Mary Knows Football: Week 5

Share25 Baylor at 9 West Virginia:  West Virginia Yeah, clearly this isn’t the most exciting week for college football matchups. Anyway, this is the first meeting ever between the schools and marks West Virginia’s inaugural Big 12 game. West Virginia enters undefeated, but besides Maryland, their games thus far have been your typical Cupcake U […]

Mary Knows Football: Week 4

Share18 Michigan at 11 Notre Dame: Notre Dame You know the saying, fool me once . . . Well, I’m not picking Michigan again in a big game unless they show me something. Their game against Bama was hard to watch even after a ‘Canes win, 12 hours of drinking, and surrounded by boys who […]

Mary Knows Football: Week 3

Share20 Notre Dame at 10 Michigan State: Michigan State First off, I’d like to welcome Notre Dame to the ACC. With its academics, it makes sense, and even better, we will get to play them more often. Great move. Now on to their matchup with the Spartans. This matchup seems to go back and forth […]