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UM Sports HOF Celebrity Dolphin Tournament


~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

A few years back when I first moved to South Florida, one of the things I was excited about was the fact that I would get to improve upon my golf game.  That lasted about 3 months when on a rainy day my fairway plans got washed out.  Luckily, a neighbor was headed out of my development and stopped by to say hello.  I explained my dilemma to him and he invited me to head offshore with him to do some fishing.  I thought about it for a second and figured it was that or hang around my apartment all day.  I choose to head out for my first day of deep sea fishing.  That day changed my life.  I’ve really only played golf about 10 times in the past 15 years.  Given the choice, I’ll take a rod and reel over a set of clubs 7 days a week.  If you share this same passion as I do, then you will equally be excited about the upcoming University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame 2012 Celebrity Dolphin Tournament  June 29 -30.  Yes, that’s the Hall of Fame with 5 national championships, not two or three.

The goal of the tournament, other than to raise money for the UM Hall of Fame renovations, is to benefit 2 local charities:  The Shake-A-Leg of Coconut Grove and The Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Keys. All participants will have the chance to fish along side of a few legendary Canes including, but not limited to, Warren Sapp, Bubba Franks and Brett Romberg.  Now Brett is originally from Canada, so I suspect he honed his fishing skills fighting salmon when he was younger but now has used these skills in South Florida to catch bigger game.

This year, the 2nd year of the tournament, will begin at UM Hall of Famer Gary Dunn’s place called “The Ocean View Pub & Inn” in Islamorada on Friday night June 29th where the Captains’ Meeting will kick off the tournament.  Gary himself will be hosting the event.  The next day, after the lines are pulled from the water, angler will take their catch over to the Post Card Inn at Holiday Isle.  There, the fish will be weighed and hopefully, fillet and consumed!  I had the opportunity to stop by the Post Card Inn a few weeks ago while down in the keys and was fortunate to get a glimpse of just how breathtaking this place was.  It will be the perfect place for the awards banquet and after tournament party.  Heck, even if you can’t make it down for the tournament I would recommend this place for a weekend stay.

If you are interested in entering the tournament, please see the link below.  It is very reasonably priced at $450 per boat which would include 4 anglers.  That is only $150 per person  (let’s face it, you’re probably doing the math but the guy whose boat your using gets picked up by the other 3).  And if you decide you want to add an additional angler, it’s only an additional $100.  If you can’t make it out on a boat (like myself unless someone needs an extra) there will still be plenty of activities, including auctions for all sorts of Canes merchandise, trips and probably a few surprises.

Tight Lines!

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    east st Louis cane says:

    Go canes

  2. Nice first, Lou!

    Sorry the site is so messed up right now – trying to fix!

    Jello shots will make it prettier!

    Orange or green?

  3. Work just isn’t the same without

  4. Josh is working on it, CK.

    I got it to the point where there was a home page, but that’s it.

    I guess we got hacked.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, guys!

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    east st Louis cane says:


  6. Green it is, Lou – here you go!

    Btw, if for some reason any of you need approval before posting, don’t take offense. I just went through and deleted a bunch of “users” who I didn’t recognize or who didn’t look real and either (1) you were next to the spammers; or (2) you need a moniker or e-mail address that doesn’t involve male enhancement, asian girls, or reducing man boobs.

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    HearAcane says:


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    HearAcane says:

    That went well. What’s with 800 layed off at school of Med?

  9. I heard that was coming, HearACane. Don’t know much about it. Sad. All those families. :-(

  10. Pet food recall, for all our four-footed friends:

    Here is the info for those of you that also feed their dogs this food, it’s recalled due to salmonella outbreak ( Missy)​diamond-expands-voluntary-recal​l/

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Med school layoffs probably due to over investment in unneeded infrastructure and medical operations. When they bought Cedars it was criticized as overreaching and now they’re paying the piper. This is one DS and her advisors got wrong, to the tune of multimillions of dollars.

  12. Hopefully the site issues will be resolved by tonight. Josh created the [new] formatting so he can fix it. And I promise to make lots of virtual jello shots and cupcakes and whatever else you guys want to make it up to you.

    I’m picturing all your bosses/co-workers being like “[insert name of ridiculously good looking EOTH blogger here] sure has been productive this week!” 😉

    This too shall pass . . .

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    Delray says:

    So if we have any of this dog food we should just give it to our cats.

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    Nashvillecane says:


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    Hassan says:

    Damn virus your site was giving

  16. Josh is working on things right now, guys.

    Thanks for your patience.

  17. Delray
    So if we have any of this dog food we should just give it to our cats.


  18. last link brings you to some discussion of miami from riley skinner

    semi-interesting just to get outside opinion; nothing really new

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    Canes Outsider says:

    Wait, this means that my Clint Eastwood versus Jason bit was deleted?


    That was some of my best ad-lib work!

    Gene Shalit and JSQ called it “Creepy”.

    Oh well, one musn’t (I haven’t typed THAT word in a while) cry over spilt blog comments…

  20. JSQ

    I’m picturing all your bosses/co-workers being like “[insert name of ridiculously good looking EOTH blogger here] sure has been productive this week!”


  21. Lol, CK, I think it is the truth for a lot of us!

  22. Sorry, CO, it all started with that blog so I’m not sure what it was, but our spam filter was attacked and the script of the theme was rewritten somewhow.

    Josh fixed it last night but the new theme had a croc blue color that couldn’t be changed to green.

    And so he is using another theme.

    We will be back to normal soon.

    And I really appreciate you guys still being around despite the “under construction” look of the place right now! 😀

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    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Underhanded lizard attack. They won’t play us, but they sneak around like little weasels. I guess they’re all butthurt from Meyer being at OSU stealing their recruits, us taking Howard, and having a lunatic hillbilly as coach.

  24. Cubed, they are the easiest to blame, but there is another suspect who you wouldn’t think would be smart enough to hack into a site. Just something I saw the other night when I was trying to fix things that leads me to believe that.

    But the official headline will be “Eye of the Hurricane Hacked by Disgruntled Former Floriduh Computer Science Major.”

  25. You, know I was thinking this morning while doing my hair (this is often when great thoughts strike me), that the one computer science class I took my second semester at UM was probably the most practical (not interesting, not thought-provoking, I said PRACTICAL) course I took in undergrad for what I do now.

    Between the site, to being the only person in the complex litigation department here that knows how to do intricate large-scale Excel spreadsheets for damages models, to knowing shortcuts on Word so that I can format things quickly, I’m VERY glad I took that class.

    And to think, I only took it because my sorority advisor was the teacher.

    Anyway, croc grads are about to get even more dumb and useless.

  26. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I might have a general idea who the other person(s) you’re talking about is. I would think that’s really sad, if true. Are we thinking along the same lines?

    Same here about the computer classes. The last one I took was in grad school. I didn’t appreciate it at the time (it was a requirement), but it gave me a leg up on the outside.

  27. Not sure, Cubed, but frankly, anyone who goes around hacking sites is pretty sorry if you ask me. It could be some random person overseas for all I know. Just saw something that made me wonder.

    The only computer classes in law school were these 30 minute sessions on how to use Lexis and Westlaw the second semester of first year. UM makes you do your research the old-fashioned way the first semester.

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    Canes Outsider says:

    Orlando Named ‘Porn Capital’ Of United States
    May 8, 2012 2:43 PM

    ORLANDO (CBS Tampa) – Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, a place universally heralded as the magical land “where dreams come true” for children of all ages.

    It is also the nation’s most commercially successful city for pornography


    CORAL GABLES, Fla. – On May 10 join Miami Athletics at Panama Jack in Orlando at 6:30 p.m. for a Hurricane Club Spring Tour event featuring Hurricanes Head Football Coach Al Golden, Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst, Wide Receivers Coach George McDonald, Running Backs Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Terry Richardson and Senior Football Operations Coordinator Hurlie Brown. The Hurricane Club will also be on hand to renew memberships and sign up new members.

    The night, featuring a raffle and auction, will be emceed by Joe Zagacki, the Voice of the Canes, and will offer Hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. Tickets are $20 for Hurricane Club members, $30 for non-Hurricane Club members and $40 at the door.

    Thursday, May 10 – Hurricane Club Spring Tour, Orlando, Fla.
    • Location: Panama Jack, 724 Franklin Lane, Orlando, Fla. 32801
    • Time: 6:30 p.m.
    • Cost: $20 Hurricane Club members, $30 non-Hurricane Club members, $40 at the door
    • Hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, raffle, auction, program emceed by Joe Zagacki
    • RSVP to the Hurricane Club by Friday, May 4 by calling (305) 284-6699
    • Featuring Head Coach Al Golden, Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst, Wide Receivers Coach George McDonald, Running Backs Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Terry Richardson and Senior Football Operations Coordinator Hurlie Brown


    Coincidence? :)

  29. Hmmm, I don’t think so . . .

    Unless they’ve seen that same interview of Terry Richardson that I did from last year.

    [shifts uncomfortably in chair]

    Still wondering what was going on down there. Had to be an optical illusion. No one could be a running back with that thing.

    And now every time I see him in person I have to physically stop myself from staring to see if I see the same thing.

    Seriously.When he was dancing around a few feet from me at Canesfest in August, I nearly walked into a wall because I was looking everywhere but straight ahead.

    It’s a hazard.

  30. Booked my room for the fishing tournament! $189 ocean front king. Not bad! :-)

  31. Ooooh nice, personal beach front balcony.

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    shwarma5 says:

    Well if there was a time to have a problem this is it, as it is a slow period

  33. Shwarma, Delray said the same thing to me yesterday when I was about to cry in frustration!

    I haven’t felt so helpless since Sebastian had “tummy twoubles” the day of the 2009 conference championship games (although what he did all over the foyer floor was symbolic of what the crocs would do against Bama – #@$& and lie down). Hate seeing my baby sick.

    At least the site is functional right now. Just not so pretty.

  34. knock, knock . . . anyone home?

  35. if “no news is good news”, today should be a great day

    not to mention: heat advanced; marlins finish best road trip in their history

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    pb(EOTHROH12) says:

    Congrats on the new format. Looks amazing.

  37. Thanks, pb. :-)

  38. pb(EOTHROH12)
    Congrats on the new format. Looks amazing.


    i thought this is just a temporary variation

    but i'm on board; i agree with pb

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    splarfy says:

    Looks great on my Commodore 64

  40. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Everything looks great on a Commodore 64.

    But I still rate the Amiga better. Color graphics? Unbelievable.

  41. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I have to disagree. This site rocks on an Altair 8800.

  42. Are these computers you guys are talking about?

    I think we still need to work on thematic colors, but I like the pictures up top.

    Work in progress, but it is good to be back.

    Yep, that’s right, women are never satisfied. 😉

  43. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Old computers before our time that none of us have ever used. Or at least me, anyway.

  44. Colors are coming tonight.

    So it will be extra pretty just in time for the next installment of The Streak! 😀

  45. Gotcha.

    Well it looks pretty nice on an HP laptop and LG monitors too. :-)

    . . . and even better after tonight, says the girl who thinks everything looks better in orange and green!!!

  46. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    JSQ says:
    Yep, that’s right, women are never satisfied.


    Not according to the infomercial from adam and eve I was stuck watching at 2am last night.

    According to them they have lots of things with bunny rabbits and butterflys on them that are guaranteed to satisfy women.

    These two women with a straight face talking about vibrators like they were discussing a pot and pan set was unintentionally hilarious. “And look, it changes directions!” LOL!

    I swear to god, they had one that they suggested you bring along for a first date, to spice things up. “Let your date adjust the controls”. SNORT!

    Yeah, my mind is trapped at age 12….

  47. Wow.

    Was that a real infomercial or one of those specials on HBO after dark about sex toys?

    And that is AT LEAST a 3rd date activity. lol 😉

    [the wink means I’m kidding everyone . . . maybe 4th date]

  48. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Real infomercial on the BUZZ channel. Truly hilarious when one was intorduced as a certified sexologist.

    My son had to stay up to study, so I stayed awake by watching Family Guy and jumping to this thing during commercials.

    It is even on youtube. WARNING: Definitely NSFW.

  49. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    JSQ says:

    Was that a real infomercial or one of those specials on HBO after dark about sex toys?

    And that is AT LEAST a 3rd date activity. lol

    [the wink means I’m kidding everyone . . . maybe 4th date]


    Do tailgates count on the date counter?

    Let’s see… on the fourth date with my wife, we sat alone without a chaperone in the Metrozoo elevated tram.

    I guess it makes a difference when you are talking about dates at age 15….

  50. Nice new look but he animation on the homepage is much too fast!

  51. Tailgates are not dates.

    Dates are where I get bought steak and wine.

    Tailgates are where I wait on everyone hand and foot after slaving for several days.

    So, from my understanding of the institution, tailgates are like marriage.

    Again, CO, the 3rd/4th date thing was a JOKE.

  52. I will pass on the comment, bg, thanks for the feedback!

  53. BG, it is being changed from every 3 seconds to every 5. :-)

  54. ^ Which is good, because I know Canez1 would like to stare at Jacory for more than 3 seconds. 😉

  55. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    JSQ says:

    Again, CO, the 3rd/4th date thing was a JOKE.


    I know, I was just following up on the humor of it.

    Marriage is being waited on hand and foot? Not the one I am in. Like I said, up till 2am to keep my son company is not what I had in mind when marriage came along in discussion.

  56. Is the animation on the home page freezing for everyone else or is that just my internet?

  57. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Not sure if this got posted already and got erased.

    Sanctions, (you hear that, NCAA?)
    QB, (you hear that, Morris?)
    Oline, (you hear that, Kehoe?)
    Brutal Schedule, (you hear that, Eichorst?)
    Expectations (you hear that, fans?)

  58. Eichorst didn’t make the 2012 schedule, Hocutt did.

    As for expectations, that’s why tailgates are there. Numb yourself.

    For offense, I think there needs to be more to the playbook than “hand off to [insert RB’s name here]” before we get on Morris.

    Sanctions, seriously? That is so last year. People write stupid ish just to get hits.

  59. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    JSQ mine isn’t frozen at all and in fact its operating like its on speed

  60. Ok it is probably my network so that’s good.

    Things work better at home than in the downtown office. Everytime I open up a pdf file I have to sit here for 5 minutes and wait for it to work.

    Obviously I’m a little paranoid abotu the site working properly now! lol

  61. JSQ
    Is the animation on the home page freezing for everyone else or is that just my internet?

    cartoons somewhere?

  62. Autumn, after reading that, it seemed like the most logical explanation.

  63. 1st time in a couple of days I have been able to read without my anti-virus sounding an alarm…appreciate all the hard work you do JSQ!

  64. JSQ.

    5 Seconds is still to fast. I’d more like 8-10 seconds per transition. Of course that is in my professional opinion as a developer.

  65. I assume its a JQuery animation so changing the transition time between frames should be very easy.

  66. I passed along your suggestion, bg, thanks!

  67. HD69, I didn’t do the site programming, I simply nagged and nagged and nagged and nagged some more until it got fixed.

    And tonight we should have colors.

    Josh probably has my ringtone/text set to some ominous music lol, poor guy.

    Probably feels somewhat like Canez1 did prior to the Maryland tailgate.

  68. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Just a suggestion: the background or watermark, is too bold, needs to have intensity turned down about 50%. Hard to read the writing. At least on my device that’s how it looks.

  69. Jquery… Good nickname BG!!!

    That one must have slipped by me some how.


    Nag nag nag???

    Never heard that before…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  70. C1 = Wild Boy!

    Aaron Wilson ‏ @RavensInsider

    Ravens are finalizing a four-year, $2.194 million contract with a $94,500 signing bonus for sixth-round WR Tommy Streeter

  71. By the way only the 94.5 is guaranteed!

  72. Totally saw the JQueary comment coming.

    Canez1, don’t worry, I have other tailgate assistants this year.

  73. BG Lmao!!

    How u feeling my man?

    Jsq…prayers answered 😉

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  74. Strange, Cubed. I don’t see a watermark on my computer or phone.

  75. If you guys could text me or e-mail me issues you see tonight that would be great.

    I will be working late now because local counsel in South Carolina is





  76. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    bg – Bout pays for that Porsche that schmuck bought. Be he’s rollin on 20’s or something so that’s all that matters. Would love to read he bought some iced out chain next…

  77. I will remember that in Boston and Chicago, Canez1 . . . 😉


  78. Still getting blocked at work but am home now. Still haven’t gotten any invites for the fishing tournamnet? Oh well, may have to drink that day.

  79. Also, I’m feeling bad vibes about the ND game. Hope I didn’t make that $250 donation for nothing.

  80. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Maybe it’s just my device. Lemme check on a Windows machine.

    By watermark I meant the background []_[], Ibis, NFL[]_[] , and CaneInsider logo

    Maybe it’s just showing too bold on IOS devices

    bg is the systems developer maybe he can tell me the difference

  81. C1.

    I’m good man. I had a a bought with infection in my leg but it was 100% unrelated to the surgery. I’ve lost a total of 103 lbs so I’m kicking ass!


    Upshaw got 2.2+ signing bonus. Very big difference between 1st and 6th rounds!

  82. Delray, we are not fishing, we are just going.

    Unless he can talk his godfather into borrowing the boat in Tavernier, but honestly, I wouldn’t trust the two of us with a boat and fishing equipment.

  83. THanks, Cubed. Let me know.

  84. That’s awesome, bg!!!! WAY TO GO!!! 😀

  85. My work just blocked this website !!!!

    Can’t believe it !!!

  86. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Thats great bg,

  87. I just meant any team that might be looking for an extra angler. just trying to shop my talents!

  88. Ronny, I think Delray went to his IT department and threatened to quit if they didn’t unblock the site lol.

    I think the virus was on too recently or something, it will probably eventually become unblocked.

  89. I just walked into the IT room and yelled “NO BLOCKIE!”

  90. BG proud of u my man.

    Who needs a computer? Just buy a better phone.

    Samsung Galaxy SII does a great job

    Learn how to work…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  91. C1.

    Thanks homie! AND my wife has that same exact phone in white!

  92. JSQ and Shwarma.


  93. avatar
    Uchamps says:

    Following a night of partying, Hill and his friend were riding in the back seat of a PT Cruiser when the argument began, police said. The victim — a 32-year-old male whose name is redacted from police documents — told authorities that “he and Mr. Hill got into a verbal altercation” about who is more capable with the ladies.

    Terrible…. a pt cruiser though??

    In the back too?

    Who the fugg gets chauffeured in a pt cruiser?

    Two grown men fighting in the back of a pt cruiser over who beats mo cheeks?????

    Cal, you got some splainin to do brah!!

  94. 100

    green & orange – it’s friday

  95. Lol, here you go, Autumn!


    Wooo hooo!!!

  96. “beats mo cheeks”


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  97. No Travolta…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  98. LMAO, Muffins! Put that thing away!

  99. For those of you who are feeling lazy:

    CORAL GABLES — Dual-sport recruit David Thompson from Miami Westminster Christian is going to be a Hurricane, at least according to baseball coach Jim Morris.

    Thompson has already signed a letter of intent to come to the University of Miami, but there is some concern that the baseball and football star could go high in the Major League Baseball Draft on June 4 and turn pro.

    “He’s going to school,” Morris said. “He’s going to school. He may not be drafted because of sign-ability in my opinion. He may be drafted I don’t know, but he needs to come to school. He’s a great hitter and needs to find a position in baseball, but he can really hit.”

    Morris envisions Thompson playing either third base, first base or left field at Miami. And on the football field, the 6-foot-2, 195-pounder is a quarterback. According to, Thompson is rated as a three-star football recruit.

    “It’s a tough combination being quarterback and a baseball player,” Morris said.

    Hurricanes football coach Al Golden has already said he is fine with Thompson missing spring practice in order to play baseball.

    “He’s a hitter, which we need right now of course,” Morris said. “We think he can start for us as a freshman.”

  100. Booooooooooooooooooooooo

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  101. I know, I’m no fun with all my rules:

    – Be nice to your fellow blogger

    – Keep your c@&# in your pants while blogging.

    Huff! Pout!

  102. Stupit rules…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  103. Non-sequitir: If another girl at my firm gets pregnant, I’m going to have to as well, just for a damn vacation.

    I don’t understand. You pop the kid out, you hire a nanny, you get the nanny a room in the house, you go back to work.

    Or you quit and be super mom so they can hire someone new.

    Anything in between and you are just d@cking over your co-workers.

    4 more months.

  104. Sigh.

    I guess I offended the contingent of you who are secretly new mothers who are taking leave from their job as a senior associate at a mid to large sized law firm.

    My bad.

  105. Great stuff from my friend, Reva, who some of you met at Ohio State:

  106. LMAO!!!!!!

    I just almost choked on my “unwich” from laughing so hard!


    Reminds me of what my mom said when I was complaining that Sebastian’s pup groomer closed down and now I had to take him to Petsmart instead of his little boutique place . . . something like, “Mary finally feels the effects of the recession.”

    Sebastian too.!/photo.php?fbid=945962910687&set=a.920589783637.2431791.10600596&type=3&theater

  107. For the lazy:

    Last week, Simon Borg, the now suspended host pissed off a lot of chicas when he said the following about female sports fans:

    “It’s fine if you’re a female and you want to be a super-fan. Clearly go for it, that’s your choice. But there is something to be said for how appealing that might be to the other sex. Having a woman that’s such a fan, like painting your face, tuning in to every podcast. I don’t know how many males would be into that…. It’s great that in Kansas City there are a lot of women in the stands, it’s great, but for the guy who wants maybe a serious relationship… If you are following just casually, but if you’re such a die-hard, I don’t know, it comes a point that it is a bit of a turn-off.”

    There has been a lot already written in response to his remarks (my favorites here and here) but it’s been bothering me for the past few days so figured I’d offer my two cents (worth at least half a penny) on this as well.

    I was surprised by the response I got when I posed this question on Facebook – apparently there is such a thing as “too much” or being too fanatical over a team. My friend Rob made a good point – that if someone is fanatical about anything, sports or otherwise, that becomes all consuming, then yes, that’s a turn off.

    Yes, I love sports. I have many a time embarrassed myself and my friends by screaming about some horrible injustice or another levied on my team. But there’s more to me than bitching and moaning about botched pass interference calls. I love to travel and write and read. Two years ago I went on a cruise and missed the Villanova/Syracuse game when they were both in the top ten (probably for the best – ‘Cuse shot us out of the building). My point? I’m capable of doing other things and missing big games. When it’s February in Chicago and you have a chance to spend a week being served tropical drinks by hot waiters on a cruise ship, the Big East standings seem to matter just a bit less.

    Borg seems to think that “super-fans” who also happen to be women are incapable of securing a serious relationship, which is complete bullshit. I’m not here to get into another man vs. woman debate. His comments were bullshit because one (being fanatical about sports) is not tied to the other (not being able to secure a serious relationship) and while his claim might be specific to him, and that’s his prerogative, he shouldn’t make the rest of us feel like shit for being passionate about sports.

    Brooks Peck, of Yahoo! Sports said it best: “There’s enough human beings on this planet with all different preferences to make that kind of dumb generalization from a guy on an official podcast to which you probably don’t listen completely irrelevant and meaningless to your dating life.”

    So ladies, carry on with your fandom, whether it be attending games as a casual fan or keeping your own box score while you silmultaneously live tweet your own commentary. If a guy doesn’t want to be with you because of that, what exactly are you missing?

  108. I could actually relate to the caviar in teeth (happened to me at a First Holy Communion party a few weeks ago) and the gardner being shipped off to Ecuador thing.

    Much like my incessant whining that my housekeepers don’t do a good enough job.

    Ok back to the brief or I’ll have the opposite sort of problems! 😉

  109. Lol I complain about dumb stuff all the time and take a step back and smh at myself.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  110. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Ok, then, back to the kitchen.

    But first get me a beer.

  111. Good God, Canez1, you are right.

    I just typed this text:

    “Haha ok. Side dish will have to be something ready made from somewhere since I am at work which means I probably can’t eat it because most stuff ready made has gluten. Let me see if I can order something from Timpanos and have my secretary pick it up when she gets my cofee.”

    And the other reason I don’t have time to cook a side dish is because I have a birthday party that I am stopping by on Palm Beach before I go to my home cooked dinner west of the Island.

    I’m rolling my eyes at myself.

  112. And bless him for making me a gluten free dinner while I am here stressing about where I can order something to go with it!

  113. The judge is just doing what he needs to do so the verdict can’t be overturned.

    And here’s an idea, Miami Herald: PROOFREAD!

    One paragraph it says Corben, another Corbin.

    That is their REAL job, no excuse for typos.

  114. JSQ

    If you want to really laugh look at what the Wall Street Journal posts daily online. I find at least 3 misspellings/grammatical errors a day.

  115. Karma is going to bite me in the a$$ and I’m going to miss a typo in The Streak now lol

  116. new blog up