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The Streak: Weeks 144-149

~ The following article was contributed by esteemed Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

I’ve been putting off writing this article for a little while,  partly due to procrastination but mostly because of the melodrama that this is the final segment.  Like all good things that come to an end, one of the most significant streaks in college/pro sports also follows the same path.  So with bitterness and a smile, here is the last segment of “The Streak.”

Week #144

Week 5 in the 2011 season saw an absolute decimation on the part of the 49ers who completely destroyed the Bucs 48-3.  Frank Gore lead the way with 125 yards rushing including a 2 yard run.  In North Carolina,  Greg Olsen had a 5 yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton in the 4th quarter to put the Panthers up late,  but Drew Brees with the help of Jimmy Graham,  who had 8 catches for 129 yards,  scored on a 6 yard pass to Pierre Thomas with 57 seconds remaining to give the Saints the win 30-27.

Week #145

Frank Gore kept the 49ers going, notching their 5th win in 6 tries with a 25-19 victory over the Lions.  Gore had 141  yards rushing on 15 carries including a 1 yard touchdown run.  It still baffles me that teams will still kick to Devin Hester.  This time the Vikings decided to roll the dice on a kick-off and the end result was something we have seen too often . . . a 98 yard kick-off return for a touchdown.  Couple that with a 48 yard touchdown pass from Jay Cutler and this had the makings of a blow-out.  Bears 39 – Vikings 10.

Week #146  

Speaking of blow outs,  when’s the last time you can recall a team getting beat by 55 points?  No, I’m not talking about Oklahoma or Nebraska in the 80s when they played schools like The Community College of Wyoming,  I’m talking Sundays.  Well, on the 7th week of the 2011 season, the Saints made the Colts their bitch.  There is no other way to put it.  Contributing to this old fashion beat down, Jimmy Graham had short 2 touchdown catches from Drew Brees.  Final score: Saints 62 – Colts 7.  Ouch!  Another tight end scoring this week was  Kellen Winslow II, who hauled in a 2 yard pass from Josh Freeman for a score.  It was just not enough, as the Bears squeaked by the Bucs 24-18.

Week #147

I believe we  have a new entry to the streak this week:  Jonathan Vilma fell on a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown.  After further review . . . this is actually his 2nd touchdown.  The first came back in 2004.  But we’ll take it anyway.  The Saints did fall to the previously-winless Rams 31-21.   Frank Gore and the 49ers picked up where they left off after a bye week.  Frank had 134 yards rushing including a 4 yard touchdown run as the 49ers improved to 6-1 with a 20-10 victory over the Browns.  In North Carolina, 2 former Cane tight ends got on the score sheet.  Jeremy Shockey scored on a 1 yard pass from Can Newton while Greg Olsen hauled in a 39 yarder.  This game came down to the wire, but an Olindo Mare missed field goal from 31 yards out gave the Vikings the victory, 24-21.

Week #148

Up in Denver, Willis McGahee brought the Broncos back in the 2nd half for a victory over the Oakland Raiders 38-24.  Willis had 163 yards rushing on 20 carries including scores from 60 and 24 yards out.  Kellen Winslow II caught a short 5 yard pass from Josh Freeman this week, but the Bucs dropped one in the Dome 27-16.

Week #149

In Week 11, the Lions and Bears met in Soldier Field, and I guess the Lions didn’t get the “DON’T KICK TO DEVIN HESTER” memo.  Devin ran another punt back from 82 yards as the Bears defeated the Lions 37-13.  Also scoring this week was Jimmy Graham, who had a 21 yard TD reception from Drew Brees as the Saints defeated the Falcons in OT 26-23.

Week #150

Almost!  Most of you are aware that a touchdown pass to Kellen Winslow was negated by a offensive pass interference call.  Oddly enough, Sam Shields – another Cane – was covering Kellen on the play.  A few other notes,  Peyton Manning was out so Reggie Wayne’s production dropped off as a result.  In Denver, DJ Williams caused a fumble but Matt Slauson beat him to the ball in the end zone for the defensive touchdown  (we should at least get an assist on that one).  Oh well,  like I mentioned earlier,  all good things must come to an end. 

I’d like to thank all of you for the thumbs up on Facebook.  It’s nice to know someone out there is enjoying this as much as I am.  Thanks to the Canes who made The Streak possible.

I’ll be back next week with a preview of the Boston College Eagles, our first opponent for the 2012 season.

Go Canez!

~ Delray

The Streak: Weeks 137-143

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

Welcome back, Canes fans, it’s everybody’s favorite time of the week. No, not because it’s Friday but because it’s time for the next segment of The Streak. Today we will look at weeks 137 thru 143, which will take us through the last three weeks of the 2010 season and the first four weeks of the 2011 season. No new faces this week, just a bunch of Canes grinding out the only way they know how.

Week #137

The 15th week of the 2010 season saw 3 Canes score multiple touchdowns. In Dallas, Santana Moss had 2 touchdowns receptions, one from 10 and another from 5 yards out. This was a shoot out in Texas with the Cowboys prevailing 33-30 with a last minute field goal. Jimmy Graham continued his dominance with the Saints by getting the scoring started with an 18 yard pass from Drew Brees. The two would connect again from 1 yard out, but the Ravens finished strong in the 4th quarter to get the 30-24 win. The Bears continued their march towards the post-season with a 40-14 thrashing of Minnesota. Devin Hester scored on a 15 yard pass from Jay Cutler and then ran back a punt 64 yards. Really! Teams actually still kick to him? Anyways… Andre Johnson only scored once and the Texans could have used more scoring all around as they came up short against the Titans 31-17. Andre scored on a 12 yard pass from Matt Schuab.

Week #138

Keeping up the multiple touchdown format, Kevin Winslow II had finished the day with 7 receptions for 98 yards including 2 touchdowns from 21 and 10 yards out from Josh Freeman. The Bucs inched closer to the playoffs with a 38-15 win at home against the Seahawks. Devin is back from last week this time helping push the Bears to a 38-34 victory at the hands of the Jets. Devin connected with Jay Cutler from 25 yards out as the Bears improved to 11-4 on the season.

Week #139

JIMMMMYYYY. I think we all just love saying that. Mostly when Jimmy Graham finds the end zone. Jimmy connected with Drew Brees from 4 yards out but the Saints fell to the Bucs 23-13. We can’t go too long without bringing up Reggie Wayne. Reggie scored from 7 yards out on a pass from Peyton as the Colts managed to beat the Titans 23-20 on a 43 yard field goal as time expired. I swear Adam Vinatieri has ice in his veins. Not only did it win the game for the Colts, it allowed them to get into the post-season as well.

Week #140

We’ll start 2011 off the way we ended 2010: with Reggie Wayne scoring on a 6 yard touchdown pass from ….wait…Kerry Collins? That’s right, Peyton has neck surgery and caused him to miss the entire 2011 season. I always believed Peyton was one of the more important non-Canes as far as the having an impact on The Streak. I truly believe if he was not hurt it would still be going. The Colts lost the game 34-6 to the Titans. On the other side of the ball, Andre Johnson had a nice game catching a 4 yard pass from Matt Schuab to go along with his 98 yards. Reggie also had a respectable game with 7 catches for 103 yards. Jimmy kept getting better and better for the Saints as he connected with Drew Brees from 5 yards out but this was a party to celebrate in Green Bay as the Packers defeated the Saints 42-34.

Week #141

Week 2 of the 2011 season saw Andre Johnson continue his pace in his hometown as the Texans came into Miami and beat the Dolphins 23-13. Andre had 7 catches for 93 yards including a 23 yard pass as the Texans improved to 2-0. In a new city but the same results, Willis McGahee scored from a short distance as the Broncos squeaked by the Bengals 24-22. Willis had 101 yards on the day. Another back scoring for his team was Frank Gore, who scored also from a short distance. The 49ers let this one slip away giving up a 10 point 4th quarter lead and losing in overtime 27-24 to the Cowboys. On the same topic of tight games. Santana Moss connected with on an 18 yard pass from Rex Grossman in the 4th quarter to help the Redskins defeated the Cardinals 22-21 pushing the Redskins to 2-0.

Week #142

Willis McGahee continued to provide dividends for the Broncos after he was released by the Ravens in the offseason. This time scoring on a 5 yard pass from Kyle Orton. In the end though, the Titans prevailed on a late 4th quarter touchdown to defeat the Broncos 17-14. Jimmy Graham helped the Saints notch their 2nd win in a row connecting with Drew Brees from 27 yards out for a 40-33 victory against the previously undefeated Texans. Two Canes in this game eclipsed the century mark. Jimmy had 100 yards on 4 catches and Andre Johnson, although he didn’t score, had 7 catches for 128 yards on the day. Another Cane that showed up in a new city this year was Greg Olsen. Greg scored the game winning touchdown on a 16 yard pass from Cam Newton as the Panthers defeated the Jaguars 16-10.

Week #143

In just a little over a year, Jimmy Graham has made a name for himself as one of the top tight ends in the league. Jimmy scored his 3rd touchdown in four weeks connecting with Brees on a short pass as the Saints defeated the Jaguars 23-10. Jimmy finished the game with 10 catches for 132 yards. Another of the top tight ends in the league, Greg Olsen, returned to his former team to catch a late pass from Cam Newton but the Panthers came up short to the Bears in Chicago 34-29. The Panthers would have had a better chance if they didn’t kick to Hester, who ran a punt back from 69 yards out. How about a barn-burner! Frank Gore took a handoff from Alex Smith and took it 12 yards with 3 minutes left as the 49ers defeated the Eagles 24-23. Frank finished the day with 127 yards rushing on 15 carries. The Redskins were a surprise team early on last year, and part of it was due to Santana Moss who scored on a 6 yard reception to help the Redskins off to a 3-1 start with a 17-10 victory against the Rams.

There’s only one more segment left after this one, so hold on for just a little bit longer. After that I’ll have the pregame views of the Canes’ opponents, kicking off with the Canes first opponent, Boston College.

The Streak: Weeks 131-136‏

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

Well, it’s Friday and we are back with our weekly installment of The Streak.  It is getting close to opening day, so we are going to pick up the action a bit by adding an extra game.  This installment will review weeks 9 through 14 of the 2010 season. This will take us from weeks #131 to #136.  We will see some regulars and two new entries to our list. 

And away we go!

Week # 131

JIMMYYYYY!!!!  We all know what movie that was from by now, but Canes fans were shouting it in Carolina when Jimmy Graham hauled in a 19 yard touchdown pass from Drew as the Saints walloped the Panthers 34-3.  Jeremy Shockey also scored on a 7 yard pass from Drew for the Saints.   Welcome to The Streak, Jimmy!  Also a welcome goes out to Javarris James who scored twice for the Colts, who lost a close one on the road to the Eagles 26-24.  Javarris’ runs came on rushes of 6 and 1 yard out.  In Buffalo,   Greg Olsen scored on a 4 yard pass from Jay Cutler to give the Bears the early lead that they did not relinquish despite a Roscoe Parrish 14 yard touchdown reception.  The Bears won on a 4th touchdown by Earl Bennett 22-19.  At home in Baltimore,  Willis McGahee scored on a 32 yard rush as the Ravens defeated the Dolphins 26-10.

Week #132

Back from last week after breaking the ice with his first few scores,  Javarris James returns with a 3 yard touchdown run in the Colts 23-17 victory over the Bengals.  In Chicago, both Devin Hester and Greg Olsen were recipients of passes from Jay Cutler that they turned into scores.  Devin’s was from 19 yards out while Greg’s from 17 as the Bears defeated the Vikings 27-13.   Out on the bay,  Frank Gore had a short 1 yard touchdown, but it was needed as the 49ers got by the Rams in overtime, 23-20.  In Jacksonville,  Andre Johnson had 9 catches for 146 yards including a 9 yard touchdown pass from Matt Schaub.  He couldn’t do it alone, though, as the Texans dropped one to the Jaguars 31-24.  And finally in Tampa, Kellen Winslow scored for the 1st time of the season to help the Bucs defeat the Panthers 31-16.  Kellen scored on a 20 yard pass from Josh Freeman late in the 2nd quarter.

Week #133

A couple of receivers were absent for a few weeks are back in week #11 of the 2010 season.  Reggie Wayne had 107 yards in receiving, including an 11 yard touchdown pass from Peyton who threw for almost 400 yards as well.  Normally, this would translate to a Colts win but this game was played in New England and belonged to the Patriots defense, who forced 3 interceptions in a 31-28 win.   In an overtime thriller,  Santana Moss scored on a 5 yard pass from Donovan McNabb as the Redskins defeated the Titans 19-16.  Santana totaled 106 yards on 6 catches for the day.  In Carolina,   Ray Lewis picked off a Brian St. Pierre pass late in the 4th quarter and returned it 24 yards to seal the Ravens victory over the Panthers 37-13.

Week #134

Back after scoring his 1st touchdown in week #10,  Kellen Winslow is back as the Bucs tried to get a firm spot on the playoffs.  The Ravens had other ideas, and despite Kellen’s 5 yard touchdown reception,  the Bucs fell to the Ravens 17-10.  Also attempting to set up a favorable playoff position were the Bears who hung on to win 31-26 over the Eagles despite leading 28-13 early in the 3rd.  That lead was made possible by a 9 yard reception by Greg Olsen on a pass from Jay Cutler.  The win pushed the Bears to 8-3 and dropped the Eagles to 7-4.  One team not going to the playoffs was the Texans.  But that didn’t stop Andre Johnson to continue his habit of finding the end zone.  Andre scored on a 2 yard pass from Matt Schuab as the Texans shut out the Titans 20-0.

Week #135

Week 13 was the week of the Colts as they accounted for all 3 scores.  Javarris had 2 of them,  both on short runs while Reggie scored on a 34 yard pass from Peyton.  The game itself was spectacular as the Cowboys looked to be on their way to easy victory but the Colts struck back with 21 -forth quarter points only to see it all for not as the Cowboys won in overtime 38-35.

Week #136

Facing the possibility of not reaching the playoffs, the Colts needed to step up and Javarris was their man in week #14 giving the Colts the early lead that they did not let go of in defeating the Titans 30-28.  James’ run came from 1 yard out while Reggie Wayne cracked the 100 yard barrier on 4 catches.  In another nail bitter,  Kellen Winslow scored on a 41 yard pass from Josh Freeman in the 4th quarter to put the Bucs up 17-10 over the Redskins.  Not wanting to roll over the Redskins came back down and scored on a 6 yard pass from Donavan McNabb to Santana Moss with 6 seconds left to tie the score.  Wait,  they still have to kick the extra point right?  Somehow the Redskins botched the extra point and the Bucs held on to a 17-16.   Also showing some late game heroics was Andre Johnson.  Andre’s 5 yard touchdown reception to go with his 46 yard touchdown pass earlier helped the send the Texans into overtime with the Ravens.  Willis McGahee had started the scoring off for the Ravens earlier on a 1 yard run.  When the smoke cleared, the Ravens took the win, 34-28.

The Streak: Weeks 126-130

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

Can you smell it? The smell of freshly cut grass as the morning dew rises off the morning glare as you take the first step outside? You know what that smells like?  Smells like Victory.  It’s that time of season as the 2012 version of the Canes take the field for the opening of fall practice.  Okay,  I just got caught up in the moment.  Today we have the our next installment of The Streak.  This week we will look at weeks 126 through 130 which will encompass weeks 4 thru 8 of the 2010 NFL Season.  There will be no new names just the same few grinding out yard after yard and touchdown after touchdown.

Week #126

Week #4 of the NFL season was actually a bit lackluster for the Canes but they did manage to take one to the house.  In a battle of heavyweights the Ravens came into Pittsburgh for another classic matchup with their division rivals.  The Steelers,  without star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (suspended for alleged rape), gave the Ravens all they could handle.  In the end though, it was the Ravens that prevailed 17-14.  Willis McGahee scored on a 9 yard run in the 2nd quarter to keep The Streak alive.

Week #127

There was a little more action happening this week as the Canes got a hat-trick.  Willis scored again for the Ravens as Baltimore pushed its record to 4-1.  Willis’ score game on a 30 yard run and helped his team to a 31-17 victory over the Broncos.  Frank Gore scored on a 1 yard run late in the 4th but it was just not enough as the Eagles defeated the 49ers 27-24 out on the bay.  Out in the desert,  Jeremy Shockey’s short touchdown pass from Drew Brees gave the Saints a 10-0 early lead but the Cardinals came back late to defeat the visiting Saints 30-20.

Week #128

Week #6 of the 2010 season brought a few receivers into the mix.  Devin Hester did what he does best and took a punt back 89 yards for a score against the Seahawks.  Devin’s return brought the Bears to within 3 but the Seahawks prevailed in the end 23-20.  Andre Johnson and the Texans played host to the Chiefs and Andre scored in a big way!  Down by 3 with 36 tics left on the clock Andre hauled in a pass from Matt Schaub to give Houston the come from behind win 35-31.

Week #129

Willis is back after a week off.  This time scoring on a 2 yard run as the Ravens kept Buffalo in the winless column with a dramatic 37-34 victory in overtime.  The win moved the Ravens to 6-2 on the year.   Santana Moss is back and he helped the Redskins with a hard fought 17-14 victory over the Bears.  Santana had a 24 yard pass reception from Donovan McNabb.  The game was won on 92 yard interception return by DeAngelo Hall.

Week #130

It doesn’t seem like we can go through an entire segment without Reggie does it?  Reggie is back this week catching a 15 yard pass from Peyton as the Colts defeated the Texans 30-17.  In a losing effort,  Andre Johnson had 7 catches for 106 yards and 1 score on a 28 yard pass from Schaub.  Out by the bay,  Frank Gore and the 49ers provided some 4th quarter fireworks scoring 21 4th quarter points to defeat the Broncos 24-16.  Frank rushed 118 yards on 29 carries including a 3 yard run in the 4th to secure the victory.

It’s getting close to the end. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but let’s enjoy this why we can.  I look forward to seeing you all very soon.  I do notice a few of you read the article and either ‘Like” it or comment it on the “Eye of the Hurricane” Facebook page.  It’s good to know that some of you are enjoying this as much as I am!


Willis McGahee Week 122

The Streak: Weeks 121-125

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

Anybody else getting excited? Only 1 week left until practice starts. Can’t wait. Until then, let’s keep The Streak going. This week we will look at weeks # 121 – 125 that encompass the final 2 weeks of the 2009 season and the first 3 weeks of the 2010 season.

Week #121

Andre Johnson returned home to Miami and had a 10 yard touchdown catch as the Texans beat the Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Also catching a touchdown pass this week was Greg Olsen, who scored on a 7 yard pass from Jay Cutler as the Bears beat the Viking in overtime 36-30. On the ground, Frank Gore scored from a yard out as the 49ers defeated the Lions 20-6.


Week #122

In Oakland, the Ravens scored three touchdowns and they all came courtesy of Willis McGahee. Willis scored on runs of 2, 77 and 2 yards, respectively, as the Ravens defeated the Raiders by a score of 21-13. Willis had 167 yards rushing on 26 carries for the day. Frank Gore also eclipsed the century mark and had a modest 2 touchdown performance for the 49ers as they defeated the Rams 28-6. Frank had 107 yards rushing to go with his touchdown runs of 28 and 6 yards. Also back from last week is Greg Olsen, who had 5 receptions for 94 yards, including a 7 yard pass from Jay Cutler that helped the Bears defeat the Lions 37-23.

Week #123

Reggie Wayne got in on the action in the first week of the new season with a 14 yard reception from Peyton. All kinds of fireworks this game! Reggie had 100 yards, Austin Collie had 163 yards receiving for the Colts and Peyton had 433 yards passing. This was offset by Arian Foster rushing for 231 yards as the Texans defeated the Colts 34-24. Roscoe Parrish scored on a 31 yard pass play from Trent Edwards but the Bills fell to the Dolphins 15-10. In NY, Willis McGahee rushed for -2 yards but the only yard that mattered was the 1 yard touchdown run as the Ravens won a defensive battle 10-9.

Week #124

The Bears improved to 2-0 in the young season. Both Hester and Olsen scored to help the Bears defeat the Cowboys 27-20. Hester scored on a 9 yard pass reception, while Greg’s came on a 39 yard pass, both from Jay Cutler. Reggie helped the Colts get back to their winning ways catching a 10 yard pass from Peyton, who won the battle of the Mannings as the Colts defeated the Giants 38-14. In Washington, Andre Johnson’s 12 reception 158 yard game tying 4th quarter touchdown performance offset Clinton Portis’s 2 touchdown performance as the Texans defeated the Redskins in overtime 30-27. Andre’s touchdown was a 34 yarder while Clinton had a pair of short scores. And on Monday night in San Francisco, Frank Gore had 112 yards on 20 carries that included a late 4th quarter touchdown run of 7 yards. The Saints however, had other plans, kicking a 25 yard touchdown for the win 35-22.

Week #125

A couple of tight-ends got in on the action this week. Greg Olsen, who has been on a tear, helped the Bears defeat the Packers 20-17 to go to 3-0 on the year. Greg’s touchdown pass came from 9 yards out from Jay Cutler. Also getting in on the act was Devin Hester, who returned a Brad Maynard punt 62 yards for a score. Jeremy Shockey started the scoring off for the Saints with a 2 yard pass from Drew Brees but the Saints dropped one to the Falcons in a 27-24 overtime thriller. Santana Moss had a nice game in St. Louis as he hauled in 6 receptions for 142 yards, including a 21 yard pass from Donovan McNabb, but the Rams scored the final 16 points to give them a come-from-behind 30-16 victory over the Redskins.

I hope you enjoyed the article this week. It’s getting close to the end, as most of you know, but it’s a great ride so enjoy it while it lasts.


The Streak: Weeks 116-120

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

Happy Friday everyone!  It has been a busier than usual week in Coral Gables with Ray Ray being shown the door and practice due to start in 2 weeks.  Most of us where disappointed by this news as this was his last opportunity to shine when the majority felt he had not lived up to the hype he came in with.   Hopefully he turns it around before it’s too late.

Anyway,  without further delay,  let’s look at this week’s entry for The Streak.  This week we look at weeks #116-120 which will encompass the 11th through 15th weeks of the 2009 season.  Does The Streak end here?  Not if Reggie has anything to say about it!

Week #116

In Lambeau Field,  the 49ers did not fare so well being in a different bay.  The Pack got out to an early lead and hung on 30-24.  Frank Gore didn’t have a great day on the ground but was able to haul in a 10 yard pass from Alex Smith to make it a respectable game.   In Houston,  the Texans and the former team from Houston had it out on Monday night.  This was an exciting game but in the end the Oilers um,  I mean Titans, prevailed 20-17 on a last-minute 52 yard field goal.  Andre Johnson made his contribution with a 12 yard touchdown pass from Matt Schuab in the 2nd quarter.

Week #117

Frank Gore is back this week and he is still catching passes.  Seven of them to be exact.  One was for a 4 yard touchdown from Alex Smith as the 49ers got back into the “W” column with a 20-3 rout of the Jaguars.   Santana Moss and the Redskins lost a tough game to the Eagles 27-24 on a late David Akers field goal.  Santana hauled in a 4 yard pass from Jason Campbell for a score.  In Houston,  Reggie Wayne had a 4 yard touchdown reception from Peyton as the Colts upended the Texans 35-27.  It must have been a tough loss for the Texans as they allowed 21 fourth quarter points.  And in Baltimore in overtime,  the Ravens defeated their division rival Steelers 20-17.  Willis McGahee started the scoring off in the 1st quarter for the Ravens with a 2 yard run.

Week #118

In Green Bay,  the Packers jumped out to a 17-0 lead against the Ravens.  It was too much to overcome, even with a Willis McGahee touchdown, as the Ravens dropped one on the road 27-14.  Over in Jacksonville,  Andre Johnson had 7 receptions for 99 yards including a 1 yard pass from Schaub in a 23-18 loss at the hands of the Jaguars.

Week #119

A couple of guys scoring a couple touchdowns in week #14 of the 2009 season.  For the third week in a row we get to call Willis’ name.  Willis had runs of 8 and 19 yards as the Ravens took some frustration of last week’s loss out on the Lions with 48-3 drubbing. Just like Willis last week,  Andre Johnson came back with a vengeance at the expense of the Seahawks.  Andre had 11 catches for 193 yards including 2 touchdowns from Schuab.   The first being from 64 yards, and the 2nd  from 17 yards out.  Houston just plain beat up on Seattle 34-7.   In prime time some players just shine a bit brighter.  Frank Gore on a Monday game showed up for the 49ers with a 167 yard performance that included a 2 yard touchdown run as the 49ers defeated the Cardinals 24-9 out on the bay.

Week #120

If I had to single one non-Cane out as being the most instrumental in this untouchable streak it would be Peyton Manning.  This week was no different.  Down by 3 late in the game on the road in Jacksonville,   Peyton hit Reggie Wayne for a 65 yard pass on 3rd and 5 for a touchdown.  Not only did it win the game,  it kept The Streak alive as this was the only touchdown scored by a Cane this week.  Perhaps we can give him one of those honorary degrees or something? Thanks Peyton!  And you too, of course, Reggie!

Well,  that brings us 5 games closer to a mark that will probably never be broken.  A bunch of things are going on for college football fans over the next few days.  Vernon Hargraves II will narrow his list to a top 5 tomorrow.  BG,  break out that crystal ball and give it a coupe lucky rubs.  We really want this kid!  Also, Artie Burns will be announcing Monday.  Let’s hope that the pipeline from Northwestern proves a bit more successful than the last time.  And, to top it off, I hear there is a big announcement out of Clemson at noon tomorrow. Not sure what it will be, or if it will affect us. 

Like I said earlier,  only 2 weeks left until practice starts up and a lot of spots are open.  Should get interesting.


The Streak: Weeks 111-115

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

TGIF and that means it is time for your weekly installment of The Streak. Today we will look at weeks 6 through 10 of the 2009 season. The Canes are still going strong and have started out with one of their most productive seasons to date.

And away we go…

Week #111

Week # 6 of the 2009 season was a week for the tight ends. Let’s start it off with Jeremy Shockey and the Saints. Jeremy got a little revenge as the Saints beat up on the Giants 48-17. Jeremy caught a 1 yard pass from Drew in the Dome early on to begin the onslaught. Greg Olsen and the Bears didn’t fare as well in Atlanta. Greg hauled in a 2 yard reception from Jay Cutler to tie the game up with the Falcons but Matt Ryan marched his team back down the field for the winning touchdown giving the Falcons a 21-14 victory.

Week #112

wThe seventh week of the 2009 season brought a few more receivers to this week’s recap. Reggie Wayne opened the floodgates for the Colts by scoring the first touchdown of the game on a 6 yard touchdown pass from Peyton in a 42-6 blowout at the hands of the Rams. Chicago didn’t do much better than the Rams did getting the crap kicked out of them by the Bengals 45-10. Seven of those points came on a 5 yard Devin Hester reception in the 4th quarter. And over in England at Wembley Stadium, the Patriots and Bucs had at it. Brandon Meriweather started off the scoring with a 39 yard interception return for a touchdown as the Patriots dropped the Bucs to 0-7 by defeating them 35-7. Brandon had 2 picks on the day.

Week #113

Reggie Wayne was back this week scoring on a 22 yard pass from….wait for it…… (WTF?) Joseph Addai in the 4th quarter that proved to be the game winner as the Colts beat the upset-minded 49ers 18-14 to go to 7-0 on the season. The scoring was started off by none other than Frank Gore who ripped off a 64 yard run early on in this thriller.

Week #114

Week #9 was more about the tight ends with a little bit of Frank. In Tampa, Kellen Winslow scored the first of three 4th quarter Tampa Bay touchdowns to give the Bucs their first win of the season 38-28 over the other bay. Kellen scored on a 4 yard pass from Josh Freeman. If that wasn’t big news, Greg Olsen’s performance in Chicago was. Greg scored 3 touchdowns for the Bears this week but the defense got lit up Kurt Warner and the Cardinals by the score of 41-21. Greg scored on receptions of 33, 3 and 20 yards, all courtesy of Jay Cutler. As promised, a little bit of Frank Gore: Frank had a 3 yard touchdown run in the second quarter but it was the Titans that came out on top 34-27.

Week #115

Frank is back again this week this time willing his team to a 10-6 victory over the Chicago Bears. To go along with the game’s only touchdown, a 14 yard run, Frank broke the century mark on 25 carries. The Bears had a chance at the end but Greg Olsen was unable to haul in a last second pass from Jay Cutler. They always say that in order to be a champion, in your most important games your best players have to be your best players. That means Reggie Wayne. In a classic matchup of the Patriots and the Colts, Reggie dominated by having 10 receptions for 126 yards including the game winner with 7 tics left on the clock. A few of you will remember this game as the game Belichick decided to go for the 1st down on 4th and 2 deep in their own zone only to come up short because he was too afraid to put the ball in Peyton’s hands. Can you blame him when he has a guy like Reggie Wayne to throw to?

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s article.

Have a safe weekend. We only about 3 weeks left before practice starts, then it will be off to Chestnut Hill for opening day before you know it.



Class of 2013 Post Spring Evaluation Recruiting Update – Part 2: Defensive Line

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger and recruiting guru, bg1906 ~

What’s good EOTH family! As promised, back with Part II, Defensive recruits. I know you all want the goods, so no time to waste, let’s get right into it…

To begin, the Canes picked up 2 more commitments for the 2013 when they received commitments from 2 of the prospects discussed in the last blog, OL Alex Gall ( (Cincinnati, OH) and TE/WR Travis Johnson  ( (Tampa, FL). 

Gall is a 6’5’’, 285 lbs OT prospect from Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Moeller, one of the premier high schools in the state of Ohio, annually puts out top Division 1 talent and Gall is one of their top recruits for the Class of 2013. Gall is a big kid that plays with a good base, good leverage, and he’s a finisher. He also has a good initial punch at first contact. It’s usually very difficult for schools like Miami to go in and poach prospects from states like Ohio because most Ohio kids grow up wanting to be Buckeyes.  So the staff should be commended for going into hostile territory out of state and getting one of their better prospects to commit.

Johnson is a big time TE/WR prospect that most project as a pass catching TE in college.  At the time of his commitment to the Canes he already had over 40 offers from many of the top schools in the nation including:  Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Notre Dame, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and USC, just to name a few. He currently stands at 6’5’’ and weighs in at 230+ lbs. He has incredibly strong hands and is a sure handed pass catcher.  He doesn’t have blazing speed but he really knows how to use his body to get position on defenders and you can count on him to make the tough catch. He’s an ESPN 150 player and an EXCELLENT pick up by the staff. He, Standish Dobard, and Jeremy Kerr give the Canes a top flight TE/H-Back Class. Very impressive!

Since the last update the Canes also had a decommitment but it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone that truly follows Canes recruiting. WR/ATH Jayron Kearse decommited and like WR Levonte Kermit Whitfield says he wants to go through the recruiting process. Kearse is now a 2 time decommit having decommited from both Auburn and now Miami. He says, like Whitfield, the Canes are still very much in play, but I’d say watch out for Clemson here. He went up there and LOVED it and the fact that he’s friendly with All Everything WR Sammy Watkins could play a factor.  Honestly, at this time, I’d say don’t count on him being a Hurricane.

Now that that’s covered, let’s move on to the 2013 prospects on Defense.


This is a GREAT year for DT in the state of Florida, and as it stands right now, the Canes have one DL commitment and that is from DT Keith Bryant ( (Delray Beach, FL) out of Atlantic HS. Bryant measures in at 6’2’’ and 306 lbs and is very highly thought of as he has over 50 offers. He’s cat quick off the ball, plays with good leverage, has a great motor, and is incredibly aggressive, as he plays the game with a big time nasty streak–all great qualities for a DT prospect. When watching his highlights you can’t help but notice how many plays he makes in the opposing teams backfield.  He has offers from virtually EVERYONE in the country but LOVES the Canes. He’s visiting a lot of schools however, and that may concern some fans; however, Bryant maintains that his mom wants him to experience this once in a lifetime process and see as much as he can. Yet, no matter where he’s been, he’s always steadfastly maintained that he’s a Miami commitment and plans on going to Miami to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a Hurricane.

Another BIG TIME prospect the Canes are hot on the trail for is DT prospect Jaynard Bostwick ( (Port St. Lucie, FL).  Bostwick, who checks in at 6’4’’ and 290 lbs, plays both DT and DE in high school team’s scheme and he also plays the game the way Al Golden likes to see it played, with incredible passion. He utilizes his hands really well to shed blocks and has good assortment of moves when getting off of blocks.  He’s very highly thought off prospect as his offer list is a who’s who in college football including: Alabama, Florida, LSU, Florida State, Oregon, and of course Miami. He grew up a Miami fan and is the cousin of Canes LB Thurston Armbrister.  He’s maintained throughout the process that we are the team to beat, but lately he’s also warmed a bit to Oregon. However, in the end when it’s all said and done, I think he’s a Cane.

Next up is University School’s Maquedis “Quay” Bain ( (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) . Bain is a basketball player turned DT and he has very good agility for a person his size. He struggles with his effort at times, but he has all the athletic tools and abilities to be a special prospect.  He’s currently committed to Florida State and has been for quite awhile, but he’s visited Miami a TON lately and if I had to guess I’d say we are in very good standing with him even though he still does consider himself an FSU commitment.  His recruitment will be one to watch as apparently there is a high level of interest between Bain and the UM coaching staff.  A DT haul of Bryant, Bostwick, and Bain would most assuredly have to be looked at as the top DT class in the country IMO.  Several other DT prospects are also being recruited, though the 3 mentioned above seem to be the primary targets.

Those other 2 prospects are Deadrin Senat ( ) (Immokalee, FL) and Derrick Calloway ( (Bradenton, FL).  Senat favored Miami early before committing to FSU after UM didn’t accept his initial attempt to commit. He has since decommitted from FSU and is currently going through the recruiting process. The knock on Senat is his size. He’s roughly 6’0 tall (more like 5’10/5’11) BUT he’s strong as an ox with a reported bench press in the 500 lb neighborhood.  I don’t know how true that is but if that number is legit you can only say WOW! There are pro-lineman that don’t bench 500 lbs so that leads me to be a bit skeptical, BUT to even make that kind of claim the kid has to be plenty strong. However, Golden and crew appear to like taller DTs so I would think it would take one of the top 3 to fall through before Senat could become a viable option. I was very high on Senat early and still like him as a prospect but having seen more of Bryant and Bostwick, I can see why they are better prospects in the eyes of the coaches.

Calloway is a slight bit taller and has a wide body type. He has good short area quickness however and could probably play both NT and the 3-technique in college.  His HS team probably has the best collection of DL in the state as his teammates, DeMarcus Christmas (2014), UCF Commit Blake Keller, and Marquis Dawsey are all D-1 prospects; however, that leads you to wonder if his success is based on the collective or is he just really as talented as he appears on tape. I’ll go record to say that he and Christmas are both BCS caliber DT prospects and he’s deserving of the offers his has, which include Miami, USC, Arkansas, Ohio State, Florida, and Texas A&M.  Calloway is mildly interested in the Canes but seems to really like USC at this point. I’d think he’d be a very nice pick up however if he wanted to become a Cane. It is still very early so he’s a prospect to most definitely keep an eye on.


As far as DE prospects the Canes aren’t making too much noise. The top DE in the S. Florida, Joey Bosa (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), already committed to Ohio State and never showed any real interest in the Canes. Others the Canes were interested were Florida commit, Joey Ivie (Dade City, FL), who is a tweener and can play either DE or DT, and Elijah Daniel (Avon, IN), who recently committed to Clemson.

With that being the case, the 2 DEs getting the most attention from Miami right now are Tim Williams ( (Baton Rouge, LA) and Jordan Sherit ( (Tampa, FL).  Williams is strong, athletic, has good short area quickness, uses his hands fairly well, and is relentless. He needs to work on keeping his pad level down, but he’s a top prospect and deserving of the offers he has from the likes of LSU, Alabama, Miami, Florida, Florida State, and USC. He grew up a Canes fan and really likes Miami, BUT he lives in Baton Rouge and it’s VERY HARD to pull a kid out of Louisiana when LSU has targeted that prospect and offered them. This will be a very uphill battle, but as of now, he has legit interest in Miami.

Sherit on the other hand has been offered as a DE and a TE. I haven’t seen much footage of him at TE, but I am impressed with him as a DE prospect. Sherit is more athletic that most would think when you first lay eyes on him, but he was able to display his athleticism this weekend when he placed in the Top 10 overall in the Nike Sparq competition at this weekend’s The Opening at Nike Headquarters in Oregon. He’s relentless and has a very high motor and reminds many people of the Cane’s own Anthony Chickillo.  He has a very long stride and a good first step but needs to improve on his technique; however, I like what I see out of him as a prospect. He’s a member of the Team Tampa 7-on-7 team with Miami commit, Travis Johnson, and since Johnson’s commitment, Miami has stepped up its recruitment of Sherit. Sherit is a pretty highly coveted prospect as he holds offers from Miami, Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. He’s a smart kid and academics will play a part in his recruitment. Many think he’s a Florida lean because of distance, but I think we have as good a shot as any based on our academic prestige. He’s also enamored with Stanford and Notre Dame. His recruitment will be one to watch as Florida, Stanford, and Notre Dame will probably be our main competition for Sherit.

Well Canes Fam that’s it for now. Please check back next week when I present Part 3 of this series where we will cover some of the Canes higher profile 2013 LB and DB prospects.

1 Love and Go Canes…

-bg1906 C.C.M.J.T.K.O.

The Streak: Weeks 106-110

~ The following article was contributed by esteemed Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

Thanks for joining us during this holiday week.  I hope you all had a great 4th of July with family and friends.  It definitely will not be a holiday week for The Streak as the Canes lit up the scoreboard the first five weeks of the 2009 season.  So sit back, pop open a cold one and enjoy as it will not be a short article today.

Week #106

The first week of the 2009 season saw the Canes in the house 9 times.  Let’s start with our multiple visitors.  Jeremy Shockey scored twice in the 2nd qtr both on passes from Drew Brees.  Once from a single yard and the other from 15 yards out as the Saints opened their season with a 45-27 drumming of the Lions at home in the Dome.   In Baltimore,  Willis McGahee had both a rushing and receiving touchdown as the Ravens scored 21 of their 38 points in the 4th quarter to defeat the Chiefs 38-24.  In Glendale, AZ  Frank Gore also scored both ways including a 3 yard reception from Shaun Hill late in the 4th to give the 49ers the come-from-behind win over the Cardinals 20-16.  Kellen Winslow II made his debut with the Bucs this season and in his first game began to pay dividends scoring on a short pass from Byron Leftwich.  The Bucs fell to the Cowboys though 34-21.  Reggie Wayne showed no sign of rust catching 10 passes for 162 yards, including the game winning touchdown on a 35 yard pass from Peyton, as the Colts beat the Jaguars 14-12.   And finally in the frozen tundra, Devin Hester had a 36 yard reception from Jay Cutler for a touchdown, but the Pack scored on a late 50 yard strike by Aaron Rogers to Jennings to give them the victory at home 21-15.

Week #107

Week #2 of the 2009 season the Canes showed no sign of let-up on their assault on the end zone. Let’s again look at our multiple offenders.  Frank Gore, back from last week, helped the 49ers go to 2-0 on the season as they defeated the Seahawks 23-10.  Frank rushed for 207 yards including his two rushing touchdowns of 80 and 79 yards.  Nice game Frank!   Also having a nice game was Andre Johnson, who had a 10 reception 150 yard afternoon in Tennessee.  Andre’s afternoon also included 2 touchdowns from Matt Schaub of 10 and 72 yards.  This must have been a fantastic game to watch as the Texans defeated the Titans 34-31 on a late field goal despite almost 300 yards of total offense by Chris Johnson (how did this kid ever get out of Florida).   Returning from last week to push the Ravens to 2-0 was Willis McGahee.  The Ravens defeated the Chargers 31-26 with the help Willis’s  5 and 3 yard runs.  Falling to 0-2 on this short season was the Tampa Bay Bucs who got beat in Buffalo despite a 7 reception 90  yard performance by K2 that included a 42 yard reception for a touchdown from Leftwich.  In Jacksonville,  Antrell Rolle scooped up a Calais Campbell blocked field goal and scampered 83 yards for a touchdown giving the Cards a 31-17 victory.  And welcome to the club Bruce Johnson!  Bruce picked off a Tony Romo pass and returned it 34 yards for a touchdown as the Giants squeaked by the Cowboys 33-31 on a last second field goal.

Week #108

Three weeks:  6 touchdowns.  Those are the stats at this point for Willis McGahee as he again scored two more touchdowns as the Ravens destroyed the Browns 34-3 to go to 3-0 early into the 2009 season.   The Moss boys were both in action this Sunday.  Sinorice scored on a 18 yard pass from the other Manning in a 24-0 shutout at the hands of the Bucs,  while Santana went all Santana-like and had 178 yards receiving on 10 catches including a 57 yard reception from Jason Campbell.  Santana couldn’t do it all himself as the Redskins dropped one to the Lions 19-14.  Back to Glendale, AZ but this time it was Reggie Wayne making touchdowns.  Reggie had  7 catches for 126 yards including a 10 yard reception from Peyton as the Colts defeated the Cardinals 31-10.  In Seattle, the Bears and Jay Cutler got some help from a couple of Canes as Greg Olsen scored on a 1 yard reception and Devin Hester scored on a 36 yarder in their 25-19 victory over the Seahawks.

Week #109

Are you kidding me?  All touchdowns this week are repeat performances from last week .  Back for another week is Willis McGahee.  This time he only scored once, though, on a 13 yard pass from Joe Flacco.  The Ravens could have used that 2nd touchdown, however, as they dropped a close one to the Patriots 27-21.   Greg Olsen makes his return with a short pass from Jay Cutler as the Bears beat the Lions 48-24.  Reggie was back to push the Colts to 4-0 as they doubled up on Seattle 34-17.  Reggie’s score came on a 5 yard pass from Peyton in the second quarter.   Again,  never doing anything small,  Santana scored on a 59 yard pass from Jason Campbell to help the Redskins get to 2-2 on the season with a 16-13 victory over the Bucs.

Week #110

Just like those old gum commercials when they talk about doubling your pleasure, it seemed to be the Canes’ theme this week as three Canes hit pay dirt twice.  Making his 2009 debut in our countdown is Clinton Portis, who scored on a 10 yard reception and a 1 yard plunge for the Redskins.   The Panthers, however, scored the final 18 points to defeat Washington 20-17.  Kellen Winslow II scored both touchdowns on 9 yard passes but it was all the Bucs could do against the Eagles as they fell 33-14.  Bucs remained winless on the season dropping to 0-5.  Andre Johnson scored 2 4th qtr touchdowns that allowed the Texans to draw even with the Cardinals.  The Texans had the ball late in the game with a chance to win but an interception return for a touchdown by the Cardinals was the difference maker in the Texans 28-21 defeat.   Reggie Wayne helped the Colts go to 5-0 with a 3 yard touchdown from Peyton as the Colts dropped the Titans to 0-5.  Seeing that Willis did not score this week, somebody from Ravens had to step up.  Who better than Ed Reed?  Ed picked off a Carson Palmer pass and returned it 52 yards to get the Ravens on the board but Carson was able to bounce back and lead the Bengals to a 16-14 victory with a touchdown pass with 27 seconds remaining to win the battle of 3-1 teams.

Wow.  That was quite a bit to digest!  Canes showing the NFL who is king and where the pipeline to the NFL starts!

In other news, I watched a program last night on the NFL’s favorite or most popular uniforms.  The winner was the Powder Blue throwbacks of the Chargers.  I was wondering what you all thought of those and what your favorite NFL jersey was or is?

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week with the next installment.


The Streak: Weeks 101-105

~ The following article was contributed by beloved Eye of the Hurricane blogger, Delray ~

In today’s weekly episode of The Streak, we will look at weeks 101 through 105 which encompass the final 5 weeks of the 2008 season.  Let’s see who shows up.

Week #101:

The 13th week of the 2008 season was for the receivers.  Devin Hester caught a pass from Kyle Orton and took it 65 yards for a touchdown in Minnesota.  This is really unfair.  Devin on turf is a lethal combination.  They probably had to bring in the Minneapolis fire department in after this to soak the field down because somebody was burning.  This put the Bears on top early, but in the end, the Vikings proved to be too much for the Bears and won 34-14.  Then in Houston on a Monday Night Football,  Andre Johnson took center stage early and put the Texans up with lead they would not relinquish to the Jaguars.  Andre scored on a 31 yard pass as the Texans defeated Jacksonville 30-14.

Week #102:

Andre Johnson goes back to back in weeks as he hauled in an 11 yard pass for a touchdown as the Texans won a thriller with a field goal as time expired 24-21.  Devin did not return from last week but we do have another Bear showing up.  Greg Olsen caught a 22 yard pass from Kyle Orton as the Bears defeated the Jaguars 23-10.  Out by the bay, Frank Gore had a 4 yard touchdown  reception as the 49ers defeated the Jets 24-14.  And in a battle of the beltway, Ed Reed scooped up a fumble and returned it 22 yards as the Ravens defeated the Redskins 24-10 to push their record to 9-4 and try to position themselves for a playoff push.

Week #103:

The 15th week of the 2008 season was another week for the receivers.  Andre Johnson makes his 3rd appearance in this week’s segment, this time in a big way.  Andre had 11 receptions for 207 yards including a 13 yard pass from matt Schaub as the Texans defeated the Titans 13-12 to bring their record to 7-7 and keep their slim playoff hopes alive.  In Cincinnati, Santana Moss hauled in a 10 yard pass from Jason Campbell, but the Redskins not only dropped the game to the Bengals, they also suffered a serious setback to their playoff hopes in dropping to 7-7 on the season.

Week #104:

Can you imagine we have actually gone three straight weeks and no mention of Reggie Wayne?  Reggie’s back this week, Colt fans.  Reggie had 7 receptions for 107 yards including 41 yard pass from Peyton as the Colts defeated the Jaguars 31-24 thanks in part to 17 4th quarter points.  Greg Olsen is back from a 1 week hiatus scoring on a 3 yard pass from Kyle Orton as the Bears defeated the Packers in a Monday night game at Soldier Field 20-17 in overtime. The win pushed Chicago to 9-6 and kept their post-season hopes alive. Also keeping his team’s playoff hopes alive was Clinton Portis, whose 3 yard run was enough for the Redskins to defeat the Eagles 10-3.  And in the final game at Texas Stadium, Willis McGahee had 77 yards rushing for the game but they all came on 1 play.  That play proved to be the winning touchdown as the Ravens spoiled the Cowboys going away party 33-24.

Week #105:

I think Andre Johnson must have felt badly about taking a week off from The Streak. In week 105 he made up for it by scoring twice, once from 43 yards and once from 3 yards out as the Texans put to rest any hopes that the Bears had of making the playoffs with a 31-24 victory. Andre had 10 catches for 148 yards in the victory.  Also trying to make a late playoff push was the Redskins.  Clinton Portis’s  3 yard rushing touchdown helped out but in the end a Joe Nedney 39 yard field goal as time expired ended the Redskins season.   One team going to the playoffs was the Baltimore Ravens.  Baltimore got a 13 yard touchdown run from Willis McGahee and 2 interceptions (although none for a touchdown) from Ed Reed to put them into the playoffs with a 27-7 victory over the Jaguars.

Well, there you have it: weeks 101 through 105 and no signs of letting up.  This thing may never stop!  Well it does, as most of you know, but reliving it is fun.

If you are headed down to the UM Sports Hall of Fame fishing tournament in Islamorada this weekend, I hope you have a great time.  Due to some family obligations, (still kind of in the doghouse from last week’s excursion) I will not be able to partake.

I’ll see you all next week for weeks 106 through 110.