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‘Canes in the 2012 NFL Draft: Part 2


~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, DZ8 ~

Olivier Vernon, OLB/DE – After missing the 1st 6 games of this past season, Vernon leaving early was a bit of a surprise.  His lack of a record and disappointing work out at the NFL Combine didn’t do enough to get him into elite consideration at his position.  At this point in time he is about a 6’2″ 260 lb player with a limited skill set consisting of only a bull rush.  I have seen enough games and know he is a great athlete so I do expect him to have a productive NFL career.  He was a highly-rated recruit and Nick Saban made a big push to get him planning to use him in an “Elephant” role at Alabama similar to what Jason Taylor had success with at the Dolphins. Teams like Pittsburgh, Green Bay, or darn it Esteban, New England would be possible homes for him late in the 4th round.

Marcus Forston, DT –  Oh Marcus, we hardly knew you.  One of the top-rated defensive tackle recruits in the country is leaving our Canes after an injury-plagued career.  You can’t really blame the guy, as another injury could put any NFL career in doubt.  Limited lack of tape would make his medical report all the more important for teams needing help on the inside of their defensive line.  The talent is there and the professional work outs and nutrition at the next level could easily make Forston a mainstay on any teams line for a decade.  The injury risk factor keeps his ceiling in the 4th round to teams like Denver, San Diego or Cincinnati.

Tommy Streeter, WR – Another Cane with a brief playing career at The U, Streeter needed a new coach to get out of the doghouse that kept him on the bench.  When he did get to play, he did very well and has an impressive physical resume.  The receiver out of Georgia Tech, Stephen Hill, had an amazing combine performance and pushed Streeter’s stock down as the best height-weight-speed receiver prospect in the draft.  Body catching will need to be worked on at the pro level and will keep Streeter from contributing right away.  I could easily see him going in the 5th round to a team like Pittsburgh who has had better luck developing their receivers later in the draft than picking them early.  Tennessee and Houston also come to mind and Green Bay could draft him if he falls to them.  In homage to Al Davis, the Raiders should draft him as that was exactly what Al Davis liked, the biggest and fastest wearing the silver and black.

Travis Benjamin, WR – Another favorite of mine who almost single handedly won the 2009 FSU game for us, Travis Benjamin made our offense electric… in spurts.  Whether that was because of poor coaching or the player not stepping up can be debated (as can the claim that all those INTs weren’t Jacory Harris’ fault but on Travis Benjamin, eyes rolling-head shaking), but he does bring the ability to “take the top off” a defense.  His slight frame and hair cut reminds me of Marty Gillyard who went in the mid rounds to St Louis a few years ago and I could see Benjamin in a similar position.  He will bring value as a situational receiver for certain routes and end around plays, as well as in the return game.  Washington and Chicago could be homes for him in the 5th round.

Laron Byrd, Aldarius Johnson, Tyler Horn, Adawale Ojomo and Jacory Harris all have the potential to be drafted late but I don’t think they will.  Byrd has a better chance at making a roster than Johnson while Horn could be a developmental candidate on a practice squad next fall.  If I remember correctly, I think he was pretty smart and might just go to medical school instead. Ojomo plays like a defensive end but has outside linebacker size so his “tweener” status could put a future NFL career in doubt.

Did I miss anyone?  Oh yeah… Jacory.  “His passes float through the air like gentle butterflies being chased by playful children”.  Jacory will probably be a graduate assistant at Miami next year giving fashion advice to Canes Quarterbacks.

DZ8-checking out.  :)

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    east st Louis cane says:

    Good write up

  2. Nice first, Lou! Orange or green?

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    Canes Outsider says:


    F5… nothing.
    F5… nothing.
    F5… nothing.
    God, I gotta pee.
    F5… new blog up, and east st Louis cane gets my jello shot!


    Well done ESLC…

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    Canes Outsider says:

    “Jacory will probably be a graduate assistant at Miami next year giving fashion advice to Canes Quarterbacks.”

    Pink Heisman suit or Raider overalls?

  5. I’m still sticking with what I think is best for J12. GO TO THE CFL. This isn’t a knock on him as I think he’ll excel in a pass-happy league with offensive coordinators running spread offences, similar to what we had in high school.

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    UM Canes coach Al Golden: “Just because your competition may not be in the room, just understand that he’s coming.”

    Coach Al Golden spoke today as part of the ACC spring football teleconference.

    He was asked if there was any area he had concerns about during spring.

    “No one would be satisfied with our wide receiver situation in the spring by numbers specifically,” Golden replied. There have got to be some guys that come in and help us out there. You could say the same thing about corner. I’m not trying to diminish what the kids that were there did. It was just a huge task for minimal players, asking three or four wideouts to carry the load for a position group that should have 10 in it. The same thing at corner, asking three or four corners to really carry the weight of a positon that should have eight when you consider all the nickel we play these days. Those two positions are certainly positions there and the defensive end spot, where we’re going to have an infuse of talent and competition and hopefully it will improve our program.”

    I asked him about the next step for incoming recruits who haven’t arrived.

    “They’re allowed to have a conditioning book, a program to follow even though they’re not with us. some of them are working out with us already. we expect another probably six or so to be here for summer I [session] and then the remainder by June 27th. We’ll have everybody in place by July 1 and that will help us and help them with the transition. Clearly, we’re continuing to take to each and everyone of them and monitoring them and making sure they understand what they need to do and where their weight needs to be and those types of things so we’re in good shape when we begin.”

    Do you expect them to know stuff from the playbook? “We’re always trying to talk football with them,” he replied, “but in terms of giving them playbooks and things it’s something we just don’t do. But certainly we talk football with them and make sure they understand the things they need to get done.”

    Aside: I’m pretty sure some of those guys (e.g. Tracy Howard) are already studying the playbook.

    Read more here:

  7. Longtime Cane photographer “CaneShooter” AKA JC Ridley lost his son today.

    Wondered why he was so quiet.

    So sad, guy is good people.

  8. Wow, Bennie . . .

    JC is/was coming to my party on Saturday. I have no idea what to say in a situation like this. Terrible.

  9. JC is a really great guy.

    Y’all who came to the tailgate met his gf Annette. She made the awesome pizza rolls.

    I am nauseous. How heartbreaking.

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    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Latest Mock draft from, has a few Canes being drafted

    3rd round: 74. Kansas City Chiefs: Brandon Washington, G, Miami

    4th round: 102. Washington Redskins: Sean Spence, LB, Miami
    127. New York Giants: Lamar Miller, RB, Miami

    5th round: 157. Atlanta Falcons: Chase Ford, TE, Miami
    162. New Orleans Saints: Marcus Fortson, DT, Miami

    6th round: 178. Buffalo Bills: Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami

    7th round: 237. San Francisco 49ers: Olivier Vernon, DE, Miami

  11. Lamar Miller in the 4th round? Are you kidding me?

  12. Miller will not last past the 2nd round. Guaranteed from me.

  13. Millers shoulder will fall off signing his contract.

    Won’t be a good start to his post hurricane career.

    DZ great write up my dude, especially the last part lol.

    So true.

    I don’t want him near this program tho in any capacity.

    Da fug outta here.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  14. The running back by committee NFL is perfect for Miller’s shoulders. Will get 15 carries and average 5 a pop. If a team takes advantage of his pass catching skills that’s even more production.

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    Miamimarcus says:

    Maybe JaPicky will send a tweet of himself wearing the Pink Suit tomorrow.

  16. Opposing counsel isn’t even here….


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    Canes Outsider says:

    Sorry for his loss. Losing a child is incomparable in terms of pain and i hope he has something to support him during this time.

  18. It’s draft day!!!
    I’ll do a 1st round mock later on.
    Thought you’d like that Canez1! :)

  19. I see these mock drafts with Streeter as a 6th round pick and think if I’ve seen a 6’5, 220 lb WR that runs sub 4.4 and has had production in a major conference ever fall to that round. Can’t think of one. Can’t see Streeter being the 1st.

  20. Nate Webster convicted. Faces 20 years. :-(

    I don’t get this one. You are RICH an NFL player and you chose a 15 year old out of ALL the coochie being thrown at you??? Add to that you knew her as a 10-11 year old??? I just don’t get it!

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Forget it, bg. He’s dirt and stupid. Even though it was consensual (though not legally so), it’s still disgusting and criminal. My point is that over the last 25 years something like over 1000 players or more have played at the U. Your going to have the occasional bad guy. Just like if you were to pick 1000 people randomly from the general population, you’d have a few knuckleheads and criminals.

  22. bg, I think Nate has some ISSUES.

  23. Post Spring Depth Chart

    Stephen Morris OR
    Ryan Williams

    Maurice Hagens
    Sean Harvey

    Mike James
    Eduardo Clements

    Rashawn Scott
    OR Allen Hurns

    Malcolm Bunche
    Ben Jones

    Johnathan Feliciano
    OR Jermaine Johnson

    Shane McDermott
    Jared Wheeler

    Brandon Linder
    Jeremy Lewis

    Seantrel Henderson
    Ereck Flowers

    Phillip Dorsett
    Kendal Thompkins

    Asante Cleveland
    Clive Walford
    David Perry

    Anthony Chickillo
    Ricardo Williams

    Darius Smith
    Luther Robinson

    Curtis Porter
    Olsen Pierre

    Shayon Green
    Kelvin Cain

    Jimmy Gaines
    Eddie Johnson

    Denzel Perryman
    Raphael Kirby

    Ramon Buchanan
    Tyrone Cornelius
    OR Gionni Paul

    Brandon McGee
    Thomas Finnie

    Ray Ray Armstrong
    AJ Highsmith

    Vaughn Telemaque
    Kacy Rodgers
    Andrew Swasey

    Ladarius Gunter
    Larry Hope


    Jake Wieclaw
    Matt Goudis

    Dalton Botts
    Jake Wieclaw

    Brandon Linder
    Sean McNally

    Phillip Dorsett
    Dallas Crawford

    Phillip Dorsett
    Dallas Crawford

  24. BG, it is a disease of the mind, there is no logic just pure evil.

    Est and all the draft junkies. i saw on a debate about the 2nd best back after Trent Richardson, They picked different guys and one made a point to compare The Boise St back to Frank Gore, but said Frank Gore is not a “burner”. That to me shows he does not know football. Frank Gore may not time well anymore but he has the 5th most X plays of all NFL running backs.

    LeSean McCoy 273 carries, 14 runs of 20+ yards, 1 explosive play every 19.5 carries

    Matt Forte 203 carries, 12 runs of 20+ yards, 1 explosive play every 16.9 carries

    DeAngelo Williams 155 carries, 11 runs of 20+ yards, 1 explosive play every 14.1 carries

    Michael Turner 301 carries, 11 runs of 20+ yards, 1 explosive play every 27.4 carries

    Frank Gore 282 carries, 11 runs of 20+ yards, 1 explosive play every 25.6 carries

    His YPC has been amoung the league leaders since he came into the league, he had the 2 80 yard caries in a game a few years back which was like the 2nd time ever at the time (CJ since has done it also). I just hate these so called experts that do not know what they are talking about.

  25. New levels of psycho-ness reached by the dude at TOS . . .



  26. JSQ.

    What is HE doing now????

  27. Text me, bg. Nothing that I know of on the site because I refuse to visit that trash.

    It’s crazy – writing MKF has introduced me to some of the BEST people I know . . . and some of the worst.

  28. For the record, Muffins, bg, Shwarma, Esteban, Rashad, the KL family, DZ8, and the list goes on = the best

    Can’t let a couple of bad apples ruin the tree but GOODNESS!

    Let. It. Go.

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    east st. louis cane says:

    i try a green one jsq go canes

  30. Here’s a green for you, Lou! Enjoy!

  31. Hassan, I wouldn’t call Gore a burner either. Just a big play guy. Its like Emmett. He had a lot of 20+ yard carries. Great RBs. But yea Gore’s long speed always been better than Smith’s.

    As for Doug Martin. He looks solid, but his running style reminds me of guys who haven’t had much NFL success.

  32. Ug can’t wait for draft!

    Is this day over yet?!

  33. avatar
    Hurriphin says:


    Counting down the hrs until the Phins front like they’re gonna draft a franchise-changing player…..and then draft another lineman, or scrub from the Big10.
    Also, I ain’t so crazy about Tannehill, but at least its a step towards the right direction. Dude reminds me of some kinda Ryan Mallet/Matt Jones-hybrid. If we do pick him, I’ve got his back.

    Also….Roger Godell is a d!ck-wrangler.

    I know the pro bowl is a joke, but it does matter to somebody out there.

  34. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Social Contest to Select Campus Setting for College GameDay Promotional Spot

    For the first time ever, ESPN will film a College GameDay commercial on a university campus selected by fans.

    You facebook people will love this. Gotta say Sebastian dressed as Golden is awesome…

  35. I dig ties . . .

  36. Never enough draft coverage.

    And I see chandler Jones getting mentioned as maybe the top DE and I can’t help but think he’s too slow to be a 4-3 DE. Right now he’s also light for 3-4 DE but that’s where id put him. Coples would be a 3-4 DE or 4-3 LE for me.

  37. And that last depth chart got Cookie as a starter…eh.

    Saw Telemaque up there…i guess.

    I do agree with David Perry being over Dyron Dye at TE. I actually came away impressed by him after spring game.

  38. Would be interesting to go back a few weeks or couple of months, look up the projections of some Cane fans on where the Canes who are leaving this year will be drafted … think it’s pretty typical to project very very very optimistically on where players from your favorite team will go, esp. right after the season ends or the kids announce they’re leaving early

    Can’t wait to see Morris Claiborne at One Buc Place

    If not him somehow, someway, and the Vikings don’t want to protect their newest QB’s backside – then Matt Kalil come on down to One Buc

    When the Fins select TBenj/Jacory/Aldarius in the later rounds, that queer-o-sexual atrocity gimmick in the Marlins outfield will go off to celebrate

  39. Anyone want to see a badass movie, go see “The Raid” if it’s near you

    Won’t disappoint at all. At. All. I’ve already seen it three times

    Canez1, go see it. The main actor in it makes every other cop in every cop movie look like a complete pansy …… Denzel was still cool in Training Day, but still not like the main cop in The Raid when it comes to action

    Anyone else finally go see Act of Valor?

  40. Six I heard that movie was good.

    I don’t see it at the local theater. Not sure what is up with that.

    Waiting for Act of Valor to come out on DVD.

    I am going to watch Collateral this weekend.

    Marky Mark does a good job usually.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  41. Mmmmm Marky Mark

  42. Six, I’m hoping for Ponder’s sake that the Claiborne talk from Vikings is a smoke screen. Would be crazy to draft a QB #1 then let him keep getting killed back there.

    And I heard Charlie casserly say he rates Mark Barron higher than he did Sean Taylor…always a reason why a guy is in TV instead of still a GM. He got Mario Williams right but yea mark barron over Sean Taylor? Crazy talk.

    and ill still be a happy dude if the Pats take Lamar Miller at #31. He doesn’t have Ben Jarvis Green Ellis’ toughness but would still average probably a yard more per carry (3.7 ain’t cuttin it). would be even happier to get him in 2nd round tho.

  43. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Six is The Raid in theaters?

  44. Six that thing at the Marlins park is Hellas ghey though. Geebus H. Christ.

  45. Esteban says:
    April 26, 2012 at 12:11 PM
    Hassan, I wouldn’t call Gore a burner either. Just a big play guy. Its like Emmett. He had a lot of 20+ yard carries. Great RBs. But yea Gore’s long speed always been better than Smith’s.

    Here is my take on it. The definition of the word “burner”, Most people are going to define as long speed or even track speed or 40 time. For me You can “burn up” the track but a real “burner” in Fb does not have to be overly fast, perhaps Football fast but not track fast. I look for Production or the “X” plays coaches like to talk about. So in that Sense Frank Gore is a “burner” because he “Burns” the opposing defenses for long gains AKA “X” plays amoung the best in the NFL.

  46. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Miami Marlins a killing a GOLDEN opportunity to steal fans from the Dolphins.

    If you are gonna buy a closer, buy a GOOD one.

  47. Heuerman to ND

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  48. Orlando magic sex scandal. Otis smith his assistand, vanderweide and dancers, my boy inside drops the bomb today

  49. C1.

    We already have a good one in Dobard so not as crucial a loss. Just need 1 more solid TE to add to the class. Very rare to get 2 total studs at the same position. We are alright with Dobard and just have to find that other complimentary piece.

  50. Esteban

    April 26, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    And I heard Charlie casserly say he rates Mark Barron higher than he did Sean Taylor…always a reason why a guy is in TV instead of still a GM. He got Mario Williams right but yea mark barron over Sean Taylor? Crazy talk.

    One word: Blasphemy

  51. esteban, hassan, the same way yall talking about frank gore is the same way i see duke johnson, i don’t got em as a homerun hitter, but i can see him making several of explosive plays cause unlike Truth miller, i don’t see him out running the angles, but he’s got pure football speed and explosiveness, excellent change of direction and maintaining his speed, better cuts, if i had to choose, i’d take miller over duke johnson anyday of the week because he put fear in defenses, will duke johnson do the same at the college level, time will tell.

    To be clear though, pre-injury, i haven’t seen a better runningback to come thru UM than frank gore.

  52. Hurriphin

    April 26, 2012 at 12:42 PM


    Counting down the hrs until the Phins front like they’re gonna draft a franchise-changing player…..and then draft another lineman, or scrub from the Big10.
    Also, I ain’t so crazy about Tannehill, but at least its a step towards the right direction. Dude reminds me of some kinda Ryan Mallet/Matt Jones-hybrid. If we do pick him, I’ve got his back.

    Hurriphin, don’t watch the draft man, i’m concerned for you, you seem to not have gotten it yet by now, you like remind of that guy that walks around, all the signs are on the wall, and he sees the signs but still thinks his wife/girlfriend is not cheating on with the whole neighborhood because he didn’t see it with his own 2 eyes yet, so he still holding out hope! This mofo bozo regime his been at it for over the last 30 years now and it will continue you as long as they have that redneck in don shula hovering over them as some type of special consultant to the team. He stayed drating in big 10 country, he hated jimmy johnson as did a lot of coaches cause jimmy didn’t get disrespectful of differences in people.

    i use to luv when they would ask shula: “So, if Michael irvin is available, are the dolphins going to draft em?
    dumb shula: Well we’re going to draft to the needs that fit our team!
    Interviewer: Som if deion sanders is available when your turn comes up, are you going to draft em?
    dumb shula: Again, we’re going to draft to the needs that fit our team!

    GTFOH! every time they show him with that dumb proud as look on his face like he was some great coach, if i was allowed to be a coach with team for over 20 years, hell, i’d have the coachign wins record too, no big deal!

  53. Calvin Duke is a 10.6 guy same as Clinton Portis. He will get bigger and faster. He has plenty of speed actually.

  54. avatar
    PlayaCane aka Rashad says:

    Another Mock draft. This one from

    2nd round: 62. Patriots: Lamar Miller, RB, Miami.

    3rd round: 91. Ravens: Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami.
    92. 49ers: Olivier Vernon, DE/OLB, Miami.

    4th round: 96. Rams: Sean Spence, OLB, Miami
    128. Vikings: Marcus Forston, DT, Miami

    5th round: 142. Jaguars: Brandon Washington, OG, Miami

    7th round: 222. Cowboys: Chase Ford, TE, Miami

  55. BG I totally agree.

    I wasn’t expecting him here and it doesn’t bother me a bit.

    I think Dobard Is going to be a good one.

    When Olsen commits, the offensive weapons will follow.

    Golden is building a solid foundation, just praying he doesn’t dent it up.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  56. It begins!!! Cleveland trades up to make sure they get… Richardson?
    Stay tuned.

    (Thanks for the kind words JSQ)

  57. 1. Ind-Luck
    2. Was-RG3
    3. Cle-Richardson
    4. Min-Kalil
    5. TB-Claiborne
    6. StL-Blackmon
    7. Jax-Cox
    8. Mia-Tannehill
    9. Car-Brockers
    10. Buf-Kuechly
    11. KC-DeCastro
    12. Sea-Ingram
    13. Ari-Reiff
    14. Dal-Barron
    15. Phi-Gilmore
    16. NYJ-Floyd
    17. Cin-Kirkpatrick
    18. SD-Perry
    19. Chi-Jones
    20. Ten-Worthy
    21. Cin-Mercilus
    22. Cle-Wright
    23. Det-Jenkins
    24. Pit-Glenn
    25. Den-Poe
    26. Hou-Coples
    27. NE-Upshaw
    28. GB-McClellin
    29. Bal-Hightower
    30. SF-Fleener
    31. NE-Smith
    32. NYG-Martin

  58. I hear what your saying about Chandler Jones Esteban but Mayock is super high on the guy. AND his brother is Jon “Bones” Jones!!! I’m not going to say anything bad about the guy 😉

  59. DZ, yea I actually compare Chandler Jones to Calais. Just needs more time to fill out. But can be a 3-4 end that provides a pass rush.

  60. avatar
    Hurriphin says:


    If you don’t think I understand the depths of the Phins suction, then you haven’t been following along, my friend.

  61. Cowboys just stole Claiborne lol

    Sounded like chants of Cowboys Suck! Lolol

  62. Aaaand there’s the Dolphins Suck chants LOL

  63. Dolfails strike again.

    Panthers got a steal. That kid is a fuggin Animal.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  64. Finally done with work!

    What pick was Jacory?

  65. Dolphins needed help at wide receiver.. I don’t see what the big deal is LMAO.

  66. Yay we got a QB… For the 2013 season.

    Good comparison Esteban. 3-4 ends generally don’t provide much pass rush.

    Canez1 Kuechly is a stud. I was hoping someone would trade up for Tannehill so Miami could get him.

    Also liked Gilmore but Miami is good at corner.

  67. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    Coples gonna end up like that other Tarzan/Jane the jets picked….Gholston?
    Jets stupidity NEARLY on par with Phins.

  68. Lol, yup Hurriphin. I was worried they were taking DeCastro.
    Pats taking Jones Esteban? Good pick by them, as usual.

  69. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Supposedly Phins pick was 100% Ross and the coaches were against it, or a least thats what the rumor is. A meddling owner that doesn’t know $hit about football. Perfect.

    Bennie, that was funny. Not sure everybody got it, tho

  70. Tanehill was a WR …

  71. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    To even out the worldly balance….The GM don’t know $hit about football either.

    See Pat White

  72. Patriots working on some defense. Lord knows they needed it.

  73. As long as we don’t try to make Jones an OLB I’m happy with that pick. I really like Hightower.

    And Tannehill can be a player as long as they are patient. Need to get some real WRs on that roster tho.

  74. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Este normally I agree with you, but not this time. Hope I’m wrong, but first he won’t be ready for a couple of years and second look at his record and stats against good teams. I see a lot of pick-sixes in his future.

  75. Two first round Domers…

    So sad.

  76. 3xCanes, no one available was much safer while also being a good fit. It was a tough spot.

  77. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Trade down Este. Get quantity and quality instead of a project QB. If the phins play the kid this year he’ll be out of the league in 3 yrs, imo

  78. And there’s the subliminal slap in the face.

  79. Course.. I had Wilson going before Miller anyway. Solid back , just a fumble risk.

  80. Not trying to be a homer but Lamar IS better than Martin & Wilson.

  81. Based on….?

  82. Faster. Better receiver. Better return man. Better
    pass blocker (than Wilson). Doesn’t fumble.

  83. If it wasn’t for the shoulder concern I think he would’ve been taken before both of them. I said he’s a BETTER running back not the most safest of the other two.

  84. Doug Martin may not be faster but I’d liken him to a ball of knives. He’s a very much complete back.

    Wilson is a very explosive athlete. He’s not much slower than Miller and he doesn’t dance around nearly as much when there isn’t a gaping hole in front of him.

  85. PhillyCane – ya, the movie is officially “The Raid: Redemption”

    Check to see if it is in your local theaters, it’s not in all the theaters here in Tampa, it’s in the big boy ones though like AMC and Muvico in the nice parts of town, ha

    I think if you go to “Movies” on Yahoo’s homepage, there’s a place where you can type in your zip code and it will bring up all the movies in your area and can also type in the name of the movie and it will show you where it’s being played in your area by your zip code or a certain amount of miles outside of it

    Really worth seeing b/c of the action. It doesn’t really have any special effects or green screen stuff – I’d bet it’s around 1/300th of the budget of a Michael Bay film like Transformers. It’s just badass dudes doing some crazy martial arts/shooting the hell out of each other/stabbing the hell out each/using anything they can get their paws on to kill each other all throughout the movie

    It does have subtitles throughout the entire movie, but honestly, there’s not even a lot of dialogue .. just a f*ck ton of fists/feet/firing/fury

    The martial arts used in the movie are Pencak Silat, Indonesian fighting style

    I dunno if you like samurai type flicks, but one of the best I’ve seen is “13 Assassins” – I bought it on BluRay couple days ago

  86. Canez1 – ya, I want to see Collateral

    Make sure you turn up the volume high when you watch Act of Valor … there’s a part that involves trucks, bad guys chasing the SEALs into water and boats – that’s all I’m going to say

    Each time I saw it in the theater, I knew it was coming, but it still got me all jacked up

    Marky Mark was badass in Four Brothers .. cracked me up in The Other Guys too

  87. Quick note as well that made me laugh

    My guy who is the drive time sports talk radio guy in Charlotte had Greg Olsen on his show a couple days ago

    While he was talking to Greg, Greg said he was driving around in his car .. my guy asks Greg about his little brother …

    Greg says “he’s right here next to me in the car, I’ll put him on” .. my guy then asks Greg’s little brother about his upcoming season, the offers he’s gotten, etc.

    He then asks Kevin “what are your Top 3 schools” … Kevin answers “Miami.” .. that’s it, that’s all he said, that was his answer

    I know that Canez1, bg1906 have said that Olsen is basically a lock and should be getting fitted for his helmet size and what jersey # he wants already, but that cracked me up to hear that

  88. Miller is a better RB than Martin and Wilson. His ability isn’t what hurt his stock. Durability issues are the knock. Have to figure the medical at the combine didn’t go well.

  89. Going to be alot of good players getting picked up in the 2nd round! Hurriphin i know you man, and how much you know about the Dolphins, i’m just going off of what you said a while back about u being a gluton for punishment with the dolphins.

    I wanted us to pick kulchey to, would’ve been the better move, we don’t have wide-outs anyway and even when we do pick em, tannehill is not the one who’ll be getting the iball to them no time soon. The tannehill, mike sherman combination doesn’t excite me, from the outset, those 2 look like they’re in way over their heads. With all the female owners this team got, won’t be long kelly (had to look her up)ripa shows up, since we already got philbin here, might as well have a reunion.

    tannerhill is a more athletic chad henne, they should’ve just waited and picked j70 later on.

  90. knicks-heat!

    “It will be the fourth playoff matchup between the teams in the Heat’s 24 seasons, but first since 2000.”,0,1017655.story

    . . . damn, time has gone by really fast . .. 2000 was the last playoff game??!!

  91. JSQ
    April 26, 2012 at 9:08 PM
    Finally done with work!

    What pick was Jacory?

    lol of the day!

  92. Sorry Six, that meant to read contraband and not collateral.

    Not sure what happened there.

    The new Underworld just came out on dvd so I have to check my girl Kate out asap.

    Love those movies…

    Thanks for that Olsen comment. I love it.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  93. Just don’t see Miller being better than two guys who don’t mind plowing and trying to make their own holes instead of tip toeing and dancing at the LOS only to lose yards or minimal gain after he just went for a huge gain. Way too inconsistent. Runs like he’s afraid of breaking.

  94. Bennie I totally agree.

    That homerun or bust type back does not translate in the NFL.

    Those other two are studs top to bottom.

    Add to that the questionable durability and you have a no brainer.

    It is what it is.

    DZ I would have loved that move.

    Wasting a 1st round pick on a project tells you all you need to know about this organization.

    Morons from top to bottom.

    They are dead to me until further notice.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  95. Yet another dented kid that disappeared a lot more often then he showed.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  96. I’m looking more forward to seeing ryan williams(10 college starts) play than i am this qb the dolphins just drafted with the 19 college starts.

    I’m looking forward to seeing who’s smart enough to pick up t.y. hilton, travis spence!

  97. If the dolphins were smart, they’d hire shannon to coach the linebackers again, he knows that position. His resume for coaching linebackers speaks for itself, from norton to zach thomas!

  98. If the dolphins draft j70, he’d win the qb competition over all three of those qb’s on the roster now!

  99. lamar miller will, if he goes to green bay will have a bigger impact than all the runningbacks taken before him! trent is going to do decent but going to cleveland with nipple on staff, him and weeden will get along great as long as he’s not calling the plays!

  100. I hate Hate HATE attorney networking events!

    You are surrounded by old dudes who still think it is appropriate to stare at your chest like it’s steak or something and then you have the mean women who look at you like an insect.

  101. Expect 2014 QB Chase Litton (Tampa, Fl) to commit relatively quickly if offered soon (and he should be). Don’t think it will have any bearing on VHIII though who is Litton’s teammate.

  102. Patience Fish fans. Its a long term pick. No matter who they picked they weren’t going to win anything this year. Might as well get the QB of the future and let him learn while they stock other spots too. By the time he takes over it should be a better situation to step into and he’ll be ready to handle it.

  103. I would rather have us at least be a strong defensive team, they should’ve just drafted luke kue, down the road, as long as the Mayan claendar is misunderstood, i got luke having a better career than tan-hill.

    Any nfl team that’s talking about “it’s going to be a real good qb competition” this ain’t mofo college, highschool or optimist, a qb competition in the nfl, and this was before they drafted tan-hill, so now it’s be a 3 way battle. He’ll get introduced real quick to the team, brandon marshall asked to be rolled out smartly, i wouldn’t waste my time playing with tan-hill. They could’ve gotten kue, and drafted j70 whenever who had a way better college career than tan-hill did.

    If i’m a gm, any player on that board who i think is hall of fame material i’m drafting em, i’ll get to the needs of the team in the 2nd round!

  104. The giants picked the wrong runningback, lol although he’s a good one, he’s not better than Truth miller!

  105. If the Fish can get Fleener in 2nd that would be big for em. Dude is going to top notch. But he’s going to be no worse than the 2nd pick tonight I think.

  106. Calvin, I’d probably have gone Luke over Tannehill but I think Tannehill can work out better than any other QB has since Marino. He has something most of the other guys just lacked – actual top notch physical tools.

  107. lamar miller ran thru v-tech’s defense and what bud foster brings, where as wilson ran against our defense and we all saw what coach do noff brought. It’s like this guy thinks he’s coaching against big 10 offenses where they normally run the ball right on cue and see if you can just stop it. The acc is the most pro-style league in college football, you gotta be a smart d-co to coach in this league and not just sit their looking for one thing. Coach do noff gets credit for coaching decent against 2 teams last year and one of them conssitently runs the ball like he’s use to in the big 10 in g-tech and the other, i’ll give me credit for that fsu game to.

  108. A few points to make today

    1. Did Duke make a mistake not coming in early? Of course it is easy to critisize and maybe he jsut wanted to enjoy HS etc etc. But from a pure FB standpoint Duke is the kind of guy that would RS behind a talented stable in our best years, that being said this is not our best years so he will be counted on to play. However With is slight injury from track I feel getting a head start in Spring with UTough would have really helped him get bigger and faster and stronger and also work on his pass blocking and knowledge of the offense.

    2. I hear about how good Brandon Harris was and I think he was solid, he was a lil small 5’9.5 and small but he checked most WR’s pretty good. To me he is a good #2 CB not a true shut down guy as he can not match up with elite WR’s. TH is bigger 5’11 and more physical and I think TH could have started for us LAST year while in HS.

    3. Who will make the next jump in UTough? Mike James is already about to compete for the strongest man competition, we need our lineman to get their Squat #’s up. We need LB’s who can bench more then 12 reps. We need these Freshman to put on some size this summer to get ready for fall. I would say MCcord needs UTough more then anyone, he is super talented but you can’t play DE against the run at 225. He needs to be at least 240 this year.

  109. Hassan, I don’t want McCord out there too much this year. Let him put on good weight over the course of a RS year.

    Hopefully the impossible happens and Shayon Green can stay healthy and hold down a spot in the DE rotation so we can RS an extra DE.

  110. Esteban

    April 27, 2012 at 11:27 AM

    Calvin, I’d probably have gone Luke over Tannehill but I think Tannehill can work out better than any other QB has since Marino. He has something most of the other guys just lacked – actual top notch physical tools.

    Let’s hope he has a top notch mind and competitive spirit to go along with his athleticism, i didn’t see that fire i needed to see eyes in college.

  111. Three hilarity inducing gems from the king of chronic.
    April 27, 2012 at 10:28 AM
    If the dolphins were smart, they’d hire shannon to coach the linebackers again, he knows that position. His resume for coaching linebackers speaks for itself, from norton to zach thomas!

    April 27, 2012 at 10:29 AM
    If the dolphins draft j70, he’d win the qb competition over all three of those qb’s on the roster now!

    April 27, 2012 at 10:31 AM
    lamar miller will, if he goes to green bay will have a bigger impact than all the runningbacks taken before him! trent is going to do decent but going to cleveland with nipple on staff, him and weeden will get along great as long as he’s not calling the plays!

    Str8 mental…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  112. I’m against kids coming in early myself, i think everybody should enjoy their whole time in highschool unless you just ready and sick & tired of being there. I can see duke helping us out with bringing explosive plays to the field, but you saying he’s a 10.6 guy, i must be sleeping on his speed. If he’s taking em to the house like he did in highschool, i’d be surprised but he’ll be a factor out their that you have to pay attention too. I know you don’t jsut get over 3oo yards in a game being chop liver.

    We defintiely need some more game changers on offense, would be good though if we could redshirt the duke. We’ll see what happens with tracy howard, if he comes in and takes a starting spot, i’d be impressed. From a physical standpoint, mcgee is where most would like to be, from a playing tough standpoint, thomas finnie is right their, so if tracy brings what both of those guys bring by himself, somebody’s spot is outta their.

    Our o-linemen and d-linemen defintiely need to get their lower body strength up, that’s where it all starts and comes from the base. You can always get your bench rep numbers up easy but we need to start moving the crowd. I don’t want to see what i saw where our o-linemen were dirt tired blocking some d-line in one game on 1 drive.

  113. Esteban says:
    April 27, 2012 at 11:55 AM
    Hassan, I don’t want McCord out there too much this year. Let him put on good weight over the course of a RS year.

    Hopefully the impossible happens and Shayon Green can stay healthy and hold down a spot in the DE rotation so we can RS an extra DE.

    Yeah the guy from PN looks to be physically ready. Jelani might be able to help us there. McCord is a classic guy that should RS just like Duke if we could. Both need strength and weight. I would want Duke to gain it slow, each year. he played at 180 last year and is 189 now I would say If he checks in at 195 this year and by Next spring would be 200 he would be good to go and Grads at 215. McCord if he can check in at 230 and be 240ish by next spring and Grad at 255.

  114. Just ran into Steve Walsh at City Place and chatted for a few about the draft and his adorable baby boy.

    My young croc coworker was like “wow that guy is really nice, how do you know him?”

    I told him to go google Steve Walsh and football.

    Haha step one of croc exorcism complete.

  115. Canez1 – first off, the f*ck are you doing up so early .. 6 something am?

    I guess b/c I don’t have to be to work until 3-3:30pm, then that seems early as hell

    Second, I went to the Redbox last night outside of Walgreens and they had a sticker on the front for Contraband .. I was thinking, did I call it that or did I call it Collateral? Isn’t Collateral the movie with Tom Cruise or something?

    Tyriq McCord isn’t exactly small. I’d be very surprised if he comes in under 225. You could always tell which one he was out on the field b/c he was the big kid wrecking sh*t and had all the scouts from the colleges on the sidelines asking who that was

  116. LOL I ususally wake up for some reason at that time and bug out for a little while, then try to go back to sleep.

    Ya I have no idea where collateral came from but I think that was a good movie too LOL!!

    Definitely watching Contraband tho this weekend.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  117. I’d like to know exactly how Momma Litton handled Chase after his stupid ass incident with “liking to steal stuff out of people’s open garages”

    Momma Litton means business. It’s her that you see/hear at the 7-on-7s that Wharton plays in and also at their games. She used to be a Canes cheerleader, and you can definitely tell she runs that family – esp. with all those boys that are in it

    Chase is going to have a tougher year than last year, Wharton lost a lot of their WRs/TEs – basically, VHargreaves was their best WR when coaches put him out there

    You put Chase on a team like Plant .. pfft .. they’re most likely getting fitted for another State Champ ring this year

    Chase has been a Canes fan forever

  118. JSQ – I just went ahead and payed the no contest for the ticket at the clerk of the circuit court’s office

    I couldn’t make the court date anyway and the guy I talked to at the clerk’s office said he used to work at the courthouse with some particular judge, said that it was a hell of a lot cheaper for me to just pay the ticket right then, then go to court and pay court costs on top of what the judge felt like giving me for the charge

    That’s $240 I’m not getting back

  119. avatar
    Hurriphin says:

    I gotchu Cal,

    When it comes to the Phins, I’m like one of those teenagers that runs in the bathroom after an argument, and cuts themselves with a razor….flinching and gettin off at the same time. (On the real….How creepy is that?)

    I’ve got Tannehill’s back tho’. He didnt ask to be drafted by this aqua & orange short-bus. My support will be represented in my ava’.

  120. New blog up

  121. Tannehill’s GF can get it.

    That is all.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  122. Still a new blog up