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~ The following article was contributed by esteemed EOTH blogger, Delray ~

canesfest2With the long-anticipated 2013 Miami Hurricanes football season about 30 or so days away, you are probably chomping at the bit for some football. Well, this may hold you over for a little while.  On August 17th at the Bank United Center on campus the Miami Hurricanes will host their 2013 version of “Canesfest”. 

Canesfest3What is “Canesfest” you ask?  It is an interactive meeting between the football team and the fans.  Bring the kids down and get autographs of your favorite players.  There will be various photo booths and the opportunity to purchase season tickets.  Let’s face it, season tickets are the only way you are going to get into that game on September 7th if you do not have a ticket by now.  You could also get the opportunity to meet head coach Al Golden. 

Below is a listing of the scheduled events.

•             Autograph session with entire football team and head coach Al Golden

•             “Dress Like a Miami Hurricane” photo booth

•             ACC Championship Trophies photo booth

•             Men’s Basketball Select-A-Seat event

•             Homestead Speedway Race Car photo opportunity

•             Purchase single-game and season tickets

•             UM Bookstore Merchandise on sale

CanesfestThere was some confusion earlier on who would be invited to Canesfest.  At first it was a Hurricane Club members’ event only.  Now, anybody with a passion for the Miami Hurricanes can stop by and meet the 2013 team.

Take a deep breath.  Opening day kick off will be here before you know it.


  1. Allen Herns!!!

  2. Um…looks like the jello and cupcakes got omitted?

  3. Looks like Clements is good to go from Docs.

    Like it…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

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    splarfy says:

    Anyone know what’s up with these Hurricane Game Passes (Cards) they are pushing? Are they trying to minimize scalping by the selling of paper tickets? Just trying to figure out if I should get them or not.

    Nice to see Clements cleared. Hammer time.

  5. Nice first, Nash! Orange or green?

  6. Delray, I barely have time to sleep, I don’t think I’ll be going to Canesfest. So, that line would be inaccurate, and thus, was omitted. Thank you for contributing. Much appreciated.

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    Canes Outsider says:

    Lucky Seven here!

  8. Green

  9. Yo…

    If they don’t hurry up and announce these sanctions…

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    PhillyCane says:

    JSQ thanks I agree and appreciate your input

    Ill def be at canesfest

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    PhillyCane says:

    splarfy says:
    July 30, 2013 at 2:40 PM
    Anyone know what’s up with these Hurricane Game Passes (Cards) they are pushing? Are they trying to minimize scalping by the selling of paper tickets? Just trying to figure out if I should get them or not.
    Nice to see Clements cleared. Hammer time.


    Saves money and time on not having to print tickets

    Its the 21st century tickets will eventually be obsolete I think

    Apparently certain stadiums have the ability to do these type of tickets. I was told the Dolphins do it, so since the capability was there UM decided to follow suit.

  12. avatar
    Miamimarcus says:

    Driskell out 2 weeks with an appendectomy.

  13. avatar
    Splarfy says:

    Thanks Philly. I’ll stick to paper until they work out the bugs for the next 5 years.

  14. Rayshawn Jenkins may literally kill someone, on the field, this fall…

    Him and DB the DB gonna be catching bodies back there man.

  15. RJ lookin stout. Gotta keep the highsmith and Rogers on the bench as much as possible.

    We need Team Tampa to show in a big way this yr as well.

    Chic, McCord, Crawford and Moore have to shine.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  16. My boy Rayshawn put 225 up 17 times, can put up 325 and squat 390

    He’s only going to get stronger and faster. Said the kid was a straight up athlete before he got to Miami, he’s gonna prove it

    He’s also more deserving to wear #26 than the other Sanford Seminole idiot that would fall for play action more than a half-dumbf*ck dog that falls for the “throw the invisible ball” trick

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    Hurriphin says:

    Jenkins knows where the ball is too…

    That makes me smile.

    We he recovered the blocked punt vs VT, and came up pointing to it, like “Here it is folks…” I was geekin.

    Kid appears to have a little “It”

    And I’m tellin y’all, if Bush wasnt a true freshman, that back from VT would probably just now be waking up, somewheres in Haines City…or some sh!t like that.

  18. Bush got the worst part of that deal tho hurri..

    Knock’d his own damn self out!!!

  19. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I didn’t realize Bush has recently had some kind of hernia surgery and they’re hoping he’s ready for the beginning of the season

  20. avatar
    CaneFanKB says:

    Started my first day at the Birmingham office yesterday…will be accepting any and all kinds of Canes office gear/memorabilia to show off in my workspace right in front of these Bama and Auburn people.

  21. I enrolled in the game pass thing, we’ll see how it goes. Seems like a more low-maintenance way to deal with tickets.

  22. I think I signed up for it as well. Not 100% sure how it works. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

  23. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I did also, I think weeks ago. All you had to do was respond to an email.

    This is the way tickets are going all around. In a couple of years most tickets will be electronically managed. Eventually just an ID and biometrics.

  24. I smell a disaster with those cards.

    Always let the kinks get worked out on someone else’s time and dime.

    Keep those paper tix on hand and trust NO ONE!!

    Sorry Sir/Ma’am you are not showing up in our system. Can’t let you in.

    Give this # a call and get to the back of the line.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  25. Nash,

    That’s why I suggested if he wasn’t a 190lb true freshman.

    This year…when he delivers that same hit…The opposition is getting toe-tagged, and if Bush has to leave the game, its cause he was ejected.

  26. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Version 1.0 of anything always has kinks. Backup is always a good idea.

    But biometrics imo are the next wave, within a year or sooner you will have the ability to pay at point of service with just your smart phone with an integrated fingerprint scanner. That’s what Apple and Google (iOS and Android) are feverishly working on.

    I’ve been using mobile app boarding passes for a while now (with DL of course) – no paper. Very convenient when you travel a lot and rush around. Not biometrics, but all I need is my license and phone.

  27. ^^^^^^^^^^^^


    I love some good tech but always have a backup.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  28. No, I will just text the AD to come let me in.

    Or Fonzi.

    Or Jesse.

    I will not be denied.

  29. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    I like paper tickets because I keep all of mine in a scrap book as a memento.. guess thats over

  30. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    JSQ… Jesse Marks or Kasser? haha

  31. Marks, lol.

    You will probably still be at the tailgate haha

  32. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I have to say, though, I miss the look of the big glossy fancy tickets. It was always great tearing into that envelope every August. Oh well. Just win, baby.

    30 days bytchizz!!!

  33. Philly I do the same thing.

    I keep every ticket from every sporting event I have ever been to.

    I’m ghey like that…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  34. Hurri hopefully them dudes won’t put on too much weight and start to look like ReeRee and Skaterdude running in mud!!

  35. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Paper tickets here. Since we bought an extra pair, best way to scalp is the real ticket.

    Booked hotel for Tampa today

  36. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    That makes sense for extra tickets – my own ones I don’t sell though. If it got into an opponents hands I may suffer physical harm from the people I sit with at the next game.

  37. Shwarm lol no doubt.

    Where are you staying? We are at the Westin TB.

    Gonna try and finalize tix today.

    Gettin there…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  38. I hear ya Nash…

    And really it aint all about getting muscular, from year to year.
    Another year deep, and you learn to handle the physical aspect, from the mental standpoint too.

    Honestly…and Six is a pretty well versed in this type stuff I believe…Being a musclebound Hercules is WILDLY overrated in 95% of organized sports.

    I’m a big pro-boxing guy, and I’ve been in a few of these Hampton Rds gyms…
    Can’t tell you how many guys with these UFC bodies be gettin tortured in there.
    They stay gettin out-landed like 4-1.

  39. Just bought the USF tix.

    Sec 234 Row X total $315 for 2.

    Not bad at all.

    Should be a perfect view of a beat down!!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  40. Wed PM Update on New Arrivals

    Kamalu is in the house and believed to have been cleared

    Muhammad is in the house and has been cleared as well

    Derosier is not in yet but should make it by the first practice on Saturday.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  41. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Just more guys to pile drive Driskell into the turf.

  42. Looks like Bond is MIA. That’s too bad.

  43. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Staying at the Homewood Suites by the airport, which is right by brickhouse. Get a sick discount since I rep them so for two nights including breakfast and internet will only pay $180 total which I will split with my bro.

  44. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Is that the one on Westshore across from the Marriott?

  45. I need to figure out where I am staying in Trampa.

    The half of Fear the Tie with whom I would share a hotel is not going and Caneshooter and Mrs. Caneshooter will probably stay in BFE.

    I sort of hate that city because, even 7 years and 31 minutes after I finished the bar exam, the sh!t still haunts me.

    I don’t think I could stay at the Sheraton Riverwalk without going into full on PTSD mode.

    There’s gotta be some decent places by the stadium, right? Six?

  46. I give away my extra seat so I just have to make sure whatever drunkard friend I am with that day remembers to give the card back to me . . .

  47. I’d like to go to Bern’s and make a night of it. Hopefully I can escape lockup by 2 that day.

    I now have a motion for summary judgment due the day of kickoff.

    I will have that ish drafted and ready to go 2 weeks in advance.

    I WILL be the FIRST person at the stadium again this season, I don’t care if I have to work 90 hours the week before.

    B!ches have pride…

  48. Nash,

    Its cool…I’m sure he has black friends.

    Which is what makes it OK.

    “Some of my best friends are…”

  49. I WILL be the FIRST person at the stadium again this season, I don’t care if I have to work 90 hours the week before.

    B!ches have pride…

    I’m still wondering how you went to work, got from Boyton Beach, to Charlottesville in like an hour and a half, chopped it up with the homies, and got back out there, before anyone was the wiser…

  50. So if I have 3 season tickets do I get 3 cards? Or is all 3 seats on 1 card?

  51. Hurri, like a month later they were like . . .

    Were you in Charlottesville that weekend?

    I was sort of afraid the camera had panned up to the blonde cheering so loudly she was causing a fight (the one standing next to a very uncomfortable looking tall Italian dude who goes by the nickname of a baked good, thinking this might be the time to go take 45 minutes to go get some more water, because he’s parched in the hot 60 degree sun). I’m sort of militant with my fight song, especially when Duke just brings the fire out of me. I was tamer than I am cheering at a home game, where I am literally beating the sideline and stomping on chairs, but still . . . you never know.

    So I came clean. They already knew about the last minute Duke trip and they were like, “That b!tch is cray”.

    They figured out I was in Durham like 2 seconds into the tailgate.

    Reminder to self: don’t tag Lamar Thomas on Facebook in our pictures together when your boss is a HUGE ‘Canes fan.

    Dumb dumb dumb dumb. Dumb dumb dumb dumb.

  52. I think it’s 3 cards, Delray. Idk.

    My friends are staying at the Sheraton Riverwalk.

    I might have to get over this bar exam PTSD.

  53. Speaking of Durham, Moneycane, you out there? I hope to see you at a game this year? Trailernasty?

    Money and I had a time in Durham, me and my little airplane bottles of Malibu leftover from Trailernasty ’11.

    Sidenote: you know you’ve been “overserved” when you are like, no, I don’t think I can drink anymore when you are (1) in Choke Campbell stadium; (2) losing to the ‘Noles; and (3) with all sorts of delicious coconut rum in your game day purse.

  54. Can you tell I just finished like 10 deadlines and got a case dismissed too?

    I should probably start working ahead in stealth mode so I have plenty of time to cook the weeks of FAU and Floriduh.

    Yeah, that’s what I do when I’m being mischievous in the off-season.

    I work ahead without telling my bosses.

    [cues “Born to Be Wild”]

  55. CCC

    Drunk minds speak sober thoughts….

  56. Nice Shwarm! Can’t beat that deal.

    I think Brickhouse is gonna be the joint Friday night. Love that place.

    Gettin after it…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  57. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    CX3 its across from a Hilton Garden Inn, not sure about a Marriott

  58. You can take the trash azz redneck out of the park but you can’t take the park out of the trash azz redneck.

    Nothing surprising here…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  59. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    “It was very difficult … extremely difficult,” Harris said of his choice. “I liked Florida since I was little, but I’m not little any more. I needed to make a grown man’s choice of what to do and what will be best to further my abilities. Florida just wasn’t going to work out for me and so Miami is the best choice.”

    Religion. Or as 1 Corinthians 13:11 says
    “When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.”

    Gators = childish things, best to be done away with.

    Politics. From Barack Obama’s inauguration:

    “the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history;”

    Gators = childish things, Canes, the team with the better history.

    Sex. hmm, I think I will skip that one. When I googled it, there were too many strange links.

    Let’s just say Gators are little boys and girls, Canes are all grown up.

  60. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Riley Cooper is so racist even his trucknutz are white!

    (okay, that might be silver, but it was funny, huh?)

  61. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    This kind of sums up the turds offseason:

    Just needs the Pounceys in that pick & it would be perfect.

    It’s nice not to be the lead (negative) story like we had to endure a couple of years ago.

    $10 Benihana steak dinners and free bowling shoe rentals vs a ganbanging serial killer, trash-redneck racist, mouth kissing twintards, led by a thumper that can’t throw.

    I’ll take our problems.

  62. That depth chart seems about right.

    Not worried about the O but hope the TE’s are used like they need to be.

    With a deadly RB coming out of the backfield and dangerous TE’s, this O should not be stopped.

    Also keep in mind that many of the kids on D saw their first real PT last yr so things should slow down and significant improvement should be seen across the board.

    We had to take a step back last yr to take two steps forward this yr.

    FINALLY we can take “special” incoming freshman(Figs) that are not going to RS and plug them in the right situations to get some PT, surrounded by veterans, instead of relying on them to be saviors from the jump, along side of 5-6 other fresh meat which is a recipe of disaster.

    This is HUGE and a critical component to building an elite program that can withstand.

    Jesus this season can’t come soon enough.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  63. Work!!


    SR Stephen Morris (6-2, 218): +4 pounds 

    JR Ryan Williams (6-6, 223): No gain
    rFR Gray Crow (6-3, 224) +2 pounds
    rFR Preston Dewey (6-2, 208) No gain

SR Eduardo Clements (5-9, 192): No gain 

    SR Maurice Hagens (5-11, 250): +12 pounds
    SO Duke Johnson (5-9, 196) +8 pounds

    SO Dallas Crawford (5-10, 196): +6 pounds
    rFR Danny Dillard (6-2, 216) -9 pounds


    TE Clive Walford has added 11 pounds since last year.
    SR Allen Hurns (6-3, 195): +5 pounds 

    JR Phillip Dorsett (5-9, 179) -8 pounds

    JR Rashawn Scott (6-2, 203) +1 pound
    SO Herb Waters (6-2, 193) +8 pounds
    SO Malcolm Lewis (6-0, 187) -5 pounds
    rFR Jontavious Carter (6-2, 205) +2 pounds
    rFR D’mauri Jones (6-4, 192) +2 pounds

SR Asante Cleveland (6-5, 260): No gain 

    JR Clive Walford (6-4, 259): +11 pounds
    rFR Jake O’Donnell (6-6, 250) +7 pounds


    SR Seantrel Henderson (6-8, 345): +5 pounds 

    SR Brandon Linder (6-6, 319): +7 pounds

    SR Jared Wheeler (6-5, 319): +7 pounds 

    JR Malcolm Bunche (6-7, 327): +4 pounds
JR Shane McDermott (6-4, 296): No gain 

    JR Jonathan Feliciano (6-5, 320): +6 pounds
    SO Ereck Flowers (6-6, 315) +1 pound

    SO Hunter Wells (6-6, 310): +10 pounds
    rFR Danny Isidora (6-4, 308) -4 pounds
    rFR Taylor Gadbois (6-8, 312) +2 pounds

SR Curtis Porter (6-1, 316): +8 pounds
SR Luther Robinson (6-3, 303): +13 pounds 

    SR Kelvin Cain (6-3, 50): +5 pounds 

    SR Shayon Green (6-3, 264): +4 pounds
    JR David Perry (6-7, 277): +12 pounds

    JR Anthony Chickillo (6-4, 275): +10 pounds 

    JR Jalen Grimble (6-2, 290): -2 pounds 

    JR Olsen Pierre (6-4, 305): +9 pounds 

    SO Corey King (6-1, 292): No gain
    SO Earl Moore (6-1, 300) No gain
    rFR Dwayne Hoilett (6-3, 245) -2 pounds


    SR James Gaines (6-3, 240): +8 pounds 

    SR Tyrone Cornileus (6-2, 225): +10 pounds 

    JR Denzel Perryman (6-0, 240) +10 pounds
JR Thurston Armbrister (6-3, 233): +11 pounds 

    SO Raphael Kirby (6-0, 235) +12 pounds
    SO Tyriq McCord (6-3, 235) -1 pound
    rFR Jawand Blue (6-0, 232) +22 pounds


SR A.J. Highsmith (6-0, 208): No gain 

    SR Kacy Rodgers (6-2, 212): No gain
    JR Ladarius Gunter (6-2, 196) No gain
    SO Deon Bush (6-1, 203) +8 pounds

    SO Tracy Howard (5-11, 184) -1 pound
    SO Rayshawn Jenkins (6-1, 215) +12 pounds
    SO Antonio Crawford (5-11, 187) -1 pound
    rFR Nate Dortch (5-11, 173) -2 pounds
    rFR Larry Hope (6-0, 183) No gain

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  64. Also, if you have a Game Pass Card you still have the option of logging onto your account page and printing up the ticket or emailing it to a friend.

  65. Good stuff, Delray.

  66. Calling all ‘Canes alumni and fans! You are invited to join the University of Miami Alumni Club of Palm Beach County for the 6th Annual Football ‘Canes Kickoff Event to celebrate the start of football season. Join us to meet Blake James, Director of Athletics, and hear his thoughts on the upcoming season for the UM football team. Space is limited… be sure to R.S.V.P. today!

    Looking for Miami Hurricanes gear for the upcoming season? AllCanes will be on location at the event with a fabulous selection of ‘Canes merchandise available for purchase.

    6th Annual Palm Beach ‘Canes Club Football Kickoff Event

    Miller’s Ale House, 1200 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, 33431

    Thursday, August 22, 2013.

    6:30pm until 8:30pm.

  67. @SBNationCFB: The full preseason Coaches Poll Top 25 is out right here:

  68. You know shit’s gone downhill in your relationship with opposing counsel when you are serving his mom with a third party subpoena and he’s threatening to sue the dad from Growing Pains

  69. Hurri: who is “man on fire”???

    I think the rest of you gave me real names on your votes.

    Good boys. A lot of you voted this year!

    [pays on head]

  70. Why Denzel Perryman, my dear…

    Nicknamed after the movie, starring the actor, of his same first name.

  71. Ohhhhhhh

    That’s like my 19th blonde moment of the day.


  72. Awesome movie.

  73. I personally think our Denzel is > tho’.

  74. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Walking Dead bew season preview

    WARNING: may give to much away for your tastes.

  75. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:


  76. I don’t follow pro football. Was wondering about this Riley Cooper situation. Never really heard the guys name mentioned that much and just looking at his stats he does not seem to be worth keeping in light of the recent public story.

    I’m sure a lot of you follow pro football and wanted to get others takes on the issue.

    Again, I would just release him as I believe the negative outweighs the positive.

  77. We just booked the Sheraton Riverwalk in Trampa. There is some ridiculous discount if you have AAA. $99/night, includes parking and breakfast and stuff.

  78. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    What a hopped up douche. Flannel shirt with the cut-off sleeves, jorts, and hopping around like a 12 year old.

  79. avatar
    shwarma5 says:

    Tiger going HAM today at Firestone. Nine under through 13 holes.

  80. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    This could be a special year.. I think we will know a lot after the gaytors game

    Our offensive line starters are seniors and red shirt juniors, with the exception of Flowers

    Senior QB, who is destined to break out and who was good enough to take home elite honors at the Manning Passing Academy

    A rising sophomore who do I not expect in anyway to hit a sophomore slump, and break 1000 yards

    You have Hurns as a senior WR leader followed by Dorsett and Scott who were are now seasoned juniors, then upcomers such as Herb Waters who showed out at the end of last year, plus any other upcomer you want to pick from the litter ie. Malcolm Lewis, Stacey Coley

    And at tight end you have Asante who is a senior, and Clive who is a redshirt junior who made hugeee strides in the last three games last year. Remember he was bball player turned TE ala lots of great tight ends.

    Then you have senior, unsung hero, Maurice Hagans who will play a similar roll to Quatrine Hill

  81. Philly,

    Anything less than 9-3 would be a THUNDEROUS fail, as far as I’m concerned.

    Looming sanctions, youth, D’Nof…whatever.

    Seven home games…Nine games without even having to board a plane?

    Its about that time.

  82. avatar
    Hollywood Cane says:

    My boy who works for the team says nine wins minimum if there are no serious injuries. He said we should be right there with Florida and FSU. Don’t expect wins but don’t rule one out. The defense will be respectable. Morris will be very good but will still have accuracy issues. All our recievers can ball and that will help a lot. His exact quote was “we don’t have a tight end”. Last years group is still inconsistent and the jury is still out on Sandland. He’s not the new Shockey. These are honest opinions from someone who’s at every practice. Essentially, they’re much better than last year but not a top team yet. Possible ACC champ if everything goes great.

  83. Worst case scenario…

    -We have our annual 30+point head-whoopin’ (Sadly its become a tradition…usually right as we’re building momentum)

    -We lose an unnecessary flat nail-biter to a team we’re better than (USF, Pitt, Wake…ect.)

    -And potentially come up on the wrong end of a shootout (see 09′ Clem or 12′ UVA)

    That pattern sound familiar..?

    Three regular season losses is about all I can allow Big Al.
    He ain’t THAT handsome.

    8-4 can still win the Coastal these days, and let’s be hypothetical and say that’s the case…It would certainly buy Goldie some wiggle room.

  84. I live 3 minutes away from the Westin

    JSQ, gotta be honest, the best part of Bern’s is the dessert room – was there one time and was told to behave or be removed. They have separate booths for people to sit in, glass encased, looks like something out of Godfather. You have a TV in the booth with a direct link to the piano player so you can push a button and make requests. I kept asking him to play Axel-F and the Miami Vice Theme all night – I’d had about 2 or 12 shots and was mowing down some amazing chocolate cake at the time. I just remember him looking up at the camera and shaking his head

    The rest of Bern’s reminds me of the Haunted House at Disney, but not as cool. A little overrated in my opinion, people go for the atmosphere and the tour of the kitchen and the insanely large wine cellar

    Gotta be honest, Scores strip club (right down the street from Raymond James, next to Mons and 2001) – has the best steak I’ve eaten in town. I’m not kidding. I’m not a big fan of having girl bits near my food, I’m picky like that, but I braved it b/c it was damn worth it

    Right down the street from Bern’s is Ciccio and Tony’s/The Lime/and Daily Eats. Jeter is always in Daily Eats, A-Rod is always in Ciccio and Tony’s – they’re all owned by the same cat. The best milkshakes you’ll ever have in your life are at Daily Eats. Point, period, blank.

    Anyone has some time to kill and get the best sandwich in Tampa, roll over to Broccato’s – NFL players make sure they go over there when visiting. Their baked potato balls are f*cking amazing and the size of small honeydew melons

    Since you’re staying downtown, try and hit up Eddie & Sam’s Pizza or Urban Cantina, right around the corner – amazing mexican food and Eddie & Sam’s is legit New York style pizza

    Brickhouse is always a good time, I remember telling shwarma5/Canez1 and others they need to hit it up a few years ago when they came over

    If anyone is looking for a place to stay near Raymond James, there’s a couple of places right down the street near International Mall

    Where shwarma5 is staying as well isn’t that far from Raymond James, there’s a few hotels cubbied up next to each other there

  85. I live 3 minutes away from the Westin

    JSQ, gotta be honest, the best part of Bern’s is the dessert room – was there one time and was told to behave or be removed. They have separate booths for people to sit in, glass encased, looks like something out of Godfather. You have a TV in the booth with a direct link to the piano player so you can push a button and make requests. I kept asking him to play Axel-F and the Miami Vice Theme all night – I’d had about 2 or 12 shots and was mowing down some amazing chocolate cake at the time. I just remember him looking up at the camera and shaking his head

    The rest of Bern’s reminds me of the Haunted House at Disney, but not as cool. A little overrated in my opinion, people go for the atmosphere and the tour of the kitchen and the insanely large wine cellar

    Gotta be honest, Scores strip club (right down the street from Raymond James, next to Mons and 2001) – has the best steak I’ve eaten in town. I’m not kidding. I’m not a big fan of having girl bits near my food, I’m picky like that, but I braved it b/c it was damn worth it

    Right down the street from Bern’s is Ciccio and Tony’s/The Lime/and Daily Eats. Jeter is always in Daily Eats, A-Rod is always in Ciccio and Tony’s – they’re all owned by the same cat. The best milkshakes you’ll ever have in your life are at Daily Eats. Point, period, blank.

    Anyone has some time to kill and get the best sandwich in Tampa, roll over to Broccato’s – NFL players make sure they go over there when visiting. Their baked potato balls are f*cking amazing and the size of small honeydew melons

    Since you’re staying downtown, try and hit up Eddie & Sam’s Pizza or Urban Cantina, right around the corner – amazing mexican food and Eddie & Sam’s is legit New York style pizza

    Brickhouse is always a good time, I remember telling shwarma5/Canez1 and others they need to hit it up a few years ago when they came over

    If anyone is looking for a place to stay near Raymond James, there’s a couple of places right down the street near International Mall

    Where shwarma5 is staying as well isn’t that far from Raymond James, there’s a few hotels cubbied up next to each other there

  86. Did that just double post?

    Freakin work computer

  87. The dessert room at Berns was like setting my debit card on fire lol.

    I didn’t have the funds to be burning at that time.

    I had to survive on publix mac n cheese and starkist for a month before I started the whole attorney gig the day after FSU ’06.

    Meaning, while I was being walked around introduced to everyone on my first day, I was speaking in a whisper because I had no voice from screaming at the Orange Bowl the night before.

  88. David Perry 6’7, 277 and can move. Can get up to 290 and still probably be pretty agile. That’s the dude the coaches need to be working with 24/7. Can’t teach that size. Golden needs to be showing him Chris Canty footage. Calais Campbell footage. That’s 3-4 DE size you kill for. Just let Kareem Brown just work him – constant.

    and can’t lie I like Grimble a lot more at DE. Can be a nice 1st/2nd down DE if he keeps improving.

    really if this run defense don’t improve meteorically then there is something wrong. Robinson, Porter, Pierre, Chick, Green, and Grimble can play the run. Bigger LBs too. No reason the run defense should suck. Pass defense still might not be great, but should be better. Don’t have the same horses in the back as up front. Our DTs can each pass rush decently to good and should be improved. Can’t be a talent excuse this year. It’s there.

  89. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    I always go for the surf & turf at Scores

  90. God I never want to hear about Alan Thicke again.

    I hate plaintiffs.

  91. I would eat every meal directly off of girl bits if that was possible.

    That’s just me tho…

    Six u gonna be around for the USF game?

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  92. If you keep saying things like that they are gonna think your nickname means something else.

  93. Man on fire…


  94. Muffins!

  95. Just looked at some of the practice vids and #6 is an impressive looking young man…


  96. The most physically transformed player I’ve laid my eyes on was Seantrel. Dude looks like he has to have under 5% body fat.

  97. Brandon Powell has committed.

  98. Lol I’m ok with that!!

    Welcome young Powell. Great flip!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  99. Powell can hit the gas too…I’ve been waiting for the next Roscoe Parrish.

  100. One thang 4 sho, after getting embarrassed in dade/broward/wpb in 2013 Goldie and crew take any1 they can get!

    5*’s or no*s

  101. Gilbert, Renfro, Settles and the great Kamalu cmon down!!

    DL might end up being a strength this yr.


    No stone unturned with this crew. Gotta love it.

    Can’t take much more waiting.

    That kid Figs is a grown azz man.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  102. avatar
    Sarasota 'cane says:

    The booths in The desert room at Bern’s are actually gigantic wine barrels that have been cut open and turned into booths. I agree with Six that the place is hokie as hell with all the red velvet wall paper and what not but the steaks and food are tops. They age there own meat, grow a lot of there own veggies, and they have one of the largest wine selections in the South East US. I can only imagine the “meetings” that went down in the dessert room when Trafficante, and the rest of the Tampa mob were still alive!

    Did anyone see the pics of AQM from practice yesterday? He’s so big he looks awkward in his own frame! Wait till he has a season of the U Tough conditioning under his belt! He’s a man child on par with the likes of Clowney up at SC.

    Should be a great season for Miami. I suspect the team will still have some lingering issues on defense but they should be able to make considerable improvement based on their health and conditioning. I for one am not going to pencil in Clemson as a shoe in for the ACC title just yet. We’ll have a good idea after the UF game what this team is capable of. I think they are going to shock a lot of us with their improvement over last year.

    Go ‘canes!

  103. AQM also looks physically ready to go.

    His athleticism at DE is what really stood out to me watching the allstar game.

    I hope he proves me wrong and gets after it immediately. We can def use the boost.

    I just can’t put much faith in a true freshman. Figs looks like he will be an exception to the rule. I expect the older kids to get most of the PT at lb and figs plugged in at the right moments. Just like it should be. He just might have the game to start from the jump and never look back. He has that kind of talent.

    Good thing is we can ease AQM In nicely because of all of the additional depth we are bringing in.

    Like I said, kid Gilbert will be the best DE as soon as he steps on the field as long as that hobbled foot holds together.

    Also looked like Highsmith took the wrong angle on that stationary crane in that video. Not surprising lol.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  104. I REFUSE to let you guys trick me into thinking this defense might actually stop someone this year….I ain’t doin it.

    40 POINTS OR DIE!!

  105. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Canez1 says:
    August 4, 2013 at 10:28 AM
    Gilbert, Renfro, Settles and the great Kamalu cmon down!!


    Whose Renfro, Settle, and Kamalu?

    And is Gilbert practicing yet?

  106. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Golden working the waiver wire. I like the “out of the box” thinking here.

  107. avatar
    Daytoncane says:

    Cane family, hows it going?

    Who’s getting that Heisman campaign started for Morris?

  108. Philly they are DL reinforcements on their way. Just waiting for clearance Clarence.

    Gilbert should be graduating soon and on his way.

    Hurri get on board now. It’s time.

    We will be much better in all phases, O, D and ST.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  109. Settles is team Tampa.

    Six might be able to she’d some light on this goon.

    Got kicked out of Nebraska for bustin a bottle over a teammates head.

    Haven’t we all done that at one time or another?


    Renfro is from UVA and Kamala is juco.

    Derosier also should be practicing soon.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  110. And if he’ll crash some glass over a teammates lid…what might he do to the opposition?
    Our Dline has given a phuck or two, too many, over the last several years. I can live him (Suttles) if he brings it to the green grass. Hell, I’d usher Eddie Johnson back in here by hand, if I could. Ignorance is bliss, ya know?

  111. avatar
    Daytoncane says:

    BTW, where has Cav been? I dont even think he on here when the season ended.

  112. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Thanks C1

    I know Gilbert will but will the rest make an immediate impact on the d-line?

    If so, that where we needed it most.. could we be an all around complete team with these additions?

  113. I bet half my 401k nothing comes of it since he’s in the $ec.

    @BFeldmanCBS: ESPN reports Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel is under NCAA investigation for profiting from autographs.

  114. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Are those new helmets we have as well?

  115. New helmets..New facemasks.. Might see some of that Bane shit we saw last year.

  116. Hurri I am right there with ya.

    Philly I think they will all contribute this season.

    Kamala is a juco and the othet kids are one yr and out so they aren’t coming here to sit.

    Its on.

    SEC is untouchable right now.

    Meh it is what it is.

    Someone is alway on top.

    I don’t think we have new helmets. Some new facemasks popping up for sure.

    Love new ish.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  117. Speaking of new sh!t…

    Bout ready to watch my Dolphins swag onto the field, in their new threads.
    Cue the Benny Hill theme music, and off-beat shenanigans…


  118. Ugh the dolphins…

    They haven’t even crossed my mind.

    Bigger fish to fry.

    I’m pretty much done with Manziel. Kind of like hearing RGIII 4000 times last yr.

    Waaaaay over it.

    Kid can die for all I care. Could care less.

    He ain’t a Cane anyway.

    Fuk off.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  119. Also,
    I was thinking about how Brandon Harris got sonned all over the place as a true (remember how that FSU WR played hot potato on him in the endzone back in 08′?), and then had a fairly big jump in his soph year.
    You guys think Tre Howard is on deck?

  120. Did Lamar Miller ever fumble while he was in school?

    Not wise young man. Daniel Thomas fumbles more than I care to recall.
    That job is there to be taken.

  121. Those phin unis could not be any more ghey.

    I thought they were just changing the logo, not everything!


    They look like a fake team out of any given sunday.

    I’m officially off this wagon.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  122. There it is Mar Mill…

    He still wearing that shoulder apparatus tho.
    I remember C1 saying a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago, that it might not ever be right.


  123. avatar
    Sarasota 'cane says:

    I’m officially off this wagon.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

    That was quick! They do look worse than last year after two possessions.

  124. Off the phins wagon on AUGUST 4th???


    That new phins logo does look LOGO!!

  125. We are still in the Twilight Zone…



    I’ll save a spot on the wagon for U C1. 😉

  127. I feel the pain as if this is the regular season.

  128. Yay!

  129. Canes better do a LOT of winning.

    I got a feeling this could be a very angry fall.

  130. Lol. Drink the koolaid HurriPHIN!

    We made a lot of good additions on offense AND defense.
    Don’t start worrying after the 1st Pre season game. And an early one at that. We requested this game cause we knew we had new pieces that needed more time to gel. (So did the cowboys for their new defense.)

  131. I wish this ride was a short one!

    Its been a downward spiral since Ricky left us high and dry and this franchise has been hot fish grease ever since.

    I cannot stand Philbin either. Reminds me of clappy Coker WAY too much.

    Old, dumb and out of touch witb todays athlete. Works fine when you are a coordinator but not so much as a head coach.

    He will 86’d soon.

    I just have no feelings for this franchise anymore.

    Sad sad day.

    I am officially without an NFL team and I’m cool with it.

    Just a second rate team with no signs of getting better and I don’t have anything else to give.

    NFL is corny as fug anyway.

    Hurri that kid is one good hit from retirement. Shoulders like that never get better.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  132. Ain’t no lie about Philbin and the Coker vibe…
    They’ve got that whole “Substitute Teacher” feel going and we all know that ZERO damns are given about a substitute.

    But what it really boils down to is that the Dolphins just don’t have a lot of talent, and when they whiff in free agency and/or in the draft…It just cripples them.

    Oh well.

    The starters on this team have the potential to win 8-9 games, but unless/until a once-in-a-lifetime player or coach lands in our laps, it is what it is.

  133. dz8 – i’m still riding the phins wagon with ya
    . . . slippery fish gonna surprise this year
    (cue paul simon: “you know you’re nearer your destination the more yer slip siding away . . . )

  134. I disagree with HurriPHIN AND Canez1, and AGREE with Autumn.

    It is the FIRST Pre season game.

    We got lots more talented this offseason, now we have to prove it.
    The O line got better with Clabo replacing Martin and I believe will be about the same with Martin replacing the injured too much Jake Long, maybe a slight regression.
    The wide receivers got a ton better. The running backs, Miller, Gillislee and Gray fit our style better than Reggie Bush.
    On defense the front seven got better by keeping the big fellas and adding to that Dion Jordan ( looked good last night) and Vaughn Martin. Then we substituted Ellerbe for Dansby and Wheeler for Burnett.
    Added Grimes and two talented rookies to the corner spot.

    And to go along with Autumns musical quotes…
    “I’m a driver, I’m a winner.
    Things are going to change I can feel it
    (I’m a loser baby…)


  135. And just because Coker and Philbin look like some substitute teacher skeletor does NOT mean they are the same coach or even style of coach. I mean c’mon, Philbin hardly ever claps!

  136. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    autumn, I never noticed that Paul Simon “slipped” in a double meaning there.

    My goodness, it is like Aerosmith saying they were down on a muffin.

    Oh and welcome back!

  137. My view of that dildo has nothing to do with this game.

    Dude was picking lint off of the practice field.

    All I need to know.


    I guarantee this franchise goes nowhere under him and the incompetent management team.

    Franchise needs a complete overhaul.

    Sad but true.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  138. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    So I go to facebook to friend the Mary Clark, and it suggests Mary Higgins Clark, the author. Thank God for the profile picture, helped me track down the REAL one.


  139. avatar
    Hollywood Cane says:

    Tom Caughlin looks like Coker/Philbin too. He’s won a couple Super Bowls. I’m not the slightest bit worried about anything that happens in the pre season, especially the first game. I think the Dolphins will be better. Probably not great but I think 9-10 wins is achievable. The new uniforms look kinda stupid but really, their old ones were horrible too, so I don’t really care. Who’s idea was it to name the team the “Dolphins” in the first place? Hard to intimidate when your mascot is doing back flips at the seaquarium.

  140. Chick has a boot on left ankle this AM.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  141. Golden says nothing serious.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  142. Drama…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  143. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    What’s the boot for?

  144. His left foot.

  145. whoa! phin-wagon’s getting full, baby
    . . . dz8, CO, philly
    . . . i got shotgun!
    2013 prediction: phins = phun!

  146. LOL Delray!

    Not sure what happened. Doesn’t sound like a big deal.

    Hope not anyway!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  147. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Autumn.. not a phins fan.. if anything its the eagles.. but dont care about them either

    Reference C1: nfl is corny as fug ne ways


    … Canes or bust!


  148. It was a gum wrapper not lint!!
    Gum wrapers can be deadly!!!

    I’m very excited for the phins and Canes this year.


  149. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    Those are some really sad looking uniforms.

    Looks like the manufacturer wanted to charge extra for orange thread so they skipped it to save a few bucks.

    Heat makes EVERY other franchise in this market look pathetic. Like C1 said, a top to bottom overhaul was needed long ago and this offseason they tried to buy a team to overcome their disasterous drafts and other offseasons.

    Got to hope they did for all our sakes.

    Either way, I only bleed for the U and our overhaul’s been done and we are seeing the benefits of that today.

    25 days and counting. FAU gonna have a long drive back to Boca.

    Go Canes!

  150. PB just get’s it…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  151. Dewey AWOL???

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  152. I named my oldest fukkin daughter Miami.

    I was a Dolphin fan before I ever knew what an ibis was.

    Much like Spawn, I’ve traded my NFL soul for eternal damnation. All for a chance to hope that this team might one day be good enough to win a SB.

    I’ve learned to survive in hell, and the opportunity to beat the Jets one more time, is the only thing that keeps me upright.


  153. That’s Dewey’s M.O. In HS he transfered because he wouldn’t see the field. Kid just wants to play but probably won’t as a Cane.

  154. Up close in the trenches.

    93 V 77

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  155. When Philbin actually reprimanded Ocho-Cinco for cussing, I was like….

    I challenge anybody to find a coach ANYWHERE, at ANY level, that keeps a swear jar.

    Dion Jordan did look like he might be a potential G, tho.

  156. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Well, looks like the Amish cant do well at road rage, Canez1.

  157. HurriPHIN!!

  158. LOL love me some Amish.

    I used to crash Rumspringa parties all the time back in the day and get after it.

    They don’t play.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  159. sorry to include you on the phins-wagon, philly
    . . . i read you wrong
    . . . probably seeing too much “phi”

    CO – comment about the amish = classic!!

  160. I just watched Gus Edwards footage for the 1st time ever.

    If he realizes that he’s not gonna be a Sweet Feet type, he could very easily assume the role of short yardage back. Gotta see if he can catch it like Javarris and James could.

    Javarris James…Good Grief.

  161. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    -Anthony Chickillo was in a boot…he did not stay out to watch practice..Al said it is an ankle injury and hopes it’s not serious…
    -Al said Danny Isadora will see a foot specialist over the next few days..he should have more info tomorrow or Wednesday
    Al- “If you were to ask me who the most impressive kid in camp is right now, I’d say (punter) Pat O’Donnell.” O’Donnell, who graduated from Cincy and was able to enroll in Miami without sitting out a year, has been booming punts and may do kickoffs as well. Huge get for the Canes coaching staff.
    -Al said Matt Goudis is kicking the ball well right now
    -Still no official news on any other enrollees or transfers. I did see Julio Derosier and Renfrow at practice today.
    -Seantrel Henderson said he’s down to 332 and it’s the lightest he’s been since HS. He said he’s been playing both the LT and RT spot. Al said yesterday he wasn’t playing LT, so who knows. Kehoe has always wanted his OL to be versatile, so whether Seantrel actually sees action on the left side, we shall see. Bunche can play G if need be.
    -Seantrel said his team mates made fun of him after he took off his locks, but then with in a few days a bunch of other guys started doing it..He said “It’s a new me.” He said his off the field issues are behind him and he can finally just focus on football. I expect him to have a dominant season. Al complimented Seantrel on coming right back after twisting his ankle.

    -Every player I talked to this morning (Seantrel, Jenkins, Highsmith, OT) said that Stacy Coley has been the best young player in camp. Same thing was said yesterday. I see a trend developing. Meanwhile AJ Highsmith and Rayshawn Jenkins both told me Herb Waters is the best offensive player so far.

    -Rayshawn Jenkins said he’s put on 16 pounds.

    -You get a sense from talking to seniors like AJ and Seantrel that this senior class has something to prove and feels hurt that they haven’t been able to go to a bowl game in two years.

    -Lewis, Coley, Burns, Waters, were returning kicks today

    -Pretty cool moment when they played Ed Reed’s “Don’t ask me if I’m hurt dog.” speech on the loud speakers as the team ran to stretch.

    -Seems to be a lot less screaming from coaches this year..this plays into the fact that Al has said over and over how mature this team is.

    -OT had a beaming smile on his face when talking about how great it feels to be cleared. On taking the neck brace off, he said, ” Now I don’t have to sleep on the couch anymore.” HE looks in great shape.

    -WE have a much better vantage point of the Defense than the offense. Hard for me to see guys like Coley or Olsen.

    -A lot of credit for the team’s weight gain has gone to team nutritionist Dr. Tony Musto. You can follow him on Twitter here ….and his qualifications Dr. Tony Musto | LinkedIn

    that’s it for today..more tomorrow

  162. -Seantrel said his team mates made fun of him after he took off his locks, but then with in a few days a bunch of other guys started doing it..He said “It’s a new me.” He said his off the field issues are behind him and he can finally just focus on football. I expect him to have a dominant season. Al complimented Seantrel on coming right back after twisting his ankle.



    Gotta love it:-)

  163. Some of you straight up made up names to put on the countdown.

    Or put the same players on there like 2x.


    You guys are totally trying to throw off my algorithm, but I found a way around your shennanigans.

  164. And for those of you who split players at a particular ranking…


    You’re messing it up!


  165. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Anyone else enjoying the Hurricanes Countdown on Facebook as much as me?

    Yesterday was #26, Do I even have to say his name?

    #25 was Bosher, and I am looking forward to finding out who #24 is gonna be.

  166. I finally calculated EOTH’s countdown.

    You guys are funny…

    I will try to get that started tomorrow, as long as plaintiffs’ attorneys act right.

  167. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    I really wonder what SEC coaches would do if Satan gave them the eternal damnation offer for a bigger contract and a National Title:

    @LSUfball 1h
    Coach Miles: The team voted to allow Jeremy Hill back, and he practiced this afternoon.

  168. avatar
    BoriCane says:

    Peter Ariz ‏@PeterAriz 28m
    BREAKING – Former Nebraska DE Ernest Suttles has officially signed with Miami. He will sit this season out, according to his HS coach.


    Bout time he got one on Perryman.

    Never noticed the hit he laid on the kid at the ND game who tried throwing a block LOL.

  170. Great video Bennie.

  171. I learned about DZP when he was in HS as a freshman. I loved what I was seeing and hoped he’d be a Cane. When he committed I was ECSTATIC! I remember telling Este and Este saying he wasn’t too impressed. Glad I was right! Ha!

  172. Bg, the best part aboutthat video is 1:58. Dude tries to blindside denzel, he recognizes and completely destroys the poor kid. lmao

  173. But foreeal Bg. Denzel is one of my favorite players on this team. Dude is a man foreal. Blue collar type guy. No off the field issues. Just straight work. He’s all of 210-220 in those highlights.

    This man is 240 lbs of pure muscle now. He will crumble many a ball carriers this season. I can not wait!

  174. Fignewton, Kirbyvacuum,and training day at linebacker should be really scary for some teams this season.

    Big CP, Olsen pierre and Luther rob all sitting at 300+ of healthy muscle and nutrition. Im going to be soooooooooo pissed if we are anywhere near the 80’s-100’s in any defensive statistical category. And then i will know for sure who to slap with the white glove and start my petition to fly the banna on hiz azz!!!

  175. Totally agree on DP.

    True Cane on and off the field and by off the field I mean in the weightroom and on the practice field.

    Kids awareness and physicality are what makes him special.I expect him to double his output and really step in to that leader role that we cannot get enough of. Last yr was really his first full time pt roll so things should start to slow down for him and the skies the limit.

    I am really looking forward to this team taking that next step.

    Can’t believe its almost time.

    Ain’t NOTHING like college ball.

    Anyone else already having trouble sleeping???

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  176. This defense will ball out this year with people begging coach D to stay at Miami.

    Fingers crossed and prayers sent.

  177. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    C1 yes cant sleep for dayssss

    Didnt realize DZP was a junior for some reason thought he was a senior.. damn i love it

    Dude was layin fools out in that video

    We may have a special year

    Cant wait til the 8 pm curb stomping of fau in preparation of the 12 pm beat down of the gaytors

  178. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Delray. Begging? We didn’t beg Howard, JJ, or Butch to stay. Just saying…

  179. avatar
    BoriCane says:

    Words of Wisdom!

    About LBs no longer on team, Jimmy Gaines said, “Those guys are definitely missed, but they’re distractions. That’s something you don’t need
    9:14am – 6 Aug 13

  180. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    That was a good read PhillyCane!

  181. “They are in a tough situation. The atmosphere at their games is a joke, being as far off campus as the stadium is. It’s a pro stadium that’s pretty much empty. It’s a shame. They had a great home field advantage at the Orange Bowl, but now they have no home field advantage.”

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  182. Perryman didn’t give two sh!ts about USF’ s qb either.

  183. Just read on Canesinsight that Whoever-the-Hell interviewed D’Noff and Ol boy says he still is looking to employ the Bend But Don’t Break strategy, this season.

    That notion literally just phucked my day, right in the brown…

    So essentially unless our guys make beyond the call of duty type plays….We’re gonna be getting drug again.


    Quit your cryin lil bytch!! Not letting you bring down my hype.

    This team will be better across the board.

    3 weeks to go and you are worried about the wrong things.

    How anyone can’t be amped up about this season is beyond comprehension.

    The D will be fine.

    Enjoy the ride until the wheels fall off. It’s all we got.

    Worry about those Phins of yours.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  185. How anyone can hear continuing to “Employ Bend But Don’t Break” and not give a fuk, doesn’t register we me either.

    I personally ain’t any less hyped to get this season started the the next….But that assessment (if legit) doesn’t do my moral any favors, hoss.

  186. …And if worrying about the D being better ain’t the RIGHT thing to be worried, I’m in more trouble than I’m aware.

  187. hurri, the bend but dont break strategy does work. I watched oklahoma state use it in Weedens last season and they led the nation in takeaways. The players just have to be disciplined in the scheme.

  188. avatar
    UandOMom says:

    Can’t wait for football to start! I love all the positive stories coming out about the team this year.

    Went to Knoxville as the halfway point on my trip to Ann Arbor. We snuck into the stadium and took pics. Wow the stadium is old and even leaky…..a real football stadium, sure made me miss the OB. The Tennessee people were extremely nice to us.

    Michigan is an amazing campus, great town and amazing stadium. We could not sneak in there!

    Nicole purchased her season tickets once she choose the Mich. Med school. Angry and I are going up for Thanksgiving which is the OSU game. 2 tickets for the game $500 and with her discount! Yikes!

    Happy football season! :)

  189. Uchamp gets it.

    Points allowed is all you need to worry about.

    The D is focusing on that and scoring D off of TO’s.

    I am all in.

    Can’t focus on having a Bama D when your D sucked azz the yr before for many reasons.

    Steps in the process.

    Keep kids off the board and win games. It’s that simple.

    Then your O and ST’s have to kick in and do their part as well.

    It’s gonna be ok and all looks to be coming together.

    CC I have always wanted to see a game in those stadiums. They are on the bucket list.


    Fell for a girl from Knoxville once, HARD!

    Too bad she was married…

    I am a sucker for a pretty bird with a southern accent.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  190. Absolutely,

    It worked in a few games this year…

    Just not enough games for my liking.

    Mind you I ain’t say its gonna result in us being 4-8.
    That just is not the approach I wanted us to be taking this year. From a player/physical standpoint, it sounds like we’ve gotten so much better, I was hoping we might be BEYOND prevent defense for 3 quarters.

  191. No doubt gentlemen…

    But tell me that playing on your heels doesn’t skyrocket the chances of giving up said points…

    Fukk these training wheels…

    Either you knock me out, or I knock you out.

    Y’all saw Jurassic Park.

    “The Rex doesn’t want to be fed…The Rex wants to hunt.”


    93 in black…

    Carter gettin feisty…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  193. We will be attacking and blitzing more often than not.

    We did it last yr but we just got outplayed more often than not.Plain and simple.

    That is the difference.

    The increased awareness and confidence for these young kids in this D will pay dividends immediately.

    There was nothing wrong with the D we played last yr. The problem was the kids that played in that D.

    We are bigger, stronger and more experienced, across the board. If that does not translate to the field, there is something seriously wrong from a coaching standpoint.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  194. AGREED.

    Coaching AND Coordinating.

  195. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Bend don’t break works fine as long as it doesn’t turn into bend AND break – of which we had an abundance of last year.

    I can’t lie, when I heard that quote, it didn’t get me enthused. I understand that philosophy, I get it, but in saying that, he’s giving a little more rope to the critics.

    This should be a very good team, and I fully expect a vastly improved defense. If that’s not the case and it turns into a 2012 bend and break defense, D’no has coached his last game as a coordinator in a major program. He’s the one that has the most to lose of anyone – his entire career.

  196. Something to ponder for the day ..

    Shannon was a DCoordinator. Shannon supposedly knows Defensive players. Take a look at the 2010 recruiting class on both sides of the ball and see which side of the ball has better players that are still here – some starting and excelling – and which side of the ball has kids that were kicked off, sucked, probably shouldn’t have been here in the first place


  197. Who?

    Gionni Paul, Fennie, Johnson, Ivory

  198. Wow, Feliciano is another one of my fave players. That guy balls. He just loves to get nasty and will go kamikaze in a heartbeat. eww…

    And C1, number 93 in that vid??? wow, you see how quick he was off the whistle. goodness……. and low and strong. love it.

  199. Or porter, glass green, robinson, gaines.

    I have a better question has it been that players that were considered useless to dumbnofrio along the dline and go to offense and become serviceable?

    That should tell you how garbage the mac staff’s ‘efensive philosophy is!

  200. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Six, that was a horrible recruiting cycle on defense, I agree.

    But the Shannon excuse is officially played out.

    We’re in year three. The D will still get slack, since no reasonable person expects a top 25 defense, because of that very fact you brought up. But the days of accepting excuses for sucking are over.

    That’s not me saying that, that’s just the way it is. There will be a shorter fuse for defensive phaggotry from the fan base this year.

  201. And the bend but don’t break type of thinking is like a female saying over and over “ill sleep in the same bed with a dude but he ain’t getting none”…

    Sooner or later she’ll be giving up the goodie goodie more often than not bcoz she keep putting herself in position to.

    Honestly I’d cut dumbnofrio a lot of slack if I didn’t see bad knees green covering 4.4 running backs and porter not covering crossing routes

  202. CCC gets it…

    Young, underdeveloped kids prolly do need to be protected.
    Although it often backfired…

    But let’s do something different this year…Let em off the porch.

    I sincerely doubt any reasonable person isn’t expecting Bama’esq D. But I do think that attacking a little more than less, plays to our advantage.

    At least with key guys being bigger, faster, stronger, ect.

    Maybe we will be attacking more, and D’Noff just doesn’t couldn’t figure out a better football term than “Bend But Don’t Break”.

  203. Champ I have seen a lot of footage showing how far our DL have come.

    They won’t be getting blown off the line on the regular anymore.

    Kids look stout at the point of attack and with good technique.

    I like what I see so far from them.

    93 is Luther Robinson. Kid stonewalling a fuggin giant. If we can get some quality action from him, Moore and the great Kamala, along with the regulars, we should be in pretty good shape up front.

    That 2010 abortion is extremely relevant. Huge reason why we are where we are on the D side of the ball.

    No two ways about it.

    We have been digging out from that disaster ever since.

    Time to get after it and overcome.

    I also have to admit I was dead wrong about Feliciano. Never thought he was UM material from the jump. Kid got some pt due to necessity and has never looked back.

    Gotta love and respect that.

    Kids are definitely developing under this staff which is a great sign and something we haven’t seen in over a decade.

    Moving in the right direction.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  204. A “/” was missing up there…

    Hard to maintain a debate when your grammar appears to be that of an eight year old.

  205. In MY post, that is…

    We’re all aware that C1 has the mind capacity of an eight year old…;)

  206. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    And with all that, I think the defense surprises this year exactly because of the reasons stated above. A HUGE problem last year was lack of penetration, getting pushed around up front, lack of pressure, etc. you know the drill. Just replay a few games last year and just watch us at the defensive point of attack. Patty cakes.

  207. And the grammar to match.

    Not my thing lol and no time for that nonsense.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  208. CCC the patty cake thing is how they were taught.

    Hence Goldie saying early on they teach more of a hand to hand combat, control the man in front of you play 2 gaps type of dline.

    That’s the majority of the reason why we haven’t seen the push up front, lack of tfl, and a putrid number of sacks as opposed to what we’ve seen the last 25 years no matter who the dline coach was.

    No way you go from leading the nation in tfl’s and to 10 in sacks with the same player to the bottom quarter for no other reason than how you coach/teach/co ordinate!

    Just think back to why Luther Robinson got left home for the kst game after being the most notable dlineman in tha 1st game last year.

  209. I’ve never set foot in Dade County…

    Been to Lauderhill once, as a youth, tho…

    But everything I’ve ever seen, or heard leads me to believe that SoFla kids are taught to win with athleticism first, then hopefully at the next level, pick up the fundamentals.
    On offense, it ain’t so bad, but on D it often poses a problem, if you dont have A-Class coaching.

    Anyone who grew up in the Fl youth football culture care to debunk/validate that presumption for me?

  210. CanesCanesCanes – was going over recruiting argument with guys in the newsroom today, all Croc fans that were wondering why there was so much depth issue on defense for the Canes when the head coach was a DCoordinator who won the Broyles award … but the best recruits he brought in were on the offensive side of the ball

    Everyone knows what the Crocs are going to do. Pound the ball over their guards (considering the DL gave up over 5 yards average a pop last year) and depending on how Driskell is, he’ll tuck and run, work off play action – which I want him to do b/c I feel the secondary is actually legit. Young, legit and hopefully headhunters. I know Deon and my boy Rayshawn won’t shy away from contact. I can’t wait to see Artie Burns get out there. I’ll take these kids right now in the secondary over all the secondaries the Canes have had since the days of Kenny Phillips roaming back there

  211. I’m sorry guys. Apparently there is no one else in the complex commercial litigation department capable of writing or working past 5pm.

    I will try to get the top 25 article out to you before kickoff.

    Keep scrolling for now… :-/

  212. Six brings up interesting topic matter, we can use to pass the time while The Queen is working/chillin…

    Its no secret that we’ve been average to sh!tty since about when…05′?

    Safe to say we can all recall the last great player we’ve had at each position since 2000-2004.

    Even if the pools are shallow..Who are the best guys we’ve had at each position since that era?

    Meaning contribution wise, not just talent.

    I think our last great corner was Buchanon.
    The best we’ve had since him is probably Kelly Jennings.

    Think about it guys…Don’t be phaggs.

  213. Gruyere gettin after it.

    Duke and SM17 gonna be a problem…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  214. Uchamps says:
    August 6, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    hurri, the bend but dont break strategy does work. I watched oklahoma state use it in Weedens last season and they led the nation in takeaways. The players just have to be disciplined in the scheme.


    Ahhhh Bill Young.. First year here wasn’t horrendous. Definitely wasn’t much to write home about.

  215. I thought Antrel was a great corner but after him nothing was close to what we would think as great.

    Brandon Harris was in the class of maybe a Kelley Jennings

    Though many may take this group of db’s over the departed’s, up until 2012-13, the pass d was always top 20ish!

    And the way the Mac staff coaches d I don’t expect to ever be good there again

  216. SOTU writers ‏@TheStateOfTheU 50m
    Boom RT @HodgeOnDemand Archie Manning when asked by Tim Brando on who impressed him the most at camp “Tim, this kid from Miami sure is good”

  217. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    Don’t take one sentence of an entire interview to sum up a philosophy. There could have been a thousand words spoken before and a thousan after to clarify.

    If these kids mature as expected does anyone think we won’t attack more and more?

    Uncontrolled agression leads to catastrophe. You have to understand scheme, positioning and reads.

    Get consistent pressure from Chick, McCord and the rest and they will open it up more and more.

    Overall I think when you add 200-300 pounds of muscle and a year of experience to your rotation, good things will happen.

    Now let’s play ball.

    Go Canes!!

  218. PB the funny thing is coach D never said anything about “Bend don’t break”, the writer did LOL.

    I am with ya. We will be fine and I can’t friggin wait!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  219. What catastrophe have we not already witnessed…?

    Either way, I’ll just be a good little minion, and assume that I took bend but don’t break outta context.

  220. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    Hurri you witnessed the catastrophe of a team playing a rotation needing to add 300 pounds of muscle, pass their preseason conditioning tests, have someone compete with them for a position and having no experience.

    Better days ahead.

  221. Pb

    I’m confident that good times are on the horizon. We all share that sentiment.

  222. Hole-lupp…

    Suttles ain’t eligible to play this year?

    I’ve been bamboozled!!

  223. Please joing me in wishing Momma Jello a very happy birthday.

    I’m really going to try to get the first Top 25 article done tongiht before I leave work.

    Muffins knows the story. I’m barely sleeping bc I’m working so much – doing the best I can for y’all. Sorry for all the comments you have to scroll through.

  224. Andre DeBose out with a torn ACL…?

    That Sanford trio…For cryin out loud…

  225. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Hope they don’t use that as an excuse, he never did anything much for them anyway.

  226. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    Think their QB is out just the minimum, just two weeks, he’ll miss the majority of their most important practice time.

    Even though he’s a returning starter he certainly didn’t set the world on fire last year. That missed time is much bigger than losing DuBose.

  227. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    If their QB…

  228. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Happy birthday Mom!

  229. avatar
    PhillyCane says:

    Gaytors takin some hits

  230. avatar
    Hollywood Cane says:

    Is Dubose like an 11th year senior? I think his first catch was from Rex Grossman. Also, all the talk about bend but don’t break…with NO depth or experienced talent on d they had no choice. I don’t care if its old news, Randy left absolutely zero talent in the cupboard on defense. Besides Spence, name me one difference maker. Olivier Vernon didn’t want to deal with any kind of conditioning program and fat azz fortson couldn’t go a week without stubbing his toe and missing five games. They both dipped out. Ray ray and VT were solid safties right?

  231. Sanford is cursed.

    Ignore that place like Chernobyl.

    Gaytors r goin down.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    I was tagged in this with a comment stating: “Huh. I sort of just pictured a picture of Mary Clark.”

    Good stuff.

  233. Duke payin homage…

    My QB lookin good over in that left corner, too…

  234. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:


    Love that kid!

  235. Duke is dat dude!

    He has some HUGE shoes to fill on that wall.

    If anyone can do it, he can.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  236. YIKES!!!

    Six hearts this…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  237. Ol boy working up a sweat holding up the cell phone…

    Love it.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  238. His tomato head is ready to explode by the 3:30 mark.

    Kills me.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    Can Alverage wear any more clothing??

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  240. @ChrisYandle: New addition for #Canes: UM has added Oklahoma State transfer DE Naim Mustafaa. Will have to sit out 2013 season.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  241. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    STEALING DEs from the four corners of the universe.

    What is next, a Russian Mafia guy?

  242. @ 90% of my days lately have been Cane related. I need to get paid for this ish!!

    I can’t take much more.

    Get ur mind right!

    How anyone can focus on negative stuff, this close to the season and with so much good going on, is beyond me.

    I just don’t get it.

    We haven’t had this much promise in FOREVER!

    Oh and fug off!!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  243. Need this kid to step up…

    He has the strength but just needs to tighten the technique up and get after it.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  244. Thurston put on a lot of good weight.

    I am rooting for this kid.

    He has gotten blasted in the past but the dude was yooooung.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  245. Mongo representin Davie. My old stompin ground.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  246. Not sure how that giant irish melon fits in a helmet.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  247. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    “You would use the smoke every time you entered a room if possible”

    Yes, yes I would.

    Picture the scene, meeting the parents of a new girlfirend, and here I come into the home, through the smoke, and nail the first meeting.

    Picture the scene, a job interview, and here I come into the office, through the smoke, and nail the interview.

    Picture the scene, a one night stand, and here I come into the bedroom, through the smoke, and nail the… well, you get the idea.

  248. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    Canez1, I wasn’t being negative, I was impressed that guys on other teams are EAGER to come to the U.

  249. avatar
    Canes Outsider says:

    17 seconds in, he says “Thurston Armbrister gained 15 pounds of muscle”.

    I thought his next line was going to be “and so he is almost ready for my stew! (witchy HE HE HEHE!)”.

  250. Just can’t wait to get this season going.

    Full Speed Ahead!

  251. CO I didn’t mean you. Sorry for the confusion.

    Just stuff I see here and there.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  252. C1,

    You know I don’t do the indirect blog-battle.
    You can call my government…

    But you are snappin this morning, with the Cane miscellaneous.

  253. Hurri LOL I am only teasin my man.

    Still don’t get it tho.

    Too much to look forward to…

    Cmon son.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  254. avatar
    pb(EOTHROH13) says:

    Hurri that picture is a classic!

    Heard Tebow laughed his ass off when he saw it. Cooper and Hernandez, not so much…

  255. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Canez1 says:
    August 8, 2013 at 9:45 AM
    Six hearts this…
    GO CANEZ!!!!!


    Over/Under on the wright of that massive melon. 65lbs?

  256. avatar
    CanesCanesCanes says:

    Canez1 says:
    August 8, 2013 at 9:45 AM
    Six hearts this…
    GO CANEZ!!!!!
    Over/Under on the weight of that massive melon. 65lbs?

  257. Ed Reed don’t play

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  258. I’m goin with the over.

    McDermott’s dome is close…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  259. Susan Miller Degnan @smillerdegnan
    #Canes DL David Perry in red no contact jersey with what appears to be a right knee injury

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  260. All reports are that OP is ready to take that next step.

    I have always liked this kid.

    Kamalu looks jacked. Hopefully his play matches.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  261. Roger that, C1

    I thought you were sending flames at the kid…

    I never got off the Cane Train, tho’. Just gotta keep it 100 when it comes to this sh!t, ya know?

  262. Looks like Pitt’s program is falling apart going through Crist growing pains.

    Put another W on the fire.

    Still can’t believe I am going to miss that game.


    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  263. Cmon dude you know me better than that!

    If I’m gonna come after you it will be headon LOL.

    Almost time…

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  264. Almost time…

    GO CANEZ!!!!

    My body is ready…

  265. James Coley w Sedano 8/7

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  266. avatar
    raizecane says:

    Hope all is doing well……

    Canez1, what is the scoop with CBS vs TWC & Brighthouse? I need my Dexter fix

  267. Raize I have no idea.

    I have comcast, so I get my Showtime Dexter time with no problem.

    Good season.

    TWC and Brighthouse BLOW!

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  268. Bunche in a red jersey. Not sure what the deal is.

    I think he is going to get passed by here and end up coming off the bench.

    Oh well.

    GO CANEZ!!!!!

  269. Just found out my ex-fiance, Sebastian, (it didn’t work out with all his game day travel and reluctance to wear pants in public) is also going to be in New Orleans this weekend for the red dress run.

    Look for Bourbon street marriage proposals on Facebook this weekend.


  270. New blog up!