and few between coming across Canes fans around this area, but when it happens its always nice to come across family

  21. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Hurri by “our rivalry” are u saying ur a duke fan? or unc fan? or wat

  22. JSQ’s boss: How do you know all these clients you are bringing in?

    JSQ: The website and tailgates.

    JSQ’s boss: Carry on . . .

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    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    bg1906 says:
    February 8, 2012 at 2:21 PM
    Nash its like damn near a half hour long. The main things are how UM is getting back to its roots and how the kids recruited each other. Hurlie feels THIS class is special and they genuinely love each other. Just lots of high hopes and aspirations for this class. Says it feels 100% different than it has felt around there in a long time.


    Wrote here a couple of days ago that Duke and Tracy have the chance to be this generation’s Alonzo Highsmith and Melvin Bratton.

    These guys are a lot more mature and focused than the Northwestern guys and appear to be on a mission to keep all local kids here and do it the way we used to.

    Heard the interview today and it seemed to deliver a similar message to what I posted.

  24. Good job Esteban!

    It’s draft season now!

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    Nashvillecane says:

    Isn’t brown head of football opps?

  26. PB,

    100% agreed! And THEY the former players feel it too. They were highly critical of the 08 guys, but with these guys it seems they really believe they get it. We all need to hope so!


    Yes he is.

  27. My spring game tailgate will now also be the tailgate for the Southwest Florida (Naples, etc.) Alumni Club.

    So, EOTH/CaneInsider, Palm Beach, Naples, etc.

    Going to be a great time! :-)

  28. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Hurri damn man sorry to hear that lol. Have you ever just looked at someone and not liked them.. thats duke to me, plus my pops hates em so i grew up disliking em. I think it all started with christian latener. So who were you rooting for when they played the canes? are u duke bball > canes bball or visa versa?

  29. I was thinking of Sh!thead during that game and whether he was cheering for the ‘Canes or being a Sh!thead and cheering for Duke.

  30. This past weekend, the sci-fi action film Chronicle scored big at theaters, grossing $22 million in North America and taking the top spot at the box office, edging out the highly anticipated thriller Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe.
    Max Landis, 26, a former University of Miami School of Communication student, wrote the script.

    Landis was a motion pictures student from 2006 to 2008 but left to pursue filmmaking in Los Angeles. At the SoC, he wrote many short screenplays that were produced by his peers.

    Based on a story by Landis and director Josh Trank, Chronicle is about three teenagers who develop supernatural powers. Their friendship is tested and lives begin to change and spiral out of control when their newfound abilities are used irresponsibly.

  31. Most people feel like Duke BBall=Notre Dame FBall.

    I can see the reason for the angst. I personally was never a Christian L fan. I appreciate every shot he ever hit for us, but dude did make you wanna punch him in his sh!t.
    I’m pretty much a Duke fan because my older cousin was. I picked it up from him. Villanova is my 1b team tho’, Philly. Though you’re prolly a Temple man.

    I also don’t really care too much about anything at UM, outside of football. I wish them well in all their endevors, though.

  32. I’ve always wondered though….

    If Duke was a bunch of snotty-acting colored kids, as opposed to predominately white kids, how would they be viewed by the very same people who endorse that school, and BBall program.

  33. JSQ = Known to get mouthy at a UM/FSWho Men’s tennis match.

    But I can respect picking up a team from your family.

    I cheer on Da Bears and the Hogs because my mom is a HUGE fan of the Bears and is from Fayetville, Arkansas.

  34. One of the great things about being from DE.

    You aren’t necessarily ordained at birth to a particular home team. You don’t have to cheer for an in-state team.

    Don’t get it knitted tho….Philly teams are the default “Home Teams” in DE. There’s a few new gen. Raven fans, and some of the older guys are Colts fans (obviously from their days in B-More) and southern DE folks are Skins fans. But you’d think you were in Philadelphia, given all the love the 215 gets in New Castle County.

    I do root for all the Philly sports to do good, when they aren’t playing any of my squads.

  35. JSQ,

    I just had to comment. I made red and blue jello shooters and the jalapeño popper recipe for my Super Bowl party with friends and they were a huge hit!!!

    Thanks for the tailgating ideas. Hope to meet you in the future, maybe Chicago! I’m making it a Father/Son trip with my Dad.

    Keep up the great work on the site. I check in every day, but only comment periodically. Hoping to get a 1st one day!!!

    Go ‘Canes!

  36. Sh!thead,

    Colored, really??

  37. Yeah, man.

    I really try to scale back on saying Black People.

    Kinda like “Indians & Native Americans” I guess. A little different but you get what I’m saying.
    I really don’t even like saying African-American anymore, because I don’t know about anyone else….But I’VE never been to Africa, and neither has my mother, grandmother, father, or grandfather.

    To be honest….I’ve got my own stance on all that, and It’s both interesting and boring at the same time.

  38. Yay, that’s awesome, Marcus!!! I love hearing that people made my recipes for parties!!! :-)

    The tailgate for Notre Dame will. be. huge! Just about everyone I have ever met is going. Definitely stop by! I will be posting the Friday night meet up spot(s) plus the tailgate location the week leading up to the game.

    Comment more often! :-)

  39. Miamimarcus says:
    February 8, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    Colored, really??

    I was getting ready to address it to, Hurri for sure doesn’t mean no harm tho, he straight.

    Hurri, colored man, you might not realize it but people don’t use that no mo man. That’s one of those “WTF you calling colored” thangs. Shat will get real hectic quick. If a person don’t know you, that’s how it can easily go down. Especially in the Souf that’s a No No!

  40. My skin is sort of peach-colored, Sh!thead.

    Speaking of food-colored skin . . .

    This would be a great time for someone to post the part of Coming to America where Mr. Randy Watson starts yelling “SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!”

  41. Those of us with access to Youtube . . .

  42. I remember a while back, a partner of mine, i was asking em did he see this lady that just came from the direction he came from, and he was looking at me all twisted face, cause apparently he didn’t see her, than he asked me, “was she colored” I’m looking at this mofo, WTF u from, it phucked me too cause he was a brotham, must be from the back-woods of Louisianna, cause he from that state! The whole topic changed after he said that!

  43. If you’re not going to use Black or African-American, than minority, inner city or urban would have been better phrasing in your context.

    Colored is much more offensive. We’re all colored in one way or another!!! Neyo in Red Tails had a great scene on this very same topic.

    Just saying.

  44. That boy good!

  45. You may remember Randy as ‘Joe the Policeman’ from the ‘What’s Going Down’ episode of ‘That’s My Mama.’

  46. “I believe the children are our future . . . thank you!”

  47. ### Among the issues UM coaches say they will discuss in the coming months: determining creative and varied ways to use elite running back addition Duke Johnson, who averaged 10 yards per carry and scoring 29 TDs at Norland last season. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch suggests studying how Southern Cal employed Reggie Bush. “You don’t always have to line him up in the backfield,” running backs coach Terry Richardson said. “Get the ball to him in different ways.”

    Read more here:

  48. I’ve got a DVD called Hidden Colors. It’s not gonna make everybody in the world happy….But its informative as hell, for those who believe.

  49. Huff!

    [JSQ stomps off the stage, much like Randy Watson, after her attempt to lighten the mood fails]

  50. I heart JSQ mood lightening.

    Coming to America… One of the most underrated movies of all time.

    “Just let your Soul Glow…”

  51. JSQ,

    I feel you. Some people are just stuck in the past. I’ve lived in the South for most of my life and it is amazing that we still have to have these discussions in the year 2012.

    I’ve seen Hidden Colors BTW…And!

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming. On to the next…

  52. Marcus, Sh!thead is not racist and I think he is just saying that he thinks the other terms are absurd because he has never been to Africa nor is his skin “black,” yet that is how he would be defined by those terms.

    Yet “colored” is also absurd because none of us have transparent skin. Except maybe my sorority sister Kara.

    That bish is REALLY pale.

    Anyway, just don’t want Sh!thead/Hurri to be taken the wrong way.

    But I would rather talk about Mr. Randy Watson, Sexual Chocolate!, and how the children are our future . . .

  53. I’m just too lazy, Jello.

    But you certainly have good taste in movies. I can’t believe you haven’t seen Raging Bull.

    Go buy it. NOW.

    Marcus…Thanks for the critique and all that….but nah. I’m a big boy. No need to hit me with the double exclamation points.
    If it offended you….That’s different. That was just a miscommunication between us. But don’t worry about what someone else might misinterpret it as. I have no problem going to bat for myself.

  54. Kara is so pale that dudes in Sigma Chi would call her Rod and Todd because her dad is believed to be the prototype for Ned Flanders.


  55. Kara is so pale that this year at the Sandbar during Memorial Day weekend in the Keys, I put SPF 75 on the bish and she still burned.

  56. Kara is so pale that she makes Carlton Banks look like he has ryhthm.

  57. I’ve seen Raging Bull! Where did you get that ish?

  58. Gimme a do-over. I’ll go Brown People.

  59. Wow, so the same principle in my group of friends holds true on the blog too.

    If there is strife in a group, just start telling jokes about Kara and everyone will start getting along again.

    Although knowing sorority bishes, they probably just do that about whichever bish is not around.

  60. Thought you said you never saw it….Maybe it was sumthin else….

    A lot of people don’t appreciate the job DeNiro did in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, either.

  61. I’ve always said it all along that Spence will be dominant in the league. As cliche as it sounds he has that IT FACTOR. Didn’t matter who he was playing with the last 4 years, the dude brought it on every play.

    People at my work who don’t watcha a lick of college ball but love to act like they’re draft experts every March & April were saying how much Berfict or Kuechly will be Pro-Bowlers as rookies. I WASN’T HAVIN THAT SH*T.

    I can’t remember which former ‘Cane said it a few years back but it was probably the biggest compliment anyone can give to a Miami Hurricane: “Sean Spence would’ve started in the 80’s for us.” Now I might be paraphrasing a bit but you get the point.

  62. It’s all good. At the end of the day we’re all on here because we bleed ORANGE and GREEN.

    I’ve always loved the site because there is intelligent dialog with no hard feelings.

    Missed where Hurri became Sh!thead, so it truly is all good. :-)

  63. I can just hear those bishes now with the JSQ jokes:

    (throws hands up into []_[] and keeps them up while the following is said)

    GO ‘CANES!!!

    Who wants cupcakes? Or I could make stuffed mushrooms? Buffalo chicken dip? What do you want? I can make anything! I’m the best cook ever!

    I swear nothing happened in the concourse during the USF game! [hair flip]

    Um, duh, that guy committed to the ‘Canes like A YEAR ago! Don’t you read bg’s comments on my blog?

    It was simple really, while I as on the deposition and between cooking for the tailgate and writing for the blog and planning the Junior League children’s carnival, I just assembled this new grill and then painted a guest bedroom. What? You slept all afternoon? [silence]

    Yeah, come to my tailgate, you’ll recognize it by the approximately 142 guys lurking around that you’ve never met and me force-feeding them baked goods while walking around in 4 inch heels.

    [talks in Sebastian puppy voice for extended periods of time]

  64. Wow, I didn’t even need the self-deprecating jokes.

    We’re all friends again.


  65. JSQ for Pesident!!!

    You are soooo funny!

    On a side note, I’ve been battling with a UT fan all day. He swears they are all that and two bags of chips. I hate Vol fans and the SEC in general. Every time I shut him down on Vol history, he wants to resort to SEC chatter. They’re the doormat of the conference these days.

  66. *President – Why didn’t auto correct fix that??

  67. Awww, thanks!

    If you can’t make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of?!

    Re: UT . . .

    Paging NashvilleCane!

  68. When you said “UT fan”, I immediately thought of U of Texas if that tells you anything

    On the whole colored thing, remember this?

    11/12/2008 3:32:11 PM ET

    NEW YORK — Lindsay Lohan referred to President-elect Barack Obama as the country’s “first colored president” in an interview on “Access Hollywood.”

    Describing her experience on Election Day, Lohan said: “It was really exciting. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s our first colored president.”

    A spokeswoman for Lohan didn’t immediately return messages left Wednesday.

    Lohan blogged about her support of Obama during the presidential campaign.

    Ahh, Lindsey. Such a train wreck of a human and a petri dish of disease from the belly button on down

  69. I know you were joking Jello, but I was never mad at Marcus, and quite frankly….I’m far too cool to get but so offended by something someone types in reference to Hurriphin.

    If someone has a grievance with XAVIER HARRIS….that’s different. But I believe in discussing things, and even debating whatever we’re talking about.
    I don’t even argue with my wife. I’m set in my ways, and arguing with me is just wasting precious breath, that you could be saving to say goodbye to your kids with, while on your deathbed. I’m not worth your time.

    That’s just a general message. It’s all love on my end.

  70. AMEN, Hurri! I’ve been married for 13 years and can count on one hand the number of arguments with my wife.

    Life is far too precious.

  71. Six,

    Not explaining her statement is what really did her in, in my eyes. If she didn’t mean any harm….she didn’t mean any harm. Her agent and spokespersons, ect., shouldn’t have to explain it for her.
    Sh!t….Even if you’re racist….Go for it. Don’t wear a hooded outfit, or have your voice distorted on History Channel documentaries. Isn’t that why everybody pledges to that red, white, and blue cloth, that hangs all over the place???

  72. Marcus, you feel me?

    (No Slambuttsky)

    I’m just stuck in my ways, man. It takes a special woman to be married to me. I would never argue something I thought was WRONG. Therefore….if I’m actually arguing something, there is 0% chance you’re gonna change my mind. When I think the wife is right….I just dead it right there, but I’m just a bastard when I feel like I’m right. I’m REEEEEEEEEEEEAL old-fashioned when it comes do the domestic stuff too. I couldn’t marry a woman that sasses but so much, anyways.

  73. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Six – don’t even bother denying it. You’d hit that.

  74. It’s crazy how babies know the difference between their toys….which they’re supposed to have, and other things….which they aren’t supposed to have.

    The baby won’t touch her toy cellphone, but stays reachin for mines. She also knows that the xbox joystick isn’t really on, if the green light isn’t on.

  75. Six that’s not even funny!!

    Don’t jinx it.

    I have been thinking about jumping back on the phin wagon and that will kill all hope.

    I have had enough of that ghey ass, scrawny, inner city, urban kid as my qb for a lifetime.

    More than enough.

    BTW lighten up Francis.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  76. Did anyone mention darion hall getting suspended indefinitely?

    Guess that explains the Crawford move.

    Also cornelius back to lb.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  77. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    February 8, 2012 at 5:42 PM
    Awww, thanks!

    If you can’t make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of?!

    Re: UT . . .

    Paging NashvilleCane!


    Here I go….(mystical voice)…

    Hate the vulz…more than notre dame, duke, and the turds…

    It not that I want them to lose…. I hope they don’t even get one damn FIRST DOWN!!!

    Every single time I’m in an argument about ut and the U muggs always bring up the 85 sugar bowl…I’m like fool the U done won 4 rings since then…

    Bout like bama fans bring up the 92 sugar bowl BUT act like they don’t know jack bout the sugar bowl in 89…Good thing Satan Nick took over that program or they’d still be hollering bout 92

  78. Canez1 says:
    February 8, 2012 at 6:34 PM
    Did anyone mention darion hall getting suspended indefinitely?

    Guess that explains the Crawford move.

    Also cornelius back to lb.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

    How in the hell this mofo gets suspended indefintiely and he’s not even on the radar, must of been taking collect calls from lil puke or something!

  79. Ditto on Jacory….I wish him well in all his future endevors.

    But no thanks, on an encore.

    Walking will be back, on Sunday. Sh!ts about to get real.

  80. One thing about here, people know who the real mofo’s are, sh_thead mcguilt changed his name on his word for saying “if we get tracy howard he’ll be dat” as soon as it was known he was Hurri, blog cred popped right out.

    Now only if we can get somebody to hand a hanger to Canez1 so he can hang his hood in the closet, this blog will have come full circle!

    ROFL, just in case if anybody is reading this who don’t no no better, CANEZ1 is our dawg for real!

  81. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    And most love block head Berlin for being undefeated vs uif and fsu..

    But I dislike him very much for his performance vs ut in 03…

    The worst day ever as a U fan…tops the Terry porter game, the lsu beat down, and every other disappointing loss the last 8 years!!

  82. Glad Cornelius is at LB. He can be a difference maker.

  83. Using Duke like Bush makes sense. Use him like Portis too tho.

  84. Cal,

    Real recognize….

  85. Hurri my dude I was just talking about that a second ago.

    I saw the chinaman Glenn in an interview earlier today and he said shyt was gonna get craaaaaay real soon.

    Can’t wait.

    Cal lmfao!! U know I can’t let silliness roll on through without checkin it.

    Our boy hall burnt out before he even got started.

    I had a feeling something was going down behind the scenes when the Crawford move was announced.

    Este Im with ya on cornelius.

    Just hope he sticks there and competes.

    Bottom line Is we need to start seeing development at all positions or all this recruiting hoopla will all be for nothing, something we have lacked for a loooong time.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  86. I knew esteban was gone like the cornelius move, i’m glad he’s back their too, should’ve never been moved. In fact, he probably should’ve been starting over futch or buchanon on the outside, although buchanon did look improved against the turtles but like i said on signing day back than, and it still holds true, cause i remember people being happy when buchanon came in beecause they heard oscar cryer threw his phone across the room, people were gald that we “stole one from oscar” but i could careless about us stealing gaytor type players and ramoan has been playing like they do in gaytorville, nothing special, just a talented player with speed, is not a game changer.

    We’re not use to having just one linebacker doing something, all 3 need to be heard from or at least 2 of em. We already know what dzp brings, and i think he got under-appreciated last year for real, but he grabbed the baton for sure. If jimmy gaines improves, particularly in checking the defense in and out of formations, for all the plays spence made, one of the biggest things that’ll be missed more than anything is his knowledge of the game and giving guys that comfort level in-game of where to line-up, this year, hopefully dzp and gaines can provide that leadership now.

    gaines plays physical if nothing else, but as long as we don’t see the epitome of stupidness like we did against the cavaliers when coach do noff somehow let gaines be left out on an island against perry, i couldn’t beleive what i was seeing.

    I’ll chalk last year up as a learning experience for the coaches, after a year they’ve come to their senses that tyrone needs to be at linebacker, has great closing speed and will rack up tackles for lost on a regular. We’ll see if coach do noff understnads what type of players he has under is command and roll from their. 1st year was definitely a feeling out period.

  87. I’m not sure why it has to been known and made public that they’re trying to figure out how to use duke johnson, or this player or that player, this is always a sign that the coaches understand more of his limitations as well. For instance, bush was not an everydown type runningback, but explosive plays were always his specialty. I’ll say it again, i’m not looking for duke johnson to be a homerun hitter, but i do expect he’ll have a lot 25 to 30 yard play burst which i’ll tkae that anyday, he’ll definitely surprise me if he’s a homerun hitter. But anything 30 yards an in, now if he gets a lil faster, than he’ll have that, but unlike “Truth” miller, who had the size & speed, duke reminds me of devonta freeman, but could be just a tad bit better and i’ll take that for sure.

    Going to be fun just knowing we got another weapon on offense again.

  88. CanesCanesCanes – you’re right .. I would hit that …… with a boat oar, right in the face, then run away screaming for her to keep away from my “strudel” (as The Rock called it)

    Then again, looks like someone already took batting practice on her face with a boat oar

    I wouldn’t feel like taking penicillin by the gallon full to try and be cured of whatever Lohan would drop on me, so nah, you can have at her my man and I’ll pray for you

  89. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. That’s a man law violation, tho.

  90. Canez1 – ‘Fins are going to take Jacory in the 5th or 6th Round and just miss out on someone like a Pierre Garcon or a Brent Celek b/c they’ll be like “f*ck it, let’s take the home town kid”


    Expect a Harris #12 Dolphin jersey in the mail

  91. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Smart money says best case scenario is a free agent acquisition and practice squad. But even that’s not likely and I’m not a J12 hater at all, just a realist. Doesn’t have an arm capable of throwing the deep out. Hope I’m wrong.

  92. Ug, watching the show on the midget liar. Like a train wreck.

  93. avatar
    Cane Fan KB says:

    February 8, 2012 at 10:01 PM
    Ug, watching the show on the midget liar. Like a train wreck.


    watching it too, this dude was crazy

  94. Duke’s inability to run, is burying them again….

  95. Jason Geathers was another guy that could play mulitple positions. He might not have had the talen of Reggie Bush but he was one HELL of an althete.

  96. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH11) says:

    Looks like another open scholly:

  97. What a sociopath.


    How can anyone believe anything this dude says?!?!


    And I don’t mean Johnson….

  99. Sh!tHead McGillicutty
    February 8, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    No doubt that Gronk’s ankle was killing him, in the SuperBowl….That’s the only thing that could explain that sh!tty dancing, at his post-loss par-tay.

    Brah, that was some of the most suspect dancin i’ve seen in a while. He must’ve went to the sandusky school of dance.

  100. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:


    That was some Riggie Miller vs NYK stuff right there dawg…

    Much better on the other side huh??


  101. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Hurri St Joes fan myself.. the hawk will never die

  102. You said it Nash….

    Someone tell Duke that its legal to shoot a 17 footer, or go to the rack from time to time, though.

  103. i’m a bit surprised – thought this was the type of kid randy DIDN’T recruit
    . . . not to mention shalala, right cal:
    His former high school coach at Naples Lely, Steve Pricer, said Wednesday night he’s “saddened to hear the news,” but “I’m not surprised.”

    “Darion had a great junior year for us — ran for more than 1,700 yards. But he had discipline issues,” said Pricer, who is no longer at Lely. “We tried to get him in line, but he was always getting in trouble.

    “Frankly, I was surprised Miami took a chance on him. I’m sad for him because he had a lot of talent. But how many times now have we heard a story of a talented kid blowing his opportunity?”

  104. congrats to the women:

    No. 6 UM women 61, No. 22 North Carolina 37
    Defense keys another home victory for Miami Hurricanes

    Read more here:

    It was (# 22 North Carolina’s) lowest-ever point total in an ACC game and second-lowest ever. North Carolina committed a season-high 35 turnovers, and UM took advantage, scoring 39 points off those miscues.”

    “It was the Canes’ 38th consecutive win at BankUnited Center, the nation’s third-longest home win streak.”

  105. if you don’t find the time to listen to the whole interview, some choice quotes listed here . . . enough to make you want to find the time to listen to the whole interview:


  106. Nevin Shapiro: Miami story will be ‘urban legend’ by the time it’s done
    Posted by Ben Kercheval on February 8, 2012, 11:23 PM EST

    As we noted a little while ago, CNBC’s “American Greed” profiled in length former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro and his nearly $1 billion Ponzi scheme.

    The show also touched on, although much less extensively, Shapiro’s accusations that he provided Miami student-athletes with impermissible benefits that violated NCAA rules.

    Shapiro was not featured directly in the hour-long special, but in emails to “American Greed”, he answered questions about his Ponzi scheme and his relationship with the University of Miami.

    Even behind bars and a computer, it’s clear Shapiro still has a cockiness about him that reflects his current situation.

    “You’ll need eight documentaries to film this story” Shapiro wrote in an email to CNBC.

    “He was a small guy who didn’t come from money. So he tried to prove himself,” said attorney Linda Jackson, who represents one of Shapiro’s investors.

    Shapiro’s story is a fascinating one. Based on his ability to swindle millions of dollars from others for his own profit, Shapiro is no dummy, but compulsive seems like a better way to describe him than, say, intelligent.

    Gambling, one of Shapiro’s many preoccupations, cost him $9 million, according to lawyer. He spent investor money and lots of it constantly. When Shapiro didn’t get his way, he lashed out, allegedly punching an intramural referee while at the University of South Florida, which he attended briefly. There’s another incident where Shapiro allegedly punched a nightclub owner.

    This was man who, in addition to being unstable, was obviously insecure in the way that he had to be surrounded by others, often times buying them lavish gifts.

    That’s where the University of Miami story comes in. Even if a portion of his allegations about Miami are true — and eight players have already been suspended for their connection to him — this reeks of a lonely guy who had to buy his friendships — and with college kids, no less. When those “friends” didn’t return the favor upon Shapiro’s sentencing, he lashed out again.

    The Miami story will become “an urban legend” before it’s all said and done, Shapiro said in his email to CNBC.

    It’s already pretty close now, if not already.

    But whether the Miami scandal gets worse or not, we won’t know until the NCAA concludes its investigation. It probably won’t matter to Shapiro how the investigation ends either way; the isolation of a jail cell hasn’t contained Shapiro’s personality.

    That’s all Shapiro really wants — to matter, albeit however briefly.

  107. say what you want about last year’s senior class, it was way better than the senior class we have this year:

    offense =
    mike james, holton, thompkins, ben jones, & jeremy lewis

    defense =
    darrin smith, armstrong/telemaque/highsmith, davon johnson/mcgee

    (+ wieclaw & botts on special teams, who will be missed)

    no lb’s; only 3 linemen total both sides of the ball

    be interesting to see if a couple of these guys finally “blow up” – particulary mike james

  108. just finished listening to the hurlie brown interview with irvin

    . . . i’m wondering how golden found hurlie up at la.-lafayette?

  109. That clown ain’t gtting drafted. If you think so, u r delusional at best.

    He has nothing NFL caliber to offer. Nothing!!!

    Where was my lil buddy shapiro when I was growing up??

    I wouldve loved to use that munchkin for all he had.

    Plus it would’ve helped to have another dude my size in the crew growing up. Hated being the only Napoleon.

    Damn it.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  110. I’m wondering what he did myself, Delray.

    I like Calvin’s theory that he must have been collect calling “lil puke” in the Louisiana prison.

    Can’t imagine what is so bad to be kicked off the team but whatever it is, I’m glad it isn’t public and all over the news like what’s his face, the accused rapist.

  111. autumn
    February 9, 2012 at 2:06 AM


    Fantastic article. Thanks for sharing Autumn!

  112. Delray says:
    February 9, 2012 at 8:27 AM,0,2688798.story

    What’s up with this?

    If this was any of those top 25 schools hd69 just posted, we could narrow it down to “cap space” but whatever it is, he messed up, that’s for sure! Either way, goldie was gone get em or ray ray was gone blast em again in practice!

  113. Looks like we will play BC Labor day weekend.

    The stars are aligning!!

    Cool little stadium.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  114. Already asking off work and looking at flights! Yay! Boston! It will still be nice and warm then!

  115. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    May have to make the six hour drive for that one

  116. We are planning a long weekend – Nantucket? Cape? and bonus – Mark’s family is up there so there is a built-in tailgate prep house.

    I need to go shopping! This is going to be so much fun!

  117. So glad they didn’t make it over Thanksgiving when it is all 15 degrees gross and depressing up there! Bad tailgating weather!

  118. This shall be my Friday evening Cape dress:

    Just picture this bish having gone through puberty, would look a lot different on me.

  119. That’s the season opener, right?

  120. PhillyCane
    February 9, 2012 at 12:28 PM
    I’m definitely going to make the short six hour drive for that one.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  121. Yup!!!!


  122. won’t take long to see if the team can defend the run then.

  123. I need to find an orange green and white seersucker dress for the ocassion. Or have one made.

    This is going to be so much fun!!! Perfect time of year!

  124. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    LOL C1 I think i like that better to.. ill be there

    GO CANES!!!

  125. I was just compared to Muschump for calling a tailgating buddy “weak sauce” for not committing to the BC game within 18 seconds of the text.

    Pfft. No negative recruiting tactics here.

    I’m like Golden. I know this ish is going to be the best so you are either in or you’re out. I have no time for indecisiveness and pussyfooting around!


    Philly is coming!!!!

    [JSQ raises roof]

  127. When looking at flights you may want to consider flying into Providence instead of Logan. Easier in and out. Car rental will be less and about 40 minutes to Chestnut Hill.

    Will take you 45 minutes just to get out of Logan.

  128. That’s my boy!!


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  129. The girl I was interviewing was just saying the same, Delray.

    Another Rhode Islander.

  130. What? You guys don’t talk about ‘Canes football when interviewing people?

  131. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Haha JSQ and C1 whats the word on tix for the game? JSQ are U gona do the same thing we did for the twerps?

  132. Yeah, if y’all want me to, I’ll do what I did last year.

  133. Minus the bonecrushers.





  134. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Ok cool im down for that. I like sittin with everyone.

    JSQ u were not a happy camper for the beginning of that twerps tailgate ha!

  135. Wait, Delray, what are those hot dogs called in RI? We should have those at the tailgate.

  136. Gaggers, hot weiners. Have to get them in RI. They are illegal to sell in Mass. due to health codes.

  137. JSQ says:
    February 9, 2012 at 1:47 PM
    The girl I was interviewing was just saying the same, Delray.

    Another Rhode Islander.

    Was her name Lisa or Theresa?

  138. Philly, that was Biblical. That might be the most hungover I have ever been in my life.


    I’d just like to point out though that despite my condition, the tailgate was set up, the food was organized, and everything came together as planned, including the adjacent deep fryer for the wings, fries, and onion rings provided by Fear the Tie guy Andy.

    I didn’t cry about it, make everyone run late, make everyone else do the work, and then demand copious amounts of beverages that are engineered to rehydrate you.

  139. Her name is Erin.

    No gaggers in Boston?


  140. No Gaggers in Boston.

    BC is in Chestnut Hill.

    But no Gaggers there either.

  141. OK,

    So Erin and I think alike.

    Don’t hire her.

  142. Canez1 – J12 has nothing to offer in the NFL? Sounds like a perfect late rounder for the ‘Fins. I’m already ordering your jersey for you

    Maybe they’ll miraculously get a shot at Justin Blackmon at #8 or #9 .. then ask him if his mom was a crack ho prostitute in a pre-draft interview

    On another note, saw “The Grey” last night

    Those wolves in the movie are complete badasses. Also, probably the craziest plane crash scene from within the plane while it is happening that I’ve ever seen

    Humans are lucky they’re smart enough to use weapons – b/c if it was just one on one, human vs. animal … that animal is going to win a hell of a lot more times

    Just like Liam Neeson said in the movie “what’re you going to do, punch the wolf in the face?”

  143. Did that CNBC special with Shapiro talk about how the Canes program is doomed b/c of Shapiro .. that it will be a lot worse than USC with scholly reductions/tv appearances/bowl bans .. that it will be near impossible to deal with all the negative recruiting against Miami b/c of it .. that it will make the Pell Grant fraud look like a slap on the wrist?

    Ya, didn’t think so .. and the 50 kids that Golden & Company have signed in 13 months didn’t think so either

    Something will happen, but not like a Tsunami hitting the program, probably more like a fart in the bathtub water

  144. Six good movie!!

    Loved it all except for the ending. it was kind of week but I understand why it ended that way. No way was that dude making it outta there.

    Neeson is a badass in anything he does lately.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  145. After reading Golden’s interview on ITU there is going to be some slow singing and flower bringing after the spring. Counting the players coming in we will have 91 scholarship players. By Game #1 that number has to be 85 and Golden said he believes it will be 80 and it will be a combination of kids leaving the program and kids who may not be eligible. So if he gets to that 80 number that means 11 people on scholarship now will not be by Game #1.

    Here are some candidates IMO….

    1. CJ Holton
    2. Davon Johnson
    3. Kendal Thompkins
    4. Ben Jones
    5. Darrion Hall (Suspended indefinitely right now anyways)
    6. Keion Payne
    7. Jeremy Lewis
    8. Cory White
    9. Billy Sanders

    Are just a few I can think of that I’m sure will be candidates. Ugly part of the business but necessary. Will be interesting to see how it transpires.

  146. Liam def is a badass lately .. I know “Taken” wasn’t supposed to be a comedy, but I couldn’t stop laughing at him beating the hell out of people in it – he was on a mission … I saw that there is going to be a sequel to “Taken”, its in post production

    He’s in the new Batman movie as well

    Can’t imagine shooting that movie “The Grey” – they were out in the elements, I don’t care if they CGI’ed the blizzard or whatever, the actors are out there in the damn snow, the ice cold water, etc. and the entire film production crew is out there as well, camera guy has to go in that ice cold underwater to shoot

    All those actors in the movie were straight animals, out in the elements like that

    I laughed every time I saw the wolves running together, toward the humans, it was like “oh sh*t .. what’s that in the distance?” .. then you saw a pack of wolves running toward them, then you saw the humans all the sudden try to turn into Usain Bolt – no way you’re out running a pack of beast mode wolves in their element … you’re f*cked

  147. You know what’s ugly, bg?


    Carry on, Golden.

  148. BG LOL no doubt. Dude ain’t playin.

    I think he holds on to Thompkins and Lewis just because of depth issues and one of those TE’s as well.

    The rest can EAD.

    Six the new Batman looks insane.

    Can’t wait for the new Avengers too.

    Good ish.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  149. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    No doubt JSQ lots of love that tailgate was epic

    Six I saw the grey too and that plane crash i thought was the perfect portrayal of what a plane crash would be like. That shyt was crazy! I felt so bad for those dudes haha. I thought it was a good movie but i also thought the wolves were like zombies in some zombie movies- super human. They were like super wolves unless I just underestimate the wolf but those things were beasts.

  150. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    C1 at the end of the movie i literally said out loud what the hell. I wanted to see the fight but he did go out like a g

  151. Philly, I didn’t do it alone.

    I just did the list-making, planning, nagging, bossing around, and food layout.

    Gotta give credit to C1 for the rest.

  152. Oooh my birthday falls on a Saturday this year!

    I think we are going to Atlantis.

  153. Oooooh, only about an hour and a half outside of Chestnut Hill . . .

  154. Joe Schad just tweeted

    Joe Schad @schadjoe

    Last 5 yrs, avg. ESPN recruiting class 1) Alabama 2) Texas 3) UF 4) FSU 5) UGA 6) USC 7) LSU 8) Ohio State 9) OU 10) Miami

    According to that we are #10 based on recruiting average. ALL of those teams have over that 5 year span decimate our productivity. UGA, FSU, and UT had a down year or maybe 2, but they all smoke what we’ve done. Can’t say we weren’t getting talent, but what we did with it is a WHOLE ‘NOTHER STORY! LOL

  155. would love to do the boston opener with you all

    . . . can’t even imagine there being a possibility

    . . .when is labor day weekend?

  156. Autumn, it is 9/3

  157. Here are some more and most of them have done far better than us too.

    Joe Schad @schadjoe

    Last 5 yrs, avg. ESPN recruiting class 11) Clemson 12) Notre Dame 13) Mich 14) Auburn 15) Tenn 16) UCLA 17) SCar 18) Stanf 19) UNC 20) PSU

    UCLA is on par with us or worse and UNC as well but most of there issues especially the last 2 years were compounded by suspensions. Ours was too this year, but for a 5 year avg Top 10 Class we have under performed by a lot and THAT is why Randy isn’t here anymore! :-(

  158. under the “where have they gone” category:

    Report: Jaamal Berry on his way out at Ohio State?
    Posted by Ben Kercheval on February 9, 2012, 2:25 PM EST

    A pair of off-the-field incidents, nagging injuries and minimal playing time resulted in a head-shaking season for Ohio State running back Jaamal Berry.

    According to one report, it could be his last with the Buckeyes.

    The Columbus Dispatch writes that while Berry is currently on scholarship, his attorney and high school coach say Berry is no longer part of the football team.

    “From the conversation he had with the coaches, it didn’t appear that they were excited about him being (there),” said Berry’s former coach at Palmetto (Fla.) HS Larry Coffey. “He took the lead from that, and his thought process was that it was maybe time for him to go in another direction.”

    Robert Tobias, assistant city prosecutor assigned to Berry’s case, agreed.

    “My understanding is that … (Berry’s) desire would be to transfer somewhere else and so he could potentially get playing time. Whether he goes back to Florida or whether he goes somewhere else to go to school, I don’t know,” Tobias said. “It was told to me by the defense attorney that he was not on the team anymore and that he had a desire to relocate for school somewhere else out of state.”

    Additionally, an Ohio State spokesperson said Berry has not worked out with the team since being suspended in November after getting slapped with a pair of misdemeanor charges (assault, disorderly conduct) stemming from an on-campus incident in late October. It was the second time within a month that Berry was involved in an off-the-field scuffle, the other being a bizarre “wrestling” incident that resulted in Berry being hospitalized last September.

    Berry is currently going through pre-trial steps for the October case.

    If Berry is indeed off the team, the possibility remains that he can finish up the school year at Ohio State — he’s currently taking classes in winter quarter — and then transfer. Berry did not comment to the Dispatch about the rumors of his status with the Buckeyes.

    A four-star recruit in Ohio State’s 2009 class, Berry had just three carries for five yards this past year.

  159. Bg, you are going to take yourself on a trip straight to Bonecrusher-ville if you keep looking at those stats!!!

  160. I don’t know why I am looking at hotels for the Cape.

    Shouldn’t a former Shriver intern be guaranteed a room at the Kennedy Compound?

  161. You movie spoiling SOB’s….If you’ve seen Chronicle or Women/Lady in Black already, keep ya mouth shut. I might be doin a 1-2 on those, this weekend.

  162. The Chronicle is written by a ‘Cane, Sh!thead.

    I almost saw the movie they were talking about this weekend but by the time I got off the depo they were sold out of the Premier (you sit on love seats and waiters serve you and you have a full menu and bar) for the 8pm show and I was too sleepy and hungry and grumpy (and maybe some other dwarf names as well) to make it to the 10pm.

    And now I feel like I’ve already seen it.

  163. BG don’t be silly.

    All dent needed was a good coordinator or two.

    He had the rest on lock.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  164. I recommend Contraband or Underworld.

    KB in skin tight latex can GET it.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  165. The Boston trip is officially on the boss’ calendar!

    Woo hoo!

    Y’all that are driving up might need to help with equipment on this tailgate because I’m thinking a cute little convertible would be more fun to make the Providence-Cape-Chestnut Hill-Providence trip in than a tank.

  166. In order to the to the movies these days, I gotta pretty much get my Denzel on, and go on double-dates.
    Babysitters are evidently on strike, and most of my goonies don’t think its alright for all guys to be going to the movies together.
    Funny….Because I’ve never had a problem going to the movies with my boys. I guess its kinda Slambuttsky, but its never bothered me. That’s ghey, but wearing skin tight, skinny-pants isn’t???

    Either way….It usually ends up with:
    “I got this broad that wanna go to see that movie. She gotta a friend too. You tryin to roll wit me. If you think her girl look good, you can do you. I mean if we gonna go to the movies, we might as well bring some b!tches… “

  167. No coach should be let go based on somebodies preconceived notion that a class rnaked coming out of highschool should actually mean something. Especially when ost of the guys that are actually contributing are not the guys who made the star systems calculations make it look like somebody had a #1 recruiting class.

    We just saw those stats the other day where alot of so called 5 star players are not even with that team anymore, or are nto really contributing that much. I don’t buy that recruiting crap, it’s all based on somebody’s star system. I bet butch davis’s recruting classes would’ve been ranked low coming in, ed reed was probably a 1 or 2 star safety, same with santana or moss. But 3 & 4 years later, butch classes produced nothing but 5 star 1st round draft picks!

  168. Better that you go with your boys to the dumb movies than drag us.

  169. Sh!tHead McGillicutty – f*ck that noise

    Wasn’t it Melvin Bratton that said in the “U Documentary” that the entire team would roll to the movies together? That isn’t exactly Slambuttsky

    I’m kind of picky about which one of my boys I’ll watch a movie with though – can’t go with a couple of them that I know will not shut the hell up b/c they’re asking questions or doing the Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary throughout the entire movie

    Can’t stand that. Shut up, watch, listen and learn. Occasional cracks here and there, who doesn’t do that, but to make cracks the entire time? Na, can’t have it

  170. I’d rather go to the movies by myself.

    It feels a little creepy at first but you get over it quick and it is actually quite nice.

    People are annoying anyway.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  171. PhillyCane – the plane crash was the best I’d ever seen in any movie from the perspective of being in it. Loud as hell too in the theater, I dunno what kind of steroided speakers they had blasting, but I got shook down to my soul

    Those wolves were no joke. We’re used to seeing scrawny f*ckers, you go up into the real wild, the real wilderness .. you know the ones up there are jacked up and crazed, they have to be to survive. They’re like mini-Lycans from the Underworld movies

    Speaking of KBeckinsale like Canez1 was saying – that woman is viagra on legs, insanely hot

  172. I go to movies solo all the time .. helps when you don’t have to be into work until around 3pm and get free movie screening passes from the entertainment reporter up at work


    JSQ said it best as well, better to roll to a movie like that when you know your girl wouldn’t want to go see it anyway

  173. Is this the concrete schedule….?

    @Boston College
    Notre Dame Chicago, I’LL
    @Kansas State Bethune-Cookman
    Virginia Tech
    North Carolina
    @Georgia Tech
    N.C. State
    Florida State
    South Florida

    I’m all in (Barring some domestic tragedy/debacle) for UVA.

    I don’t know why these cats is like that…..I’ve always gone to the movies with posse. I ain’t gonna ask to hold your hand, or give you The ol’ “Yawn-Reach-around” tactic. We here to watch the movie. All the AVID movie goers on here, know what I’m talkin about.
    It ain’t that we don’t wanna go to the movies with yall. It’s just that after we beat…..We just don’t feel like we have to.

    Sike, sike, sike, sike, sike, sike, sike, sike, sike, sike.

    Wife dukes loves the movies as much as I do, but people aren’t exactly jumping at the idea of babysitting my tribe. When we do get someone to hold them, she usually wants to do it bigger than the movies.
    The last movie we actually saw together was Hangover 2. I’ve been several times, without her, since then. She goes with her girlfriends and their million kids, too. We’ll be back in the saddle once my mom moves back up here.

  174. I do dolo missions to the movies sometimes, but I haven’t done it in a minute.
    I think the last movie I saw dollie was AVP II.

  175. Dang, I thought I was going to get back about twice that on my taxes . . .

    I still need to figure out what interest I paid on my car loan but DANG! I really thought it was going to be a lot more.

    Hurri, can I borrow like 6 of your kids to claim on my return? I’ll give them right back, I promise.

  176. No givesie-backsies.

    Loan-to-Own, babydoll….

  177. avatar
    KLCaneFan says:

    LMAO Hurri!!

    Ahhh the tax season blues… just imagine how the people preparing them are feeling.

    Ok, back to work.

  178. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    ### Despite the departures of Travis Benjamin, LaRon Byrd and Tommy Streeter, UM should be fine at receiver next season, with six incoming players to accompany potential starters Allen Hurns and Philip Dorsett. But receiver will be a major problem when spring practice begins March 3, because Hurns will be out with an injury and Rashawn Scott may be, too. That leaves only Dorsett, Davon Johnson and Kendal Thompkins among scholarship players.

    Read more here:

  179. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    February 9, 2012 at 5:44 PM
    olvier vernon’s lil brotha:



    Thought it was 4real till I saw where big boy was Ill

  180. Nashvillecane says:
    February 9, 2012 at 8:10 PM
    February 9, 2012 at 5:44 PM
    olvier vernon’s lil brotha:



    Thought it was 4real till I saw where big boy was Ill

    GOT ONE :)!

  181. Holy mother of DUH!

    If something is your job, and you need to travel for it and attend events in order to perform your job, that ish is deductible. At least to a certain extent.

    Thank God for sorority sisters who are accountants.

  182. JSQ been out of pocket with lots of travel lately. Saw the notes about spring game. When is that again?

  183. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Lol Hurri my bad, still go see it tho. Defintly no slambuttsky on goin to the movies wit ur boys, but like six said gota choose who u go wit selectively.

    JSQ ill lug some stuff up north for the bc game watever u need.. C1 knos he killed the twerps tailgate lord knos he doesnt need ne more ego strokin lol

    Big game tonite for UM bball at 9 on espn2!


  184. 4/14, Shwarma. It will be EOTH (and presumably CI), plus the SW FL and Palm Beach Clubs. I’ll make sure you know all the details as things get closer!

    Was totally kidding about the bagels, btw, food will be free and I will pay for jello, beer, etc. out of pocket if I need to.

  185. Just received a free accounting lesson.

    Very sad that jello shots aren’t tax deductible.


    But soooooo happy all that mileage to things I cover for you guys [that I wouldn’t normally go to] is!

    [clicks “yes” on written proof box, smugly]

  186. BG.. Just noticed your candidates list..

    Doesn’t Golden LOVE Cory White?

  187. autumn says:
    February 9, 2012 at 4:02 PM
    under the “where have they gone” category:

    Report: Jaamal Berry on his way out at Ohio State?
    Posted by Ben Kercheval on February 9, 2012, 2:25 PM EST

    A pair of off-the-field incidents, nagging injuries and minimal playing time resulted in a head-shaking season for Ohio State running back Jaamal Berry.

    According to one report, it could be his last with the Buckeyes.


    Remember when so many people said this kid was better than Lamar coming out of HS?

  188. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH12) says:

    One thing Randy can’t be criticized for is knowing which kids were trouble.

    Everyone was bitching about him nit pursuing that kid.

  189. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH12) says:

    This kid looks to be an incredible athlete and is smart as hell. Westminster is a tough academic school.

  190. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    GO CANES!!


  191. avatar
    SpeedWrecks says:

    fuck i hate brad

  192. SpeedWrecks
    February 10, 2012 at 1:14 AM
    fuck i hate brad

    because of his bad dancing?
    did you like the rest of the rocky horror picture show characters?

  193. PhillyCane
    February 9, 2012 at 10:50 PM
    GO CANES!!



  194. Any chance we can get Diggs today?

    Kind of falls into that “Dream On” catergory.

  195. Delray
    February 10, 2012 at 9:17 AM
    Any chance we can get Diggs today?

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  196. Canez1 says:
    February 10, 2012 at 9:21 AM
    February 10, 2012 at 9:17 AM
    Any chance we can get Diggs today?

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

    “Fat, Drunk and Stupid in no way to go thru life son!”

  197. IF I get a pass for the BC game. I have a friend up in that area that works for a food distribution co. I’ll see if he has access to gaggers.

  198. Delray LMFAO!!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  199. There’s a pass for the BC game?

    I’m all about trying these hot dogs out. My old boss would talk about them all. the. time.

    Maybe I should stay at a B&B on the Cape instead of a resort so I can make the jello shots and some apps.

    I think Mark could handle it but you never know. It’s a special job.

  200. Five-star 2013 running back prospect Kelvin Taylor (Belle Glade, Fla./Glades Day) appears to be closing in on a college decision.

    Taylor announced on Twitter that he would be making a decision next weekend.

    BG, any chance on this kid? You listed him 5th on the “We got next:2013 Offense” write up.

    He is Fred Taylor’s son also. Have we offered Bryant yet?

  201. Yes, like a hall pass from Mrs. Delray to head out to Boston for the weekend. Would love to take her with me but she hates Airplanes almost as much as she hates football!

  202. Diggs to Maryland. Appeal of playing right away and for the home school.

  203. Ahhh, a hall pass.

    I hate airplanes too.

    Actually, it’s not the airplanes I hate. It’s airports. I hate other people being in control of when I get somewhere.

  204. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    That’s damn right on Diggs. Blutarsky’s GPA. Just hope he doesn’t pick the turds. Love to watch those star sluts squirm.

  205. Delray, have you been to the newly-renovated Boston’s? Thinking about checking it out tonight.

    Going to Garlic Fest this weekend? Not feeling all this rain.


    My friend Jimmy and his Delorian rental business in Jersey. Pretty sweet.

  207. In every single Miami office around three o’clock in the afternoon, there will be an overweight middle-aged lady walking around with a handful of small plastic shot cups in one hand and a medium sized Styrofoam cup in the other. She will dole out shots of cafecity among the office staff along with complaining about one of the following: her feet, the boss, or your singledom and/or lack of child.

  208. Have not been to Boston’s lately. Working tomorrow night at a St. Valentine’s party. Hope it rains, but not Sunday.

  209. And You have mail

  210. Now I remember why I forgot the spring game date, out of town for a wedding (see that’s proof we try to block out the negative)…can’t campaign for Luke this year