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The Aftermath of the Hialeah Scrimmage; ‘Canes Travel to Ft. Myers Friday


In furtherance of Coach’s Golden’s efforts to bring the ‘Canes into different communities throughout south Florida, our boys will go to Fort Myers Friday evening for their second scrimmage.  The scrimmage, which is free and open to the public, will kick off at 6:45pm and will last two hours.

Attendees will receive as special treat from UM Athletics with the debut of the second episode of the 2012 Raising Canes series, which will air on a loop in the auditorium adjacent to the field throughout the evening.  There will also be a “Fan Zone” set up in the SW corner of the stadium, including inflatables, the love of my life, Sebastian the Ibis, as well as cheerleaders.  The Fan Zone will start at 6pm and run through half-time of the scrimmage.  Food and beverage will be available to purchase at the event as well.

More details on the Second Scrimmage:

Friday, March 30 | Bishop Verot High School | Fort Myers, Fla.

Time: 6:45-8:45 p.m. Directions: 5598 Sunrise Drive, Fort Myers, Fla. | Driving Directions

Parking: Fans can park in the grass lot located on the south side of the stadium.

Entry: Gates open at 5 p.m. Fans should enter the stadium through the main entrance located at the east end of the facility.

In the days following the first scrimmage last Saturday in Hialeah, ‘Canes fans have received both good and bad news.  Here’s a quick recap on the latest:

  • With Stephen Morris limited this spring while he recovers from back surgery, Ryan Williams has shown he will provide Morris with competition in the fall.  Williams was successful in moving the chains on Saturday and threw 14/21 for 228 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  • So far, Six’s favorite QB Gray Crow is looking better than Preston Dewey, but then again, this is spring practice 8 weeks after their arrival to Coral Gables, not a game two years into their career in Blacksburg, so no one should read too much into that at this point.
  • Receivers Kendal Thompkins, Phillip Dorsett, and Rashawn Scott had big days on Saturday.  Hopefully we will see Thompkins, a 5th year senior out of Miami Northwestern, do something during the season.
  • Either our defense is terrible, or Mike James [JSQ’s favorite favorite] is getting faster.  James had a 55 yard touchdown during the scrimmage, running away from defenders along the right sideline.
  • . . . Or our offensive line is finally playing like it should.  Golden praised Olinemen Ereck Flowers, Taylor [one of JSQ’s new favorites] Gadbois, Jared Wheeler, Ben Jones and Jeremy Lewis.
  • Our offense needs to stop fumbling the ball and our secondary needs to work on catching the easy interceptions thrown their way.  A lot of this could be rust, and scrimmage jitters, but hey, we saw these problems in games during the 2011 season so it’s never too early to fix it.  These types of mistakes cost us one, if not three or four, games.
  • Golden, a former TE himself, is not thrilled with the performance of that unit.  Asante Cleveland, who is developing great size, is the star of this group.  As a whole, the unit is not where coaches expect it to be with the level of talent there.
  • Dallas Crawford continues his musical chairs and is switched from RB to WR.  The coaches think this move will best match his skill set.
  • Injuries:  Another one of my new favorites, DE Anthony Chickillo, hurt his back during the practice prior to the scrimmage.  He should not need surgery, but he is expected to be out for an extended period of time, likely the rest of the spring.  Golden has downplayed the injury. RG Jon Feliciano hurt his right knee on Saturday and will be out the rest of the spring.  RT Seantrel Henderson reportedly tweaked his right knee a bit during the game but is okay.  TE Dyron Dye injured his finger.  Get well soon, guys!

Don’t forget there are still 3 more days to renew your season tickets! 

Call 1-800-GO-CANES today!


  1. Dirk Diggler

  2. Nice first!

    You’re a bright shining star!

    Orange or green?

  3. Thanks teach!

    I’d like to donate an orange to bg.

  4. [JSQ sends jello shot to Bowie, MD]

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    Canes Outsider says:

    Umm, is that one of the “special” jellos? Then you might want to hold it in storage before sending to bg.

    Just sayin….

    nice first Splarfy.

  6. Are we seriously having a debate about the content of an imaginary jello shot?!

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    Canes Outsider says:

    No, not seriously.

  8. Ok, was gonna say, I think bg’s recovery will not be stalled by an imaginary jello shot. 😉

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Prosthetically speaking: clean up on aisle headline – proofreader needed

  10. Go Canes!

  11. Thanks, Cubed. I’m a little overworked and sleepy over here! :-)

  12. bg’s present from all of us . . . although it MIGHT just be autographed by someone other than an EOTH blogger, wink wink, nudge nudge . . . will ship tomorrow.

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    No problem. I knew you’d decipher that. Did you like the reference to Dirk?

    You’re overworked. You need an assistant. Heard Shockey was looking for work.

  14. “James had a 55 yard touchdown during the scrimmage, running away from defenders along the ride sideline”

    umm, "the ride sideline"

    . . . what exactly takes place on that side of the field?

  15. sigh.

    maybe you guys should start contributing blogs, smarty pants!

  16. CanesCanesCanes
    March 28, 2012 at 5:29 PM
    . . . Did you like the reference to Dirk?

    cubed – are you splarfy?

  17. I don’t think Shockey is the best speller.

    I have some stuff around the house for him to do, though.

    [insert obvious comment about unclogging a pipe]

  18. and who is dirk?

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    Michael Bradley says:

    CaneInsider is popping with TONS of recruiting info… come by and see us over there…

    Go Canes!

  20. splarfy is splarfy

    No prosthetic here.

  21. splarfy
    March 28, 2012 at 5:49 PM
    splarfy is splarfy

    No prosthetic here.

    got it

    . . . a groin is a groin

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I see we’re catching on.

    Wonderland was closer to what actually happened.

  23. I got a text from bg!

    “Thanks Mary! I’m very sore but I’m making it – – Bryce”

    Yaaaay! :-)

  24. I’m SO EXCITED for bg to get his present from Eye of the Hurricane!!!

    [JSQ bounces up and down]

    I’m just gonna say it . . .

    You all were EXTREMELY thoughtful.

    Bunch of sweethearts on this site!

    Just nod and agree and take the compliment. You will figure out what to take credit for in a few days. :-)

  25. Bg hopefully goes home from the hospital tomorrow

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Kidding aside, my best to bg. I know a work associate that had this one (or a similar procedure) and he was telling me the transition after surgery was definitely not easy.

    Thoughts and prayers to bg and family.

  27. – Lastly, for those who subscribe to, there’s a solid little blurb on running back signee Danny Dillard of Venice.
    Dillard will attend this weekend’s scrimmage in Fort Myers and being from that region, that was the gist of the story, but the real meat had to do with Dillard’s thoughts on competition, as well as those who questioned his signing with Miami after the Canes had locked down Randy ‘Duke’ Johnson.
    Dillard made it clear that high school was high school and college is college. He’s headed to ‘The U’ to compete and isn’t backing down from Johnson’s skills-set or accolades.
    Dillard pointed out that they’re different style backs, with him the more bigger-bodied athlete and Johnson a smaller, shiftier player. Dillard also made it clear that he feels he has a chance to play right away and is doing all he can do on his own right now to work his way into the starting line up.
    While there’s nothing new about this type of story, as a fan, you hope there are more cases like this during the Golden Era. More stories of talented kids who could’ve been selfish, going elsewhere and seeking immediate playing time, but instead bought into the coaching staff, are sold on the direction of the program and aren’t afraid to go up against top-flight incoming talent in effort to win a starting role.
    A kid like Dillard seems a far cry from a back like Storm Johnson, who ran from competition this time last year.
    Let’s home this is one more step in the right direction for a program starved for team-first, competition-hungry athletes. – C.B.

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    Canes Outsider says:

    Not sure if you guys have seen this, but this is the way the Canes should be planning for the next four years.

    Fun stuff in there, like the Canes leaving the ACC to go independent and (of course) going undefeated for four years straight.

  29. Did Storm really run from competition? Cause if he was scared of competition then why would he have come in the first place when RB was probably are deepest spot at the time?

  30. Tonight’s the night!

    My teddy bear gets inducted into the UM Sports Hall of Fame!

    I got the white power suit on and the []_[] pin over my heart and my secretary said a number of things in Spanish when I walk in that I think means something along the lines of the lyrics to a song that reminds me of BMAC “girl, you look good, why don’t you back that @$$ up.”

    We ready!

    I’ll have coverage of the event up tomorrow and pictures!


    GO ‘CANES!

  31. Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Golden said that Anthony Chickillo “practiced every rep today” and will participate in the scrimmage.

    4m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Golden says Kelvin Cain “finding a home” at defensive end.

    6m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Al Golden says Denzel Perryman at 223 pounds after playing at 208 pounds last season.

    13m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Dallas Crawford listed as No. 2 punt & kickoff returner. Crawford also listed as No. 3 tailback though he played in the slot in scrimmage.

    17m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Andreu Swasey, who began spring as a starter at safety, is now No. 3 behind A.J. Highsmith and Vaughn Telemaque.

    18m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Ladarius Gunter now ahead of Larry Hope at cornerback. Hope started spring as the starter ahead of Hope.

    30m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Anthony Chickillo listed as No. 2 defensive end behind Shayon Green. Kelvin Cain is first-team at other DE spot.

    31m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    A.J. Highsmith remains a starter at safety over Vaughn Telemaque.

    32m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Luther Robinson has moved up to No. 2 defensive tackle behind Curtis Porter. Olsen Pierre, who the starter to open spring, is now No. 3.

    34m Jorge Milian ‏ @caneswatch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    New depth chart has Denzel Perryman as starting MLB and Jimmy Gaines at OLB.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  32. In non FB news

    Sorry for this mini rant but why are we talking about nonsense this electoral cycle but no one cares about the kids? Autism is up 78% in the last 10 years, adn rising 1 out of 54 boys now has Autism.

    Thank you Monsanto, For your GM Food and your roundup and other chemicals that now makes My Corn made from agent Orange Chemicals that 45,000 people opposed and only 23 were in favor of yet still was approved by our great FDA approved over the X-mas holidays while we wern’t watching.

    Thank You BPI

    For you 100% but not really beef which is pink slime that kids eat at Mickie D’s so they can get a toy pushed by the entertainment industry so my kid is brainwashed while he eat’s your slime.

    Thank you Congress for making it illegal to have a home garden and to make it illegal to refuse vaccines and depression medication that makes kids zombies that shoot up schools.

    Thank you Big Pharma for making vaccinations that are proven to be useless and forcing everyone to take them.

  33. I believe McDonalds got rid of the pink slime, but it is still served in school cafeterias.

    And try to break up links when you post, guys.

    It is automatically spammed if you post 3 or more links.

  34. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Life expectancy in 1900 = 45

    Life expectancy today = 77 and rising

    I’ll take my chances.

    Any questions?

  35. Yes they got rid of it as of like a week ago.

  36. I hear what you are saying, Hassan, but really, are you surprised that McDonalds is unhealthy?

    That’s like saying:

    Football players lie!

    Latin men cheat!

    No f@cking kidding!

    It’s sort of assumption of risk.

    IMO, no one really has any business being at McDonalds unless they (1) are drunk after a ‘Canes game; or (2) are hungover the morning after a ‘Canes game.

  37. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH12) says:

    Two things:

    With regards to the age thing, new statistics show one out of two women born this century will live to be 100.

    Secondly, and much more importantly, looks like Perryman has bulked up and moving to the middle.

  38. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    No surprise on women. I believe women now are expected to live deep into their 80’s…and they’re all out driving, usually in front of me.

    Must be all that pink slime we’re eating

  39. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Oh yeah, Perryman looks bigger. He’s a keeper

  40. Cubed, everyone that held Six back in traffic today appeared to have a penis.

    A few of them could have been like “Pat” from SNL, though.

    You would think with so little time left to live that they would be in more of a hurry to get where they are going!

  41. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I hear you, I don’t look past the white hair, could be all men for all I I know.

    My favorite now are the weaving idiots looking at their phones or texting. I had to slam my brakes on the tpike a couple of days ago to prevent an 80mph sideswipe – which could have been a mess at that speed. Just slid right over totally oblivious.

  42. Perryman is 223 lbs now should be 230 by fall camp.

    Autism is not about Mcdonalds it is about a lot more then that. But that reminds me of a joke by Chris Rock, if tomorrow the news reported that Krispie Kreme was found to be putting Crack into their Glazed doughnuts you would be like “I knew it was something” lol

  43. Some a$$hole in a croc-blue BMW was so preoccupied with his bluetooth conversation this morning that he was talking to his dashboard and just weaving out of the HOV lane.

    These people need to keep me out of their death wish. Six would have f’d that 3 series up.

  44. I’m pretty sure White Castle burgers actually do contain crack.

  45. JSQ
    March 29, 2012 at 2:06 PM
    I’m pretty sure White Castle burgers actually do contain crack.

    I make a fool of myself with Krystal and White Castle.. :(

  46. I haven’t had White Castle since a trip to St. Louis following my senior year of high school.

    After I got into Banana Joes in downtown STL with my fake Missouri State [then SMSU] ID. I was only 17.

    I wonder if White Castle has ever been ingested independently of alcohol?

    That ish is soooooo good.

  47. these politicians don’t care about the children or adults or anyone else who can’t help them get more $$, power and prostitutes.

  48. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    I havent had white castle since i was pledgin my fraternity ahhhh the fuqed up shit we had to do and then got to do to others for 3 years.. well worth it

  49. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    It’s been a long time for me, but what is it about White Castle or Krystal’s after a night of drinking? There’s not too much that goes better with a high BAC

  50. Speaking of food here is the latest sign of the Apocalypse is near.

    I am just waiting for Skynet to go Bezerk any day now.

  51. I blame everything on Este’s chemtrails.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  52. The United States called several witnesses, including a confidential informant who had engaged in a hand-to-hand drug transaction involving two ounces of crack cocaine. The drug transaction took place on August 18, 2009 in the parking lot of a local Bowling Green apartment complex. According to court documents, presented at trial, Bailey had placed two plastic baggies containing two ounces or 54.02 grams of crack cocaine inside White Castle hamburger boxes. Bailey was paid $1,600 by the confidential informant. Federal law enforcement officials were monitoring the deal via an audio recorder/transmitter placed on the confidential informant

  53. avatar
    UMomentum says:

    On this Sapp/Shockey thing

    I personally don’t side with either guy and I certainly don’t approve of the way this situation is being addressed via the media. But I do see this story spinning out of control. Both of these guys have a history mouthing off, but this is not a good guy vs bad guy or black vs white issue here.

    From my understanding with the limited information provided, Jonathan Vilma is the source that Warren Sapp is attempting to protect. Make no mistake about it, Vilma’s career is on the line; there are several players calling for Vilma to be suspended indefinitely. The real “2 sides” here are the Comrades of the Code vs the Custodians of the Currency. Here’s an interesting quote from the NFL network to validate this point:

    The NFL Network was being clever in its statement about Sapp remembering that he wasn’t a reporter, and ought to pass along such tidbits to those who could exercise a little legitimate journalism with it. Sapp wasn’t trying to be Woodward and Bernstein, though. He was more like Michael Corleone letting everyone know that he knew it was Fredo Shockey that broke his heart.

    Sapp wasn’t even worried about how it looked to call someone out this way. He certainly wasn’t congratulating a fellow player for standing up for the health and well-being of his comrades and blowing the whistle on a heinous, illegal, dangerous practice.

    He was appeasing those comrades who felt more betrayed by the leak than threatened by the lawbreaking—and appeasing those fans who embrace that mindset. And lots of them do, as various comment sections and social media accounts prove.

    They care a lot less about whose careers and lives might have been saved by the bounties being uncovered, than about who broke the code.

    Read more:

    Here’s a segment from a article about the Shockey and Toomer twitter war:

    Well now, this is getting completely out of hand.
    What began as a story Jeremy Shockey wanted to return to the Giants turned into an opportunity for Amani Toomer to take a shot at him.

    Shockey (surprise!) is firing back. And if he had any shot of convincing the Giants he could return and be a peaceful presence in their locker room, he might’ve blown that in the Twitter war that’s still raging. Here’s the rundown of the tweets.

    Toomer (in response to the initial reports): “No!!Shockey’I will never play4 you again!’he yelled at jerry Reese in 08. Let him keep his word. Bad teammate, worse person.”

    Shockey (apparently not yet aware of Toomer’s tweet): “It’s funny how the Ny media still try’s to make money off me! Can anyone find a quote from me on me wanting to play for the GAINTS?” (Sic, well, everywhere)

    Shockey (now aware of Toomer’s salvo): “Amani Toomer on Jeremy Shockey: Bad teammate, Haha. Well he was the lazy one that broke my leg!!”

    Shockey*: “Yes remember when his ex divorced him and he urinated on a her cloths I guess he’s the good person.”

    Shockey (addressed to Toomer): “Go get a bucket of rocks and start throwing them at your glass house”

    Toomer: “Shockey,Thanks 4 proving my statement about being a bad person. Lieing about my EX.Low blow.Enough said.Have a nice day& good luck as a FA”

    Shockey: “Nothing but love in my mind.. I’m at peace can’t let the negative people bring me down! #growup”

    Some historical perspective:
    –Toomer rolled onto Shockey’s leg in the 2007 Week 15 loss to the Redskins as Shockey was making a block. That ended his season and, after his offseason pout, his career with the Giants.
    –Toomer had an ugly divorce from his wife a few years ago.
    The truth is important here but it is more important to understand there are 2 conflicting paradigms in the NFL right now. Over the past 5 years there has been a significant shift pertaining to player protection and longevity. The problem is in the transition from the code of HONOR associated with the combative ways of old to the newer and gentler form of competition desired by NFLPA to protect the INVESTMENT.

    Vilma and Sapp are both defensive players in a league that is trending to favor the offense. Most of this ‘snitch’ talk comes from that side of the line of scrimmage. Both Sapp and Shockey are not only passionate players on the field but emotional people off the field as well. Shockey could have snitched, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility; there is a reason it’s only a moderate level of interest from teams looking for free agents of his calibre. He’s an offensive player at a crossroad in his career with a history of injury, it’s possible. Or he could of just did what he usually does and spoke without filtering his thoughts. Sapp does the same thing, they both are great players and good people with some character issues. This should of been handled directly and in house — especially considering this is The U Family.

    I still love both players as U family members, but I don’t like it. But don’t we all have family members who push our hot buttons? It only hurts because we actually care about each other. I just hope these guys can figure it out without legal assistance; but it may take divine intervention for these 2.


  54. Um, no.

    Sapp and Toomer suck.

    Shockey rules and is way hot.

    The end.

  55. Bg is on his way home from the hospital!


  56. avatar
    UMomentum says:


    Isn’t that some form of bias Counsel?

  57. avatar
    UMomentum says:


    No matter what they say about surgery/recovery… Percocet is your friend.

    Get Well

  58. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:



    Ppl act like Shok some kinda of great teammate or something???

    Only reason he snitches is bc a bounty was on Cam

  59. UMomentum, if you want a real opinion on the merits of the claims, that will be $290 an hour.

    If not . . . you get Shockey is hot, Sapp is not! :-)

    I am some sleepy jello right now.

    I think my boss is under the mistaken impression that “Mary” is three different people, all capabale of billing 60 hours per week.

  60. People that score TDs to help you win National Championships and Super Bowls = great teammates.

    The end.

    Don’t hate it because you ain’t it.

  61. avatar
    Nashvillecane says:

    I ain’t a hater…

    Just unbiased…

    If sapp haddnt got it from a reliable source like JV he wouldn’t have our it out there…

    I winder why he didn’t tell while he was with the saints???

    A snitch is a snitch…

  62. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    Hassan good stuff.

    JSQ, CCC and Autumn need to take over the editing chores…;-)

    And the real burning question is….”Is Brandon McGee really getting physical?”

  63. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    The bounty ‘ish if foul all around…….no one in it doesn’t smell like ish….

  64. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    JSQ, any ideas why my avatar doesn’t show up?

  65. avatar
    Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer says:

    March 29, 2012 at 4:44 PM
    Um, no.

    Sapp and Toomer suck.

    Shockey rules and is way hot.

    The end.



  66. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Umo. This thing was more or less dead. Why stir the pot? Let it die a natural death. The exchange between Toomer and Shock barely made a ripple, except for that one article read by 10 people.

    Nothing good can come from discussing this, but to each his own. jmo

  67. Look at Facebook box on top right for live pictures from HOF induction.

  68. And my private Facebook has pics with Ed and Bryant.

    Bryant just moved to Broward.


  69. avatar
    UMomentum says:

    March 29, 2012 at 5:02 PM
    UMomentum, if you want a real opinion on the merits of the claims, that will be $290 an hour.

    If not . . . you get Shockey is hot, Sapp is not!

    The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain humor, jokes, sexual themes, ghettofabulousness, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

    Huh? $290/hour?…

    Let me see I got 20, 40, 60, 80, 100… 120, 140

    What do I get for 10 dollars?

    Ok ok (sigh)…
    Shockey is hot
    Sapp is not…

    No Homo :)

  70. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    Im pulling for Quan Jones, but that little dude Justice looks ILL.

    SN: I ain’t rooting for Plumlee…..Duke or not.

  71. avatar
    UMomentum says:

    Any body have the new depth chart?

  72. Esteban
    March 29, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    these politicians don’t care about the children or adults or anyone else who can’t help them get more $$, power and prostitutes.


    prostitutes??? Go ahead and be real and say lil boyz

  73. Storm is a beast. He did not have to worry about competition if focused.He just didnt get along with Golden.

  74. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Dequan Jones makin espn top 10 for college slam dunk contest

  75. MMMMMM

    Percs, power and prostitutes.

    Does it get any better?

    Oh wait can’t forget the Polacks. My bad.

    Now that is a party!

    No Slambuttsky tho.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  76. No one got my Crack and White Castle lol totally over your heads lol

  77. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    And Dequan Jones gets number 1 on not top ten.. how fitting

  78. Didn’t see it Hassan, was too blinded by the Shockey bashing.

    Interesting, actually putting crack in White Castle.

  79. WTF!!!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  80. I will have an article up about the HOF induction later today.

    Really great event.

    Too much to talk about right now.

    Y’all have fun posting porn and what not.

    Muffins said it is National Cleavage Day.

    Y’all should celebrate!

  81. Calm your muffins!

    It’s fixed!

    The spam bot didn’t like Canez1 I guess.

    Not it!

  82. National Cleavage day…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  83. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Melvin Johnson Canes bball recruit from St Benedicts in the Bronx playing on espn2 right now

    4 star recruit

  84. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Calvin – the honeymoon was over when as a 2 seed they got booted in the first round by 15 seed Norfolk State.

    AP must have been smoking crack when they decided that.

  85. Cubed, the vote was done before the tourney.

    Was a short honeymoon!